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    1. A Vivid Roller Coaster Adventure (control without lucidity)

      by , 09-09-2020 at 06:52 AM
      Morning of September 8, 2020. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,622-02. Reading time: 4 min 18 sec.

      I instinctually summon imaginary kinaesthesia to vivify and sustain my dreaming experience. It is crucial to comprehend that this process is not symbolic, interpretable, or influenced by waking life but is a deliberate attempt to become more immersed in my dream. (Summoning imaginary kinaesthesia means instinctually directing the vestibular system ambiguity resulting from the lack of viable discernment of my physical body and its orientation while in dream sleep to favor the inward illusory side of this ambiguity to increase the illusion of movement and momentum. I have indulged in this practice since I was a toddler.)

      I am also instinctually aware of Zsuzsanna sleeping close to me on my left. As a result, in my dream, she is sitting on my left in what first seems like a small open train but soon becomes a car on a roller coaster. There are no other roller coaster cars or people. (Meanwhile, Zsuzsanna is dreaming of being on a train, intimating we are in the same stage of dreaming, not necessarily transpersonal as it is a fundamental process.)

      My dream vivifies with realistic movement (correlating with my imaginary physicality) as we ride the roller coaster. I see its unusual structures ahead, but I remain unconcerned, and our ride is smooth. The landscape is similar to that along West Avenue North in La Crosse. I realize that the ride will take us to a resort that features a beach. This factor is an instinctual summoning of melatonin mediation. Water exemplifies the illusory essence and nuances of sleep. (Meanwhile, Zsuzsanna continues in the same dreaming stage. However, in her dream, she remains on the train. Rain starts to come in because of a leak in the roof.)

      At the unfamiliar resort, the beach is suddenly an indoor feature after the typical indoor-outdoor ambiguity of this dreaming mode begins but favors the indoor factor. It is now more like a big indoor swimming pool. Our oldest son is now with us (even though he did not travel here with us), but he is only about ten years old. (There is no recall of our other four children at this point.) He cheerfully jumps into the water. Several other people are swimming while I sit with my legs hanging over the edge of the pool and sarcastically complain about there being no beach. At this point, because of sustained virtual melatonin mediation, I become aware our son is not resurfacing. I soon see him below the water’s surface and pull him up, and he seems to be unconscious (instinctual awareness I am sleeping). He recovers and complains about a man grabbing him underwater and doing something to his face.

      Zsuzsanna, our son, and I walk down a hall as I complain about the place and the man who may have hurt our son. A sleep-wake manager (also the manager of the resort) comes to us with another unknown male and states how he removed a small stick from our son’s nose and also intended to bring him up to the surface. Even so, I am annoyed that such a business would allow debris where people are swimming.

      In the next scene, Zsuzsanna, our son, and I are in a small room with windows encompassing three sides and benches attached to three walls. We watch an unrealistically large shark swimming around, though it does not bump the glass or pose a threat. The height of its head is higher than the windows when it is closest. (This scene was directly influenced by “Underwater” from 2020, though in the movie, it was people watching a giant fictitious oceanic creature through a window. Despite the influence, it correlates with precursory liminality that I informally call wall mediation, instinctual awareness of the concurrent division between imaginary dream space and potential waking space.)

      At a service counter, I become annoyed when the manager gives us complimentary bowls of ice cream. I knock them to the floor, as I do not want to spend any more time here, and end up leaving on my own with less of my waking-life identity. I climb up the roller coaster and attempt to ride a car back home (mistakenly perceived as Northside La Crosse, where I have not been in waking life since 1994). Even though my dream exponentially vivifies at this point, it also transitions to the emergence side of physicality and kinaesthesia. It now seems I am on a mechanic’s creeper (instead of a roller coaster car) and trying to move through a small wooden tunnel, feet first while on my back. (This type of dream state process occurs when precursory liminality becomes predominant in that I am then liminally aware of my physical body being immobile and beyond my control while sleeping. At this point, I am also instinctually aware of my sleeping position, which is mostly on my back.) I think about the unusual restrictions of the design and consider how men of a bigger size than me could not use the transportation at all. Even so, it seems likely that I will not be able to continue comfortably.

      I decide to teleport (with only vague myoclonus). I am suddenly in an unknown outdoor location in Northside La Crosse. Two people are present; an unfamiliar man and a woman (quantum model of Zsuzsanna). I tell the man that I teleported here. He seems puzzled and incredulous. I prove it to him by teleporting about six feet to the left of my present position with the sense of quickly blinking and becoming more aware of the dream state’s essence again. He cheerfully holds up his cell phone to film me in a conspiratorial manner, but I turn so that my face is out of range. I cause his cell phone to stop working. The screen cracks, and it displays what looks like an analogue television on an empty channel.

      I explain that whatever I say happens. I summon somatosensory dynamics (to augment my dream self’s sense of touch), but with big diamonds rather than eggs or coins. I open my hand to reveal an unrealistically large diamond that I give to the man. I tell him it is only worth about $30,000.00. Other diamonds appear in my hand. I give the woman one.

      In the last scene, she happily approaches me as I am leaving to remind me I had already given her a diamond on a previous day. She opens her hand to show me two large diamonds.

    2. May 22, 2020 Non-lucid

      by , 05-22-2020 at 04:09 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      It was night time, I was in a neighborhood, it might've started at my old house in KC but I was walking down the sidewalk and looked left to see a very small house with a small porch, Anna n was sitting parallel to the sidewalk and I thought Liz was sitting with her back facing me. They both came down and I gave Anna a hug, then went to hug Liz. She embraced me and hugged me close, I kissed her but when she pulled away from me it was not her but Celia who looked very shocked. I was shocked too, I started apologizing saying I thought it was Liz and Anna started laughing and I felt that she was trying to sabotage me. I freak out because I'm trying to explain the situation and I'm trying to find Liz.

      I end up at what I assume is Liz's house which is a big house in another neighborhood, I really can't recognize this house and I'm not sure where it is IRL. But I'm inside looking for her, I open up a door to find pizza boxes with Domino's pizza in it spread out in a room. I see Nate on a bean bag chair and Liz on a couch, I say "hey you guys" or something like that, I then ask Liz to talk alone. We go up to the attic and I start explaining what happened but there's other people in the room listening too. At some point we're outside and people are shooting on a lowered basketball hoop, Liz turns to me and says that I can still stay the night if I want because she wanted someone to sleep with, she explained she wanted something for 5 minutes so that she could go to sleep quicker. I felt really guilty and was freaking out the entire dream trying to explain it was an accident and I thought it was her that I had kissed, but logic wasn't serving me because it actually had been her when I went in for the kiss.

      Another dream I'm looking at what is supposed to be different Mario games, the style switches when the game switches. It looks like a 2-d world with a wheel spinning clockwise and notches inside the wheel, someone had been playing the level but falling down and dying. They tried to do a wall jump near the bottom but just missed a platform and died. I'm thinking how I could get a workout if I was inside the wheel running one way. I'm now in the wheel but it's more of a hangout spot, Kev d is there and Kyle s is there as well. Kev is talking on the phone to somebody but he's using a different name, I think it's Milton. My dad is there at some point with some other parent's I think Thomas r. parents too. I'm laughing about something and jokingly say "we drink to drink" and then I started to get nervous because I wasn't sure if the parents wanted to hear that but my dad and the other parents were laughing.

      My view switches to being in a plane, I'm jumping out of the back like a secret agent with a parachute. I fly through the clouds and see an expanse of light blue water. I fall straight into it and Lauren w. uses her parachute to land gently in the water. I pull my parachute in the water and it brings out an inflatable clear floating boat that we try to get into but only get a little ways in. I'm wondering if there's going to be any sharks out here. I look around to see where we're going and I see shorelines with tropical trees on two of our sides. We start paddling towards a direction and see a giant whale shark fly out of the water and back in, I point and say "woah a whale shark." We start to go under these overhangs of rock and now I'm sliding through a tunnel with a smooth rock underneath me. I almost went lucid here. I realized this was a dream. I call out to Austin p "hey Austin this is a dream.... this is a dream" and he sort of acknowledges it from up ahead like "I know" but it wasn't convincing. We're now in a river of this water with cliffs on the sides of us. My family is up on this tall rock to the right of me motioning me to come up. I slide around a smooth dark green and blue rock and make my way up this tall rock. At the top is my sisters and my mom with her phone in her hands trying to take a picture of us. I'm holding onto this small tree that's at the top of the rock too, the wind is blowing me off the rock as I look down to see my feed are dangling off the rock and I'm holding on to the tree but it wasn't scary. My mom takes the pic and shows it to us, my hair is really messy and long. There's some random people up on the rock with us too.
    3. 17 Jul: Student protest, shark attack and car crash

      by , 07-17-2019 at 09:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Student protests in Coimbra. They invade shops. I am at one of those shops with a friend. They want to lock us in with the owner. I protest and they say I have to join them if I wanna stay free.

      At vacation, on some hotel by the sea. it has balconies literally over the water. A shark jumps out of the water and lands on a balcony and tries to attack me. But I get out of the way and someone else picks the animal by the tail and throws it back into the water. I go to the souvenir shop, feel like buying something but wonder "why waste money"? Anyway I find nothing that I might want.

      Driving through a scenic road by the side of a river. See some car crashed against a wall. Then I see a dog getting in front of my car and I also almost crash. I turn quickly but encounter another dog ahead. This time I lose control of the car, which flies over the river and lands on other side. The dogs, kindly jump on the water and swim to go save me. People I know come looking for me and organize a rescue. I say I am fine and that the dogs saved me and they are the ones who should be rescued not me, hoping someone will adopt them.
    4. Terrifying sea creature, almost got raped again, battle royal

      by , 08-15-2018 at 03:27 PM (Exterminate)
      Alright I have had enough of these dreams where I almost get molested by creepy dudes. Is it a subconscious fear I have now? I wonder where the hell it came from because I want it gone.

      I was on a lake/ocean in a boat/vehicle. A family member was with me, but then they left for some reason. They said they'd be back soon, but as I was waiting I heard a very disturbing sound beneath me. It sounded like the growl of a large and ancient beast. It sounded similar to this one, with the reverberating breathing. It was loud and made me scared to my core. Anyway, just after I heard the sound the car bumped up a bit. And again it happened. Suddenly the vehicle capsizes. I had opened the window a bit earlier to try to see what had made that noise, but now that I was capsizing I tried to roll the window up but I didn't have enough time. I saw the water coming closer and I took a deep breath. I then fell into the water and dove as far as I could to try to avoid the beast from below. I was not fast enough, and it bit off my leg at the knee. It then circled back and swallowed the rest of me whole. I tried to grab hold of it's mouth just before it swallowed me just so I could know what it was that killed me. It had a long pointed snout and reminded me of a shark. I woke up likely in sleep paralysis. My whole body felt constricted and I thought I was actually dead for a second.

      There was more to this one, but basically me and brother were in the middle of nowhere with a semitruck. There was just desert all around. While he wasn't looking I threw gas on everything and then lit the truck and ran for my life. The thing went off like a nuclear bomb. I expected the mushroom cloud and the heat and stuff, but didn't anticipate the flying debris. I just kept running to avoid being chunked down by the flying pieces. It was truly a sight to behold.

      My brother driving me through a town I didn't recognize. It was a large city and reminded me of Vegas. It was at night and I saw several fireworks displays going off. As we drove down some winding highways at a decent speed I took in the sights of the various light shows and suddenly my brother tells me to hold on to something. I look forward at the road and it has a large gap with the street continuing after a few feet. We keep our speed and fall right through the hole and find ourselves doing some weird roller coaster of a track designed just for this. It takes the speed and weight of the vehicle and as long as you keep the pedal to the metal, then you will complete the track without injury. This thing was wild. It had loop-de-loops, jumps, falls, the works. I saw a smaller car that failed the loop and ended upside down and crashing to the ground. I felt very scared that our car may end up the same. I got mad at Kris for taking me here, and he said he brings many people here and that it is one of the best attractions in town.

      I was playing a battle royal sort of game, with gameplay like fistful of frags (Played the game for hours yesterday). Each game was 100 players. There were several weapons you could use and they were all pretty good. It was so satisfying getting 6+ kills in a row. I was able to escape large groups of people by floating above. I remembered this technique from my past as I could hold my breath and it allows me to fly higher. The group of 5 said I was cheating because they only had melee weapons and couldn't reach me. I said they were cheating for being in such a large group, and that there was no way I could beat all of them when they're grouped like that. I played a few rounds of this. Out of maybe 4 rounds I came in first twice. I recall the last time I played it the remaining 2 enemies besides me were Conan O'Brian and Stephen Colbert. Conan was weaponless and wasn't actually playing. I managed to get Stephen Colbert, but it wasn't easy. I had to attack his head and he kept using a hood to conceal where I could attack. I eventually pinned him to the ground and sliced open his neck. Brutal.

      I was at a hotel trying to mind my own business but the people behind and in front of me pressed so close against me they forced me to follow them. I wanted to just leave them alone, but it seemed they were doing this on purpose. I noted the guy behind me was wearing skin tight latex. Not the black kind, but it was red and white. They got me to a floor with nobody around and a guy tried to pull a gun on me while the latex guy advanced toward me and tried to sexually assault me. I fended them off and ran up the stairs as fast as I could. As I rounded a clearing the guy was rounding the clearing in the stairs just below. This continued for 2-3 floors until I stopped and waited for him to catch up. Just as he was about to come into view I swung around the corner and knocked him down the stairs and kept running until the dream ended.
    5. Shark Room

      by , 06-04-2018 at 07:25 AM
      Morning of June 4, 2018. Monday.

      I find myself swimming and breathing underwater (as I have always done in such scenarios) inside an unfamiliar house of which is mostly empty of furniture.

      There is a clear memory of an unknown man having told me about an experience with a shark. His son had been playing with a shark and also had fishing line wrapped around him that was also wrapped around the shark. There is a vague puzzlement as to why anyone would play with a shark (perhaps they were both naïve), but there is nothing said about the boy or his father being in any danger. The man described how he had gotten his son back, but had not been able to get him back solely from pulling on the fishing line, which seemed to puzzle him.

      I eventually notice a shark remaining in one position above me, close to a wall and near the ceiling. There is a long length of fishing line trailing out from its mouth, curving through the water in at least one figure eight pattern, some of the line through its gills and some over the dorsal fin. The other end of the fishing line ends near where I am floating near the center of the room. I do not feel endangered in any way.

      I consider pulling on the fishing line to see what happens, but I decide not to and swim around for awhile, exploring the mostly empty house. There is a peaceful feeling despite a shark being present, though it never moves from its original position.

      Autosymbolism explained:

      Being underwater: Instinctual awareness of being asleep. (Being able to breathe underwater is proof that I have subliminal awareness that I am dreaming.)

      Shark: Instinctual in-dream awareness of RAS (reticular activating system) and its waking process function.

      Not pulling on the fishing line: Liminal dream control (dream control without lucidity) based on lifelong understanding of dream state autosymbolism. (If I had pulled on the fishing line, it might have initiated RAS.)

      The memory of the story: I was wondering if my youngest son was sleeping well in his room before I went to bed. This carried over into a projected backstory in this dream.

      Lucid dreaming (being consciously aware of being in the dream state) and control of a dream by way of dream self modulation over RAS are unrelated despite the myth of lucidity being related to dream control still being widely propagated.

      This dream is obviously modulated by my dream self (by way of the virtuous circle effect in having a deep understanding of my dreams for over fifty years), yet I am not lucid. I use the term “liminal” in a different way than some other writers. Technically, there is a subtle difference between subliminal and liminal regarding the dream self’s perception, but when I write “liminal dream control” I am describing full control of a dream without any awareness that I am dreaming or even recalling what a dream is. This is a specific type of synaptic OR gating.

      Tags: shark, underwater
    6. An Unusual Little Island

      by , 08-01-2017 at 02:01 PM
      Morning of August 1, 2017. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 18,488-02. Reading Time (optimized): 2 min.

      I am with several people on an unusual little island at night. I walk around in a paved area. A small canal divides most of the island about one-quarter in from the side opposite of where I stand. There is at least one big brick building that blocks my view of the ocean on my right.

      Zsuzsanna and our youngest son are eventually with me. We go over to the canal. I notice that the ocean on the opposite side of the island, which I can now clearly see, has whitecaps (though I do not focus as much on the waves on my left side). An unknown girl talks about it publicly, relaying a concern that makes me consider if the waves could eventually cover the island. The island’s isolation contributes to this concern but not for long.

      I look into the depths of the canal and see a shadowy shape that I soon see is a shark of about four feet long. I tell Zsuzsanna and our son to watch, and we cheerfully look into the water. I soon notice other small sharks as well as a little dolphin, which is surprising, as they do not fight. They do not look real and make me think indirectly of CGI. We share amusement in watching these creatures in addition to several tiny fish. The more active area of the ocean remains off to my right, behind the big building, but some of it is still visible through the end of the canal and surrounding area.

      Zsuzsanna remains on my left, correlating with our sleeping positions. Additionally, this is one of many dreams that lack definition or attention to my left in contrast to a clear focus to my right, which is subliminal wakefulness anticipation (as I sleep on my left side, my right more exposed to my environment correlating in the dream state with its concurrent monitoring).

      For over 50 years, water has been a consistent factor of natural melatonin mediation and ultradian and circadian rhythm in correlation with my sleep cycle. The unknown girl is a subliminal reminder of the Naiad factor from high-level dream state induction, though here has transitioned to the RAS (reticular activating system) mediation stage. She is “warning” me about the high waves, a warning about not sleeping too long, the island being the dream state.

      I was aware that I was at least partly responsible for creating the ocean creatures, but with no dream state realization. The eradication of the unintelligent hype equating lucid dreaming with dream control is necessary to understand the processes and dynamics of awareness in all modes of dream space. The ambiguity of whether they should be sharks or dolphins (with both appearing without incident) reflects the dual nature of RAS mediation and simulacra transitions, from REM and non-REM sleep induction to consciousness reinitiation.

      Zsuzsanna had a dream with the same content in the same period, including the CGI association with ocean creatures. It happens regularly, with too much matching detail to be coincidental.

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    7. Rescuing Shark or Girl

      by , 03-10-2017 at 09:53 AM
      Morning of March 10, 2017. Friday.

      I am swimming under the ocean (and I can breathe underwater as in many previous dreams since early childhood). I am near the ocean bottom. The imagery is beautiful. A shark swims toward me but turns and swims to my left as we move past each other and I am not threatened or even acknowledged in any way. There are other fish, including sharks, here and there.

      I soon notice a submerged bus on the ocean floor. It appears to be empty but I decide to explore. Eventually, covering the bus, is what I assume to be long equidistant strands of some sort of seaweed, and yet oddly, it looks more like green Christmas tinsel garlands arranged vertically around the perimeter of the bus, each about a foot apart. They sway with the ocean current and actually seem to “reach out” at times. They establish a sense of joy though I remain puzzled about this seeming setting distortion.

      Curiously, my dream temporarily becomes a dream within a dream, of viewing sparkling Christmas ornaments and swaying garlands. I seem to circle intricately decorated Christmas trees and look deep within their branches and feel intense joy. Soon though, I am back under the ocean in the original setting.

      I swim into the bus through the open doors at the front right side. The driver’s seat is empty and it looks like the whole bus may be empty. I swim towards the back. I notice a human body (female) wrapped up in transparent plastic, in a middle seat on the right, wrapped with a cord around the middle. For a short time, a potential (flight symbol) waking prompt distorts the scene and the inside of the bus seems more like the inside of an airplane where men would line up on each side to be ready to parachute (and all the singular one-person seats face outwards now instead of towards the front of the bus). I try to focus more and the bus temporarily becomes a separating construct of giant ribs after an impression of thin white splitting plastic, pieces of the seats floating outwards and upwards. However, I am soon back in the original setting.

      I look at the girl’s face through the plastic. She is unfamiliar but alive. Her eyes glow brightly as she smiles. There is something I do with my mind that I do not recall ever doing before (which also occurred in another dream of this date). I think it has something to do with a dream of May 18, 2015 (“Unusual Bird”), except in that dream, I was watching the event happening to someone else from a distance. It has something to do with deliberately superimposing the essence of your face onto a dream character’s face (almost like forcing a three-dimensional “mirror” around the person’s head, yet internally and externally at the same time). There is an extraordinary sensation and skewed awareness that cannot be accurately described. (I also get a vague impression that this may be the supposed “new” entity or “contact” from a few other dreams.)

      For a moment, her head becomes that of a shark (though somewhat anthropomorphic as it looks directly outward from the otherwise vertical body), but changes back, seemingly implying a playful sense to demonstrate an ability to quickly change. I carry her out of the bus (though still with the plastic around her) and swim up to an underwater cliff. Perhaps she is a shark but I still think she should be rescued. I carry her over my left shoulder as I swim.

      From here, there is intense and vivid fractal imagery which flashes and turns. I am still seemingly underwater though and continue to “swim” through the surreal patterns. I also see flashing Mandelbrot patterns.

      I watch an orange octopus (which seems ambiguously entwined within the spiraling fractal imagery for a time). There is more than one at times. Looking from underneath the octopus at one point, I get the impression of a billowing and waving skirt, which temporary becomes such an image for a short time. The octopus imagery is very detailed and correct at first. However, there is one point where I see an “octopus” that seems to have virtually endless tentacles. It sits on the cliff.

      My dream shifts into more fractal images and impressions of the shiny patterns inside oyster shells.

      As I wake, I experience the most unusual hypnic jerk I have ever had. It feels like numerous small tendrils of electricity grabbing my foot and lower leg and lifting it up. My entire leg moves upward as I wake before it drops back onto our bed. (I had been sleeping in a position where part of my right side and much of my stomach is on the mattress.) Typically, hypnic jerks and other waking muscle movement (other than my nightly back spasm) are not this sustained (though my leg usually does jump a bit) and I do not recall feeling individual tendrils of energy “grabbing me” or “attempting to lift me” like this before. It was very strange and interesting…and something new and appreciated (regardless of it being somewhat startling, although because the effect is similar to a dream I had in America where the energy of Zsuzsanna’s essence was fully felt upon me, it did seem external - though I am not sure of the source - if it was Zsuzsanna, who was sleeping near me at the time, I do not recall her “sending” this way before).

    8. [08-08-2016] #10th competition entry

      by , 08-08-2016 at 09:31 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a cold night. With group of people we entered some abandoned mine shafts. Looking down an elevator shaft we saw fires raging on the bottom of the mine. Suddenly we've been teleported to some kind of beach, from which we went aboard a yacht. There was a heavy storm on the sea and it thrown an enormous, black shark aborad. We've all hidden on the lower deck, while the shark was hunting on the top. One woman from the group was unable to hide with us and had to escape from jaws of the black shark.

      Second dream

      I was in school, at english lesson. It was in my current school with current classmates, though teachers were from previous one. The lesson was boring, everyone was repeating and writing down some words. I couldn't find the right page in my book, so I kept searching and searching for it. When I found it, the words were different than other's.
    9. Zombie Mod

      by , 08-01-2016 at 07:18 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was playing on a zombie mod in virtual reality. There were 4 other players. We were going through a wasteland and it was really dark. We were moving through an alleyway and a group of about 5 zombies (who used to be cops) attacked us. We were able to fend them off and grabbed ammo from them. We kept moving through the map and reached a laboratory. Inside the lab we had to go through a maze. We got separated and I was scared to turn each corner as I didn't know what to expect. I heard something above me and when I looked up there was a Licker from resident evil. I tried to pull out my shotgun but it was too late. It jumped on me and ate me.

      The next round was on a ship. There was a Zombie Megalodon and Zombie Pirate Ship trying to board us. There were probably about 20 humans left. We were fighting the Zombies trying to board. They had swords but we had guns. The Pirates of the Caribbean main theme was playing. eventually we were able to fend off the zombie pirates but we had no idea how to fight the Megalodon. It kept bumping out ship and people were falling overboard. I tried to take cover inside the cabin but the ship started sinking. I held on to a floating board but was suddenly devoured by the megalodon.

    10. #254 - Skyfalling

      by , 06-30-2016 at 09:10 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I was dreaming that I was in a room, like a plaster walled garage. Someone was showing me around with a couple others, there was this huge plastic great white shark in the room. I remember that the tail was all weird, like it hadn't been attached properly.. Next thing I remember is being on the border between atmosphere and space, extremely high in the sky as if I could see the whole earth.. There was another person with me, an enemy I think. It was somehow related to the shark room before. We were plummeting down to Earth, I was going to divebomb him or something. How did we even get this high?
    11. #197 - When I get that feeeeling / Shark and poison

      by , 02-01-2016 at 10:14 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I had two lucids last night, the only thing I did different was meditating for 30 minutes before bed.

      Dream 1 - When I get that feeeeling
      This dream was pretty long, so there's a big segment from the beginning which I forgot

      Me and a friend and I think possibly a couple others have screwed up a heist during the night or something. The building we're in is the typical giant company building with glass windows, very modern and clean looking. We make a plan to place the blame on one of the members and then safely get him away, for some reason the name Todd comes to mind. We place some stuff from what I think may have come from a dead security guard (which may be why we're in trouble) into a giant pebble bowl which has a large stone statue of a man in the centre (about 2m high). Morning comes and we're all prepared, the building we're in starts busying up. We pretend to find the stuff in the pebble bowl and the blame gets put on Todd. Poor Todd :/ but we planned for this, he's the scapegoat with a getaway car. I remember some vague understanding that we had prepared a helicopter to come pick him up, but we also prepared some other surprises for the cops. Todd gets put in cuffs and is escorted behind me with two security guards at his side. I remember looking back and seeing him as we continued to the back of the building where the cops were waiting. Todd grabbed a huge platter of food which was being carried by a waiter and wrestled for it, trying to stall for time so the plan would have a chance. He does this to two different waiters. As we make it outside it's time to activate the plan, we see two men on a bridge nearby who get sniped with tranquilizer and then jets fly over bombing them. The two security guards behind me get knocked out (I forget how) and a black helicopter swoops down. I'm now 'Todd' and I leap up into the helicopter. Hell yeah lets go!

      Me and a dark skinned man are flying away in the helicopter, at some point the dream transitions to us driving a red car on the road. We're going downhill and I see Zeph walking uphill on the pavement. The guy next to me yells out "Chocolate!!" to him as we pass by. This triggers memory of this having happened already in the dream, I ask the guy what he means by yelling chocolate. He explains that it's to do with how his grandpa on his deathbed had a final wish, it was a block of chocolate. Then apparently Zeph said that on his deathbed he'd like the same thing.
      The guy next to me driving the car is now a skinny redneck man with a moustache. Hmm, odd. He starts talking about how the ladies don't want him because he's older and no longer has that 'sex appeal' or something.
      I realize I'm dreaming, but I'm surprised the dream is so stable upon this realization. I decide to go with the flow of the dream since the guy next to me is really dropping some passionate feels about how ugly he is. I look away and look back at him, wow he's uglier now. Half his mouth swollen, oh my god that's gross O_O. He says "my face just doesn't have that sexual healing factor". I instantly think about the song, the car stops as we arrive at our destination and I hop out. "it's that feeling which gives me sexual healing" I sing loudly.
      "Oh wait, that's not how it goes.. Ah!" I say to myself, but also to the moustache guy as if I was asking him. I remember how it goes now.
      "When I get that feeeling, I need, sexual healinignggngngg!" me and the moustache guy sing really loudly in sync, I really exaggerated the end of it too I know that I can't sing for shit and I wondered if I was singing in my bed as this was happening. Felt pretty good though .
      We're walking forward, we're at the skytower (although it doesn't look like the skytower). I decide it's time to ditch this moustachio and enjoy the lucid. I start by running and jumping a few metres high, touching a part of the skytower above me. Damn this is stable, I had a feeling that 'reality checking' may only destabilize the dream, like becoming too aware will wake me up. I couldn't think of anything to do though, so I decided I'd jump to the top of the skytower. I jump on top of the ceiling part which I touched before and look up. Wow, so high, it's completely shrouded by clouds. I crouch down, knowing that I'll have to charge up to jump really high or fly. Just as I was about to jump I wake up though .

      Dream 2 - Shark and poison
      I'm at home and my brother comes over. I decide it's time to move out, me and my cat leave to a trailer park place where I plan to live now. It's apparently a cult or something though, I remember being in water (like a swimming pool, but also the ocean). There's sharks swimming around so I hop out of the pool, damn sharks are scary. I'm in a fancy mansion house that the cult leader owns, I know that they're going to try poison me. The lady tries to jab a needle of poison into me but I keep dodging, she then gets a 4-barrel sawn-off shotgun poison shooter thing... It fires right at me and I try to dodge it but I think it got me. I run like hell, on the way I see my cat, she's been poisoned. I pick her and her body is limp but she's still alive, there's still a chance to save her. I'm outside running down the road, I see a person from high school and his older sister jogging together, I think they're a part of the cult but they're not after me. I see a random guy on the street and I run up to him. I tell him that he needs to look after the kids in that building (I point up towards the mansion, it seems different some how).

      The scene transitions, wasn't I poisoned? I'm surprised how resilient I am to its effects. I'm drunk in an apartment now with my ex girlfriend, I now realize that I'm not drunk though... It's the poison and I'm dying. I go into the bathroom and vomit blue (apparently from a blueberry smoothie). My ex comes in, we share a moment and kiss. It's actually pretty gross though, she now has blue on her mouth (wow that really is gross O_O). If we're going to kiss I should wash my mouth first,
      I look into the mirror above the sink and realize I'm dreaming, I go to wash the vomit out of my mouth. I look back up at the mirror and realize that the wax has gone funny on my braces. I fiddle around with it for a while but it's really soft and not the consistency + texture it should be. Argh I'm wasting my time, I'm dreaming so I should do something. I then wake up. damn it..
    12. #167 - Lizzie McGuire / Stranded at Piha

      by , 11-29-2015 at 12:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Didn't manage to reach my 3 dream quota again which I'm fine with ^_^

      Dream 1 - Lizzy McGuire
      I was in a room with a lot of other people, I think it had a house party atmosphere. There was a girl I talked to who reminded me of Lizzy McGuire, but after googling this I realize it was Lindsay Lohan who it actually looked like. I can only remember moving around from room to room, maybe with a drink in my hand?

      Dream 2 - Stranded at Piha
      I'm at Piha beach (quite a well-known beach in Auckland, it even has a TV show - Piha Rescue - about it), I think I'm with a bunch of people on a school trip. We have to take a plane or something to get around to another beach just around the corner because the tide isn't low enough to walk to it yet. I don't actually recall flying there though.. We're at the other beach now, I remember talking with a couple people and watching as the waves crashed on the shore. Suddenly the tide rises really high, the water pours onto the beach and floods the shore. There's only about 3 metres of space between the shoreline and the cliff behind us. I'm rushing over in the direction of Piha beach which is cut off from us by a headland. I run up the side of the headland, it's only like 2 metres high on our side, yet on the other side there is a 50m drop into a deep estuary. I peer down over the cliff and wonder if we can all jump over to swim back? A shark! I see a 2-3m long shark swimming about in the estuary channel. Damn... It isn't too big, it might not attack us? Too risky. Eventually we all decide to head back via the other alternatives: plane, skyline gondola and another way... A boat I think? I end up taking the plane, it's pretty small and can't fit more than 10 people max. We're flying now, wait a second something is wrong I think we start to plummet a bit because something is stopping the plane flaps from moving. Looking in front of me I realize I've been resting my arms on something that's stopping the plane from maneuvering properly, oops O_O. I move my arms and we set ourselves a bit straighter but... It wasn't enough. I think we crash land though it was more like a shudder and violent sudden stop.

      Dream experience: 3 (pretty standard dream, the shark experience was the most exciting part)
      Dream awareness: 1 (not very aware but used basic problem-solving)
    13. Electric Shark

      by , 08-28-2015 at 03:33 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #465 - 4:12AM - DILD

      I have a long dream segment where I am at some version of my first job ever; Long John Silver's. I am revisiting as my current self and watching the manager cook. I join in and fry some fish.

      Now I am riding in a car. I see a Sonic restaurant that is totally black with huge billows of smoke coming from it. I watch as we get closer and I can hear some theatrical and dangerous-sounding-music. Suddenly, the scene dims for just a fraction of a second. Then, I hear a short fart (lol) and some happy sounding music as I find myself riding in the same car, but in a very normal looking neighborhood. I notice the Sonic building is completely gone, and because of this, I instantly become lucid. I look at the driver and see my wife. I tell her how weird that glitch was and how this is all a dream. She keeps her eyes on the road with both hands on the wheel and only smiles in reply.
      I continue, " So we can fly. Go. Fly us away."
      The car lifts up into the air, but I lose visuals at this point and find myself floating in a bardo. I recognize this for what it is and try to stimulate some feeling by making swimming motions. After a few seconds, I begin to feel like the air is thickening into water. I see something... some movement. An animated electric blue outline of a shark emerges from the darkness and opens its jaws. It all looks very psychedelic so there is no fear. Instead of moving away, I pretend to be the bigger fish and open wide ready to bite. I wake up before we collide.
      Tags: car, dild, fire, shark, sonic, wife
    14. #108 - a pool with a shark and some eels

      by , 08-25-2015 at 10:55 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream - a pool with a shark and some eels
      I'm swimming and wading around in an indoor pool. It's too deep to touch the bottom, maybe 3 metres in some places. The room itself if bland and the pool is shaped oddly, with 2 sections divided by a small water channel. There are 2 other people in the pool, one is a friend and the other person I don't know. I swim through the channel and into the second section, casually dipping under the water and minding my own business. There's a goblin shark in the pool now, I know that it's completely harmless for some reason. When it comes close I just put my hand on its snout and direct it off to the side. I duck under the water again, but this time I see that there's 2 eels in the pool. Electric eels. These creatures actually want to harm me, so I try swimming away from them but they coil around my left arm. I grab at them and pull in an attempt to detach it from its electric embrace, I manage to unravel one of them but the second one bites into my arm. After a bit more struggling I shake off the second eel, then make a hasty retreat to the pools edge. I'm swimming pretty fast even though I'm pretty sure I was just 'doggy paddling'. The edge of the pool seemed to be lined with eels and poisonous sea anemone things that had some wiry looking tentacles. I dodge left and find a patch where there are only eels covering the edge and clamber up the side, feeling relieved to be out of the pool. I walk up some steps and see my fridge. Opening up the freezer I rummage about for food but I can't recall what I took as the dream ends around here.
      Tags: eels, pool, shark, swimming
    15. Everything I Never Wanted (#230,231,232,233)

      by , 07-31-2015 at 07:18 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I kind of stopped caring about getting lucid these past few days. And of course, lucid dreaming works in mysterious ways because just as I stopped caring, a flood of lucid dreams started to come. I can't remember what days these are from, except for the last one that I know for sure was last night.


      I remember some dream involving being on a school bus that had broken down in my town. Manei and Marcus were there along with other dream characters. I became lucid upon recognizing my two dream characters were present. Marcus was talking to me about some new technology and, but I was distracted and wasn't listening. The little bit of hair on the right side of his head was sticking up funny. I kept trying to tell him but he kept talking for a few minutes. When he finally finished he asked me what I was trying to tell him, I told him his hair. He looked in the mirror above the drivers seat and laughed and flattened it out.

      Manei then asked some question about the story that I was writing based off of lucid dreaming. (actually doing this) She told me that I shouldn't mis-potray the characters since doing so would be a disrespect to myself. I told her I had no such plans. Why would I use my dream characters for inspiration if I didn't like who they were and was going to change it? There is really no logic in that. Also for some reason in the dream she was wearing a schoolgirl outfit.

      I can't remember but I think that the dream continued on for some time semi lucid. It was a school anime that DawnEye11 had animated and she was in it too. I don't remember any of the specifics about it but I didn't like the way she portrayed my character.


      I remember I was at this museum, but some of the security guards had turned out to be evil and decided to trap us inside, and kill all the good security guards. It was some kind of hostage situation and they wanted the government to pay them a large sum of money to get us out. I recall the dream vaguely feeling like when my family visited the planetarium in chicago a few years back.

      Me and some of the other people had found a way out. Though it was dangerous. We had to escape through this very large concrete room that was filled halfway with water. There were all of these large egg-shaped structures in the room made out of red bricks and held together with cement. Some of them were attached to large steel beams connecting them to the floor or ceiling. Others were hovering on helicopter propellers. It was only appropriate that
      I became semi lucid upon seeing this very dreamlike and unusual room.

      People began making their way across the room to the other side. Most people just would swim, but this one guy said that a lot of people had cell phones and stuff that he would offer to carry over for them, and he would try to jump across the brick eggs. Also, the guy had a medical implant that he couldn't get wet, so he figured it only make sense that he do it. I remember the guy looked similar to my dad. Not identical, his voice was deeper and he was a little taller and fatter, but he gave me that same vibe.

      I remember watching him make his way across. He made it about 1/3 across of the way then he slipped and started to slide down the brick egg toward one of the propellers. I remember hoping that the dream wouldn't start to become a nightmare with this guy falling into the propeller but sure enough, he fell into the propeller and was ripped apart in the most gruesome way right out of SAW or something. lots of blood went into the water and people all started swimming away because they were afraid that the blood would attract sharks. At first I was confused since the water in the room was a closed swimming pool and I could see there were no sharks or even a way for sharks to swim in. But, because dream, about two dozen little sharks appeared in the water and started attacking people.

      The guys' head landed right next to me on the platform that I was standing on. The left half of his face was completely gone leaving only the skeleton. His head turned and started looking at me. The mouth opened and the head screamed at me.

      Somehow or other I found myself in the water that was now all pigmented with blood. I was actually standing on the bottom and some of the sharks started to swim toward me when I realized I was not holding my breath and I realized that I was
      dreaming. I told myself that I was not scared of the situation and the dream would change to something better momentarily momentarily.

      Instead, the dream decided to be a dick and get worse before it got better. The red water got darker and the floor went away and I was floating in a void of red energy/water. I could still see some of the sharks swimming around me slowly. I then saw Manei but she had been shredded up like the guy who fell into the propeller and half her face was a skeleton. Her body was stitched together in places. She said something to me but I can't recall what it was.

      I tried to do something or say something, but I couldn't move, speak or influence the dream in any way. I was annoyed by this fact. I remember thinking. "Okay, either I wake up or I dream about something that's not this!"

      Then metal spikes burst out of her chest, expanding and growing like branches all around me. Then all of the spikes started growing in as they would all hit me at once, but they all stopped right before they went into me and the dream faded away.

      The dream shifted. I was in a futuristic looking white hallway. I felt like I was still in the planetarium. This girl in a catwoman-like costume that left nothing to the imagination had her hand on my body and was transmitting the dream to me.

      "Stop! This nightmare! What does it represent?"

      The dream switched into third person. She put her hand on my chin and made me look her in the eye.

      "Oh, baby, wouldn't you like to know."

      She then kicked me back and threw me to the floor. I tried to fight but I was in third person and couldn't control myself. 'I' got back up and she kicked me agian, then scratched me across the face. I then started to feel like I could control myself. I remember the scratches closed with wolverine-style healing and as I spit down to the side. I went back into first person view.

      She tried to cartwheel toward me and kick me again, but I grabbed her foot and flipped her over my shoulder. She landed on her back and before she could get up and I stabbed her in the stomach with my hidden blade. She scratched me again and started to run away. I decided I would try something new. I shot my blade out on the end of a chain and it stuck into the exposed skin on her leg. I tried to crack the chain like a whip and pulled her up then slammed her into the floor. I then pulled her in and let go of the chain so she was flying toward me. The dream went back to third person but I was still in control. I jumped into the air and fire boosted toward her, then flipped around and kicked her with both legs.

      After thoroughly kicking her mostly-exposed butt, the skimply-outfitted catwoman lady morphed into a small boy of about ten who was crying.

      "Why weren't you scared? What are you?"

      (Paraphrased.) "Because I knew that it was all a dream. Even now, it is all a dream. And the scarier it got, the more I knew what I was experiencing was not real. That, and the fear you created didn't represent anything in my life. Nightmares only have power if they represent something. Everything in dreams is like that. If it doesn't represent something important, it can be easily removed or defeated."

      "That's no fair! Please don't kill me!"

      "I'm not going to kill you. I'm going to do something much worse... (<- Joke) I'm going to let you live so that you can learn from this. (Paraphrased from here on out, I remember roughly what I said so.) So, stop going around causing nightmares or your going to get what is coming to you."

      There was some story behind the boy that he told me. He tried to convince me that he was another dreamer who got bullied a lot during the day, so at night he would use shared dreaming to go into peoples dreams and make them have nightmares to make things fair. He thought that what he was doing did justice and was really angry because if made things fair. I remember posing the question of how this made him any better than the bullies.

      The dream actually continued on semi-lucid for a very long time after that and the boy became a lucid dreamer and had his own dream guide and everything. Like the last lucid, I don't really recall the details.


      I am on this steampunk airship where this quadrillionare makes his full-time residence. The airship is actually in the atmosphere of a gas planet, but the planets' atmosphere has oxygen like the earth. The airship had ion thrusters where the propellers should have been, mounted on gold nacelles. The body of the airship was a dark red fabric. There was a large inverted pagoda tower on the underside and the guy lived in the very bottom.

      I remember we were flown in by this butler guy who flew this odd spacecraft. It was an octagonal frame with windows on every side, except the bottom. It was gold too, and had little maneuvering rockets on all sides. We docked with the big airship and the butler gestured us to go onboard and meet him. The airship was empty and quiet, but occasionally made creaking and buckling sounds..

      We made our way down through each floor of the tower. I remember on one floor there were a whole bunch of boxes of legos. I thought it was kind of funny that this guy who was apparently so gentlemanly had so many kids toys. I figured he might have kids or something that come to play with them.

      We finally got to the bottom level of the tower. It was like this big foyer styled room with stairs on either side and a big glass wall. The dream character was standing there looking out at the storms and swirling clouds. I remember he had a black suit coat and a top hat. He was looking out over the storms of the gas planet. I cleared my throat to get his attention and he turned around and walked over. He had a cane in one hand and walked with kind of a hobble. I could tell one of his legs was a prostetic by the way he walked and the clanking noise it made. I also remember knowing that this character was connected to Marcus somehow. Maybe his father.

      I greeted him as he got close. Manei said hello as well and told him who we were and that we had been invited to see him.

      "What is wrong with all your dreamers these days? Cut your hair and grow a pair, boy!" He proceeds to try to poke me in the nose with his cane I backed up. He then went over to Manei. He said something perverted to her, but I can't remember what it was. She gave him this really dirty look. He then proceeded to poke her in the stomach and say that she was too skinny anyway. He said he wasn't interested in talking to us anymore.

      "Oh, great. He's annoying. He's perverted. and he invites us over just so he can decide he doesn't like us. Why does every dream character other than you or Marcus have to be a dick?"

      I guess he didn't like me calling him a dick, because he threw his cane at me but I caught it. I told him I was going to break it if he didn't shape up. He said it was made of unbreakable [something]wood from the planet [i forgot]. I took that as a challenge and broke the cane partially over my knee. It was still held together by a little bit of flexible wood but it was more or less useless. The man got mad and said that the cane was worth more than me.

      He sent a his bodyguard out. He was this huge, 8 foot tall man who looked like alex armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist but had four eyes in two rows. He had an eye-patch over his top left eye. He told the guard to attack me. He charged at me, and I threw him over my shoulder and he went through the wall.

      The guard started to get back up and the dream suddenly ended and I woke up.


      Though the dream that moved me the most, or was the most profound in my opinion was a conversation that I had with Manei. The dream had started out with me being on vacation with my parents at this mountain lodge location. I became lucid when I saw that I had my bracers and my dad told me to stop lucid dreaming because it was bad. My mom and dad got into a fight about whether or not lucid dreaming was bad or not. I acknowledged that this was probably a message about lucid dreaming, but moved on to manifest Manei.

      We started walking and talking about something in the mountains. I remember saying something to her like this.

      "Don't be offended by this, but you're everything I never wanted when I started lucid dreaming. I find it kind of funny. So many dreamers want to find their guides so badly, but get nowhere. I was that one in a million who was more than happy happy to go alone. Yet you have been right here all this time."

      We were now in the soccer field in a park across from my house. There were some kids flying very odd dream kites in the breeze. I remember Manei had a kite too. She seemed to be thinking of what to say.

      "Often, those who want to be alone are those who need a friend most badly."

      The dream was hazy and my lucidity wasn't clear. The dream carried on semi-lucid for a few more minutes after that.
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