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    Portals Galore (Night of 10/25/11)

    by jojo946 on 10-27-2011 at 04:57 AM
    non-lucid - black
    semi-lucid - green
    lucid - blue

    People are chasing after me for some reason. I’m running away. I’m suddenly in a jeep.

    I'm driving in daylight on a highway.

    I know I’m dreaming without even checking I just know for some reason. I hyperspeed the car while driving. Then I close my eyes and I teleport me and the jeep. I appear to have teleported but I only teleported miles away from my original position. I'm still in the city highway. But this time it wasn't daylight the sun is beginning to set. I park my car in this empty parking lot structure. I get off the car and run. The people chasing after me seems to be a family. Why? I don't know. I see the mom and her daughter looking for me. I head back to the parking lot but too late her son is awaiting me there. So I decide to hide behind this white ceramic pole. The son is not spotting me but I occassionaly am turning since the daughter and mom keep walking beside the pole. I keep on turning since they keep walking around me. Mom says to son “Check everywhere” while she’s next to me by the pole but doesn’t see me. The daughter goes “You check mom”. They suddenly see me as I'm moving around the pole. The mom spots me moving around. I'm dreaming I can do whatever. I try to take a gun outta my pocket but it didn't work. I try to pretend to shoot a gun at the son even though there was no visible gun in my hand. I thought this is a dream even if there's no gun it could still work. I shoot at him he becomes stinged for a couple seconds then he's ok. The "imaginary" gun stops working all of a sudden and they catch me. I end up in their “house” which takes the appearance of my house in waking life for some reason. The mom puts me in the room with her husband. I decide to sneak out. I tiptoe out of the room. I try to sneak past the mom in the kitchen to go outside. I manage to get outside (YES!) but suddenly I'm caught before I could run. She puts me back to the room. Her husband is horny. He's starting to take of my pants and starts rubbing. He's talking very dirty. The mom comes in and stops it saying something like "Not now." I decide to try to escape again. The mom I notice is easy to sneak by. I tiptoe around her back while she's in the kitchen and manage to unlock the door leading to the backyard. I don't run but I fly away. I wanna hyperspeed so from what I read on DV I take a pill outta my pocket and it gives me hyperspeed. I’m flying in the cloudy night.

    I'm dreaming I tell myself. I am now fully lucid. "What to do?" I think to myself. Then suddenly I know what I want to do. I want to get to Den to complete my next mission. I'm still flying. I decide to try to open portals for the first time. I decided to try. I'm trying to rip the air but it's not working (DAMN). I then trace the atmosphere with my two fingers making a circle for the portal. It still doesn't work (GRRR!). Then I take out a sword from my side like a knight and slash it 3 times then make a portal using the sword. Suddenly a portal appears in front of me inside a mirror. I walked up to it. I decided that onstead of going through it I want to try something with a mirror. I want to go to someone’s dream and ask for permission. I know just the person. I think of my first ex because I never got any closure at all. I want to talk to him. I need answers. I say his full name to the mirror "Lorenzo Miguel Salazar". He suddenly appears in the mirror. He’s choking. I look away at the horrific sight. I look back and I see a phone cord choking his neck. I realize this mirror was no ordinary mirror but a Halloween themed mirror kinda thing. I look next to me and there’s another mirror but with a computer attached to it. Like I had to fill out my name and info and fill out the other person's info I wanted to see kinda thing. I'm too lazy so I fly up. I look at my hands to stabilize myself to make evrything clearer. I suddenly appear in this fancy restaurant. I see it getting unclear so I restabilize by touching everything near me. I'm touching the floor and the wooden staircase by me and everything is clear again. I am facing a painting on the wall then suddenly a waiter approaches me. He asks me what I want. "I want to get to Denn" I tell him. "There's a way there from here" he replies. I’m suddenly more inside the restaurant. I am talking with an old man. Everything becomes unclear again so I restabilize by touching everything. Smelling everything in. I ask the old man to give me a fruit tart. I never ate anything in the dreamworld. I look in his bag and see a red velvet cake instead inside "Even better" I thought.

    I attempt to eat it. It’s good but not as good as reality’s taste of it I though lol. The part of the restaurant I was in looks like a spaceship-themed restaurant. The walls around me are white and this part of the building I was in took the shape of an alien spaceship. I suddenly realize there are a lot of people in this restaurant. Suddenly evryone including me all follow the waiter I met earlier. He was gonna lead us to Denn. We’re all walking down a ramp as we approach a big parking structure with a bunch of cars. I’m talking to one girl I know she's a DC. She appears to be nice. I randomly tell her “I’m dreaming”. She suddenly loses control for some reason and starts crying. I hug her and ask her “What’s wrong?” she says, “Well then this all isn’t real then.” I say well without you guys I wouldn’t have dreams, and without me you guys wouldn’t be in a dream” Lol. She smiles. I ask “Where’s Denn? This is just a parking structure. I thought you guys are leading me to Denn?” They say “There’s a portal in the parking lot to get directly there. We approach a portal that is by a red car. It’s low, near the ground. I suddenly hurl through the portal face-first. It’s suddenly tunnel vision. I'm in a wormhole (COOL!).

    I go through. When I get out all I see is darkness. My eyes are closed. I restabilize. I feel sand by me. I open my eyes. I am in the middle of the street by my house in waking life. I fly up again in disappointment. I'm not gonna give up. I Take out my sword slash it 3 times make a portal and I go through it. I re-stabilize. I feel grass and dirt by me. I open my eyes. I’m in Denn (SUCCESS!). I restabilize but my hands look like yellow fur or feathers instead of skin. I only have two fingers, one big and one small. I wonder what do I look like? I see WakingNomad in Denn again for some reason. I don’t pay attention to him. I think I gotta get to the forest and look in the mirror to get my normal look back lol. I run into the forest. I find the mirror. I look in the mirror. I see myself having a furry chicken body with a dalmation dog head. I quickly look away. I look back and say "WITCH" and I transform back to my player’s normal appearance. A witch wearing red. This time what I was wearing became clearer. I'm wearing a skin tight dark red top. A dark red witch hat which matched the color of my mini-dress floats down from the sky and lands on my head. I look in the mirror to see that my eyes were orange for some reason. It looked cool. I had a weird pg nose so I looked away and say "Nose back to normal". I look back and it changed back to normal. I walk away in Denn's forest and see some kind of doppleganger. I see someone that looks exactly like me wearing the same outfit and hat except she has a pig nose. I think "That's weird." I don't pay attention to it. I walk back to the village and WakingNomad is still there. We suddenly are in a kitchen and he is attempting to mix drinks/bartend LOL. He attepts to do tricks with a fork and lemon for some reason and he fails horribly lol. Me and this other girl inside laugh as he tries to look cool mixing and blending but a fail lol. I try one bottle that he's mixing.

    It tastes like champagne but kinda saltier and stronger. First time I drank something in a dream and it had to be that? I thought lol. There’s pain in my right leg as im sleeping in reality. It wakes me up. I DEILD. I appear with a little boy asking me where to get nothing to buy in the free market of Denn. Before I could answer WakingNomad re-appears and answers his question saying "It costs nothing." I suddenly remember the quest I have to do. I have to buy a weapon and kill something with it. I buy a long shiny sword for nothing.

    Before I could go out and venture to kill something with it the pain in my leg bothered me and woke me up completely.

    I managed to check off a few things in my dream goals. I ate and drank in a dream and I went through a wormhole. I didn't get to finish the warrior level of RPG yet though. I also noticed my dream control is on and off hopefully it improves. lol

    Updated 10-27-2011 at 12:40 PM by jojo946

    memorable , dream fragment , side notes , lucid , non-lucid

    1st Serial RPG Task Completed night of 10/14/11

    by jojo946 on 10-17-2011 at 04:09 PM
    non-lucid - black
    lucid - blue

    For the past couple nights I've been trying to be lucid but I'm always half-awake and not fully in a dream. 2 nights ago I had an epic LD. At first I wasn't lucid and was in some kind of story. I dreamt of this guy that looked like my bf in reality but wasn't my my bf since it was not his energy signature. I dreamt of meeting this guy in class. He sat behind me annoying me. I somehow dreamt little by little we were getting romantically linked. Suddenly I dreamt my family and I were vacationing in the Philippines, my homecountry. My sisters and I went there with my dad. I don't remember the reason why we were there but I remembered we were only gonna stay there for 1 week. I was there in PI but somehow it looked like I was in my house in the USA. But at random times it evolved to the house in PI, my grandma's house to be exact. I would randomly see myself in the 3rd person at random times as well. Suddenly it was as if 1 week passed and my mom came to take us back to USA. We went back home and suddenly I saw that mysterious guy again. He started to put his arms around me like my bf in waking life would. In the dream i forgot i had a bf in waking life. I wasn't lucid yet. In the dream I thought I was dating two people. That mysterious guy in USA and a girl in PI. WEIRD . We were walking near shops and stores near my house, then he asked me "Have you decided to be in a formal relationship w/ anyone yet?" I replied "Yes." and he answered "To that girl isn't it?" and I said "No, to you." We suddenly stopped walking in front of a band that was playing and he raised his fist in front of them. Like he was happy that I said yes to him. As we were walking, we were suddenly in a restaurant.

    That's when I remembered my bf in waking life. I remembered in waking life my bf warned me he had an LD of me being with another guy that looked exactly like him but was not him. That dream hurt him and so I wanted to change what was happening and ran away from the guy. I became lucid then lost it.

    I was suddenly in a hotel lobby with 2 girls. For some reason I started fighting with both of them.

    I became fully lucid when I was fighting with them remembering I was dreaming. I became lucid and tried to stay in the dream by touching the floor, the wall, the furniture, etc. I remembered reading the tutorial in DV about stabilizing the dream to make it more clear I just had to look at both my hands and say "Stabilize dream" out loud and everything would be more clear and vivid. At first it didn't work. I kept fighting with the 2 bitches. Suddenly I thought "Why am I wasting my lucidity fighting these 2 worthless girls for no reason?". I repeated the stablize dream technique and this time it worked one girl's face became really clear. I remembered she was a white girl wearing a tight black dress; the other girl I don't remember too much of. I kept fighting them trying to take control of the dream at the same time to stop and do other things but they kept coming at me and I had to keep fighting. I wanted to control the dream so they'd stop or I win but it didn't happen yet. Suddenly the scene changed and I was in an auditorium with people dressed up like they were important. The 2 girls I was fighting with were also there but they weren't fighting me instead they sat quietly in one of the red chairs. The so-called important people were discussing about a movie that I was making all of a sudden. I thought "I'm making a movie?"

    I lost lucidity in this part a little and went along. The people were saying things like they were excited about my movie since it's gonna be the first movie in today's generation where no use of stunt doubles or special effects is needed in a blockbuster. So then it connected I was fighting the 2 girls for a movie. REAL fighting though. I suddenly got scared and thought if the ppl saw how we were fighting in the movie like REAL fighting I would get sued.

    I suddenly regained full lucidity and I flew upwards right out of the ceiling. This is when my successful dream control was beginning in this dream. I suddenly remembered what i wanted to do, I wanna join the serial dreaming RPG. I wanted to get to Denn. I tried spinning while closing my eyes but it didn't work. So instead I flew up I always have no trouble flying nowadays in dreams. I flew straight up first with my fist pumped up to the sky like Wonderwoman. Then when I felt like i was high enough I changed to flying horizontally. It was a night with lots of stars. I always seem to be in the night with stars in my dreams. I wanted to have more fun. I remembered reading Mancon's "diff ways of flying" and tried flying on a broomstick across the sky. I summoned it by looking away imagining it's there and suddenly it was when i looked back. I flew on it but was quickly bored i like flying without depending on any object but my own ability and body it's more fun for me lol I remembered reading from DV i could use flying to get me wer I wanted to go. I wanted to get to Denn. I was trying to control my dream to get there. I know my imagination and my mind is the only limit in a dream. I wanted to get to Denn. I was telling myself it's there. I looked down at the dark night and saw a town full of lights. When I flew down it wasn't Denn though. I was in a wooden house. While I was in the dream I could hear noises from waking life. My sisters turned on the television and I could hear it while I dreamt. I would constantly have to re-stabilize in the dream by touching and looking to my hands and reapeating "Stabilize dream". It worked like a charm. Things would always be really clear. I suddenly saw my mom, dad, and sisters come into the strange house. I remembered that in waking life I had to get up early since my family and I had to go somewhere. For one moment I was half-awake but I went back to the dream by not moving. I flew upwards straight out of the ceiling again.I jumped back on track on trying to get to Denn. I suddenly saw WakingNomad and told him wer I was trying to get to. He took me straight to Denn suddenly and told me to get dressed up for my costume which was weird. Instead I headed straight into the forest of Denn it literally looked like medieval times. I went in the forest and saw a huge standing oval mirror. I looked in the mirror, re-stabilized myself in the dream and saw myself clearly. This is the first time I looked in the mirror in a dream. I saw how I looked. It was me. I looked like a WITCH dressed in some kind of red. Not all in red but I was wearing a red skirt and my top was light beige and pink kind of color like light salmon in color. I knew I was a witch when I stared at my reflection. I came back to the townsquare of Denn and there WakingNomad reappeared. He was about to go it seemed but then i said "I wanna share this dream w/ other ppl" Then he was like "follow me". We suddenly appear in a girl's house. The girl was on her bed, using a labtop. WakingNomad introduces me "This is Raven Knight ". All I could remember was that in the dream she had long straight hair. I asked her "You know this is a dream right?" She answered back "Yes." Then I said "Then y r u using a labtop?" lol. Raven then put the labtop aside for some reason. Suddenly my 2 sisters form earlier pop up agen. I said to WakingNomad and Raven Knight "Let's go guys!" I then try flying out of Raven Knight's ceiling. I break through the celing but there's another layer. WakingNomad then says " Raven has 30 layers up there" The I looked at the window but it wouldn't stay completely up for me 2 fly through it. So we walked out of the house. LOL. We were walking. It was daylight. We were walking on a cobbled sidewalk. It was some kind of old town. I don't know if we were still in Denn. I suddenly became bored of walking and started flying a couple inches off the ground. I summoned a hover board to come to me. Felt cool . Then suddenly my bf comes in and throws a reals sk8board to me. I'm suddenly skateboarding past WakingNomad nearly crashing into him. Suddenly I notice my 2 sisters following me. I then tell them to stay away or go away for some reason and they eventually did. As me, raven , and WakingNomad were walking/floating I woke up.

    Completed the 1st task yay! I noticed in this dream, my control developed slowly within the dream but nonetheless I had fun!

    Updated 10-27-2011 at 12:37 PM by jojo946

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment , side notes

    Fully Lucid Again (Finally!)

    by jojo946 on 10-12-2011 at 02:02 PM
    So guys I haven't been lucid in months..but i decided to do reality checks again and to make an effort be lucid in my dreams again 2 days ago..so just a couple mins ago i had a lucid dream..at first i wasn't lucid and i was stuck in some kind of story..i kinda forgot wat it was about but wen i found that i was dreaming by looking at the clock and it was changing..and my hands looked the same but felt weird i knew i was dreaming..once i knew i was dreaming i touched everything the wall everything..it all felt soo real and looked so real and cleare once i started focusing in on the dream while keeping my lucidity..i started thinking hmmm wat should i do now that im lucid? so i had an idea i thought about my boyfriend VJ and he suddenly appeared sitting in front of a computer in my house i run up to him and hug him and tell him this is a dream (he is also lucid in dreams at times) so then i go outside with him and start flying and i was trying to teach him how to fly but he somehow couldn't do it yet..so then he suddenly fades away as im flying flying and stepping on the roof of buildings etc..i suddenly think hmm it's a long time i haven'e seen nate AKA Waking Nomad since in real waking life i moved back to New Jersey from Hawaii..so then i thought where are you nate? and then i suddenly saw him with a group of people..I saw Nate smoking with a bong..so then I walked up to their group and called out "Nate!" he stood up and looked at me..i couldn't tell if he didn't recognize me or he didn't remember me..either way i somehow took a hat off and said it's me Jo Anna..he then remembered who i was and said this: "What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here unless you're a 2.0 dreamer" I don't know wat that meant..but in the dream i asked "How do i become a 2.0 dreamer then?" Then a girl in the group said: "You have to read this book" She pointed to some kind of history book it looked to me..and kind of thick..Every time I would look at the words/numbers it would change..I asked "How am I going to read this book in a dream?" I got the sense I have to read that book in waking life..im not sure..but i don't remember the full title of the book..The girl in the group was writing the title down for me on a piece of paper..I couldn't understand some of her writing since it was sloppy..i can't believe someone had more bad penmanship than me i didn't think it was possible..but anyways since i couldn't quite see clearlr of her writing i teleported myself somekind of pen a blu pen..i looked at the space on the table next to me..looked away imagining there's a pen there..and sure enough i got wat i wanted just by imagining it's there wen it wasn't there in the beginning..i got the pen and started writing the title on the piece of paper next to where the girl was writing the title as well..she gave me a grin wen i got myself a pen for some reason..lol..but anyways i was trying to copy the title of the book but every time i accidentally look away some of the letters would change..all I remember is one word to the title started with an "S" and there were a lot of U's H's and T's in the word that started with an "S"..I just don't remember the title..I hope WakingNomad or whoever reads this to help me decipher what he meant by 2.0 dreamer and wat kind of book..lol

    magic jewelry

    by jojo946 on 03-18-2011 at 03:54 AM
    i somehow got a hold of some kind of necklace with a rectangle jewel/gem which matches with heart earings also of the same jewel/gem kinda like dark purple color..anyways these jewelry granted me the power to wish anything, close my eyes and it wud appear in front of me..i lost it..someone or monster i felt was looking for it so i quickly ran into some kind of house to get it where i somehow left it so i cud take advantage of it wen i found out its true power of course..wen i got it i closed my eyes and imagined a type of strawberry cake i liked..but each time i wished it a strawberry cake would appear but not like the one i imagined when i closed my eyes..i tried a couple times still the same strawberry cake apeared and it was piling up..i wake up..lol..

    Epic LD

    by jojo946 on 11-29-2010 at 01:36 AM
    Okay..I haven't had an LD for about a month..but last last night, the night of 11/26/10 i finally did..The things i remember were more detailed and vivid than any other LD i ever had.. I remember more things and I remember more how things looked like which was good! At first I remember I was in a scenario where I wasn't lucid yet. The night before I slept my bf dropped me off home after a date wen i was dreaming it incorporated a lot from that night. I dreamt that I was in my school in the Philippines, my old high school. That I was trying to find a ride to get home (Hawaii). It was night time. In my dream it seemed like I was still in Hawaii even though wen I awoke the setting where I was in seemed to be in Philippines. Any way I was trying to find a way home. So I looked around, I was in some kind of Philippine province but it became daytime. I walk around see a group of nosy girls they say something, then I say something back. I don't remember what they or I said. Anyways I see Beth (a lady who I knew back in my elementary school in the Philippines from wayy back when) for some reason in that dream I remember I looked up to her as someone who always gave me rides when in reality I hardly ever talked to her. Anyway I asked her if she cud giv me a ride home while she was swimming in a lake with her usual red shirt on but she said she was busy. So then I called my bf VJ, it didn't ring it seemed to go on voicemail right away. But in the dream it wasn't his usual vocemail. It was something different. Something kinda silly but I don't remember what it said. I said in the voicemail "Pls answer" Then he spoke..he said hahahahaha..this is really me..i was just goofing around with you on the whole fake vocemail thing..Anyways I tell him and ask him if he could pick me up (agen) and give me a ride..Then last night before I slept I remember VJ got stranded somewhere coz his car battery died..so in the dream he said "no..sorry..both my vans are broken." So then I saw my 2 cousins which live in the Philippines, I talk to them on some stuff for a while. I don't remember wat we talked about but then all of a sudden a van or big van taxi pulled up. My little cousin AJ said "Oh look itz grandpa Undo!" Then his mom, Tina said "Son, shhh!don't say that!" Coz my grandpa Undo died 8 months ago. In reality my lil cousin AJ always says things he's not supposed to say and his mother Tina would always scold him lyk that. I don't remember seeing much of them though, just heard their voices in the background as I seemed to get in the van/taxi. My grandma was inside with my sisters and cousins. It was night agen. In the Philippines my grandma always went around in a taxi or van. She asked me if she cud drop me off to my house. But i didn't say yes yet. I was thinking of wat to say to my mom wen i got home. wat fake excuse would I come up with this time? (Coz I always made up excuses wen I got home wen weird things happen) how cud I explain going out with my bf and coming home w/ my grandma? In that moment I was trying to make up a lie. I didn't know I was dreaming so my subconscious was trying to create some kind of explanation of how I ended up in that setting in the 1st place. It was funny now that I remember coz I was trying to think of a lie in a dream, where any lie cud be a kind of reality..i was trying to differentiate wat happened and wat lie i wud make up..but i think the dream made up how i got there and wat happened as i was thinking too.hahaha..So then I don't remember wat happened next. My dreams are like that. I remember bits and pieces, but miss some stuff in between. Like an incomplete sandwich. But anyways next thing I remember I was walking towards my college KCC..It didn't look like KCC. but i felt it was KCC. don't know if that makes any sense. Anyways, I walked towards it. And I saw some snow around..Little piles of snow around. I thought 'woah!snow in hawaii??how??'..As I was walking next to a big building..there was a sign with mixed numbers and letters on it..like a car liscense plate..in reality wen i see signs i always look at it, look away, then look back..that kind of reality check is 2nd nature to me.This time wen i looked back, the numbers were different..I did it agen..The numbers changed agen.. and agen..then it changed agen..then i decalared "THIS IS A DREAM" everything went black for a second. as my physical body was half awake..but i closed my eyes and said "stay in the dream.." "im lucid"..itz always like this..i fight evry now and then to stay in..and on most times i win the fight to stay in it. I get inside the building..I look around..and im amazed..i say to myself "wow..this dream looks so real!" "everything looks so real and vivid for once!" coz for once im looking around.i was 100% lucid..wen i got in the building, it looked like mcdonald's and i saw VJ sitting at a table. I don't remember how he looked like, but im pretty sure how he looked in that dream was not how he looked in reality, but I knew it was him..kinda like KCC, it didn't look like KCC but it was. Funny thing before I go on is, sometimes wen I see VJ in a dream we would be in an eating place..coz in reality we always ate out. Lyk one night ago I dreamt we were at subway since that day we ate at subway..while I was eating the sandwich i said "subway agen?" lol..but the place was not subway.Just last last night wen he took me to a Chijli's place for the 1st time in reality I said "woah deja vu!" this was the subway place wen I saw u..exactly lyk this.. ok going back, I saw VJ at a table..I go up to him hug him and say "do u know ur dreaming?this is a dream..im completely lucid and i know im dreaming..are u lucid?" (i did this coz in reality i told him, if ever im lucid im gonna go up 2 u hug u and tell u, U R DREAMING) he said "yeah..im lucid" in that moment i took him to a spot..we both wanted to go to tantalus (coz tantalus is a special place for me and him, wenever we talk in reality we always said we wud meet there or chill there in a dream) i closed my eyes took his both hands and we both spun around (dream spinning, this worked for me in 1 dream) but evry time i opened my eyes we were still at the same place no matter how hard i tried to imagine tantalus..so then i just stood still..i still held his both hands and i told him "ok VJ watever u do, don't let go of my hand..and wen u close ur eyes think of tantalus with me..and stay LUCID dont forget that this is a dream!keep repeating to urself that 'this is a dream' so that you'll stay lucid ok?" and he replied "ok".we tried but no matter wat we were still at the same place..Suddenly things got a bit of action.a black african american guy started chasing me..weird thing about me is in any dream i hav..most of the time there's always a part wer something's chasing me and im running..idk y..but itz in most dreams.this tym it was a bunch of gangster black ppl for some odd reason..me and VJ were near the top of a basement stairwell.I ran down..but wen I got to the middle of the stairwell..I thought "this is a dream. i can do anything ryt?" so i said let me try teleporting!idk y that came to my mind but it did..in dreams i wanna do anything and evrything..thatz just how my dream self is.so it took that opportunity..closed my eyes and thought of outside..and boom!i teleported..somehow i do things that i didnt even know i cud do..??but funny thing was..it was lyk i was watching a movie..coz even though i teleported i still saw and remember their reactions..they were lyk "oh no!she's gone..she teleported," a second i was gone i still saw their reactions in the stairwell weird..even though i wasnt there alredy. so then i was outside in the snow.me and VJ were running..we were at one point tryna get a taxi to get 2 tantalus and to run away..i think I remember VJ being in one..i try and get in..One foot is in but then i fall out.then i remember being out in the snow running from a bunch of black people..for some reason they were chasing me..dont know y..but here's the WEIRD thing about me..this wud always happen..wenever my dream self is being chased..there comes a point wer the ppl chasing me tries to rape me and my dream self goes slow on purpose..for some reason my dream self lyks the feeling of being trapped and helpless..dont get me wrong i lyk the fantasy in reality..but i wouldn't want it to happen in reality..so then my dream self suddenly went slow on purpose..i got caught..a black dude rubbed his finger on my private spot..dont know how i got out of there..but i did i guess..coz the only thing i remembered next was i was in some kind of house with VJ. The house didnt look familiar at all..VJ pushed me to a corner and I said. since tantalus is not working let's try the japanese place we always go to in Don Quijote(coz in reality that was our 2nd option meeting point). i opened my eyes and we were still in that house place..i was frustrated i thought.. 'y isnt this working??y did it work b4?is something stopping me?y?y cant i control this dream?' suddenly an old lady popped up..she grabbed me by the hand and led me to the next room..VJ followed..for some reason i thought 'is she my dream guide?' so i asked her..and she said 'yes.' then i thought she cud be lying..so i said "prove it" she said some weird advice..i couldn't remember all she said but i remember this she said "u try to give people advocacies (advice) all the time about things u don't even 100% understand" i dont specifically know wat she meant by this..im, guessing dream wise??idk..but then in my mind i though 'i gotta test this out..i gotta ignore her..make sure its not a DC' so then she leaves the room for a bit..me and VJ lay in the bed waiting for her to come back..to teach us how to transport to tantalus..but b4 she cud come back..the whole setting..just zooms out real fast..zooms out of the house..out of the city..out of the state..out of the country..and out of Earth..it goes up to outerspace..and the heavens scream/say "SHE'S NOT YOUR DREAM GUIDE." turns out that was wakingnomad..no wonder it sounded familiar!lol..anyways from there..i remember floating in space and floating down a planet or moon..all i know is it wasnt Earth anymore..it looked kinda small..like a small rock floating in space..seemed lyk the moon..but as i floated down i saw a pink pony..

    i was marveled at the sight..it was beautiful..the most vivid thing i have ever seen in a dream..it drew my attention..i suddenly floated down to the ground of that moon or planet..i remember that my perspective changed..i cud no longer see my body..but evryone cud see me..lyk watching someone holding a vid camera documentary kinda thing.3rd perspective..i was still lucid..i remember the crowd as i walked past half human half mutant animal-like figures looked at me like i was weird..was i human?was i one of them?i couldn't see myself..i walked past the crowd and saw the pink pony agen..VJ was there among the crowd..suddenly i see a few humans and they greet me..i dont remember wat we talked about..but it was me VJ and a couple of other humans on that moon..we were in the middle of outer space.i just remember one person.

    she's an actress..weird..but i was testing out if she was my dream guide too..idk y but i was..so i tried ignoring her..and she went to work as a waitress or cashier or something in the middle of a weird moon or planet..weird..so then i remembered wat wakingnomad did..he tried flying in his dreams..so i stood on some sort of rock tablet thing jumped up and tried flying..the feeling was great kinda hard at first to control..like the 1st time i drove..but it felt soo good..i still remember the feel it gave me..it was soo real..i felt completely free..for some reason..i felt myself flap..like i had brown feathery wings..i felt i was a bird??i didnt see myself..but then wen i got down i tried flying vertical..with my fist pumped up at the sky/stars around and flew up vertically..then switched to horizontally..it felt good..i was still in 3rd perspective..but i got used to the view point..it felt lyk though at one point i was a bird with brown feathery wings then i went human..idk..i could not c myself..then i remember flying across the horizon..as VJ and the other frends i made were eating on a big wooden bench or table..so then i flew across that table..they were eating and in each of their plates i took some food as i flew and ate..but i didn't take from VJ's plate coz he was eating a bacon burger from Chijli's and i din't like bacon but for some reason wen i took a bite from my hand the bacon was in my hand so i put it back in his plate..i must've been flying so fast dat i didnt notice i took the bacon from his plate too..yuck..lol..the others were eating Chijli's food too..the cajun pasta i ordered that night in reality someone was eating. I then stopped flying..VJ took me to a spot and we tried for tantalus agen..we closed both our eyes..and in that moment it worked..we were at tantalus..but it was nightfall..that's wen i went half awake agen..i told VJ "oh no, im waking up" he said something..i dont remember wat but he said something lyk he needs to go pee..or maybe i do..idk something lyk that..evrything went black and i woke up to reality. 20 min later as im writing my dream VJ txts "good morning"..wen i call him earlier in the day he doesnt remember anything but as i went on explaining he started to remember some things..he remembers trying to get to tantalus the whole time..he remembers being in that weird house and he said "no wonder last nyt i remember a lot of it being dark..u kept telling me to close my eyes." he also remembers thinking to go to the moon for some reason..datz VJ he lucid dreams a lot but he doesnt like to take control..he wants to go w/the flow..maybe thatz y i went to the moon all of a sudden i told him.he were holding me and at one point in his dream he was looking up and thought to go to the moon..VJ is an excellent lucid dreamer but he doesnt know that the moon was a meeting place or anything he's just an avid lucid dreamer who doesnt know the knowledge behind it but just does it and goes with the flow..maybe thatz y i was rushed to the moon..and i didnt do it on purpose to get there..he remembers being on the moon and seeing animal-like things too..and he remembers being on tantalus at the very end and waking upto go pee in reality.wen he texted me that was a couple of min after he woke up from the dream..same w/ me..a lot of things went on in this LD..