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    1. Tried very hard, fire elemental

      by , 06-27-2019 at 06:53 AM
      I tried very hard. It was pretty much Ada. Perhaps maybe 10 min longest of non awareness or mindfulness.

      No lds though. A bit disappointing and dissuading. But it was very interesting to be able to observe every thought. I did not do it as hard today but I still practiced it for most of the day. It helped to change or redirect a certain negative thought pattern for sure. Astounding progress in certain ways really if you don't consider it only as a ld practice.

      I tried injecting thoughts regarding dream each time my thoughts wandered to help question reality while dreaming.

      I did do mild with sw and got some excitement but maybe not 100% feeling. Nor did I visualize it much. I thought I did well but I could probably improve a lot more.

      Dreams :

      Had 3 long ones, 2 notes were gibberish though. I should just take 1 second longer to make 2 words legible then id remember it all.

      I was on the upper most floor of the jap school. My teacher was doing a presentation I recall she was not one that I liked. Me and a friend decide to play hooky. I wanted to go to bathroom so we leave. We head down the stairs to the right and pass classrooms of kids from lower grades.

      We head to the right on the ground floor and we pass through the kindergarten area. I ask them how to get to bathroom. Etc

      We go further and into hell or something similar. Hot lava place. Pretty nice temp. We gotta get some thing to help us through demons down here. Although most are chill some are not. We end up getting a familiar or something like a fire elemental.

      Long arse journey. We go through many series of puzzles and rooms, fighting some drunk demons by bars and gain new abilities and what not as we progress to get to...

      The bathroom. It was pretty dirty there.

      Peed in dream but I was safe. Decided to wake up to check.

      Perhaps a little lucid in the end after all.
    2. Link gandalf

      by , 06-25-2019 at 04:50 PM
      had 4-5 ld. Did not jot down much. I was more focused on recalling steps I took yesterday rather than the dream content. Maybe am a little jaded of recording dreams.

      I focused mostly on questioning if I'm dreaming or telling self a dream throughout the day. Did mild, Shadow work. For shadow work I spoke to my subconscious candidly. I was 100% sure I would get lucid. Also tried to wbtb, set alarm but woke earlier than alarm so turned off alarm. Did raduga alarm not sure if that helped since I didn't use it last week. I'm getting better at this: kind of getting a feel for it.

      It was mostly dild towards the end of dream. Dreams were long I think felt like a week worth of events. A day each. Did not mediate in the dreams so didn't have continuous lucidity.

      Lds: mostly about game themed stuff. In the first one I was doing rc but they did not work, but I kept the idea in my head and worked near the end. Well maybe was lucid earlier but had a small doubt that made rc fail. Was also pretty realistic.

      one had link from Zelda, I think I was link and there was Gandalf like figure helping me to progress through puzzles.

      I dreamt about playing against the pro gamer. Became a more serious theme towards the end. He became evil and was trying to stop him mostly.

      In the last one I cried at the end of dream. Crying woke me and stopped ld chains. It was something sad.

      *maybe it's my belief that crying would stop ld chains that stopped it

      Dream: had an unpleasant dream Mario party, also teleported. It was an amusement park needed to poo. Saw a relationship thing. Pretty violent content.

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    3. Potions airship

      by , 06-21-2019 at 11:40 PM
      I did not ld today or yesterday. What can I do to improve? I noticed when doubt is strong it is easier to notice it and work on it but what if it's subtle? Would the efforts be better focused on addressing the doubt or focusing on creating exciting feelings and visualizations? What should I do for perpetual lucidity?

      I didn't think about ld as much the past 2 days. Maybe it helps to have it in the back of your mind. Perhaps thinking about dreams or ld are more crucial than awareness.

      I dreamt of riding on airships. Trading potions and whatnot. Dream plots lasting a week or something.

      I remembered the dream before this one was about will Smith selling pencils talking about its greatness.

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    4. Muay Thai Training, robo suits

      by , 06-20-2019 at 12:44 AM
      Had 5 ld I think. I woke up at night , I sat up and meditated maybe 2 minutes. I couldn't keep my eyes open but I felt like I had almost the perfect amount of wakeful and sleepiness. I lay down and tried to keep my eyes open a little longer. Barely managed to keep them open while I stared into the darkness. I thought I needed to be able to maintain my eyes open a little at least to be able to be lucid in my dreams so I tried to keep my barely open eyes open. When I could keep them open about 10 seconds without closing I went to back to sleep.

      May have also visualized meditating right before falling asleep here.

      Did mild and shadow work before sleep. Did not try to do it for too long as the day before but just focused more on engaging the exciting feelings.

      I have jotted that I was lucid and meditated

      Ld2: I was in the center of a townhouse or a short apartment complex that were maybe 3-4 stories tall.. I find my friend Allison.

      I lost lucidity around here.

      I follow Allison and we head forward to her or her friends flat. I am there and we hang out. I got into fight with a dc and my kicks were not working. I began to wish I could train my kicks somehow

      I meet the muay Thai champion Sagat, that undefeated muay Thai fighter that also inspired a video game character. I am at a kind of an open area indoors that looks like ymca. He instructs me a 3 times. Micro awakenings that changed location and training in each. Looks like the desire from earlier ld manifested.

      In the first one he made me attack him to test my strikes.

      In the second one he trains me to kick in a smaller gym like place.

      In the third one he makes me do squats I think.

      -I had some FA here I think about jotting down the dreams 2-3 times

      Nld: I am with my mom in the car, she is taking me to a school deep in the forest mountains. Stopped somewhere midway forget where. "archery range" keeps popping up though it was something similar to that I think outdoor place with lush greenery for target practice.

      -mmay have missed a dream here


      I am lucid in the beginning of the dream but I lose lucidity midway.

      I'm at the Japanese school once again, I am at second floor I think where the library was. I am heading down to go outside and I meet a bunch of other students.

      I think I lose lucidity around here swept by the dream plot.

      All the students or people are heading somewhere to the left. I'm not sure where but I follow them for a bit.

      We eventually arrive at a secret science facility sort of place. Each person wears a sort of suit that is filled with liquid that surrounds your body and creates a new sort of android body that surrounds yours. Our mission was to explore this place or something. We head down the hallways and down. There we find AI robots that are hunting us. We eliminate a few and keep on proceeding. I find some weapons I think were swords but eventually I run out of ammo and my armor is disabled from the engagenent w the robos. The robots ignore me and head off to hunt others after they sense no signal from me. I suppose the plot was that they were rogue AI that went berserk.

      I am discovered by a trio one guy a doctor and scientist guy and lady. They do some repair to my suit and we proceed. I find a bathroom look at myself in the mirror. The suit was beautiful really, perhaps the image of a perfect human being in the perfect mathematical golden ratio. In awe, I lose myself for a moment I think, like the state of meditation.

      I have sex there. I'll leave out the details. When I wake i am sore from the event. Too real.

      Dreams felt very long, I thought I definitely slept way too long but I didn't.

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    5. Demon king, dark angel

      by , 06-18-2019 at 11:33 PM
      I had a pretty fun dream or dreams but they weren't lucid .What did I do differently ? One thing that was different was that i had more of a one long sleep period without wbtb while everything else was the same. I did awake in between but went back to sleep immediately. Maybe the eating pattern was also different. Spent more time Indoors as well.

      Dream :
      I first dreamt that I was eating food with classmates we ate just food and stuff for an afternoon. The last thing I ate was an ice cream shaped like banana where you could squeeze out ice cream. Pretty tasty.

      I was a demon king of some sort after getting defeated I think. Lost contact with followers and I had I collect the 12 elemental orbs (fire water nature etc .) to gain powers. Just going on adventures in different places to find them . One particular old tower had evil priests guarding the orb of darkness it was a purple black orb that was a little bigger than an walnut that gave a very beautiful lustre from within. Had procured about 4 or 5 of them in the end I think.

      In the part 2 of the dream I was the right hand of the previous demon king. I was a dark angel or fallen angel with black wings also on the quest of recovering orbs. There were old buildings and I encountered a big priest tall and pretty wide. I had to escape from him. He was really quick for his size but I had my pitch black wings. I just shook all my body s might and flew slowly. Had to level up my stats but decided to do it later since I did seem to be able to get away from my enemy although barely.

      -influenced by some story

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    6. Simulator spaceship

      by , 06-17-2019 at 09:51 PM
      I had 3 lds the last one I am trying to recall. I thought I'd try to stay still and try for deild like last night so didn't jot much. I was non lucid after though, maybe it's because I forgot to meditate or visualize doing it first thing in ld to set my mind in proper state. Still was doing mild and multiple sleep periods.

      I was just lucid from beginning of dream. I think it was WILD.

      Ld1: I am in a futuristic building. The interior looked similar to what you sold see inside a futuristic spaceship sort of thing. In looking around and find a special room. It's interior is round like ( ) but hexagon like. I got the impression that it's sort of a simulation machine like vr but more powerful. It was used by ppl to experience stuff that felt real. I am in there and a scene begins to materialize that was produced by this room bits by bits.

      Ld2: I was in an amusement park like place. I think it began near a vending machine and I was looking at it. I was walking across seats of a ride to the other side of it where my classmates of this trip were. It was like a field trip and we all hanged out for a while. There was a skinny guy in the group that treated me badly and I tried to confront him alone. Show him whos boss. But I had sensations that I needed to pee pretty badly so I decided to wake up to pee.

      Ld3: it was short, did not write - I think it was same place as ld1 but it was a school instead.
      Nlds: I was at a beach. Fusion of senses.

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    7. I love you BBQ/ blue light

      by , 06-17-2019 at 09:45 AM
      I had10 LD this week maybe 11. One earlier in the week and 9 today. Will write down stuff from today to note what I did. And maybe add dreams from earlier in the week later.

      Practices :
      A nap earlier on Sat afternoon was tired sleep dep, 2-6pm ish.

      Did Mild here before sleep

      Then again from 1130-3am, 8 ld

      Slept one more sometimes in the morning maybe 9-10am one ld

      **I also remembered visualizing myself meditating in sleep

      For mild I just said mantra in 3 languages first, then asked my subconscious if it thought we could do it. Then addressed any feelings or doubts with past examples. Repeated in other language. Then repeated mantra with excitement.

      Night dreams : maybe missed one more bbq themed ld

      Nld: I was reading a book of sorts that could transform into comic book and stuff. As I flipped pages it had touchscreens each page and you could play games and stuff pretty cool.

      Wake: wake up a bit and hear sounds just lay still thought about ld maybe or just relaxed. Also took non ld related supplement and drank water.

      Ld: I was in my bedroom and I felt very scared or nervous. I walked towards the bathroom and an electric blue lightening like thing flashing in the room. I decide to sit down to the left to meditate.

      Ld: I think I was back in the bed rm with same fear. I decide to meditate again.

      Ld: I recalled I mediated in dreams twice already so I should keep having lds. I began rubbing my hands to clarify the environment.
      It becomes clearer and it was a BBQ scene with some ppl I knew.

      Ld: I was at home by the breakfast table. I just let the dream play. It was sped up progression of events of a life of I'd live in a certain way. I just observed the events. Mostly social media . I headed outside and climbed outside on roof. Then on neighbors roof. There were endless amounts of wooden planks and I kept climbing.

      Ld: I was back at the BBQ scene earlier I found my mom. I was parkouring around like last dream while ppl cooked BBQ.

      LD: It Das all darkness. Could not see anything. I began to pretend to swim and in a bit I swam on water, appeared at a shore. Either beach or lake. More likely a lake. Saw ppl on shore maybe we friends. Maybe bbqing again lol. Walked on shore I think .

      Ld: I was at a kind of a strange sex workshop or something. Wanted to get out of there. Bunch of ppl and symbolism regarding sperm.

      Ld: I was at kitchen, at breakfast table again. I saw my parents with nicely grilled chicken thighs on the table likely bbq, browned and liked crispy and moist. I ate some and it was delicious. I talk to my parents standing to the left and tell them.
      "I know this is a dream so I can tell you that I love you." they embrace and hug me with a pained bittersweet smile.

      I head out to the other kitchen where the garage was suppose to be. They're were chefs there cooking with tall pots. I wake up crying.

      Blue lightening was related to something I wanted to meet from a book.

      Went to 2 BBQ the 2 days prior. I was disappointed with the second one. Rude hosts. The ribs were hard as tree bark and the chicken wings tasted expired. I suppose it influenced dream theme. Ate the ideal chicken I wanted in dream.

      My friend talked about how she took sex workshop, likely the source of that dream.

      I also did not dream much last day or two, sleep dep.

      Morning dream :

      LD: I was on a paved road by a shore of a lake. lucid. I saw a beautiful tree and approached it. I observed its leaves and it was a pine tree. I decided to chew on some of the needles and try to taste its juices. It was too dry though and I couldn't taste the sour juices.

      -saw a couple of beautiful conifers during the day

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    8. Resolution

      by , 06-09-2019 at 06:28 AM
      Had a dream about beginning to get along with a guy I hated for a long time. Never had a good time with them in dream but this time things got relatively better.

      It was a dream about being split into 2 teams of gangs as we fought. I was fighting lyn and hit his skull against the pavement as it spattered. I felt regret but he was alive somehow.

      Later we all met in an apartment allies or enemies. I bought a fake blood that comes from fake lips as a prank online. Overall we get along OK just hang out.

      -kind of a personal growth
    9. grandpa simpson

      by , 06-08-2019 at 08:10 AM

      dream1: I was in an post-apocalyptic scenario. Recruiting people - we just stood by university avenue and stopped people. Trying to fight against oppressors. Recruited some oppressors.

      Our plan was to make alot of burger or sandwiches and send it to them with a false address 350 university ave, while we were in 425 ave to divert their attention. Then we infiltrated their base.

      Lasted about 1-2 afternoons.


      I recall eating in a shitty restaurant.


      I was facing a gigantic panther on the sidewalk. It was about 12 ft long and pretty big. I decided to run and it chased after me. Someone nearby pat its head, instead of keep running I embraced my fears and pat its head. Well maybe I hit it's head.

      dream1: place to live

      I was going to a friends house or something. I met a black guy and a white guy, they were roommates I think. Anyways I meet the black guy's dad at a house and he's pretty cool and balling. The dad and I begin talking about moving to a new place. He asks me where, I say "Hot place, maybe Hot and warm year round... with fresh water source incase of drought...etc"

      See some visions of the awesome place and envisioning the possibilities.

      Dream 2:

      I was at home and a couple of kids were busy fixing an outdoor furnace. I walked out through the back and approached them but it was way too hot so I headed back.

      I head inside and one of the little ones come so I find an nes classic console and we play. His brothers come also and were trying to find a game that could be played by four people and a way to get 2 more controllers on it.

      dream 3: Simpsons - deild

      I awoke and did some deild or raduga, I tried rotating and focusing on vibrations as I fell back to sleep.

      I was Homer from the Simpsons. I am lucid. I look around and find grandpa simpson, Abe, on the couch. I'm having some neck pain and tension and couldn't think of a dream goal so I ask him to give me a neck rub. He asks me to pay him and we just haggle the price, $10->$50->$25..etc

      I'm still lucid and I think hey.. why am I haggling the price it's a dream. I just tell him we'll discuss it later just go. He proceeds to give me a neck rub and it takes away my pain. As he is massaging my neck he gives me some life advice about utilizing your time better, doing meaningful stuff with your time.

      dream 4: HS cafeteria - better than before

      I am once again at the cafeteria from HS. I find my friend M and we are just ordering food. I find some fried rice and try to order that but there aren't much of it left. I decide to order something else and they give me a combo with the rice with an actual reasonable price of something like $7.35. I touch the rice, honestly some of it doesn't even have eggs on it and it's just white rice. It's sticky and feels real.

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    10. Just a nightmare

      by , 06-06-2019 at 08:21 AM
      Just some nightmares. Had a stomachache that may have caused it.

      Dream was about being chased by pH. D students and fat guy. There were fish involved. They were trying to kill me while I fight them off.

      Also dreamed of getting a magical 5 star bow or some sort in second dream.

      notes :

      Maybe did not sleep well from stomachache or from meditating too long at bed. Was getting tingle on forehead and just being too awake while body was asleep. Could also be caused by a new supplement I took. Dream likely took place during sws.
    11. Comedian, pool, long train ride lucid

      by , 06-04-2019 at 10:44 PM
      Pretty good DEILDs on nap


      Dinner with comedian

      I was in an apartment where I lived at university. It was dark there and I was waiting on friends or something. I met the famous japanese comedian Hamada and hang out. He took me to a nice restaurant in a hotel that had a gambling section to the top left.

      *always wanted to meet this comedian



      Pool in school

      I was going around some strange building. It had many locked doors and things somewhat futuristic. I found my friend M there but she was a little kid. I just took her and walked around until we were near the pool at school. It was the highschool structurally but slightly different.

      Maybe FA/wake

      I begin wandering around the school by myself. I think m went to pool. I could not find the pool but I knew I was close. I found a sink with some pretty peaches and a few were flat. I ate one or two and they were pretty ripe and sweet.

      I find I'm near the change rooms and look for a way in. But a black teen tells me he and his friends are lifeguards and gotta clean pool soon. I thought about helping but thought forget it. I leave as I watch people clean the pool. I find m.

      *no pool in school

      I see peaches again may have ate another. I head out and finds a sink to wash my hands. A black guy comes and he washed his hands in same sink he couldn't find soap so I showed him where it was and I squeezed too much soap. He gives me rest of soap after washing. I finish washing my hands.

      *every part after is lucid or mostly.

      I may have had FA here maybe not. Just became lucid. It was an waiting area with benches and I decided to mediate. Maybe people were waiting on the train in the next dream.


      I am back near the area and find my friend Alison.

      Wake, stronger awakening

      Long train ride - many DEILD, order may be slightly wrong (seperated by FA/wakes)

      I am still lucid and in a train ride. Some people from last steam. I decided to mediate.


      I find my friend Alison again.


      I asked if anyone knew how to be omnilucid, no one answered . I walked deeper into one way of the train looking for a sage i find someone.


      I am decided to play a video game. I wanted to see what it s like. Tried playing Mario, pretty realistic, worked ok but left button didn't work properly.


      Senses weakened from playing video games so decided to stop.


      Still on train. Getting bored and couldn't think of what to do. Looked for 2 ppl my type to play around.


      I was stretching legs in ways likely not possible. Needed to pee pretty badly though. Was afraid of waking from the need to pee and indeed I do.


      Legs 100% numb when awoke fully was in tree pose. Residual numbness of dream stretching. Was numb until I stretched.

      Notes :

      Slept in the other bed again for nap

      Same meditation technique just noticing things

      Used raduga alarm only on nap wanted good sleep for night

      Fear of waking woke me up, or maybe DEILD is difficult if you really do have to pee - is it the fear or need to pee that wakes you more?

      Every dream after meditation in dream lucid

      Another dream goal would help

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    12. Undercover, Temple of Gods, holy trinity

      by , 06-03-2019 at 07:41 PM
      I was the undercover from the hero association of sort to spy on the evil crime headquarters. I didn't have any special powers initially but gained one as the dream progressed. However I was discovered as the spy and woke. The dream lasted a while and I remember it being fun but didn't jot down much.

      Nap pt1


      Stormy weather sucking me to window. Snow filled the bedroom. The next bedroom was also filled with snow.

      Realize I'm dreaming.


      Immediately focus on creating the feeling. Leave body in bedroom.

      Blurry vision so i rub hands. Get clear. I remember to Meditate. Cross legs. My body begins spinning around the room and I have to do a sit up while cross legged to barely be in the pose. I am being teleported by the involuntary spinning.

      Teleport to temple/grave. Statues of gods. More like figurine perhaps 2-3ft tall made out of jade like materials. They were placed atop grey carved rectangular stones.

      I have an urge to hum the um sound. I begin to hear deep voices Chanting:

      Chanting - "boo haa, boo hoo heeh" in Tibetan chant like voices. It fills the place.

      I'm still cross legged floating around. I see more rows of gods. Some unknown. Some known. elephant headed.


      Needed to pee really badly, could have stayed or went back in dream otherwise.

      Nap pt2

      Couple of FA with lucid moment then

      Lucid somewhere in dream, realizing I was just dreaming in previous dream while I'm FA.

      Old wooden building upper floor. Professor studying physics defying technology. I look for the device. Few ladies crowding entrance. Baddies showing up from below to take technology. I go inside. Find old guy he melts into couch supposedly he is the guy. There are people laying on couch with a device. A steel ball on one end. I touch it and try to push hand in couch. I go in a bit. Touch it again and go deeper. Get stuck in rubbery leather couch space. It's very unconfirmed I really wanted to get out. Gets out after a while. Trying to escape from baddies. Head to stairs above and go through into ceiling. When I come out I see a event with the previous women downstairs. I am back in time.

      I needed to change my form. I find a figurine and transform into her form. The women were looking for the man so I point them towards where I saw the old guy before. I head to the left. The women come back telling me the man is right next to me. They were looking for the relic of "the man. "

      Trio of Golden figurines, of a man, a woman and a child. I touch the man and electrical feeling runs through my fingers. They are horrified. Apparently an artifact that electricuted people this artifact was the source of strange tech. I touch the other 2 there and it begins to turn into a warm feeling. Hot, it was buzzing with energy. I rather enjoyed the feeling. It was figurines of holy trinity mother father and son. I held them together as a family and they reacted. My body began to float up and through the sunroof window. The mission to find what was lost from heavens. I keep rising.

      Wake FA

      I am in an office people are doing coding work. Guy beside me telling me to work. I am still lucid, looking around at people keyboards, codes, and wonder about the mystery of life. That sequential output of all was the resulting output.


      Notes :

      The noticing meditation. The i am meditation.

      Different bed.

      Skippers guide

      Raduga alarm.

      Remembering last 3 things. (did not do it much today though)

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    13. Esper 2 bars

      by , 06-02-2019 at 05:53 AM
      Dreams :

      Was with LL, in the city, mall. He ran off to see the race. I went to find him.


      In the same city. An esper lady escaping. Her body is shattered. Builds a business over the years and have kids too. Gains a new body.


      In a small town, country side. Adventuring. Blood.


      At home. A bar became connected to home karaoke night. It had $3 cover. Went back. To the left was another bar, also karaoke. Told one guy why both bars are doing karaoke on same night.

      Notes :

      Dreams felt maybe 4 days.