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    1. PPM on Crazy Mission

      by , 11-15-2013 at 05:38 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      dream 1 - It was at night and there was a roller coaster ride on grass field. I was right near it, and the ride was going slowly at start. Few people and I sat in the seats and I was gonna sit in the middle cart, but the front had one empty seat so I took it. The ride was going uphill, and I was nervous because the safety belt won't buckle up. At the peak it eventually did, and the ride fell, accelerating. It felt so real. I felt adrenaline running inside of me and the eerie, exciting feeling going in my head when you ride a roller coaster. I think it went into a cave, and then back out to the field. It was a little short but fun.

      dream 2 - I was eating soup too fast because I had to go to school. Strangely I was back to 4th grade... I also drank a cup of chocolate milk(it was delicious) and some potato chips.

      dream 3 - My old comic teacher was in his house with me. The house looked cozy. He was sitting on the floor and his 2 sons were goofing around. The other son had the exact same nose as his father.

      Scene jumped and I was in a van, my mom riding it. There were bunch of other people inside the car. I looked through the window and there were beautiful trees with thick barks on a plain grass field.(strangely the bark textures looked the ones I made in Unity game engine) Sun was shining on them. I said I wanted to go there. I looked through the windshield and she was driving to some kind of Chinese town. The buildings were dense with crazy mandarin letters on billboards.

      At here I thought 'huh isn't this a dream'. So I opened the door to get out, but somehow I couldn't. I sat back and became non-LD state. The car was now in the Chinese town. Then I wondered again 'wait, this is supposed to be a dream' so I got lucid and opened the door, flew out of the car. Here my LD adventure begins...


      I went back to the field where the beautiful trees were. I started using PPM parkour power. I ran in the mid-air. Every time I concentrated on my one foot and released it by kicking it in the air, I could change the direction. I also spinned in the air and landed softly on the ground.

      I changed the scene to do what I wanted to do. I was now fully morphed into my character PPM with bleach white skin. I was in a helicopter, about to skydive below. I leaped, and I was falling really fast from great height. I could feel the air friction beating on my body. It was too strong I couldn't barely move my limbs. But it was amazing that everything was vivid.

      Above me the sky was clear and dark blue. Below me there was white cloud field. As I passed the cloud field, the wind current became stronger and all I saw was cloudy fog.

      When the fog was lifted, I saw vast ocean with some islands that had high mountains. I changed my direction to an island that had tallest mountains with snow on them (to snowboard!). When I got closer to it, I pulled the straps on my chest and the parachute came out. When it fully spread out, I could feel the sudden impact on my body by the parachute to slow me down in the air. It felt really firm on my body, and I grabbed the parachute straps to hold onto them.

      Right before I fell onto the ground, I ditched the parachute bag and summoned a snowboard below my feet. The ground was vast with snow and tall taiga trees. I started sliding down fast and more adrenaline pumped up.

      When there was a big curve to the left, I pulled my leg upwards to veer to the left. I could hear the big swoosh sound when I veered and the snow blizzard spread out from the board. But somehow veering to the right was hard.

      After some several veering, I saw small container houses and there was less snow. I stopped sliding and across the road I saw fallen newspaper bags on a sloppy hill. I was convinced that someone dropped it to find his own sister. I was curious so I wanted to follow the newspaper track, but I ignored thinking I got distracted. I summoned more snow as I slid down. I also summoned some objects that can jump out of it, and some linear solid tracks that I can grind on it. I jumped and spinned in the air 360 degrees, and grinded on the tracks. It was awesome!

      At some point maybe the scene jumped, I was still PPM but I was at a train station with bunch of people. There was still snow, so I thought I was in the same island from before. I was convinced that there were teams including me for special mission. I saw Ed Helms among the teams - strangely he looked older than I thought, having some white hairs. He was really tall. He said something about the mission plan, being goofy. Then I saw Rainn Wilson acting as Dwight from The Office show. He was wearing hunting hat and short sleeve shirt in the winter. lol

      The teams said that they lost a train so they had to walk across the path to go somewhere. We all had ski gears. We started walking, but somehow I ignored all of this because I just wanted to go skiing, and did parkour again, jumping over a lady's head xD

      At here my perspective shifted into 3rd point of view but my body was still PPM's. It looked like a video game perspective. Our teams including Ed and Rainn, were in a military jet. It looked really sleek with dark color. There were so many booster holes in the back.

      (it almost looked like this)

      The jet was flying over the islands. The other jet I think it attacked us, so our jet was falling down. Everyone was panicking and we were about to die. I had to do something as PPM since I had super powers. I went out and climbed on the outer jet hearing Ed saying "are you crazy?!". For some reasons I was top-less. Anyway I climbed back to the jet and tried to changed those booster holes facing different way to land the jet safely on the ground. I thought it was impossible with just my 2 arms. But I held the jet with my 2 hands and firmly grabbed it. The boosters were facing down the ground and we were about to collapse. I heard Ed shouting "May day, may day!".

      The jet didn't explode, but we slightly bumped on the ground. I fell and rolled on the shore. I lied in the water, half of my face sunk. I was tired.

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    2. Rollercoaster off the tracks into a mass parachute skydive.

      by , 07-20-2012 at 04:54 PM (Chard's DJing This Party)
      I start by feeling my usual flashes of euphoria into what is normally ecstasy, but today I don't get that oh so pleasurable feeling that makes me call it that. Instead, it feels like the nerves in my brain are stimulated in a liquid sort of way, then it goes down the sides of my neck and I will it back up to my brain and try to transform it into ecstasy, but the dream starts.

      I have an OBE, casually getting up and walking away from my body. Sometimes my head gets stuck in the same spot where I'm resting, but not today. Next thing I know I'm falling down to an ocean where a cartoonish shark's jaws are open, waiting for me. Since it looks like a cartoon, I do a midair run right above where the shark just closed its mouth shut, missing me entirely as I zip away.

      I am now on a rollercoaster in the clouds, but am not getting the thrill that rollercoasters provide, until I will the scene to become more vivid. It quickly gets 10 times more exciting once that happens. We reach a steep, actually completely vertical drop and while on it, the coaster comes off the track. Everyone, myself included, jumps out of the cars and we end up doing a mass skydive, with parachutes coming open below me. I reach back and do a pulling motion as if I came prepared, but no chute opens for me. I end up grabbing two DC's hands and float down gently.

      I am in a hallway, with a room straight ahead of me. I do a quick glide across the floor into that room (think of the glide Android 17 does during the opening theme of Dragonball GT, the English version). In the room I see some DC's, my cousin included, sitting at a table. My cousin tells me that he won the lottery and is going to split the winnings with me. I tell him that's great, now just do that in waking life and we'll be set.

      I'm alone in a void with T, one very hot woman. I could just take her right then and there, but I decide to play things by the book. She tells me, "We have to do this together," which is a thought played over and over in my head. So we start to strip together. I take off my shirt and she takes off hers, displaying ample bosom. I drop my pants and she does the same. She's wearing stunning black lingerie. Then she turns around, about to take off her underwear, so I turn around myself, take off my underwear, then turn back around to find that she's now sporting gymwear. I don't have time for this horseplay, it's time for some foreplay. I walk up to her, grab her waist, and kiss her. The dream ends.

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