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    1. MILD-LY annoying method of getting lucid

      by , 10-24-2016 at 09:41 AM
      D1 - Person meditating and everytime they stopped they would come out of blissful state and start being really sad so would desperately get back into trance lol.

      D2 - Some kind of long escape dream. I am out in the wilds and being attacked by a savage wolf, I use my powers to project a laser beam from my finger tips through its head, just in time. It was right in my face literally. A load of survivors have some kind of explosion in there cabin but they are not hurt just woken up, even though it blew the roof off.

      D3 - In Elizabethan in england I am being persecuted and there is some kind of trial with a lady in a powdered wig. I am being killed by being fed a biscuit with cheese that has poison on it. I manage to pretend to only eat some and escape. I am not happy and try to strangle poisoner there throat feels like a plastic tube, that i am about to break, so i don't.
      On my computer I am trying to get rid of adware virus. I am then spyed again and chased. I run through a door onto a white staircase I jump and use anti-gravity powers to climb down the outside of the stairs. Its hard but I managed to get under a doorway and still on the ceiling I hide.
      At this point I can feel it all getting very vivid, pressed against the ceiling I feel myself getting a semi lucid.

      WBTB - I am annoyed at not getting lucid during competion

      Fragment. I am half a sleep half awake, dreaming of kissing someone vividly

      D4 - I am in a flea bitten room, an old house with lurid orange checked carpet and a white chair and wooden table and sofa and bookcase. Lucid I stare at the carpet, I remember that I only need to look and not think of changing it (as per hypnagogic experiences). The spot of carpet I concentrate on becomes a raised circle then a tube like toothpaste squeezed out. I am satisfied with this and then wildly think "I am lucid, quick what are the totm and competition goals". I can't remember new goals only last compettion one of bringing someone into your dream from other team.
      I think of Elaineylane but can only picture her arty green avatar pic and not what she looks like. Then I remember what I think she looks like, its not right at all I realise afterwards.
      She appears on the chair at the table. I rack my brains to think of other tasks then get sidetracked as a woman starts giving me a bj, its nice but I draw my thoughts away and stop. I need to remember more goals. Shit I come out of dream.

      D5 - I go straight back into dream only this time carpet is blue checked. I lay near carpet and try to change it but as i'm forcing nothing happens (I don't realise till after).
      I remember and rub my hands over surface of carpet and table top to stabilise, as I don't want to pop out of this dream to soon. There is someone else in the room in an arm chair but i am drawn to the large old tv by the window.
      I grab the remote and after a few flicks, switch on the tv. There are very nice Oo woman in black lycra.
      Making them appear out of tv doesn't work so I touch my hands to the screen and pull.
      Unfortunately as I am forcing they get stretched out of shape and look just plain weird. They are quite deformed now poor things and not sexy at all with different shaped body parts, some huge some spindly.
      I look to the window, it is white framed and double glazed. I pull it open and am transfixed for a while by the layer of this plastic that has been left on the window (from when it was bought)
      It makes the glass have a very green irredesent tinge with an oily rainbow round the edges.
      Clambering up onto the ledge, I see that outside the window is a floating stall. Up above the street below, we have loads of kitchen cabinets and things suspended by magic in the air for punters to look at.
      I clamber up among these and look down at the bright sunny street below, full of lots of passers by.
      A feeling from a previous dream that I will be grabbed before I can start flying fills me. I push off from next to a cabinet and sure enough someone grabs at my shoe. After a few seconds I free myself but am throw off course. I fly up above the street then land down on the pavement.
      I summon someone and a russian lady in a white raincoat appears, she has black hair with a scarf.
      We teleport to a shopping centre (how romantic) and I start to make out with her but very soon get bored with the sex feeling its a waste and wake up out of the dream.

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