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    3-18-13 Dream Journal 5 a.m WILD

    by , 03-19-2013 at 07:07 AM (358 Views)
    Technique: I did all the usual: remained still, counted my breaths "1 I am dreaming", and visualized entering a dream.

    *Sigh* This is where this attempt differs from my previous 6 or 7 attempts. This was the first time that I experienced any type of hypnogogia... I hate hypnogogia... What I read about it is nothing like what I experience during hypnogogia. I used to have what I now know is hypnogogia all the time as a child, I would sometimes even experience it when awake (has anyone else had this experience?). It would happen whenever I would daydream "to deeply" and I learned how to think differently to avoid this sensation. In essence, I have pretty much spent the last 8 or 9 years training myself to think and dream in ways that did not make me experience hypnogogia. I think that this may be why during the same period I lost my ability to lucid dream, and now have very poor dream recall also.

    I have spent all day thinking about this, I was very afraid that this would end my lucid dreaming career before it ever even had a chance to get off of the ground.

    After thinking about it some more though I think that I am actually very encouraged to find out that there are others who experience hypnogogia also! As a child I always felt weird because I never heard anyone else talking about it, and so I tried to avoid it as much as I could.

    Analysis: It feels good to be tackling something that I have always been afraid of. I am going to continue in my lucid dreaming efforts and try to learn to enjoy the hypnogogia, it means I am just that much closer to lucid dreams!

    After reading my experience if you can relate, I would love to hear about your experience in overcoming your fear! :-) Please Share!

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    1. Matte87's Avatar
      Are you trying to WILD when going to bed for the night? You have to WILD during a nap or a WBTB in case you didn't know

      As for the hypnagogia, why would you fear something completely harmless? You've probably read about it and know that everything you experience is only happening in your mind. Your body is lying perfectly still and nothing can hurt you. I get some very weird seizures in my arms whenever I DEILD and since I've had epilepsy it's quite scary. I try to see it on the bright side, be curious about the sensations and marvel at what the mind can come up with. I then ignore the sensations and start visualizing and after a while I'm in the dream.

      Good luck on your next attempt!
    2. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Hi Matte87!

      Thank you for the response :-)

      Yes, for this experience I was trying a WBTB WILD.

      After doing some more research I completely agree with you about the hypnagogia! My fears of it were based upon childhood memories. When I was a kid I didn't know what was going on and it always made me feel very weird, I didn't like it at all.

      I am now working to get past those fears and do just like what you said: "try to see it on the bright side, be curious about the sensations and marvel at what the mind can come up with." It is pretty amazing what the mind can come up with!

      Hey while I have you here would you mind telling me about what your "transition" experience is like? How long do the hypnagogic sensations last? Do they last right up until you actually make a transition into a dream?

      Again thanks for the response Matte!
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    3. Matte87's Avatar
      Ah good! Well, whenever I DEILD and lie completely still I get small twitches in my hands, arms and face. I ignore this and keep on relaxing, visualizing as I do. The twitches grow into spasms and my arms are being pulled up towards my chest. They then twist in weird angles and by then the scene I've been visualizing has become more solid. I put all my focus on my "new" set of hands and touch the scene which turns solid after a while.

      I guess I'm lucky but I'm never in that state for more than a minute or so, after that I either fall asleep and fail my attempt, get a FA or enter the dream successfully
    4. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Oh Awesome! Thanks for the response!

      When you say "I ignore this and keep on relaxing, visualizing as I do."

      Would you mind expanding a bit on what you mean? When you say visualizing are you more observing hypnagogia, or is it more like a day dream that you have complete control of that you are trying to enter with your dream body?

      "I put all my focus on my "new" set of hands and touch the scene which turns solid after a while."

      Oh wow, this is so cool! So are you completely aware at this time that it is a dream? I mean, usually when I am at this point I am more like a DC in my own dream if that makes sense. I usually have a set of motivations or feeling that I don't really understand and it is very difficult to try and break from them to try and touch things of my own volition. Does that make any sense? Do you experience that, and if so how do you gain more control?

      Sorry to bombard you with questions Matte lol