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    5-30-13 Dream Journal Part 2

    by , 05-30-2013 at 10:24 PM (422 Views)
    Continued from 5-30-13 Dream Journal Part 1


    Dream One: Star Trek Agent

    I am an agent working for the CIA/Starfleet. I am undercover as a smuggler smuggling some parts for the Enterprise.

    Dream Two: Helicopter Chase

    I am piloting one helicopter chasing another. They are faster but my copter has better shielding. To catch up to them I fly through a huge tree and cut them off right as they fly down and hover to start landing troops.

    I realize there is a second friendly copter in my convoy and I think of a plan. I let them tailgate me in my drag as we approach the enemy copter landing troops, then I slam on the brakes and turn slingshoting the copter tailgating me towards the enemy at great speeds.

    Then, just before they hit they pull up sharply resulting in them hovering just over the enemy copter. This results in a huge gust of downward wind which forces the enemy copter to crash into the ground squishing the soldiers it was unloading.

    I land with my soldiers to clean up the mess as the dream fades...

    Dream Three: Med Evac Team

    We have been taking heavy losses in the war, not as great as our enemy but still...

    I am training a med evac chopper team that should be able to fly in, grab our wounded and get out before the enemy can respond to try and cut our losses.

    Dream Four: Golf

    I am playing golf with Hector from the BBC show "Monarch of the Glen"

    Dream Five: Helping an Angel

    This is a supper long dream and even though its good I have more important dreams that I want to give space to so I am going to bullet point this one. - Witness Wall mart employee being bullied - Fight off the bullies - The guy I helped had a football so.... flag football time! - (side note it is raining) We receive kick off first. I realize the game is Good vs. Evil. When we receive kick off the rain picks up and clears a path to the end zone by wiping away the opposing team in a flood like the parting of the Red Sea. When they receive kick off zombies come out of the ground and hold us up so the can score. - The game is getting out of hand so a time out is called. - two diplomatic teams are sent to neutral territory to discuss game rules. - Now each team has a spiritual diplomat. An Angel and a Demon. - The Demon looks like a Kraken and I don't get a good look at the Angel but it looks like... one of the monsters from Final Fantasy The Spirits Within except blue and glowy... - The Demons betray and attack us (of course) - Our Angel diplomat needs to escape to warn the others and get reinforcements - The Angel is being attacked by the Kraken whose legs are wrapping around it and keeping it here. Now things are very desperate, there is no way me or the other good side diplomats can fight the Kraken on our own. In a burst of desperation I put all my energy, and all my life force into one electric attack to try and dislodge the Kraken's arm long enough for the Angel to get free. It works and the Angel gets free, but the Kraken reaches out another arm and snares it again. Another good side diplomat comes and duplicates my kamikaze attack. Then this happens a third time. Finally the Angel is able to escape the Kraken's reach and flies away. - At the end of the dream I am shocked to discover that I am still alive, I fully expected I would be, and I should be, dead... - I am taken captive and forced to live with Dread Lord Goon. - Its not so bad we just watch football on TV and argue a lot... The dream fades

    Side Note: Yeah it was a heck of a dream. I am so disappointed that I didn't get a better look at the Angel!

    Dream Six: CIA Agent

    Oh My Gosh! Again this is a heck of a dream but I am just going to bullet point it.

    - I am a kid again playing at a park. Somehow I climb up on top of a water tower. It is really cool but gets boring eventually and I don't know how to get down. I jump and grab an electric line which breaks and swings me towards the ground. I am swinging towards a tree with very large thorns... I let go of the electric line and fall another thirty feet to the ground. I expect it to hurt very badly, maybe some broken bones. But I am okay?

    - My radio goes off, I am being recalled? - Apparently I was working undercover and since I jumped off a water tower my cover has been blown. - I get to CIA headquarters and am debriefed with six other agents. - This part is hazy, I go on another mission and then I'm back being debriefed again? - Some prisoner has escaped. - He is a very bad person (in the dream it was like a demon), we have had him locked up since his youth (I am guessing we've had him locked up for 80ish years). Somehow he has escaped. - I am watching the security cams investigating how he escaped. I realize one of the agents came by a weird path to the debriefing, they must have helped him escape! I get VERY angry, how could she betray me, the agency, like this!?! I confront her and can see that she is guilty. I give her no mercy and begin attacking her. She defends herself but hand to hand combat is my thing. Eventually I beat her until she is nearly un-conscience and then throat slam her to the ground, twice. Then they come arrest her and the dream fades...

    Side Note: YIKES! That got a little violent! I guess I feel bad about it because she was a women and I don't think it's ever appropriate for a man to attack a women like that! Not even if she committed treason and a heinous crime breaking oaths to the agency...

    Dream Seven: Fighting Satan

    Yes! Finally I get to my lucid Dream!

    I am surrounded by blackness. I realize that I am dreaming. I see a light and a forest scene begins to form.

    I walk towards the light and enter the dream, it is so easy and natural.

    My first thought is to stabilize. I focus my senses. I visually take in the woods, I hear the animals, and I try to smell the freshness... but I can't smell anything, oh well.

    I see a path and I walk out of the trees towards the path.

    When I set a foot on a the path I hear a voice and I look up to see a giant black evil bear across the path.

    For a moment I am not looking at the bear. But at it's spirit.

    Inside the bear is an evil spirit that looks like the bad guy from The Hunchback of Notre Dome expect more black and shadowy and... evilish.

    I only see him for a moment then the bear is back and talking to me.

    "Head down the path ***** (my name). Your friends are waiting for you at the end of the path down by the river."

    "They are waiting for you, go to them"

    Then he roars at me and it is a great and terrible sound.

    The funny thing is, I am not afraid of him for even one moment.

    He is not lying to me, my friends are waiting for me.

    But he wants to see me afraid, he wants to chase me down the path to them.

    As he roars at me again.

    I do not feel the fear he wants me to, I feel anger! I get angry at him, very angry, how dare he think to terrorize me!

    Somehow I steal his voice and I roar back at him! My roar is very long and loud! It begins to shake the trees and make the earth rumble!

    He tries to roar back but realizes I have stolen his voice!

    He charges at me.

    I start climbing trees and stabbing at him with sharp branches. I am piercing his skin, but I am not nearly strong enough to do any real damage.

    I start making a tactical retreat towards my friends. Keeping out of his reach in the trees.

    Then... when we get to the bottom... there is a dream transition and the bear is more like Winnie The Pooh now and I sit down and have a nice snack with him and my friends... Everything tastes like cream cheese. The dream fades back to blackness and I wake up.

    Analysis: I was so happy when I had this lucid at the end of the night! It wasn't all that great in that I didn't get to accomplish any of my dream goals, but it was good because I clearly remember the transition into the dream. Go me picking up one more lucid for May!

    Side Note: Ugh... It took me and hour and a half to write this dream journal. That is to long, what am I going to do?
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    1. gab's Avatar
      I am an agent working for the CIA/Starfleet. I am undercover as a smuggler smuggling some parts for the Enterprise.
      Man, I was gonna do that. Lucky you
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    2. Sangfoot's Avatar
      Hi Gab!

      Haha lol! Yeah that was one random dream. I am kind of disappointed that it was actually more CIA/Smuggler and less Starfleet/Enterprise...

      I just saw Into Darkness and I thought it was AMAZING! I hope I have some more Star Trek dreams coming my way

      I could possibly be persuaded to share some with you...
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    3. gab's Avatar
      Lol, I saw Into Darkness 4 times, and not a single dream I want my money back!

      I started watching the Burn Notice few month ago and promptly got a few spy/ police chase dreams. pretty good ones. Watching Star Trek all my life, and not a single one. Only 2 dreams with Patrick Steward, which is not bad either.

      My favorite ST is Voyager, but I really like the original, the next generation and Deep Space 9. Not sure if you know the movie Galaxy Quest. I guess it's modeled after ST. Very funny movie.

      Good luck with your star trek dreams
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    4. Sangfoot's Avatar
      You are just cracking me up right now! You really got gypped, 4 times and no dream! That stinks

      That is so funny you would mention Burn notice, I have 4 episodes of it left on Netflix that I am kind of saving, I don't want it to end! It is where all my CIA Spy dreams are coming from!

      And if you ask any of my friends they would tell you I a am a huge Galaxy Quest fan boy! I always try and get people to watch it because I think it is hilarious.

      I'm glad to see someone who isn't afraid to give Deep Space 9 a little love. My circle never really grew to appreciate it... but I really enjoyed it. It's obviously a little different, but I think it has earned it's Star Trek name.

      I think you have inspired me to start re watching Voyager. If it affects me like Burn Notice has I can expect a rush of Voyager dreams coming my way!