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    1. 2020-10-04 flying, LH hill, bait&switch, cosswalks&traffic

      by , 10-04-2021 at 06:33 AM
      There was some pretty close examination of the dream environment at the top and bottom of the hill dream, I was trying to form an explanation/rationalization for how the hill could have come to be in that condition.

      + at the top of the LH hill looking down in towards city B, hill eroded, they're blasting, making a road, fly/glide halfway down, stop and ask team of engineers, they're planning for the road, fly to bottom, look back up, see long road, imagine tractors going up and down smoothing the grade. They're adding a major road there, I think it will really ruin the environment. Inside "house" (room? apartment?) at bottom, trying to figure out how I'm going to move all my things. Andr. T (company 3) is there?

      Some story with a woman at the bottom of the hill, we start dating?

      Either DO or I'm in the story: with woman (from above?) (and kids?) I'm (or somebody else?) was buying a house from a subdivision developer. The house (which is still in the foundation stages, with wooden form frames and coarse large gravel spread all over the plot) is no longer being sold as a "single" but now as a "double," as the developer explains that the single is no longer economically viable. I get very angry and get up in his face and scream "BAIT AND SWITCH, THIS IS A BAIT AND SWITCH!!!!"

      [DO?] Observing a discussion between a man and a woman (dating?) at a table, the woman starts to look like the Actor Steve Carrel, the more I look the more she looks like him, it's not my conversation but I'm in the position of the man seated across the table from the woman, looking at her face, and I start to detect 5 o'clock shadow on her face, extending up to "her" eyes, it definitely looks like Steve Carell is playing the role of this woman.

      + crossing the street on a busy crosswalk, lots of people, in the median there is a picnic-table like obstacle [DS?], an old black lady [DS] is having trouble managing to climb over it, I stay there and help her over (she's going the opposite direction that I am), then I'm in the middle of the street and the flow of cars start driving right at me, I try to stay out of their way, they are mostly 1970's wagons (white?), one of them drives right at me then diverts to their right at the last second, moves slowly past me, I look in the car and in the left back seat I see an old black man [DS], I bow with a hand flourish to excuse my bothering of their path/driving, he nods (?) some acknowledgement of my apology as they drive past.