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    The Cusp

    1. Working

      by , 02-21-2016 at 04:56 PM
      I'm heading to work, at an office I've only worked at in my dreams, when I somehow end up at Nino's, who I used to work for. I walk in and everyone I know from before is still there, and they greet me like I'm still working there. Problem is I don't remember working here anytime recently. Heck, I don't even remember working at that office recently, and I'm really confused. Do I actually have a job here? Are they waiting for me at the office? Am I going to get fired? Do I even want to work here?

      I really should have become lucid, the way I was questioning everything. I think it was my worry and concern for the situation that blocked me from getting lucid.
    2. Weird craft

      by , 02-21-2016 at 04:51 PM
      I'm in some fields near my hometown, when I notice something in the sky. An airplane going by, but there's a strange craft following it. The front of the ship has what looks like the front of a steam roller, only made of glowing blue electricity. I watch as the ship maneuvers oddly.

      I see a lot of weird ships in that area, in my dreams at least.
      dream fragment
    3. Expelled

      by , 02-17-2016 at 12:14 AM
      I'm in college, but not in class. Just goofing off, when the dean or guy in charge comes to find me. He tells me they're kicking me out of school, for several reasons, chief among them being my grades. I'm a little shocked, but then again, I can't even remember the last time I was in class. I gather up my belongings from the building, of which there are a surprising amount, and leave.

      On my way home, I see some people swimming at the whirlpool. It looks awesome, and I really want to join them, but I don't want to leave my stuff unattended. I figure I'll head home and drop it off first, but then I see a bunch of guys tubing at night, with torches and bonfires all along the river. My stuff can wait, this is too cool.

      I head over and there are some people fishing. I talk to them, and one of them is using what looks like a giant wine glass as a bobber. When a fish bites, it tilts the glass over.

      I absolutely HATE dreams where I'm worried about my possessions. really gets in the way of a good time.

      Met some good old boys at the rapids down by the Bonnechere caves this summer. They told me they have night parties where they light bonfires all long the sides of the river for night swimming. The idea really took hold in my mind.
    4. Heist Repeater

      by , 02-13-2016 at 01:22 PM
      I'm on the beach, with normal beach stuff happening, and walk across the bridge to the Quebec side. On that side of the river, the majority of the women on the beach are topless, and I think to myself "I fucking LOVE Quebec!".

      I run into Jason, who has a couple of people with him, and I follow them inside a building as we walk and talk. Once inside, Jason and his boys start looting the place. Seems like they are competing with each other, the first to find something good gets to keep it, so they are running around tearing the place apart, looking for stuff to steal. Since I seem to already be involved, I join in. They rest of the guys are on the main floor and the basement, so I run upstairs hoping to get a head start on them.

      I was heading for the bedrooms, but I see glass display case in the main hall upstairs, filled with various expensive looking trinkets, which I stuff into my pockets. There's also some bags of money, how convenient! I stuff my pockets until they are bulging, then try to get downstairs, which is confusing, because there are four staircases connecting the first and second floors (it's a big condo/mansion). At the top of one set of stairs, a bunch of suits are piled on the stairs, with money on top, which I take.

      Having taken everything worth taking, we head outside, but there are police EVERYWHERE! The rest of the guys get pinched, but I manage to blend into the crowd on the beach. I try to pretend to be checking out some tents selling leather armor which look like they belong in a renaissance fair, which was a bad move. I though the vendor section ran all the way down the beach, but there were only like 3 or four of them, and beyond those, the beach was deserted, leaving me wide open with nowhere to hide. The police swarm in, and I'm busted!


      The dream resets to the beginning where we have just entered the house to begin stealing. I understand that this is going to keep resetting until I get it right, although I have a sneaking suspicion "getting it right" involves a moral lesson, which is "don't steal". I'm more focused on the thrill of the chase however, and use my knowledge from last time to go right to the good stuff, only taking the money so my pockets won't be bulging, which is what gave me away to the police on the last try. I get upstairs a lot faster this time, and encounter a guy in the house! He chases me into an elevator, which I just manage to close in time. He beats on the door, almost bending it open.

      I go downstairs and run out. The police are still there, checking almost everyone. Everyone except a guy in an expensive looking suit who looks like he belongs there. "I need a suit!", I think to myself, then remember the ones piled in the stairwell. Next time! I manage to sneak/bluff my way past the police with a confident gait, and make it across the street, where there are more police. To avoid them, I lift the bottom of a construction fence and roll under it, then enter that building. It's a car dealership, and I try to blend in by letting the salesman try to sell me a car. There's only weird looking race cars, and I tell him I was looking for something I wouldn't kill myself in on the first day. My ploy didn't work, and the police swarm me. Busted and...


      I know the easiest thing to do is just not get involved, but by this point, I'm hellbent on solving this puzzle. I avoid the guy, grab the cash, and dodge the cops. On this try, I get across the street, and past the building with the cars, but the po-po are still closing in. I'm running down the street and make it all the way to my apartment, where there is major construction going on, and I can't get the front door open. The cops are close behind, so I run up the arm of an excavator desperate to get away. I hear someone talking, saying how nobody can get into the building unless someone unlocks the door from inside, and there is nobody inside. From the top of the excavator arm, I jump and grab onto some hanging wires, flip over to some other wires and use them to swing into an open window on the second floor. Instead of getting angry for running on their machinery, the construction workers now think I'm a hero for getting in. I've narrowly avoided the police, I'm safe and sound, VICTORY IS MINE!!!!
    5. Rough Shape

      by , 02-09-2016 at 01:52 PM
      There's some kind of apocalypse, maybe shit falling out of the sky, and everyone is hunkering down and taking shelter. I've got myself a sturdy old building stocked with supplies, and a cute girl to keep me company. Unfortunately, people suck, and we're constantly getting attacked and raided.

      Too much action to remember, but after three rounds of fighting off attackers, I'm in pretty rough shape. There's a bullet hole in my wrist I can see through, I've been shot in the ankle but can still walk, even though I was sure it would have crippled me. I'm bruised and bleeding and cut, but it finally seems to be over, and I'm dragging my sorry ass somewhere I can collapse and rest. That's when the fourth wave comes, about 50 people show up out of nowhere and swarm us. I barely have the energy to stand!

      This was a really long one with great action. A shame my recall wasn't better.
    6. Elephants

      by , 02-06-2016 at 10:18 PM
      -I'm at Alvin's with family, when I see the drop off some baby elephants in a gated off enclosure. My mother can barely contain herself, and runs over to play with them. I go over too, but before I can get to the elephants, I'm surrounded by puppies!. Is I pet and play with them, I notice there is animal shit all over the ground, and carefully step around it on my way to the elephants.

      -I go in a portable shower that looks like an outhouse to get changed in order to look good for some girl. The water from the shower is running, and as I worry about getting my clothes wet, my clothes get wet. My jeans in particular are soaked.

      -Walking through the field behind my house, looking at some notes I'd written on paper. I ball up the redundant notes and throw them into the tall grass, which almost looks like corn. As I walk I run into several school kids dressed in costumes. Then I noticed they have a big circle cleared in the grass with a central totem or statue. Obviously performing something, so I ask the kids if they're doing it now. They tell me no, this is just practice, but they'll be performing there most of next week. They ask if I'm going to watch, but I say I'll come back later in the week, since I live so close.

      [color=green][Really had to fight to remember these ones. My mother is always watching Nat Geo whenever I see her lately./color]
      dream fragment
    7. Jail is fun!

      by , 02-02-2016 at 12:27 PM
      Not sure what I did, but I somehow end up in jail. I'm expecting to have to fight in order to get some respect, but the other prisoners are all cool. The place has the feel of a summer camp.

      On my first day there, I follow some prisoners outside, when I hear a loud whistle. A guard shows up and gives us shit for being outside, pretty much breaking out. I think I'm in big trouble, and try to explain that it's my first day here, i didn't know, I was just following every one else. Luckily there were no real repercussions.

      The other prisoners sneak out of prison without getting caught all time. I go with then. Really, it seems we are sneaking out and back in just for the thrill of it. We spend almost as much time on the outside as we do in jail.

      At one point, I notice the basement of the jail has the exact same layout as my basement. I almost get lucid, but instead come up for some retarded rationalization of why that should be.
    8. Resort

      by , 02-01-2016 at 01:29 PM
      I go to some secluded camp resort in the middle of nowhere. It has cabins, cottages, has almost a summer camp vibe to it. It's a party resort, and this is one of their big weekends. I'm not sure if I want to stay there yet, it depends on the crowd, if there's any potential lady friends.

      I run into Jason, who tries to convince me to say by offering me a large assortment of drugs in pill form (I had watched the Hungover Games yesterday, mirrors a scene in the movie). Half of the stuff he has I've never heard of, and the stuff I have heard of I wouldn't take. He hands me a bunch, and I just put them in my pocket. I do take some acid though, and decide to stay for the three nights.

      The people running the place take us out into the river on a boat to some of the better swimming spots, As we're swimming in some choppy water, they promise that downriver are some awesome rapids. I'm not impressed, as this is practically my backyard, and it's mid summer, not spring, when the water is high and wild. Then I remember the pills in my pockets, surely getting ruined by the water. I pull them out, and they are still in decent shape, so I pop them all not even knowing what they are. I think one of them is extacy, which I've never done before.

      Going to start taking better notes throughout the night, instead of relying on memory. At least for the more exiting dreams, this one was kind of boring except for being on dream drugs, which was pretty fun.
    9. Drone Force

      by , 01-31-2016 at 01:34 AM
      After binge watching 4 seasons of Teen Wolf last week, my dreams have been fucking awesome! So awesome, I'm going to have to start keeping a dream journal again.

      Fragment: I'm running across a vacant school yard or something, when I hear a helicopter. I'm really surprised, because I didn't think there was anyone left in the world, much less anyone that could fly a helicopter. I'm unsure if they're good or bad, so I run for cover, but don't quite make it before it's over me. Then about two dozen smaller drones follow in a swarm
      dream fragment
    10. Back with a Vengeance

      by , 01-31-2016 at 01:31 AM
      I've been using the technique where you focus on a part of your body, then move that spot around before falling asleep. I think it's Robert Bruce that recommends doing that for astral travel. I wasn't doing it for dreaming, I was actually working on my Kamehameha. Seriously. Whatever the case, it's really boosted my dream recall.

      One night while doing this, it really helped me fall asleep super fast. Only I'd go into a smaller dream? A mini dream? Hard to explain. I was doing it all night, as I was falling asleep, and even in my dreams. Gave me great lucids, although that mini dream thing really screwed up my narrative, making it difficult to recall details.
    11. Wolf Pack

      by , 01-31-2016 at 01:26 AM
      I'm standing with Scott and another werewolf (from the Teen Wolf TV show). They are talking about how tough they are, saying the could take on anything. THat's when a third guy says "Even an Alpha?", then looks surprised as he sees something. Derek shows up from behind, with glowing red Alpha eyes,, and whoops the two blue eyed Betas easily. He picks up Scott, jumps like 15 feet in the air, and just smashes him into the ground.

      Having proven his point, Derek walks calmly down the sidewalk, then looks up. I follow his eyes and see a picture of some guy across the sky. This picture kept showing up earlier in the dream as well. There is a sparkle on the corner of it's left cheek, and when I look closer, I can see the full moon showing behind it.
      dream fragment
    12. Heist Getaway

      by , 01-31-2016 at 01:21 AM
      Some guy and I have a very large bag of money, and the goons we took it from are not happy and are hunting us down.

      They are chasing us, and I follow the guy I'm with into a car and we speed off. We are driving so fast, every bump we hit causes us to catch air. After on such jump, the car we're in nose dives downwards. We fall for much longer than we should have, and I'm dreading the impact. Somehow, we land on all four tires, even though the front of the car was pointed downwards. That inconsistency almost makes me lucid, but our fleeing overrides my better judgement.

      We get out of the car, and I figure it was stolen or something, and we're going to switch vehicles to throw them off our trail. Now there's two guys with me. We seem to have thrown off our pursuers, so we walk casually down the street, trying to blend in. The two dudes with me go their own way now that the danger has passes. I walk down a dark section of Bank street that is always pitch black in my dreams.

      I end up in someone's house or apartment, and take a bath. As I lay in the tub, I see in third person perspective our pursuers have found me and are in the house. THey also have my partner in crime, and walk him to the bathroom door with a knife at his throat. THey coax him to call me out, and as soon as he does so, the slit his throat, and he falls to the ground dead. Even though I'd just seen this, my perspective goes to under the water in the tub, and I surface, knowing I hadn't seen the danger awaiting me.

      Then another weird perspective change. I'm watching from 3rd person perspective again, and they guy who was previously me is behind the open fridge door, pouring water on himself from the sink to rinse off soap. Luckily, this new location has kept me hidden from the intruders, who haven't seen me yet.

      Then wake up
    13. I love Lydia

      by , 01-31-2016 at 01:09 AM

      Assorted bad guys and monsters are after Lydia from the Teen Wolf television show, and my gang and I are trying to keep her safe, with a few romantic interludes between her and I.

      There's a wanted poster with Lydia face offering a reward, and now even ordinary people are tempted to turn her in, so we hide her in closed store. I leave her there for a bit and head outside when I see a giant approaching, searching for her. A REALLY BIG giant! I probably only come to the top of his toe. It's crushing everything in it's path, and I book back to where Lydia is, almost getting stepped on in the process. Luckily the giant isn't interested in me at all.

      I go back inside to get her out of there, when soldiers dressed all in black pour in and point their guns at us. Just as I wonder what to do, I see the flash standing against the wall. He zooms us all out, then goes back in for the soldiers. He phases himself out so you can only see his suit, but not his head or hands or anything, which confuses the soldiers (and me too).

      Next thing I know, we're all waking up in some basement after having hid out for the night. I wonder if Lydia is still into me, or if it was just a spur of the moment thing. I am like 20 years older than she is after all. But she leans over and gives me a kiss, and I'm ecstatic!
    14. Pattern Decay

      by , 06-20-2015 at 10:51 AM
      I'm in a dark warehouse, when I see Pat stealthily close a door behind him, hiding from someone. I look and see a bunch of guys, so I also duck into a small room and close the door. I'm surprised they didn't see and hear the door closed. The guys find me anyways, and drag me out. They don't seem friendly. I see several machete type blades on a a work bench, and I plan to use those to defend myself.

      The thugs grab some blades first and approach me, so I grab a machete. It has pieces cut out of the blade in a design with lots of hollow places, making it very light. I swing at the closes guy, and am a little surprised at how effective my attack was. My blade passed through the guy's forearm AND the top of his arm, dropping it in two pieces onto the floor. I dispatch a couple others with my blade, but there are more coming, and lots of them. I grab some circular saw blades and begin to throw those like big ninja stars, cutting one guys head right in two!

      My opponents begin to throw blades back at me, and a few of them even hit me, but bounce off harmlessly. One bounces off the back of my head, and I hardly even feel it. Now we're throwing things at each other, mostly saw blades, but those soon run out. After the saw blades, I spot some CDs, and we begin to throw those at each other, but nobody is getting hurt. It becomes more of a fun game and less of a fight to the death.

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    15. Revenge of The Cusp

      by , 06-09-2015 at 09:49 AM
      All night, I dreamed of torturing the guy responsible for getting me fired, by design. I incubated this dream as I fell asleep, and sustained my focus for the majority of the night.

      This wasn't subconscious expressing it's self. I knew what I was doing, I knew it was a dream, I knew he wasn't real, yet I hoped that I could reach him somehow, like a voodoo doll.
      Wish there was a way to check if I got through to him or not.
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