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      What triggered me in March was that I had stumbled on to lucid dreams by accident. I have a weird little gift that when I look for something & can't find it I ask out loud where it is & I have a crazy good success rate of going right to it. I was reading a fiction book that talked about "weavers" which have a similar ability but it's a witch culture thing which I know nothing about. Like I said it was a fiction book. Anyway some how I went down the internet rabbit hole & landed at lucid dreaming. I became really interested when I started reading about sleep paralysis. I've had some very unusual things happen to me during this state. I've experienced OOB's. I guess that may sum some of it for you. I don't mind the questions. I'm very open about my experiences.
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      To be honest I was impressed w/ all of your about me page. It was quite a life long experience w/ lucid dreams & studying. I personally had tragic things happen as a child & didn't know until about March of this year that I had experienced them as a child as an outlet. Now journaling on here about my dreams have become a lifestyle that has enriched my life by analyzing my dreams. I always like to acknowledge those who don't just see lucid dreaming & dreams as an activity. I hope that made sense, lol.
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      I just read you bio on here. Wow is that impressive!
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      Yes! Please stand by for a reply
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      Oh so that's why haha Then my swedish intuition wasn't completely off.
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      Hi fogelbise. I don't mean this to be offensive I think it's a funny coincidence. What does your name mean? Tell me cause I need to stop reading it as "birdpoop". That's what "fågelbajs" means in my native language and it's pronounced the same xD
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      Hi Fogelbise - Sadly I missed Sensei 's class in the end hOpe you enjoyed it
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      Congrats on 200 LDs! You're a champion!
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      Oh, I guess now I have to deliver some insight in return, as promised...
      Well, if it makes you feel any better, it was a pretty boring, low-scoring LD anyway... no major loss.
      The next one, however, will feature mind-blowing dream control and points galore! I've asked the universe, so I'm sure it will deliver.
      Edit: With crystal clear recall, I forgot to mention!
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      Oh man, forgotten LDs are the worst!
      I'll tell you what you dreamt of if you tell me what the fourth secret was... (check my lastest DJ for your appearance!)
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    About fogelbise

    Basic Information

    About fogelbise
    LD Count:
    804 snc Feb2013
    I was able to LD in childhood starting at around 5-7 years old until sometime in my pre-teen years after my father told me about it as a way to fight off nightmare creatures (before asking my father what age he thinks I started, I was guessing I started a little later/older) . I can remember defeating a creature (as my father suggested) in that 1st LD and flying among other things in other LDs, but I stopped paying attention to my dreams at some point. Over the years I got away from recalling dreams, recalling very few, much less LDing. I am currently wondering if I developed a sense of semi-lucidity from those early days because I am almost never fearful in any of my dreams and often seem to have a "I got this" or "no harm can come to me" mindset in many dream scenarios that would be considered dangerous if they were occurring IWL . In February 2013 I started researching how to get back into it. I think researching sleep paralysis around July 2012 after a scary SP experience (1st, and only actual, SP experience) got me back on this track by keeping LDs in the back of my mind until I started researching them 8 months later. I guess I can thank some of the faulty connections between SP and LDing, that I read about back then, for bringing me back to LDing. I also heard about an eye mask for inducing lucid dreams probably over 10 years or so before all of this but it wasn't in my budget at the time but I did start keeping a dream journal before dropping that after a few weeks. The eye mask was probably one of Laberge's previous eye masks.

    I naturally wake up to go to the bathroom nightly so in my adult practice I started out by latching on to WBTB paired with SSILD and still do this, sometimes mixing in MILD. I am currently focusing on DILDs through awareness. Most of my focus towards induction attempts have been on the weekend but I am starting to mix in more during the week.

    As far as sharing my strategy, this may sound corny but, I think that it comes down to "journeys." There is my journey to understand what is really helping me to lucid dream. There is my journey of relatively steady practice (with some short periods of waning practice but never stopping completely and not really waning for more than a week or so). And then there is my overall journey from childhood to now with a huge decades long gap where I paid almost no attention to dreams at all. Again, I had some LDs as a child and I think that helps me now - not really with induction - but with dream control and knowing that things like flying doesn't have to be hard if you don't believe it to be. That is one advantage of not going into something with any pre-conceived negative notions I guess.

    My relatively steady practice has been evolving over the last 3 years but has almost always been towards Sageous' brand of self-awareness work with RCs and RRCs. One thread on this is here: http://www.dreamviews.com/wild/125579-lucid-dreaming-fundamentals-q.html . I think the shift to really understanding that I should really stop and look around in wonder when doing these "check-ins" was one of my first epiphanies. Another was being able to visualize "seeing myself" from various vantages (inspired by Lidybug's Clearlight thread: http://www.dreamviews.com/beyond-dreaming/124884-clear-light-perspective.html ). And more recently a kind of odd stepped-up realization of the fact that "I am he who is aware." If you get a kind of paradigm shift when really looking around in wonder (i.e. while your fingers are around your mouth like a man stroking his mustache/beard thus putting your fingers and hand into view or peripherally seeing your body below while looking out at the world) it can give you an idea of what I mean.

    It seems that some of my favorite LD's start off from the point when I find myself (my dream body) in a calm ocean after the previous dream scene had faded into the void.


    LD count:

    My LD count is from my adult practice only (see first paragraph).

    LD Count Total at each anniversary + % increase to rate of LDs
    2/1/14 @103
    2/1/15 @274 +66% rate of LDs by end of year two
    2/1/16 @441 -2% temporary plateau through year three
    2/1/17 @655 +28% improving LD rate again through year four

    Around my one year anniversary of adult LD practice, 2/1/2014, I was at 103 LD's. At my current pace I am expecting to do at least 60% better (update: final number 66% better, 2/1/2015 171 for the year in my 2nd year versus my first year in terms of my LD count (bringing the grand total to 274 LD's at 2 year mark @274). Looking at old records it looks like my first adult LD was morning of 2/14/13 or approximately 2 weeks into my adult practice and by 5/8/13 I had 9 LD's logged on one record I found.
    2/1/16 3 year anniversary of adult LD practice: adult LD count @441, or 167 LD's for the prior 12 months=about same pace as year 2 with some easing off of the throttle.
    3/8/16 @471motivated to pick up the pace after realizing that the last 12 months had no growth in LD frequency and went on to have 30 LD's in the last 37 days.
    8/19/16 @561, not averaging 30 in 37 days but definitely continuing a nice uptick from last year's levels. About 200 in the last 12 months and 120 LDs in the last 6.5 months. Challenges: league sports twice a week where I normally don't try to LD the night before a game (simply focus on regular sleep) and I have a harder time LD'ing after my vigorous games, which is most of games.
    10/31/16 @610 Already surpassed LD count of year 3 of adult practice with 3 months still to go. I had stopped using SSILD after about 3 years of using before most of my LD's and switched to MILD because I was enjoying MILD more. The last 3 nights I switched back to SSILD as MILD was getting rote and I have had LD's each of these last 3 nights I used SSILD. Mixing in a little throat chakra for the tactile sense/cycle (the feeling of the air moving through my throat, so not a traditional dream yoga throat chakra meditation).
    5/31/17 @717 LD's, averaging higher rate than years 1-3 but lower than year 4 as I find myself in a very busy waking life patch and also admit I am coasting a bit on past residual lucid dreaming work but definitely keeping up some LD practices.


    Additional notes:

    **5/31/17 I recently (re)connected some of my favorite lucid dreams to the period in which I was going through some excellent "Open Beta" exercises. I highly recommend the exercises found in days 1-4 at the very least. I had a nice flurry of success a few weeks ago, despite being super busy, by simply revisiting these exercises. You can find the posts and exercises by going to "latest started threads" for this DV member:

    3/28/15 Tried galantamine+choline combo for first time after reaching adult LD#300. Plan to use no more than once a week. Haven't tried 2nd time yet. (as of 4/4/15)

    5/29/15 Having great results with the above g+c combo (8mg g via amazon 2x 4mg tabs, relentless improvement brand + 500mg choline bitartrate, nature's way brand) extending my lucid adventures significantly! I don't think the effect would have been the same without first putting in the fundamentals work that I have been over the last 2+ years.

    2016: have gotten away from supplements since late 2015 but plan to mix them in every once in a while when the timing feels right but as of yet still haven't.


    Evolution of my in-dream RC's: http://www.dreamviews.com/lucid-experiences/157191-tell-me-about-successful-reality-chechs-youve-done.html#post2160107

    Self-Awareness/Mindfulness posts that are currently speaking to me:

    Great succinct MILD explanation:


    How I perform SSILD:

    "My variation with the cycles is to do two breaths focusing on the backs of my eyelids, two breaths focusing on hearing and then two breaths focusing a tactile feeling (I use the pressure that I can feel in my sternum area when laying on my back). This "warm-up" reminds me of how to focus on each of the 3 senses that make up SSILD and takes however long it takes to take 6 total breaths unless I start over due to feeling too sleepy to get the three points of focus correct. Then I combine the 3 senses into each breath. I focus on vision as I start to breathe in. I focus on hearing as I am at the transition from breathing in to breathing out. I focus on feeling as I am breathing out. When I am trying to DILD I will do this for 2-3 minutes and then attempt to fall asleep. Not being able to fall asleep on occasion is when I started experimenting with WILDs, sometimes with my sole intention being just to get to sleep but then when noticing the HH's I would remember various things I read about WILDing and experiment with them. Sometimes I would just fall asleep but more and more I was starting to succeed at WILDs. I found that my SSILD variation helps my WILDs in two ways. The first is that it does seem to create a bit of a trance like state which seems to help keep my mind from getting too active with "the noise" as Sageous says. The other way I feel it helps is like a WILD anchor, it is something to keep my intention in place while helping to create the fine line between just enough consciousness needed to become lucid and not so much consciousness that you stay awake. When trying to WILD I will do more repetitions of the combined cycles in each breath than when trying to DILD, but I may stop for a while especially if HHs occur. I may go back and do the combined cycles a few more breaths depending on if it feels right or if nothing seems to be happening. A few times I gave up, rolled over and only then did I quickly start to transition into a dream."

    If you want to see some of the back and forth clarification regarding this style of SSILD that I went through in a member's workbook you can find it by using control-f (find) with the search term "cycle" on the following page:



    Past Life Regression ideas I want to try:
    Thread started by AmicusSomniatus (in case it gets moved)


    My common LD related practices as of 6/14/17:



    Dream signs that have been the most successful at making me lucid are:
    weird sky/stars
    deceased father in law
    dream only solutions (floating up over a crowd or obstruction)

    There are quite a few other dream "signs" that show up more frequently but are not very good at making me lucid.

    If there is no awareness, even the best dream signs fail. But my 3 best dream signs above are quite effective at spiking my awareness even when it seems I had very little awareness before I came across one of those 3 dream signs.

    You could think of it like collecting crates that you can stack up to look over the wall to lucidity:

    (Very rough and maybe very personal estimates)
    Daywork ~1 to 2 crates
    Wake back to bed +SSILD or MILD ~2 crates
    Night work right before first going to sleep ~0.5 to 2 crates
    Powerful dream sign ~2 to 3 crates
    Galantamine+Choline ~3 crates
    Normal dream sign ~0.5 crates
    other things like diet, sleep pattern ~0.5 crates
    (I believe superior sefl-awareness would give you all the crates you would need, but I am not there yet, so I can't speak from experience like I can in the above examples. Above, self-awareness is part of my daytime work.)

    You might need 4 crates to be able to peer over the wall to lucidity.

    Country Flag:
    'Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.'
    Rec sports, dreamworld, lucid living & dreaming
    How you found us:



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    TOTY Success - Saucer

    by fogelbise on 06-27-2017 at 05:18 PM
    This is a DEILD where the dream forms outdoors with not much around. I think about the alien task of the year. I confidently know the flying saucer is up ahead. I see it by a rock formation. The ship is somewhat oval shaped with rigid panels. I enter and sit and there are lighted controls above me that I press to get the ship moving. I explain to my copilot who is already inside what I'll say when we get to the planet as my way of reminding myself the points of the task. It is not long before we arrive. We stop and I get out of the ship. This alien planet is not very interesting. Its dark, I'm on ridge at a ranch-like setting with less around, overlooking a bland desert city somewhat lit up in the distance, below and well out from the ridge. The aliens are seemingly formless. I'm making out only a watery shimmer in the space I assume they occupy. I hold up peace fingers and say my line "I come in peace and I want to learn your ways" and then I ask them to teach me something…I am led to a small garden, up ahead near some possible living structure, growing something like vegetables and they telepathically tell me "food and family (are what it's all about)." I think more about their appearance as the scene fades and I get an image of a black draped and black crepe-faced or masked figure. The craft was quite cool but the planet was not very exciting. I should have let my mind run wild with all of the exciting possibilities for where I would land, which might have produced something more spectacular.
    lucid , task of the year

    TOTY Success - Sled Task Completed and Repeated

    by fogelbise on 06-27-2017 at 12:00 AM
    I go back to sleep fairly quickly so once again I have an NLD before brief wakefulness and then DEILD entry with eye clench (to confirm strength of vibrations) then visualization to try to influence scene. Seems NREM visuals...an extended period of flying through odd visions mostly like space-scapes, not that different from those on Twin Peaks The Return episode 8 which was mostly trippy visions. There were voices; I couldn't make out what they were saying. Towards end my mind recalled some of the creepiness of Twin Peaks from last night and the little bit of schema poisoning teased and then dumped in a DV thread recently (I just remembered, among the last ethereal scenes included panther eyes in the dark, after seeing a cheetah on TV IWL) but I handled it well with a sense of my own power much like facing creepy spaces IWL. Weird scenes blur out, as part of my subconscious solution I'm guessing. Then exploring some darkish rooms and halls with DC's.

    I want to do another TOTY so I spin while imagining a snow covered mountain for the sled task.
    I find myself in the snow at the top of a mountain with snow blowing and not giving me much to look at. I form my sled with my hands motioning the outline of a small one man sled. I get on and I go down at a medium speed. As I approach the bottom I imagine the earth opening up and I go down further which leads to calm endless ocean that I float above for a bit.

    I want to do this again and see if I can make it more interesting by going down faster and I'll make it notably cold while I'm at it. I spin again and imagine being back at the top and feeling the cold and it works again. I notice the cold air and this time I just assume the sled is already in my hands and I hop on it in mid-air while aiming down hill. T
    his time it feels fast, out of control and much more thrilling. I still didn't try to influence what I got at the bottom but after having the ground at the bottom open up it leads me to something different this time. It leads to shallow stream with lots of pebbles visible through the clear water that I float just above following the stream. Water both times interestingly, though vastly different bodies of water.

    After flying a bit I find myself indoors. I explore.
    Spoiler for sexual content:
    I get some bj's and also I am back to intercourse this time, in a hallway. Going around looking for sexy DC's. One group sitting around a table and I choose one for a bj.
    I wake after a good amount of fun.

    TOTY Success - Rampage on an Elephant, Very Beautiful View

    by fogelbise on 06-23-2017 at 10:38 PM
    I finally got back to the TOTY tasks (in the BOLD section)...

    11pm+ up 1148pm to bathroom 12am-btb 550am something based on recent thoughts and events. *605 btb perfect again! The earliest dream I recall at the moment is at <snip for privacy>. Next memory is riding on the hood of a truck on the side of the hood with one girl and the other more in the middle of the hood close to the windshield maybe CM and her sister C at this point (transitions to little Ms CM and my younger brother in law). It feels a little precarious sitting on the hood as we make some turns but the driver is driving slow so we don't fall off easily it seems. At some point we get off and I see yellow shoes on the street and as we drove a little further I wondered if it was her shoes that fell off and I wanted to make sure she wasn't going to try to go get them in traffic. We start walking wherever we're going and I see this vending company dropping off this taffy candy like thing, a refill of the machine I think and it looks like we're outside of a school. It looks like we're going in to the school probably a high school and I think how I thought last night that I didn't fix my hair when running an errand and I say to one of them that I wasn't planning on going anywhere so I didn't fix my hair or wear anything nice. Oh before that when we're walking I was saying you know your brother C (I'm confused, he's my younger brother in law) is real nice, it's nice to have a brother like that, but she's walking next to me instead of him and she's smiling. I asked "I wonder what you would call me?" and she just smiles. I was thinking something like Uncle or Brother and it looks like she was thinking boyfriend. Anyway we go into the school and it transitions to looking more like a hospital and more than a few horror scenes with injuries etc but I don't seem to be bothered by it. I'm mainly concerned with where she went and I ask one of the people we're with and they said that they think she walked down that way, so I walked down the hall with all of these open bays with patients in them and I must have realized how crazy this was or my lucidity just came to me and I realize that none of this matters, I am dreaming, and I just start dancing there in the hospital to the song of the summer "standing in the bright lights" whatever the name of the song is. At some point it transitions to a classic rock song from maybe the 70s. One of those pop rock songs. After a bit of dancing I think about the task of the year and try the same thing I tried before and this time it works! I basically say "that sounds like an elephant" and sure enough I start hearing the sound of an elephant, it's bugle cry and stampeding feet and it hasn't fully materialized last yet but I can hear it more and more and the hospital scene around me has turned gray and I see a flash of gray and I jump up floating up in the air and land on what I take to be the elephant until it materializes and I go riding off in what now is an open plains area and I say there is the jungle up ahead and shortly after I'm stampeding through a jungle on the back of this elephant. I remember how the task mentioned what sounded like a bit of a violent romp through the jungle and I didn't think that would be my kind of thing but it was quite a bit of fun especially knowing that none of this is real, no one's really being hurt. I now intentionally seek to trample villagers and small huts on my path through the jungle and I succeed in doing so but the joy was really in just the brisk gallop through the jungle. I get to this ridgeline and I'm looking down over this beautiful valley where the jungle starts to clear and I am taken by how clear and vivid and beautiful all of this is, much like I was taken by the extreme vividness of what I took to be HHs when I was first going back to sleep after short wbtb. In hindsight I think I was already dreaming at that "HH" point, probably NREM and then nothing before the REM started. By the beginning of REM my awareness wasn't there but it came back to me towards the end maybe 5 minutes before waking. Anyway back to the Jungle scene: I'm almost in tears at the beauty and completeness of the scene below me and I consider making myself wake up to recall everything fully. I don't remember making the decision to wake up but I wake up shortly after, whatever the reason. The strong set of grassy sea practices during wake back to bed, even if wake back to bed is short like in this case, seems to be a very effective for producing strong lucidity.

    TOTY Success - Driving a Car With No Engine or Tires, 1st March 2017

    by fogelbise on 03-01-2017 at 07:35 PM

    This would not normally meet the threshold of being an interesting or very memorable LD to put in my DJ online, but doing it since it is for the TOTY. The night I previously did this task (my previous DJ entry here) but didn't read the instructions closely enough was more interesting. I used to list every LD but I think I stopped that somewhere in the 300's…too lazy to double check.

    Wed, 01 Mar 2017

    MILD then SSILD falling asleep during my version of the combined cycles (very common now - to doze off during).

    I'm trying to remember what I was doing when I realized I was dreaming . It seemed like a typical SSILD realization making me wonder if it involved a false awakening. I'm thinking back looking for the moment of realization and my initial thought which is still the strongest is that it had something to do with a dreamy transition which I was talking about earlier today. A transition from one scene to another or from one person to another that didn't make sense without the context of being in a dream.

    What I do remember is realizing that I'm dreaming and I float up flying around a little bit thinking about looking for some of those girls that must have been part of the previous scene but then thinking how I wanted to get back to the car task of the year. I land and visuals have faded but I imagine and take the actions of opening a car door sitting down and turning the key and I'm apparently in a muscle car from the sound of the engine and I thought it would be fun to drive it around a little bit before doing the task. It obviously has a lot of power jolting around the dreamscape.

    Anyway I pull over and consider taking the engine and tires off of this car but I decided to go to a neighboring car that looks like an 80's model 4 door Toyota sedan. I reach down ripping each tire off as the car sits on the ground as planned. I then open up the hood ripping out the engine and then ripping out a few miscellaneous parts around the edges. I get in the car and turn the ignition "knowing" the key is already there and get a smaller engine sound (did not summon an engine), nothing like the muscle car before. I drive around a little bit on a dark windy path. The whole dreamscape is dark with shadowy figures as I drive with light shining dimly like headlights on a dark road but it looked a little different than typical headlights.
    I believe I lose lucidity in a false awakening.

    OMG, WTF Nice Long Series of Mostly Lucid Dreaming in Brief, TOTY Success? - Car Without Engine

    by fogelbise on 02-14-2017 at 02:30 AM
    These are some rough notes I threw together. I may try to clean it up later and add some pictures.

    Finish 30 minute WBTB and BTB around 430am *Several times I think I woke but didn't look at phone/time in order to give me best chance to keep going back in. Finally do look at phone at 637am and am dumbfounded at amount of lucidity and scenes and time lucid! Some waning of lucidity but often quickly recovered and seems like at least 90% of the time and experiences that I remember were lucid.

    Letter tags: HMS HM_? House mall stars hands 2nd m? 6th letter tag? May be one of the scenes below.

    Seems not more than 10 minutes of SSILD and I start with, what I told myself during one of the FA's, must have been an NREM lucid. It was short maybe 1 minute and very basic mostly dark but interacting with a woman. It leads to multiple FA's each one different. Several were in a busy house with lots of kids and a few adults. Hands clasp from IWL in bed become hands in bind by girl trying to free my hands. House party like. Outdoor patio girl, wife voice, both can have me! Later indoor house gathering (one of several house scenes) with an older lady still beautiful and I tell her I'll make her young again and morph massage her face and it works in the end with odd results along the way. When I finish I see a female, her niece it seems, with her back to us. She has long curly black hair and I gently take her and lead them both to a bedroom. Mall ladies sex and after a while of that I say I need to do the TOTY, car one sounds good. I try to form a car inside the mall main way but it never becomes solid enough so I look toward an exit and see a whole street of cars parked parallel, not the typical big parking lot you'd see outside of a surburban mall. I see a maybe late 80's Honda that has seen better days but it was the first car I really focused on. I open hood just from front of car but do reach my finger in for the typical final release lever under hood and open hood, it stays open and I reach in and grab the whole engine block and all and rip it out easily like picking up an empty cardboard box. I think about breaking the window with my elbow but I am able to just open the door. I decide keys will be under the visor and yes one key on small key chain tab. I stick the key into the on position and start driving like a maniac. Very quickly transitions from asphalt to dirt trail on a hillside area that brings back memories of bmx trails. I get to a top look out point and see 8-10 guys in bathing trunks just below me maybe 20 feet. Maybe they're heading to a hidden beach below. At first I guess a couple of them near the back of group look gay but as they gather it doesn't seem like anything sexual, just a bunch of guys who may even want a lone guy to beat up on. No worries though, this is my dream. I call down to them to look up at me and shoot off into the sky quickly. It becomes night and I float in the sky and marvelling at the stars. They look fairly normal but a beautiful experience none the less. Visuals fade after a minute or so and I spin in the air, still a black void, so spin few more and a FA. / some busy outdoor area at night sexual with several girls. Also at Mall and at house scenes. Unbelievable! I just keep going from scene fade to scene fade after early part where it was from FA to FA. Also Vegas casino hotel with wife she found which hotel, nice but great deal, lucidity fading, maybe gone for this final scene before waking. I am forgetting so many details. I was setting reminders in the new scenes and I have whispy memories of what those reminders were but still trying to grab them fully - I'm sure I haven't caught them all. Lots of solid, vivid dreamlets including snow falling on a couple in dark brown or black winter long coats.

    Updated 02-14-2017 at 02:34 AM by fogelbise

    side notes , lucid , false awakening , memorable , task of the year