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    Capturing Jonathan

    by , 07-15-2023 at 01:23 PM (297 Views)
    I've been aggressively dream journaling off site for a few months, at least since the conclusion of the summer competition. This has been a long-standing dream goal since long before then even, to find out what happened to Jonathan. Supposedly some years back he 'left' my dreams but he still seemed to crop up in odd ways and cause trouble so I made it a goal to track him down and confront him. I would have liked to have been much more prepared, but he appeared in this lucid dream and I seized on the opportunity.

    I am watching an episode of Avatar: The last airbender. It seems to be set in the later part of season 2. Katara, Sokka and Toph are trying to find Aang who is running away from his responsibilities. They speak to this botanist guy looking in ba sing se that says he knows about ancient family secrets passed down through the generations and has selectively bred a magic flamingo that can sniff out the avatar’s spiritual energy and be used to find him. He gets a big pot and pours some water and fertilizer on it and the flamingo grows. Its small and skinny and hops around on one leg but it joins the gaang.

    Slowly the dream changes from a third person passive experience to a first person active experience.

    We are walking around an abandoned portion of ba sing se at night. I can see the large wall in the distance. The location feels like my old childhood neighborhood in layout but the buildings are ancient east asian fantasy styled. I see that Katara, Sokka and Toph all have bags under their eyes and they complain about not being able to sleep and having to find Aang and how they are exhausted. I try to ‘remember’ this story arc and think to myself that they end up being awake for a whole nother day.

    In the sky I see two moons, it doesn’t look like anything off Woue. Just two whitish cratery moons, but I recognize this as a
    dream sign and become properly and fully lucid. I think to myself its the real world earth moon and the avatar world's moon and that's why I see two.

    Then Mai, Azula and Ty Lee appear. The flamingo hides behind katara who is taking a leading role here and Azula says she is going to use it to find the avatar and capture him. Azula winds up, charging into battle shooting out big blasts of blue fire. I think to activate my shields and it works. The barrier seems to be at a larger radius than normal, surrounding the other avatar characters. Hexagonal walls appear in front of the fire blasts she is shooting out.

    Azula tries to run in to get inside the barrier and capture us that way. I decide I want to manipulate its properties. I move my left and and see a sort of doctor strange style circular rune in purple around my left hand. There is some magical ‘text’ that is very conventional and legible floating above the rune and made of the same sort of energy. I see a number of complicated-looking mathematical formulas with “R=3” at the bottom in a much larger font and intuitively know the barrier is 3 times the normal radius, probably why it is extending around the other friendly avatar characters. The rune around my left hand has a point on it, like a washing machine dial with three settings. Disabled, Automatic and Manual.

    I switch to manual and see a sort of wireframe of the hexagonal barrier around me with one pentagonal face directly above me. I rotate the dial to manual, concentrating on the hexagonal faces right between me and azula. I then do a sort of pushing motion with my left hand and the radius increases to 12 very quickly. The barrier plates send azula flying backwards. Quickly and intuitively I turn the barrier to “disabled”, increase the radius to 16 faster than azula is flying backwards, then switch back to “manual” and she smacks against the inside of the same section. She smacks against the plate and falls to the ground.

    I then bring up my right hand and create a second barrier rune. The radius defaults to 3. I switch it into manual mode. I do a motion of pulling in my left hand and pulling out my right hand. The outer barrier radius starts to drop and the inner barrier radius starts to increase. I am shown an alternate perspective of azula. She stands upright but her feet are sliding in the dirt as the outer barrier is shrinking. Her eyes go wide when she sees the inner expanding barrier coming up. She starts to charge up lightning and points it at the inner barrier. But is barely not quick enough as I am shown the barrier closing and her fingers get broken, the inner and outer barrier sandwich together with radii of 6 and 5.99 (the rune switches to show two decimal places). An explosion occurs, billowing out from between the inside and outside and she is gone.

    There is a very thin black hemispherical arc of ash in the ground where the explosion was.

    I turn to Mai and Ty Lee. Ty lee who was in a fighting pose, just goes “nope” and runs away. Mai sighs and annoyedly walks away.

    “What kind of bending is that?” Asks Katara.

    “AUGH! The cactus juice is kicking in again!” Sokka shouts. I think the scholar botanist guy gave him cactus juice.

    “It’s not bending. It’s a compression barrier I made to defend my home star system, but it wasn’t working properly at such a large scale, so I’m retooling it for personal use. Because It was originally a dyson sphere its very powerful.”

    The avatar characters leave and the dream scene becomes more like my home neighborhood at night. I think of a previous bad dream where Jonathan was outside my house and see him there. He seems to recognize that I am lucid and gets on a bicycle which has E.T. in the bike basket and starts to fly away into the night sky.

    I ignite my fire jets and chase after him. I distinctly remember the fire jets audibly whining like jet engines. I bring up my left arm and shout “barrier one light second!” I can visibly see that the moon is starting to come closer during the chase and I can see the translucent inactive barrier reaches just far enough to partyway clip into the moon. I start to pull the radius in I point to the bicycle and say “Bad Dream Mode! Rusty chain jam!”

    I see a close up shot as the bike chain becomes rusty in the space of a few seconds and then comes off the gear. The flying bike lurches and then falls back to earth. Jonathan landed badly with a visible bleeding injury on his leg. He struggles for a minute gets up and tries to run away.

    I point to him. “Bad Dream Mode! Nonlucidity! Teeth fall out! Body horror! Nakedness! Awkward Social Situation!”

    I see my various commands take effect. Jonathan’s body distorts with a number of large zits appearing on the righthand side of his face. I see his front teeth both fall out and his pants disappear though he is not naked. Then several dream figures spawn and a large tent is now present in the driveway of my house. It seems like a high school graduation party. A tall woman comes over and points and laughs at him. He seems to look around befuddled and panicked.

    “Bad Dream Mode! Uncontrolled Car.”

    Jonathan looks at me and says “what?” Then his eyes go wide and I realized he has regained lucidity and he tries to run away from me. I bring up the barrier rune again.

    “Offset point on Jonathan!”

    I see a wireframe of the barrier surround him as he runs into the side yard of my house and I run after him.

    “Fixate point! All hexes on!” The entire barrier becomes active at once and stays where it is, no longer. I drop the radius to 0.53. The barrier shrinks around him, enough that the bottom is no longer phased into the ground and he is trapped in a floating sphere. I keep shrinking the barrier as I see him inside pushing against it. He seems to shrink his body in proportion to his head and has taken on a thoroughly inhuman gollum-like appearance. I drop the radius to 0.26 and he is now in a hovering sphere about two feet across. He thrashes around pounding on the barrier making animalistic noises. I think to myself passingly “the radius must be in meters” and recognize that the dream is ending.

    “Max power! Seal all dimensional edges! Anti Teleport! Anti Phasing! Anti-Magic Tampering! Anti time travel! Permanentize! Permanentize! Permanentize!” As I give these commands, I see a list of additional things added to the rune and saying ‘seal edges’ makes the lines between each hexagonal face glow brightly and stay that way.“...Yeah. After fifteen years, I finally got you, you little bitch. How’s it feel?”

    I stick a paper sign on the barrier that says ‘do not tap on glass’. And knock on one of the hexes. I note that the barrier does sound like glass when struck.
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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Your barrier magic is so strong! I'm sure Jonathan will stay imprisoned for a long time!
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