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    Log 457 - Sonic Fights Some Bones and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 07-30-2016 at 06:59 PM (667 Views)
    Created Saturday 30 July 2016

    Spellbee's Summer Lucid Competition 2016 - Entry 1

    Bleh. Not much to note on dreams, one complete one from before dawn, and a number of fragments afterwards. There was one scrap which was LD related, and another where I should have identified the state, but, oh well. That's that.

    Dream 1 - Sonic Fights Some Bones

    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was watching someone (my nephew?) play a 3D Sonic game, of which took place in the ruins of a destroyed present-day city.

    First few minutes were spent exlporing the site and getting a handle for the controls. This included jumping around in a demolished warehouse, and grinding on a row of fallen street lamps. The stage was initially empty of any other figures, whether enemies or just background characters.

    Then, as he turned a corner, he was suddenly ambushed by a gigantic, hunched hominid skeleton. Sonic's attacks were useless, and so he was forced to flee. In response, the giant chucked huge (arm or leg) bones with deadly accuracy.

    At one point, outright Sonic changes into E-102 Gamma. The robot's too slow to evade the incoming projectiles, but he could redirect these by laser-blasting them away. Unfortunately, the player isn't much of a shooter. He complains of how difficult this all is, while I claim he just needed to work on his technique.

    Not sure what happens until the dream ended.

    20 minute WBTB. Unsuccussful.

    Scrap Group 1

    Several forgotten dreams connected by a group of similar false awakenings. In these, I'd "awaken" in bed with my dream guide, E, laying next to me. I was too tired and tried getting back to sleep, only for her to harass me by pushing me around and even biting me.

    At home. Go Theodore's room to help him fix his computer's DVD drive. Some driver issues, I think? Claude turns up. Several media conversations, including a few comments bemoaning previously liked shows that've disappointed us as time went by. I hoped Rick and Morty wouldn't become one of such shows. Theodore states his dislike of the series for its overt use of gross humor.

    Visiting Donny's place, for some reason. He's getting some games set up, when he's called in for work. Overheard his supervisor saying quite some demeaning things. Donny tried hiding his displeasure. Numerous unknown people then turned up, co-workers of his, I thought.

    Claude and I are testing out a few things in D&D. We put several character builds against a Forgotten Beast (incorrect reference; that's a generated monster from Dwarf Fortress) to see how long they'd last. The last one, a Wizard, stood virtually no chance. I bemoaned how unfair this was. Claude made a snippy remark of my "needing to think a little" to overcome this. How infuriating. As I walk away, I imagine violently taking out my anger out on him. This illusion takes form, and I identify as much, yet I'm too soured to entirely realize the dream.
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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Wow your dream guide was trying to make you lucid! Also, you play Dwarf Fortress too?? Awesome! Dwarf Fortress dreams can be so weird some times. haha
    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Thanks for commenting! Yeah, heh, I realized what my guide intended only after I woke up lol. Also, yep, I'm a big Dwarf Fortress fan. In fact, I actually took my screen-name from the very race in that game, heheh.
    3. cedwards105's Avatar
      I realize this might be necroposting, but I'm reading old dream journals and this seems the appropriate place for the question. Is E the large Asian woman with four arms that you mentioned earlier? You seem to have had experiences once or twice before with this lady, but this is the first time I have found where you refer to her as your dream guide since talking with her in the Void (April 3rd, 2016). But in that case you didn't really see her, did you? How did you come to realize who she was?
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    4. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Ah, wow, this is quite the necro! :

      Sorry! So, about that gap. There is indeed a DJ entry detailing how I realized my dream guide. I just decided not to post it. But since your curious, the short of it was that I asked, and she confirmed. That was good enough for me, heh.
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