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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. oh yeah, recall

      , Yesterday at 05:31 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm given a room in a large building. I walk inside and rejoice, when I find some hidden passages and rooms in the back, that lead to another part of the building. I am happy because even though I'm kinda scared, I know it's gonna be intense.

      I walk through to an abandoned looking hallway with tiles and columns. Feels like old hospital or institution. Some guys walk by and I know I'm in trouble coz I should not be there and I should not be seen. They are doing some experiments with people there.
    2. Vibrations

      , 01-13-2017 at 04:36 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Whoa, no recall since 1/4/17?

      I got a text today at 1am, went back to sleep. Then at 2am, tried, but couldn't fall asleep again. Got up, did some computer stuff then moved to sofa, on my back, reclined, like when I WILD. I thought what the heck, why not?

      I was getting faint "memories" of things. Then this sharp, moving image took me by surprise. I'm looking out an airplane window. It's bigger than normal, and oval only on the top, straight on the bottom. Behind the window I see a landscape going by and I can tell we are landing at schiphol, netherlands. Just few more feet to wheels down. IWL, that's where I'm going, haha.

      I started to get some vibrations, quite distinct, and they are getting stronger. I'm ready for a WILD. But I fall asleep.

      Dream is in some hotel/dormitory/school trip kind of an environment. I just got a new room. Looking inside, I'm happy that it has more windows. I'm telling someone, I'm so happy. I was about to move to other place because my old one had only one window. (WL again). Now I have lived in rooms with view to the street, side and now the back side, which is very pretty.

      I look out the hallway, and I can see that our living spaces are inside of a huge, abandoned industrial building. I wonder what's going on.

      Somebody is coming after us. So I go through some rooms, then open a door that leads outside. I'm on a rickety platform and I know I need to go down so they can't see me. I keep looking inside to see the door open and I start climbing down as the person looking for us walks inside. I climb down far enough for them to not see me. As I'm climbing, there is a tons of stuff on the wall. Star Wars collection action figures, space ships, collectors cards, all kinds of fun knick knacks.

      Vivid, detailed, fun. Thank you!
      Tags: wl_elements
    3. January TOTM - Pencil - success, Pandora - fail

      , 01-04-2017 at 05:10 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Finally had good conditions to WILD.

      Took a nap in the afternoon, so went to bed later.
      Last night bed 11:30pm - 2:30am
      2:30 am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
      2:30am - 3:30 am one more hour of sleep for 4 hrs total
      3:30 - 4am - WBTB
      3:50 - 2x4 galantamine
      4am sofa

      Estimated length - 45-60 min

      5 am still heard the chime on my watch, after I already turned to both sides than back to my back and finally fell asleep shortly after when I felt first signs of falling asleep.

      Woke up 6:27, after last part of the dream was already non-lucid - FA of me writing down my TOTM.


      (I wanted to do the opening of a forgotten christmas present, massage, tell pencil to draw. I realized I have not used a pencil in a long time, so before bed I was visualizing how I will pull out a pencil from my back pocket and I thought about if it will be regular one or a mechanical one. I also visualized pulling out my box cutter, cutting the tape on a present and opening it. And how I will open my door and there will be Pandora.)


      As soon as I realized I'm asleep, I got up and went to my front door, as I visualized it before bed. Opened it but there was nothing. So I went to the window to get out that way.

      I flew to the neighbors window and I felt naughty, because I knew it's at night, he is asleep and I will be intruding. I looked in both of his beds which looked like someone slept in them recently, but they were empty. I looked again, and there he was, under a sheet, on his back. I giggled and went down on him. I wish there was a nice way to describe this in detail, but there isn't, so this is all I can say. I was wondering if he will notice and wake up. Another girl joined us. I was like "I didn't need help, but ok."

      I'm standing on a street, looking around what to do. There is an area to my left with lots of people, between some trashcans. They are watching something going on and I know I was part of it before. Not as a spectator, but as a performer. From my previous dream you can guess what it was about.

      I remember I wanted to do some of the Beginner tasks just for fun. So I kneel down and my hands touch beech sand. It's so soft, like the softest flour, cool to the touch because it's nighttime. I play with it, take it in my hands and let it run through my fingers. I smooth it with my hand and watch the pattern my hands make. (It's so simple but very cool detail and I will do this from now on often.) I decide to look for some seashells and I find a huge mollusk with some seaweed, but it opens and I can tell it's dead. I wonder how come It doesn't smell.

      Throughout the whole even, at least 3 times I realized that I can't see well. I brought my hands in front of me and forced myself to see them. They were slowly appearing in better detail, until I was satisfied and moved on.

      Somewhere in the middle I realized this is quite a long dream and it's nice and stable, almost no fadeouts, only dream scene changes. I was not worried about it ending or me waking up at all.

      I remembered the "Tell pencil to draw something" TOTM.
      I sat at a desk, pulled out a pencil from my back pocket (just as I visualized before bed. It was logical, because I carry a pen there at work, but have not seen a pencil in a long time.)

      I looked at it as I pulled it out. It was a regular pencil, with forest green shaft, white band at the top and black top. No eraser. I put it down and say "draw something". I look at the desk and there are some marks as if someone draw with an eraser. That's not good, so I ask it again. I lose the scene here.

      I end up at the similar table again after something else, pull the pencil out again and this time it's shorter, as if it was drawing a lot in the meantime. Some female is sitting opposite of me and we are talking and watching the pencil. I ask it to draw. It does some calligraphy ribbon on the desk itself, but it doesn't look like a drawing. I look at it and when I look back, surprise! There is a beautiful, technical drawing, like from a blue print, of an airport. 2 runways, 2 passenger buildings with boarding attachments and some perimeter buildings. It's clean, no shading or anything else. Only blueprint, except it's on white paper and with the lead tip.

      I pick up the pencil to examine it. I want to read what kind of pencil it is, the manufacturer and anything you can usually see on a pencil.

      There is a lot of writing on it, lot more than it should fit. There is something in faded golden letters on every side of this many sided pencil. Left and right side of lettering is faded, the middle is more readable. I look at the lead and it's loose, ready to fall out. Great details.

      I am hover flying over the street. I am sooo happy about this. The feeling is incredibly good.

      I want to turn but realize I have low control. I decide that it's my dream and I can do whatever I want. So I slow down in nice and controlled way, turn around and fly where I wanted to.

      Hrm, the inevitable sex. With others, by myself, came to happy ending 2 or 3 times.

      6. FA
      I'm at my moms. I rush to the desk ans start writing down my dreams. I draw the airport picture too. If I didn't, I would have not remembered how it looked after I woke up for real.

      My brother is in some radio program and so am I. I'm some "performer" and the tell me they will need me to do it now, and also say some commercial. I tell them no way, I'm writing this down first, nobody talk to me till I'm done.

      I retreat to my room to continue. My mom barges in telling me stuff, and I yell at her to not talk to me. My dad comes in with vacuum turned on, I yell at him too. Mom tells me through the door that they are leaving to some fun place and to go with them. I don't even reply. I don't want to lose the memory of my dreams.

      THANK YOU! I LOVE my higher self, my subC and my mind. My partners and friends. : D
    4. Nap

      , 01-04-2017 at 04:29 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Took a nap this afternoon. Longish dream about me being in some kind of a building, lots of corridors, stairs and rooms. The feeling was a mix of some retreat, hospital and work.

      There were dead bodies wheeled out on gurneys under white sheets, I spoke to the "retreat leader" and thanked him, I looked and found some food, rested in one of the rooms that made me feel like I maybe work there.
    5. Making fire

      , 01-03-2017 at 03:50 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Dream at 12:35am

      1. There is some kind of a huge building construction. I fly up and there is something about stamps wrapped up in wrapping paper.

      2. Now I'm going to a river and I'm pulling out people that escaped from a fire that I see burning on the other side of the river. When i say I see smoke, the smoke starts rising and it's getting stronger.

      3. I'm showing someone how I practice making fire. How it's easy. I put a hand on some piece of wood and I make it char. There is no fire or smoke smell when I sniff it. Then I focus some more and I make flames come out and smoke that changes color based on what I want it to look like.

      4. I'm in a kitchen, my store director is cooking there too. I ask what else I can help with. She says I was suppose to start the tamales, but I didn't. I tell her yes I did and I show her a pot of stuff with green sauce and bag of corn tortillas. I wash my hands in the pot of green sauce and I'm mortified that she saw me and why in the world would I do that. I think of an excuse: If I'm to work tomales with my hands, I better have them coated with that sauce.
    6. Volcano

      , 12-30-2016 at 01:52 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Went to bed at 12am last night, watching Breaking Bad marathon. So didn't WBTB for a WILD. I switched to sofa around 8 am and tried to WILD, but fell asleep.

      DR from the nap.

      There was more, but all I remember now is me running by an erupting volcano. (I saw few days ago how some volcano in South America woke up and was spewing huge amounts of smoke. I noticed lots of molten lava in the smoke.) It looked just like that in the dream.

      There was also something about me being at home, school reunion, my mom there too, my room teacher who didn't remember who I was.
      Tags: school, volcano
    7. Cave in

      , 12-26-2016 at 01:04 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Off today, but decided not to WILD, since too much food and stuff. But when I woke up around 5am, I decided to WBTB after all. It was so cold, I was not able to fall asleep and after that I didn't sleep well.

      Took a nap later. DR:

      I'm in a house I used to live in, by the beach. In one of the hallways on the bottom floor, the roof is caving in and dirt is falling inside. It's dangerous to walk by, and I tell that to others.

      When a large filming crew arrives and walks near the danger place, I also tell them, and take them there to show how the dirt has filled now most of a hallway and we see it falling as we speak.
    8. Hand

      , 12-25-2016 at 05:53 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed around 9 - 10pm - 3:45am

      Recall today.

      I was at work, when I look at my right hand and wonder why. Then I remembered a dream. My right hand was all bruised and a bit bloody. Not sure what happened, but it hurt.

      Had a bunch of other, non specific dreams.
    9. December TOTM - Lift and carry a car - success

      , 12-22-2016 at 11:56 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed at 10 pm.

      1am - 2x300 mgs Alpha GPC
      3am - WBTB
      3:17am - 2x4 mgs Galantamine and sofa
      5am? waking up from lucids (forgot to note the exact time)

      Started out on my back with my cat across my legs. Noticed some stomach ache and I realized I didn't eat any bread with choline or galantamine as I used to.

      Turned to my left side and got lucid almost immediately after.

      Non-lucids remembered at 3 am:

      Me and Ophelia are coworkers. We are together in some town that's not hers or mine. She needs to drive back and it's getting late, so I offer her to sleep over.

      As we are walking, she mentions that she got a new job, teaching in Canada. I'm shocked. She says she starts ( I expect to hear "next year"), but she says "next week". I'm so surprised and hurt, I can't even say anything. I suggest that we could both get jobs babysitting in US instead.

      Still Ophelia, this time at my house. Same scenario, she is leaving, I offer her to stay...

      1. - Dildo market
      I'm walking through some indoor market place. I stop at a stall that displays dildos. Beautiful, dark wood, shiny, glass... All kinds, shapes and sizes. I say I want one, and gorgeous young black dudes lounging near start to giggle. I keep browsing but I don't see what I like. I ask them to show me more. One young, blond beauty says ok, walks to the back with me and starts to undo his pants. I say I would like to test drive some and the black dudes keep giggling. When I'm sitll not seeing what I would like, the offer to make me one and start bringing all kinds of materials. I ask what for and they say "for a display case". Black dudes are now roaring when I reply "NO, I only want the THING".

      2. - I'm flying through some futuristic city, high among the sky scrapers. It's at night and cloudy. I see a huge billboard with some scary, cloudy skies. I decide I want to go there and see if i can find some intense place. As I come closer, it changes into an image of some huge factory hall. I decide I don't want to go there and I pull myself out of the image.

      3. - Same city, over some highways and freeways partially suspended in the air. I'm watching cars pass by when I remember the TOTM - lift a car and carry it somewhere.

      I stop a yellow car with my hand up and I pick it up with my hands. It turns into a radio, so I put it on my shoulder and listen to the music while I go and pick up some more cars. I lift one up and put it on a tractor trailer that's near by, so it still goes somewhere after I stopped it, haha. The driver looking at me is Tom Cruise.
      I pick up few more cars, same way by standing in front of them and lifting them with my hands. They are weightless. I move them around a bit and put them down. Just as I practiced during day, haha.
      4. I look at the dark stormy cloudy skies and decide to fly there for some action. I am noticing that I'm looking for some intense and normally scary things to do in this lucid.

      5. I think this was a first one. I look up at the skies and see something. I don't remember what it was but I straighten up and take of flying there. It is something blue with red.

      Oh, before the lucids, I had lots of sex. No happy ending though.

      Non lucid.
      I'm at work, doing markdowns. A man and a woman come up, showing me a list of floral deliver and they want me to sign for it. Dude swears it's all in there. I tell him we are not allowed to sign, they need to find some kind of a manager. Almost identical to what happened just day before. Amazing.

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    10. Kidnapping II

      , 12-19-2016 at 02:46 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed around 8:30pm - 3:30am


      I'm standing on a sidewalk where a bus top used to be, in front of the Bulgarian's house. I may be talking to someone in a truck. Another, white pickup drives by and as it slows down, it starts to aim and shoot some kind of a weapon. They stop in front of the car, one guy gets out and gets in a passenger seat of a truck they have been shooting at. They drive off with that driver still in a car, while I think passenger went to the attackers car. They are being kidnapped.

      As soon as this started, I duck and sneak around the corner and I turn one more corner to get away and I hope they won't see me. I hope they were not after me. I watch them from behind the bushes.

      Now I am at my friends house. They redid their living room into a restaurant. People are also sitting at the bar in other room at their house, which I thought they remodeled so they can live there.
      Tags: kidnapping
    11. Space ship; Bugs, Shirts

      , 12-17-2016 at 11:45 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:30pm - 3:30am

      Remembered 3 dreams from last night

      DR 1:
      This one was a bit abstract. But I was above some water with deep sandy sides, like a quarry filled with water. I was bout to get into my spaceship, but first I had to do something. I threw some small shining ball made of energy down, it was suppose to do something spectacular. Someone with me said it's doing it, but I didn't really see it.

      Somebody, maybe aliens are releasing these tiny tiny bugs. They are suppose to come ot of the vents soon.

      I'm in a store and the sales person brought some shirts for me to try. I tell my mom, that they are all male and looks like she just grabbed the first ones she saw on the rack. I went and picked some that looked better.
      Tags: lake, spaceship, water
    12. Attempted kidnapping

      , 12-16-2016 at 01:31 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 3:30am

      I remembered a dream when I woke up at night, but when I got up, I only remembered the one that came last.

      I'm on a street. A car stops little further down the street and a male starts waking towards me. Black t-shirt, ripped arms, tatoos, big guy. I know I should be walking away, but I don't wanna look silly. He walks up to me, and tells me to come with them. 2 hispanic females that also got out from the car are standing nervously by the car.

      My dad is just behind the corner so I start yelling for help and I make a few steps to see him getting in his car. He hears me and he comes over.

      He is not really upset and I'm furious, then I realize he wants to hold the guy down while help comes. So I kick the guys feet to trip him over, knoeck him to the ground and I start calling 911. No answer. Then I call our auxilary 911 in Iraq, wtf, and the line is quiet. Everytime I say something, they guy on the other side just says "hallo"? I tell him all the info, addresses, attempted kidnapping, but all he says is "hallo". I'm luke f u and hang up. Call US 911 and finaly cops arrive. While they are putting the guy in the ambulance, I sneak a few more punches at him.

      Something wasn't right. He wasn't really forcefull, but I got a feeling of danger. I remembered the kidnapping of the blond jogger by 2 hispanic females and I was so sure that these are the same people.
      Tags: kidnapping
    13. December TOTM II

      , 12-13-2016 at 06:27 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 8:50pm.
      1:50am - 2x300 alpha GPC and back to sleep
      3am - WBTB
      3:25am - 2x4 galantamine tablets by relentless improvement
      3:50 - sofa
      5:03 - woke myself up to record my lucids after maybe 30 min long one

      I didn't turn to the side before the lucids. And my cat didn't lay on me as usually. But half of the lucid she was in my arms and we were flying together.

      As soon as I got lucid I started working on my TOTMs. I remembered them all, except the "burn a house" because I didn't want to do that one and "buffet" because I already did it.

      Advanced TOTM - Spin around and teleport yourself to a random location. - fail - I don't remember where I ended up.
      I'm laying on a bed on top of a hillside at night. There is a high dropoff on my left with ocean glittering from moonshine. My cat is laying on me as he is usually when I WILD.

      I remembered first TOTM and started to spin. My cat in my outstreched arms, kinda like 2 ice skaters, haha. I was giggling so hard. At first I was just spinning in one spot and I lost my vision. Then I felt familiar sensation in my head and I was lifted up and carried up to the right. I'm pretty sure I landed somewhere but I don't remember.

      I think I ended up flying over this huge river that looked like it's in Africa. Lot's of water flowing over some huge boulders making white froth. Lot's of people in and around the water, having fun. There is a huge animal and whoa, it's a Brontosaurus. People are bathing their huge elephant just few feet from there. Looks like they are all coexisting in peace and harmony, like a future advanced or alternate society.

      We fly some more and I wish the river to turn to ocean and it gets wider until we are over an ocean at night.

      I'm walking down a street at night and remember the
      Advanced TOTM - Lift a car with super strength and carry it somewhere. - fail. I forgot to carry it somewhere.
      Streets are empty, but a huge red fire truck just turns a corner out of my view. I want to go after, thinking "really, you had to pick this huge car?" it when a huge green garbage truck turns to my street and is heading towards me. I'm thinking I'm gonna get so run over if this doesn't work.

      I read Ophelia's DJ during the WBTB and she teleported people. So I outstrech my arm and will the truck to float up. I'm not even surprised when it does. It wobbles a bit about 5-10 feet above ground. I want to do more, so I turn it upside down then let it drop. It's all crumbled and I see some movement in the cabin. I walk up to it and say "oh yeah, and the driver si fine, he is ok".

      Now I'm looking for a Moon and I find it and start flying towards it. Everytime I want to fly faster or higher, I actually slow down. So I give up on that.

      I'm in some city between building. I remember the
      BONUS TASK! - Go into a room and close the door. Tell yourself that while you were in the room, time stopped for you, but continued to advance outside of the room and it's now 100 years into the future. Describe what the future is like! - success

      I look into a window of couple of houses but they look scary. I find one that's ok and I tell myself "this is my house". I walk in and remember I need to go in a room, so I walk through an empty room to another room and close the door.

      I was preparing for this as I was falling asleep. I planned on finding a lever on a wall which I would pull and a counter would show numbers go up to the future.

      So I put my hand on a wall looking for a lever. It's not there. I say "I turn back and there will be a lever". I turn and nothing. I look again and there is a metal ring hanging on a chain that's coming out of a hole in a wall above my head. I say "ok this will do". I pull on a chain, it turns some flywheel and I hear it turn fast then slow down and stop. Before it stops, I pull the chain again and I do this 5 times, because 5 times 20 years is 100, right?

      I walk out the door and now that room has some people in it, sitting on chairs. I say "oh, hi" and I rush to the main door to see outside. It looks even older than before and the houses are all different. Now there is a roof over the whole street. I'm thinking maybe this is a museum and I take another door to get out to the "real world". But it leads me to same place. I get frustrated and start to think that this is how the future will look like and I'm not liking it.

      After this I woke myself up to write it down. As soon as I sit up, I'm like uhm, which tasks did I do? Did I just dream doing them, haha. Fuuuu. Then I recalled the last one, then the previoius one and then the first one.

      Went to sleep after this since this was all just aboout 30 min long. Had a very long non-lucid with Ophelia. She was mad at me and asking me for some money for a trip we took together. I was like OK, but I thought were were pretty even. Her BF was there too during the whole dream. They wanted me to leave so I did. Then they stopped me at the door and somehow we ended up in a futuristic, or just very modern city in Asia. I even new the name. Going up and down the escalators and sitting in rooms in highrise buildings. OP told me she wants me to have a sex change, haha. I was like from what to what, haha. It didn't make much sense. I remembered her gender-bender dreams and I just couldn't figure out what is she now and what am I and how would that all work, lol.

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    14. Going "down" side note

      , 12-13-2016 at 12:39 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I just realized. I should not be scared of "going down", as in underground or "down" in general. Because it means "inside", going deeper into my being, to my Higher Self.
      side notes
    15. Beer tasting; Alien invasion; Walking dead

      , 12-13-2016 at 03:31 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 9:45 - 3:40am

      Took a 2hr nap or so in the afternoon.

      3 cool dreams.

      DR 1:
      I'am in a big house. Large floor plan, lots of windows, carpets. Nobody lives there now, we are hiding there. I'm looking into the next room that sits lower than where I am, at huge amount of boxes with supplies and I wish there was some beer. I look closer, and of course, lots of boxes with beer. Someobody calls me over to taste some of it. It's expensive and rare, so we sip it from whiskey glasses.

      Now I am outside, in a new neighborhood. I tell the cabbie to turn by the Walmart. As I look at the distant hills, someone yelles out "they are coming". The alien worms are invading. I see a cloud that resembles the poison gas cloud in Hunger Games. I don't see any worms but I'm not gonna wait and find out. They are coming to kill us.

      I start walking by a tunnel, trying to remember how to get back. I need to find a guy in a hospital. After long thinking, I figure out his name is Dr.Green. He is suppose to be a partner of character named Vic from a video game GTA. I'm looking closely at people passing by. I see them in great details, their faces, clothes. But since I don't know this guy, I am asking them "are you Dr. Green?". When danger comes closer, I follow few people that enter their living spaces after punching in the code in a keypad. I walk in and apologise for the intrusion. They tell me not to worry and just stay safe there.

      DR 2:

      I'm somewhere outside near some major road. There is a turn to the left and road turns into wooden lanes, almost like at the bowling alley. The lanes are separated by walls. Signs above the lanes say which place it leads from and where it's going. They are bicycle lanes. One sign says "from china to rest of the world". I'm joiking with someone when I say, "haha, I wanna see someone in China to go visit their gramma in Korea on a bike".

      I get on one of the lanes and ride a bike.

      DR 3:

      I'm in an artificial lake with concrete sides. It's rather small, maybe a size of 2 rooms. Someone else is there with me. I look in the water and we are standing on a small boat that sunk. I realize we are in the lake at Universal Studios. I look up at the huge board which is right above me to confirm location. Someone from the shore tells the guy he is not swimming right, he should be more in the water. I look in the water and see the dark shadow of the boat and how dirty the water is with debris. The actor next to me puts his face in the water. I push off and start swiming to the side. A fin swims by me and that confirms I'm at the studios. It's an animatronic shark from Jaws, programmed to swim in circles on the edge of the pool.
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