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    1. 00:00 Thursday 2014-06-26 new all-time top-3 favorite DILD, "enter the photograph"

      by , 06-26-2014 at 08:15 AM
      00:00 Thursday 2014-06-26 back in the city

      00:32 bedtime, ugh late! Very tired remee on, about 80% brightness selected

      dreams during the night, quite tired, too lazy to record, they're lost, alas.

      remee goes off, I'm already awake I think, I reset it to nap mode, go back to sleep


      + I'm wandering the halls of a motel looking for my room. I enter a room and find it's occupied (the guy's in the shower?) so I quickly leave. Enter another room, there are a lot of people staying here by the look of it, I see a couch improvised into a bed. Walking and overhear a woman talking, saying "the banquets are always served outside."

      + (DILD #43 but who's counting) I'm standing observing a scene: a (lit?) lightbulb standing atop a tall pole set against a daytime bright clear blue sky, I'm looking up at the lightbulb for about 30 seconds contemplating this scene, it's several feet above my head. I think that I'm looking at the only photograph I have of my former home, which is located behind me across the street. I turn around and I find that I'm actually *inside* the scene of the photograph, I see my former home across the street. I start walking towards the house and realize I must be dreaming. I have no idea how I got here, but I'm obviously dreaming. I don't even do a RC for confirmation. It is bright daylight and a pure powder blue cloudless sky. I examine my house, it's not quite right, its shape morphs a bit before my eyes. I reach the sidewalk in front of my house and turn left and head to the street corner. I look to the right and see my house and the neighbor house on the corner, and while I'm observing them I see a detail transformation occur right before my eyes, like a Star Wars-style scene "wipe" from left to right, where the scene stays the same but new detail is added to the houses: lots of lights and decorations are now adorning the fronts of the houses.

      Spoiler for 18+:

      I reach behind my back to summon a cute girl DC. I bring my hand around and no one's there, but right away a female DC walks on to the corner, entering the scene. I go for her and hold her by the shoulders and lead her with me back up the street to my house. I want to find a private location for us.

      I lead her to the threshold of my house, the front door. While we're entering inside, I look down to the ground and see granules of dirt, everything is fully detailed, the textures of the house and plants and everything seems entirely lifelike.

      We enter the house, I hear a radio playing, I reach for the controls and hit a button, turning it off. I lead us towards the bedroom.

      Spoiler for 18+:

      We reach the master bedroom. I see my wife in the master bathroom (wearing a purple top?), she doesn't notice us, I quickly turn us around and head for the door to the house. We're outside and walking by the garage, I glance in and see my wife again (wearing a different colored top, orange?), we walk farther down the street, I think this is sort of ridiculous walking around trying to find a private spot, I could simply will any distracting DCs away, but we keep walking.

      I feel we're behind the cover of some trees now so I stop us and she faces me, I kiss her several times, in between a few kisses (they were *nice*) I ask her if she wants to walk around and explore. Things seem stable so I kiss her some more. I have a close up view of her face, it's very vivid and realistic, she had short brown hair and beautiful brown eyes, looking deeply into mine. During some more kissing
      the dream ends.

      While waking memory and self-awareness were fairly low (witness my desire to physically move for privacy and to avoid DC wife), the scenery and the experience were ulta-realistic and incredibly vivid.

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    2. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-06-17 fairly epic long night, many scenes, false lucid, false OBE return to body

      by , 06-17-2014 at 05:48 PM
      Did Sensei's "combo breaker" (1: forget your body, 2: affirmations of awesomeness as a lucid dreamer, 3: MILD-like visualisations) meditation earlier in the evening but only got through affirmations before getting interrupted by a)

      23:32 bedtime, no alcohol today

      Set strong intention to remember dreams and especially to wake up after every dream.
      It worked, probably 5-6 or even more wakings during the night

      00:00 Tuesday 2014-06-17


      + trying to get to the water fountain people are walking across my path interfering with my forwards progress, there's a group of guys at work after meeting, nearby there's wall full of deserts in in big glasses with stems (like giant sherry snifters) each 8-10 inches across
      What's This Picture?-brandy-snifter-150x150.jpg
      4 or 5 shelves 4 meters long containing deserts in these glasses, they're free, I go for a bowl of chocolate, a colleague goes for the same one in addition to something else and I shoulder him aside and say "this is mine, don't take all the good ones." They make a comment/joke about a guy who used a spoon, licked it, and put it back in the bowl on the shelf.

      + I was called into a board meeting asked to report my experience working at a place in Europe, I look at a map and point out features on the map, I say "my work was more on the Italian side of the border", I see the map and the features of water and land masses, they form a pattern like the hands of a clock, I was trying to tell the location that I was talking about as a point on this clock. My place was 2-3 o-clock. I didn't like going to these board meetings. They worked in the German language speaking area because it was the least expensive.

      + a man was deconstructing large construction cranes outside. "I know how to deconstruct my own cranes" the guy says. He was telling how he got rid of all the various parts, various different people would come and take away different parts, some things he took home, I could see how he neatly arranged all the parts.

      + Someone says "there are too many tiny tox's [dachshunds]," I say "Noooo! There's never enough tiny toxes!" I'm then inside a German-speaking worman's apartment, there's a big fat woman who's cooking something ("okroshka" I think [Russian cold summer soup]), there's another big fat woman sitting in the doorway, and on a stool next to her is an ENORMOUS cat which is a circle about 3-feet in diameter with a normal sized head in the middle (like this one but 2-x wider/taller at least:
      What's This Picture?-reece640x480.jpg
      the cat is hilarious it's so bizarre, and it says "meow!", I think the food they're preparing is for the dog, and the cat knows this and that the dog will eat the "okroshka" and the cat is really scared of the dog.

      + meeting with wife and some guy in a group, I "recognized" him (false memory), I don't know why they called me to this meeting because this guy knows French because he is French, I think about saying my standard line in French about how I studied French in school and forgot everything, but I don't say it, I shook his hand and think I've met him before.


      + crazy haired woman is introduced to me she's running for president along with her husband her last name is "Prebelshky". I'm sitting on a couch in a room, I see her walking across the room from right to left and go "whoa look at that hair," her hairdo is the shape of a mushroom and about 6-feet in diameter, it's amazingly huge. I try to say "pleased to meet you," but I have some trouble speaking so I have to repeat it. At first the big-haired-woman doesn't want to be introduced but then she comes and talks to me. I'm sitting down she's standing a few feet in front of me and as she approaches she makes 3 signs of the cross at super-human speed, her arm is almost a blur.

      + I arrive to a group sitting around a large table outside, there's no space initially, they're eating, the leader says "oh, hi! come sit down!", people scoot aside and I sit down at the table. The leader offers me some chardonnay, I say "yeah, sure, I'll have some." As I sit down some guy says "you have to continue your bulking, you can't stay under the control of your mother [so you can get the chicks]." (I visualize a guy sitting down at a table in a restaurant, he has a salad with a lot of tomatoes on it). I get a glass. Someone hands me a piece of food without a plate, I stick my hand out, and it drops into my hand, it's a piece of dark, crunch black bread. People are standing up and leaving now.

      There is Al.Tim from L there, (he may have been leader) AT is very knowledgeable about medical things (true IWL), he starts talking about his knee, I say "as long as you're talking about knees, look at mine," I show him how my knee clicks as I fold and extend my lower leg, it clicks evenly about 10 times every time I move my leg, I feel this with my finger on my knee, he says "that's impossible," then he puts his finger on my knee (I feel it) and move my leg and feel the clicks, he's amazed, he says "that's some kind of a (blah blah blah some medical term)."

      + I'm looking at a newspaper it fills my vision, there is an article about shrapnel and how dangerous is it, Vietnamese workers must work with it and I think the bomb doesn't even have to explode, that the little shrapnel pieces can dig themselves into the skin killing the people who touch it. There's also the same problem working with broken egg shells.

      + I'm approaching a crazy cow logo place, a fortress that takes care of animals, someone was upset because one of their animals had gotten lost, outside in daytime. The place had a name (forgot it), "cowzelg?"

      + outdoor eating place, where a large group of central asian migrant workers were eating, there was a line waiting, as someone finished the next guy in line could take his place and eat. The food was displayed in a buffet style on high shelves above the sitting places. It's dusk/dark-ish, I notice a lot of chocolate covered donuts on plates. I was waiting for my turn, I think I could go right ahead, I saw a large chocolate cake on the 2nd story shelf, I was looking at that, someone says it was baked here, I imagine that these migrant workers are pretty good bakers because they have to live away from their families, so they bake, and they start cooking in the evening. Someone gives me a plate and serve myself up a big piece of the cake, I cut it and shlop the piece on my plate, it has a white insides.


      + nighttime in a house with my dad, I'm on the 2nd floor, I want to leave out a sliding glass window and fly down to my car which is parked on the street by the house. But my dad's there and I don't want to show him my flying ability so I go to another room with another sliding glass door out to a deck, I stand up on the balcony, I'm looking down to the street below, slightly concerned but I know I can fly so I step out into the air and glide across the street to the ground, it's a nice night scene. I'm rejoicing in the feeling of flying.

      I'm walking through the town (daytime now) and I see some young people on the other side of a barrier playing some game, I climb to the top of the barrier, and look down and see a girl among the people, her hair and face are continually changing, every time I try to focus on her she looks different, I bring her up with me, I'm holding her and I kiss her, she's struggling against me, she doesn't want to, eventually she relaxes into it. I'm trying to maintain simultaneous focus on: 1) my dream body, 2) the fact that I'm dreaming, and 3) the girl and kissing her, in order to stabilise, but the dream "ends." (semi-lucid?)

      + hiding from robot, outside, near a doorway, I'm hiding to the side of the large entrance trying to avoid detection, so I can enter the building, the robot was looking for me, it sees me and I start shooting at it, then I find myself on a large open paved area.

      + in a large, steeply sloped auditorium, people are there, I think it would be much more efficient if cabbages were 50 pounds.

      Around the auditorium, I look up and see a few rows above me a guy standing up in a shiny pin-striped suit with a matching pin-striped tall top-hat. I think I knew this guy and he didn't used to wear such suits. I think he's graduated. He and I are talking within a group of people.

      + sitting around a large dining table with a group of people, I'm waiting my turn for the holy water to come around so I can sprinkle myself with it

      + walking up a stairway, in a big house, I meet a group of girls sitting on the stairs, I have to climb over blankets and things to get to them, I ask where I can get a fresh towel, they show me where the towel dispenser is, it's a strange modernistic capsule-like device (watched Star Trek: Into Darkness IWL probably residue from the torpedoes) with multiple spring loaded parts that move aside to reveal the towels stacked inside. I proceed farther up the stairway and pass a small nook immediately off of the stairwell, I wonder "God, does someone sleep here? There's no room." (there's a little desk and work area). I get up to the top of the stairs and enter a multi-person small circular sleeping chamber, there are 3 beds arranged in a circle, 2 of them are claimed already and have yoga mats laid out on them, I see my spot and I think "Oh, God, I forgot my yoga mat."

      I find myself back on the deck where I flew from, my dad and a big group of people are all standing around my body, I realize I must have OBE'd when I flew off the deck, so I "fly" around the people and swoop/plunge back into my body and then once back in my body I sit up and say "here I am!"

      + I'm eating a popsicle, but I finish it too soon, it's less than I think I had left. I need to drive to the border, there's a large truck and inside is a portable border guard immigration/visa processing station. I see inside and see a guy who quickly goes through the processing. I need to get everybody out, I wonder if I can convince the owner of the van to lend it to me so I can go get (my own visa?). My wife comes and is laughing, she says I took the van owner's popsicle (I think "ew, that's nasty, I ate someone else's popsicle?" That explains why there wasn't as much left as I thought), she gives me my actual popsicle and I finish it. I want my wife to ask the owner of the van/truck if I can take it. I don't know if I can drive it reasonably since it's so large.

      09:43 13C in room, heater on setting I dial at 11:30, window open about an inch. Earplugs not all the way in, much more comfortable than previous night where they were all the way in. No remee.

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    3. 00:00 Friday 2014-06-13 saved a no-recall night with a nap, near-epic alien invasion adventure

      by , 06-13-2014 at 10:16 AM
      22:33 pre-betime, yay on time for once

      00:00 Friday 2014-06-13

      03:17 no recall
      2 remee 45-minute nap settings hit
      can't sleep: noisy / moving wife

      05:20 got up, cleaned the kitchen, went shopping, made pancakes for everyone

      08:30 (?) back to bed for nap & hopefully the 2nd half of the night's sleep!

      12:00 yay, recall!

      + tender moment sitting with a pretty blonde girl on a bench indoors. She sits down, I slightly touch her, almost accidentally, feeling her skin through her blouse, we're in public so I'm a bit tentative, we get closer, I think she knows Chinese and we're holding a book with Chinese writing in it and I ask her to translate some words, and ask "what's <xyz> in Chinese?", she doesn't answer, we end up sitting very close, cheek to cheek, and she puts her hand on my other cheek. The sort of dream where you despair of waking because it was such an awesome moment.

      + I'm on a subway car and one girl standing a little bit away moves out of the way to reveal her beautiful friend who was standing behind her

      + get on to strangely decorated train car with wife, we start moving, 3rd guy appears, we're not on the right tracks. Entering the car: there are actually 2 cars standing side-by-side on 2 different sets of tracks, we enter directly into the first car from the outside, there is another group just sitting down in the first car, they've taken all the seats. The 2nd car is visible through the wall, there's a door connecting to it, it doesn't look as comfortable as the first car, there's a strange little couch with a small coffee table and 3-4 shaped stools opposite the couch, none of them look very comfortable. We enter that 2nd car since there's no room in the first, wife says "this is the car where (in the old days) they came to (make love)". We start moving, without the main train, I'm a bit concerned that we're getting separated. We're on different tracks. It's sort of dusk/dark out, I'm looking ahead to see the tracks and ours are barely visible under a lot of dust, but the "main" tracks are clearly visible as normal raised RR tracks to our right, I think we won't be able to lift our train car on to the real tracks.

      + in the water, aliens/zombies from a collapsing huge ghost-cruise ship come for me under the water, I'm not concerned at first but realize later I can't get away. The ship is about 50-100 meters away, it is very large and moving slowly, it seems to be large and blocky and made from large rusty parts, it is slowly moving from left to right and slowly turning slightly towards me. I'm sitting/treading water with a group of other people, the ship seems to be slowly falling apart and beings are entering the water. They're coming for me, I'm not concerned at first I think I can get away but they get close and start grabbing at me, I move away and am a bit pissed that the others aren't helping me, and I realize they're going to get me.

      + near epic (with better memory it would be epic), long, alien invasion adventure: I'm fighting for the resistance.

      A scene on a set of large open hills, the resistance fighters (hundreds of them) are all swooping around the trees holding on to chains in one hand and a chainsaw in the other, as they swoop around the trees they cut down the trees, opening the landscape, I think this is advantageous for the resistance.

      Some aliens left and returned with a lot less food than it should have taken, I realize they went to visit the "time-keepers", aliens set in lonely space stations observing, they took samples of food (made from humans), the time-keeprers chose their favourite.

      I'm on a bus with humans, I declare strongly under my breath, "DEATH to the bugs!" and everybody on the bus quietly and intensely responds "DEATH to the bugs!" I say again "DEATH to the bugs!" and look around to see who's responding, there's one person to my right who doesn't respond, I wonder if they're a bug in disguise, or an agent for the bugs, or just shy to respond.

      Flying DO through the air over an urban city scape I notice that in the carnage, the rooftops are filled with piled up bicycles and tricycles (IWL my building's entrance has a pile of stuff by the door, including a bicycle and a scooter). I enter a room with aliens, they like to play ping pong. One is playing hitting the ball against the walls in a corner.

      I and a young accomplice have snuck into an alien teleportation device, we have to hurry to use it, the alien may come back soon, too late, it returns, and starts constructing a net/web/construct around us to prevent us from using the machine. I remain firm and confident that I can activate the device and still be able to take my friend with me, I think this has been done before.

      I'm approaching a group of people/building outside, there is a huge clear punch bowl the size of a pond, you're supposed to take a drink and get in a car that moves along an elevated track. Farther along there are humans who are trying to escape the aliens by moving to (islands?) out in a very large body of water, visible in the distance. I think what's the point, the aliens will just come and drain the water and then go get everybody.

      There's more but it slipped away...

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    4. 00:00 Wednesday 2014-05-28 long night full of vivid dreams, FLEW TO SPACE!

      by , 05-28-2014 at 07:37 AM
      Long night full of dreams, experienced vividly, memory a bit fleeting since no recording until morning

      23:58 bedtime

      remee on, 10 minute signal interval, 4.5/5 hour delay
      left remee signaling every 10 minutes on all night, I think it helped me to sleep more lightly. I noticed the lights several times during the night (being awake, I think, or in light sleep) Also, afternoon nap for 1.5/1.75 hours, it was harder to get to sleep at bedtime but lighter sleep and more aware of dreams, but nothing lucid.

      00:00 Wednesday 2014-05-28

      + I FLEW TO SPACE! Saw the earth descending and shrinking beneath me, cities lit in the night-time regions, I was scared to leave the area of the earth for fear of never finding my way back again.

      + In the home of my college friends, do lots of stuff there, they have young children, I revisit them later in the night in another dream, they were playing music featuring the instrument that I play, I say "you always play such great <instrument> music," I hear the instrument very clearly, like it's playing a long solo or a concerto.

      + A buffet with very elegant and nicely sized sushi, I think these are good sized and a real meal (I eat one?)

      + I'm designing some animations in a video game, the screen is live before us floating in the air, I'm trying to show my client (a woman) my work to get her to review it and approve it but she just won't listen to me, I see these animations for a long time, I'm comparing my animations to the build-in animations and how they cover the avatars of the people displayed on the bottom of the screen, the animation is called "over the rainbow."

      + I'm gathering up a board game to take with me to play later and realize I've forgotten the dice, I see them on the ground, starting with the 20-sided die, they're probably required to play the game, some guys say yes they're required, I see more and more strangely shaped dice, 8-sided, 4-sided, 5-sided, then really bizarre irregular shapes.

      + I'm trying to close and secure the sliding door of a rented room, trying to get the panels of the door to connect to one another and to the door frame, it's really flimsy, I think I just can't leave this room with the door open, I think I've left the keys in the room, I debate hopping over the door panels to go get them, I eventually do.

      + I'm flying around a neighbourhood looking at cars driving and thinking about where to park.

      + I'm traversing an unusual freeway exit with my wife, trying to choose the right path through to our destination, we're mostly DO and flying. The earth/ground is unuusally shaped, like rounded tall hourglass columns with steep sides, we're standing on top of one and I think I'll fall down one of these columns if I try to walk down

      + I'm DO flying around large indoor spaces, like concrete parking garages, with my parents, looking for the elevator, I know this area is inside a national scientific laboratory, I see portions of large scientific machines poking through the walls and floor of the garage, I see people with shopping carts near cars?
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    5. 00:00 Friday 2014-05-23 LD #39, longest LD yet (10-15 mins at least), couldn't remember it all

      by , 05-23-2014 at 11:55 AM
      theme of the night: cars/driving

      00:00 Friday 2014-05-23

      + in a car going up a steep hill following another car, saying to pull over so we can talk

      + leaning out the driver's window of a car to talk to someone, a drunk bum comes by, I wonder how I can shoo him off

      + lying on a bed in the middle of a very dark room, there are glass walls (dream sign) to my left and behind me, the left ones are covered with curtains, I look behind me to see if those ones have the curtains drawn of not, I think there is or was a small animal lying at my feet

      + talking with another guy about our dog pets, as they reach end of life, would you spend $100,000 on them?

      + driving up a short steep driveway/hill, see my best friend MR walking, I open my window, lean out and chat with him, he's throwing a party, not sure if I want to go

      + at a table in a restaurant, my friends are hanging around another table, I order, then I walk over to my friends and say yeah they're going to order, too

      + walking down a hill where my little mini sheep (yellow?) are in the fields, I'm sad at the idea I must slaughter them, maybe I should get someone else to do it, but no they're my sheep, I should

      + there's a weather station set up on a card table outside some building, someone asks me to read the instruments, there's a storm coming

      + (my record longest lucid dream yet: 10-15 mins minimum) Many different scenes, low lucidity, passenger in a car that drove/broke through a wall (the craziness of that got me lucid, did nose pinch after we drove through), engaged hyperdrive on the car to see where we'd end up, walked through a glass wall/door ("there is no door") to go outside where I was set upon by a hoard of orange glowing jack-o-lanterns, so I (yay, finally) pulled out a lightsaber from my belt and turned it on (it was kinda weak/transparent, I waved it around on an annoying little thing following me (felt kind of bad about that), then spend the rest of the time walking around to many different places, looking for girls, kissing girls, summoning girls (first time just got two stuffed animals on the counter ), none really satisfying, but always being polite and saying "thank you" every time I moved on....
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    6. 00:00 Saturday 2014-05-03 LDs #34, #35, epic night full of vivid long dreams, many lucid-like

      by , 05-05-2014 at 04:59 PM
      22:10 bedtime, 3mg melatonin hoping for REM rebound in morning, looks like it worked!


      + in frozen yougurt/ice cream shop I'm at counter a man (and woman) clerk are on the other side of the counter the man is to the right, a woman with a child arrives to my left into line. I'm fumbling with my wallet and money, I'm choosing what to get. I'm trying to see what flavors are available. I ask "what's in that one?" and the man offers me a cookie, I say "no, what's the flavor of that one." It's a mixture: cookies, bizet, caramel, chocolate, he says "the flavor is whatever you put in there", it's not really an ice cream more a dessert mixture, you're supposed to add ice cream to it. I notice that while I've been choosing a long line of people has built up.


      very long series of dreams including a lucid

      + in a car with wife, I'm driving, driving on a road, which is a narrow shelf between a hill sloping up and to the left and a river off to the right. I see 3 animals on the hillside to the left we're approaching them, one is a small orange fox poking out of a hole, and there are two other animals above (1 below) the fox. Immediately after that I see a mother rabbit holding back its baby rabbit with its teeth so that the baby does not jump into the road. Just after that I see a hedgehog walking slowly across the road I don't want to hit it I maneuver the car so that the hedgehog passes between the wheels, I turn around and look behind me out the rear window to see if I hit it, I see the sandy road but nothing else.

      Going farther forwards I miss a turn-off to the left, now I'm concerned because this road is narrow and there likely will be nowhere to turn around. I eventually do encounter enough room and turn around. I'm thinking the next time I'm lucid in a car I shouldn't bother with just simple flying, I should summon a Star Wars hyperdrive control and use it to launch myself into a random place deep in space in the galaxy and just turn it off randomly and see where I end up. I think several times about pushing the hyperdrive control to do that.

      Approaching the turn off I missed earlier I look up the hill to the right and see city buildings, I think this is the right road and keep heading towards it.

      + With wife fixing something at an outdoor maintenance place, my wife is pumping out water, I'm just standing there watching, 3 guys come up and do something. I see two blue backpacks on the ground against a wall, I think they're mine, I start touching them, the 3 guys get upset I'm touching them, they're their backpacks it turns out, I say "excuse me" in a foreign language. They're still looking at me I say "well I said excuse me." I'm concerned they think I'm not a native because I speak their foreign language with an accent probably. I tell my wife we should get out of here because I'm nervous about these guys.

      Then I think hey I'm a man I should do the work, I get down and take over the pumping. It's a bicycle hand pump, and we're pumping the water out from another (stand-up pump), so I screw the stand-up pump together with the hand-pump. We have a sleeping bag/roll spread out on the ground under the pump. These guys are pumping out water over on top of our stuff through a tube of water, over our bags, etc., I'm moving their water hose to the side away from our things it keeps coming back. I keep adjusting their hose and finally make it stick in a better position.

      While pumping I look down closely on the ground and see a big frog/toad. I say "Hey, froggy!" I see it close up. I hold out my left hand and it jumps onto my hand. It's gooey/squishy, think I may catch something from it so I turn my hand over and plop it back to the ground.

      + leaving a museum with my mother can't find her, I realize I don't have her cell phone, I think "I want my mother!" I'm carrying a lot of packages, a woman clerk is helping me get out, there are people in my way, I'm pushing through them. Outside there are a lot of people standing around, and there's a guy with glasses who looks a lot like TZ, I think it's TZ at first but I look closely and decide it's not him. There are several guys who look like him. He's teaching a science lesson to a group he's leading.

      + Standing inside my childhood home sister's old bedroom (where I'm sleeping IWL this night) and TZ (really him) is standing also, he's there to collect his things. I look around the room and I see pure white walls, I say "hey did they paint the walls of this room recently?" Then I get a fake memory of them painting this room. I don't know if I should speak to TZ because we've (IWL) had a falling out. Now we'rd both just heading down the stairs I'm in front, I"m still trying to decide if I should speak to TZ. I decide we've been family friends for so long I should say something. I turn around the look up at him and say in a friendly voice, "Hey, how's it going?" He gets upset we're walking down the stairs, he sticks his elbow out at me and says "what you're really doing is this" (his gesture, meaning I'm keeping him at a distance), he's insulted that I"m even trying to speak to him. He's really rude. He keeps waving/poking his elbow at me to brush me off. I'm tremendously offended and upset by this. He goes out on to the deck via the back porch, I go into the kitchen and look at him standing on the deck through the kitchen window. He's with his new girlfriend and I want to set things straight with him, so I go to the back porch door and look out but he's kissing her so I come back inside and say "oh never mind". I'm looking for something in the refridgerator and there's some kind of a book club meeting going on in the house.

      + standing in a sporting good store, talking to several young guys (brothers) and their father, I say if you're working out (with weights) and build up some muscle you'll feel good about yourself and you'll have better luck with the ladies. But the most important thing is confidence...confidence, and .... (can't think of anything else), just be really confident. One of the guys says "but what if they don't choose me?" And I say "Well, you know, then YOU go and choose THEM, be confident and assertive." These guys all look the same and I'm kind of creeped out by this and leave.

      Then I'm walking down climbing under ground through very short narrow openings. I have this idea, "Oh, no, not the Jared's again" (they're the guys I was just talking to in the store), "I'm tired of dreaming, I just want to have some restful sleep (and I'm lucid). I'm continuing through the area. I look into one room with huge fat old naked swollen women (like monster ticks or cows), I say "Hello, ladies!" and keep moving on. I continue on walking and come to an open area in a mall, a cosmetic/perfume area. A girl is sitting at a desk to my right. I look at her, she's young & attractive, I say "ok," and walk up to her, while I'm walking she suddenly appears old. Then her face becomes fluid and unclear like her face is switching between many different faces very quickly. I will her to be young again and she is young. I stand her up from her chair with a hand on each of her shoulders and say "OK, come stand over here" and I put her a bit to the left of the desk, on the first step leading up to another part of the cosmetics department. I put her there so I'll be able to embrace her easier. I start getting the waking up feeling and I instantly take several steps backwards away form her saying "Oh, no" (with inflection like "I'm not going to allow this to happen, no way" ). I recite my sivason dream yoga immunity to shock mantra, "My mind controls my reaction, my mind controls my reaction." I step up to her again and I wake up.


      another grand adventure

      + I was with some people and I wanted to show that I was Captain America. My costume was down in a back room, with other giant hockey jerseys lying on the ground. I summoned the Captain America bouncy ball, a child's small bouncy ball (1/2 inch diameter) painted with the emblem on Captain America's shield. I felt things in my pockets and I wondered which pocket I should check. I decided that I expected to find it in my left pocket and reached in and pulled out the ball! The ball I knew has the poweris that if you hold it up against a dream character's head, they do exactly what you want them to do. It takes all the work out of DC mind control. I showed this ball to a guy and I joked that I would throw it and it would fly around the corner into another room and that it would give me control over one of the cute girls in the room.

      I was returning to the jersey room to return my costume and the ball and I come across a strange table circular saw with many wavy saw blades built into a cube frame. In a closet there were about a dozen replacement blades (3D) for the saw. Kind of looks like a room fan. I think this is a safety hazard since someone could walk into it and cut off their leg accidentally.

      So much going on hard to remember it all.

      With a group of people, in a room, we're travelling somewhere, we're on a quest. I'm sitting behind one of the girls in the next booth, behind her, and I move my face up to her right ear and nuzzle against her right cheek through her hair trying to put a move on her, I say "are you concerned for your parents? It's OK because Captain America is on our side and he will help us."

      Our group is in a car, we approach a large open expanse of water, it is night, I'm sitting in the back seat of the car. We need to get over to the other side of this lake/ocean. There are dozens of highly bizarre ferry boats and water vehicles in every direction ahead of us. Someone (my sister?) in the car says: "isn't it funny that in dreams your car can always driver over water?" (we're already heading out on to the water in the car. I'm looking around, the view is fascinating and bizarre. To the left I see a 3-foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex about 10 feet away wading through the water. I exclaim "Hey guys there's a 3-foot tall dinosaur to the left! It's a Tyrannosaurus Rex!" Nobody responds. This huge slug-shark thing with a long body and shark-ish face is approaching us I yell "Step on the gas, the shark-thing is heading right for us!".

      We're across the water and it's day time. I'm racing up the stairs heading into the city with one of the group. He's on the stairs I'm on the hill to the right of the stairs. I think this dream is long, I can't wait until I wake up and can compare notes with [my stair racing friend], since we're shared dreaming (fake memory), I want to see if his memory of this dream matches mine. We reach the top of the stairs and we need to find the alligator statue to prove this is the right city. I think where it will be, to the left or the right, where should I expect to find it. I choose the right, I turn there and see strange painted emblems on the ground, I think I say "I've found it!" but my friend says no that's not it. I look into the city and it is covered with billboards and banners, all written in (what I think is) Itailian. I say 'Look the writing's in Italian this must be the right place".
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    7. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-04-22 LD #33 amino acid blend-assisted dreaming, epic recall wild wacky dreams

      by , 04-22-2014 at 09:15 AM
      00:00 Tuesday 2014-04-22


      Took bodybuilding amino acid blend at bedtime as reported here: http://www.dreamviews.com/lucid-aids...ml#post2097555

      It delivered wild and wacky and vivid late morning dreams and lucidity. Epic recall (yay, it's been a while). Long dream(s).

      00:45 bedtime

      06:00 woke with no recall, unusual, disappointed, thought the AA blend resulted in the first zero recall night in months.... Fall back asleep.

      07:40 alarm

      + In parent's house (primary dream sign, missed it), I'm in my old room, I see TZ as a small girl carrying one of my sons's trophies about to throw it, I say "don't throw that!" she throws it anyway, I enter hallway and parent's bedroom following her, I kneel down and set her on my knee and take the trophy into my hand and explain to her that this is very valuable, I try to look at the bottom of the trophy to see which son it belongs to but there's no writing there, the trophy is like a strange piece of coral with many many spikey turrets on it and is white. I walk back through hallway and see MD standing there, I say "hi, how's it going" and walk on. Downstairs I hear my wife singing in my parent's living room with a crowd of people, I'm wearing just a bathrobe and it doesn't fit I'm trying to pull the opening together at my chest level, I walk through the back porch to avoid being seen by the new people there, I'm also wearing funny slippers, I encounter PZ at the door to the kitchen and say "hi" to her.


      + Observing some sort of auction, they're buying all of our stuff ("look, there goes the dresser!" "There goes our fancy display case!"). After it's over the managers of the auction are playing our piano, they've transformed it into a grand piano and I hear it is slightly out of tune, they're adjusting it. I'm in a room with my wife who says we should have sold all of our stuff directly instead of using a go-between, I tell her no the advertising and the shipping costs would have eaten away all the profits. We got 18% of the proceeds and I think this is a good deal considering all the expenses.

      + driving on a road trying to find a place to pull over it's in traffic not easy to do. Driving in to a public park there's a rec center there, go inside see what I think are handball courts, I imagine the game and go to watch it, the courts are full of swarthy little men they say no it's not handball it's <something>. Very strange/bizarre/frenzied action they're moving super fast manipulating little strange objects very quickly like a living pinball game sort of, I climb over the middle of a large game wheel that is outside of the handball courts in between their uses of it.

      + In a large room I'm trying to pick up some things that keep falling away from me, I think it's really frustrating and funny how they keep falling, eventually they fall into a small pile of sand and I see the things skink in to the sand out of my control/reach, I say "you've got to be kidding me!" I see the things sink slowly into the sand I can't stop them, I'm frustrated. I'm concerned about large plastic garbage bags filled with egg yolks suffocating me. I leave this area and meet with with some girl friends they're chastising me I say what can I do there was quicksand and suffocating bags of eggs!

      Re-enter the large room and there's a maniac in there who has harnessed the power of the eggs and is terrorizing large groups of people. He's standing in the middle of the room on some sort of large contraption spewing out egg yolks and he's wielding its power. He summons and shoots a basketball-sized orange at me at high speed I manage to dodge it. He telepathically pins a group of people to the wall on the right with their arms up over their heads. He summons dozens of kitchen knives pointed at them and shoots them quickly aimed at their hands. I can't tell if the knives hit their hands or he just teases them by just barely missing their hands.

      I go out the front door with 2 guys we plan to take him down, we're going to sneak up on him from the rear and hit him on the head. We're in the back area and sneak up on him and we see Harry Potter's wand on the ground, we grab it and regroup in the back room, we think after all that planning it was easy to grab the wand. It's a slightly bend small colorful tube (green?) wrapped in colorful electrical tape.

      + On a bus with people, we enter a mall. There's a large white building (parking garage?) overflowing with blackened tormented scary beings many of them holding swords at each level of the structure. Many of them are on the ground along the road as well (apparently in Hell?). I say out lould "Oh man I always hate coming here!" People on the bus agree.

      Further along we approach a building and a couple of attractive but strange looking large birds (turkey sized) are jumping at the windows of the bus on the left side, we're amused by this, I say to the guy in the seat behind me "it's trying to kiss you!" the bus drives by.

      We arrive at the rear exit to the museum a small glass-walled room with an automatic sliding glass door, I sneak quickly inside when someone exits. I'm thinking we can all enter this way. I try to prop the door open but a museum worker helps by jamming a stick into the mechanism, people from the bus enter the little room.

      Water is falling down on us a woman says we should leave this area because it's raining, I say no, I see up above there is water falling through a grate I know this is a groundskeeper watering the plants on the level above us there is a stairway to go up to that level.

      + I see myself falling asleep (dream within dream) and seeing dream-dream imagery through my dream eyelids, I try to open my dream-dream eyes into the dream-dream but the images vanish and I'm "awake" back in the dream.

      + I'm walking through rooms, dropping coins, wife says not to do that, I tell her it doesn't matter because I'm dreaming, I open a door but first thing, "What's behind this door? A PARTY!" and open the door, look around, it's an almost empty white walled room I see behind the door (my wife?) is sitting on the ground against the wall (with a laptop?), the light is low but not really very dark, it's like a pleasant light from a single warm bulb on the ground. I'm laughing / happy, this is a GREAT game! I'm running I go to the other side of the room and ask her "What do you think is behind this door? A PARTY!" I open the door and there is indeed a party in there. Middle-aged women are around the room, well-dressed, in makeup, I'm looking for an attractive woman, I see some sitting on a couch, one has nice cleavage, I approach them and have two of them stand up next to me like I'm arranging some party activity, and bring the two together and I go to kiss the one on the left and wake up.

      Lucidity low and basically no memory, not TOTM-worthy, but still quite fun. I think I was into and out of lucidity throughout much of the scenes above but don't really remember exactly when except right at the end there. There were earlier scenes, too, before the beignning of the recalled dreams.
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    8. 00:00 Thursday 2014-03-13 competition #17 night #6, LD #23, long ND

      by , 03-13-2014 at 08:42 AM
      23:30-ish bedtime, yay!

      00:00 Thursday 2014-03-13 competition #17 night #6, LD #23


      1) I'm in my parent's bathroom, it's night, I know I'm sleeping in my sister's old bedroom right next door. I'm looking out through the window slats I see across the fence in the neighbor's yard two beautiful shining blonde people (BB: ageless, I think!). I think they're the neighbors, I don't want them to see me (DS). I slink back from the window and lie down on the floor with my head away from the window against the cupboard wall my head up against the door. I hear/sense them approaching, I think they must be climbing up the roof (this room is on the 2nd floor). They open the windows and look at me and I look at them, and think/say I could be in the next room, trying to make up some lame excuse.

      2) It's the end of the world, and the waters are swirling everywhere. The magic "U" of power is floating in the water and I have to jump for it, I reach it and hold on to it and I'm on dry land. I'm going to be the keeper of the "U".

      3) I'm in a bright daytime colorful fairy garden, with colorful magical plants and beings/animals all around. I have a magical ring/disc (like a frisbie but open center and 2-inch thick ring) I gesture / jerk it with my left hand and shoot out a magical force ring that flies off at high speed going forwards and to the right/up. Strange funny creatures and animals and worms come up to me.

      F1) in a building getting out other people pushing on buttons in the floor with feet, goo oozes up from the floor when I step on the button.

      F2) an outdoor bouncy slide, someone was guided by a force that said they'd never seen anything like that (me), how I was chosen.

      F3) a scene of an outdoor movie theater starting to watch some show I'm floating over the top as a DO

      4) I'm on a boat in the waters, I look behind me and in the distance I see PT approaching, his son G is already on the boat. I know my children are on board down and to the right.

      Get up, bathroom, sit on bed thinking about dreams for a bit, set some intention, then BTB.


      5) ultra long multi-themed dream culminating as lucid. Themes:
      A) SB old grad school serious girlfriend
      B) NM grad school friend
      C) pizza
      D) garden hose invention
      E) musical competitions, son's playing piano
      F) riding a boat with an impressive security system
      G) ghost/burglars breaking in to house, get lucid in shock

      I'm sitting at a counter in a restaurant, finishing eathing something (pizza I think). My (wife?) calls and is annoyed that I'm not home. I'm looking at a glossy brochure and I realize that it is a proposal for a date evening from my old grad school girlfriend, SB. She has prepared this dazzling brochure describing the evening she has planned. Including the meal, the wine/drinks, and I "recognize" a picture of one my own bottles of wine that she's going to use and I think one of my own glasses/mugs.

      I see my grad school friend NM. He is absolutely 100% soaking drenched from the rain outside, he is dripping all over the place. He's inviting me (and SB?) to join him and friends for pizza later, he gives me some phone number to call to meet them.

      I'm outside in a garden there are people there including my sister i'm noticing that a part of the garden is really wet and I realize that I've left on a hose. I turn off the hose and get the brilliant idea for an invention: an automatic timer that notifies you when your garden hose has been turned on for too long so you can go and turn it off. I'm amazed that nobody has thought of this, I think this is going to be a revolutionary invention.

      Entering a musical competition, my son is entering as the piano player in a piano/string quartet group. I think how can he possibly do this he doesn't really play any more. I see a line of judges , I'm walking by them, some are children, they have distorted faces, I think some of them are friends of my son from grade school days. I hear my son playing, he's fantastic, I can't believe how well he's playing. The judges nod at me when I look at them to indicate their approval, I think they don't really look much like my sons's old friends (the M's). I think my son shouldn't show off so much and should let the string players also participate more. I look at him and he's not even facing the keyboard, he's hunched over a calculator (calculating how to play the piece?) and has a small child on his lap as well, the main judge looks and is amazed at all the things my son is doing there. My son moves to put the child in a bed which I pull down the covers for. I think I see an old boy scout friend (VL) in the bed then.

      I'm on a boat it's dark, we're driving in the water, the boat staff are talking about the security system which is to keep invaders off of the boat: I see it, it's a wire that leads from the back of the boat connected to a tall pole, leading all the way back to the dock. They demonstrate it and a bright powerful purple burst of electricity zips down the wire. There's something nearby my head and I don't want to hit my head, and I don't want to get zapped accidently by that security system.

      I'm back in the house with the garden hose invention, I continue thinking about it, there could be a wifi transmitter that communicates with a wrist-band display that you carry, and each hose can tell you when it is done so you can see "front lawn finished", etc. My sister is giving me some music but only as a loan.

      I'm standing out side the door of another music competition, I look up and see the sign. We're entering and standing at the elevator, I know my son is absolutely not ready for this one, it's a (Chopin?) competition, some other people want him to play anyway, they go up, I hear the piano sounds then, it's an absolute disaster, he's just pounding on the keys randomly it doesn't sound like anything at all.

      I'm in an indoor area, large, open, with lots of cupboards and beds like a giant dormitory room. I'm there with former girlfriend SB. We're arguing, I'm trying to suggest something that she may like to do as a job, she doesn't want to do anything I'm suggesting. I say "Do you want to just stay at home and let me do all the work supporting us?!" and she indicates she does, I leave.

      I'm returning to this room. I'm outside it, I see the corner of the room, SB is resting, she has rigged a way to hold the curtains closed, the walls of the room are glass from floor to ceiling but with beams periodically placed horizontally and vertically. In the corner there are two vertical beams close together and she has jammed some water bottles into the crevice there to hold the curtains closed, I know she's resting.

      I'm inside the room see her lying on a bed, her head's on my left, I see a dark black wet spot near her mouth, I ask what that is she says something, I suppose she's been drooling, she's not feeling well.

      I'm standing somewhere with SB and I decide to call NM up and go meet him for pizza. I can't remember his number! I come up with 7 or 8 digits and I'm just not sure, but AHA, All I have to do is look in my phone, start typing in the numbers and it will automatically find the number then I can call NM, and


      I'm severely startled out of my thoughts of calling NM by a loud sound to my right. It sounds like something really big banged up against something else really big. I look to my right and see I'm standing in the back porch of my parent's house, and I'm looking down the hallway to the front door which is standing widely open (the wrong way I think) and there's a large green garbage dumpster there at the front door full of garbage. WTF?!

      SB and I are now standing at the front door looking in to the living room. She inhales quickly with a loud gasp and clasps her hand to her mouth in shock. I look in to the room AND ALL THE WINDOWS ARE OPEN. The room only has 2 windows that open but there are at least 10 open windows in this room. The furniture looks like it's been tossed around. I feel shivers of fright/shock.

      Spoiler for profanity warning, LD here:

      I lie awake for some while calming down from shock at the dream end and in awe at the amount of recall I have, easily 20-30 minutes worth or more, it seemed to go on forever. I get up to record it, then come back to bed and think about it some more and sleep some more. Should have set an alarm at this point because I overslept my out of bed target by 1.5 hours. I was astonished that all that time, all the things i was doing, all the places I was, was all a dream, and I felt that astonishment when I got lucid, sort of like a brief "life flashing before your eyes" moment.


      6) football fake out play. I'm DO watching the overhead cam view of a pass, a long bomb towards the end zone. A huge pack of red-uniformed defenders are all running after the ball, I think it may be intercepted, they do a running leap in the end zone but the ball goes through the arms of one of the guys, incomplete pass. Then the team coach comes to me, at first I think he wants to pass to me next, but then I realize and say "Oh, you want the other team to *think* they're going to pass to me, but you're NOT!" and he says "SHHH!!!!!", he's going to pass to some other guy after all the defenders cover me because the other team saw the coach talking to me.

      F4) something about going around with a group of women/girls and ice cream.

      There's more there but forgot.

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    9. 00:00 Saturday 2014-02-22

      by , 02-22-2014 at 10:16 PM
      Today is my 6-month LD practice anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than to get a satisfying late morning lucid performing a TOTM, and a good night of recall.


      + (earlier waking) I'm moving through a house structure and some guys, at the end I think they want to turn me into a werewolf. Lost lots of detail.

      + I'm with college friends in our old house (WFP). I want to go out for a break from studying. I have a bit of trouble speaking but I eventually get it out that I just want to go out for an hour, let's go get something to eat. I know we have a lot of studying to do, people are not enthusiastic about coming out. I walk into the house and see my good friend housemate N.I. Someone mentions going to Jack In The Box. I say "do you mean the one by SP Blvd?" I think everyone's coming out with us, but it ends up that they just want to put in their order with me and we go out and bring it back. One guy tells me his order, something with chicken, I have trouble understanding his order, we need to pay him back, he said no, (me and NI) already paid him back. I see some young women in the kitchen of the house.

      + In a silver-colored large empty building. It is a hospital. There is criticism of them painting it silver/gray, since when cars drive by the headlights will reflect strongly off the paint and disturb the patients. Also the color is scaring people, it's not white, it's not black, it's right in the middle. I'm standing and looking at it for a while. It makes a silvery shiny reflection inside the building and is not good. Daylight outside, somewhat dark outside, it's completely empty.

      I turn around and go to leave, I'm with NI from WFP, there is a rack of equipment and books, introductory books and kits about how to work with microprocessors (like the Stamp chip), I say "hey look at that" and gesture with my hand towards them as we go by, NI then grabs one like he's going to shoplift it. I'm mortified by this, I think we'll get caught, I look for a security camera, I see one on the wall, I point it out to him, I say "there's going to get you." He says he better put it back. I think that it's OK because we haven't left the place with the item yet so it can't be considered shoplifting.

      + I'm in a khaki/tan colored tent, it's completely closed, I'm sleeping in there with some other guy. It's a tall pointy-topped tent. I look at the guy's face, he opens his eyes, the face is slightly distorted, something's not quite right, he has blue eyes, he's freaked out because there's no "outside," I tell him "it's ok, it's ok, outside there is blue sky and sunlight, shall we open the tent and see the sunlight?" He says yes. I zip open the front of the tent, we see the outdoors including blue sky, he's calmed down by this. There are several walkways leading away from the tent, one more or less straight ahead bending a bit to the left, another goes off to the right. There are buildings in between the two paths, it's in some sort of complex/compound.

      About 20 feet away down the right path are sitting 3 guys kind of dark-skinned , as soon as I open the tent they get up and head my way. I have a feeling "uh oh this can't be good." About 5 feet away they make demands, "give us all your stuff except for (something)!". They're threatening us clearly. I call over my shoulder to my tent-mate and say "call 911 tell them we're being robbed!" Of the 3 one guy goes off down another path (to head off assistance?), 2nd guy disappears, 3rd guy comes up demanding the stuff. I'm frightened but I resolve not to give him anything. We start struggling/grappling. At one point he's behind me, I reach back over my head grabbing his head/shoulders and lean forwards trying to throw him over me. Doesn't quite work. I think though this guy is not used to anybody putting up a struggle. I think "wow people just give things to him without a struggle." At some point my wife comes by and helps in the fight against the robber.

      He disappears, I'm looking over down a balcony to a walkway below (I'm on the 2nd floor). There are Indian (Asian) security woman walking around with guns. One reaches up to me (somehow!) and hands me some things. Some are small gold colored keys, I ask "are these the keys to my room?". "Yes" they answer. They also give me a security key. It's like a 6-inch wide fork with a dozen or more tines. On the left 4 prongs are bent down fully, and one on the end is bent down halfway. "Well no wonder those guys (the robbers) were able to get in, this is such a simple combination!"

      They also give me a gun, a 6-shot revolver, and 4 bullets for it. There is something not quite right (vs. a real gun), it has a typical cylinder, a trigger, it's in my hand I feel the trigger, I think "where's the safety?" I don't want to shoot myself or anybody by accident. I'm rotating the cylinder and wonder if I should put it on a bullet or an empty. An empty is safer but on a bullet is ready for a fight. I see a little safety switch on a (weird) horizontal platter behind the cylinder. I try putting on the safety and pulling the trigger and it seems like the gun will fire and think that's a crappy safety, I look to the right of the cylinder and see a larger golden safety mechanism, and that seems to lock up the trigger well, but if I pull it really hard a mechanism lifts up from the platter and the gun will fire but it's much much harder.

      I take the gun and go out and have fake battles with it, I point it at some guys and think about hitting them in their arms, aiming for the body since it's the biggest target, I'm jumping over some counter hiding from an Indian (Asian) woman who's after me, I then turn and track her and think about shooting her (don't do it though), and how video games have helped my aim.

      + I'm in an outdoor tent, there's a guy there who's a trainer, I'm learning different technique, I'm looking at him, he's choosing the next thing that I should study, he's looking at a screen with the picture of a staff, and I think "yes! I'd like to learn to fight with a staff!" In a foreign language the item is labelled "lepeshka" which I know means some kind of bread, not a fighting staff.

      + In a gas station? There are gas pumps, a guy there is training how to fight against bears. He's down a ramp and successfully fights off two bears. He says "trained bears always go for the head." Their hands go for your head. You bend your arms and put your arms on each side of your head and hold your head with your hands to defend. You then take "two offensive steps backwards." Then he has me try it. I come face to face with a weird pig-bear thing with no discernible face, it's a snuffling grunting muzzle but tall with brown hair. This thing does grab my head. It's in my face with its faceless snuffling snout I take two aggressive steps backwards and think "is that it?"


      lots of dozing on and off, sleep on stomach at one point and dream, but lucid is on my right side

      + revisited the scene of the tent + robber fight. I'm approaching the gates of the compound from the outside. There's a black guy in leather, not sure if he's security or not. Get in the gate, I "recognize" it as the place of the earlier battle. There's a picnic table with scuzzy low-life sorts sitting down at it to the left, I think "we have to get rid of those guys." There is a big lawn of grey clumpy dead grass. I have a thought about lucidity looking at this grass. I'm talking to the head of security who is a black man (he may be Morgan Freeman), I say "ok this time I want a security room with an exit in the back so I have somewhere to escape if I'm attacked from the front." In front of me is a big red (white window trimmings) multi-story building (3-4 floors tall), convex curved, bending back to the left and right. The next time I look up it's a 5-6 story tall elegant futuristic building with totally transparent glass walls facing the yard. Very elegant / rich quarters I can see. I'm hoping to get a central suite with a great view but realize I probably won't, they're for the bigwigs, there's a suite off to the left with a worse view and I think it will do.

      + I'm somewhere up in one of those suites. There are plates of fancy deserts. I see a jelly-tart with a prawn on it, I take a bite, I realize as I bite that I'm very full and I'm not hungry. It tastes like shrimp. There's a woman eating the same pastry thing I am, I ask "did you taste the shrimp?" She says "it's shrimp eggs." I think it's a bizarre pasty flavor.

      + I'm at my childhood park. I have to get by a robot wielding a giant wrench, I get by it. I'm attaching something to the old metal swing frame, with a wrench. It's some sort of bicycle / trainer. Two older more experienced guys are there, now that this is installed we have to use it, and ride a million miles on it, we'll meet back here "about 1am-ish." There's a van and some conversation with people inside it, something about the C. family and AIDS.

      + Still in my childhood park at the same place. I'm on the middle level, looking down to the basketball courts. Enormous pipes are shooting out huge volumes of torrential raging water on to the lower level. There are giant drains where the water is going down. I see a huge bag full of ceramic planters 1m in diameter getting blown easily by the water across the courts. I go around turning off faucets which shuts off the water. I walk down the left-side path and take a drink from a drinking fountain. I (imagine?) a conversation with the mayor and I mention that I just happened to be on hand and turned off the water. I get down to the bottom and see the bag of planters.

      + I'm in a park/playground, in shade, I see a car and people doing something under the car, (are they trying to steal it I'm thinking), there are lots of people around. I'm following some kids, I see topless boys and girls and am amazed because I know they don't do that in America. I'm walking through a few doorways, in one doorway are the parents of one of the kids, a father (to the left) and a mother (to the right), emerging on to a sandy playground area. I grab the mother and bring her with me, and I realize I'm dreaming. It feels hazy at first and I have to "push" my head into clear lucidity, it still feels hazy, but I get a grip and rub my hands and things stabilize. I have the woman standing in front of me looking at me at arms length.

      ( I keep rubbing my hands and rubbing my fingers against my palms while I'm talking to her.)
      (My first lucid interactive conversation with a DC!)

      Me: "Hi, my name's (my name), what's your name?"
      DC: "Susannah."

      She had short hair. Looked to be about 30. I remembered the TOTM! I'm finally going to get my wings I think!

      Me: "Who is your one true love? Who is your soulmate?"
      DC: (looks confused).

      All this time I'm moving around, slowly rotating, moving around the playground, she stays right across from me at arms length, I'm rubbing my fingers against my palms.

      Me: "Who is your one true love?"
      DC: "My husband."

      I'm satisfied that I've completed the TOTM and relax a bit, and caveman dream me (CDM) takes over.

      CDM: (with a mischievous expression) "Have you ever kissed another man?....."
      Without waiting for an answer I (CDM?) grabs her chest with both my hands and start squeezing.

      CDM: "You have beautiful t*ts"

      and I slooowly fade to
      awake. Nooo! Always just when it gets "good" I remain still and have a full-body tingly feeling and think I could really get back in, but I know it's late in the morning and I want to record.
    10. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-02-08

      by , 02-18-2014 at 12:45 PM
      bedtime 01:30 (late late late! argh)

      + my right foot was stuck in the mouth of a walrus

      + (memorable long one!) my search for my former colleague AG at some company led me through a golf driving range, creepy dark underground claustrophobic pipes/rooms, an Indian restaurant where I was the only customer (I left and returned immediately and the waiter had removed all the tables in the room, "wow he's fast!" I thought), a dangerous equipment testing ground (run by AG's group, his group is playing a prank on me leading me around on a hunt to find them) where they burn the equipment at high temperature (I want to get out of there fast), an encounter with a creepy but buxom and sexy succubus doing her best to tempt me into her lair (it was close but her B/O turned me off as I got close, I took control then and asked what her story was, it turned out she had been badly burned), attempting to escape the island in a car via the only road out past corrupt police in the pay of the company, climbing over glass backyard fences, and finishing at a beautiful sea-side scene where I thought I saw a manatee by the water but it turned out to be a palm trunk, and where I had outsmarted some mid-level drug dealers landing in a boat and battled hand (me) versus knife (him) with their leader, falling through a glass ceiling and crying blood tears (falling down in front of me) in order to protect our eyes.

      I asked the succubus (this is my waking term for her, in the dream she was just a creepy/sexy woman trying to lure me to her). I'm thinking "why not?" kind of mesmerised by her very large chest, and as I'm coming in to her I catch a whiff of quite strong body door, which snaps me out of my desire, I take control at that point, and start asking her questions, "so what's with you? Why are you here? Were you hurt? Were you sick?". and as I get closer to her she unwraps her (black, kind of fishnet-stocking-like clothing), and shows me the burns on her head and torso. She slinks off into her inner lair still beckoning to me but I don't follow, I know the results will be bad.

      With the drug dealer he unwraps the delivery from my team and only about 4 packs (of drugs presumably) fall out, he says "hey where's the rest, there usually is 20!?", I'm smug I know my team has earned money at this mid-level dealer's expense, the drug kingpins are waiting on the shore (this guy's team is in a boat approaching the shore) for the delivery, he comes out brandishing a knife and we fight.

      late morning BTB:
      Very awake at about 7:30-08:00. Uncomfortable in all positions. Start daydreaming, hoping to drift off into dreams again, too alert, daydreaming gets too stimulating, I think about getting out of bed for the day, I decide no, "you have to want it like you want to breathe," and I want more chances at lucidity, so I gather my will and clear my mind and relax, and soon I'm asleep again!

      + in a house with some friends, having cocktails before bed, joining a middle-aged woman in a robe heading to the living room, "why not, as long as there are snacks" I say, I'll have a cocktail or two, the snacks might be dim-sum, there's not much left.

      + there was a halloween celebration, some adults, some kids, I think about shooting something into a basket hanging from the ceiling like basketball, I don't as it might break the baskets, I think it would be rude to seduce the daughter of my hosts after they've shown me such hospitality, I just flirt with her lightly.

      + someone sees a picture I'm holding including a high school friend (real one), they tell me he has become a University professor, I ask "in Chemistry?" they say yes, I find that a false memory friend ("Andy Grove", actually is a real guy, the former CEO of Intel) has become a professor in Computer Science, I visit his office and see his nameplate, people are complaining that new office equipment required them to throw out all old, incompatible equipment and replace it with new, compatible equipment, I see someone taking away an armload of the old equipment.

      + sitting next to a man at a restaurant at his table, there are lots of open tables nearby, I'm thinking something about this man, I think I visited his table before.

      + a recliner bed had been broken /burned. I witnessed the burn up close lying on the ground, there was small smoke/fire, I see two thin black horizontal burn marks running the entire front of the bed/couch, we go looking for the maintenance guy, we find him holding garden shears (golden?), he comes and fixes it by putting in a long 2x4, the bed used to recline individually half-and-half but now with the long board in it it will only recline as a whole unit.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. 00:00 Friday 2014-02-14

      by , 02-14-2014 at 02:21 PM
      bedtime 02:00 very very late, bedtime may have played a role in a sort-of cycle-adjustment-technique since I was in solid REM at the time of the morning when I've been recently waking up allowing me to get lucid. After lucid took me a long hour or more to get back to bed but felt like I had another lucid in me, so I summoned my discipline and emptied my mind and I was almost right (last dream). After both the lucid and the almost lucid waking I held my position and felt like I almost DEILDed back in but didn't make it.

      Nice night, great recall, fun dreams, way to break the dry spell!

      1) (lucid) walking around in a big house, saw a guy I don't see any more who didn't belong there, got lucid, flew [first lucid flight!] from the 2nd floor down to the first floor superman style doing a barrel roll and whooping, lost lucidity and encountered a bossy boy who was telling me how to fly and who could fly himself which surprised me

      2) in a company cafeteria, I'm happy that I returned to that company, it was terrible working at (other company), my friends call me over saying they have deli food, there are lots of things to eat like huge pieces of pizza packed with pepperoni and cheese hanging way down over the plate, I take a piece and think I should have taken more.

      3) outside among suburban houses, watching an older middle-aged couple sliding down a roof across the street, I point this out to my friend and say "this will be a train wreck", the man makes it down, then the woman, I run back to our stuff thinking they might steal it, and they've pulled a prank on us rearranging all the lids of our containers and generally moving things around

      4) walking by a big chalkboard where I want to (do something?) knocking into a person nearby, I think they're going to put on a clown show for some kids instead

      6) see an old colleague and think we should go play tennis

      7) walking through house empty of furniture I see carpet stains, I think I could make out with the woman who lives there, and also have an encounter with her daughter.

      8) flying/gliding very high over city lights far below from hills far above, I have a beautiful view of the city below, I realize before I go too far that if I glide down to the city then I will have left my truck behind in the hills, I pull a big wide U-turn and fly back to find my truck.

      9) Outside somewhere, someone says to go to "McGruber's cabin", I climb up by an old wooden cabin up a hill, squeeze through a fence, and enter, it's like a clubhouse, people are everywhere, they're carrying plates of sausages.

      10) approaching a mansion, I replay this a few times like a game, first time there are too many dogs in the way, second time I encounter just one dog who wants to chase a tennis ball on the ground, I try to enter the house through the garage door, there's a ragged hole in the garage door to the left, I push my way through, the first time I enter no one is there, second time the woman owner is taking care of her mother in a chair, I walk past them pretending like I belong, see out to the back yard, there's a party going on, I go there, find a group of 3 cute girls, suggest they should "pay me some attention," (not my exact words, they look shocked, heh), when they're reticent, I use lucid-like DC "mind control" saying "you WANT this", when one is coming closer I wake up in an adrenaline rush. Almost lucid, I had to think for a while if I was lucid or not after waking.
      lucid , memorable
    12. epic long continuous multi-scene dream

      by , 02-03-2014 at 09:04 AM
      Not lucid but one of my most memorably long detailed, multi-scene dreams with scene to scene continuity. Probably 15 minutes subjective time at least.

      00:00 Monday 2014-02-03
      01:11 bedtime
      1) Sitting at a table in a house with a guy I know, he has a black beard/mustache, I state his name in the dream (but don't remember). We're talking about something. I put a glass of wine for him on the floor behind his right ankle, he doesn't know it is there. He stands up from his chair and starts to step backwards, I say "no no no!" I know he'll knock it over and he does knock it over and the wine spills.

      His wife came home and we talked about inviting them to dinner and we started talking to him about his schedule. He's saying he can't do it one day, or another day, I misunderstand I think he's talking about a dinner that he is putting on and I sort of wanted us to be invited to his place.

      We go to the kitchen, where his wife is. We were offering him some soup. We brought big barrels of soup/stew was looking for a place to put it. I saw the sink, some cabinets, the garbage (underneath some cabinets) I filled up some containers to the brim with the soup. I felt bad about filling up his containers.

      Sitting around a table talking, I'm trying to unlock my ipad, I can't get the 2nd or 3rd character of the code to enter correct, I try at least 8 times, getting very frustrated. I explain my inability to enter my code because my thumbs have to stretch very far in order to hit the correct letters on the screen.

      I came back later to the kitchen and noticed the garbage can was filled to the brim with our soup, his wife had thrown it all away. It's time for us to go I offer to help take the garbage out since it's full of our soup., "it's the least I can do," he hemmed and hawed eventually said yes. We're going outside to the garbage, the house is on a hill, there are a lot of switchbacks in the path going up to the garage. We have to go all the way to one side to get to the gate, then walk through the gate and go all the way back the other way to get to the garbage. We reach the gate to the garage, and I play with the mechanism, I look closely at it and examine it. I think about all the different places where my friend could lock this gate, but I don't see two loops of metal close enough together to put a lock through. Perhaps drilling a hole may help. My wife walks by carrying a giant garbage can full of soup wrapped in plastic on her back like a camping backpack. I reach to her to help carry it but she pulls away and keeps going (I know she doesn't like me offering to help once she's already almost finished something).

      We're looking at a fence railing and thinking that someone could lie on the fence railing and roll to the other side to get over it.

      We're walking back down the hill to the house, it's very steep, and I start gliding in the air. I'm gliding and hovering riding the air currents, but staying more or less in the same place. I'm surprised that I'm not losing altitude and say so, my friend has turned into my waking life friend NM. I quickly gain some altitude even. I say that I have always loved gliding/flying since watching the show "The Flying Nun" as a kid. I love his hill, it's a great place to glide, he mentions that the thermals would be really good over on the highway since the heat radiating up from there is intense and you'd go "VOOM" straight up into the air. I think I could glide forever here! I could go over to the freeway and hit a thermal and get up really high and glide back to his house.

      Back on the ground walking in to his front door, the path is very precarious, there's hardly anywhere secure to put your feet. The steps are decrepit and falling apart. The front door is a few feet higher than the path and beyond it, you have to really stretch your legs to get them into the door frame. NM is standing in the door to help me in, I'm trying to get a good foothold. I reach out and hook my elbows through the door frame and pull myself in, squeezing my NM. I think/ask NM wondering how his elderly parents could come to visit, they'd never be able to make it in the front door.

      Back around the table with group of people, we're talking about a new company. There's one friend there, and also the inventor of the product at the head of the table. My friend announces he has bought the rights of all advertising of the product for the next several years. The inventor when he heard this was shocked, because he/the company needed to do this . Apparently everyone thinks that I gave this friend the idea of purchasing the rights to the product, I objects saying "hey, hey, it wasn't my idea!" Someone offered me a glass of wine.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. LD #7, first FA, first summon, horrendous sleep night, but fun dreams!

      by , 11-17-2013 at 09:59 PM
      23:43 bedtime

      23:47 ate WAY too much too late for dinner, arg, stupid! Getting up to do some reading.

      00:00 Sunday 2013-11-17

      F1) In a group of people their attention is focused on something, something was trying to get in between them from the steps above.

      I get wild/wacky/random dreams a lot but this one takes the cake I think:

      1) In a huge open field late at night, I'm standing under a tower, I'm concerned that if I climb it I'll be hit by lightning, I start climbing up its stairway, I get blown off the stairs by wind, I'm barely hanging on by one hand to the railing over the edge, I imagine if I fall someone will come across my dead body. I get back up and climb to the top, I step on a certain place and the entire tower collapses and falls to the ground, I'm falling with the tower, I'm trying to find temporary footholds to lessen my fall on the parts of the structure that are still together, there's a brief vision (1/2 a second) of Dwight Schrute from the Office's face looking up at me from below with a scared expression, shouting "NOOO!"
      When I reach the ground I start running for my house. Still on giant wide open farmland. I have to reach my home before something reaches me. A voice says the mushroom bloodhounds are going to come from miles around. They're drawn to whatever happened. I'm running, I have a set of keys in my hand, there's a number written there, ("9988?"), I look around, during flashes of lightning I see that the entire horizon is filled with little creatures running towards me. The creatures are at my ankles, I reach a door with a number matching the key, I rush inside, some of these creatures (like cabbage-sized mushrooms with big bulging Mr. Potatohead huge bulging white eyes with big black pupils, the creatures are are squishy and juicy) are coming in through the door I try to pull the door closed, and get in through another door (the first door was to an internal porch).

      There's a woman there who's coming to visit, she's the one bringing all these creatures. I tell her I don't want these things, she says they're a gift, I say I don't want them get them out of here (I don't like their juiciness), she says ok she's taking them back. I look at her and she's absolutely beautiful young woman, shining and beaming and smiling at me. Very bummed to have missed lucidity that moment, she was a right proper "dream girl."

      2) in a group outside, a restaurant there's a big surprise coming. (famous actor?) coming up from behind he comes up behind the guy at the head fo the table and squeezes his shoulders, it's a big shock. There's a procession (DO), there's one very odd character / thing which has empty eye sockets the eyes are bobbing around outside of the face fo the thing, which is some kind of construct, built from wires/sticks. Its attention is moving around, kind of spooky.

      F2) Getting in to some kind of office, a woman says: "Will it be Asian, or Asian delight?"

      05:34 FA #1 LD #7!!!!!
      3) Wake up in my old bedroom in my parent's house, I'm in bed with my wife. Something's not right here, something about the sound (in WL there's a fan on in the room), I suspect a LD, nose pinch, I can breathe, YES, I am dreaming, this is a FA! I see a few things from my childhood room, it's dark, a Snoopy spelling trophy, went out into the hallway (always lit), down the stairs, as I pass the front door I think I should perhaps go outside and change to daytime. Instead I go into the living room, it's dark, just can barely see the outlines of the room, there is no furniture there! Did another nose pinch, I can breathe, my nose feels flimsy, like it's not even connected to my breathing apparatus. "OK," I think, "time to get down to business." I say "BE LIGHT!" to lighten the room. A weak light hovers around my face. I will it to be more light, and the room becomes about half-lit. I think nough of this 'no female entaglements stuff,' so I summon my first highschool girlfriend, I say, "K.S., BE *THERE*!" and point at the couch (which appeared at some point). And she is there! I move on the couch with her, straddling her, now the couch has reoriented so that it's back faces the room, and I can see the stairs. I think to myself, "this is a solid lucid dream, and it is going to last a long time" (WL intent). I felt like I could stay in for a long time. I initiate sex, the feeling is more like ND sex, kind of flimsy and things don't quite fit. My wife comes down stairs, I pull KS down lengthwise across the couch, kind of squishing her against the back of the couch, trying to hide her under me, cover her with a blanket. Wife comes right up to the back of the couch and looks down at me, "what are you doing here?" I say, "sleeping..." she moves away, back to the bottom of the stairs, then she turns towards me, and annoyed, says "I don't have time for this! I have to do (all kinds of things...)" I get mad, and command her to go upstairs: "BE UP THERE!" and I point upstairs, and ZOOM she disappears becomes a brown blur zipping up the stairs, like the cartoon character The Flash. I start kissing KS, but her face is dark, I say, "K, why can't I see you?", then she is lit well again. I see her, study her face, it's not a perfect version of K.S. but she is *totally realistic*, the color and pattern of her shirt, her hair, her face, all very life like. We kiss a few more times. I feel the beginnings of a climax, I will it to happen now, and I fade to awake in bed with a fast heartbeat. Try to DEILD back in but too awake.

      I think this was my longest LD to date, 3-4 minutes. Lucidity about the same as my other LDs, not very high, but succesful summon and environment control (half lit room), and DC control.

      Having no earplugs in may have helped: I think I noticed the difference in sound between the fan in my room in WL and in the dream room.


      4) battle with a guy on a bed it has grates with water in them, he's trying to lure me close to the grates to that his weapons will work, I'm trying to get him close to the grates and squirt water down into the grate because that will cause his weapons to explode onto him. Water grenades of some sort with different effects. There is an explosion.

      5) in an internal room, with lots of little sub-rooms off to the side with poles in them, it's like a porn store, there are little cone shaped (like trumpet mutes) devices which you're supposed to roll around with on the ground especially in a special powder which will greatly enhance the pleasure. I see big sweaty black guys pumping away with prostitutes in these little side rooms, really going at it, I think I don't want to go into these rooms, there's sweat and other stuff all over the floor and they're disgusting.

      F3) MR, childhood friend. Something about owing him money or getting money from him

      F4) Finding a teacher so that my kids will learn how to get into medical shcool.

      6) (earlier awakening). In a room below ground level in a house (I think my old house in CP). I open up a ground level window, it's painted white, there's a wooden set of bars/lattice on the window, in the lower left hand corner there's a white/pink sponge jammed into the lattice, at first I think this is a motion detector but then I think it's to prevent the rats from coming in. Look past the right side of the lattice at ground level in the backyard, there's a small wooden grating just past the window, in between this grating and the lattice hidden in some plants is a rat's nest with 3 or so rats jumping around, a mama and some babies.

      At the other end of the house. Standing right outside a window, looking down to the ground, there is a fairly large and deep hole that goes under the house, there is a family of ground owls (I see them, about 3) that live there. I'm showing this to a bunch of Chinese people. A teenage girl shrieks in fear at something up in a tree, I'm annoyed because it's just a white flower. There's an attractive woman and an annoying guy, the guy says "let's go off (somewhere),", I say "yeah, let's do that!" and he goes off and we ditch him, I"m pleased with myself. I take her hand and lead her behind me to show her the rats nest I found earlier. Her hand is a bit sweaty. The nest has been cleaned up it's not there any more. We're back in the room where I saw the nest to begin with, there's a big party going on, lots of tables are set all throughout the different rooms, all the tables have glasses of champagne and wine on them. I ask if she'd like a drink, she says yes, so I sit her down at a table and go off to find 2 fresh glasses of champagne. I find one but can't find another where the glass hasn't been used (I see lipstick markings), I'm walking all around to find a glass, I eventually enter a large area where a caterer is working preparing food, I ask the caterer for a clean glass, they say "no there are no clean glasses left." I think about getting a bowl and pouring a drink into the bowl, but I think "nooo, she doesn't want to drink from a bowl." I think about pouring a drink from one glass to another one, fooling her. I don't make it back to her.

      One of my worst sleep nights ever, probably was awake at least half the time from 00:00 to 11:00, but I don't care since I had a fun LD (first FA!), and lots of interesting NDs.
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