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    1. Spiritual Communication?

      by , 01-11-2022 at 05:58 PM
      I found myself in somebody's living room watching digitized super8 movie clips of Vietnam war action which resembled scenes from the movie Apocalypse Now that someone I didn't know had taken. Then a scene appears where the camera is moving across an open Army mess tent from left to right until it gets to about the middle where a soldier is sitting on the ground in the sun with his helmet on and resting against some sandbags. When he looks up and sees the camera, the cameraman pauses on him and the soldier puts a big smile on his face. At that instant, both of his eyes are shot out almost simultaneously and nobody around is bothered by it, not even the cameraman, who begins to zoom in a little as blood fills the eye sockets of the now dead soldier whose body just froze with that grin on his face. That scene continues for a bit longer to record the blood then switches to that widely circulated film clip of an Asian Army Officer putting a pistol to the back of the head of a crying Asian woman who is on her knees with her hands tied behind her back and then her brains are blown out her forehead.
      It then dawns on me that that soldier was assassinated by two sharpshooters who used him for competition target practice.
      I was horrified and perplexed why I am having these exceptionally vivid images and woke up to figure this dream out.
      The best I can conclude is that this is a spiritual communication that executions of traitors is underway, or at least will be soon. But traitors to who? What?
      The only thing I see happening is Global Genocide/Depopulation thru the vaccines using Government Tyranny. Welcome to WWIII where the 'elite' attempt to clean house and burn the garbage believing they have impunity from legal action against them.