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    by , 05-01-2023 at 08:00 AM (119 Views)
    + working out in a gym at a bench press station, people gather around, I feel pressured to do my set, I notice that candy wrappers are stuffed into all the holes in the tubing of the stand and the barbell, I think about taking these out but first want to do my set, lie down on the bench and lift the bar off, my hands are too close I don't feel balanced with the bar, I want to spread my hands wider. There is another station backed up directly against mine, some guys are standing around there. I notice that there is an odd connection where the barbell joins the stand, sort of "clicking" fasteners

    + in CH, it's dark but there are some lights on, in the kitchen/dining area, talking with (dad?) and some other girl about how the power is off but we still have lights thanks to our battery backup system [false], i think that perhaps only weak things like lights can work on the system or they'd drain it too quickly

    + in upstairs bedroom in CH? Massive flood of water, up to waist level, it drains down, I think my dad will be upset at all the water around (?)

    + watching a scene from across a room, a hot girl in tight jeans is posing statically like a photo, then it becomes a moving scene of her having sex with her BF,
    Spoiler for sexy time:
    I say to the others standing around with me watching, "are you sure you want to be seeing this?" or something like that, they decide "no," and then the people watching disperse to their beds, it's sort of a large opening dormitory, I settle on to my bed and there'd a bed with a kid next to me, there's some adult monitor walking around the middle of the room (it's a very large room like in a barracks).
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