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    4-3-13 Dream Journal

    by , 04-03-2013 at 05:32 PM (297 Views)
    Technique: I went to bed at 11 and woke up at 9:30. My efforts to get up and write about each dream during the night are really paying off big. I have a ton of notes from last night, and I wouldn't have remembered the dreams without the notes to spark my memory.

    I will share each dream today, but in the future I may just start posting my favorite dream of the night depending on how much time I have to post

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    Dream One: I am staying at one of my grandmas friend's house as a guest. I can't remember why I was traveling, but I thought it was very kind of them to let me stay as a guest.

    It is nighttime and they are showing me where I will be sleeping. He walks me down the hall and gives me a quick tour of the room and says goodbye. He is very friendly.

    The room is very clean and has a nice queen size bed on it. The sheets look freshly washed and crisp, NICE, I am expecting to have a great nights sleep.

    I start undressing and crawl into bed... and she comes in.

    "Um, high A. is there something I can get for you?"

    I was thinking they may use this room as storage and she needs to get something.

    "No I was just coming to tuck you in "

    What? I haven't been tucked in for the last 20 years? (I am 24) I start to tell her:

    "No that's ok, I'm fine"

    But she is very insistent. She comes over and starts tucking me in. It is very weird and makes me quite uncomfortable. She finishes and leaves, thank goodness.

    I start to move around to untuck myself and an alarm starts going off! I notice that there is a big red light at the end of the bed whenever I move! The sheets are like an alarm system!

    I start to get very uncomfortable and suddenly I no longer trust A.

    Dream Transition:

    I wake up still at my grandparents friend's house, still tucked in. It looks like the floor is crawling, but it is dark and I can't see what is going on.

    I struggle and manage to untuck myself, and get out of bed to see what is going on.

    I can feel something crawling underneath my feet, but it is not hurting me and for some reason I know that it is not insects.

    I get down closer and realize that they are self replicating nanites!!

    They are not harming me yet because the floor is a better material for them than my skin is, but I am still very afraid of them!

    They are still quite large at this stage operating in large groups, like the size of a beetle. I am not sure how to fight them so I crawl up on the bed and....

    Dream Transition:

    I am back at my parents house again. I have been back for a couple days now and have resettled into my old routine.

    That night I wake up and the floor is moving again! I must have had some nanites on me when I came home!

    I am trying to tell my mom about the threat but she is very distracted and won't listen to me, ugh!
    My sister is playing the piano really loud looking for attention, and my other sister is trying to get mom to give her some money! Don't they realize the threat we are facing!

    "Please shut up everyone, I am trying to save our lives here!"

    "We need to act soon if we are going to live."

    I guess I manage to convince them because they join me in the fight. This time it is not just nanites though, there are ants, caterpillars, spiders, and nanites! Dang!

    We are fighting them with bleach and harsh chemicals, and I am going around stomping on the spiders. At the end of the day I am confident that everything is dead. My family is starting to relax but I am trying to keep them motivated.

    "I have fought these things before! We need to stay vigilant and keep putting fresh chemicals on the floor throughout the night."

    Just as I am saying this the floor around the TV stand starts to crawl again, we didn't clean under the TV stand!

    They have evolved into a smaller version of themselves now and they are to small to even see! And I just remembered that we are all out of chemicals!

    Dream Transition:

    My dream jumps a couple months into the future. The nanites have eaten and killed everything on the earth except for me. We were completely unable to stop them.

    I am still alive because I developed an ability to turn the nanites off when the touched my skin, but I couldn't use this to save anyone else.

    I am standing in a great green dirty lake. The nanites have taken over everything. My ability only works when I am awake. And I have been awake for so long now, I am so tired.

    I collapse face first into the lake. And the dream ends.

    Dream Two: I am a vampire lord. I have lived for an eternity.

    I have the ability to jump between time and dimensions so I travel all around. I have lived everywhere in every time.

    I am in the past. Then I am in the future. In the future I am feeding off of the psychic energy of the internet.

    Dream Three: I am in the future and I am going to the theater to see a remake of the Matrix movie. The movie was really interesting and not at all like I was expecting.

    I was pleased when a cute girl came and set next to me, she smiled at me and gave me "the nod"

    After about ten minutes she got up and left which made me sad. Then the movie started commenting on this?

    It seems like the makers of the movie where actually conducting an experiment on their viewers. They were testing to see how connected to reality their viewers were. To test this they would send in an attractive man or women, then remove them after a connection had formed and measure the emotional response.

    I found this very interesting, since I to was interested to see how connected to reality people were, but I was still sad that she had left. She came back and was going to finish the movie with me.

    "You are very good at what you do"

    "Thank you "

    Dream Transition:

    The remake wasn't like the old Matrix at all. As technology was advancing, they actually had similar virtual reality programs to the Matrix and the movie was actually advocating that society indulge in them.

    Me and my friend didn't like the concept as we wanted to live in reality, but we LOVED the movie so we bought space within the theater and started living there.

    We had a great time and lived there for many weeks with the movie playing in the background.

    During this time my friend became a billionaire selling virtual reality games, even though he didn't agree with the concept there was a lot of money in it

    And I worked tirelessly developing a way to interact with the internet on a different level. Eventually I trained my mind to interact with the raw code like a friend, and I could go anywhere and see anything on the internet. It was the ultimate hack!

    Dream Transition:

    All of our efforts had been working towards a much larger goal. You see at this point we had developed so high up into the sky that we lived in a bio-dome. Nobody lived in nature, or in reality any longer. It was our goal to make enough money, and gain enough power to change things and bring people back to reality.

    We secretly installed giant pistons under every building to thrust them upward through the bio-dome, and we developed and installed shields on every building to hold in the air. It was our goal to show people the stars again, I knew that if people could see the stars then our culture would start expanding again and we would develop and colonize the stars!

    Our plan worked and we shocked the world back to reality when we thrust the building through the bio-dome. There was a whole generation of people that had never been able to see the stars, and they instantly fell in love with them once they saw them.

    We felt very content, and I was satisfied that humanities path was now back on course. We would no longer waste our lives on virtual realities.

    Dream Side Plot: After our plan had succeeded we were interviewing one of the new entrepreneurs that was exploring space. This women had gotten rich by selling ice cream sandwiches to space travelers, "Just to see if they tasted different in space!","Everyone wanted to try one so I sold Billions "

    She then proceeded to try one herself and her reaction was a little scary. I don't know if it was a crack ice cream sandwich or what but she was in ecstasy. "OH MY! I am having a very overstated reaction! This is SO DELICIOUS!"

    Dream Side Plot #2: I am experiencing the new shift away from virtual reality as my vampire lord self. I had been living in this time quite contentedly feeding of the psychic energy of the virtual reality games, but now times were changing.

    Even though this change meant that there would be less food for me, I was happy to see humanity back on its natural course of growing and expanding.

    I built a machine to help me dimensional shift to a new reality, I had lived in this one to long to shift using my normal technique. And I left, I was sad to leave because I wanted to see how humanity overcame the struggles they were moving towards. But I was confident that they would be able to overcome whatever struggles space travel through at them... eventually HAHAHAHAHA... and I dimensional shift away.

    I don't know what is this Dream Four?: I am living in the far, far, future in a human colony. I am a giant and my pace of life is very sloooow.

    We have a very peaceful existence and I am very continent.

    For some reason I am called to a room I have never been in before, this is strange as I spend almost all of my time tending the gardens and reading.

    The door is very difficult to get through, its like it was designed for someone smaller?

    Inside is very dark and I cannot see well.

    I hear a squeak and a scurry in the darkness, but I have never known fear for there is nothing left to be afraid of.

    I accidentally step on something in the dark. I take it outside and realize it is a mouse! I have read about these in my books.

    I jiggle it wanting to play with it, but it does not move. I realize that it is dead and become very sad, this is the first time I have ever known death. I do not know how to handle my feelings, I feel turbulent and uncontrolled inside. I am confused.

    I bring the mouse to the elders to see if they can bring it back to life.

    Dream Transition:

    I am outside exploring the gardens, much further than I would normally go. It has been some many months since the incident with the mouse. I was very depressed for some time, but it has become my knew goal to explore for more life and nurture it.

    While exploring the gardens I find a wild cat (think the six legged cat from Avatar). It is not like the mouse, it is circling me and growling, I know fear for the first time.

    It attacks me, I do not know what to do and freeze up. I am expecting pain, but still have almost no concept of death, so am not afraid to die.

    At the last moment something deep within me awakens and I begin to fight the cat. I am not sure what is happening, I do not know what I am doing.

    I circle the cat and strike it down. I am exceedingly sad, having found life and brought death to it yet again. Something deep within me tells me that it was him or me, I should not be ashamed of my actions for I have acted wisely.

    Dream Transition:

    I am my vampire self again having just shifted to a new dimension. I see a giant stumbling through the forest, he comes upon a great predator that will surely kill him, as he looks very meek.

    For some reason I feel compassion for him. I search the feeling further and realize that he is actually a descendent of mine, I may have had a few dalliances in my days

    I search him and find a small piece of myself within him. I awake his survival instincts and he is able to easily defeat the cat.

    I feed off of him while he is crying over the death, and start to shift to another dimension, this one feels very crowded. I do not like being with family.

    Analysis: OH MY GOODNESS I AM SORRY! LOL! I had free time today, and a lot of notes from my dreams last night and so I decided to write away!

    If you enjoyed the story please comment and let me know what you liked I am very empresses with my sub-conscience, what a creative plot it came up with!

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