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    Just Another Dream Journal

    Nothing special.

    1. Jumbled Mess

      by , 02-10-2017 at 07:26 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I recall lots of fragments:
      living my new game Starbound- terraforming, fighting creatures; vaping in public and being charged a fee for "smoking" in a room; vaping in a theater and feeling the publics scorn; traveling abroad and running out of e-juice
      Ugh... there were so many others and just like that *poof*
    2. Abundance lost

      by , 02-07-2017 at 05:55 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I had a great multitude of great dreams last night.... but woke too frequently and lost most of them
      Now all I have a fragments and snippets.

      In one, I was on a roof with my step-mom. She stomped and hissed at a kitten and it fell off the roof into a pond. It was swimming in the water but crying to get back on the roof. There was a weird earthen area on the roof. A couple of cats were sun bathing on it, but one was starved almost to death and had flies buzzing around it.
      (I had that dream, on large part, because there was a male cat outside my window caterwauling for females).

      In another dream, I was trying to sell a porcelain head. I told them I found it in a bunch of stuff my grandmother left behind and it occurred to me that I had way too much stuff too and had to part with some. I told them I wished I could find all my uncles coins.

      In another dream, I was fighting with my dad. Someone left mildewed dishes behind and I accused my brother. Hate and rage filled his eyes and I kept pushing 'you can't stand that I've said something against your precious little boy?!' My dad raised up to hit me and I dared him to, then left, saying he was dead to me.
      (I don't understand that dream at all... I was the "precious" one to my dad. He and my brother never got along)

      Another dream was of driving and getting lost and seeing cargo loaded onto flatbeds and big rigs and gas was under $2.00

      Ugh... there were so many others, but I've lost them completely....
    3. More blah

      by , 01-30-2017 at 08:10 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I had my standard zombie dream, except I was moistening some sort of canister with spit on my hands so I could stick them onto the side of a trailer to give me more space There was a zombie cop in a house right beside me and needed more space to maneuver and avoid his acid spit.
      Then I loaded someone else's file and it was horde night but it also had the baby mutants from The Forest.

      I had another dream I only recall partially. My brother moved into my bio-dads house. It displaced my step-mom though and she was lashing out over FB. I asked if she had left anything behind and he said they got everything- even one of the cats.

      Fitbit: 7AM-1:30PM restless 2hrs 39 minutes for a grand total of 3hrs and 56 minutes worth of sleep
    4. Loneliness and fighting

      by , 01-29-2017 at 09:59 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I had a strange dream about being in bed with my p-doc. We were just snuggling but it could've turned into more but I saw my hubby's lights come on across the field and jumped up terrified he'd see a different car in the driveway and come investigate. As the dream evolved, hubby didn't live there, my mom did. She knew who was over and she was furious because he broke into her house, knocked over the Christmas tree, stole 2 boxes of gifts and a loaf of bread. I kept trying to tell her he didn't do that, that he'd been at my place the whole time, but she wasn't hearing it.

      In another dream, some girl cut off her arm with a knife. I told myself that couldn't happen because it wasn't strong enough to get through bone, but it never occurred to me that I was dreaming
    5. :bang:

      by , 01-28-2017 at 06:15 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      More tidbits:
      An alternate reality; a strange tunnel (more like a tram track as it was very high above the ground) with missing sections you had to jump over; a girl changing her skin texture but it glitched and looked weird for certain ones; getting lost while running through a huge building but severed heads showed the correct path after a woman yelled at me for going the wrong way... ah yes, but first I was in a vehicle. A group of bad guys kept firing EMP's at me to stall the vehicle I was in. It was a water vehicle and I finally made it to the building. There were mutants in the wide halls and they were going to attack me with a lasso-like appendage but I told them I was on their side and to attack the people pursuing me.

      All of those seem to be mostly inspired by Under the Dome and my new game The Forest.

      Fitbit: 3:34AM-11:54AM 12 times restless for 2hrs 25 minutes. 5hrs 55 minutes proper sleep.
      I think my silent alarms were confusing the device. I turned them off before bed last night and I had no conflicting times.
    6. More dry spells

      by , 01-28-2017 at 12:05 AM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I had a lot of amazing dreams last night... but I forgot them almost as soon as I woke. I recall only tidbits:

      In one dream, I was pregnant and excited about it, but someone shoved a knife between my legs repeatedly to give me an abortion (I had that dream thanks to having a pro-life/pro-choice convo with my daughter and then seeing a news headline about an abortion survivor speaking out before Congress)

      In another dream, I was stuck in a dream loop, changing history over and over again until I could get it right (probably inspired by "Under the Dome" which I've been binge watching).

      I was flying in another dream and that's the one I wish I could recall most of all. I love flying dreams.

      Yet another dream was, of course, zombies I haven't even been playing 7D2D lately. My son says it's withdrawal but I have the dreams even more when I do play my game I enjoy them, though, so I'm not complaining.

      Fitbit: It's been very bugged lately. I even manually changed it, but it just changed itself back. It *says* I was asleep at 1:19AM (it was really 2:30AM ) and that I woke at 1:25PM (it was really 2PM) But going on what it says, I was restless 15 times for 2 hrs 48 minutes which means I got 9 hrs 18 minutes worth of sleep.
    7. To be continued

      by , 01-24-2017 at 04:43 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      My son has an appointment... and of course I recalled 3 dreams upon waking but have no time to write them.

      To jog my memory later: dildo; Christmas; zombies
    8. Sparse

      by , 01-19-2017 at 04:24 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I slept wonderfully last night. I remembered to take some pain meds beforehand. But I don't recall many dreams.

      In one, I was at a mall restaurant looking for something to eat. A kid was in front of me at what looked like a deli counter. But it was like a Hibachi bar. Only he was "pretending" to be gross by acting like he was licking the edges of her sandwich, sneezing and coughing on it. The kid squealed in delight but I kept thinking that was still gross because he was bound to be getting spittle all over it.

      In another dream, I dreamed I had slept til nearly 5PM and hubby was irritated with me. I then woke up 25 minutes before my alarm for 10:30

      Fitbit: Bedtime 2:52AM-9:56AM 12 times restless for 1hr 46 minutes Total proper sleep 7hrs 4 minutes.
      Much better than usual.
    9. Partial one

      by , 01-18-2017 at 07:35 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I slept rough last night. I had a lot of good dreams, but I woke so frequently I only partially recall one of them

      I had a laptop that needed charged, so I took it to the kitchen and plugged it in behind the sink. My charger had to plugs on it and one hung down into the sink which was full of water. I realized everything too late and wondered how to unplug it. I got an oven mitt but hesitated because I didn't know if I was grounded.
      Then I remembered the multi-plug outlet and shut it off (It was nowhere near me lol and I had plugged directly into the wall ) I kept hoping I was in a dream. I finally pulled the plug out of the wall and the prongs were warped. My grandmother chastised me and in trying to straighten the hot prongs, she wiggled them too much and broke them off. I grabbed some glue and tried to put it back together.
      I had JUST renewed my EQ2 subscription and the laptop was new and my only source for the internet. I was very stressed out and miserable and then I woke.

      *whew* It took me a moment to fully grasp that I had been dreaming The dream was so real but so weird. First: there's never a wall plug directly behind a sink; the multi-plug outlet wasn't even being used; I've not owned a laptop for more than a decade; I've not played EQ2 for a year or 2; glue. Seriously I was going to glue the prongs back on and actually use it? I am so glad my waking self is a bit more intelligent than that.

      Fitbit: 2:46AM-1:06PM 19 times restless for 3hrs 58 minutes. Total sleep: 6hrs 22 minutes.
    10. It's about friggin time

      by , 01-17-2017 at 08:27 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I actually had some great dreams last night, PLUS I remember some of them.

      In one, there was a pregnant woman in a deep bathtub. She was going through something dangerous (?) and wanted to ensure her baby survived. I watched as the water hardened to ice. I heard the baby's heartbeat slow and then stop. There was a man, a doctor, beside the tub and I then heard his thoughts 'the child will live. It's too bad about the mother though'. My view zooms out and I see the water covered the woman above her nose and she drowned to death. The man was about to cut the baby out of the woman but then time sort of froze.

      There was another man. He wanted to save the woman even though he had been shot. He reversed time until right before the woman died, then froze time so he could get her out of the water. The doctor could see the ripple though and was about to stop him.... and the dream ended.

      Another dream was of me at the Kingdom Hall. A favorite Elder had returned and I was very happy to see him.

      I dreamed one of the girls came into my room to take some milk (I have a mini-fridge in here).

      Gah! I had one other awesome dream but I have forgotten it.

      Oh yes, Fitbit: 5:49AM-2PM Restless 11 times for 2 hours 2 minutes. Total sleep 5hrs 2 minutes.
    11. Well...

      by , 01-14-2017 at 07:42 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I had a ton of interesting dreams last night, but I've been interrupted so many times since waking that I've forgotten most of them.

      In the last dream, there were butterflies which indicated a portal which was in a pool of water. I was with a hunting party and we had to swim to the bottom of the pool to find ourselves. I was a packet of red/brown and green siracha (sp) spices like at Taco Bell
      I vaguely recall another dream where I was pushing my hubby on a gurney. He was partially wrapped like a mummy and I was looking for the mens restroom for him.

      In another dream, I infiltrated some large and secretive building. I only got away with it because I ran into a blind woman who mistook me for someone else who had never been there before. I loved that dream. It was very clandestine and interesting, but I've forgotten everything else other than tidbits: secret elevators, medical experiments, clones, nearly getting shot by a booby trap when I was on a roof, breaking into a safe.

      There were so many others. I flew in one of the dreams. I wish I could recall more.

      BUT, I actually slept and I slept fairly well.

      Fitbit: 12:44AM-12:54PM restless 17 times for 3hrs 6 minutes. Actual sleep: 9hrs 4 minutes.
      My average sleep this week has been 5 1/2 hours a night.
    12. Slightly better than nothing

      by , 01-11-2017 at 07:24 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I managed a couple stress dreams this morning.
      In one of them, my mom was verbally bashing my youngest. She said she used to be my clone but now she looks terrible with her dyed red hair and lesbian relationship. I yelled at her for being so mean and told her she was crazy, that Zee's still beautiful etc etc.

      In the other dream, I was driving down the road as a passenger and I saw something small fall out of a moving car. The car I was in stopped, as did the one in front of us. A woman was scurrying about, picking up money that was blowing away in the wind. I rushed over to what had fallen out: a little girl. I bundled her up, looked her over and she looked completely fine. I asked her if she fell asleep against the door and wasn't wearing her seatbelt. Then I buckled her in and told her not to go to sleep in case her brain had a boo-boo lol

      Fitbit: 4:20AM-12:22PM sleep. 12 times restless for 2 hours 15 minutes. Sleep 5hours 47 minutes
    13. Coming up empty

      by , 01-10-2017 at 10:27 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      No dreams the last 2 days. Hardly any proper sleep.
      Fitbit Monday: 4:02AM-1:40PM 14 times restless for 2 hrs 27 minutes. 7hrs 11 minutes sleep all in all.
      Tuesday: 6:06AM- 12:32PM 13 times restless for 2 hours 47 minutes. 3 hrs 39 minutes worth of sleep.

      I even laid down last night at 11:30. I gave up on sleep by 1AM. Had a massive headache and couldn't fall asleep until after sun up.
      I'm dizzy-ish today. My ears keep closing. Don't know if it's allergies or lack of sleep though.
      Back still hurts
    14. So much suckage

      by , 01-08-2017 at 08:21 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      Another crappy recall night. I wasn't feeling well, so I went to sleep at 9PM and woke at midnight lol. Then I crashed again 6:43AM and woke at noon... but it was too cold to get out of bed so I slept for another hour.
      Then I talked to hubby and lost the dreams I had managed to hold on to.
      Except one. I dreamed I had a baby girl but I forgot about her for 4 days and she was in the car. I was terrified that she was dead, but when I opened the door, she had the sleepiest, sweetest, happiest smile.
      My ex-hubby was the father and I was living with my grams. That's it.

      I know I also dreamed of food and clones (thanks to binging Orphan Black) and cats, but I've lost the specifics.

      Fitbit info: 6:43AM- 12:01PM (it never gets my wake up right). 5 times restless for total of 1hour 16 minutes. Sleep equivalence of 4 hours 2 minutes.
      I kept waking in pain. My shoulder was subluxing as was a hip. My nose stopped up every time I laid down. Perhaps it's time to start considering a real bed. I started sleeping on a desk because it was the only thing that kept my back from hurting. Now my back is starting to hurt all the time but so is everything else lol
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. More zombies

      by , 01-07-2017 at 09:29 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I actually took an entire Cyproheptadine last night so I COULD sleep. Hubby didn't want me up early, the kids had nothing for me to do, so I was going to sleep and attempt the ToTM.
      I failed miserably lol. I barely recall any dreams at all thanks to my bird squawking me awake and my dog pacing outside my door.
      I remember a stress dream about my daughter Destinee. She had a job somewhere but was bugging out early because the place was under repairs. I told her to get permission first and we argued. I then lectured and ranted about responsibility and not blowing the chance.
      Food was part of that dream too. I was going through the drive-through but I angled the car wrong. I still got the order (which I don't recall). I worried about not having enough money. Paula added a diet soda and plain tea and I worried about going over budget.

      And now I just got off the phone with hubby so my recall has even further deteriorated.
      I had my standard zombie and base building dream. The horde was attacking early and I wasn't prepared. I wanted to take a wrench to the AC unit outside before they destroyed it. Lumberjacks came up from the lower floor and almost killed me but I escaped out the window and up a hill. Then a pack of dogs attacked and almost killed me. And just like the video game, I took time to skin them even though the horde was feet away

      Okay... my Fitbit info:
      I turned on sleeping at 3:17AM. I woke up at 2:32PM I was restless 14 times for a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes so I got the equivalent of 9 1/2 hours worth of sleep.
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