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    Summer Comp Night 5: The Tree that Speaks

    by , 06-06-2023 at 01:39 PM (151 Views)
    NLD 1:

    I was living on the third or fourth story of an apartment/condo complex. It overlooked a large open grassy park with a parking lot and some hills and trees. The weather looked to be overcast. I could see several vehicles in the parking lot and a family with a father, mother, and one or two children talking with about a dozen police. Their cruisers were parked haphazardly in the parking lot with the sirens on.

    I couldn't make out the specifics but I knew the husband was in some kind of trouble while the wife and kids didn't know about what he had been doing and were tying to convince the police he was innocent. The wife then started making a scene while her husband ran off into the parking lot with a guilty look on his face.

    The vehicle he got into had a flat front, like one of those school busses that has the engine in the back. It was a van painted bright yellow/neon green. It had small, thin wheels and poor visibility due to having no windows outside of the windshield and when he started the engine it made a "thwabbb" sound like a lawnmower. I'm like 'really dude, this is what you are picking as your getaway vehicle?!'

    The man goes around a corner. There is an elevated section of land with a large curved retaining wall made out of brown concrete bricks. to keep erosion down. The road out of the park hugs this wall on an outside corner. The man gets away, going far around the outside of the corner by driving on the grass. The police all scramble to jump into their cruisers and chase after him, but they go around the inside corner right along the brown brick wall. The way the road is sloped, there is a large puddle there which turns out to be quite deep. Maybe a meter. All of the police cruisers drive into the water and stall out as their engines are flooded and the criminal in the van drives off.

    The wife is heartbroken, realizing that her husband really was a criminal.

    LD 1:

    I was on my old college campus when I found out the building I had class in had burned down. The weather was again overcast but all the trees had leaves as though it were summertime. The university quad appears to be larger and though the general layout feels the same I feel as though there is a lot of extra space between all the buildings filled with lawn and trees. I arrived at the building to see nothing but a black pile of rubble and some firemen standing around talking to university officials.

    Upon seeing the pile of rubble I become lucid. I preform a nose pinch reality check to confirm and yes, I am dreaming. I get excited, but not overly so and take off to fly. Flying this way and that about ten or twenty meters above the university campus doing flips and cartwheels in the air. The dream scene starts to shift as the university buildings and sidewalks altogether disappear leaving me in a grassy plane with large lush-looking deciduous trees strewn about. I think the ocean is visible off in the distance.

    I fly around a bit more and see an exceptionally large tree, it looks like an oak but I am not certain. This tree has an 'energy' or 'presence' to it like I know it is significant. Similar to sensing the energy of a significant dream figure like Manei. I fly up under the canopy and orbit this way and that around the trunk of the tree. I noticed that the trunk is sort of vertically ribbed. If one were to cleanly cut the tree down they would be met with the shape of a seven sided star with rounded off points, and that this is also somehow significant. The other nearby trees have more traditional circular trunks.

    I cut out the flying jets and grab onto bark of the giant oak. It has very rough bark with deep cracks between plates I can work my fingers into. I am in that moment literally a tree hugger as my position has me feel like I am hugging the tree, even though I'm more hanging onto its trunk two or three stories above the ground.

    The tree is able to speak in the language of thoughts.

    "Please do not cut me down, I have about a hundred healthy years ahead of me still." It says in a deep voice this is simultaneously both calming and very stern.

    "I was just thinking about the interesting shape of your trunk. I wouldn't dare actually do it."


    I detach from the trunk and start hovering again. I look up to the daytime sky and see the moon through a gap in the overcast clouds and think that I want to go fly and find MadMonkey.

    I have a false awakening. In the FA I feel very groggy. I do a reality check but it fails. I wake up and open my laptop to start writing about the lucid experience with plans of going back to sleep and trying for another lucid dream. I only have a single sentence typed when I actually woke up.

    WBTB, hoping to get back in.

    NLD 2:

    Was watching a spongebob episode. Spongebob was very 'fat' or 'thick' in the front to back direction. His body was more cube-shaped and he had a 5 o'clock shadow. He comes home to his pineapple house and takes out a TV dinner. It says "beef and gravy" on the cover of the TV dinner which looks like a PNG image of a TV dinner contrasting the cel-shaded cartoony style of the rest of the show. He peels it open and eats it while watching TV, making various "mmm" and "aaah" sounds to show that he is enjoying.

    This gag seems to repeat, with spongebob's body becoming longer and fatter each time and starting to distort in odd and humorous ways. Sometimes he is just physically larger with the cube shaped body and increasingly disproportionately small limbs. At other times he is drawn more with the anatomy of an obese human figure. There are other variations on the TV dinner, though they all seem to be the same beef and gravy. The meat is a light color both in the photograph and when the top of the meal is opened, looking more like pork or chicken with gravy. One time the TV dinner is very small with only one piece of meat. Another time it is huge, so huge it physically fills the inside of spongebob's entire fridge.

    2 NLD = 2pts
    1 WBTB = 2pts
    1 DILD = 10pts
    RC = 1pts
    Basic Flight = 5pts
    DC Interact = 2pts

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