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    1. Mansion

      by , 03-22-2019 at 11:54 PM
      3 nld maybe was too tired for ld

      First dream took place in a kind of a bunker we were little kids and developing powers and machines that defied normal physics.

      Second dream took place in a very large mansion. 10,000 to 20, 000sqft probably. Taller than wide. My bedroom was larger than most apartment. Played some strange card games that no one liked with kids of family acquaintences. So we decide to play poker cards. I think a police raid happened they just robbed our home. It was corrupt police not just ones. Maybe was killed.

      Second dream part two. So time reversed and we replay here. I was given an option to carry a device or be jailed. The device was a teleport er that allowed them to infliterate through our mansion systems. When I figured it out it was too late and we were infliterated and done in probably killed.

      Part 3 redo again this time I tell my dream father whose different from wake dad, that we needed to get away. He asked why I just kept saying belive me. Can't belive it but I was happy he belived me in the end. We got away and escaped from corrupt police.

      Dream 3. A spoiled neighborhood child is destroying stuff. Make him pay for it. We go to a coffee shop in antique sports car and i had Gigantic poker cards. They ruined my cards (other customers). Teenage kids. Lose my self identity here I think. Story taken over by some middle age man whose kind of a detective, and a bad ass black teenage boy whose seen things in his life (replays his life scenes here). The black teen convinces the teens to walk a proper path in life or something. The end.

      So maybe more than 3 dreams but the plot was in 3 bits.

      Lasted 2 3 perceived days.

      The mansion seem to hold some significance. In the dream few weeks ago I was moving from a beat up apartment to an old European castle home, got the deed from dream realtor. Prior to that I often had apartment dreams that looked like beat up ones I lived during my childhood. Now it seems like that mansion is my default dream home.

      The LD practices might have contributed to this and since houses represent your inner state or something, I tn the LD practice helped me confront and let go of some childhood stuff? Or subconscious telling me to keep doing Ld practices.

      The police and kids ruining the house probably represents how I'm a little afraid and feel violated sharing my dreams on dream views maybe afraid of being judged. Since I always keep my dreams to my self and always try to fix problems on my own.

      I felt pretty discouraged and really discouraged that I didn't Ld tonight. Much like the last few times I felt like giving up and kept it up, in those nights I had multiple lds. So I'm really certain that I'll be lding again tonight.

      Tweaked mantra, got in touch with my feelings during meditation regarding Ld. I comforted my subconscious in 3 languages (each representing different stages of my life in different countries) and assured them until I felt the blockages and tensions in my body leaving when I repeated my Ld mantra.

      Excited to see the results tonight.