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    1. Strange Feeling GA+WBTB+DILD

      by , 02-06-2020 at 07:34 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was at my job working and they gather us all up to tell us that we will be leaving early. As we all got in to two lines, I was standing next to another co-worker. She began to hold my hand from the other side which I thought was off. I then felt her hand clench mine and soon everything was dark. I couldn't see anything but I could still feel her hand holding mine tightly. I began to hold her hand even tighter to hold on to the dream.

      At some point with in that I knew I was dreaming but there was now no dream just the darkness that surrounded me. I could still feel her hand but now the feeling had change to a weird sensation all over my body. I got out the darkness and could see my actual self laying in the bed but from a different angle. My brain was making such a huge buzzing sound that I began to panic. My body was feeling odd and to be honest felt like it was dying.

      I knew that I was in between transitions from the waking world and the dreamworld. Overall my panic made me unable to transition back in to the dreamworld and I began to move my physical body as I had now control over it.
    2. Odd Feelings GA+WBTB+DA+ 3 DILDS+ 1 OBE

      by , 01-15-2020 at 08:22 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I really just wanted to sleep and didn't want to do anything else. I had gotten up out of my bed because I knew I had to deal with a lot of stuff in waking life and just decided to forget about it for now. I went back in my bed and fell asleep. I found myself experiencing images flashing and soon I was able to walk around with in the darkness. There still was no dream but I was able to start using my dream body.

      However I eventually lost awareness of myself in the darkness because nothing was happening and no image would remain solid. I eventually enter a dream non-lucid. In the dream I found myself at a grocery store and I was on top of a shelf of can goods. A cashier woman saw me up and there and before I knew it she was tapping me on my shoulder. I turn around to face her but she wasn't behind me and was now on the side that I had previously turned from. I turn again but she had moved to the opposite direction again.

      She then pushed me to the shelf, making me completely laying on it on my front side only. And started to put pressure on my back side. This began to hurt to the point of where I became lucid. I didn't know what she was trying to do but I got my hand and was trying to sway it around to signal her to stop. Massaging was definitely not her best job. It didn't work though, so I had tried to switch the dream to a different scene. Instead images kept floating around and eventually I just lost lucidity again with in the darkness.

      One image did finally arrive and solidify itself with in the pending darkness. Once it did, I regain lucidity instantly like a bad habit. I remember this image from earlier I said, now it was a dream. I began moving around and saw the other grocery store that I tried to enter. I waited in line with other people as I observe the environment. The place was beginning to darken, I tried to cut in line and see what they had in some places. I went through a few rooms to see people partying and couches being place around.

      The grocery store had now became a place of run down party. With a lot of people either eating or drinking while dancing. Some guy shove my arm and I told him to stop bothering me and went about my business. I then notice the dream getting too dark and realize I was returning back to the complete blackness that awaited me. I decided I was going to hold on to my consciousness as long as I could as I grew tired of constantly going in and out of awareness. I also tired to rub my hands together to stabilize the dream but it was too late.

      I was in total darkness now and something different happen this time as I held on as much as I could. I felt my consciousness zip out from the darkness like a vortex, it made this swooshing sound as it sent me back to my body in bed. The pressure felt quite intense, I wasn't sure what happened or if I was awake in my bed now in waking life.

      But something felt very different. My body felt way lighter and I felt stuck. As I tried to move it felt like I was ripping out of another body. My arm was like half stuck in it, I still had my eyes close but felt the immediate urge to open them. As I did it was like seeing from another eye as I could faintly see my room from where I was laying down. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not but I all of a sudden I realize I couldn't breathe. I was trying to breathe but nothing was happening. I began to panic and this made me lose my focus and woke up in the same position I was previously in at my bed.
    3. First succesful WILD-MILD after a huge break

      by , 03-24-2019 at 10:48 AM
      I tried to do WILD again. I woke up in the morning, my body was relaxed, so I thought that it's the right time to do a WILD.

      I lay on my back, and started to count my breath. After a time the position were always uncomfortable so I switched it multiple times. At the last switch I fell asleep and lost my consciousness.

      I was on the street where I live at night. It was snowy everywhere. I started to swim in it shirtless and I slipped down the road. That was funny for me

      Then the lucidity kicked in. I remembered that I was trying to do WILD.

      I was inside our house, I wanted to go somewhere else, so I tried to go thorught the wall, but I couldn't, so I tried to put my hands through the door. Nothing happened. I even felt the hardness of the material and the pain in my fingers. "Okay, another technique". I imagined the scene of a beautiful beach and then I opened the door. Damn , there was the bathroom like in the reality.

      I started worrying about losing lucidity like last time. I did the nose RC to comfirm this is a dream. I started to rub my palms and then counted the fingers. First I seen 5 but then when I was countig there was 7. I had two thumbs.

      So I opened the window of the bathroom and prepared to swim in the air. (My cat suddenly came to see me ) I knew that this is a dream so I jumped. I never felt myself light like this before. The feeling of my weight wasn't there. The sky was still dark. I flew down the street. I yell "Let there be light!". It doesn't let me control. The sky was brighter a bit, I saw lightning in the sky. Wow that was beautiful!

      Suddenly I was running on the ground and then I saw coming the family of my friend.

      Then I woke up.

      It's funny how much I tried to gain control, my unconsciousness didn't give it to me.
      I hope I will be more lucid next time.

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    4. Unison

      by , 10-04-2018 at 04:07 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      The dream starts out with a scenario very much like the waking one I must have just left: having trouble getting to sleep. I’m initially on a thin mat on the floor of a room in a house, in a sleeping bag, but I give up and move the sleeping bag to the couch, where I do finally manage to fall asleep.

      The dream I subsequently find myself in is a lucid one. It went on for long enough to where entire segments of it have faded from memory, and I’m no longer entirely sure whether I have the order of the things right. But here goes.

      The earliest parts, probably, were of flying over a city at night. I’m just looking around, observing my surroundings. I spot a brightly lit area—tennis courts—and fly down. But as I’m getting close, the lights suddenly turn off, leaving me in the dark. I imagine my wings—which I’ve been doing without until now—and use them to propel myself up from just above the ground. But not long after that, I figure that it might be better to walk—there are people I’m looking for here, and it might be easier to find them down there. So I land and continue going that way.

      This city seems to be a modern one, and the area I'm in is well lit. To my right, I spot a large building that looks like a hotel, and further on is another one. No people around, though. I pause to examine some graffiti carved into the gray paint of a metal pillar, possibly supporting an overpass. Most of it is illegible scribbles, but I distinctly read the name “Joseph”.

      Nobody else seems to be walking around. I do eventually spot some people (specifically, four guys and a ferret) through the glass-walled corner of a building and have a brief conversation with them, but it seems to cut off partway through, and I find myself as a disembodied point of view, looking at a bunch of grapes. They’re hanging on a vine that’s grown around a tree in a forest. I remember reading something on Dreamviews about being able to play with the perspective of visual imagery—and there’s no way in hell I’m going to be able to visualize that well while awake, so I figure I’ll try it now. I find I can change the angle just by intending to, can zoom in and have a closer look. Even close, it looks incredibly realistic.

      But before I can get even closer, there’s another transition, and I find myself in a house. I’m near a large window—I can’t see anything outside since it’s light inside and dark outside, and it just looks black, but I figure I’ll jump through it and see what happens.

      I jump straight through the glass as if it wasn’t there and find that what I saw before was actually accurate—there really is nothing here but featureless darkness. I don’t even seem to have a body anymore. I consider the situation. I’m not worried about waking up: I recall that I spent quite a while lying awake before this—having correctly remembered my waking life circumstances rather than mistaking the dream I fell asleep in for real, which isn't always what happens in these situations—and so I’ll still be catching up on sleep.

      The idea occurs to me to sing a song, one I remember singing in choir when I was a kid. I then think that it’s kind of a silly song—why would I want to do that? But no, it’s better to go with my first thought. It’s probably the right one—it’s better not to second-guess this kind of thing. And so I sing it there.

      Long ago, in a far off land,
      Lived a child who loved to sing.
      She opens up her fragile heart,
      And the song, it takes wing…

      Although it’s not exactly like I’m singing it, since I still seem to be somewhat disembodied. I’m surprised by how good my voice sounds here, though. It resonates in a way I wasn’t expecting in a space that appears to be a complete void.

      At some point after that, after some unknown transition, I seem to be in the same house as before, just looking around. It has multiple floors, and above one staircase, I find what appears to be a clock playing a waltz-like melody. It sounds a bit like a calliope.

      As I listen, it occurs to me to try another experiment. I clear my mind, getting everything else out of the way, then wordlessly sing, improvising a melody that might come after what I've already heard. And I find that what I'm singing exactly matches the tune the calliope clock is playing. It's as if, one way or another, we’re drawing from the same source, which is fascinating. So it is just me after all.

      There’s quite a bit that happened after that, most of it involving the man who lived in the house—but, unfortunately, I can only remember the very end, as he was walking out. Shortly after that, I wake up.

    5. xl.

      by , 09-20-2018 at 02:10 PM
      Non-dream stuff - I wrote most of this non-lucid dream on a tablet while cooking lunch, as I didn't get a chance to do so before that. Managed to remember a lot of detail, but not some missing bits from transitions and the like, unfortunately.

      I remember being some place outside. I was getting a big weapon. The poor memory I have of the outline makes me think of a black bfg. I had a small van like the one my partner has. It was a cloudy and grey day. I put the weapon in the back of the van.

      I remember the presence of my middle sibling and I think we spoke at some point, about the weapon. It was very rare and valuable.

      Then there's a transition and it implied I took it some place else. I was now in my "lair" and I was a dinosaur/monster like something out of the game Monster Hunter. The weapon was on a rock, safely secrued somehow and I remembering seing an orange glow on its outline, like an item pickup in a game.

      Then I looked at the top right corner of a visual interface and it said 33,000,000 or so, and it was money I had.

      Another big black monster that looked like a Komodo dragon or some sort of lizard appeared and he wanted the weapon. I remember he had a deep voice but I don't remember any words. He wanted to take it by force so we fought for a bit and he tried to attack the things making the weapon secure, without much success. I think he ended up scurrying away.

      I then was in a human form and in a black mustang-y type car, seeing it from third person like in many free roam games, and I drove at some speed toward a "waypoint" where I would find the black lizard. I was driving through a city and it was a bit dark at first. I got to a wide river, and I remember I could see an industrial estate type place across the way. I couldn't cross with the car and "remembered" I could summon a jet, so I summoned a bomber jet and got in and took off; the city was more like a complex megapolis now and it was a clear and sunny day.

      Somewhat unexpectedly I wasn't controlling the jet too well, and had a few near-hits with buildings; there were drag forces I don't remember noticing before when flying these in games and the tall and branched buildings made it difficult to navigate at high speed but after through the mega city jungle I was arriving over my waypoint so I jumped out of the jet, landing somewhere near my waypoint, which was a bunker entrance. It became night again and there were military personnel that didn't look like they were going to let me inside but they didn't threaten me with their weapons so I rushed through the entrance, into some dark and dimly lit concrete halls. The few lights that existed were weak fluorescent lights.

      There wasn't much staff inside this bunker and I seemed to have lost the guards. In this section of the dream I can't actually remember what form I took, possibly alternating between human and lizard form; but I found the black lizard in a small room behind a classroom place that had window panes to an "open" underground area. It was still very dark but there was bright blue light from the large underground area. I assumed some kind of high tech generator though I don't remember looking.

      The black lizard was smaller than before, but though he was the same one as before, it was like he was younger now, hence his reduced size. I remember confronting him with more agression and likewise back at me. I also remember thinking "why couldn't he just pay me a few millions for the weapon", also making me wonder how much money he had, which I assumed to be a lot.

      Unfortunately I can't remember what happened next in any detail and the dream ended shortly after.

      Notes (going into a bit of dream interpretation more than usual because of the dream's plot/context):
      • To me, the jet, the military staff and bunker are clearly based off my recent experience of playing Just Cause 3. Other elements from games are obviously present, like the weapon.
      • In the dream I did expect the jet control to be a lot more intuitive than it ended up being, but the giant branched buildings were very unexpected, because when I was on the ground I never spotted any.
      • Black seems to have been a very prevalent colour in this dream.
      • Black BFG, black lizard, black car, grey rocks, lots of places of darkness... Of contrast was the white van, the blue or tan jet and the shiny city buildings and blue sky when flying the jet.
      • Of note to me is that I immediately referenced the black lizard as male, and the fact that I was a lizard too, of some other colour, probably yellow or orange, indicates to me that the black lizard was likely a part of my Shadow and that I was playing some sort of Hero role.
      • I find that the Hero as represented by my less conscious mind tends to be too antagonistic towards the Shadow. This may just be a reflection of Hero portrayals in many typical stories. I personally see the Shadow archetype in general as a poor repressed fellow who needs attention or affection, rather than violence.
      • In my childhood pre-sleep lucids, the form of choice was usually a giant black lizard/dinosaur.
      • The last part of the dream has the most significance to me and follows a general pattern that my dreams sometimes take;
      • The underground bunker goes down and deeper and gets darker and darker, which is a common process in my dreams, but the presence of a bright blue light at the end when confronting the black lizard in the darkness was somewhat unusual. I do usually have meaningful interactions with dark characters in these dream stages however.
      • The fact that the black lizard was smaller and/or younger at the end makes me think that it is a part of my childhood that I've lost that I haven't been able to regain yet. As a child I was easily angry and aggressive, which was more or less the behaviour of the black lizard.
    6. Walking with my shadow DILD

      by , 03-10-2018 at 08:55 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am walking on the side walk on a park and see a guy wearing sunglasses. I walk up to approach him and I notice that one of his friends were with him. I ask him if he would like me to buy anything for him. He responds by saying "yes, a taco would be good, it should cost $4.75" I put my hands in my pocket to check if I had enough. Then his friend came to me and ask if I could get her anything.

      I wasn't sure because I didn't have enough money for both of them. But I decided I will find out once I arrive at the store. I ask for the location of the store. They told me if I went down a dark alley I would and walk to my left I will stumble upon the right store. I began walking towards the alley and notice an immediate change in the environment. The air was shrouded by mist and it felt heavy to breathe.

      I look around and it would appear to be like an underground city here. I could see a woman smoking while casually walking. I couldn't see her clearly due to the darkness of the area. I walk passed her and see this wide circle shape window. I walk to it slowly and when I viewed it I had trouble focusing on it for some reason. I open my eyes wider to see what was happening and then suddenly I felt someone behind me, just watching me.

      I take a second to turn around without causing a reaction and then I realize the darkness had grown and I could hardly see anything. But I could see that it was the woman I had walk pass that was smoking earlier. She didn't say anything, but some how I knew that I was dreaming now. After that the environment had change in to a scene where someone was holding themselves on the ground before exploding in a burst of energy. I watch it from a far and not too long afterwards everything went black and I had a false awakening.
    7. 17-09-XX Grandpa Dead in Cabin, Things

      by , 10-24-2017 at 12:02 PM
      Scary dream. I saw some kind of cabin. My grandfather, who died recently, was there. In a later scene we saw what happened after we (myself and possibly other family?) left. We had to abandon him because he had some kind of disease that as a threat to everybody. Grandpa was dead, and on the floor. He looked like he suffered a lot. It was very dark in the cabin. Only moonlight lit up the room. The floor, walls and even the ceiling was covered in red... stuff. Not blood. More like the red weed from "The War of the Worlds", or "the Ripley" from Stephen King's "Dreamcatcher". The scene looked creepy as hell. I felt like something evil was in there with us. There was a girl with me, now. Dire circumstances throughout the dream (mostly forgotten) had brought us together. I was crushing on her, hard. And the way I acted around her made it very obvious. I didn't care things were bad. Not if I got to be around her.

      In another scene I found myself in medieval times, I think. I was in some kind of arena, sitting on a long bench with a bunch of other people. The person next to me told me to leave, quickly. I was apparently in danger. Possibly, "they" were after me.

      Horrific dream. Sort of a continuation of the first. It was a frantic chase through a house, where I was being pursued by... Things. Like the monsters from John Carpenter's "The Thing". More and more of our group were being turned, mutating horribly, and I was now the only one left. It was awful and terrifying. I vaguely remember a bedroom, where I jumped through a window (through the glass) to escape one of the Things and "fell through dimensions". Impossible to explain in words. The dream concluded with an open ending... but I suspected I had been turned without knowing it myself, or as about to be turned.
    8. Walk in the dark

      by , 05-07-2017 at 09:22 PM
      I was taking a walk in the night,
      it was very dark but the street lights kept my way light for the most part.
      After a while I found myself in front of a dark path with no lights, it was long and pitch black,
      you couldn't see anything but there were some people around and I did what all
      of them were doing, taking my phone out and use it to light my way and keep walking.
      There were some other people walking through there too, but I just walked pass them.
      Right in the middle of this dark path, there was this woman walking while holding a little kid/baby in
      her arms with a bunch of other kids around her, there wasn't anyone holding a light for
      her and she just used the light of the people passing by to guide her steps.
      I decided to slow my pace and light her way for the rest of the darkness.
      I remember exchanging a couple of words with her while walking but I don't remember which
      ones exactly.
      When we finally came out of the dark path I decided just to put my phone back and keep walking,
      but she called me and told me to wait, she had left the kid/baby behind with the other kids and
      started walking at alongside me, I remember saying something like "so it wasn't yours?", she just
      smiled and replied "no, it wasn't."
      All that I remember about her looks is that her lips were scarlet-red tempting, clean white teeth with a perfect
      smile. Her skin had a goldish tone to it. She was wearing black pants with a black blouse and a small red cardigan on top
      of all of it. Her hair was also black but I don't remember how she had it fixed.
      When she approached me, she asked "where are we walking tonight?"
      I just answered "Nowhere, I sometimes just walk until I get tired and then go back."
      then she smiled and said "we are going nowhere tonight then"
      I didn't ask where she was going but I remember having some other conversations but don't remember
      the topics in specific.
      I remember walking through a campus/university environment with her (which was really active for what I assume
      was the middle of the night) and just entered random classrooms in our way, bothering the attendants and professors
      alike and then just leaving just to pick another class to disrupt.
      Last thing I remember is entering to this packed classroom and walking between people excusing ourselves (like trying
      to get to your sit in the middle of a theater in a full night), she entered first and managed to somehow get a sit
      in the first row, I was just walking between rows until I got near to her. Sitting next to her was this middle aged guy
      that seemed to be giving a lecture in japanese and said something about what we were doing being disrespectful, I just
      said 'sumimasen' (lol), I left the classroom, walked a couple of steps and looked behind, but she hadn't come out yet.
      Just when I was about to turn my back and keep walking she leaves the classroom with a big smile, and ask me to
      wait for her and we just keep walking through the night..
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. The travel of consciousness.

      by , 03-29-2017 at 08:09 AM
      I was lying down in my bed, descending deeper and deeper into concentration, then meditation. I observed various snippets of dreams and dismissing them - I was not planning to try shared dream tonight. No, my target was OBE. I felt that my other body is restless, pushing away from boundaries of physical body... Yet I descended deeper, allowing myself to find how deep in meditation I can go down without loosing myself in it. I saw white and black flashes... I heard mumbling and growling from time to time... I lost feeling of my physical body... then I heard sound as if very high note was played and it ended with something like BZUIIING! and what was left was roaring silence. Everything stopped, no flashes, no sound... nothing left. After some time I allowed myself to float my other body out of physical one smoothly, without feeling of any restraint.
      I was above my physical body in my bedroom. It was dark night. I saw things shining in red light. I floated slowly around without the feeling of any gravity, there was no up or down for me. Nothing was out of ordinary... but nothing was touchable. I floated slowly through the wall of my house into night... the surrounding faded away into darkness. I felt very relaxed and in peace. I experimented how far can I go without loosing consciousness. From darkness some angelic looking beings glowing in bluish light became visible... and I only observed. There was temptation to come after them... and I didn't care the temptation. Those angelic looking beings slowly morphed into demonic ones, glowing in red light. Yet I didn't care. I only observed them. I felt a malicious intent from them. I felt that I should fear. I wondered what is a fear, how to feel it. I wondered whether I should try to preach. Yet, I was able to do none of that. I floated and observed them to attack and dissipate as they touched my nonphysical body. I was alone, again. The body became nonexistent and slowly coalesced into bluish ball of light. I shined in the darkness softly and observed my surroundings. Surrounding of nothingness. My consciousness dissolved after some time afterwards.

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    10. [31-01-2017: Monsters & rooster, Working abroad, Dark magic, DILD]

      by , 01-31-2017 at 09:47 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I saw a biome border between temperate grasslands and barren wastelands. I saw a huge hill forming a slope coming up to the height of sun as seen on the sky. People in that area wer living in cavern-houses and modest outside cottages. There were horrible monsters roaming the area, leopard-like predators made of bone and rocks with some fleshy bits in between and more creatures mentioned by people. I walked up the slope and then slid down to a huge valley and started escaping. The monsters were chasing me, I only had my bare hands to defend. I ran up to some volcanic rift, and decided to run back to safety of grasslands. I reached it and then place changed. It was a cold, early spring dawn. I went from behind my barn towards house, trying to avoid angry dogs on the way, and then suddenly turned to chicken pens. I reminded myself that I had to do something there before coming back home. I opened a gate, but one of roosters tried to escape the pen. I managed to stop it, saying "Don't leave the pens rooster, there are dogs out there that might eat you!"

      Working abroad

      I was sitting in my living room with some random people and my family. There was an old, bald man with a moustache that seemed familiar, his wife was as old he was, she was a redhea. There also were my two sisters and parents. I spoke with the man about some work we have to do and I started preparing, taking on layers of clothes and high shoes. It was something to do abroad. With younger sister we prepared and left the house. It was a warm morning, we sat on a wagon and set off after a while. Only then my sister told me that we're going to a working camp to become slaves, but everything was prepared so that we can get out of this. Just before the wagon left my possession, police appeared and stopped it, then arrested the old man and his wife.

      Dark magic

      With siblings and parents we drove to my aunt's house and entered it. The place was a strange amalgamate of my and their house. We went towards living room where TV was turned on. It was some new technology that made the TV project everything as a hologramme in the room. I saw some city with skyscrapers and thought "Godzilla?" Then something strange started to happen, hologrammes of the Godzilla and numerous mummies appeared. They were black with white outlines. The mummies hurled black orbs that on impact sent shrapnells at us and made more of them spawn. I recall that with my mind and by throwing one orb back, I beaten those mummies. Godzilla just stood there in the background, between skyscrapers. Suddenly everything turned to grayscale with blackness in the background. Strange undead or demon alike figures started to fight between themselves so they'd get a better view of me. They could've been waving to me too.


      I woke up in my bed, though my house again was a mix of my and my aunt's house. I left it and went towards bathroom. The light switches weren't working, I tried turning the lights on several times to no avail. I left the bathroom. Then I made nose plug RC as lights seemed unusuall and became lucid. I turned back and entered the bathroom. This time it was different, with rock-alike tiles in shades of brown, there was a huge bathtube in the middle of the room, with a tall mirror on the wall. The mirror reflected everything up from my stomach. I looked much younger, uglier and had shorter hair, I was wearing a camoe t-shirt. I recalled my current lucid goals - transformations and shape shifting. I took a towel that was hanging on nearby wall and obscured the mirror, then thought about changing. First I wanted to try changing into opposite gender. I used towel to obscure and reveal the mirror, changing parts of my body this way. I became naked after a first try. Suddenly I found myself outside the toilet, non-lucid. I repeated RC and became lucid again. I went back to bathroom and continued changing. Each time as I changed, my facial features were feminine and different from previous. Only thing that was in common with each of them was that my hair were black and eyes had darker shade of blue with mixture of brown. After a while changes weren't instant and I had to hold the towel in front of mirror for a while. Suddenly when I revealled the mirror, it summoned the reflection. A woman with dark hair and eyes and somewhat pleasant body was standing beside me. Curiously, only her reflected in the mirror. She looked at me, smiling. I touched her to shift into her body, and then she disappeared. I changed my head a few more times until I was good with the change, then started changing the torso. It was quite quick to get a female body. Suddenly someone approached me from behind, pointing a gun at my back. It was a blonde man in a black suit. He shot several times, but I ignored him and the shots. He disappeared after a while, his bullets not even touching my body. Then I started shifting lower parts of my body, this was the hardest as the mirror didn't reached it (and I haven't thought about enlargening it), and feeling coming with it were quite intense (more in a turn-on way though). I was trying to hold on and managed to stay in the dream. The lucidity faded away though and I stood there non-lucid. After a short while I woke up.
    11. intrigued by carpet pattern again

      by , 12-10-2016 at 09:27 PM
      In a room off from the bosses office, I am trying not to be heard. There is very little in the room and it is dark except for a window with the blind drawn letting in a little light.
      The is an old white landline phone on the floor, the carpet is worn. I wake up.

      I re-enter the dream and am lucid. I can see more in the room now, I look closely at the carpet which takes on the appearance of my parents carpet with an intricate yellow and brown (very 70s) pattern.
      I try to alter the carpet but only succeed in drawing it out in a cuboid shape. I focus closer on a spot on the fabric but it does not change.
      Thinking I should try something else, I go to the door. Open it and enter a corridor with no light except that coming from around the door frame of a door to the right. Entering this room in total darkness, I hear sounds from the kitchen in spirited away, loud and muffled. I make the lights come on and the kitchen changes into an apartment with low level lighting. I am disturbed by the waking world and awake.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. LD Number 5

      by , 12-10-2016 at 12:08 PM
      so another Lucid Dream, number 5 now! I seem to be thats 3 iv had since joining this site and focusing on dream recall.
      In last nights dream i remember the moment i became consciouse, i was in the pitch black, complete darkness when i noticed that i was running down a street with no lighting at all, even though i was still consciouse of my physical body laying in bed in RL i suddenly felt a strange feeling of terror, i realised i was running from "Something" so i decided to turn around and check if i was at all running away from anything....i was confronted by a large dog that was running towards me very fast and very aggressively, the fear became so intense as the dog started to approach me that i screamed at myself to "Wake up, Wake up NOW!!", and i did instantly..

      Now i have been trying to rewmember not to move to much upon having a false awakening, as i read somewhere that it helps in being able to re-enter the dream, so i tried not to move and within a few seconds it felt like something had grabbed hold of both of my feet and was spinning me around my room in complete darkness (I can even remember being able to just feel the wall with my fingers as i was spun around).
      Within what felt like maybe 10 seconds i was dreaming again, although at that momnent i didn't realise it. I was laying on my bed in the darkness and i thought briefly that i was still awake, so i decided to do a quick reality check and stood up and opened the door to my room!
      I instantly realised at that moment, that i was dreaming as the space behind the door was nothing like i expected it to be....A female appeared who seemed to have been waiting for me, we started speaking and i realised my dream was starting to fade so i instantly tried finding my dream sign that i successfully used in the lucid dream i had, had previously (Looking at my reflection), but this time it didn't appear to work and i awoke once again!!

      After re-entering for the second time i started off right where id left of a few minutes before, but this time i was in darkness and couldn't find a light switch, after a few attempts i managed to create light my verbally demanding it whilst clapping my hands, it seemed that last night that was the key to staying lucid for longer, although my Dream Recall after that point is non existant.

      I feel like im still experimenting with differant techniques and hopefully the more i have them, the easier things will get.
    13. [29-10-2016: The prom, In darkness]

      by , 10-29-2016 at 11:05 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      The Prom

      With class we made a prom. For some reason girls haven't arrived so we made a men party out of it. At first it was in school, but then we moved to my house.

      Failed WBTB attempt.

      In darkness

      I was in some old block of flats, in basement. It was completely dark, I was wandering the basements with two glock pistols with mounted flashlights ready. There was some sort of cataclysm that forced people to hide underground and escape from walking dead. I heard someone moving behind me. I turned back and lit that way with flashlights. There was a dark haired woman in white t-shirt and blue short trousers. She said "It's you. I just... wanted to find someone who I can trust..."
    14. It started like regular OBE

      by , 10-28-2016 at 09:11 AM
      After routine relaxation and concentration exercise before sleeping I felt my spiritual body to free itself off of physical body a little therefore I allowed myself to stand up from it. It was very easy. My surrounding was greyish but not dark as usually when I travel at night. I saw the inner light of things unusually bright. I walked through my house finding it empty. Then I left out right through the wall to the empty street. And I walked for some time observing my surrounding, feeling it. I felt deep sadness but at the same time I was well balanced, therefore the OBE felt stable.

      I came to the city and it too was empty. The lighting was stronger, the sun was up on the sky, yet everything, every colour was greyish. I saw gravel down to sand size very sharply, each piece of grain, each rock... and I came to the big bridge over the river.

      I saw there an angel, who I instinctively knew as angel of death. He brought an unknown young woman with dark bushy hair there and pushed her under the bridge into darkness. I felt pang of great sadness and love toward that woman. And I came closer wanting to come after her. The angel of death looked like he wanted to stop me, telling me that that woman deserves to suffer for eternity because she took her life. That nothing would help her. And I went toward him nevertheless... And angel ran away. I turned and went under the bridge.

      There was darkness under the bridge. It was as if I stepped through a border between day and night. Light was not penetrating under the bridge as it normally would. But it was possible to see on the other side to the light. There were people there, maybe 15-20 of them. Many of them looked like homeless people. And there was sitting that girl between them, tears were dropping constantly from her eyes. I stepped toward her, and my inner light repulsed those people away from me. That girl too tried to go away, but I lifted her onto my arms like child, and I started to cradle her while I was walking slowly to the light. It was like she weighed nothing. She wept constantly, and she was trying to free herself from my embrace, but I was holding her fast. After short while she stopped to struggle with my embrace. I crossed the border between dark and light and she started to cry as if it was hurting her. So I went back to darkness with her. I tried to ease her, I was filled with unconditional love which I tried to infuse into the woman. And I was cradling her while I was walking through the mud and filthy water under the bridge. For some reason I called her with the name of my first love even if she didn't look like her. I persuaded her that she is loved, that she doesn't have to suffer... And I was carrying her closer to light for short time and then back to darkness so she would be able to accustom to it slowly. At last, I managed to bring her out to the light for good, but she was holding me and looked scared of light. She was heavier and heavier for some reason. Nevertheless, even if she was growing more heavy I held her fast in my embrace and I walked away from darkness to stronger and stronger light till I lost connection with astral world.

      This OBE felt great... but sad. I needed to write it out of my system. Even now that sadness is lingering around me... I don't know in this state of consciousness how can one feel so deep sadness and love at once and yet to be unattached to those feelings, but it was how I was feeling there.

      Updated 10-28-2016 at 09:18 AM by 66278

    15. 16-10-17 F1, Grandparents in 2003

      by , 10-18-2016 at 05:06 AM
      I saw a Formula One pitbox. There was a car in the box, with people (visitors, not all mechanics) gathered around it. I don't recall which team, but the car looked like it was from the early 2000's. The car left the box, and the engine sounded like a V10. So it could be after 2004 (F1 switched to V8's in 2005). I recognized the circuit, it was clearly Sao Paolo, Brazil (left-round circuit, a strong dip in the first turn). Interestingly, the car left the box and went right through the pitlane, and not left as it should. There was some kind of demonstration going on. The circuit was for some reason very narrow, and the road was divided in two halves... on one half, visitors were cycling, on the other, the F1 cars were driving. For a moment I was worried the car might deviate from its half, and mow us down.

      The dream moved to a grassy location near the circuit. I saw my grandma and grandpa. Grandma has been dead since '09 and grandpa is suffering from dementia (and general frailty, he's over 90) in a home. But here, both looked old but could still walk around just fine, like ten years ago. I vaguely recall telling my grandma something felt weird about all this. She said it was "part of the mystery", or something like that. I asked my grandfather what year it was. I remembered that in dreams, DC's tend to say whatever you want them to say, so I made an effort to clear my mind to avoid consciously influencing his reply. He said it was 2003. Which, given their health, and the age of those cars, felt entirely plausible. I felt very emotional by seeing both my grandparents in good health again.

      I have notes about an "island", and a "carrier launch", but no clue what it refers to. Waited too long again.

      I recall walking through dark corridors, with a flashlight. Where there monsters again? I also wrote down "windows crash", but again... not a clue what it means.
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