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    1. 8/27/13 - across the street

      by , 08-27-2013 at 08:39 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in my room doing seemingly nothing, I notice loud music starts to reverberate through my house from across the street. I automatically assume they are having a party of sorts, usually I would bitch and moan about it, but I notice that I am completely alone in my house for some reason, I wonder where my sister has gone. I wait nervously until I decide to get dressed out of my pajamas into clothes, and sneak into the party across the street, I believe I can because it's almost dark and theirs a shit ton of people in their twenties walking in and out and in front of the party. So I quietly walk out of my house and walk a little ways down the street then turn around and walk along the sidewalk and fence nearest the part. Then I turn into the driveway, and I see a table with a girl and boy managing it, there's tickets on it. I walk up to it and they ask me if I'll be buying the underage tickets and pass, I tell them no I am 21, the boy doesn't believe me so I tell him I can show him ID, and he says yeah sarcastically, but then is shocked when I show it to him, then the girl hands me a sheet of adult tickets and tells me it'll cost $5, so I give her $5, then she says for $1 more I can get a bonus row of tickets so I agree and pay her the $1, then she put a neon blue wrist band around my wrist, then she asks me will I be eating salads or hotdogs? I immediately say hotdogs because who eats salads at a party, but then I contemplate what she meant by salads like if there was potato salad, macaroni salad, because I'd rather have potato salad to be honest, but it was too late she gave me hotdog ticket things so I just walked in and passed everything, the food, the candy stand that all I could see was pop-rocks, and I walk up the stairs and enter the house, hardly any people are in here but I see the parents who own it, they see me and look at me in shock like they know me, the DC's two men I've never seen in RL but I suppose they represent people because I feel the need to apologize to them for what my dad has done to them and that I don't want his blood on my hands and I told them I have nothing to do with him, and they somewhat forgave me but kept an eye on me, then the man tells me that on his bedroom door is a game so I went into his room and shut his door which is clear and play this game that has porno pictures as the puzzle, once I realize what the image is that I was trying to put together I freak out and try to erase it or turn the game off but I don't know how, but finally I turn the game off then walk out into the living room and watch drunkards stumble about.