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    Comp Night 4: Another NLD Drop

    by , 06-05-2023 at 02:35 PM (131 Views)
    NLD 1:

    I was at some kind of party when someone threw some prank smoke bombs. Blue and pink smoke and confetti burst out and they said it was a gender reveal party. But they had actually thrown one of the prank bombs and it landed inside a glass mason jar of sewing needles. When it went off it was like a fragmentation grenade and everyone nearby was full of needles and running away screaming. I distinctly remember a transition from an outdoor scene to a stairwell. It felt like the stairwell to the basement in my childhood home, but it seemed like it was rotated 90 degrees with the stairs running north.

    I remember me and several other dream figures were hiding in the stairwell. I think some of them were recreations of people I knew in school. I recall hanging on to a light fixture at the top of the stairwell, with some perspective and scale distortion I was maybe a good 3 or 4 meters above the stairs. More and more odd dream figures headed down the stairs including some robots (or people in robot costumes) and a donkey or mule or something. I distinctly remember holding onto the light fixture for a long time saying "wow, I've been hanging on for a long time and this things has not been pulled out of the ceiling and my arms haven't gotten tired."

    Eventually the mob of dream figures passed and I climbed down and headed down the stairs. It led out into this dark otherworldly canyon/crater type region with a small lake of liquid silver/mercury. Everything was shades of dark purple.

    NLD 2:

    I was outside at the lake behind my childhood home. It had a feel very similar to the lucid dream from night 1, with the overcast weather and just the general vibe of the scene. This may have been connected to the first dream but I'm pretty sure there was a brief awakening where I state checked. This dream certainly had a new plot as Marcus was present along with some self replicating robots. They were trying to gather up all the metal on earth and recycle it to make more robots. The self-replicating robots, which were sort of crab or insect like with multiple limbs were climbing in and out of open doors or windows stealing metal objects from homes like pots, pans, parts of cars, pipes, doorknobs and so on.

    I remember finding the lid of a mason jar with a bunch of nails in it and putting it onto one of the big piles of metal objects. I think it was a reference to the earlier dream. Marcus was talking with me for awhile about how he had released sleeping gas so he could take all the metal without people interfering.

    Did a WBTB around here.

    NLD 3:

    I was in the courtyard of an apartment complex in a tropical locale. It might have been on woue because there was a starleaf tree. Marcus was there in human form. He was showing me another copy of my hade form that the consciousness of some other dream figure had been loaded into (though this one appeared to only have blue eyes). They were being bullied by some other dream figures.

    I then started to thinking in a weird way that dream character was sort of my "brother" and maybe I should do something to help him. I then remembered that I was talking with MadMonkey last night about meeting on the moon and going to spar there.
    I looked up at the sky and saw two moons (definitely on Woue). Then I said to myself. "Well I can't meet monkey on the moon because I don't know which one to go to. (Or I knew I wasn't on earth and couldn't easily get to earth's moon) So I guess there's no point to becoming lucid."
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