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    1. Log 885 - Contrived Cascades

      by , 10-02-2017 at 03:10 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got a few dreams to note, including DIELD. All but the latter are fragments, though.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching Rick and Morty. The latter was in a chapel with his family (sans Rick). Apparently, Morty was marrying a gnome with a flagrant... bulge in his pants. Beth wasn't too happy with this, which in turn causes resentment with Summer. Later on, Morty seems to snap out of a daze, and realizes this matrimony was involuntary; Rick had previously drugged teen. So, he calls the whole the off. The gnome begs for Morty's return, and admits to doing painful things to cause the, uh, bulge for his sake, though Morty ignores as much. Later, Jerry complains of small flaws he noticed in decorations. When his ramblings went off-screen, his voice was replaced with that of a hammy stage performer for whatever reason. Concurrently, Beth and Summer were busy arguing on gay marriage rights issues.

      At the bedroom of an unknown home, of which warps into another. Jonathan shows up. We start looking for some blue file folder. Noticed the main theme for Twisted Metal 2 sounding in the background. In a filing cabinet, I find what I thought was the correct folder, only for Jonathan to point out numerous copies of the same object.

      Dream 1 - Contrived Cascades

      DIELD transitioned from a dreamlet. The visuals were blurred. I was walking around the neighborhood during the dead of night. Wasn't sold on this being a full dream at first. I look up at the sky, and imagine the moon appearing. Instead, two bright interstellar clouds form, one silvery in color, the other violet. That's when I'm suddenly pulled up into the depths of space, and I finally rubbed my hands to confirm the dream state. Oh, the vibrant sight of comets, stars and nebulae never ceases to entice. After a few minutes of soaring through the cosmos, the view shrinks into a window skewing and bouncing around black borders. Not anything some manual arrangements couldn't fix.

      I then thought of doing TOTMs, of which the 'awareness behind the dream' task was readily in mind. "Awareness beyond the dream", I called out, "what should I see? What should I dream?" Cue immediate warp. I find myself in a billdboard-2.5d room, its ceiling, floors, and walls all appearing as rocky tiles made of water. Realistic waterfalls leaking throughout the structure contrasted this otherwise contrived sight. And yet, when I passed through these cascades, I felt nothing. When I looked at my right hand, I saw it was replaced by a hand-shaped mouse cursor.

      Another warp half a minute later. I was now in an elementary school's computer lab. On screen in front of me was some Roblox game or something similar. Figured that's what I saw before. I soon lost lucidity, and got caught up in the act of being an adult student there in the same class as my nephew, Lucas. Not too clear on what happens next. Pretty sure this involved a teacher catching me playing games on my assigned computer. The dream ended soon after that.

      Scrap Group 2
      Numerous dreamlets. Ones I remembered include the Demon roguelike, my walking around the neighborhood again, and later on, of my brother Eugene making a cake without eggs or milk. In each case, I tried going deeper by interacting with the environment, only to collapse the dream.

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    2. Log 870 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 15

      by , 09-16-2017 at 09:01 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got two DILDs to note, along with a fragment.

      Spoiler for If brevity is the soul of wit...:

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    3. Log 705 - April 2017 TOTM Bonus Task

      by , 09-08-2017 at 10:51 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 04 April 2017

      EDIT: Whoops. Left this in draft mode for the longest. Time to publish it fully.

      Oof. Feels like forever since I last posted here. Anyway, I've got two or three DILDs to note, and got this month's bonus task done. There's a large non-lucid portion I can't recall for the first dream, and I generally don't have much to go on for the last two dreams.

      Spoiler for kinda long:
    4. Log 857 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 2

      by , 09-03-2017 at 04:02 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 03 September 2017

      Got a WILD to note, along with a fragment.

      Scrap Group 1
      Repeated instances of my playing Liberal Crime Squad. Most liberal collaborators were named after my team members in this season's LD competition. I'd the impression I was lucid at the time, or it could've been false memories of such.

      20 minute WBTB, where I stretched and meditated. This turned into an hour and a half of insomnia. Still, I barely had enough patience to gain a WILD transition.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Competition - Day 2

      WILD transition through hypnagogia. Soon, gameplay footage of a fighting game appeared. This for the most part was the original Marvel vs Capcom, save for a few notable alterations. For one, this had characters only available from its prequels/sequels such as Iron-Man, Magneto, and Doctor Doom, all of whom were present on screen at one point or another. Likewise, there was some unfamiliar industrial stage background. Remembering the TOTM's, I take control via manipulating an invisible arcade stick, where I used Magneto in a fight against Iron-Man. The inputs were spot on, exacting actually, down to all the flailing and gaps whenever I messed up my Rom Combo attempts. I later hijacked control of Iron-Man, though at best, all I could do were basic diagonal air-dash block/combo strings. Heh, guess I'm kinda rusty.

      Once I had enough, I rubbed my hands to keep stability and shook my head to remove the image. Found I was still in bed. I floated myself upright above the mattress, then tried phasing through the nearest wall. But upon contact, the dream destabilized, and I woke up.

      Another WBTB ad WILD attempt, with no results.

      Spoiler for Media References:

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    5. Log 853 - August 2017 TOTM Bonus Task

      by , 08-31-2017 at 03:30 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 30 August 2017

      I've a series of WILDs from yesterday morning to note. There's also some non-LD portions between these, though I've only a vague recollection of them at the moment.

      Spoiler for It's a long one.:

      Spoiler for Media References:

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    6. Log 841 - Dream 2 - The Orange Road

      by , 08-19-2017 at 03:22 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 18 August 2017

      Wow, almost two months since my last log. I'll be sure to pay heed to my previous reminder about posting here... Anyway, I'd a bunch of things to note today. Of these, I think I'll only post one of two LD's and skip the fragments entirely; the latter stuff is mostly inconsequential, and as for the ommitted LD... Eheheh, reckon that'll stay with me, maybe.

      Dream 2 - The Orange Road

      The visuals were bright but a bit strained. I was in the urbanized streets of a moderately developed country at dawn, the construction in the area dated, but not deplorable. After turning a corner, I gained awareness. In my excitement, I floated around for a bit, but immediately stopped when I saw destabilization. Took a moment to calm down and focus on the environment. I then sprinted and, after gaining enough speed, tried flying again. This time, I could only hover a few feet off the ground, and only momentarily. Next, I kicked myself off a nearby building's wall, from which I leaped all the way across the road. Noticed music was sounding in the background, the Sewer Surfing theme from TMNT - Turtles in Time, to be exact.

      I then ran down an inclined sidewalk. Found myself in a more arborous place. Spectacularly, the street itself was paved from a vibrant orange stone. After hand-rubbing, I recalled the TOTMs. My immediate thought was to try the blue moon again, but debated the conditions to try that. So I resorted to the taste task. With minimal regard, I grabbed my shirt and licked it. There was, of course, no discernible taste, though from my tongue's sensation, I could at least note a polyester mesh fabric.

      All well and good, but I thought I could do better. I turned my sight to a nearby chain link fence, warped and torn in certain points by overgrowth. So, I lowered head for a better look, only to get suddenly held back. Cue instant destabilization, and the dream ends.

      Media Reference: TMNT - Turtles in Time - Sewer Surfin'

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    7. Log 784 - June 2017 TOTM Basic Task II

      by , 06-24-2017 at 03:58 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 22 June 2017

      Honestly, I should be posting here more often... Anyway, I've got a DILD to note, of which, as noted above, I bagged a basic TOTM. There's also a few fragments.

      Dream 1 - June TOTM 2017 Basic Task II

      Scene 1 - Falsely Delirious Tyrant Awareness
      The visuals were pretty clear. I was watching Dragon Ball Z on a big screen. Overheard my sister, Andrea, and nephew, Euclid talking in the background as well.

      This starts in a dirt road cutting through a plains. Kid Trunks is walking down the road, when Master Roshi (noticeably lacking his shades) dives in from nowhere and attacks. Fast paced sparring ensued. Goten soon arrives with a most unusual package on his back: the tyrant Frieza! His alarmed peers questioned if he'd any clue whom that was. Turned out an accident caused Frieza to lose his memories and most of his sanity. Between maddened rambling, the villain mentioned of going to a certain place. And so, Goten elected to take him there.

      Cut to them walking around a suburban area. Once there, Frieza revealed he'd faked his insanity, though he assured no hostility. Still, he urged the others to bring him where requested.

      I manifest at that point, and take a good look around. On seeing a familiar nearby, I realized this was my neighborhood, and so quickly gained lucidity. There were some differences, though. Namely, a forest replacing both the shopping centers and homes immediately across the street. I fly up to get a better look, and find an empty plains in the horizon. Very curious. I start making my way there, only then, things begin deteriorating into a blue void. No prob. All I needed to do was remain calm, rub my hands, and wait til a scene formed. Immediate transition.

      Scene 2 - Rock Nut
      The visuals started hazy, but became progressively clearer. I was in a beach, standing elevated above the shore during a sunny day.

      People were abound, but it seemed that despite the clear water and weather, no one was swimming. When I went down for a closer look, I soon discovered why. After only getting ankle deep, a 12ft+ tall rogue wave immediately formed ahead of me, sending me tumbling off the ground a good 10 meters back. Stranger yet, the water overlapped over me without leaving even a drop on me.

      Woozily, I made my way back uphill and to an unkempt forest. Soon, I found myself in the middle of a party within a rickety picnic area. Just remembered some TOTMs. Perhaps Basic II would be a good start. I looked around in the sand, finding some shells, conches, and pieces of glass. Not solid enough, probably.

      After some digging, I finally found a rock, definintely a winner. My brother, Crispin then appeared behind me. He was in a chatty mood, a typical distraction. I told him I'd be with him shortly and commenced the task, ignoring his confused gaze as I bit the stone. Noticed my teeth felt especially brittle and plastic. Still, I chomped on. The rock eventually gave way, where I found some kind of nut inside. A raw almond, specifically, as I soon realized by eating it. Besides a bitter aftertaste, this tasted and felt as the real thing.

      After that, I thought of some other tasks. I remembered TOTM task II, though without visible stars, that didn't seem likely. Advanced Task I, mayhaps? I headed back down to the water in hopes of seeing my own reflection. But then, the scenery faded, and I awakened.

      Scrap Group 1
      Alone in an empty room within an unknown home. I'm imagining having shadow powers for a later dream. When I entered the bathroom, I realized such abilities were already in my grasp. And so, I commanded the inky darkness to sweep through the walls and sinks of the house to melt any verminous insects dwelling there.

      In the bedroom of an unknown home. I overheard Euclid and Andrea talking about Ed Edd and Eddy. There was an unusually funny (within the dream) joke where Ed utters the line "I have the soul of an echidna." Later, I sit down to watch TV along with Crispin, my nephew, and my sister. There was an ad for a made-up D&D 3D cartoon. Just from that brief glimpse, I already knew the show was going to be lackluster, its generic action/comedy backdrop as uninspired as its characters.

      Driving on the highway and to a city at night. Mom, dad, Crispin, Andrea, and Euclid were there as well. On our way there, Euclid noticed a poster designed as Bash terminal. Some forgotten meta-humor was printed on it, which I had to explain to my nephew. We stop and walk around for a bit. On returning, we find Andrea was still somehow still inside the vehicle. An accident had occurred beforehand, and she was ticketed heavily for such. What's more, she'd sustained a serious injury on her left foot, then mangled beyond recognition. So we rushed her to a local hospital. While checking her in, I noticed I hadn't any shoes, of which I was oddly more concerned than the previous horror.

      Vague memories of being in a museum, where expensive copies of a masterpiece were being sold. Then something of walking down a dirt road, and later, playing a keyboard.

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    8. Log 587 - December TOTM Advanced Task I

      by , 12-09-2016 at 05:12 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 07 December 2016

      Numerous dreams identified, including three DILDs, though I can't recall much of the non-LDs.

      Scrap Group 1
      Walking around my neighborhood. I start thinking of dream signs. This includes being back in highschool and doing poorly in a science class.

      Dream 1 - TOTM Advanced Task I - Take 1

      False awakening in the master bedroom. After lingering thoughts on previous dreams, I realized the dream state. Made a breath test to confirm as much, which was inconclusive. So, I fell off, and slowly floated down to the floor. That'll do it.

      Then, I began "powering up", yelling as I did. There was no clear sign this was working. In fact, I felt I was getting weaker the longer I tried, so I stopped.

      Remembered the spinning TOTM. I hovered, and tried spinning in place, but this was likewise exhausting. Within seconds, I was out of breath, and lost grasp of the dream.

      Scrap Group 2
      More false awakenings in the same location.

      Dream 2 - TOTM Advanced Task I - Take 2

      False awakening in my bedroom. I stand near the mirror, and try taking my sleeping mask off, only to have it magically slide back on. Clearly, I was dreaming. Still couldn't remove the mask though, so I ignored it.

      Before continuing, I rubbed my hands for 10 seconds. Then, I tried that TOTM again. As before, I strained myself trying to spin in place. Thus, I ignored physical movement in favor of willing myself to do as much, yielding much better results.

      Cut. I'm flying in a night sky. Dire storm clouds were immediately below me, spinning steadily into a fledgeling tornado. This all felt sorta damp and stuffy. I fall intentionally. Just then, the clouds formed into a creepy robot face. Kinda startling, but I dove in anyway.

      Another warp. Projected holographically ahead of me was an unlit plane, the floors formed of dim gridlines. Suddenly, demonic shadows appear. Only their glowing yellow eyes were clearly visible. I had control of a small robot, and commanded it to off to a corner. Tried brightening the place up for a better look, but didn't manage that. Tried brightening the place up for a better look, but didn't manage that.

      By then, I noticed my left eye was fast shut. In my attempts to wrench it open, I feel myself in bed, and awaken soon afterwards.

      Scrap Group 3

      False awakening. Walk down to the living room, where dad and Carl lingered around. Then, they announce finding a bat and hawk in the backyard. That sounded exceedingly unlikely. I realized the dream state, but wake up soon afterwards.

      False awakening in bed. An unknown person slid their hand over my face, hampering my breathing. I realized the state, and tried imagining who would be responsible. The dream simply collapses soon afterwards.

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    9. Log 572 - November 2016 Advanced Task I

      by , 11-22-2016 at 04:29 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      EDIT: Typo. Actually Log 572
      One brief WILD recalled today, along with a fragment from long before that. There's also a long duration of controlled hypnagogia, but I won't bore anyone with that stuff.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing Streets of Rogue. I'm doing a rescue mission, but my escortee is a moron and runs into danger. I don't bother saving them. Part of this has me within the game in first person perspective.

      Dream 1 - November 2016 Advanced Task I

      WILD transition in bed. I waste no time flying out to the hallway, and stop to try Advanced Task I. There was resistance in peeking through the wooden floor, as in other attempts. What's more, my head would flash back to an erect position at times. Still, my persistence pays off. My head phases through. What I saw... was pure darkness. Big surprise...

      A few seconds later, a tunnel exit appears in view. I'm approaching quickly. Once through, I drop down a sharp incline. I look around, and see I'm in a roller coaster ride. There wasn't any noise, making the experience less exciting than it should've been.

      I awaken half a minute later.

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    10. Log 564 - Phase Toss

      by , 11-04-2016 at 05:23 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got one DILD to note, as well as some highly vague fragments before that. I may have also achieved a TOTM.

      Scrap Group 1
      In a beach with my family?

      Something about a party in an unknown house.

      Dream 1 - Phase Toss

      Scene 1 - That Other Player's a Jerk

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I falsely awaken on a wide, non-descript platform outdoors. Nothing but a clear blue sky was visible past its edges.

      This starts with something gross and weird. I'd prefer to forget about that. Later, I wander around, and find rows of floating, cubical buildings constructed of light colored materials. These were mostly featureless, just some squared holes for windows and low-walled balconies. I made a wide jump to a ledge, when suddenly, some guy came out and punched me right off. Thus, I fall to my doom.

      I "respawn", and figured this must be a game. Still, I was feeling unusually vengeful, and made numerous attempts at the guy's life. Yet, whenever I'd approach, he'd get the better of me and send me plummeting. I resort to punching holes into the walls and floor of his home while he was out of view purely to spite him. Somewhere between this petty griefing, I gain awareness. The scene distorts just as quickly.

      Scene 2 - Ironic Vision ft. Zangief
      Start in the void. My eyes were shut completely and refused to budge. Good thing I remembered to merely "see" past my lids. A new environment formed within seconds. Found myself in a room with a handful of people around me. Rows of pews were just ahead. Oh, a church. Indeed, some man was giving a religious speech in Spanish. Didn't concern myself with as much. I just floated around to look for more interesting things. It seemed no one else could see me. Just as well. The visuals blurred up momentarily, but "closing" my eyes even more fixed that.

      Next, I turned to a wall decorated with picture/display frames. Just remembered the phasing task. First, I tried peeking though the walls, but some invisible force near them kept repelling me. Ditto when I tried floating through the ceiling. So, I looked for a way around this, when I noticed an imposing figure just beside me: Zangief from Street Fighter. That was unexpected. Still, I didn't hesitate to ask for help in this matter. He nods in agreement. In an instant, he lifts me by the back of my shirt, and tosses me right through the ceiling.

      Now, I was cramped inside a small opening surrounded by wood constructions. Oops, too far, I only needed my head to go through. The ceiling was close enough, so I tried peeking through, and, this time, did so easily. Eh, not much to see. Past an air grate to the right, this was just a narrow, white, featureless enclosure.

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    11. Log 526 - Hair Legs and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 10-07-2016 at 04:39 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Managed to get a short DILD and WILD. There were various other dreams, at least two before the first awakening and a few others between the LDs, but I've only fragments or forgotten much of these now

      Scrap Group 1
      An attractive older woman is hit on by a young guy, the latter flirting and teasing her on her age. The woman plays along.

      Watching some Mortal Kombat story mode clip on TV. Kung Jin allies himself with an odd figure, a skinless, limp humanoid whom moved around solely by two spears impaled on his torso. Despite his macabre appearances, said creature was actually quite noble and heroic. They fight off some Tarkatans on a large junk. My brother, Dirk, arrives and watches with interest.

      Dream 1 - Giant Parrot Harpy

      The visuals were blurred. I was playing a top down 16-bit game set in a high tech metal base.

      Reach a room with two Bloodtear Alchemists from Duelyst. Annoyingly, they zoned expertly to hurl fireballs at me, though I managed to take them down unscathed. On crossing a metal door, I cleared the stage, cued to the sound of a like jingle from the first Mega Man.

      Unknown cut. I gain first person perspective. Just ending a boss fight with a gigantic parrot, its feathers bright green and pink. It was all but KO'd. I stood triumphantly on its head. Only needed to force feed it a huge grey jewel to win. The absurdity of my punching a crate-sized gem down a giant bird's throat made me realize the dream. Oh well, I went through with it anyway.

      With that done, the creature began transforming. I hoped it would change into a pretty lady. In the end, it turned into a harpy of equally vast size, along with like colored wild hair and feathers. But her face was pleasant enough. Anyway, I climbed between her wooly hair, and ordered we depart.

      The dream collapsed and ended as she took flight.

      Obstinately waited for another dream. Between catching myself drifting on and off from sleep, I managed a WILD within about twenty minutes.

      Dream 2 - Hair Legs

      A whirling sensation marked the start of a WILD. I concentrated on my breaths for a few minutes before starting.

      Noticed I had trouble moving, and couldn't open my eyes, though I could at least roll around with some effort. I tried plummeting off my bed, but floated back against my will. Repeat half a dozen more times. I do a breath test, which seems to not work, but finding that I didn't wake up reassured me enough, and even granted me full mobility.

      Still couldn't open my eyes. I remembered a suggestion of just looking through the lids, and, with surprising ease, managed to do as much. Things were still kinda blurry, though bright sunlight provided great lighting. After a few paces, I shrunk myself for the fun of it, reducing myself to just about 1ft in height. I wanted to see myself in the mirror, but was too small to see that above the dresser.

      Just remembered the "walk with your head" task. Wait, so am I supposed to walk "using" my head, or walk around while carrying my (presumably detached) head? I settled on the former and hoped for the best. So, I started by attempting a handstand. Couldn't manage it, so I just layed on my back. Tried sliding around with my head, though it just felt as if I were floating backwards. With some concentration, I eventually noticed my hair actually formed into a pair of legs. Heh, what? Moved around back and forth on these flimsy new limbs for a minute or so before the dream collapsed.

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    12. Log 520 - Reach In and Out and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 10-01-2016 at 06:23 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Guess I should get back to posting here more often. Anyway, I got quite a number of dreams to note, including two DILDs, one non-LD, and two fragments. I'm pretty sure the full non-LD was at least two dreams, but I never detected any awakenings from them. Depending on how specific the criteria is, I might have also accomplished a TOTM task. Furthermore, I'll paraphrase the non-LD to save space.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing Duelyst, switching between Vetruvian and Vanar. I accrued consecutive losses, mostly due to my opponents having a plethora of high value gold cards. I complain about the "pay2win" model of trading card games to Marcus.

      Dream 1 - Tournament, Wilderness, Shoes, and Work

      Scene 1 - Are Pocket TV's Still a Thing?
      Game tournament in an assembly room. TV's on tables by the walls. Many people. My brother, Marcus is there. Encounter an old gaming bud, Mordecai, who'd a ridiculously tall blowout hairstyle. He almost cried for losing a money match. Some guy is watching a pocket TV, laughing. Shows me footage taking place on a dirt road overlooking a forest clearing at daytime. Colorful chicken and short, squat black cattle are there. An angry bull tackled a large rock, which rolled down and squashed one of the birds. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Wild Herds

      At the clearing described above in the afternoon. Cattle there, along with many people and my brother. Reach a lake past some thickets, then went to a beach briefly. Walking back uphill. An agitated bull tackles some guy. It kicks and headbutts dirt. I try crawling away. Marcus alerted me to a herd of wild elephants that suddenly appeared. Some almost stepped on me. I scurry to the lake unscathed. Blacking out. Felt waves crashing on me. Worried I went too far. Transition.

      Scene 3 - I Knew Those Weren't My Shoes...
      At home, going upstairs. Both Marcus and I are surprised I made it out of the previous conflict alive alive. See it's dawn out my bedroom window. Figured we didn't sleep. Female calls from below. Unknown woman with auburn hair and dressed in a dark blue uniform. Supposedly Marcus' girlfriend or wife. She's angry he stayed out and makes demands of him. In bedroom. Two pairs of shoes in doorway. One seemed as a pair of Converses I own, but they were black, too big, and had their soles intact. Very confused. Uncertain transition.

      Scene 4 - No Admin Privileges
      Back at my old job in the gas station. Different arrangements. Counters in the center formed as a circle. Newer computers, but antiquated Windows 98 software. Old boss, Michael, set up a profile for me. Unwittingly set me as an admin. I try correcting this, but have trouble. Another co-worker, Johanna, tried helping, but gives up quickly. Noticed a few odd names. One was "Amuth-", a cut off misspelling of "Amethyst", I thought. Muttered lewd joke of name under my breath. Found new co-workers behind me, all Hispanic women of varying ages. Finally corrected my profile by deleting and remaking the old one. Wake up.

      Scrap Group 2

      Went up and down the wooden stairs of a narrow, unknown home. This directly relates to the dream below.

      Dream 2 - Wonder What's in the Photo Album?

      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in similar home described a mess. Various boxes were scattered around.

      Soon, I meet up with a white haired, bespectacled little old white haired lady. She was constantly squinting, hinting bad eyesight even with glasses. The lady beckons I follow her upstairs so I could see a photo album. But first, she asked me to clear a few things from the stairs, including various boxes and a filled laundry basket.

      While moving these, a thin, dark haired, college aged Asian girl enters with a box full of random stuff, a supposed "friend" of mine. She seemed awfully grumpy. I wanted to introduce her, but forgot her name entirely. So, I nervously asked her if she'd a nickname, which merely earned me a deep glare. This somehow helped me figure out the dream state. "I know", I said, "I'll just call you [my Dream Guide], 'E' then." The girl rolled her eyes and ignored me. Somehow, I feel I shoulda known that from the beginning.

      Then, a young female voice calls from upstairs. Oh, yeah, the photo album. Maybe there's something important worth looking at there. I creeped away from the other two. When I looked back, they were gone. That's weird... Oh, well. I was making my way upstairs, when the scenery began fading. Tried rubbing my hands, but that did little. The dream ended abruptly.

      Dream 3 - Reach In and Out

      The visuals were pretty clear. I was back at my old job at the gas station, this time appearing more or less as in reality. Johanna and Michael working behind the registers and cooking area, respectively. I gained awareness almost instantly.

      First, I strolled around to thoroughly look at things. Seemed my co-workers were frustrated, so I just left them be. I took notice of the roller grill, which was placed where the hot drinks would be. Anyway, there were two sets of hot dogs in place, one pinkish, and the other deep red. I horked down the former kind. Needed salt. That's a first. The second type was a little spicier, but still kinda bland. Both types vanished with but a few bites.

      Next, I moved on to bringing E by grasping behind me and calling out to her. I made numerous attempts in different parts of the store without results. I took a peak outside, where I saw a clear dawn. Noticed a line was forming, where I found a tall Asian lady that seemed an older version of the DC in the above dream. Where I should've identified her as my guide, I instead continued that previous hand trick. I felt something momentarily, but found nothing when I turned around.

      Concurrently, I recalled the pocket task. I reached inside with my left, and felt something thin and flimsy. I pulled it out, and yep, it was a stick of gum, the wrapping quite worn out. So, I unwrapped and chewed it, this being of the stronger mint variety. Just then, some other random food item got stuck in between. This distracted me enough to destabilize the environment. I tried hand rubbing, but the dream ended abruptly.

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    13. Log 505 - Silly Little DIELD and False Awakening Cycle and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 09-16-2016 at 07:12 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 16 September 2016

      One WILD and a DIELD/false awakening chain to note. Past that, and a non-lucid false awakening in between, I don't recall any other dreams, but who's complaining?

      Dream 1 - Start Your Dreams With Minecraft... Or Not

      A familiar dizzying sensation marked a successful WILD.

      Made a quick call to my dream guide, E, but after half a minute, she wouldn't answer. Had to keep things moving without her.

      I decided to transition via phasing. So, I floated up, then landed face-first on the white-covered mattress. There was resistance, but eventually, I went through.

      Found myself floating in a blue-tinted wormhole. Oh, haven't seen this in a while. I muttered "deeper" to keep stable. After an exhilarating minute or so, I'm dropped off into a clear blue dawn sky. A look down revealed a hilled forest with the blocky textures of Minecraft. Eh, been there, done that. I flew around to wait out this environment. The visuals got crisper and brighter by the second.

      Then, the dream just collapsed.

      Scrap Group 1
      False awakening in the master bedroom. My young niece, Iris, and my brother, Marcel, are nearby. The baby, as babies would do, dropped her sippy cup of milk on the pile of covers on the floor, making a damp mess.

      Dream 2 - Silly Little DIELD and False Awakening Cycle

      Scene 1 - Chasing Wildlife
      That dizzying sensation again. Yup, dreaming.

      As before, I phased through the matress, noticing that I actually shrunk down to microscopic size as I did, and went back into the portal. While there, I called E, who again didn't answer. I asked for her to leave an obvious sign of her presence somewhere if she'll turn up later.

      I landed within a coniferous forest. I was skeptical, but a closer look showed much better visuals, real life textures blended almost unrecognizeably with 3D computer graphics in between. Much better.

      Floated around joyously for a while between some hedges and bushes. Eventually, I encounter various wild animals bunched up in a clearing. Some deer, a cougar, a couple of boars, and a bear or two. Got curious why they'd gather up like that, but decided it would be more fun to just chase them around. I flew at them, causing them to scurry away with a few stock growls and whimpers. So, I landed, and dashed at blurring speeds after the cougar and a few deer, going fast enough to not tell if I'd warped time or not. The visuals blurred up in between, during which I rubbed my hands to keep things stable.

      Then, I stopped, and remembered the tail TOTM, but something distracted me. Ahead of me was a log cabin made of dark wood. I rubbed my hands in anticipation, not knowing what to expect. Things got brighter and more scenic. But, things just sort of fizzled away...

      Scene 2 - Egg TOTM - Take 1
      False awakining in bed. I regained awareness in a moment's time, confirmed once I was able to see through my room past my dark grey covers.

      As before, I flew around and tried to shrink and phase through something, the white ceiling this time. As I did, I remembered the egg TOTM. Thought it best to sound some appropriate music for the task. I chose track 6 from Dyna Brothers, which played almost instantly on its own. Anyway, an opaque, spherical white space soon wraps around me. Once I noticed, the area is filled up with tranparent, bubbly liquid. This must be it. I tried to both chop down and telekinetically smash the boundaries, but nothing seemed to happen.

      Cue an unknowing transition.

      Scene 3 - That's A Fancy New Room I've Got...
      A series of non-lucid false awakenings. Each time, I'd wake up in a heavily altered version of my bedroom, complete with a hallway and its own bathroom. Some of my siblings and perhaps even my niece and nephew show up, the former speaking of some real life concerns.

      Scene 4 - Getting Anchored in Bed Again
      Another series of false awakenings from which I gained awareness. I repeatedly try floating and phasing into another place, only to end up back in bed. Each time, I'd try an alternate approach, such as using different walls or theme songs. One of these transitions are eventually successful.

      Scene 5 - Egg TOTM - Take 2
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was levitating over a river surround by forestry, all under a cloudy blue sky. Wasn't aware at first, until some whimsical Disney-esque music sounding in the background granted as much.

      As I gazed down, I noticed a pile of round, leathery eggs in the water. Oh, right, the egg TOTM. This gave me an idea. I floated down, and found that I was only centimeters tall. Just as well. I tried individually swimming and phasing through several of them, but couldn't. The music "Mickey Moused" to tease at my unsuccessful attempts.

      At a glance, I then found an even bigger, grander egg, this one uniquely covered in large, golden ridges. Oh, that's perfect! I launched myself towards there, and instantly found myself encased in a yellow-white enclosure. Things got a bit blurred, making me doubtful. Either way, I chopped the casing, which immediately cracked. Water and bright light filled the space. I "white out" for a moment.

      When I come to, I'm floating down the surface of the river. Thought I screwed up for a second. When the visuals cleared up, I found a huge glop of egg whites and and a large, undisturbed yolk floating beside me. Heh, guess I got it after all.

      Another unwitting transition.

      Scene 6 - Time To Wrap Things Up
      False awakening in that aforementioned false room. I get up and float through the hallway, and up and over Marcel and Iris, who were in the area. As I land, I start cackling about the dreams I just had, and couldnt' wait to write them down. That's when I realized the dream wasn't quite over yet. As much as I hated to do so, I intentionally woke up to keep memory of the experience.

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    14. Log 471 - Summer Lucid Competition - Day 15

      by , 08-13-2016 at 04:36 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 13 August 2016

      Spellbee's Summer Lucid Competition 2016 - Entry 15

      Like yesterday, I'd two LDs occurring in the beginning and end of my sleep, respectively, only both were DILDs this time. There were numerous other dreams in between, but I've forgotten almost everything about them entirely by now.

      Dream 1 - Not the Opponent I Was Looking For...

      Only recall the end. The visuals were dim. I was on a tiled, fluorescent blue plane. This, I knew, was a live-action game of Duelyst. My opponent of forgotten description stood several paces away, and next to them was a Blaze Hound I controlled.

      Eventually, I noticed the opponent was named Champa. I quickly remembered that name from DreamViews, and with that, gained lucidity. Figured he wasn't part of any team in the dream competition. Pity, but oh well. I buffed up my minion with a Scion's Second Wish, and had it attack for... decent damage.

      The alarm immediately wakes me up afterwards.

      Stayed up longer than I'd liked. WBTB. Intended for SSILD, but I fell asleep.

      Scrap Group 1
      Vaguely recalled hanging out with a few friends.

      Another WBTB. Made an SSILD attempt, but this kept me up for a long time. Switched to WILD attempt. Fell asleep, but I got a DILD.

      Dream 2 - Summer Lucid Competition - Day 15

      Scene 1 - Thank's For the Head's Up, Tornado

      The visuals were clear. I falsly awaken in bed, upset that I stayed up for too long without much results.

      I get up, and look out the window, completely ignorant of the bare grassfield replacing my neighbors' homes. Instead, I took notice of some dire, pitch black storm clouds in the distance of an otherwise clear blue sky. These swirled around into a funnel. Oh, crap, a tornado! I could scarcely believe it. Actually, this all seemed very familiar... didn't I dream of such things before? As a reflex, I did a breath obstruction test, and, yep, I figured out I was indeed dreaming.

      As I looked on, I had the urge to be in the skies. But then, I felt myself stirring in bed. Woulda lost my cool, had I not repeated "deeper" to keep stable. The visuals collapsed. I continued the mantra, until I'm transitioned.

      Scene 2 - Open Fire!

      The visuals were clear. I was flying high above in a cloudy blue sky. Yes, just as I wanted!

      Of course, I flew around carelessly to the breeze for a while. This made me realize I've not flown very fast before. So, after winding back, I launched myself forward at turbulent speeds, seeing the clouds zoom past me in tunnel vision. Got a bit dizzying, so I slowed a little.

      Just recalled the airplane TOTM. I looked around for such, and hoped they'd show up from nowhere. And, just like that, I heard, and from my peripheral vision, saw, several combat jets flying overhead. But, I also heard machine guns firing, and was forced into evasive maneuvers. As I pressed onwards, some silvery, disk-nosed, Star Wars-esque fighter came in view, hovering in reverse at my pace. It fires a barrage of energy beams at me, each way off the mark. I flew over the cockpit. Through a shaded dome, I see the pilot, a man in an orange jumpsuit and modern day flight helmet (complete with visors and breathing apparatus). I pointed my hands at the guy to zap him. The pilot, in turn, frantically hits some dials, and in an instant, the craft flies away at warp speed.

      I soon arrive over a wide, triangular metal platform, part of either a very tall or floating structure. Just then, numerous automated cannons pop up from hidden openings. A few bombard explosives at my direction, while several others start chargin their lasers. So, I sweep both my hands towards them, and from my palms emanates a volley of bullets to the distinct humming of machine guns. This stops the turrets' attack. I dive down in a dramatic three point landing, and, on cue, the cannons are blown to pieces. Furthermore, Scramble for the Core from Sonic Adventure 2 begins playing in the background. What an entrance!

      While strutting along, a few more cannons arise. I shoot a few down, when I get concerned on whether guns would count for points. So, with a specific gesture, I fired brilliant blue sparks in a wide area*, which instantly disintegrated any baddies it touched.

      Just then, I start losing grasp of the dream. I mutter my mantras, but to no avail. Time's up.

      *Looked and sounded almost exactly like the second attack in this video

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    15. Log 442 - Quick Quake and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 07-15-2016 at 03:53 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 15 July 2016

      There were three dreams I recalled today, including a late DILD at the end, to which I bagged this month's Bonus task. The first one is just a fragment now, though that was wilfully forgotten on my part; the first half was just kinda yucky.

      Scrap Group 1
      Skip gross part. Later, something of "chibi" human heads eating tiny people like candy.

      Dream 1 - Don't Mind the Senseless Transition

      The visuals were dim. I was wandering at a parking lot at late dusk.

      As I searched for my vehicle (whatever that was), I suddenly turn up at the backseat of a car. My sister, Giane, and my brother, Terry, were there. I question how I'd no memory of getting there. Supposedly, I spaced out for a moment, during which I was taken inside said car. That didn't make much sense even at the time, yet I just left it at that.

      Soon, Giane recieves a phone call. On the other line were two cousins, Carlos and Isabella, who were supposedly visiting. They wanted us to go to a restaurant to speak. Terry and I were not up to it, though I reluctantly change my mind when Carlos assured me he'd take the bill.

      One highway drive later, and I go within an unknown home. This place was a bit messy, and not in good repair. Mom shows up. She claims we rented the place for a few nights as part of a vacation, I think. Most of the luggage was still packed. I look through the cupboards in the kitchen. On the higher ones, I find several plastic canisters filled with crackers. Certainly, we came more prepared than I expected.

      Things get unclear. I know I wander around for a while. Not sure how the dream ends.

      Dream 2 - Quick Quake

      The visuals were dim. I falsely awaken in the downstairs bedroom at early dawn. Both being in this location and my inability to move makes me aware of my state.

      I immediately try the earthquake TOTM by will alone. And just like that, the ground trembles with a low rumble. Such violent shaking was very uncomfortable. Even then, the surrounding furniture within and just out of the room hardly budged; they're only barely scraped sideways on the tiled floors, and nothing on or within them are toppled over.

      After about ~30 seconds, I'm transitioned, though I know nothing else of what occurred until I awaken.

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