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    1. Government Conspiracy Turns to Animated Worlds and Dream Powers From Many Settings

      by , 12-07-2012 at 08:10 PM
      11-19-2012 -- I'm walking in to Ron Dockery's house (past roommate) and he's in the living room with a large bowl-like cup he's mixing stuff in. He has me adding some carbonated soda to the mixture, possibly while passing it through an electrical current. It's filling up right to edge of the bowl, and he thinks it is going to blow, but so far, at least, it doesn't. Can't remember why or how, but there is a sense of Runescape at this point. I pour a little more soda in, and at this point the mixure is bowing just slightly above the top of the bowl, still held in place by surface tension, yet slightly quivering from all the energy contained. At this point we're really surprised it hasn't blown, yet.

      Soon a friend of Ron's walks in. He's hoping she is eventually going to be his girlfriend, and it seems the chances are good. She turns out to be Shirley Feeney from Laverne and Shirley. The house is a large one, and for some reason there are lots of kids living here. It is past bed time, which means it is required that all the kids are in their bedrooms. It is up to them, however, if they ever bother to actually sleep or not. By this point we're upstairs in a sort of den-like room, and I am around a corner from Ron and Shirley. I am pretty sure they have a quickie while I am around the corner, and for some reason I am trying to spy on them.

      But soon there's no chance of that, because the kids are everywhere, and not in their rooms as they are supposed to be. It turns out there are so many kids around because Shirley watches them for the government, who kidnaps them from their parents. It turns out they have weird, detailed dreams, and for some reason these dreams are considered evil, so they are held here. This is really scaring me, because the kinds of dreams and the details of what are considered evil about them actually match up pretty closely with the kinds of dreams I have. Shirley tries to explain to me that it is OK for me as a middle-aged man to have dreams about sex, or even for a teenager, but there is something wrong when kids who are four or five are having the same kinds of dreams, and while I am still very nervous about it all, I can admit there may be something to that.

      I'm not sure how the shift occurs, since I ran out of room on the paper to write more down, but in some way connected to all this government kidnapping and dream-related stuff, I soon find myself floating above a circular lake that seems very reminiscent of the avatar fountain in the Runescape clan citadels. I'm just kind of floating there drifting like one of the avatars, except I am myself, and the large circular lake is surrounded by huge skyscraper-like buildings on all sides. I'm hoarse, and have my voice problem, but I am somehow projecting my voice all around the city, anyway.

      I explain that I have both the right and the power to do so, so I have claimed the throne of the city and named myself ruler. Nobody likes this, and people are starting to shout out complaints about this, but I don't really care. On the shore to the northeast is a figure that seems to be out of the movie Tron, with his suit glowing with light, except it is in green, instead of blue. He fires some sort of ray gun at me, but I block the green burst of laser fire with my hand. Unlike what it should do, it doesn't hurt me or assimilate me, or put me under his control or anything ... he simply doesn't have enough power to do anything to me. I'm powerful enough to back up my claim.

      Soon I walk in to the city, heading east. I soon find myself in curved hallways that remind me of a space station like B5 or DS9, and the look is kind of going animated, half between regular animation and computer animation. I find myself facing an old soldier with short-cropped whitish-silver hair. His uniform is all in pink (as opposed to the green of the guy earlier) and I think it is nothing more than a different color to represent a different team. His body shape looks exactly like the old guy from Pixar's Up. He makes to attack me, and I first warn him, then take his gun away from him, and he's rather bummed that he can't take me. By this point, it has a strong feeling of a sort of Wreck-It Ralph feel to everything, like a cross-over world between lots of forms of animation and lots of video games.

      Soon I find myself driving out of the city in a very wild cartoon fashion, as well as in a very wild cartoon vehicle. Strong hints of the Roger Rabbit paddy wagon vehicle the weasels drove in the movie, except I'm driving it, instead. I'm flashing down a tunnel, and one opponent who seems kind of Plasticman or Mr Fantastic-like has spread across the entire tunnel, but I plow right through him. Others are on the roof of the tunnel, trying to drop on my vehicle as I pass, but they get the timing wrong. A couple drop too soon, and have to dive out of the way of my vehicle. The rest wait too long, and hit the road behind me (pancaking), having to dive out of the way of other traffic following.

      As we make it out of the tunnel, and into a more open area, I am swerving all over the place like a crazy man, and like in a cartoon, the road is shifting under me, flying out to the sides, and bunching up under the force of my tires. I'm now running down a hillside that feels like it is from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, leaving Halloweentown and approaching another world. My car that has been very pumpkin-themed, and has half been being driven by a pumpkin figure is now shifting, and all the Halloween decor is trying to fly off in all directions as the theme changes. I'm not willing to let it go, so I grab the pumpkin / driver figure and hold on to him. I manage to keep hold of him, but he changes, and is now a bobblehead Einstein figure, instead, but he's still driving for me.

      We're now in a lego car, driving through a massive lego city like the kind they build in the various Legoland parks, and I ask him if he'll continue to drive for me. He asks me why, and I try to tell him, but somehow I find I just can't get the words out. Something is constraining me, not letting me explain. I try to force the words out, and it is something about I have to rescue my lady love, whatever world they happen to be holding her in. I'm pretty sure he agrees to help. We're tiny figures in this huge Lego city, but it is all built on a huge table in this room with small offices lining the walls, and as we are talking and driving at high speed, one of the office doors opens, and the Shirley Feeney character walks out, thousands of times bigger than me, since I'm now the size of a Lego figure.
    2. How did I miss this?

      by , 02-21-2011 at 09:07 PM
      15th of February, I can recall two dreams. Both of which, in hindsight, were completely illogical and should have prompted a reality check had I been more experienced in the field of dreams, DRs, DSs, RCs and LDs in general. Jotting this down straight from my 'real' dream journal, the one I keep next to my bed. Non Lucid, Lucid, Extra Note

      1.) I vaguely recall viewing a scene (which was sort of reminiscent of a film like Starship Troopers) as an observer. The room is dark and there are several people in it, three at least. A man explains about how certain creatures would enter your body and the moment he finishes, screeches of some kind of bug alert the group and flashlights are turned on. A big (the size of a bread loaf) cockroach like creature is revealed to be standing right next to a woman who, until recently had been sleeping on the ground. One person shoots it with an energy weapon, with no effect. Another more tomboyish woman shoots it with a high caliber weapon, causing the creature to explode, sending its gory gibs all over the room. The woman turns to the person with the energy weapon and tells her to use a proper weapon, while hefting her weapon. She then opens a large door and starts shooting down the hallway, which is full of (the same?) creatures. The door closes however, crushing the woman in between the two ton metal door and its respective frame. She lets out no sign of pain though and continues shooting until she is pulled through the door by the insects, her hand being the last thing to pass through the doorway before it shuts. All that, and she didn't even scream.

      2.) I was drifting around some sort of museum which had a robotics department. Robots however made no proper appearance. The only rooms of the department were located in a remote hallway. Einstein (yeah, seriously) comes by, recognises the word 'Robotics', enters the room and leaves disappointed. He then continues to comment on the shape of a strange medal, claiming that they messed up his design. (WtF?)

      Pretty strange stuff. I mean, what the hell does Einstein have to do with the shape of medals? And robotics?
      Anyways, signs noted, dream logged, hopefully this illogicality will prompt some reality checking in the future.