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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Cooking

      , 02-23-2017 at 01:47 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 4:20am

      Yesterday there was an ad - one of those videos that go fast to show you a lot in a short time. So it was a video of making chicken calabrese. Looked good!

      I made chicken calabrese. Stuffed with cheese and something else. We were all eating it. My dad came home later and also had some.
      Tags: cooking, food
    2. Busy dream; Work

      , 02-21-2017 at 01:57 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed at 9pm - 4:30am but couldn't fall asleep till well into 11 pm


      I'm at work. We need to move boxes and fix things. Director asks me to do stuff so I'm running around with a small black shopping cart, putting boxes in their right places.


      I'm going to school on my bicycle. Ground is covered in deep snow, with tracks left by cars. It's a bit melted and so hard to go through. I see people cutting through a walkway between tall buildings, but I keep going, then turn left to my school. But the road is blocked by police with some K-bars. Now I know why everybody was cutting through the other way. I find a place where I can lift my bike over and I continue.

      At school, a very common theme is not being able to find my class. I'm wandering the building, up and down the stairs, asking everybody, checking the rooms, but I cant find where they are. It's already into second lesson, and I'm still not in the class.
      Tags: school, work
    3. Beautiful water; Murders

      , 02-19-2017 at 02:05 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed around 8:30 pm - 4:30am

      DREAM 1
      I'm somewhere outdoors. There is a strange looking swimming pool, with slanted, concrete sides, with grass growing from between the slabs.

      A kidnapper arranged 6 or 9 tied up girls in the slopes, with spaces between them. They are soon unconscious and slip into water. I know he doesn't want them to die, so even when I see them with mouth submerged, I somehow know or hope that they are gonna be ok.

      Now I'm standing in some other pool. It has beautiful turquoise water with gentle waves. I put my head at water level and all I can see is this gorgeous water. I tell myself I'll have to take a picture of this so I remember it and I can dream about it.

      Later I'm in a big city bus. Have a feeling it's NY. I tell the black woman bus driver about the girls in the pool. Then she whispers them to another passenger who is getting off, so they can alert the police.

      Some kids in the back of the bus are cold, so I find some blanket and a comforter and give it to them.
      Tags: bus, water
    4. Lucid, transitions

      , 02-19-2017 at 05:11 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night Ė bed around 8pm.

      2:18 Ė 2x300 GPC, back to bed
      3:30 Ė up for WBTB

      3:58 Ė 2x4 GM and sofa

      DREAMS before 2:18
      DREAM 1
      There is a flood. Whole area is covered with deep, almost white water. Only tops of trees are sticking out. I see some monkeys trying to hold on. For some reason I need to get to the other side. I am on a small sandbar thatís not even visible, but Iím standing on it. I want to start swimming across but the waves are getting bigger and bigger, about 5 feet above my head. I turn back but the waves are carrying me. Somehow I made it back and now there are 2 upturned boats caught on the sandbar. I turn over the smaller one, a canoe and Iím glad that the oar is there. I get in and start to paddle. A really huge, tsunami like wave is cresting over so I grab the boat and dive under the wave, kicking furiously to make it back to the surface.

      DREAM 2
      Iím visiting someone in the suburbs. Single story houses, all similar. Nice working class neighborhood. Their neighbor is a guy from my store, T, who we donít get along. But I donít care. We go out to some school fundraising action. They are serving us food at the table. First course is a meatball with something. I taste it but leave the rest on the plate. A russian waitress yell at me why I started if I didnít finish it, someone else could have had it. Iím telling others that I had meatballs with more onions and I liked them a bit, with less onions and I liked them more, but these, I didnt like. We all agreed there was something powdery or dry in them that was bad.

      AFTER 2:18
      Visiting another people, this time from WL. Guy is telling me his plan Ė going to Pittsburgh. I ask: ďa gameĒ? He says no, Target. He calls it that, because of poor neighborhood. Mentions german store and I go off on history of our beer and how it was good then but now its really good.

      SOFA 3:58

      Iím in a middle of transitioning when my cat jumps on me. Then jumps off again when I get to transition again. I hear the 5am chime. Wake up from below experience at 5:28am

      I start seeing a TV screen. Black and white female face with big lips, moving. I kiss it and it kisses me back when I will it to do so.

      I stand up and walk out to the balcony. I think ďoh wow, this is my childhood home, my roomís balcony.Ē There are wires for drying laundry and for a second I stop to ponder if I should jump over or go under. I go under and climb up on the rail. I squat down. I take a moment to realize, that Iím feeling and seeing everything in great detail. I have only a T-shirt on and I feel my hair blow in the breeze. I feel so free and happy.
      I gently jump down. Incredible roller coaster feeling in my stomach makes me giddy and even more happy. Gosh, I missed this so much. Iím starting to think that I will hit the ground, but I slowly take flight. I notice with amusement that Iím again in my flying lazy boy position. As if sitting on the lazy boy, legs in front of me, slightly bent, flying feet first. Iím so happy. I think go higher and I do. I think go over the roof, and I do. I see a beautiful, clear moon in the distance with 3 stars near it. For a second I debate if I should go there today, but I decide not to.

      Cat got me out of this LD.

      Iím back on the sofa. I get this sensation of extreme acceleration. My head is buzzing like crazy and itís so intense, Iím starting to worry a bit. I donít know how to enter a LD from this type of transition. I tilt my head down, pushing it to the pillow so I change direction of flying. Itís so intense, twice I tell myself ďIím not scaredĒ. After second transition, I see a nose illuminated, but nothing else. I will it to become brighter, but it doesnít work. Another transition, and this one is the most intense. I try to think to get my dream body out of my via my head into OBE or AP.

      5 am clock chime.

      Iím laying on the floor in a large room. Like a school gymnasium. My cat is sitting on me. I donít know what to do. I notice slight movement when I breath, so I try to amplify it. Now Iím moving couple feet to the front and back with each inhale and exhale. Itís an amazing feeling.

      I realize I could probably stand up. I do it and I walk outside. I see a grapefruit tree. No, itís a pomelo, I correct myself. I want to pick one of the huge, green fruits, but the branches are too soft and delicate and I donít want to break them. I touch them and the trunk of the tree and itís very sponge like.

      I keep walking and come to a ridge. Moon is high up and itís quite bright. Below me is a witch all in black, returning to her hut. Iím not scared, but I want to change her anyway. I keep saying ďgood princess, good princessĒ. But she is not changing.
      Got up at 5:28 to write this up, then went back to sleep some more.

      Iím being chased. Lots of streets, warehouses, buildings, rooms. Windows are boarded up. I start to tear it down, finding a hole and getting out. Guards are patrolling outside.
    5. Luggage belt, work

      , 02-17-2017 at 01:11 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 8:30pm - 3:20 am

      DREAM 1
      Few of us have some luggage going on a luggage belt, so we decide to follow it as not to lose it. We get on a belt. I'm not sure if it's safe, more likely not safe. I see a guy sitting in front of me, so I assume the belt tunnel is not gonna get too low. But I still almost lay down as not to have my head sticking out.

      There is a lady standing by the belt as we go by, kinda smiling understandably, so I'm reasonably sure it's gonna be safe. Even if the sign says there is a wrapping machine with some blades coming up.

      DREAM 2
      I'm in a warehouse. Someone is coming to visit so we suppose to clean it up. So someone takes some heavy equipment and pushes the whole isle over to the wall, so a new, clean isle got pulled in it's place. Done, haha.

      DREAM 3
      I'm sitting on top of some high box or cabinet. I'm all dirty, vaguely remembering that I had to escape through some muddy water or something.
      Tags: work
    6. Family business

      , 02-17-2017 at 01:42 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I remembered this later on.

      DREAM fragment:

      We are establishing a family business and they are deciding who from the outside will be part of it. I'm worried if I will be included and I ask them about it. I think the answer was "yes".
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Latin American girl, house and bulldozer

      , 02-16-2017 at 04:41 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night, bed at 6:50am

      I took 3x 15 mg (6%) L-dopa at time of bed

      Had lots of dreams, but I had that for the last week or so. So can't tell it was because of L-dopa.

      DREAM at 9:03pm
      Something about group called Dreamers Against Trump.

      DREAM 11pm
      Paying for photo ops
      Driving heavy truck

      DREAM 3:15am
      I'm in a basement of a 1-2 story house. Looking out the small window with 2 kids, boy and a girl. There is some work being done outside. A bulldozer is pushing ground near the house and somehow he pushes a huge pile of dirt too close to the house. It makes the corner buckle and shift and a metal bars above the window come down. Just before it did, I yelled at the kids to get out. It I didn't, they would have been killed.

      I'm outside yelling at the operator what the heck did he do, being so careless.

      Then I'm on a street in Latin America, sitting in the middle of the road in a residential neighborhood. People walking around, kids playing and sitting around. I figure if I want to be friends with them, I should attempt to get to know them and talk. So I ask a girl sitting near me what's her name. Julia, she says. And she cuddles with me. (my grandma just passed away and her name is Julia).
    8. Meteor, Canada, Militia, Budapest

      , 02-14-2017 at 01:12 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 8:45 pm

      DREAM 1 10 pm

      I'm looking at the skies with some others, trying to see the meteorites someone mentioned. First there are only stars, but then we see a meteorite and it's flying at us. It zooms over our heads, we quickly turn around and see it fall near by, making a big fireball on impact. I ran there to collect some meteorites. We were in US, but meteor fell in Canada.

      But I start to see more fires in the neighborhood. I stop in front of a house that has corner of the yard and the front lawn on fire because of broken gas pipes. I start yelling fireeee in my native language. Then I realize we are in Canada, so I start yelling in english.

      Little later after the event, people start lining up and joining militia. There are several groups and none have good weapons. And when I got back home, I had a new cat that was abandoned in Canada and it looks exactly the same as one I have now. They were twins.

      DREAM 2 at 3 am

      I'm buying a ticket for a train going to Budapest. I notice one of the T's advisors has a ticket to same booth as I do. When I board, I get to my compartment and there is a suitcase and clothes all over the place. I put my stuff neatly on one seat/sofa. I notice the cables to the internet and other media are brand new and tools and pieces of cables are all over.

      In another part of a train, I have a seat number 4, but there is no TV in front of it, so I sit/lay in another seat. Some of my former classmates are there too. We are talking about how long this train ride is, why do we get to Budapest at 11 pm.

      In another compartment, we put down pillows and blankets in front of our numbers to prepare for bed.

      I was just watching TV and a car with bicycle attached to the back of it came on. That reminded me of this dream from last night:

      I'm riding my bike up the long hill, from the old theater to the city square where buses used to be. I look back and a guy is running up the hill. I think maybe he is running after me and I better keep an eye on him. As I think that, it really looks like he is running after me and when we reach the top, he is almost at my bike. I turn around with the bike and I wonder how come, since the momentum is taking me forward but now the bike is sideways and even backwards, how is it gonna hurt when I fall down. I yell at him to scare him away and at the same time I am whooshed in the air, spinning and turning still on the bike. Weird sensation of motion and not understanding how is it possible. Feels like transition motion, but I don't know it during the dream.

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    9. Work

      , 02-14-2017 at 02:03 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Nap soon after coming home from work.

      I finished my work and still had 2 hrs from my shift. Me and my boss are stumped because that's the opposite of reality, kinda joking that I could go home. I decide to check on things that I don't have time for every day because of time constraints. I'm finding items in all kinds of strange places, expired long time ago and I'm pulling them off.

      Nap yesterday.
      I'm at home, house I grew up in. I'm trying to change some light bulbs in the living room that burned out. Many lights are not working. Finally one in the kitchen works. I'm sorry I didn't start turning them on earlier, because by then it's getting dark and I'm a bit scared.

      Now I'm still feeling like I'm at home, but I don't recognize the house. My 2 cats in another room suddenly start to growl at some noise by the door. Someone just walked in. I yell at my dad in another room if he is home, that someone is in the house. I run to the kitchen and I'm grabbing a metal rod sitting in the sink, hoping it's a baseball bat. But it's just a shower curtain rod and I'm wondering if it's gonna be too light. I grab another rod for my dad.

      I wake up and not a moment too soon, because this was turning into a nightmare.
      Tags: work
    10. Alien planet

      , 02-12-2017 at 02:11 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:40pm

      I'm on alien planet, in a huge, modern building that is still partially under construction. I'm holding a tiny person in my hand, close to my chest. I don't want others to know it's a person. Some huge construction that's over the water outside the window is coming crashing down. I rush to the window and watch in amusement. I realize these are the "rings" someone was talking about.

      Walking to few narrow, modern, metal, automatic doors. One leads to an office. People look at me and I back out. I end up in a large elevator. I have a few mental images of some distant places and I'm suppose to pick where to go. The elevator, which I now learned is a distance transportation device, like a shuttle, stops on a planet. Looking outside, I see rusted buildings, people dressed in worn out clothes, kinda military-ish. I ask myself if I want to get off here or in the next place. Because this one looks like they have war going on. But we get out.
      Tags: alien-planet
    11. February TOTM and TOTY

      , 02-10-2017 at 04:39 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:46pm
      GPC - 3:30 am - went back to sleep, didnt fall asleep till after 4am
      GM - 5:06 am
      sofa - 5:23 am - fell asleep shortly after 6am
      woke up 7:45 after last part of a dream was non-lucid

      Estimate - about 45 min long lucid
      No transitions at all. No realizing that I'm still dreaming and standing up. Just one long event.

      After GPC

      DREAM 1
      I'm falling asleep in a dream, telling someone "shhh" when I start to transition. Then I have to "shhh" my mom. I'm mad, how come they don't understand not to talk to me when I'm WILDing, since I told them about it so many times.

      But I pull off the transition, tilting my head and body back to invoke the falling down sensation that helps my transition. I feel my body being lifted out and moved around and I falsely remember "just like that member described on DV".

      DREAM 2
      A perv walks into my house and grabs me from behind. I squirm but he is not letting go. I'm starting to be scared that he is up to more.

      Interesting thing is, that I can clearly feel his touch. Very realistic.

      DREAM 3
      A group of female activists from some organization are at my house about to call Hillary on the phone. I'm looking at one woman's name badge and I note how fast they were able to make badges with all the hashtag names since I just saw them on twitter that day.

      LUCIDS after GM

      I'm on a busy road, at night. I remember the car TOTY so I raise my hand in effort to stop a huge truck that's approaching me. It's black and silver and I realize he is too close to stop on time. I duck and decide to let him pass over me and to experience how that feels. I didn't regret it, but I got kinda scared with that big, loud and longer than should be truck rolling over my head.

      After that, I picked out another car. I opened the hood and ripped the engine right out. I didn't expect any trouble doing it and so it was very easy to just do it. I lifted the car up and ripped the tire off, one by one. I remember thinking if I got it right, if the wheels should stay and only tires should be removed.

      I sat the car back down and I see to my left that a beautiful, shiny blue Formula 1 car just stopped next to us. I was kinda blocking couple lanes of the freeway, haha. I considered ditching the task and do it some other time and take the Formula instead for a joy ride.

      I decide to get into my car and just as I imagined, there were no keys. Looked in my right pants pocket, but no keys. I tried to make engine sounds in hope that it will make the car go, but no.

      TOTM - Book of Secrets

      Later on while running around doing all kinds of stuff, I remembered the book TOTM. I start looking through drawers and cabinets. They are all full of cool stuff. Collections of rocks, all kinds of hardly identifiable things. I'm looking on the streets in campers, in houses, in many rooms. I finally start finding books. Looking at many covers, none come even close to saying "Secrets". For a while I amuse myself by reading, looking away and seeing how it changed. I'm even trying to will the title to change to secret. I try to write it on it with my finger too, but nothing works.

      I'm exploring this house. Opening the doors and checking out the rooms. Nothing interesting. Everything is white and chrome colored. I find one room that looks like a bathroom. For some reason I like dream bathrooms, or rather, showers. I step inside while still holding the door. I don't want the door to shut and me getting stuck in there.

      The more I look the bigger the bathtub - swimming pool in the bottom of the room gets. When I look third time, it's a size of a small lake, but it's empty. Looks like it's smooth, concrete sides have a bottom that's filled with desert rocks and sand and some small, dry bushes.

      I see a light from a camp fire in the distance. I'm hoping there is someone who who would wanna get it on with me so I hover glide there. Not sure if we do it, I think we do.

      After that, or before, not sure, I'm in a large, modern sex shop. All the tools are behind glass with lots of attendants ready to help you. There are some almost nude guys ready to help you pick your size, haha.

      Ended up having tons of sex, good 20 min of it. I suspect the end was already not lucid, or just barely.
    12. Lots of frags

      , 02-05-2017 at 01:09 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Had 7-10 dreams. Every time I woke up I remembered 2-3.

      Wine sellers and Deal grabbers

      Shopping for 20x70 binoculars for my dad - detailed - monocular, clock on the building
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Airplane falling down

      , 02-04-2017 at 03:35 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      I'm standing on a large white, mediterranean style patio, overlooking ocean. We are about 100 feet up in the air. The distand shoreline can be seen directly ahead of us.

      I hear a large jet above and it's engines give sound like the thrust was reversed. I look up and say "don't fall". The large BA/TWA jet makes a turn back to the land and starts falling down fast in a tight spiral. It makes a huge splash. I look down at the water and expect to see some large waves and sure enough, they come and hit the wall on the right.
      Tags: airplane, ocean, water
    14. TOTM - February

      , 02-04-2017 at 03:27 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This was on Monday, 01/30/2017

      It was my first of 2 days off so I WILDed.

      Bed 8:20pm -4 am

      4am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
      5:06am - 2x4 Galantamine

      I was still sick, coughing, not feeling good. But I thought I need to take a chance and try it.

      As I was falling asleep, I got a strong feeling of "crossing over" to the dream state. Kinda sinking feeling, going into myself. I have this very often when I'm just falling asleep normally and I'm always happy to notice it.

      So, as I get this very strong feeling as going to the left into a dream world, I know I'm not entirely there yet. But I want to hurry up the process, so I stand up and start walking around a room. Then I figure I try to lay back and swim backwards on the air by kicking my feet. It worked great and I was almost there when i had to cough and I woke up.

      Little while later I got to a dream again. I knew it's not as stable as the last one and I was worried I'll wake up again. So I rushed to look for some books to find the Book of Secrets from the TOTM.

      I found a bookcase and saw another pile of books. I look at them and pick one that's oldest looking one. It's big, thick, has an old looking dark brown leather cover. The title printed on it says MUWTAJIN. I lose lucidity here and decide to wake up to write down the title of the book.

      Oh well, I'll find it next time.
      Tags: totm
    15. Ophie at my place

      , 01-30-2017 at 12:55 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 7pm Ė still sick since tuesday when I got back from europe

      DR 9pm
      Ophelia came to visit me. I wanted to ask her why she came and why she left us and didnít talk, but I decided to just let her take the lead and do and say or not do and not say whatever she wants.

      She started talking, not mentioning the past. Almost as if nothing happened. But I knew that it was on her mind and she is not sure how I will react.

      Rest is gonna be in my personal DJ.
      Tags: opheliablue
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