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    1. Dreams from Jan-30-2014 to Mar-4-2014

      by , 03-06-2014 at 05:21 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Havenít been interested in recalling dreams to extensive detail, except for a few that were just too overwhelming and crazy to generalize.

      124+ Lucid dreams since the time I joined this site. Of course, with the other 1,022+ dream sets Iíve made, if I took time to see where I couldíve been lucid, the number would be much higher. Maybe there couldíve been more in the 2,000-3,000 dreams from 2011 to early 2014 recalled; the exact number of dreams recalled is still unknown seeing how I had different formats of clunking several dreams into one entry compared to the separate entries Iím doing on a separate program, and then combining it to as few entries on this site as possible. But by that point, it would just be a bias and problematic wondering how I would become aware of my existence in the dreaming state. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere.

      Itís amazing how putting in a lot of hours within a few weeks that I did for image streaming last year would make dream recall easier. Itís just a matter of actually caring to have unwavering acknowledgement of all dreams, nonsensical, hidden with deep symbolism, or actually a potential to relate to helping quotidian lifestyles in waking life.

      Itís hard being busy with the streaming of inspirations in my head in waking life, and wanting to do the same in the dreaming state. I think I prefer the former since there always seems to be a direction to go to fortunately.

      To anyone that seems to have episodic struggles with lucid dreaming attempts: Persevere with your shittiness until you get good at it. Itís a constant struggle that youíll just have to accept every now and then. If I couldnít find some way to reduce how I react in the cluster of dreams filled with a myriad of emotions, or some inspiration to animate them, I highly doubt I would have any more incentive to recall them.

      Public Shower with Women (DILD)


      • Outside in public shower near a pool I guess
      • At least three females diagonally front of me
      • They're wearing bras and panties only
      • One wears a light sky blue bra and panty
      • I'm pause for a moment, and then wake up.


      Riding a School Bus to Catch a Missed School Bus (DILD)


      Yeah, that's pretty much it. It took a while before I decided to give up after doing something futile where I didn't even know the location of the school I was supposed to go to.

      Kingdom Hearts Themed Island? (DILD)


      All I know for the time being is that the island I was residing in the dream was related to Kingdom Hearts in some way. I don't know, it's just what's initially showing up in my mind.

      I did all sorts of random things with dream characters, but I can't remember any significant or memorable moments. It had that weird feeling of accepting the illusion of comfort in a confined island, similar to what I'm sure the main characters had during their childhood.

      Clipboard of Teleportation & Wanting to Take a Photograph with Victoria (DILD)


      Iím inside of a store that looks a lot like the H-E-B within my area in waking life. Apparently, I have a job in this dream, though Iím not sure what it is Iím doing specifically. Iím wearing a red polo shirt, seeing how that would be one of the default colors to wear along with some colored dress pants.

      Iím holding a clipboard which I believe also had the color of red, and thereís paper attached under the clip. Thereís a square thatís split into a series of smaller squares that are numbered.

      Petting a Horse/Dog Hybrid (DILD)


      I'm petting a horse/dog hybrid that's vanilla colored.

      I'm petting it, and then I move around the environment without any kind of indicator if I'm in a body or not. I seem to be able to go through walls, and I see a few wolves that are inside a dark area. They have yellow eyes, and have a mix of brown and black fur.

      They seem to be friendly.

      Walking on Sand (DILD)


      >Walking on sand
      >Entities that looked like they were lost and trying to find somewhere to go surround me
      >I have to walk behind them and keep walking to convince them to move forward and being purified
      >One of them transforms into an older man holding a brown folder, or binder

      Petting a Cat & Backing Up A Vehicle (DILD)


      >Petting a cat, enjoying experiencing the sensation of petting it

      >Backing up a vehicle that I thought was a Blazer, ends up being a motorcycle

      Running Away From Robert Knepper & Prison (DILD)


      Iím on the run, and it seems Iím helping some prisoners escape while trying to elude Robert Knepper. His hairstyle is similar to his role as T-Bag in Prison Break in Season 4 most specifically. Iím not too sure on what his overall composition was, but it seems he was shifting from a human body to something like a large insect composition.

      Iím wearing an outfit similar to what Michael Scofield wore in Season 4 of Prison Break, except the sweater probably has a darker hue from this:

      The closest I can associate to this transient form of is U3 from Resident Evil 4, except this time the overall color for the bottom region is a mix of brown and a few overlays of red, and other warm colors.


      Spoiler for u3:

      Now, all that really mattered to me was making sure I kept moving forward, and that the prisoners I was saving can get out safely. I believe it was two females, or one female and a female, or maybe three individuals that Iím saving, but Iím not too sure because of the cluster of adrenaline and fear surging through my dream body.

      My initial presumption was that Iím escorting Michelle Obama, and one of her daughters, or Obama and Michelle. Whatever the case, it seems that I keep implying that Iím saving them within the dream, but the more I try to avoid Knepper, the less I see the presumed dream characters. Itís really dark outside, and it doesnít seem that I have to worry about security, light towers, or anything that would require systematic planning, or contingencies at all.

      I noticed that Iím going through a cyclical process of running for a few times within the dream. It starts out with heading for a slope, and having to go upwards. The hill itself consists of brown dirt with a few rocky substances here and there, and thereís a set of light gray cemented stairs on my right that I can take to skip the grind work of going up the hill.

      I take the opportunity, while constantly being weary of how Knepper may be close to chopping my body in half, to jump abnormally to skip a few steps of the stairs, and eventually reach the apex of the hill. I look down, and turn my head to the left to find a small house that I can go to that seems to lead to path of other houses that could be used as a shortcut, and give me more stalling time from Knepper.

      Shooting Arrows at Large White Monster (DILD)


      Feels like I'm playing an MMORPG, and I have a Ranger role where I can shoot arrows that have a dark blue arrowhead with a light sky blue aura surrounding the tip.

      There's a huge white whale like creature, or seal like creature that's coming after me. I click on the creature with a mouse click I'm presuming, and the character starts shooting arrows rapidly at it.

      It seems the creature is pretty close to potentially eating the character, but I can't recall what happened next.

      Finger Gets Shot & Golden Retriever (DILD)


      I'm inside of a house, and the dream characters, despite of not seeing them clearly

      Running away, ran for a mile, came back to house, had to go up stairs

      Open door, relative is there, golden retriverer barking at me at front door, but not biting me

      He gets out of the house and pushes a lady that was with a guy.

      Tells them to get out, closes the door, he goes back in, I do too, he gets mad, waves gun, I stay near door, back to door, sitting down telling him not to shoot, hands up, he shoots one of my finger, or fingernail

      Reverts back to normal

      Someone is Kidnapped (DILD)


      >Someone is kidnapped, and I'm apparently trying to save them, even though I don't know who it is I'm after

      >I'm listening to someone that seems to be the one taking the person hostage

      >They're instructing me to do all sorts of things

      >Relatives are suddenly involved in helping me out

      >White SUV is being driven by a relative, never seen him ride one before of that color

      >Female relative ends up going to clinic to get a prescription that's important for complying with the kidnapper's demands

      >Dream shifts to where I'm at a docking area of some sort

      >I head to a shed, and before I enter, I see a green frog outside

      >I decided to play around with it, and started to throw it up a bit

      >Then I went back to focusing in entering the shed

      >Two floor panels near the entrance, I only step on one

      >Open door

      >Kidnapper, that sounds like an old and cerebral female, tells me I made the wrong move

      >Apparently I wasn't allowed to get anyone to help me to comply with her demands

      >Dream shifts to where I'm reading a manga that looks like Naruto Shippuden

      >I see Kakashi, Obito, and Rin in their childhood years

      >Kakashi and Rin are side by side, Obito is on the opposite side

      >Someone is holding Obito's head as his body slowly elevates from being picked up

      >Obito's head comes off, and only his scalp and hair remains within the person's grasp

      >Kakashi and Rin freak out

      >I can't take this dream anymore

      Peter Bergman, Running Away From Bombing, and Lady in Red Gives Up On Wedding (DILD)


      Things start out at a luxurious hotel, and it takes a while before I realize that Iím dreaming. Some dream characters that come to mind is one that looked like Peter Bergman from the Young and the Restless:


      Along with Joshua Morrow as well:



      The latter doesnít seem to show up until later on in the dream, but Iím quite confused on when he does arrive.

      I honestly saw this dream as so nonsensical (and the ones a few days before it), that it wasnít really enticing enough for me to type it down. So my memory is going to be a bit patchy due to wanting to forget this altogether.

      The hotel room itself was comfortable enough for a gregarious conversation with the dream characters, and it also felt as if we were on the higher floor as well. I couldnít make out the actual conversations streaming through, but it seems thereís a scheme to bomb part of the hotel apparently. I canít recall how I specifically reacted, but I felt things were going to get intense very quickly.

      Joshua Morrow comes in at some point, and I believe heís wearing a brown jacket with some milky light brown fur around the collar, along with wearing regular denim blue jeans. He has his hairstyle groomed and gelled up:



      The dream overall has this celestial, blurry, and slightly dark overlay to it. It clearly made it prevalent that this was a dream, and it almost felt like the kind of atmospheric overlay youíd see at sunset, or something like that. While the dream characters are having a conversation over whatever, it seems that Peter Bergman has a control switch in his left hand. Itís a typical black box with a red button, and other small buttons in there as well.

      He becomes impatient, and wants to click the switch now, which basically blows up everything within the room. No damages are done to me, him, and any other dream character that happened to be there. But my instinct was to run away before something more catastrophic would occur. Panic initiates, and I feel that somewhere during the run, I glanced over the window, and saw that people were already forming groups outside to see what was happening.

      Joshua Morrow plays a significant role in this part to some extent, but my memory is kind of horrible at this point for what he really helped out on. All I could presume is that he helped me find a way for shortcuts to reduce suspicion from others that I, or anyone else in that same hotel room were advocates of the bombing event.

      After this, the dream shifts, and despite of the inconsistency of the next dream, I felt this one had some correlation with the previous. Simply because the atmospheric overlay was the same, and my emotions at the time still had a high sense of adrenaline and fear of trying to escape from something.

      Iím riding a motorcycle, and Iím driving parallel to someone thatís riding a motorcycle as well. The freeway weíre on is pretty spacious, though the perspective and perception is clearly abnormal. What seems to be large in front of us takes quite a while before it gets smaller. During this ride, I felt as if I was experiencing another virtual reality where an Asian female wearing a red dress wants to propose to me.

      Her visage mixes around for a bit, and one was similar to someone in waking life. The moment I saw her face, I was questioning why she would want to propose to me when sheís already in a relationship in waking life. Maybe she wanted me to be the man of honor, but her expression clearly wasnít one that was friendly, it was more sexual than needed.

      Then her visage shifts around with other relative Asian facial compositions, and the shape shifting dream character looks more like sheís in her late 20s to early 30s. For the top section of her long red dress, thereís an ďXĒ format of cloth wrapped around her breast region.

      Snap back to the motorcycle riding, and Iím asking the dream character, who I canít really see too well, on why she would propose, or want me to marry her. Whatever the dream character stated, it eventually ended the conversation, and it seems my reaction to it was that my concern was resolved in some way. Apparently, we were on our way to talk to that same Asian female, and once we met her, she called the wedding off.

      I canít remember anything else after that.
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    2. Katsumi from DOA & Delfino Square, Party & Paper Thin Menus, Blonde at Festival, Guy Shows Up on TV

      by , 01-25-2014 at 12:17 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Katsumi from DOA and Delfino Square (DILD)


      I'm trying to walk in a linear path that has a close resemblance of Delfino Square, but it's much more detailed than that. Seems I'm walking down an alley or an area with a lot of apartments on both sides.

      I see Katsumi from DOA that's almost wearing this same attire below:

      Spoiler for boobs:

      Things start getting weird where the dream skips a bit, or at least how I try to walk looks skipped and out of sync. First, I would see a backside view of myself wearing a brown leather shirt and dark blue jeans as well.

      I would be slightly midair, almost as if I was materialized a few inches from the ground with the left leg straight, and the right leg bent at an angle preparing for a walk. Then it would skip a frame to me landing, and it would skip a bit more and reset me to the same positions a few more times.

      Then I get the option to teleport by mentally selecting the HUD on the bottom that gives me choices to go to 1 2 3, and I presume these must be sections of the environment I'm in.

      Katsumi is getting closer and closer the more I teleport myself,
      and I can't remember else for that dream.


      Party Over Here & Paper Thin Menus (DILD)


      • Party occurring
      • I grab some cookies
      • Sit next to guy similar to waking life counterpart Rll(roul)
      • Guy to the left of me orders huge meal, I see fried octopus legs and maybe ranch dipping
      • I want to prepare an order as well, and eventually found a menu that was as thin as a paper towel.

      Female Blonde Child at a Festival? (DILD)


      >Female blonde child at a festival

      >She looked like she could be much older, but her visage is child-like, and I didn't get the chance to analyze her body composition at the time.

      >She seems to be glancing over at me for a few seconds, and then looks away at what seems to be a festival starting

      >The environment seems to be blurred out, and there's higher focus and detail on the girl's face.


      Hey, It's That Guy From That Other Movie! (Non-lucid)


      False awakening

      >Woke up feeling as if I was in waking life. I didn't bother to check if there were any peculiar aspects within the dream simply because it looked like the exact model.

      > Darker setting than usual

      >Looked at the television to find a highly detailed visualization of someone that I recalled glancing over in a movie some relatives were watching the day before

      >When I told them he looks like that same guy, I see one male relative of mine looking at me and slightly smiling a bit, but he doesn't seem to be doing so because of my existence. It seems like he's in slow motion.

      >Things felt awkward and I don't know what happens next
    3. Flying & Mountain Wind Hand Tries to End the World, Doing Everything in One Trip, Going Down a Slope

      by , 01-25-2014 at 12:07 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Flying & Mountain Wind Hand Tries to End the World (DILD)


      • Flying (YES!!! FINALLY)
      • First person perspective
      • Skyrim like graphics on steroids
      • Borders like the running mocap test from the many motions guy on YouTube
      • Snowy area
      • There's a huge mountain

      • I have to fly to bypass a barrier (reference to many motions)
      • I see all sorts of items
      • Several of them have the name "flail" as an extension
      • Most seem to be grapple weapons
      • I attach them
      • I open a box on a bench
      • Random toys and objects

      • Justice league members suddenly come out of nowhere from the box
        Superman and Batman having an argument while I look at a few picture books of the other members (wonder woman, green lantern)

      • Then some wind hand extended from a mountain appears, and apparently itís a threat

      • Sensui Shinobu from Yu Yu Hakusho rises from the dead because he feels that he must restore order or else the wind hand ruins the cycle.

      • He uses sacred armor and prepares for an assault
      • Dream shift confuses journey of the dream

      • A random purple female bug is trying to defend the hand I believe
      • Bug has yellow-green hands and a dark pink body base with dark violet wings mixed in with some pink
      • All she does is literally phasing into the hand to stop it from becoming a threat


      Doing Everything in One Trip (Non-lucid)


      Relative of mine intends to drive to certain areas in one trip

      Riding a Scooter Down a Slope (DILD)


      I'm wearing a light colored suit and pants with a cool colored dress shirt tucked in. I'm riding a light gray scooter down a slope, and as soon as I reached the bottom, I immediately made a huge rotational halt to the left.
    4. Would You Like My Breast Milk Unprocessed or Not, Pitbull Trap, Natti & Her Floating Lemur Guardian

      by , 12-28-2013 at 06:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Would You Like My Breast Milk Unprocessed or Not? (DILD)


      I'm inside of a black van and immediately sat down only to find there's a blonde naked female right in front of me. Her body composition and outline is of an anime female with odd anatomy, especially for the breasts.

      Spoiler for 18+:

      I probably got too excited, and I'm totally just going to ignore that I wasn't bothered by her question.


      Setting Up a Trap for a Pitbull (DILD)


      This dream was like playing some kind of RTS game where you can zoom in and out and pan over the environment to plan your course of action. I had the role of trying to set up a trap for a dog that looked like your regular pit bull.

      The lower half of the dog's body consisted of a black color that spreads a bit more to the top of its back. It had a white colored base for its visage and a black snout.

      My plan was to make a small tunnel for it to pass through, and the sections would be intertwined so closely that the moment it came out of the small pipe way, the trap would be activated in some way.


      Natti & Her Floating Lemur Guardian (Non-lucid)


      I forgot the date I recalled this dream, and I can't be bothered to check the chat logs I discussed this with a friend of mine. All I know is that it occurred a few days before this date of the dream journal entry.

      And I'm not sure if I'm typing this properly in a chronological format, but there were so many small things to take into consideration that it felt like I was experiencing them all at once. I guess that's the disadvantages of trying to find words to conceptualize the whole experience into words....too linear and restricted.

      I was inside of an apartment that looked fairly empty, as if it was cleaned out for someone to immediately move. I noticed I was talking to a friend of mine Natti.

      There were all sorts of subtle things occurring, and most of what I recalled was based on my peripheral vision. I couldn't see Natti clearly, but I could easily make out the contours of her visage and body.

      She was wearing swamp green military fatigue pants along with a black vest, though I couldn't tell if she was wearing a black sports bra underneath or not. She's sitting down crisscross apple sauce, and I had a small conversation with her over something I can't recall too well.

      All I could remember is that I was suggesting to her that we head out somewhere, and that's when I noticed the floating lemur close to us. I wasn't bothered for a long time on the lemur's presence, but something about her
      (presuming the lemur would be a she after discussing this with my friend) felt like she was protecting Natti I guess.

      The lemur had a blue-skinned visage, hands, feet, and I believe is the same for her belly as well while the rest the body consisted of white fur. I think she wore glasses like Natti did, though this dream was either completely based on peripheral vision, or was just blurry from the start.

      She (lemur) seemed to be fairly dormant and was probably just there for fun or something else entirely. It looked like she was meditating with her eyes closed, but still having awareness of what was going on.

      Though I felt that despite of her calm nature, it was kind of overbearing and creeped me out a bit.

      I looked over the window and noticed that the environment outside had a fairly dully and gray atmosphere. The buildings had the same bland color as well, and the window I'm looking through is fairly basic as well.

      It has a dark brown wooden edge around it and the flooring consisted of dark brown wood with some level of polish to it. Natti seemed to be out of place with the area she's in,
      and after that, I can't recall what happens next.

      Seeing how her female lemur guardian was in the same sitting position as her, only floating, maybe they were both meditating at the time and I just happened to be part of the experience.

    5. Kissing, Scarf & Transformers, Drop the Weapon...NOW

      by , 12-28-2013 at 06:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kissing (DILD)


      I was kissing someone that sublimated overwhelming feelings of wanting to be intimate with her. Her existence had a very familiar vibe, but I couldn't really tell who it could be.

      I was more focused on being overly attached to her, as she was with me, and we ended up kissing each other frequently. My memory tells me that she was mixing around with several faces, or it could just be a perception error on my mind.

      But whatever the case, her existence was comforting. She was wearing a long black dress, and had light Caucasian skin.


      Scarf & Transformers (DILD)


      Since I put off recalling this dream to full detail, I'll just give a list of things that occurred:

      • Saw a girl that looked like Sarah B (black haired one)

      • Some Transformers theme were placed somewhere in this dream

      • I believe I actually did see some Transformer robots

      • The same Sarah is wearing a Scarf

      • There was a blue wheeled object that I can only closley associate to a laundry wheeled container that was filled with some items that I believe were clothes

      • Sarah and some girls she was with were scavenging through the assortment of clothes, and Sarah seemed to have given me a long stare with a smile on her face.

      Just Drop the Weapon...NOW (DILD)


      The environment was mostly Fall-related with orange-brown leaves scattered in abundance. There was a fancy shack in the middle, and there seemed to have been no windows, though the outlines have been cut out to imply that there could be ones fitted in.

      There was a man that looked a lot like the waking life counterpart of a dark skinned man that wears glasses that had a thick black trimming. He had a weapon in his hands, and I'm not sure if I had one as well.

      I'm telling him to put the weapon down in an authoritative tone, and I believe my mother was to the left of me trying to help me out. The guy looked like he had a hair trigger if I said anything wrong or out of place.

      After a while, the guy didn't seem like he would be a threat to anyone, and he just seemed to point the gun at me without any intention to actually shoot. It seems my mother got tired of this and left, and as she's in the process of leaving, I was wondering why she's leaving just like that without worrying what this guy may do to the both of us.

      Even though the guy is in an awkward position seeing how he's inside of a shack that's kind of hard to get out of without getting shot by someone else, it felt like this dream just went down the gutter after my mother left.

      It felt like the script in this dream for trying to get the guy to put the gun down as I could euphemistically state was nonexistent, which ended up with me probably getting out of the dream environment as well.

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    6. Called Out, Weird Kart Race, Shot 3 out of 4 Women & Had Sex with Survivor, Squad Hunt, Tony Stark

      by , 12-13-2013 at 09:21 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Someone Calls Out on a Relative of Mine (DILD)


      I’m inside a house that resembles the one I’m currently at, and there seems to be a guest having a conversation with some relatives of mine.

      I was inside the kitchen near the sink overhearing the conversation, and it seemed one of my relatives gave a yes/no to the guest. He gave it in a condescending manner, at least that’s how the guest interpreted it as.

      Then the guest that seems to look like a close friend of my relative seems to be getting more into being earnest with the relative and telling him how his tonality bothers him a bit. Then my relative persists with the yes/no question, and then the other relative that was a female started to point at the male relative and calls him out on his condescending tonality as well.

      I ended up giggling silently in the background I believe while listening to their trivial argument. The guest was wearing a milky and light violet dress shirt tucked into dark colored dress pants.

      The female relative was wearing an orange shirt along with gray sweat pants as well. How she responded and how the male relative seemed to be passive in her more aggressive response surprised me a bit. It felt as if the dream character male relative was a watered-down version of the waking life counterpart.

      Machine Gun And Weird Kart Race (DILD)


      I’m inside what seems to be a parking garage, and I’m attempting to escape from an automated machine gun mounted on a small vehicle. There were mostly white walls, a lot of construction machines in between with random stocks of mechanical parts.

      I end up going through some ventilation systems in order to buy some time in figuring out alternative escape routes. I get out of the linear vent system and someone comes in riding a bigger Kart vehicle. They were operating the vehicle with the driver’s wheel on the right side.

      They also looked like Cyborg from the Justice League, and he asks me if I wanted to get in.

      I hesitated for a bit and saw the machine gun that seems to be after him as well trailing right behind his huge Go Kart vehicle.

      I felt like it was already too late, but Cyborg backs up quickly to ram the machine gun operated vehicle. This prompts me to step into the left side of the vehicle and we managed to escape.

      Then there’s a shift to where we’re part of some race against two Caucasian males who I felt operated the machine gun. We focused on trying to ram their vehicle, which we did when their Go Kart twirls off to the field.

      I get out and used an item that’s probably a hammer and started slamming the person’s legs. I’m not sure if the individual had one leg or not, but whatever the case, I just had some kind of ideomotor effect going on to just destroy any ability for him to continue walking.

      The partner of that person comes in and tells me to stop, and I ended up complying with him and decided to finish the race.

      Yeah, no logic or script whatsoever, and I don’t know who won the race.


      Shot Three Out of Four Women & Had Sex With the Alive One (DILD)


      One of the best dream titles I came up with so far
      Spoiler for ...:

      I’m in another dark area, and the environment felt out of place for some reason. If I were to look down below, it would seem as if there’s a bottomless pit. The upper level consisted of black metal flooring bordered by handrails midair which for some reason bothered me a bit.

      I seemed to have been running away from someone or something, or maybe trying to reach a certain destination. I wielded a silenced handgun, and here’s the part that starts getting even more confusing.

      It felt like I was playing a video game, but I felt like I was in the dream body as well. It was as if I was simultaneously controlling two perspectives at once. As I’m going through the weird format of this area, there were about 4 Black elderly females that seem to have been running away from something.

      Then I realized they were probably after me, and they kept pestering to me on how they would call the police. I don’t know why they would be saying something like that to me, and while they’re in the process of coming after me, I decided that I would have to kill them off.

      So I aimed at the first one that was closest to me, and before I shot her, she stopped for a moment, and a skeletal version of her shows up for two seconds. Then she reverts back to her original form, and I shot her in the head, though I wonder if the gun I was holding just had tranquilizer darts of something.

      Then I proceeded to do the same for two more females, and by that time the remaining one managed to slip right past me. For some weird reason, I decided to run after her, and the moment I touched her, she transforms into a younger and beautiful Black female.

      Spoiler for I don’t understand how this happened…18+:

      Holland Taylor Hires Squad to Hunt Me Down (DILD)


      Things start out in a dark area where I’m trying to avoid a lady that looks like Holland Taylor (Evelyn) from Two and a Half Men. She manages to get some kind of squad of authorities to hunt me down because of unknown reasons.

      Wait what?

      Since this dream seemed to have streamed naturally with the one after it, it was probably because of the bag that I was holding in my hand. I end up having to use a Sparta method, if I’m using it correctly, where I had to find a small linear path and take them down one by one.

      There was one huge guy that seemed to be a problem, and I had to sidle through the wall and let them pass through and had to use some kind of white cloth to strangle the guy. I don’t recall killing anyone though, so I guess whatever happened was edited out of my perception.

      I managed to handle the rest of them, but I don’t know exactly how because things are still unclear.


      I'm Smuggling for Tony Stark Enterprises (DILD)


      After going through the previous dream where I had to find a way to run away from the squad of authorities that the old lady sent after me, I seem to have shifted into a safer environment. It seems I’m inside of a building that’s very appealing and has a slightly futuristic vibe to it.

      I realized the same bag that I was probably trying to conceal from the others is there with me. But I still had no clue what was inside the bag though. It was blue and had black edges around it with a long blue strap to hold.

      I go into a light brown elevator and a security worker that’s a Black male comes inside with me. He’s wearing a dark blue jacket, light blue dress shirt, and a black dress pants, and most likely was wielding a black baton.

      He asks me what was inside of the bag while the elevator was ascending, and I paused for a few seconds and eventually stated casually that there were just some clothes inside. He looks into random space diagonally left of me, and shifts his eyes in front of the elevator door.

      Taking a second glace of the elevator’s interior, it mostly consisted of dark gold and brown colors. After a while, the elevator gets to the destination for the security guy to leave, and I get out as well. Then some individuals that seemed to be teenagers showed up to open the bag and explained what was inside.

      These were parts to build an Ironman suit, and it led me to presume I was smuggling for Tony Stark.

    7. Female Disintegrates Body and Runs Away from Military Base & A Girl Vomits that Defies Physics

      by , 12-12-2013 at 08:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Female Disintegrates Body and Runs Away from Military Base (DILD)


      Spoiler for Personal Notes:

      I recall existing inside of a building that seemed to have high-end technology, almost like some kind of government or private organization that associates with several political magistrates. I wasn't sure what I was doing for this dream, I just knew that I was dreaming.

      The outfit I was wearing is a bit difficult to process, but based on how my dream body felt, it was probably some kind of Tac Suit you'd see in Tom Clancy games. This dream had several themes, and the most prevalent were:

      • Espionage
      • Military
      • Anime

      The atmospheric overlay of the dream environment contributed to how it was mostly a colder region for several reasons. The soldiers or guards within the dream all seemed to have a default format from the MGS2/MGS3 soldiers with the black mask covering most of their face except the eyes.

      Spoiler for personal note:

      The weapon that I'm holding was probably just like the default gun you get from MGS2, the American military M9 that's modified to fire tranquilizer darts. Considering how I was using that gun instead of something lethal, I guess there was some ambition to stop killing figments of my imagination, since the last time I tried doing that to try to save dream characters, it ended up biting me later on.

      I see a few soldiers passively patrolling this linear area I'm at, and I quickly shoot them in the head since I was just going for Metal Gear Solid logic here. The area itself seemed to be split off with a black metal rectangular border in the middle.

      And if you looked from afar, there were more guards on patrol as well, and I had to be very careful of the direction they're facing. I had several guards wondering what was occurring in the area I was in, and I had to quickly go to the other side for safety.

      Fortunately they didn't go too far into investigating things and seemed to have pre-fetched sayings and declarations for whenever they're suspicious or presume the area is clear of intruders. As for the bodies of the soldiers that were passed out from the tranquilizers, it seemed I could care less about putting them in safe areas.

      I figured that there wouldn't be some weird system that demanded one to store bodies, or else there would be an alarm of suspicion. The area that was about 40 feet away from me seemed to be the external section where the weather had a lot of snow on the ground, but no snowing in particular.

      The dream shifts to where I'm now inside another base that has a lot more guards, and what seemed to be unarmed individuals that looked as if they're important. I found myself lying down on my stomach near a section to the left. I believe I was probably under a desk, and there were conveniently placed rectangular objects that concealed my position that were at least 9 inches in length.

      Since my field of vision is limited in this position, I had to make use of my lateral peripheral vision. I saw a Black male that was wearing a milky light violet colored dress shirt and regular jeans. For some reason, he was looking down right where I was at, though I wasn't sure if he knew I was there.

      He seemed to have made several glances back and forth at me and whoever he's talking to. Seeing how he didn't scream my position, he probably wanted to help me out, or he was just staring at random space to avoid the whole averting eyes awkwardness that occurs in most conversations.

      Whatever the case may be, looking at his visage and how he expressed himself, he seemed to have been involved as a computer guru or something of that nature. After a while, it seems some of the individuals leave to their bases and sections, and I finally get out of the awkward position under the desk.

      Unfortunately, there were still a good amount of guards around the area, and I had to time my shots in a specific pattern so one or two would hear their own men being knocked out with tranquilizer darts. Fortunately, the process was easy and I managed to take down the three guards within this room.

      Then the most absurd thing occurs in this dream. There was another individual that was knocked out that was unarmed. My mental image of this person seemed to be them wearing a white dress shirt and red jeans with some pink to it.

      His whole existence disintegrates, and a 3d model of a female that looks like this
      (it's hard finding an image of her not making lewd facial expressions):

      Spoiler for ...:

      I don't know what the hell was going on, and I was busy trying to process what I'm going to do if she ends up doing some weird demonic things to me. I can't really recall what happened after that though, just her running away.


      Girl Doing the Limbo & Vomiting that Defies Physics (Non-lucid)


      I'll keep this short and sweet, no need to be sensory descriptive of someone vomiting in a dream.

      A girl that seems to be 6-8 years of age is walking in a manner as if she's setting herself up to do the limbo without a bar. Then she randomly vomits while in the limbo position, and I'm not sure if the vomit is going in my direction.

      Maybe it's a sign that I'm a pile of vomit, or I'm being aware of certain false pretenses of those who I feel I could relate to. That's not really surprising, though I wonder who it is in particular the dream was trying to inform me on. And I guess the girl doing the limbo is either another symbolic implication of how that certain individual in waking life is still an enigma.

      And considering I had a dream about two children dying yesterday, maybe it's probably that one individual that I feel is another confused woman that just happened to gravitate to my openness to them. Probably a sign that I should go for more stable females than the psychotic ones.

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    8. Random Gunfire Kills Children, Mile in 4:30, Messy Apartment, Relative Catches Me Late at Night

      by , 12-11-2013 at 08:16 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Random Gun Fire Kills Children in Sporadic Intervals (DILD)


      When I became lucid, itís in a dream setting similar to a school cafeteria. It's completely different from the pre-existing models my mind usually utilizes. The flooring has the basic bland light gray colored tiling with black tar/rubbery-like substances between the creases.

      It's either morning or early afternoon, and there's a lot of individuals in their own groups. Two distinct groups where the ones that seemed to be Hispanic. For some weird reason, I had some predisposition into thinking they could be two gangs that have turmoil between each other.

      It seemed pretty normal in the sense of a school having individuals desperately trying to find an identity for themselves through gregarious activities with peers to have some illusory perception that there could actually be sustainable bonding. And I happened to be in the middle passively acknowledging their existence.

      I hear abrupt and short bursts of gun fire to the left, and I immediately turn in that direction to see the group to the left of me panicking and crowding around someone that may have been shot. Naturally, I get up to see what actually happened.

      There's a man who seems to be close to descending into a crying fit as he's holding a dead child in his arms. I can't really describe the details of how the dead child look because it was too disgusting to even contemplate on it.

      There's blood streaming through the child's face in several directions, almost as if there's some kind of radial streak originating somewhere along their chest. The group seems to be in a longer state of shock, and I didn't pay attention to what was going on with the group to the right of me.

      For some reason I wanted to confirm that this actually just happened, that a child just randomly dies due to gun fire that was very difficult to confirm where the origin was. Seeing how there were walls surrounding the building, the only presumption that can be made is that the bullets can somehow pass through walls and people and solidify until it meets whatever target the shooter wants.

      After looking at the child and the man who seems to be at his nadir, I presumed he was either the father, or some kind of relative to the child. Then I noticed most individuals here seems to be around my age or even older, and it felt weird with them existing in a school that would seem to be formatted for Middle School and High School.

      I don't know where I'm headed, but I just wanted to get out immediately because of my current attachment to the high state of paranoia of who would be next.

      This next environment seems to be an expanded version of the previous one, and the next attack seemed to have been initiated diagonally to the right. I'm sitting with a dream character that was a counterpart of the waking life individual I talked with in High School mostly though lunch period.

      Although his existence didn't really seem to matter much, though for the sake of just getting some descriptions down:

      • He was wearing a bland gray shirt, dark blue jeans, and his usual messy hairstyle

      • His body composition emulated gestures that seemed as if bad was going to happen, though I'm not sure why I'm led to believe this

      Most of my attention was on the right section of the dream environment, and I seemed to have some restriction to turn to the left. Maybe it's because I felt something bad would happen in the direction I'm paying attention to the most, or it's something else entirely that I wasn't aware of.

      Then more gun fire comes in randomly, and everyone starts screaming. I get up immediately, and the person to the right of me gets up and seems to be shifting his head left and right frantically trying to find where the shot came from.

      Turns out it's another child that died, though I didn't bother to take that into consideration seeing how I ended up bringing out the neurotic state again. Since the attack came from afar, I didn't bother paying attention into looking at the child.

      Because at the point, if I came in to see what would happen, I would be questioning why I would want to make the attempt to go there and confirm whatever visualizations would show up of the late child's body. And like the previous event, I get out like everyone else eventually did.


      Running a Mile in 4:30 (DILD)


      Guess DILDs are my frequent means of reaching lucidity. That's glad to know considering how haven't done any WBTB lately, and the fact that I was sleeping late and waking up fairly late as well.

      The environment looks exactly like the middle school I used to go to, except there some weird atmospheric overlay of brown, orange, and other warm colors. It seemed it was close to night time, but the sunset managed to sustain its existence for a pretty long time.

      The conditions of the dream with the environment, and where I was placed with other dream characters and other factors such led me to believe there was going to be a mile run. I can't recall when the coach blew the whistle, but I proceeded to run at the same time everyone did.

      I seemed to have realized my legs wouldn't tire out, though I seemed to have been experiencing psychosomatic processes where I felt like I was tired after running fast from the start. The dream shifts to where now I have to go around a huge ring where there was a large field of grass in the middle.

      However, it wasn't necessary to go around this circle. All I needed to do was get to the middle, and then turn around and dash all the way back to the start, and then turn to the right to the next new outer ring. I was stumbling a bit in my movements, but then a random image somehow gave me a jolt of energy.

      Out of all the imagery that could show up to emit some kind of emotional response, Shanks from One Piece shows up and fades away. It was a younger version of him smiling while wearing a straw hat, at least younger than the current version that looks like he's in his late 30s or something.

      Either that was some weird reference on how Luffy has a long-term goal of eventually meeting Shanks when he becomes more powerful, or just a random image altogether.

      Anyway, deus ex machina kicks in and I'm running very fast. So fast that I'm already close to finishing the mile run and I'm already by the large gates that I have to go outside the edges. I then get the urge to propel myself to run even faster and finally reached the end.

      The coach looks like exactly like the waking life counterpart that seemed to be in his late twenties. He was wearing a dark blue polo shirt along with dark gray sports shorts. He checked his stopwatch and stated that I finished the mile in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

      Clearly something I never was able to do during middle school or even in my current state.

      The dream shifts to where I'm heading somewhere holding a cellphone and calling someone. I don't know who it was, but based on how I felt and communicated with them, it was someone really close. Though that's pretty vague seeing how it could be anyone really. I told them how I managed to finish a mile in 4:30, and by that time it was night time.


      Messy Apartment and the Realism Distracts Me From Dream Logic (DILD)


      I'm in an apartment that resembles the one when I was in College Station, and it seems my father was on his way over there. I didn't know how much time I actually had, but with the situation I'm in now in the dream, my apartment was a horrible mess.

      Everything here felt so real to the point where I really started to get distracted. I tried formulating ways to clean up this mess before actually doing so, but I barely got anything done. Then the dream shifts to where I meet an individual in waking life that I'll just abbreviate as Jas.

      Jas seemed to be close to this area for some reason in order for me to interact with him so easily. He looked exactly like his waking life counterpart, probably to near perfection. His expression and his fairly passive demeanor to twist his words a bit to make himself look better seems to be there, but that could just be my conceptual schemes playing out within this dream.

      He seemed more casual, and even friendlier than he is in waking life. It was almost as if I was a very close friend of his within this dream. I was getting something out of a Jeep Blazer vehicle, and I seemed to ignore the fact that I owned a vehicle for once as well.

      Jas was stating something, and I interrupted him with a joke since how what he was saying was going to end up awkward and weird. I forgot what I actually took out, but I went back to the apartment only to go back to square one on what to do with the messy apartment.

      Sometimes I wonder if it was an error in perception on the apartment being messy, and instead it I was probably confused on how there were so many objects in front of me that were most likely organized in a weird fashion.


      Relative Catches Me Late at Night (DILD)


      I'm just going to be lazy and give a brief overview of what happened:

      • It's night time in the dream
      • I wanted to get out of the house that I was in for reasons I can't recall
      • My relative wanted to get out, but he wasn't aware that I was outside for a few seconds
      • I ended up walking into his direction, and he's surprised on how I was able to get out
      • I go back into the house
    9. Killing People with Bookshelfs, I'm Black Cat, Ice Sword & Water Sword Combo

      by , 12-10-2013 at 08:55 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Killing People With Bookshelfs (DILD)


      Yeah, this dream clearly didn't have a script. It's like David Cage's Beyond Two Souls meets Apophenia's desire for self-fulfilling prophecies from unrelated occurrences to create some Stand Alone complex. Even that attempt for analogies didn't make sense.

      My perspective for this dream was mostly looking as an over watcher of events while being able to pick and choose how certain occurrences would be implemented to cause a chain of events. I was lucid throughout the part with the killing people with bookshelf, but after that, I'm not too sure.

      I believe I had to make sure a character I'm focused to was led to safety. They had to encounter several dream characters that looked like Black Ops, soldiers, and other military and espionage related themes. Instead of having to get the character to shoot the people, I decided to be tactful with the environment.

      It seemed that while the soldiers that were facing off random gun firing from the opposite side, they were completely oblivious to how the objects around them could easily injure them or even kill them. There were probably some explosive barrels, but I decided to just move the bookshelf that seems to be conveniently the same length of the 4-5 dream characters lined up right in front of it.

      So the bookshelf falls down and they die or pass out, and I proceed to move to the next area where I would have to do a similar activity.
      Other than that, I can't recall what happened at this point.


      I'm Black Cat Walking Through a Post-Apocalyptic/War Environment (DILD)


      I seem to have taken the form of Black Cat from the Spiderman franchise.

      Spoiler for black cat:


      This dream was weird in its plot, though actually having a dream where the dreamer would prefer finding the script than following it isn't really too surprising. And finding an actual starting point is difficult since it may end up in back tracking to another dream shifts. So I'll just recall moments where I was lucid.

      I'm strutting my stuff like nobody's business in my tight-latex-wearing female embodying existence. The outfit texture resembles the one the Bayonetta chick wears:

      Spoiler for bayonettaaa:

      I had a cluster of emotions during this role as a female. I felt confidence and ready to pounce on anyone.

      I mostly felt sensations around my back that were tingling so much that I was wondering if my knees would become weak from this really overwhelming surge of sexual and euphoric feelings. Since I'm a female, I took the initiative to find some random male dream character and prepared my right hand for a brutal smack in the ass.

      Then I continue walking without showing a sign of wanting to see the dream character's response, and now there seems to actually be a script that I ended up following for this dream.

      The dream shifts to where I'm starting to become more aware of the sensations of my back, almost as if my back had some kind of multi-range rape contingency and prevention system or something.

      I'm walking through some areas that seemed to have been demolished either through construction work, or some post-war & post-apocalyptic setting to it. The overall color scheme for this environment consisted of very milky cool colors along with the dominant being light gray.

      I made this deduction seeing how the walls and the flooring had some kind of light pasty gray color to them. I could see the massive accumulation of crumbles from the buildings in a few areas along with the twisted and stripped metal bindings that sustained the building's composition.

      The area I was active in by this point seemed to have been me trying to escort a man to safety. At this point, I feel like I wasn't Black Cat anymore, and was shifting in and out with my dream self and her body as well. Eventually I started to look at her, and was wondering if I'm the guy she's escorting to safety.

      I noticed that I started to get a bit anxious and cautious of any scenario where I had to watch my back. I think the Black Cat entity that I took a full embodiment possession of wanted to give me assurance that I wouldn't have to worry about anything.

      Other than a few dream characters that came out of nowhere which I had to kill with a silenced gun I believe, there wasn't a lot going on for this dream after that.

      Too bad this isn't a dream where I had good control of my movements in first person perspective, it was more of just being aware of movements in third person and spectator view.


      Ice Sword and Water Sword Combo (Non-lucid)


      All I recall for this dream is seeing a dream character that resembles Haru Glory from Rave Master holding a sword.

      Apparently the sword is called an "Ice Sword" based on the information that shows up as a HUD next to the character that's shown in 2d. Apparently the Ice Sword transforms when you have the Water Sword or something in a certain state to gradually build up into something that I can't remember.

      The dream setting was night time, and had a dark blue overlay atmospheric vibe to it.

    10. Bleached Blonde with Trivial Demands & I Have to Take the Alternative Way to Heaven

      by , 12-10-2013 at 08:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bleached Blonde Female Demands That She's At Least 2 Year Older Than Her Partner (DILD)


      I'm shirtless and I'm wearing long black pantaloons with some dark brown boots I believe. The environment is snowy and very cold to the point where I literally start shivering after being more aware about it.

      I'm not really having full control of my body, I'm just speculating from a distance of my dream body walking with someone. The girl in front of me that's walking backwards in front of me while I'm walking forward looks familiar.

      Her visage fluctuates between a realistic face and an anime face that's similar to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex's female character faces. It's smooth, fairly big dark blue eyes, and long bleached blonde hair. She's wearing a dark green jacket and I believe is wearing a skirt of some kind.

      The first set of colors that come up as I'm recalling this is some kind of checkered red and black skirt that only goes all the way down to the mid-region of her thighs. But other occurrences with being with this female involved her wearing a light milky blue skirt that extends more to her knees.

      Apparently she claims she prefers being in a relationship where she's two years older than the partner. For some reason I stopped a bit to do some kind of calculation despite not knowing when her birthday is. I visualized words of the months passing by and fading away in the environment up to the sky. A noticeable number was "15," and then I decided to stop it altogether since I didn't seem to be getting anywhere with this.

      After standing around there passively for a while, the female is really close to my face and resorts to the anime style visage before turning her back at me and conforming to the realistic human face.

      Spoiler for Contingency note so I can remember which blonde in waking life she resembled:

      Except her hair is tied up into a ball, and she's even skinnier than before. It's almost as if I was interacting with her younger form, maybe 3-5 years younger as of the year of this dream journal entry. After that, it seemed she started to fade away like a regular dream character that seems to just exist to fill the cold and empty environment with some activity.

      The buildings themselves had a dark violet overlay on them, which felt like a weird combination with the color of the snowy environment. Other than various cool colors, something about this dream felt really weird, I just can't put my finger on it.


      I Have to Take the Other Route to Heaven (Non-lucid)


      Oh, this dream....and the fact that I just happened to watch a 3d animation video on some skeleton trying to get to heaven after it...

      Anyway, since I didn't really care much for the content of this dream (i.e. making it into a chronological pattern), I'll just give a brief list on things I recalled:

      • The environment resembled Meltokio from the Tales series (specifically Tales of Symphonia)

      • There were all sorts of religious, angelical, and other symbolism and archetypes within this dream.
      • There was a large white cloud that served as a barrier from me getting to the other side of the city. If I were to get near it, a random cartoon entity that seemed to have resembled the image of God said I would have to take an alternative to get to Heaven.

        I think I'll take the mode of belief with the casual atheist and impartial agnostic route for this dream like an older friend and I seem to garner a predisposition to, thank you very much.

      • Dream characters seemed to have emulated the art style for Tales of Symphonia 1, and I recall seeing someone wear a Pope-related costume. The large semi-oval hat with a pointy tip at the top consisted of a dark blue color with some gold-colored markings.

        His robes were mostly a milky butterscotch color with an overlay of pasty milky brown...as if I can really give actual color names...

      • This area felt so real to me, but I wasn't lucid for very long seeing how I reveled more into this dream emulating me actually going out on an adventure similar to the Tales series.
      • It's just one of those dreams that would make one contemplate if they were to switch their perception of reality and make the new one their quotidian lifestyle instead.

      • The same God-related entity gave me a thumbs up and a wink with his left eye when he was telling me I would have to find an alternative way to heaven. And he wasn't even a three-dimensional entity, just your basic 2d entity that somehow made some fade transition that was slapped on the screen I was looking over in a bird's eye view.

        Jeeze, could the higher self bird's eye view implications be a bit more prevalent here?

      That's all I recall, at least in the spectrum of trying to cohesively make a chronological pattern here. The rest would've been environment descriptions, which would be another mini-novel by itself.

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    11. Miley Twerking Cyrus Look-a-like is My Cosplay Partner

      by , 12-10-2013 at 08:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Miley Twerking Cyrus Look-a-like is My Dance Partner (DILD)


      I'm inside of a mall with a group of dream characters that are closely related to the Teen Titans main characters. I wasn't aware of this immediately, but they showed up later on in the dream.

      I had brief moments of lucidity and shifting back into a non-lucid state, and was surprisingly experiencing as if I passed out at some point.

      I recall that I ended up doing a cosplay of Cyborg, and apparently there's some kind of costume event or competition. Apparently I was supposed to gender bend with the Miley Cyrus counterpart within the dream, and I started to feel myself turning into a female for some weird reason.

      Though it was mostly just people putting a wig on me and some awkward occurrences I probably don't really need to remember at all. They finish at some point, and then I felt like I was passing out, and the dream started to get blurry.

      At some point I wake up in the dream and found myself inside a very restricted room. I get up slowly and found myself back to my original dream body. I believe I was wearing a vanilla suit with a light blue dress shirt along with vanilla dress pants. The room I'm in consists of a basic turquoise or aqua blue color, and it felt like I was in some kind of containment more than being in an actual room.

      I open the door in front of me slowly and poked my head out. The environment beyond the area I'm within consists of a contrast warm color of various shades of red. It's obvious that this is a large auditorium, and I looked at a group of individuals sitting in the front section about 20 feet diagonally to the right of my current perspective.

      I saw all the Teen Titans characters except for Robin, and they glanced over to look at me most likely as a reflex to see who's coming out. It seems that there's going to be a lot of individuals coming out eventually, so I took the initiative to get out and find a seat as quickly as possible.

      There's not really much goals I had in mind other than to see what was going to go on here. I ended up picking a random row and seat that was about 30-60 feet away from the door I was originally at. I could feel a sense of warmth within the dream environment, which was fairly surprising considering how an area as spacious as this would generally be a little colder.

      I sit down, and I had a feeling someone was going to sit next to me. I looked to the right and saw a Miley Cyrus dream character counterpart wearing an absurd hairstyle. It was as if her hair was plugged into an electrical socket to try to emulate a Don King hairstyle, except it was more spread out laterally in this case.

      She was wearing super short shorts that consisted maybe of a dark swamp green color along with a V-blouse that was light swamp green without any sleeves. Then her visage started to change and deviate a bit to resemble someone very familiar, I just can't put get it out of my tongue unfortunately.

      She has bleached blonde hair streaks along with a dirty blonde color as the dominant color. She's looking at me and smiling, which somehow makes me smile and then laugh uncontrollably on how silly she looks like. I laughed so much that I had to put my hands over my face and started using my left or right hand to tap my knee rapidly.

      I just couldn't take it anymore, and other people started laughing at her as well, but she didn't seem to mind it too much. She started to crave the attention and walked a bit more confidently as if she was going to pump her arms in a semi-circular motion. I take my right hand and tapped the empty seat to the right of me to make a gesture that she could sit there.

      She continues looking at me while she's going through the small gap in the row I'm at and seems to pass up my offer, but eventually sits to the left of me.
      I can't recall anything after that, so I guess we ended up watching whatever was going to happen on stage.

    12. Eating Popsicles, Random Jury Duty, Pissed off at Cheerleaders and Black Dachshund Dog Licking Me

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eating a Green Apple Flavored Popsicle (DILD)


      I don't know where in the world I had lucidity, but the experience was so real that it just felt really out of place compared to waking life. And this dream probably occurred after the one I had where I was inside of a room where I was probably doing jury duty or something.

      I'm hanging around with some male child, and I believe I'm with one or two more individuals about my age or much older as well. It seems that we're preparing to go to an ice cream truck, and it definitely feels as if this dream initiated after the weird jury duty related dream.

      It seems that we're at an area that is close to a forest that would be fairly difficult to traverse through, and although I didn't pay attention anything beyond my horizon for too long, it was clear things were a bit foggy. I was standing on dark brown dirt and could hear the small cackling, snapping, and grinding sounds of the surface as well.

      Me and the 1-2 people along with the random child proceeded to the ice cream truck, and the person inside the vehicle immediately prepared ice-cold popsicles for us to have. I think it was for free as well, and we all ended up eating green apple flavored popsicles for some reason.

      I don't know how I came to the conclusion that it was green apple since I could barely manage getting anything with my taste buds within this dream. Either it was a random association with something I heard on television with green apples helping with claustrophobia, or something else entirely. It seems I was quick to finish the Popsicle and probably managed to eat it all in maybe 3-5 bites.

      I guess brain freeze is non-existent, and I guess if it were to occur in the dream, it would just be a psychosomatic experience. After that,
      recall of anything else after that is a bit blurry and too difficult to extend on.


      Random Jury Duty (DILD)


      Throughout the dream, I seemed to have went through random climbing with boxes and trying to reach edges of higher flooring that had 3 feet of space between us.

      It felt like this area was fairly busy with random dream characters, and I managed to see one entity that looked like an individual I met at a wedding one time. She seemed to represent her waking life counterpart fairly well, and I recall she was looking up at me for a few seconds before going about her separate way.

      The boxes I was climbing on top of seemed to be fairly heavy in order to actually stay solid and firm. They looked like regular office boxes with the base with a U-shaped edge loop on the two sides or something. After having constant struggling with trying to get to the higher edge flooring safely, I decided to call it quits and resorted to asking random dream characters.

      I managed to encounter a dream character that looked like the boyfriend of the same female I mentioned above me. It's abbreviate him as "Rl." He was wearing a gray suit with a yellow dress shirt and a red and black striped tie going diagonally from the top right to bottom left along with gray dress pants. He has dark brown shoes as well, probably lace-less, but I didn't bother to pay attention to his feet for too long.

      I asked him a question on where I could find a particular individual/room/event/etc., I can't really pinpoint my actual query unfortunately. He started to point in some directions and informed me I could start by going up the sloped floor that was about 30 feet away from us. I leave, but I'm not sure if I said thanks to him, and proceeded to go up the slope.

      Seemed I had another fiasco with finding where the hell I was trying to get to in the first place. Seemed pretty futile asking questions for a place when all the dream character does is pointing you in one direction and not giving a detailed set of information. The overall environment for the dream was fairly bland with walls consisting of milk turquoise textured painting and regular gray floors.

      After going around like a headless chicken, I miraculously found some area I felt I was "supposed" to arrive at. At this point, it felt like it was a jury duty in a regular high corporation office. I'm not sure when I was lucid, but the
      cluster of emotions ranging from anxiousness, feeling rushed, worried on the arrival for another dream character and such made me lucid at some point.

      I wasn't fully aware of my body moving, I just seemed to shift my awareness towards the head focal region and just scanned the area. I was waiting for a certain dream character that presumably is a doctor of some sort. It seemed that they were arriving pretty late, and it seemed that they were most likely important for whatever event was occurring in here.

      The room itself had a seating format where it would be a | _ | arrangement. Imagine that same format flipped over the Y-axis. Now imagine me on the left side sitting down looking down towards nothingness with the flooring desperately wondering if the random doctor dream character would show up.

      Eventually, I see an individual in a white coat and presumed that was the doctor. I believe he was a Black male that looked oddly familiar to a character from the "Meet the Browns" television sitcom (or lame-com) that was one of the main characters and a doctor. He was holding a document in his hand, and it didn't seem like he had a lot of information contained in it other than a dark gray piece of paper in between the manila folder.

      After that, I had a sigh of relief, though I never contemplated why in the world I would be relieved to know a random doctor showed up. Either way, whatever happen, if this was even a jury duty in the first place, happened.

      I can't remember anything else after that.

      Cheerleaders, Guards, and a Black Dachshund Licking Me (DILD)


      Wow, I guess all those hours of militant image streaming training is starting to help tremendously with the dream recall and filling in the gaps that would've taken longer just to recall decently. I thought I wouldn't be able to devote so much time into recall this, but it seems my mind is connecting things at a faster rate, which is always good I guess.

      It's getting easier to know when I'm lucid now, which is another bonus, but even though I did at least 20+ hours image streaming, I might have to push it more in the near future if I ever get as much time. Or maybe I can just go back one hour of image streaming a day instead of doing like 3 hours one day and 1 hour the next, and then nothing for a few months.

      I'm outside with a group of people, one of which resembled one of my close relatives. It seems that there was some kind of rush built up throughout the dream, as if I wanted to start a raid that would descend into some short metaphorical adventure into exploring deeper into my mind.

      I believe I'm wearing some type of milky cool colored dress shirt that was most likely blue or something of that nature along with a dark vanilla suit and dress pants. I also was wearing a light brown shoes with a yellow rubbery sole texture on the bottom as well.

      The environment surrounding me was a mix of two High Schools that I used to go to. The ground itself consisted of a light gray color, but the sky above me seemed to have some sort of ambient lighting to it that made it look a bit more of a very milky and light violet color.

      It was very spacious, and I there were all sorts of structures surrounding me that I didn't bother to absorb them into my perception in great detail. What was about 30-40 feet away from me was a building where the front had a series of glass blocks. There was double glass door with light gray metal bars for the door handle to push in, and the tint of the glasses consisted of a dark brown color.

      The individual that accurately resembled a close relative of mine was wearing a simple black shirt along with Khaki-colored long pants that was a little baggy around the knee and ankle regions. He's wearing a pair of glasses and has a hairstyle that looks exactly like what my relative would conform to if he got a haircut.

      The hairline makes an "M" shape that's more rounded and spread out which leaves a pretty large gap around his forehead. I forget what color the shoes he's wearing, but I'm presuming he's wearing something similar to mine.

      I get closer and closer to the double glass doors and pushed them in an aggressive manner and I heard the clashing sounds of the small metal gears opening the door. The area inside was pretty dark, but in the dream setting, it seems it was early morning I believe.

      It was easy to spot some backlight that was probably 100-200 feet away from my current position within this school building. The area I'm at looked like a cafeteria similar to what the two High school had the same model for.

      It was very spacious, and continued to become more spacious the more I paid close attention to the environment with peripheral vision. There's some weird dark brown atmospheric overlay as well that adds on to the darkness in the middle of the cafeteria that was fairly empty.

      In front of me were a group of females that looked as if they were practicing some choreographed moves for cheerleading or for some kind of dance squad. There were about two females that I was able to identify on the spot without actually having to pay attention to their visage in extreme detail.

      The contours of their face had an immediate association to the ones I had some interaction with in waking life in the past. The first contour was one of a Black female that was probably around the age of 16-17, at least based on her body composition alone. I'll just label her as "Chels" for the sake of anonymity.

      She had the same radiant personality she used to exhibit to others in general, and the second person that I recalled was a blonde female. Since her name is a bit shorter than the previous, I'll just label her as "Sarah."

      She had the same hairstyle as her waking life counterpart, where most of her hair was bundled up into a ball. Then there were regions of her hair that were spread out and had a tangle, wavy, and spiraling effect at the bevels of the ball's curvature.

      Other than those two, the rest seemed to have a very opaque composition, almost to the point of being pure silhouettes. It was almost as if they barely had life in them, and I wonder as I'm recalling this why I wouldn't be able to identify the other visages except for the two noticeable ones when I was probably a sophomore or junior in High School.

      The cheerleaders or dance squad seemed to be performing very mechanically, almost to near perfection with synching, though this was all presumed based with a mix of peripheral and 360 vision that's fairly difficult to articulate properly into words.

      I believe there's a series of light brown cardboard boxes that were flattened and spread out and most likely taped to the floor as some kind of cheap dancing pad for them to practice on. The floor itself consisted of a weird milky mix of light pink with a barely noticeable overlay of light milky violet as well.

      The tiling for the floor consisted of maybe 3x3 inch squares that were separated with black lines that had a few inches depth to it as well, which adds on to how it matched perfectly with the sounds of footsteps and echoing as well.

      Now, let's focus back to my perspective of being filled with a cluster of emotions in relation to adrenaline, passive-aggressiveness (somewhat), and just a few seconds from a monumental rage that would end off anticlimactically with submissiveness.

      I asked the blonde female Sarah a general question in a fairly rushed and aggressive tonality on whether or not if I could proceed further into the building. She immediately shifts her awareness to me and makes a head motion for "No." I believe she was saying something after doing so, but by then, my emotional responses were so quick that I ended up drowning out my auditory awareness of her voice tremendously.

      I was already in rage and started to scream abruptly which ended up with the room being in complete silence for a while. As I'm reaching the apex of the scream, the same relative I mentioned before seemed to have an expression that seemed intimidated or irritated slightly from the scream.

      To the right of me at about 20-30 feet away from me would be a small set of stairs that would lead to a slightly higher flooring that would be maybe 3-4 feet tall. There were metal bars that were spaced out 6-10 feet wide and had a weird contour where the pole on the top region would go straight up, horizontal, diagonal to be parallel to the small set of stairs, and then downwards to the lower floor.

      I make a power walk towards the stairs while sustaining the weird cluster of emotions, and then I noticed that my close relative started to get ahead of me. He proceeded to the top of the stairs and scanned left and right.

      He seemed to have been paralyzed for a few seconds, and I wondered what was going on. He ended up turning to his right and trying to make a dash towards some area. Most likely the other set of double doors presuming this dream modeled the two High Schools to exact specifications in generalizations.

      I could sense there were going to be a group of individuals where a huge column to my left was blocking me from visualizing. That column and the rest had the similar color of the tile flooring inside the building as well, and for some odd reason, my emotions shifted abruptly.

      From the auditory awareness of a group of men yelling at the dream character that resembled my close relative, I decided to prepare for an immediate surrender. I probably even had a mental rendering within the dream of how it would turn out to be as well, which just added on to me promptly lowering my body slowly while having my hands up.

      Sustaining the 360 vision while having my back facing the set of dream characters that would eventually find me, I paid attention to their details. They were fairly bland and dull for the visage aspect and had a default clothes setting of black shirt and black long pants. I believe there was a white font across their chests, but I can't recall what was stated specifically.

      And as I'm continuing my descent to the floor, I'm finally down on my knees and end up lying down on my stomach. At this point, this is where things started to get really awkward. I have my hands placed on my back and the top of my rear waiting for the guards to do whatever they needed to do since we seemed to have been intruders.

      But it doesn't seem they're coming in my direction, and were probably busy taking care of the relative of mine that probably escaped already. In the meantime while I'm still lying down on the floor, a random Black Dachshund dog appears on my right side.

      I found myself in a fairly awkward position where I was worried that this dog would probably maul my entire face off or something. Fortunately, it seemed the dog had a liking for me and ended up just licking the right side of my ear and face occasionally while looking up.

      I wanted to look up to see what it was looking at, but I was paying more attention in making sure the dog wouldn't do something random and change its demeanor from friendly to rip-your-face-off. I could feel the body head for the dog as well, and I could tell that out of all the dream characters within this dream, this dog had more lively nature to it.

      It's almost as if I could feel its tail wagging and breathing to some extend compared to the lifeless and air-filled dream characters around me. After a while, I can't recall what happened next because things ended in a blur.

      There was probably a dream shift where I was captured and in a different location, but that's all I remember unfortunately.
    13. Machine Guns, I'm Nikita, Captured, Someone Falls Down, Female in Men's Restroom

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Machine Guns and Captured to Be A Slave (DILD)


      I've been watching a lot of Nikita on Netflix apparently to get a dream related to it.

      I'm inside of what seems to be an apartment, and it's fairly late at night within the dream. The flooring consists of a brown wooden color, and the walls are most likely dark gray.

      I'm right behind a dream character that looks like Michael from the show "Nikita," and he seems to be on the alert of someone coming in. I move around a bit, feeling a bit anxious.

      I realized I was dreaming at some point when I asked him a few questions on what I needed to do in this area. He told me that I should go ahead and hide and just keep myself safe.

      He's holding a black silenced pistol and is staying in position while I find a place to hide. It doesn't seem like I any alternatives other than to just stay there and face whatever entity or group of entities coming in to invade the room we're in.

      There's a door that's opened to the left of me, and I believe it leads to the kitchen. Michael comes in for a moment, and as he's going halfway through the door, the door he was patrolling 10-20 feet away from him opens.

      He's caught by surprise and tries to aim his gun as soon as he can, but it seems the invader used the machine gun to quickly spray bullets at him. I immediately evade to the left and tried to glance at what the entity looked like.

      He looked like Bitores Mendez from Resident Evil 4, and had the same outfit as well. Michael is pushed back to a wall, and simply lies down there. I didn't confirm if he was dead or not since I was already trying to save myself.

      I quickly hide behind a door because that's my only option right now. I noticed I had a weapon on hand, but didn't pay attention to describe it well enough. I just presumed it was a pistol, and I made sure to slow down my breathing.

      It seems the Mendez dream character disappeared, and a feminine figure is walking slowly towards the door I'm hiding behind. I get tensed up for a bit and prepared for confrontation.

      The entity turns around immediately and I take a shot at her. It seems it was teenager in the age range of 16-18. Though her visage looked a little bit more cheekier and child-like. She had some kind of patched up braided hairstyle, but it wasn't the whole format of her hair.

      She looked very familiar, like the sister from the "Everybody Hates Chris" television show. I thought I killed this dream character, but it seems she's just another invincible entity in my head. She takes a shot at me, and I expected to recieve some kind of reaction, but I'm not really feeling anything.

      The dream starts getting a little hard to intrepret chronologically because one moment I feel like I'm being riddled with bullets from a machine gun, and the next I feel perfectly fine.

      I take another shot at the girl, trying to see if she can at least fall down and faint or something. Doesn't seem to work, and she's a bit too close for comfort honestly. She says,

      "We're going to take you to be our slave."

      After that, it's hard to know what happened next. A probable reason is that during the inconsistent shifts before taking my last shot at the girl, I was questioning whether or not they were using tranquilizers.

      I checked the suit I was wearing that had a milky butterscotch color mixed with dirty golden color and found bits on my wrist, arms, and my chest I believe.

      And as I'm in shock that they're trying to tranquilize me, I look at my hands and things get even freakier. The perspective involves me looking at myself from the bottom-up that's zooming into my face.

      I realized I was Nikita.

      Apparently I or she's wearing a black vest along with black jeans and a belt. I couldn't make out what she wore for her feet, I just paid attention to my/her reaction until the dream scene shifts abruptly.

      There's a quick fade out and a gradual fading into another scene. I can feel myself being chained, and decided to wait for the environment to become more vivid.

      Eddie Falls Down (DILD)


      I'm trying to go down a set of stairs floating above what seems to be a bottomless cosmic-like pit.

      There's a person in front of me trying to hold onto any ledge, and ends up tripping and falling.

      I scream as he's falling down and started to freak out while still trying to hold my balance. I keep going down the stairs


      Female in the Men's Restroom (DILD)


      I know this dream was long, but can't recall much.

      Basically a black haired female was in the men's restroom, and I think she, me, and maybe two more people were a group that were trying to rendevoue at a certain location.

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    14. September 2013 - October 2013 Dream Journal Entries

      by , 12-03-2013 at 06:49 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sitting in Lunch and Comparing Electronic Devices (DILD)


      I had the intention to do a recording of using IamCoder's Halovision plugin for sleeping prior to a WBTB and then after a WBTB. However, since I'm not used to waking up so early after only attempting a WBTB a few weeks ago after months of just focusing solely on reality, wasn't able to get the motivation to move the laptop near the bed.

      Made me realize how much sleep is more enjoyable when you stop making a habit where you would prefer to wake up as soon as you hit that tra

      I'm in a school cafeteria, and based on how my senses were in the dream, the atmosphere or condition of the dream in general was fairly milky and blurry in some aspects. The tile flooring consisted of a milky violet color with black rubber or colored cement separating each square by maybe half and inch to an inch wide.

      It was afternoon within the dream seeing how it was fairly sunny outside by looking through the glass windows. The seating arrangement in the cafeteria consisted of long light gray tables going horizontally in perspective of you looking at this text and light gray circular flat seats supported by a curved J shaped metal attached to the bottom railings of the table.

      I noticed that I'm wearing an general outfit similar to a High School get-up I had horrible sense of fashion in. It was a maroon polo-like shirt with black jeans, joes, and a black wind jacket of some sort. I proceed to an empty seat where to the right was an individual that had a long-sleeved shirt under a gray shirt. Sitting down, I take out a random object out of my pocket, and I started having a small conversation with the dream character.

      I noticed he was similar to someone in waking life that I used to know a little bit in High School, he had an enthusiastic demeanor. I held the electronic device and noticed it's similar to the Zune HD I had. I wasn't paying too much attention to it, just tilting it in a semi-circular motion and noticed the same dream character was listening to something on what seemed to be an iPod.

      Wake Up! (DILD)


      I felt someone's fingers touch one of my eyes to try and open it, and I hear a familiar voice.

      I decide to pretend that I was sleeping, though it seems the dream character knew I was awake. She decides to say "Wake up!" in a casual tone, and I tilt my head and feigned usual sounds when a person is being bothered in their sleep.

      I hear her footsteps trailing away from me, and I hear another female's voice. After things seem quiet, I open up my eyes and I was resting on a white sofa. Its composition was fairly flat and square-like and barely round on the edges. This environment feels very peculiar....too lazy to update on this...

      Lady Spares my life (DILD)


      Shooting people

      Lady almost shoots me but spares my life. Oh, I'm so going to remember this one, hopefully.

      • Mutant being with pulsating heart external from its body
      • Metal Tank with Spiked Wheels grinding everything up except me
      • Coming out with an injured arm
      • Hiding from a female and her group of men that apparenty want to kill me
      • I try to kill the men, but they just won't die
      • Eventually get trapped and I'm held at gunpoint by the lady
      • She smiles and walks off without shooting me
      • I sit there still looking perplexed on what happened just now



      Metal Tank of Death (DILD)


      I believe I'm wearing a warm colored dress-shirt, maybe a milky yellow color that's tucked under a gray dress pants. I'm wearing a gray suit as well along with a brown belt with a silver or brass colored buckle in the middle.

      My hair is shaved off, and I find myself in a dark area. I don't really pay attention to confirming if I'm dreaming or not, this is just one of those dreams where you decide to get absorbed into the adventure instead of destroying the environment and being confused on what to do next.

      the floor consists of milky and faded yellow tile flooring, and there seems to be small hallways, almost built like a maze. I'd presume each hallway was about fifteen to twenty feet wide, and I find myself lurking around the corners.

      I have a dark gray gun in my hand, and I can't really make out all the details because there's several yellow lights in random patterns on the ceiling. After walking a bit, I noticed there's a fairly large entity in front of me about twenty feet away.

      It looks like a mutant, completely disfigured body composition, and I'm wondering just what it actually is. It seems to have a face, but this face looks like it has been mutilated, and it's hard getting its visage in good detail.

      It consists of an dark apricot skin complexion that's stretchy and a bit flaccid in a few areas. It almost looks like it's dead, or just pretending to be dead. I noticed that it's heart was external from its body and was still beating.

      The heart had a dark violet color, and was pulsating in a slow but strong frequency. Things shift and there's a metal tank with two cylinder shaped wheels going horizontally that have small spikes on them.

      I make a run for it, and the machine grinds up the weird mutant body.

      I can't remember what happened next because I wasn't expecting to get a lucid.

      I got an iPhone....wait, just a lucid dream... (DILD)


      I was taking an hour nap from attempting 71 minutes of image streaming. I did 3 hours of it 2 days ago, and it's amazing how quick things come by in my mind lately.

      I'm inside of a house similar to the one I'm currently in, and I go outside and go around the side yard and end up talking to two dream characters. I don't know what I was going to mention to them, and I end up being distracted by the mailman that comes by.

      He's an elderly man, but seems to be in pretty peak condition for his age, and he gives me a brown box with my name on it. I go inside the house and open it up and realized I've been given a free iPhone!

      Some dream character that looks like a relative of mine started to state that someone merely glued all those pieces together and managed to make the phone look like new. For some reason, this prompted me to realize once more that this is just a dream.

      My enthusiasm was sapped, good bye imaginary iPhone!

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    15. Her Family Jewels Are Still Intact...Wait..Her What???

      by , 09-09-2013 at 02:00 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Her Family Jewels Are Still Intact...Wait..Her What??? (DILD)


      Boy, me talking about the lucidity at the right time in the dream journal entry I had yesterday?

      I don't even know anymore. I just can't have the decency to describe this dream in long detail.

      [18+] This isn't even that graphic in the first place. I just state a word or two, and whatever imagery you come up with it is YOUR fault, not mine man.I'm exiting a room and I'm going into a hallway, and I encounter a female that's sitting on a desk and is working on a computer. For some odd reason,
      Spoiler for You Wot M8?:

      I will admit she could've gave the best fellatio. You want to know how hard it is to get out of a situation like that? She wanted to do it man, she wanted to do it, her nails were already skin deep man.





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