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    1. 03/05/02 - Hot, Explosive, Stormy Nights

      by , 03-05-2012 at 10:46 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am in a space ship of some kind, and I am holding a very small explosive device. In spite of its small size, I know it will pack a lot of power if it is allowed to explode. I am trying to disarm the bomb, which is quite difficult considering the size and the fact that one wrong move will make it explode. I am moving a tiny wire carefully through a conduit when I accidently touch the wire to the side of the conduit… and BOO… no… I immediately load a "save game" from before the bomb exploded. Basically I go back in time a few minutes to try again. This time I am successful and I disarm the bomb. I hear someone laughing on the communications screen. There is a man there saying it did me no good, he has another bomb. He holds it up to show me, and it is an identical bomb to the one I just disarmed. He is being quite careless with it. He is shaking it in my face when it goes off. The screen goes blank, and I know the idiot just blasted himself into subatomic particles.

      Fight Night
      I am in an underground are where I am investigating a ring of illegal extreme fighters. They are known for getting fighters off the street and having them fight to the death. Some of the fighters are there of their own free will, others are coerced and forced into it. I am watching a fight, and one of the two combatants punches the other one in the face. The punch is so hard that I can both see and hear that the man's jaw isn't just broken, but shattered. I get in the way before the attacker can finish the job by killing the injured man. The man asks me what the fuck I think I'm doing, this is no place for a woman, get out of the way! I tell him if I can kick his ass, he has to let the other man live. He laughs at me and says if that happens, he'll give up fighting for good. I don't think he really expects me to try it… but I do. I fight the man, using the extra strength and martial arts skill I have in the dream state. And I kick his ass solidly. He and all the audience are stunned, clearly they had all set bets against me. I go over and heal the man with the broken jaw, he says he just wants to get home to his family. He leaves quickly. The crowd is still staring at me, stunned, when I wake up.

      Hawaii Five-O
      I am on a beach in what seems to be Hawaii, or at least it looks like the setting of Hawaii 5-O. Complete with Steve and Danny right there with me. I am staring at Steve, who is Alex O'Loughlin, and he is sooooo hot! I'm not sure what has happened to me, but it seems I am in need of having an IV hooked up to me. Danny is the one doing that, and I notice that the needle hardly hurts at all when he puts it in. I am then given the bag of stuff that has to be put into my body. I don't know what it is, but the fluid is red. It looks like red Kool-Aid. I am not paying much attention to that, just holding it up as Danny has instructed me, and I am staring at Steve. He is shirtless. I wonder if I might be drooling.

      I won't go into detail about this one, but I wanted to make note of the fact I had one of the most intense and memorable sex dreams ever! It was a hot and wild one with Sephiroth!

      Midnight Storm
      I am at the house I used to live in about 15 years ago, and I am sitting at my computer writing a program for a game. I am looking at the code on the screen and trying to find the source of an error. Outside, a thunderstorm is raging on. The thunder is so loud it really sounds more like bombs falling outside the house. It sounds so realistic that I finally get up from my seat and look out the back door, which has a nice view of the city below. I half expect to see the city in flames with bombs falling and exploding. Of course it is fine, and there are spectacular bolts of lightning flashing through the night. I look at the time, it is almost 1:00 in the morning. My mom will be home soon, though I don't remember where she has gone at this time of night. But she will come home hungry. I set to making some breakfast sandwiches. The sandwiches consist of toast with a light layer of mayo, a fried egg, a couple strips of bacon, and a small pancake. I make up two sandwiches for each of us. My mom comes in just as I am finishing. I go to cut one of the sandwiches in half with a knife but I discover it has already been cut. Did my mom do that, or did I do it without really thinking about it?