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    4-23-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-23-2013 at 05:44 PM (275 Views)
    Technique: Went to bed at 2:30 and woke up at 10:30. Tried a WBTB but I don't even remember turning off the alarm, must have been pretty tired last night.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

    Dream One: I am in a big library, it is also where the Pope lives? They are in the process of moving the old Pope out and a new Pope in.

    The main thing that changes is that every Pope chooses a new cross to decorate the library.

    The new Pope chooses a cross that is twice as big as the last one, and has a grape vine growing one way, and a wineskin hanging the other.

    I hear somebody saying in the distance: "it is very tall... and... festive"

    I am inspecting the cross. A clergy man comes and asks me what I think. I respond:

    "I think... maybe. It is very tall... and... festive"

    He agrees, saying that I am completely right, that was a wonderful way to describe it.

    The dream fades.

    Dream Two: I am with my sisters back in Arizona, we are sitting on an outdoor balcony at a cool patio set. We are talking with one of my Dads old friends R.R and his wife F.R.

    They have called us to a meeting to ask me and my sisters to loan them some money. He says that they are a little short on money (he looks very desperate though), but that his big film project will be cashing in soon and after that they should be able to repay everyone and be fine. He says that he is planing on splitting the profits 60-40 so that he will not only repay people who have loaned him money, but they should be able to make money, like an investment.

    The whole thing feels very shady to me. So I tell him:

    "Ok. Listen R. I am not interested in investing my money, and I didn't come here trying to make money. Now, I will loan you whatever money I can, not because it will profit me, but because you are my friend and I want to help you if I can."

    He seems to relax at that, and the next thing I remember is walking away from the meeting. I think I lent him 1k, my sisters lent him some to but I'm not sure how much. I remember thinking "what the heck is he doing man" I felt like he had already spent whatever equity the film project may bring to him, and that money was dubious at best. I was very concerned for his future.

    Dream Three: I am still in Arizona but with my Uncle now. He has been working as a contractor on R.R's house. They live in an apartment, but apparently they bought the 7 neighboring apartments on their level, and the 8 underneath of them. They had a HUGE house now.

    My Uncle was giving me the tour, and their son had like literally 3-4k square feet of room just for his play room. I was actually kind of jealous.

    To continue the tour we had to get into his car, the house was to big to walk. Uncle was telling me that one of the biggest problems they were having was the doorbell system. First off they couldn't make it loud enough to actually be useful, and when they fixed this problem they realized they couldn't tell which door was being rung because there were to many options!

    We are driving on the roof of their house, there is a lot of work being done and so we are driving over planks that have been laid over huge gaps, I am nervous that we will fall through but Uncle is confident and we don't have any problems.

    We make it to street level and I am inspecting the outdoor shaded parking situation. There are probably 10k cars in this parking lot, and they are all under four huge metal tents. It is amazing! They tell me that all the cars have to be completely protected from the sun, because here in AZ the sun is so strong it will destroy the cars if they are not covered.

    Dream Transition:

    Uncle and I meet up with one of the other construction crews, there are a couple other construction projects in this apartment complex like what Uncle is working on.

    It is the end of the day and they invite us over to relax.

    We get to their apartment, "they" are 2 girls and 1 guy. And now Uncle is not here anymore but my Dad is.

    The guy pours each of us a HUGE glass of vodka, it must have been at least 15 shots. No one else is worried about this, but I am thinking that is WAY to much, I am not going to drink all that!

    The dream skips forward and all the vodka is gone, I was sipping on mine and am sad and kind of confused as to how it is all gone. I spend some time looking for more but soon give up and just sit back down.

    My Dad asks what everyone's career plans are.

    No one else has any idea but when it is my turn I share about my plans and he approves.

    Dream Four: I am with a group of guys running down some abandoned country road. We have all just escaped a prison and are now heading back to our gang. For a time I am "running" by laying on my back and pushing myself with my legs and arms, headfirst. I am constantly training myself to be able to move in weird positions, like if I was running town a narrow conduit or something. But Why?

    We are still heading towards our gang. We start entering abandoned buildings looking for one that has an entrance to the underground city.

    Think (Demolition Man) style. We are part of the outcast group that lives underground, while the rich upper class lives in futuristic cities on the surface. Our two groups don't get along at all, they want to control us thinking they know what is best for us, and we demand our freedom!

    Dream Transition:

    We made it down to the underground tunnels. We are running and parkouring along some catwalks moving as fast as we can now. It is very dangerous, but we all grew up in these tunnels and know how to safely parkour them.

    We run across a female gang. In our underground societies the men and women do not form gangs together.

    They dislike most of our clan, and know about our recent escape from prison. They hold us in very little esteem for getting caught in the first place. We challenge them to a parkour race off.

    Small Dream Transition:

    I am watching the women train. They allow it because they like me, and because they know of my reputation. Yeah... I am kind of a parkour big shot.

    I watch them train for awhile. There leader is fast in the straight aways, but her footwork is not very good, and she is terrible in tight situations or when cornering. There is a women who is maybe 5'8, she has red hair and is built very athletically. I believe that she is by far the best runner in this group, she maybe has the potential to be one of the best I have ever seen, and I tell her so. She doesn't get any respect in this group though because she is very shy, and does not show off her talents.

    The lead women is a bully and a fool! Just because she has a more aggressive personality she is able to keep the better runners in check under her. The thing is, she is actually delusional enough to think that she is the best runner! She starts to bully the redhead, who I now have a crush on , and so I confront her. I tell her that she is a fool and a terrible runner. I have seen five year old's with better footwork, and her course planing and cornering is just atrocious.

    She challenges me to a race. Where I literally run circles around her, she is very shamed and won't be the leader of the pack anymore, not while I'm around anyway.

    Dream Transition: I am back with the male gang. We are training for our all out race against the female clan. It is an interesting place. We don't race to the death or anything, not even for money or for... mates. We just race for honor and for pride. In our culture, if you are not a strong racer then you will be caught by the police who are always searching the tunnels trying to corner and control us.

    The guys train differently than the girls do. While the girls train more like a scrimmage, a small but all out race. The guys train by moving in slow motion, but every move is planed out. We decide who is the best based upon course planing, and move complexity, which will translate into speed in an all out race. I think it is very fun, and we train for a long time on a large jungle gym like thing with catwalks and ropes running everywhere. We don't actually have a destination in mind when we train, we just kind of go in circles and take a different route every time.

    Dream Transition:

    Side Note: I am very pissed that we didn't actually race the female gang! And I don't even get to see my crush again, what kind of dream is this!? Grrrrr

    Our gang is back on the surface going shopping. We go into a Walmart and start throwing all kinds of crap into our carts. I don't bother putting anything in mine, I know were not actually going to get to keep anything. A manager comes over and starts telling us that some stuff in our carts is in Beta testing and is not available to the "public" (meaning us undergrounders). As he is listing the stuff that is in Beta mode it turns out that LITERALLY EVERYTHING in our carts is off limits, lol. I am not surprised so I move on.

    I make my way to the shoe department, I am always looking for new parkour shoes. Usually the people working the shoe department are the most bad ass employees in the store, this is because they have to be able to stop us parkour punks from stealing and running from them

    This time, however, there are some really cool guys working the counter. I get a magazine and start chatting it up with them, they seem pretty cool. I ask to see the new parkour shoes and they actually give them to me? I inspect them and see that they are total crap, they are falling apart in my hands, no way do they stand up to parkour. I am not mad at the employees though, they didn't try to trick me or anything, I just remembered that Walmart always has really crappy parkour shoes!

    I manager comes over and accuses me of steeling. Normally I would be screwed and have to run in this situation, but I look to the cool employees and they actually back up my story. The manager is pissed but walks away saying he is going to keep a close eye on me. The dream Ends.

    Analysis: I went to bed to late again last night and so I was really tired. I have to stop doing this, it is so bad for dreaming! I didn't wake up at all throughout the night after a dream, which I have been trying to train myself to do so I can DEILD. And I didn't right down any dream notes.

    I was worried that I wouldn't be able to recall anything when I finally woke up in the morning, but when I was focusing on remembering all these dreams rushed back to me, it was actually really cool! Go me!

    Oh yeah, and no more work related dreams

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