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    1. 2020-09-28 epic, vivid, present, long, disturbing non-lucid: being groomed to join satanic cult

      by , 09-28-2021 at 12:37 PM
      Finally a long, vivid, present (and unfortunately highly disturbing) epic non-lucid

      + in parking garage trying to find a place, cars are parked so that I can't park, a guy comes to move his car, it's StePhil from company [D, #1], and he wants to sell me his green 1990 Honda Accord Ex with beige internal leather for $125,000

      + [epic, vivid, long, 9+ scene] being seduced/groomed into joining a satanic, magic-performing cult

      Outside some building with PtZm, I'm thinking about the possibility of performing magic by imagining my reflection in a mirror. PZ makes a shocking statement that children are useless and should (be abandoned?), I'm very surprised at this and am concerned about her child. Her attitude seems to come from her membership in an occult group.

      I'm in a large room in a large building, with an attractive woman and 2+ men, they are promoting their cult to me.

      STM with the woman

      Outside, night, city, on a platform (up a series of steps) from the street where cars are driving, there's a vase with bananas in it. I'm running by and see them and wonder if I should eat one, I'm pretty full, so I think "no," at first, but then I got back and pick one up to eat it. I think about my old Honda Accord and how it may be driving by on the street below.

      In a hallway outside an apartment, I'm with 2-3 other men from the cult. They are armed with some wicked, sharp knives. One of them hands me a knife, we're preparing to raid the apartment and attack those inside. The knife they give me is odd, multi-pronged, short (sort of like a vegetable peeler), and very sharp. I put it in my pocket and am concerned that I may stab myself in the leg this way. I kneel down on one knee, and one of the men stabs me on the back of the shoulder with his knife.
      "Ow!", I say
      "True enough," he replies.
      We break into the apartment, there are a lot of people there sitting around tables eating, it is a single large family of middle-eastern origin. I know they are peaceful people. I see the father of the family, with a medium-length black beard, he is facing us. I do not want to attack these people, they do not deserve this. I back my way out of the apartment.

      Outside a building, I look inside and see the attractive woman from the cult, she has her head down on the floor, she is cleaning up dirt from under kitchen appliances. She sees me and comes and leans outside, and we kiss. Then a man who is also outside comes up, and also kisses her. I have some feelings of jealousy.

      Inside a large auditorium/hall with tons of people milling around. It is a festival of the cult. I'm standing near a stage, upon which are standing some performers in costume. One of them is a young woman naked (at least from the waist down), her back is facing me. I reach up and make some contact with her. She doesn't react, but turns around and her front is visible, and I admire the view, and do a double-take as her privates look kind of weird. I turn to the left and look across the hall, and know that there is a display of the cult's books there. I look up and see a matrix (arranged in rows and columns, about 6x6 ) of beings wearing long robes, suspended from ropes. I know these are the authors of the books in the book display below them. We walk over there, and I think that they are suspended from nooses around their necks, they'd probably die, but it seems they are also supported by other parts of their bodies. As we approach, on of the bodies is lowered down to the ground. I know this is the leader of the cult.

      He is a middle-aged man, tall-ish, with odd eyes and I sense from him a strong vibe of power and evil. The people I'm with begin to present themselves to him, one by one they bow to him, and say their name and cult rank:
      "<name>, adept"
      "<name>, novice"
      It comes to my turn. I do not want to bow to this evil being, instead I just slightly incline my head and say
      "<name?>, novice".
      He faces me, and understands that I have trepidations about joining this cult. He says something like "your powers will grow in time."

      I notice a young woman is running around the crowd and whispering things about me and pointing at me. I know she is spreading lies about me in order to ruin my reputation. She keeps doing this to several more people and I grab her and demand that she stop this. I recognize her as KiKo (o player) from high school, whom I had a crush on. I take her into my arms and we go into another room, she wraps her legs around me (she was quite short IWL and is even shorter in the dream, although I have no recollection of her face in the dream) and we kiss a number of times.

      With a group of cult members in a pool/hot-tub. I want to escape. I try diving down deep and try to swim by them to get out, I think they may be able to catch me.

      Strange STM with a tiny being in a cup.

      + swimming in large pool/lazy-river type of waterway, putting on a hat from a stack of (dark, felt, blue ) hats floating by and wonder if people will recognize me

      + reviewing the stamps (receipt of small payment for some minor service rendered, like ushering in a concert) in a passport for either my late wife or her late brother, get very emotional when I find a pen in the passport which I "remembered" she used, tried to stay calm