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    1. Teeth

      by , 05-28-2019 at 09:05 AM

      I was in a building similar to the jap school again. I think i was on the second floor. About teeth falling out. Went to the first floor diagnosis counter where a couple of people tried to help you. I kept pressing my teeth against my mouth to stop them from falling out. Went to the wrong counter with the lady where they couldn't help me. There was another counter where the guy said he could help but it was too late. Telling me about how my teeth are rotting out etc and stuff about Thailand.

      -teeth falling signifying changes. Good or bad? I was trying to resist whatever the change was by holding them in place.


      I woke to outside noise. In one of them awakening I managed to remember to do a technique. I focused on vibrations and it got stronger but I was distracted by the outside noise.


      I was back in the building similar to the one before. I was chased by some dcs when they found me.

      Scene changed fa/or awakening

      I was in a pool park and it was a death survival kind of thing. Pretty grotesque. Related to previous scene, either this scene or previous could have taken place first.


      All nightmares I guess im tired lacking some sleep.

      Did remember to do something when awakened as intended even if not the perfect result.

      Visualization skills appears to have improved drastically.
    2. Pokemon

      by , 05-27-2019 at 12:32 AM
      Did not get much sleep. Neighbor was mowing lawn for 3 hours, went outside was still mowing lawn. Probably my own fault for sleeping so late. Not much dreams. I could have done much better and taken advantage each time I was awoken by the lawn mower by trying raduga technique. Or DEILD. But was not dreaming much or it was FA on the bed. Instead I was distracted by my own thoughts and feelings of annoyance. But I definitely learned something here.

      Dream :

      Dreamed about pokemon in a cave. It had mew2 and a legendary dog like pokemon with brown fur and tells star on its head. It was the den of the brown pokemon before it went to extinction as the last of its kind. Mew 2 and the race of brownies were fighting. Perhaps time travel themed.

      -Dream seemed random but I did see pokemon couple of times while on computer while browsing so it probably incubated this.

      -Also the brown pokemon was somewhat similar shaped to the dog from last night's dream. The dog had yellow pattern on its face too. Connected dream? Kind of

      Notes : should do raduga tech or focus on vibe of woken up randomly.

      Make use of every opportunity!

      I'm wondering if I should focus more on mindfulness rather than grc atm.

      Improve meditation.
    3. Dream plan

      by , 05-26-2019 at 10:15 AM
      Expand next time when I get a chance


      Playing browser game with Mike, he messed up the bedrm walls in M city house so he needed to repaint it. It was baby blue.

      Lucy asked me why I am being difficult as I lay on bed . I said I've seen the unsightliness of human being too blatantly.

      -I was sleep depraved this day, not enough sleep for more dreams


      Nightmare about getting attacked on social media. Perpetrator: Richard.


      I was lucid. I tried to deepen the dream sensation by rubbing hands but I believe I was too nervous and ended the scene. Vision was present. Sense of touch perhaps weak.


      FA into a strange bedroom. Many chances to get lucid. But was convinced I was awakened. I went to the veranda and saw a dog. It had orange spots on face. Something felt off. I didn't really raise this dog?

      -dont have a dog, should have got lucid

      I believe I didn't question the scene more since upon FA I thought I had sleep walked and done silly things.

      I should meditate first, then try to deepen. Meditation gives multiple lives or deilds so i can train dream stablization and experiment what works the best.

      Meditate, practice then dream goal.

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    4. Heir ninjas

      by , 05-24-2019 at 06:09 AM
      Got lucid? From the need to pee pretty badly felt like it was almost coming out so woke to pee. Too short.


      I was once again in Japanese classroom. Will remind self of dream next time. I was a cartoon character that liked it eat ramen noodles. I was in his body and realized that his stomach felt funky constipated like so I understood why he always wanted to eat ramen.

      Met Joey and played with a gadget in the classroom to the right.

      I'm no longer the cartoon character and I'm supposedly the secret heir to someone important. As I head back towards my classroom to the west I begin to notice people around me were acting weird. They appeared to be controlled by my aura or brain waves or something - an ability passed down the generation.


      I was getting the familiar vibrations in bed. I began to focus on it and it became stronger. I wanted to experiment moving the location of my focus backwards more into the head and lost the vibration. Likely would have succeeded with usual method. Maybe was distracted by thoughts

      Did some rc to make sure.

      Failed the attempt but learned something new.

      I was escaping old Japanese building into the FOREST. Bamboos. I had a couple of kunoichi ninjas who were my personal guard. They were fighting off other ninjas as we engaged them in the clearing. They die protecting me


      Maybe related to previous dream they were trying to hunt down the heir. Japanese lands but more far away from the city if not in an older era. If I was to map it out I suppose north east of the school.

      I laid on my right side. Then I was in the living /family room laying on the wooden floors in my right side. Kids playing laughing asking me why I'm laying on the floor? Why indeed? Why not become lucid?


      Notes :

      Moving vibration to back was ineffective, but moving up does work. Maybe just got distracted.

      I'm going to begin training deepening to make lucid dreams last longer. Maybe focus wholly on that.

      Should I give up or take a break from gravity rc? Feeling a little demotivated regarding it.

      Should techniques be combined or not?

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    5. the little yogi

      by , 05-23-2019 at 03:55 AM
      I dreamed about the city I was in but it became more developed and there were more taller buildings and apartments overall. Everything was just tighter and crowded. I was moving to a semi detached, it was a rather large one though, size of a mansion not sure why they'd wouldn't make it into two seperate buildings - maybe just lack of land. My mother was there and she did not like our neighbor to the left. It was someone I or she knew from the past. I am in the garage and sees the neighbor lady and as I head inside I see greg and another girl who were waiting for me. Apparently they had found me through another friend somehow. I invite them in and he looked sleepy so I told him to take a nap in my room or something. I am in the living room and watching a tournament of a game, wc3 I think.

      The scenery begins to change and I am now in dry lands. It appears to be India. I see a young Indian boy with short hair among other Indian children and there's something special about him. He communicates to me not through words but actions. He sits down in a meditation pose in front of me, with a certain mudra gesture to meditate, buddha style mudra, rights up. Then he switches the mudra to hold the hands together above his head. I think he was trying to teach me these poses. I saw some meditation concepts through telepathy or non verbal communications.

      -before sleep I intended to learn the proper meditation pose in dream

      It was about how the "chi" or energy was begin generated by the kidneys. The kidneys were the key organs to generate a fiery energy that you needed to cultivate during meditation. The fire would then store around the stomach. This was the dantian along with yang chi I guess. I felt my stomach and the hard lump was there about the same size during wake. I got the message from the boy to touch his stomach, his mass yang chi at dantian was solidly pretty developed. He was totally doing it the right way, what a little yogi. I remember to remember his meditation poses.

      I head upstairs and I see the tournament proceeding. The champ Th vs someone unknown. The underdog had won, I'm pretty pleased. Since human were overpowered in wake. His winning strategy involved mgs, however they appeared wider and were more realistic. There was also a new hero, similar to morphling from dota, he used it to copy the bolt from mk. Eventually I am in the game scene where their battle took place but it was only me and the children from previously there. We were just playing with rocks to simulate the battle.

      -it's been a while since I played, have been watching tournaments lately - may be the cause of this scene


      Had a nightmare during a nap.

      It was a contest like the fear factor but the contestants were mostly students. The majority of the competition revolved around holding your breath in a clear glass tank while water was being added. It made me queasy. I am just watching the contestants and think about how I'd rather not do this. The fear likely put me forward as a contestant as the scene changed.

      We were in the next competition. It took place somewhere in southern US. Country side somewhere where with swampy waters. We were suppose to use a surfing board to surf on rocky river-swamp-pond sort of water mass. There was an older guy, white hair and mostly bald who was one of the producers of this show I think. Anyways we were to swim in this swampy murky water and survive. There was a kind of mud-fish that was suckling on my hands. It was trying to eat the dirt or little planktons around it but it was beginning ot swallow my hand whole. It hurt pretty badly. I had to beat the fish with my other hand to make it let go. There was another type of swampy creature, it was more like a dark mass that just slowly dissolved things around it. Not a good experience. I recall upon awakening my hands felt numb and painful.

      We change scenes and we are back in the glass tank and this time I'm one of the contestants. I try it for a bit but it's no fun so I retire. Other people were having a pretty rough time. The staff were just too slow to drain the water once the constants were giving up.



      Did not sleep too much

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    6. Slave

      by , 05-22-2019 at 03:05 AM
      Expand later maybe


      Wrong deck for hearthstone nerfed deck.


      Strong guy who didn't move arms much, used arms as fulcrum. He walked through M, near the Mall.


      Nicole, school, about dad issues. Escape away. Use technique from guy in last dream. Avoid guns in 3rd person by averting sight via bushes etc.

      Near mall area still.

      End up in a pool park like tall thing. Need to climb down. Dreadlocks black guy teaches me how to climb down unstable swaying ladder.

      Fear of heights?

      Keep running.

      Fa/scene change

      Cave, water. 3 of us are slaves. Escape. Gain freedom. Chinese dynasty style age. Dirt roads. 700ad to 1000? Wearing rags. Find merchant, get bad vibe. Meet monks/priests, they are scammers. Find emperors palace need to avoid it or get persecuted. Need to find some where that would accept a previous slave.

      Find martial artist home. Find the grandmaster give strong handshake. They are good ppl. Wanted to learn from them. He wants to buy my 5 balloons for 750 talons or whatever currency each.



      Have control in dream. Awareness but not lucid of the fact that it is a dream. But knows that I can control it.

      Likely need to add "dream?" to awareness or grc to incubate stronger lucidity.

      Continuation of some topic in dream. Maybe from clearer thoughts.
    7. earthquakes, the saint

      by , 05-20-2019 at 10:45 PM
      May18 - Losing focus, Arnold Schwar

      I had a sister in this dream. She was trying to become an idol. Her hair was extra black looked dyed. She looked nice.

      I had an AP. Actually had 2, where left bed but, lost awareness after FAs.


      Hard a super realistic vision of seeing my body in my dream. Looked so real so I thought I was awake. My dad making a mess of my room. Just trashing about. I am going through the house and I see a scary-feeling door down the hall. It scares me and I will it to disappear and it's gone. I felt better.


      I am waiting for a girl inside a house. Presumably she's my friend. Her bf shows up and begins to pick a fight. I try to find a weapon to fight him. The house is a small detached house. Wooden, maybe more a cot than a house. Country-style. I find and grab a rapier and fight him off.

      I explore around the house and at the back of the house where the backdoor to the backyard is, I find the young Arnold Schwarzenegger. He begins by telling me he's going to test my strength and throws a punch my way. I block it and he acknowledges me. Apparently there's a bomb in the house, I diffuse it.

      I am outside, yellow grasslands, control the weather, make/stop rain.

      I keep exploring the country side and find a noodle shop with some friends. Find my parents there. There's a student looking for his friend. People at the town asks me to follow them.

      Notes: Had control, did AP, but lost awareness.

      May19 - Monkey Song

      The ????(gibberish) getting bullied by classmates???? ???

      I recall being in a dark room trying to solve a puzzle. I meet evan who helped me solve it.


      My friend M was in bed. I hear a song on the radio, it's a very catchy song. went like:

      "Oooh ah ah ah ah"

      I comment on how I could sing it better probably. Upon awakening I decided to name the song Monkey. It was very with the guy's voice and the tune. Tried to record the tune upon awake.


      I am making friends on dream views apparently, finds Michael Raduga's group on it. He invited me and I find him there with a blackboard at the back teaching his phase stuff.


      Tried to write down the dreams on DJ in the dream. x2-3 Maybe I realized I was dreaming in the middle of it. I decided to wake up to write down a few events.

      I think I had the same thing the night before. Where I am writing down the dream in DJ inside the dream, and I have to decide to really wake up or write it down.

      May20 today - Earthquakes, Saint

      I was in a school gym like setting. Y was there and there were yugioh cards.

      +likely incubated by seeing it at dollar store when I was trying to buy a pack of poker cards.

      Going around the school. It's huge more like an academy. It's like the academy in xmen kind of. Ppl having powers in general sort of setting. Apparently I had a rival dude he had short blond hair pretty well built.

      I head to the edge of a building and there's an earthquake. The place is a wreck and I'm one of the only survivors.

      I'm just surveying the area in birds eye view. The place is a wreck.

      Lasts about a day.


      I am in bedroom and earthquakes happen again. The room is rolling over and I'm just being flicked all over the place.

      I head out and end up being in the hall. My home is apparently a rather very spacious mansion, old, brownish colors but nice. There's a large group of people heading through the door. They are a religious group of sorts and apparently came to worship me as a Saint for some reason. They believed I was a Saint from surviving the earthquake when they saw I was one of the only sole survivor of the earthquake from the previous academy scene.

      So they line up in rows with a cardinal like person at the front directing them to sing hymns. I sing along for fun and apparently sang the part of the star choir boy. Not wanting to hog his spotlight I stop and leave.
      I head back towards my room. My rooms a mess and all esp from the earthquake and I preferred privacy.

      I begin to sort articles in my room when I find my pc. Let's erase stuff on my pc before they come! I like my privacy. I tried turning it on but as the fan turns it stops running. A skinny neighbor from previous neighborhood, R, smacks my pc to try to fix it. She repeats it a few times. No it does not work. Stop smacking my alienware! Maybe it broke from the earthquake. No worries.

      A team of saintly maidens about 5 or 6 shows up. They are here to watch over me or take care of my needs. I just feel distracted and annoyed with them here. They keep getting in my way as I try to clean the place and I decided to touch them on the forehead with my palm to erase their memories. I implanted false memories that they already completed their objective.

      As they head back i ask if there are any "special" nuns among the entirety of their mission. There were a couple. I asked them to bring them over to play with each other. They do so.


      I wanted to see if i could get back into previous dream since it was so interesting.

      *I was in the bedroom at start of dream

      I did an AP within the dream. Saw my body behind my family that were eating. I saw my grandparents there. As I watched from another room I noticed my body moving on its own looking silly and I believe I'm possesses so I decide to jump head first back into my body.

      I begin to converse my ap to my grandparents but it appears we are being spied. My grandma tells me that we need to get away as we try to find elsewhere. She appears to have something important to say. But I notice behind me there is a maid or a waitress following us. She is the spy!

      We run away. This building we are in is somewhat structurally similar to the previous mansion but not the same. Somewhat more like a mall but it's the same shape. We head towards where my room was in the previous dream. We take a break at the corridor. My grandpa has some kind of parasitic plant taking over the leg, I recall perhaps I was infected by the same thing earlier. There's a guy with us too and I tell them to undress as I undress too to make sure there are no parasites. I check my body first to make sure I am clean before I can heal the others.

      The waitress from earlier is here and she has an assault rifle. I grab it from her and shoot all the bullets in the air. No ammo for you! But she tries to tell me something. There were a bunch of macho guys who begin to attack us. There were 2 of them who appeared to be the boss of the bunch. Thinking perhaps I should have let her keep the weapon. I pushed them with my palm.

      Maybe FA

      I might become a different person around here. I am now a bodybuilder/ pro wrestler. I guide the baddies towards up a certain stairway and it leads to their demise eventually. The flooring would collapse and they would all be...

      I head away somewhere else. Underground where we'd escape. But it's locked. I was betrayed by Nikolas. But someone else from the group bulldozers the entrance to let me in. I'm about to scold him when I notice to the right there is a small room there. It's my/wrestlers wife. she begins to speak of how I changed. I begin to reflect upon my dream actions. Maybe I didn't need to kill off all the baddies like some overlord. I'm feeling regrets and begin crying.

      I hear a musical that I made before. But the lyrics were different and in the voice of the wrestler...

      I awake in tears.


      didn't focus on becoming lucid.

      Focused on getting good rest and good dream recall.

      Continuation of plot one way or another through all dreams to this day.

      I had control in all dreams, but not fully lucid. I knew I could control it, very close to lucid. I guess I had control in all dreams the last couple of days.

      I listened to monroe audio to sleep better when I had trouble sleeping the last few days. It appears to be very effective sleep aid, when I couldn't sleep for 45 min it worked!

      I feel like I'm getting closer to my subconscious lately via shadow work.

      Visualization before meditation appears to make meditation state more easy to achieve.

      Wondering if a smart watch or fitness band would be a great tool to train reality checking.

      I also practiced visualization more lately, may be the cause of increased control?

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    8. 100!

      by , 05-17-2019 at 07:18 PM
      Hurrah! 100 lucid dreams!


      My friend mama in cafeteria.


      Strange animal.


      Something about sex.


      Neighbor cut down our tree in dream.

      -Maybe related to the trying to neighbor move out dream. Pretty mad about it.

      Job listing and an old guy.

      Working at a mall food court.

      Dreamed about in a store at border between 2 countries? Friend was working at border. Tried to steal a console.

      -bought the console earlier that day, must have wanted it pretty badly subconsciously


      Did raduga tech left body but stuck on bed.

      Today :

      Fighting a vampire with a friend I think then absorbed his powers. It was near a river by the bridge where we fought the second time where we win. Duration an afternoon.


      #did raduga tech in most dreams after, rolling and focusing on head was most effective. Started from same bedroom scene DEILD. Most lucid, couple of immediate shooting back to bed. Raduga tek followed allowed for DEILD. Some FA.


      Went on trip with family and friends. Lived in an apartment with water park. Took the kids of relatives along to play.

      Free trial entry to residents. But it was just a promotion of a money making scheme.


      Friend S breaks tv in bedroom. Same apartment seems like. Partial lucidity. Uncertain if dream. Friend Y acts as witness of event.


      In bedroom TV still broken. Did it really happen? Explore the place it is a high end condo.

      -maybe related or the same condo where I meditated in ld few days ago.

      Pools and stuff inside in upper level found friends near pool. Going through pool areas.

      Saw reflection of self looked different. Another reflection showed more like myself. Perhaps my bad features more accentuated. Lucid

      -maybe subconscious fear of what I look like and what I fear how I look


      Raduga tech.
      Hallway to right. Explore.

      Food stands. Find some black ppl selling chocolate peanuts snack.

      Ask for sample get sample. Get one for free. Kind of dry overcooked.

      Another stand had great looking fudge, looking very moist smooth and tasty. about to get fudge but wake.

      -did chocolate help make me lucid?


      R tech
      I'm blonde now try to head to food stands again.


      R tech
      Get out of body but get pushed back in.


      R tech
      Im a black guy. Leave room head left hallway. Try to enjoy hanging with homies.


      R tech go to bathroom look in mirror. Asian girl.


      Raduga tech
      Began to write things down in dream.

      Sleeping on right =more dream like
      On back =more ap like

      Focused on reentering more than writing down. Can you gain prefect dream memory over multiple DEILD?

      Peculiar things I did / ate:
      Good Shadow work
      Visualize aloe plant
      Hurt hip
      Had allergic reaction
      Did raduga tek
      2 pc chocolate
      Lemon balm tea
      Dandelion flower omelet (during day)

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    9. evil scout

      by , 05-15-2019 at 08:34 PM
      I was scouted by a talent agency or something. The lady who scouted me was kind of reminiscent of beyonce. She brings me to a small room with other idol candidates or something. The lady takes her makeup off and looks like an old middle aged man. Makeup is amazing really. I'm just not into the bunch. I am told by a skinny woman that I have to go through a program or something. She told me to take these pills that are dissociatives. She's trying to fear monger me into taking it by saying I have parasites in the body from ticks and I'm infected by all the monsters from the original pokemon series inside me and that these will cure me. I just put it in my mouth but don't swallow it. She tells me the dissociatives will help me focus. I call bullshit on her and spit it in her face. She shows a eerie smile saying that the drugs are already having an effect as my tongue is becoming numb. Begins to tell me pretty horrid stuff about regarding the beginning of the dream till now and how she'd use me. I begin to run. She chases me in a wild manic fashion and I try to stop her by stabbing her left eye with a needle but she doesn't bat an eye. Keeps chasing me.


      -I wanted to face this monster again and had that intention in mind. Maybe the monster telling me to value life. Maybe regarding traumatic event feeling used.

      -I think this girl is related to the pervy jester from dream last night. I do admire her unflinching determination somewhat though.

      -maybe being told I got parasite from eating sushi or something raw. Took some de.

      -scene might be same world as the futuristic dream about digital drugs. Where kids were taking digital chip inputs directly into their brain.

      I dreamt about being in a sciency building with some students there. Initially I was doing something I have trouble recalling with some kids - I remember trying to win something. Eventually I am going through tight places in the building and end up in a different room. It had a window overlooking the backyard. I remember some boy was being bullied so I help him somehow. I think I lured the bullies outside with food I think and trapped them somewhere, inside a shed. I was back inside saw and told my dad about the events. Trying to recall more...

      But this dream plot continued on through many awakenings

      -my intention to continue the previous dream applied to this one and not the first one

      -compared to other students


      I have been having more nightmares lately - are they the same entity or part of the subconscious? They do give a similar feeling. Skinny girl, jester man, girl with sword, steel door, etc.. They give similar vibe. There was one with a full monster and I hugged and told it I love you and he disappeared. Maybe I need to do that. I also had daily nightmares when I started DJ that felt the same. Am I regressing or am I getting ready to face my shadows? I am more aware though. Nightmares more likely from sws dream rather than rem from what I read.

      Maybe I need to consume this dream world. Eat it up or destroy it like hukif or sensei did. Create a black hole in me or something to really take in parts of me I've been avoiding. Just reintegrate myself whole. Create a better world! I'll keep this as a goal.

      Maybe just remember to eat if scary and get lucid.

      Shadow work

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    10. catching up scary hall ld

      by , 05-15-2019 at 03:41 AM
      From may 10th friend's beautiful mother

      I riding the subway in downtown and then the bus for couple of hours. It was going to the wrong place and I was feeling lost.

      -likely memory about getting lost before

      I remember eventually arriving at a street in a different city. It was one of those warmer climate areas and people walked around. Near middle east maybe or somewhere the roads had a yellow glow from the sun and they were not made with asphalt but more yellow-ish. I recall entering a building. It was an old building fitting of the environment I was in, not modern but they were rounder and were similar to this, but edges were rounder.


      I enter the building to my friend, Wolf who apparently had a place there. I enter and went into a very dark room inside with barely any sunlight inside it. Only a slit of light could be seen that gave a slight vision of the room. It was the room of my friend's mother apparently and she was there. She had the most perfect plump pale skin and her avoidance of the sun had helped her maintain it. She had a manservant inside the room. He watched over her and she seemed to be some kind of a big deal.

      -maybe just message that avoiding sun keeps your skin young

      I am then at somewhere and a bunch of people have to move rocks or something inside the cave. Very gruelling work inside.

      -memory of story of this old guy who carried water

      I meet my friends mom again in a different cave near the river. There was something about her helping me out on a mission.

      -I guess maybe the environment could be continued from the pakistan dream from the day before

      Next day 11 chess guy

      I was inside a house, similar to where I live but slightly different.

      I was playing a game wc3 against my old friend Y. I lost to him though, never lost to him once in real life. It seems that I was playing an old strategy with units that were nerfed and it was the cause of my demise. I decide to change things up with the new meta but I needed to leave apparently.

      -memory of nerfs, perhaps could have become lucid

      There are bunch of people inside the house and apparently there was a party. The outside was the same city I think but quite a bit different.

      -I had been in this specific different version of this city before in a previous dream. It was like the same city but maybe 40 years into the future perhaps. With much more buildings outside and lacking greenery. Lots of minihouses down there, and in that dream I recall walking through peoples homes looking for my home but realized I went to the wrong place.

      I went outside with some friends and I was getting something... I head up a stairs and I meet a guy who asked me if I'd play chess with him. I didn't feel like it and decided to go on. The guy was pretty friendly so he comes taggling along to our group. The next steps to the stairs are missing and I have to jump up risking falling way down just to get to the next stairs.

      Something about a little girl and a guy's dad.

      -something about the chess guy is significant. incubated by an article relating to visualization.

      Next day 12 Scary perv

      I was in the M city. Walking down the road near the school I went to. I was walking down at night by myself and had a ukulele with me I think.

      - I had dreamed about walking this road often before. Usually getting lost or going wrong way home.

      I was enjoying playing songs I think and I end up at someone's home. I think it was similar to my friend M's house and people were trying to set a world record in a game. I was just looking at them do their thing and the console they were using malfunctioned. They all looked at me. With hate in their eyes they accused me of ruining it. They accused me that I used my thoughts and influenced things.

      -Well perhaps it's true since t's my dream, maybe could have become lucid.

      They began to get violent and my fear probably perpetuated things more. I had to run out of the house. I kept running and one perverted maniac was chasing me very persistently. He reminded me of a maybe pierrot or a clown but he was not a clown. There was a cool uncle like figure there though. He decided to help me. Things begin to become 3rd person. He tries to hide me from the evil man and we try to kill him but he just became somewhat of a monstrosity. I hid under a bench and the uncle was on top of me. The clown had pierced the uncle and did not realize I was under him. He died to save me.

      Next dream

      I was in kind of a gym there was a cartoon character Nobita from doraemon. There was a guy who was doing some card tricks and while he distracted everyone with a movement I saw through his trick.

      I was then in the perspective of my friend L. Or maybe I was her from the beginning of this dream. I was L and with her boyfriend F from back then. Something about getting wet, I think it was like a ski trip maybe.

      Had a sense of dejavu.

      Next day 13 make neighbhor leave, Scary school LD

      Parts of dream in 3rd person.I recall trying to make my neighbor move out of his mansion. I think I wanted to buy his place so had to find a way to make him move. His place was next door and was slightly higher on the hill or something and his backyard was more even so I was jealous and tried to move into his place. I hired actors to try to to cause a scene and somehow convince him to move out. Their plot was something about a chocolate lady, a lady who sold chocolates being attacked by a group of people or something like that to scare the neighbor and make him move away. There was also cameo of android 18 from DBZ.

      next dream

      I was attending school in Japan again. I was in the classrom and there was like a scary ghost stuff going on. I think kids were going missing one by one and I was there in the middle of the night. I remember busing myself and eating chocolates that was shaped like candles. They were very tasty and a white candle shaped chocolate especially stood out to me.

      -perhaps the chocolates were gift form the lady in the previous dream, perhaps craving about chocolate craving it during the day but didn't eat any.

      As I was savoring my chocolates nonchalantly, a detective or officer shows up from the police station to check out what's going on. He was an asian man with long hair, I think it was dyed brown? He had a larger head and was very tall but very skinny. He questions me about the incident I think. Some strange phenomenon happens, I think I sensed the spirit going for us. It was one of those ghost women I guess. The officer gets scared and runs away totally chicken. I need to get away too but I decide to pack things into my huge backpack first. I remember it was round and like one of those you carry on a camping of sorts. I carry my backpack and head out the classroom and walk down the hall. It was still the Japanese school environment but in the hall.

      I realize the weight of the backpack is off(a little too light?) and become lucid

      Night-time school was pretty scary. I wanted to leave. I decide to teleport and I think on the second or third attempt I do teleport.

      I am now at a terrace of a high-end condo high up the building. I am looking out and it had a pretty nice view of the city down there. I begin climbing downwards. The building was white and very neatly kept. Some plants or grasses were grown and it looked nice. I kept climbing down. I think I had increased lucidity when I felt the weight of my body on my outstretched arm. I had a dejavu moment about the time in lucid dream where I climbed up a library for no reason and tried to recall something to do. I wanted to meditate. I found a nice spot that was perfect for meditation so I decided to sit there and begin meditating.

      I looked down the roads way below me just driving by. The sensation or the sound of my heartbeat was especially loud though and led most of my attention there. I looked at a few cars, there was a van or a bus and a sedan. Each time my heart beat, time would stop for a moment and all cars paused. This continued for a bit.


      I wake up at a desk trying to write down DJ. My pecil had no lead and I was trying to write with dried up anchovies. I realized something was wrong and became lucid.

      I was once again in the creepy hallways of the Japanese school. I really wanted out of there. I decide to teleport again and this time I end up in a hall elsewhere. It looked like a hospital maybe a library. Lighter and better atmosphere.

      -maybe bad memories or trauma there, or just scary movies. It was the same classroom I attended in the school and same halls, just darker.


      I am trying to escape some establishment rescuing some kids from there. There was a friend there I remember but who? I think it was G. I remember he drove us on a large van down the highway so we can get away from them. His driving was bad and crashed on the side of the road I think. It was near an airport if my memory serves right. We crashed near a large patch of greenery or nature reserve or something like that. We decided to sleep there to get some rest. I realized we didn't use camping gear and our hp was very low after the rest. I told my friend this and we used a tent and camping gear and rested again. This time our hp was full! Upon rest I realized the greenery were surrounded by grey concrete walls. Square in shape. Something about me having massive powers.

      -final fantasy style, influenced by memory

      I remember having a few more dreams.


      Lucidity caused by grc? backpack weight.

      Meditation in dream does appear subsequent dreams to be lucid

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    11. Hooky, pakistan

      by , 05-10-2019 at 03:01 AM
      I dreamed about Japanese school. Played hooky and friends drove way too far to another city. Got to an agency that was hiring. Had an interview? Was sent to Pakistan headquarters for some reason. Met my manager of this company to go to a restaurant to meet the vps. Turns out a vp was a friend of mine I met earlier at office and we hit it off. Fast track to the top, manager was not pleased. We were just drinking and I was singing in that bar.

      Dream was long. Afternoon into flight into hotel overnight into meeting to wee hrs of night.

      I think i dreamt about something good after.

      Notes :

      Forgot later dreams. Felt tired. Took a nap with audio felt better.

      paying attention to the very edge of peripheral vision helps may be important for awareness.
    12. Rubicks cube, spinning dvd

      by , 05-09-2019 at 01:42 AM
      Had 2 dreams both lucid.

      I was in an upstairs of a house not the most familiar one. Maybe ldings house. There was a pc there looked like mac aio ones with large screens. I realize I was dreaming and ask R who was there "you know this is a dream?" and looked at me weird. Solved the rubicks cube at the end.


      I was spinning around in a large cylinder. I come out and I appear to be in a school. Lucid. Looks like the elementry/hs one bc. I looked around and found a girl from hs. I think her name was Sarah. She began spinning something she had into the air just levitating in the air. I had some dvds that I was holding. I tried spinning it but had some doubt and it was reflected and fell. I tried again with more oomph but still had a little worry it worked but crashed against the second floor and fell. Dvd broke. Dream giving me a plot apparently I'm suppose to be dating in the 90's setting.


      Little prophetic regarding mac

      All dreams recalled were lucid! Hurrah
    13. Hospital hall

      by , 05-08-2019 at 12:15 AM
      Update with more info if needed. Two long dream. Short ld

      Hero group, air balloon. Magic travel with ?? To Pizza place . Something super powers.


      One more dream here trouble recalling now. It was long something to do with friend and mall.


      Laid still trained like last 2 days got HI. Saw vision of amusement park and b became a dream

      walked down University road. Scene change to hospital hall dark . Lucid now. Look behind me bright and fuzzy. Look front getting fuzzy. Touched wall and got clear, also licked wall for good measure it was grainy. Tried touching floor too tried to lick but woke. May have focused too much (vision single spot) and broke rem.


      Should replay dream in head instead of writing if feeling lazy.

      Progress is excellent.
    14. Fight, game, ap

      by , 05-06-2019 at 11:00 PM
      I was at hschool with my friend steven. We were hanging out and I met my neighbor Tony. We ended up scheduling like a fight, like a cage fight of something. I realized I wasn't that prepared so just walked around tried to find people to train me. We went to a mall and ended at the mall cafeteria. Eating foods and there were some indian people there. My wallet or friend's was missing. But there was only visa in the wallet so all was ok.

      Replay scene. At the mall cafeteria. While asking around for the wallet, the Indian people were a group of elite assassins and were out to get me? Get away from there.


      I am in a classroom connected to the school before. We went on a school trip to the nearby spot at the north with a mountain. People were skiing and having fun. Back to classroom. We had to play a terrorist/cop kind of game with the class split in each team. What we had to do was write down numbers on a sheet of paper, indicating where each person would go to and where key items would be placed. I was on the tero team. The teros would go first, writing down how many people they would place on the left/right side like 1:4 or 3:2 sort of thing and then the cops side would look at them. The cop side would then decide to counter the number of people to put on each side as well.

      So my team decided to put it as 3:1. Our plan was to lure them into the 1 side and bomb it or something. After everything happens things are just confusing and it looks like it didn't work as I thought it would.

      -probably influenced from playing counterstrike from long ago

      I woke up

      Listened to some monroe stuff again fell asleep though. Woke, tried doing same things as yesterday and just tried to relax after that and see images. Saw plants again. Practiced seeing HI while twitching eyes. Moved to the side after twitching the body too much. I moved on my back again, in a broken tree pose since that felt very comfortable.


      Got vibrations. I focused on it and it got stronger. Things weren't looking too good though, I had doubts and I was familiar with the sensations, it was getting stronger but felt like one of those that wouldn't work.

      Then I had the bright idea to move my eyes around in circles. I believed that maybe this would induced an artificial REM.. And it worked! I just jumped right out of my body (gravity slightly too light when landing on floor). However vision was not there. Part of me was uncertain if I was in an AP or just really did get up. I walked around with my eyes closed, rubbing hands to try to see things. Did not work though. I walked around the bedroom and somehow knew where I was going. I was by the door and decided to hop a little. I felt that gravity was off, slightly too light. Walked back towards the bed, rubbing hands again. I jumped against the bed and did a half back flip onto the floor. Pain, but slightly off. Then I was back on bed.


      I probably should have touched the floor or the wall. That helped me gain vision last time.

      Circling/rolling eyes is very interesting. I need to try this again! Try this when doubts arise or try it next time when vision is not there. I think it might just work. Maybe do this when dream is collapsing. To create an artificial REM?

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    15. Demons school, encampment

      by , 05-05-2019 at 11:18 PM
      Demon school

      I was at a school for demons. The building resembled q elementry school at o. Everyone was very nice, honest and fun to hang out with. I was in the class room and made a couple of friends. One girl was a succubus and another girl was good at fighting, the guy was good at axes. The fighter girl was very attractive objectively speaking. I explored the hallways and ended up elsewhere.

      A bathroom not like a toilet but a large bath circular one that's like a large jacuzzi. The room was very pure white and felt serene like a temple. The guy and the succubus girl are doing it. I don't feel like it but was pressured I wearily comply. Change scene to another place. Someone's home, one of the students? Do it again. Wasn't anything special both times.

      Back to school and I'm in a class. There's some fight going on. One bad guy was really messing everyone else up. Body parts limbs and digits cut off. I just piece together body parts to whatever is nearest each person. I approach the guy and immediately I lose a finger. I fuse together the nearest finger, the fighter girl to my hand. She got my finger I think. I really wanted my finger back. Eventually I defeat the trouble maker but he gets away. I put back the right body parts back to everyone. I was really glad to have my own beautiful finger back.


      I listened to monroe. Stayed on focus 12 problem solving state. I asked for easiest quickest most fun way to be always lucid as I closed my eyes and visualized.

      Hypnogigic stuff. I just saw things and kept seeing plants and tree branches. It vanished when my eyes twitched but I kept trying. Instead of trying to avoid twitching and getting bothered, I tried to embrace it and maintain it with twitch. I tried to visualize plants and worked well. And I went into a dream.


      I was at an encampment made of wood. Like medieval style I think. I was looking out the entrance while I played with a child. I see some guys out there it gets me worried and I tell the kid to get away. An arrow comes our way. The kids big brother comes and i tell them to run away. We keep running and I try to run slower than them so they get away. I found an old man to the left and I tell him to get back inside. The child trips and I get him forward really fast. They're all inside now so I don't have to hide my powers any longer.

      I stare at the door to the sleeping quarters and watch for the invaders to come. I realize that I'm dreaming and become lucid. Get a little worried /excited and dream gets destabilized. I try to rub my hands as dream breaks apart. See darkness. Then I see a muscular body probably of the soldier.


      Could sleep longer probably

      I the first dream was pretty cool

      Something about embracing the eye twitch or inner eye blinking felt very important. Maybe it's letting go of frustration or something. Hard to describe.

      *Maybe I tried to induce image while purposefully twitching to practice. I think that worked and made subsequent hi more stable.

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