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    Turquoise Dreams

    1. Danger

      , 05-26-2017 at 11:54 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:15pm.

      This dream was full of danger, and I didn't think of it as just a game. I was really worried.

      It all revolves about a guy official. We are in his house, being chased around. 2 of us make it to the gate, open it and go through. I think they closed it behind them and it locked, but I get to the back door and run through a short yard to this heavy red metal gate and manage to open it. Just in time, because a woman who was chasing us is right behind me. I close the first set of the gate doors and the second one as she runs up to the gate. I don't want to waste my time closing it, but I hope it will lock and she has no keys on her.

      Now I'm with my best friend M, she is leaving. Someone very young is giving birth so we are taking her to the town house. There is a dilemma weather to put her on a large white sofa in the lobby, or in some other room. A woman who works there says "other room", coz that huge sofa is so hard to clean.

      We hear that dangerous guy and the woman talking. She just told him how we escaped. We put 2 and 2 together and now we have a better picture about who he is and his connections. I am scared, we have to get out. I get to an opened window and across a small courtyard there is another opened window and that guy is in there, talking to someone. I start yelling at him that I am coming for him. I throw a few tangerines at him to make sure he can hear me. I'm scared, but I do this often in my dreams. Instead of running away, I confront and charge at the scary stuff. I imagine running up to him, knocking him over and beating the crap out of him.

      Not a very good dream, the danger was not pleasant.
      Tags: chased
    2. Nuclear death averted by call of nature

      , 05-23-2017 at 05:04 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      As told today on irc:

      [19:12:51] <gab|Away> oh, just gonna say, took a nap and escaped nuclear death coz had to pee
      [19:13:08] <gab|Away> lol that woke me up, as Iran launched missels at us
      [19:13:53] <gab|Away> I was like oh, they fired, I gotta pee, but if I go Ill miss seeing them hit, but also Ill proly be ded by then, so meeh

      Was cool. I know we did something and we expected retaliation. I was in a highrise building, at daytime, by the large window, looking way to the left, very far in the distance. I think I saw to the other continent, haha.

      So suddenly I see this small light streaking to the skies, with tail of smoke trailing behind it. Then another one. I wanted to follow them with my eyes, but lost them in the clouds, or they were just too small to see.

      Then I felt like I have to go potty, and I had a dilemma. If I go, I will not see them hit. But I also knew that they targeted us, haha, so ... lol.

      Then I woke up and had to pee.
      Tags: missile, nuclear
    3. Home invasion

      , 05-20-2017 at 11:18 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:15 pm

      Dream just before waking up at 3 am

      Home invasion

      We are inside, at someone else's house. Preparing to be attacked, because we have something they want. Looking through the curtains if they are coming.

      Now I'm with the invaders. Unwrapping tools, then a bomb. I'm intentionally reckless, trying to see if I can make the bomb blow up by hacking close to the fuse wires. It would kill me, but better than killing those others. Nobody is stopping me, so I start hacking off the ends of wires with some recepticles, to make them unusable. Now they notice, but they don't get too upset. I manage to damage one more.

      Back again inside. I'm asking the homeowner if he has more than one gun and to give me one when they attack.

      We see them in the yard, wiggling boards off of a wooden fence. I walk in a room and they are already inside. There is a mean looking chick and I don't wait for her to attack me. I advance at her with an old wooden chair, deflecting her blows and trying to hit her with it.
      Tags: invasion, weapons
    4. iDied

      , 05-16-2017 at 05:31 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      day before yesterday

      I'm standing in a back of the bus with my brother. He tells me that he died on this bus, when it lost control going down the super steep hill we are on top of right now. The bus is about to go down the hill again. I look out the front window and get a familiar, uncomfortable feeling. I sometimes dream about being on a bus or car that I see going off the road and crashing few moments later. I'm a bit surprised at him being on the same bus again, since now he knows it's dangerous.

      So I guess we take the ride anyway, because next thing I know, I am dead. I'm waling slowly, with my brother and some other person. It's very peaceful, we have no worries. First thing I notice is what we are wearing. Pants and a long shirt from some very light, tropical cotton, white and beige in color. And a whiteish scarf made from same material. I'm thinking, "oh, so this is what they give you to wear when you are dead".

      Not a bad feeling from this dream. It was rather interesting.
      Tags: dead
      memorable , non-lucid
    5. Captured

      , 05-09-2017 at 01:16 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I was captured by nazis. This female officer had me stand in the middle of the small room. She started unbuttoning my sweater. I got a bit nervous. She was saying something, but I don't remember what. Then she slowly unbuttoned my white shirt. I started to ask her not to continue, but I knew it's useless. I started to notice other people sitting on simple wooden chairs on the left side, by the wall. And I better put the rest in my private DJ. Sorry. I can say though, that after a while of not having happy endings, I had at least 2 last night. And this coz someone called me a nazi yesterday : D

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      Tags: captured, sex
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Futuristic Japan and transportation

      , 05-08-2017 at 08:46 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm off today, but chose not to WILD. I just wanted to sleep in, which I never get to do, working 6 days a week and WILDing on the days off.

      I had a bunch of dreams. Recalling this last one.

      I'm in a futuristic train station, in US. The train looks like old steam engine trains. Black, but much shorter, with shorter engine and wagons.

      I get on, and I'm talking to 3-4 ladies. They say they live out in the country, where it quiet, everything is green and peaceful. I ask them if it's worth it because of the long commute. They say, it only takes them 2 min to get home, since trains now are very fast.

      I realize I'm on a wrong train. Decide to get off on the next station and catch a train going back. But the stop comes on too fast and I don't get off. That was the last stop in US, and next one we make, just a minute later, is in Japan.

      I get off, but everything is moving so much faster, I miss getting on my train. I hop on as it starts to move, and I hang on the handle from the outside. I finally manage to open the door and get inside. The conductor is not very happy with me.
      Tags: japan, train, travel
    7. Ophelia; waking life memory; jump-floating

      , 05-06-2017 at 02:02 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night
      bed 10:15 pm
      GPC 3 am
      WBTB 4am - 4:55 am
      GM - 4:55 am
      Estimated length 40 min

      I decided not to do any TOTMs this time. But I had the phone and glasses TOTM as a backup plan.

      1. Ophelia
      I think I answered my mobil, and picture of young ophelia, sleeping and smiling showed up. And one more image of her. We spoke a bit, but both of us hard time coming up with the right words. (ok yeah, I was thinking about this when falling asleep for a WILD)

      2. Jump-floating
      I was jumping up fast and just as I was about to start falling down, I continued up, hovering. Was pretty cool.

      3. Waking life memory
      I wanted to see if I can recall my full name, where my sleeping body is, and which city I live in. And I was able to do that easily. I recited it a couple of times, which helped me keep my awareness longer. Made me feel good that I can do it.

      Next time, I want to recall more.
      Where I grew up
      Friends names

      4. Transitions
      I started to try and feel a side by side rocking motion, and also from feet to head, as soon as I started to WILD. I knew when that happens, I will know I'm dreaming. It happened exactly like that, and then at least once more during a transition in the middle of the event.

      I didn't have very good vision. At one point, I only saw from my right eye. As if there was a door closed over my left one. I briefly wondered how I can fix it, but wasn't bothered enough to dwell on it.

      I was also disappointed at some point, that nothing cool happened, like the smoke monsters in my last one. But I was happy about the WL memory thing.

      I don't recall any sex this time 0_0
    8. May TOTM; smoke monsters; Mind-elevator; phone; DC's story

      , 05-02-2017 at 10:51 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night
      bed 10:30 pm
      GPC (600 mgs) - 3 am
      WBTB - 4 am - 4:45 am
      GM (8mgs) - 4:45 am - sofa time
      Got up at 5:15am to potty, then lay on my left side and WILD
      LD estimate - 40 min long

      Woke up from a 40 min lucid at 6:45.

      1. Climbing
      In a huge, gymnasium size room. Climbing up on ropes, ledges, jumping from one to next with incredible ease. Feels great.

      2. Phone TOTM
      I decide to see if anybody is calling, so I pull out my phone from my pants pocket, same as in last dream. I'm thinking about holding it to my ear with my shoulder, but don't want to drop it while climbing that high. I couldn't make it ring, so another TOTM fail.

      3. Tell me a story TOTM
      In a room with tons of DCs. I remember the "Ask a DC to tell you a story" TOTM.
      I walk up to a young asian woman. I ask her to tell me a story. She says "NO". I'm like "wut?" So I walk up to another woman to my right, standing with group of friends. I again ask her to tell me a story. She is obviously looking for words, but I sense a rejection. While I wait, I lose interest and move on, and possibly lose lucidity here for a bit.

      4. Smoke monsters
      Probably same building. Someone says something about some monsters outside. I look outside peeking through the door and there is a huge smoke figure. Looks like a tornado reaching from ground to high into the skies, in faint shape of a humanoid figure. It's all moving, you can see the dark smoke swirl and move.

      We try to run, but as I look behind next corner, another smoke figure is coming from there, and another one from third direction. We kinda run around a bit in a panicked chaos.

      5. Your mind is a room - take the elevator to the deepest levels TOTM - success
      I find myself in a medium sized, almost empty room. Something like a lobby, but on upper levels. I remember this TOTM and say out loud, very clearly and articulately: This room is my mind. I repeat it once more.

      When I'm satisfied that it's so, I say "there is an elevator behind me". (When reading this TOTM and one attempt during the WBTB, I decided that UP is the way to go to the deepest/highest levels of my mind. Plus I don't like to go down, because of the negative association with that.)

      I turn and walk to the barely visible door in the wall. I open it and walk into another, much smaller room, but it's not the elevator. I walk through another door and I force it to be an elevator by walking to the wall and looking for controls until I see them. They are the regular 1-9 numerals. I can't decide if it should be 1 or 2, and while another person presses some number, I look for an arrow UP and when I find it, I press it. The controls are barely visible. They are same shiny metallic as the rest of the wall, and flush with the wall. Hard to see. I make it to the top floor.

      The door opens into a busy, bustling room which looks like produce section of a grocery store. There are tables with fruits and vegetables and people taking care of them. (ok, so now my real life job is my subC?) Anyway, I'm surprised by this.

      6. Yeah, there was sex ofc.

      I did a lot of hovering, flying up with ease, and when it started to be hard, I just forced it to be easy again by not forcing it, just by knowing it's easy.

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      Tags: flying, sex, totm
    9. May TOTMs; Flying in rain; Persistent world; Insect HH

      , 05-01-2017 at 08:08 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night, this was on april 27, not last night. It auto posted on 1st, because it had future task of the month spoilers which I didn't want to reveal till supposed to.

      bed - 9:42 pm
      GPC (600mgs) - 2:56 am
      WBTB - 4 am
      Galantamine (8mgs) - 4:43 am

      Still heard my 5 am chime, fell asleep shortly after.
      LD estimate - 20min long

      5:47 am - Woke up from lucids on purpose, so I can write them down. Then went back to sleep, coz I wanted moar.

      Didn't have any transitions at all. No head rush. No falling backwards, nothing. I just realized I'm dreaming and stood up.

      1. HH - Insect
      Oh lol ok, I guess I had a transition. As falling asleep, I hear a HUGE insect flying in the room. I try to move so hard, but can't at all. I realize how bad it must be for those, that see really scary things and can't move away, lol. I'm just waiting for it to get me, haha. But it doesn't.

      2. Needles
      There I realize I'm dreaming, and I find myself laying on the carpet in some unknown room. 2-3 kids are around me and sticking sowing needles in me. They spilled a bunch of them on the floor and I try to yell at them to pick them up.

      I try to move away, but I can't move at all. I try to yell at them to stop, but I can't make a sound. I keep trying, and it almost feels like I can make some sounds from corner of my paralyzed mouth. I try to wiggle tips of my fingers, because I feel like those are moving. I finally roll away from them.

      3. Flying in rain
      Still in a same room, I hear how it started to rain outside. As I'm listening to it, it rains harder and harder. I'm starting to think that it's maybe happening IWL.

      I remember I wanted to suggest this for a TOTM again, and how I loved doing it last time and it's my goal. So I phase through the wall to the outside and fly in the rain. It's awesome. I can feel cold drops hitting my whole body.

      4. Empty rooms
      At the beginning, while still in the house. I want to get out, as usually. But I decide to open the door to a room instead. I'm scared of what I'll find. But I tell myself why would I find something bad? It's all in my head. I open the white door in a white wall. The room behind it is white and empty. I open another door from this room, and same. White, and completely empty. Some kind of a wall feature under the window, but that's it. I'm kinda anxious to get out anyway, so I get out.

      5. Persistent world, only not
      I'm in a town. Walking towards a marketplace that's under a roof. I realize I already been there and change direction. I also realize that this is my persistent world. But I also realize, that it's not true, because I don't have it in my other dreams, or at least I don't remember it being there. But in my mind, I see the layout of the town.

      6. TOTM - Put on glasses and describe how they change your vision. - fail
      I remember this TOTM. I start looking for my glasses while walking through some rooms, but can't find them anywhere. Not even in my pocket.

      7. TOTM - Make your phone ring, answer it and tell us who it is and what he wants. - fail
      Same area, some kind of indoor marketplace. I remember the phone TOTM. I reach for my phone in my pants leg pocket and I know it's there, because it's always there. I search a bit and I find it between some papers. Same as it is IWL every day.

      I think "ring, ring". But it doesn't. I look at the screen, and I see what looks like missed calls, because there are 3 callers. All start with lover case i. One is ijii⁶, rest are very similar.

      8. TOTM - Put on glasses and describe how they change your vision. - success
      As I'm walking by an opened door to some room, I see my glasses on a cabinet. I walk backwards, lol, to get back to the door, and there they are. I get in, pick them up and put them on. I'm standing by a grapefruit tree. Fruit is beautiful yellow, all sizes.

      I look with glasses and I'm paying attention to difference in vision. Without glasses, I can see them very clearly and in great detail. With glasses, the image gets blurry. It surprises me. I lift the glasses up and down and keep comparing. Yup, blurry with glasses.

      To make sure, I turn around and start looking at all kinds of pottery. Jugs, plates, cups. All ceramic, beautiful, white with blue flowers and design. I'm trying to see the difference, and again, image gets blurry with glasses. I'm like this can't be the only difference. So I notice how some blue's change into purple with glasses on.

      There is a sign on one of the jugs. It says "msmgi's BBQ". I read it as Mismagius's BBQ, haha.

      9. Hands - missing ring
      I decide to see if I have my ring on. (Just before bed, I decided to put it back on IWL as soon as I get up in the morning, even if I lose more stones. I will replace them. But the ring has a special meaning to me and I I don't want to lose that.)

      I lift my hands up. They look just like my real hands. Same shape, size, color. There is no ring, only an indent where it used to be. I reinforce my intent to put it back on in the morning.

      10. Airplanes
      I look at the skies through some window and opened doors. Some futuristic looking fighter planes are flying by on some late evening, dark stormy cloudy skies. I think (wish) they could be space ships, and I decide to go outside and fly with them. But I feel waking up and I decide to wake up and write down the dreams.

      Oh yeah, before that, there was a dude leaning against a wall. I walk up to him and ask him if he wants to do it. He got surprised and is like "what, me"? I'm like yup. He didn't have a problem with that.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Amusement park; MTV style competition; My ring

      , 04-24-2017 at 03:14 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      So my WL ring lost a stone maybe 2 weeks ago. I took it off couple of days ago when I was mixing up some ground beef'. I didn't want to lose another one in the food. Then I didn't put it back on and I'm still torn about that decision. Then I had a dream, where I look at my hand, and ring that looks just like the real one is missing 3 more stones. I'm so sad. I lost something that I can't get back.

      Amusement park.
      This was 2 days ago.

      I'm walking on a street in a Disneyland style park. Tons of people on sidewalks, lots of doors into bars and offices in a part that looks like just after the entry to Disneyland. I'm reading the signs above the doors and I finally see the name I'm looking for. It's an Indian name, all I can think of now is Rajesh, but it could have been a different one, and it had a surname too. The name is on a yellow sign board.

      For some reason I keep walking to look around some more thinking now I know where it is and I'll get back to it later. I come to an area where the attraction is falling snow. Somehow they made it snow for real. I can feel it hitting my face from a side, it's cold and wet. I'm going back to the place where I found that guy, but I can't find it anymore. I walk all over the place, back and forth. No luck.

      MTV style competition.

      Me and my partner are being told the rules of the game. There is another couple we don't see, but we are competing against them.

      There is a couple of bags made of tarp. We are suppose to find one that's moving. It has live frogs in it and we are suppose to take it somewhere. I start taking the bags off of the wheel barrow and I find one that's moving. My partner says, frogs will be all me, because he is not chasing those. So apparently we are suppose to collect 10 different animals.

      I find some fish and gut them, then some other fish, and I understand that my part of the task is done. There is something about some bag hanging from some metal walkway couple of feet in the air and my partner is going around to get it off.

      Last part - I am kneeling on a wooden boardwalk at the end of the comp. I suddenly feel something on me. I imagine it's a bucket of crabs. I cover my face with one hand and put my other hand in safety. I don't dare to move. I barely breathe. I'm not scared, but fuu, I'm pissed, I think.

      When it's over, I watch some of the hermit crabs finding new homes in planters and small containers, and I ask the guys if they are ok with it.
      Tags: ring
    11. Lucid Capt. Janeway, Strange society, Jumping, DG, Dream eyes

      , 04-19-2017 at 05:50 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night,

      bed 10 pm
      GPC 2:23 am
      WBTB 3:22 am
      GM 4 am
      LD estimate: 45 min

      I may have not slept long enough, because my dreams were almost empty. Whatever was in them was barely visible. Maybe a vision issue, not sure.

      First long part, I was just walking through these cities at night. Tall buildings, modern, mostly empty streets.

      I tried jumping, but only managed to hover a bit.
      I remembered one of the goals I wrote down during WBTB. Just to stay still and observe. So I did that.

      I got out of lucidity a few times, but every time I remembered that I am still "there" and continued with dreaming.

      I spun 4-5 times to get to new dreamscape.

      Plot of last part:
      Military started rolling through the streets because of some kind of a curfew. They rounded up some young people, made them kneel, then set them on fire. (this is from watching a scene like that on TV last night). I figured I better don't get caught. Run up to a family house. Asked people sitting on a porch to give me refuge. They declined. On the right hand side, there was a woman and while looking at her, I realized it's capt. Janeway from Voyager. My longtime hero. I spoke to her, freaking out that I get to talk to her, while trying to stay cool and not show my excitement.

      I ran up to another house, where people were getting inside in a haste, because of a curfew. The last man was closing the door, when I ran inside. I knew it's impolite, but at that point I would rather do that than die outside.

      They let me stay, and told me about their habit. Since they are locked up in their houses every night, they pass time by having sex. I was like oh noooo : P So we all got busy, and praise be the curfew society. : D

      After that, I went looking for more, coz why not.

      I just remembered:
      While standing on a sidewalk of a quiet city at night, I remembered my WILDing mantra - to express interest to learn more. So I looked up, and in a very clear and articulate voice I said:
      "If you are my dream guide, I am ready to learn and progress." I repeated it twice, while admiring how clearly it sounded and how it made sense.

      At some transition times, I tried opening my dream eyes, then closing them, couple of times. It didn't really work this time.

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    12. Lucid-Cartoon Towns, Dinosaurs, Forever Young playing loud

      , 04-14-2017 at 02:03 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This was on 4/11/17, tuesday, day off
      Last night bed 9:15pm
      GPC - 2:40am
      WBTB 3:20am
      GM and sofa 4am
      LD time estimate - 45 min

      Started to feel my body getting heavy when my cat started grooming herself leaning against me. She circumvented my anti-cat snuggling device (folded blanket separating my space from hers), so I had to move my hands and move her away a bit.

      When I got to head rush, it was incredibly strong. I feared that my head may burst. I also knew I'm still few minutes away from falling asleep and wasn't sure how that will work. When I got into a dream, I tried to stand up, but couldn't. Kept trying, but didn't happen.


      I started walking around this cartoonish town. I realized I'm looking at myself from 3.person view and thought that finally I'm realizing it, after so many people mentioned this on the forum. I'm thinking that I may be controlling my avatar while I am still not fully asleep.

      Scene changes and I'm walking around another, similar cartoonish town. I wonder why it's a cartoon.

      I finally fall asleep. Have at least 2-3 very strong head rush transitions throughout this about 45 min lucid event.


      I come to a quarry and by the left wall, there is a bunch of all kinds of dinosaurs, walking in my direction. I notice them, but don't investigate closer.


      I'm walking through a different town. My coworker walks by, with a cup of coffee in his hand. I start calling him by name and talking to him, but he doesn't respond. I ask him if he want's to do the "thing". He says nothing. So ... uhm... I kneel down and, you know the rest. Let's just say, he was VERY anatomically correct.


      I start hearing a song Forever Young and I remember how much I love it. I see the band playing it in my minds eye, so I start climbing up the side of a building to get to their apartment. On my way up, I hit some kind of a long metal latter and it makes a huge noise. I kinda feel bad.

      The song is awesome. Playing so loud, correct words, perfect music. 2-3 guys are playing keyboard or drums and a guitar. I wonder who the band is, and I see a poster behind them on the wall, that says DOORS. Somehow I doubt that's them.

      Somewhere in the middle of it all, I remembered to stop and recall the previous parts of the dream. But there just wasn't much detail to remember. Just aimless walking around.
      Tags: music
    13. Battle; LDer; House; bad dude

      , 04-10-2017 at 03:11 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      This one was few days ago:

      I am standing in an opening in a stone wall. Looks medieval. I'm carefully looking out, shielding myself with my large, round battle axe. There is a horde of people dressed in bear skins and similar attire, rounding a corner with their weapons raised above their heads. As they come near, a woman aims at the opening and starts shooting arrows with a bow.

      Last night:
      I'm in my childhood house with my brother. We start to notice that items are rearranging themselves. New items appear that we have never seen before. I want my brother to hand me my phone so we can call our parents, but my phone was rearranged.

      I notice our front door is not fully closed. I look outside and I hear someone coming up the stairs. I get scared, but then I see it's my dad.

      I'm visiting someone in their apartment. Talking to this girl, it turns out she is a lucid dreamer. We talk about how to pronounce DILD, WILD and DEILD. What's her method and something about "if we were dreaming now"...

      I'm in a same or similar apartment as dream before. Someone is at the door. They open to see and it's about 8 pot head hippies. They want to close the door, not let them in, but somehow they push their way in. So they let the hippies use the fax or whatever they wanted. I'm thinking, wow, if they wanted to hurt me, there is nobody to stop them.

      Another knock on the door. Its the satan. They don't want to let him in either, haha, but they can't say no. I think nopenopenope and I walk out the door. But there is his wife. I knew her name in a dream. She offers to walk me out, and again i"m nopenope. Then I realize if she wanted to, she can just appear anywhere while I'm going down the stairs couple of floors.

      Then I woke up and was time for work. Thank god.
      Tags: battle
    14. April TOTM, Frenching, Jumping, Spinning, Sex

      , 04-06-2017 at 08:44 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night, bed 10:30pm. Took a long 2-3 hr nap in the afternoon, till 5-6pm or so.

      3;05am - 2x300 Alpha GPC
      4:37 - up for WBTB
      5:08 - 2x4 mgs Galantamine and sofa time

      Had a long lucid, estimate 45+ min. Woke up after 8am.

      I got a head rush quite fast, wasn't sure I will be able to fall asleep to coincide with that. But I guess I did. Had a strong headrush and falling backwards sensation, at least 3 times throughout the 45+ min experience.

      Had an awesome beginning of a lucid, but all I remember is how incredibly happy I was, grinning from ear to ear. Have no clue what I did, but remember thinking "this is good, or finally", or something to that effect. Anyway, i love that exhilarating feeling.

      I started with trying to rotate my dream body as I normally do, and added some hand and leg movements.

      I spent most of the dream outside, walking through large cities.

      1. Modern city, skyscrapers, tons of DCs on sidewalks. There was a plot. Some huge monster was coming and people were running. I decided to spin to change the dreamscape. I actually pulled it off and got to another city.

      2. Second, even more modern city. I think here I tried the April TOTM - point at a DC, yelling Abracadabra and see what happens.

      I did this to at least 8 different DCs. I remember the last one. Businessman walking fast with a clipboard under his arm. As I yelled and pointed at him, he stopped, gave me a quizzical look and kept walking. Couple times I remember thinking "what is gonna happen to them?", but nothing happened. They all stayed the same and went on with their business. I wondered if I am suppose to do some magic, but I figured it's the spell that's suppose to do it.

      3. Trying to fly up to the space, but not having any luck. Looking for a spaceship to take me there. No luck.

      4. Getting up to the skies, but not too high. Trying to see the stars, it took them a while to show up in full beauty.

      5. Came up to a group of young people on the floor. They said in their culture, there is only s*cking. I told them we also do f*cking. They seemed intrigued.

      6. Jumping, gradually higher and bigger distances. Didn't jump over a building yet.

      7. There was this girl and for some reason I kissed her. She kept her mouth shut and I was ok with that. Then I though wait a minute, no, and let my tongue loose. It felt incredibly real.

      I have to remember to stop and retell myself previous parts of a dream, so I remember it at the end.

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      Tags: jumping, sex, space, totm
    15. Frozen ocean

      , 04-02-2017 at 01:09 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm visiting with parents of people I used to work with. My brother and his family is there too, and my parents. My mom is picking out what we gonna make for dinner, while my brother went out with my nephew to look at the frozen ocean. I spotted that when I was looking out the window and I was amazed that the shore was frozen, with ice waves sculpted as if the waves were still in motion. I was going with them, but returned for my phone so I can take pictures.
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