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      Oh, so I can't pm you then?
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      Hi frying man, I was wondering, could I ask you a question?
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      Hiya, FryingMan! Just wanted to say that you're such an inspiration! I always look forward to reading your posts.
    4. It's all about the dreams, the awareness, not the counts . I had an amazing, long, maybe-sometimes-semi-lucid weird nap dream today. LDs are great, but recalling all those dreams every night is the best.
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      I can't believe you're beating me
      I've had a horrible dryspell ever since the last comp ended! T^T
      Would you mind like taking a break for like a year so I can catch up?? (jk)
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      Hey pal!
      Glad to see you're still dedicated to LDing!
      But I guess you'll be for the rest of your life, so no surprise there!

      I wonder, DV is the most active LDing site on the net, and we are constantly active here, especially you. So are we like one of the most dedicated LDers in the world? v
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      You should come to Chat again sometime, it was fun that time you did
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      Good job!

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      Your signature is in katakana, but I don't know what it says ;-;
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      80 LDs??!! o
      You son of a bleeb blob!! You've doubled me! But...but...but....
      Some dedication you have :}
      It's gonna be a slow year for me. I'm studying so hard, cuz I'm trying to get a scholarship to the American University of Beirut. If I get it, that'll change my whole life!! I'll be more likely to be able to immigrate!!!! \(v)/
      But I'll still be giving it all I got! Cuz LDing is the real heaven!! YwY
      See ya pal!! Hope our second anniversaries would carry quadruple LDs!! *v*
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    About FryingMan

    Basic Information

    About FryingMan
    LD Count:
    Part I: Beginnings

    Before my LD practice, I had a typical experience with dreaming: most nights I remembered nothing. If a dream was not particularly emotional I usually didn't remember it. Once in a rare while I'd experience a very vivid dream and remember it clearly (very few). I have treasured memories of flying dreams from childhood, and some childhood nightmares about a bogeyman who chased me and when he caught me all the monsters came flying out all around. I could go weeks or months without any significant dream memories in the morning. (I shudder now to think of those dreamless times!).

    I got into LD practice via my son, who regaled me with tales of his WILD adventures. I never paid too much attention to them, being somewhat dismissive initially, but one night in summer, 2013, sleeping out in the country I had a strange experience: I felt that I woke in the night, sat up in bed in the room I was sleeping in, and heard footsteps crunching on the leaves that sounded like someone was immediately outside my (widely opened) window. I salt bolt upright in bed, and looking out the window think I saw (or perhaps sensed) a shadowy, strong and perhaps malevolent presence outside the window. I felt entirely and completely awake. I returned to sleep, and the next morning I couldn't decide if I had been awake or not during that experience, and I was suddenly very interested in lucid dreaming. As is my wont, I immediately started searching for resources to learn more. I soon learned about ETWOLD, started reading it, and was instantly hooked.

    The rest is history. The very first night that I set intention to remember my dreams, to wake during the night to recall dreams, I recalled about 4-5 dreams during the night and recorded them in my DJ! I was so excited! Dream recall seemed natural and magical. I was on vacation, in a quiet, dark place, far away from the noisy city, sleeping alone in my own room.

    In the days and weeks that followed, I practiced everything that LaBerge recommended: critical reflection/intention moments during the day, RCs, prospective memory exercises, setting intention at night to recall and to journal dreams.

    When I felt that I had built up a decent base of recall, I started trying nighttime techniques like MILD, SSILD, and WILD. That's when the bubble burst a bit: I discovered the horrors of middle-of-the-night INSOMNIA. When I was just recalling dreams and heading right back to sleep I had no trouble returning to sleep and dreams. But these night-time visualization and awareness-boosting approaches left me wired wide awake, and many nights I missed the best REM dreaming periods to insomnia.

    I kept desiring to return to out place outside of the city on the weekends, and sometimes did, so I could recreate those quiet, dark, still conditions that I began LD practice with. And on one such weekend trip exactly one month to the day after I first set intention to recall dreams, I had my first lucid dream!

    It came, as many did afterwards, at the end of a long and particularly vivid, highly present dream at the end of the night. My first LD was an incredibly memorable experience, and I'm thankful that it lasted more than an instant, in fact it was around 45-seconds to a minute in length.

    My second LD came exactly one week after my first, also on weekend night.

    The lucid dreams were mind blowing -- but equally awesome were the nights full of vivid, weird, wacky, sexy, fun and funny non-lucid dreams. In my first flying dream, which was very vivid, I faced down and defeated my childhood dream block of overhead power lines: during the day I visualized meeting them at the start of a flying dream, and facing them head on, flying right at them and breaking through them effortlessly -- and this is exactly what happened in my dream! I was laughing in pure happiness that I had once and for all beaten my old flying-restricting nemesis. Only a few more times did I meet the power lines, each time flying right through them without problem. This was a major accomplishment.

    Part II: The First Year (To Be Continued...)
    The Present Moment
    How you found us:
    reddit lucid dreaming side bar


    FryingMan's Unified Theory of Lucid Dreaming: Pay Attention, Reflect, Recall -- Both Day and Night[link]
    FryingMan's Dream Recall Tips -- Awesome Links
    May I awaken within this dream and grasp the fact that I am dreaming, so that all dreamlike beings may likewise awaken from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion.
    "...develop stability in awareness and your dreams will change in extraordinary ways" -- TYoDaS
    "You have to want it like you want to breathe"


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    Recent Entries

    2017-01-16 ship game, driving, people

    by FryingMan on Today at 08:54 AM
    Starting to recall some longer dreams again

    + ship game: FP view, "full-screen" graphics. View out of the cockpit of a plane/ship, taking off and landing on bases amongst hills. Getting a large team together, flying in formation, approaching and trying to figure out how to use the refueling mother ship. Reading directions, come back to body, there are switches that must be thrown in a particular combination in order for the refueling/resupplying to work, I'm carrying the cheat-sheet with me and looking at it and adjusting the settings.

    + driving downtown medium-sized city like B in daytime. Trying to determine the correct routes/allowed turns, making turns at green lights

    +(f) there is a guy who is older and a great runner, it's unexpected how good he is

    +(f) walking up the sidewalk my friend is going to the (disco?), I walk past it and look to the right inside but there are only a few (large?) women in there. I see my friend just up the street at a (pizza?) place, he's laughing

    + reunion at WFP (college house w/friends), there is a guy down where DB lived I talk to him on the phone, I think of offering him a ride but he's coming on his own. As I float DO towards the reunion house I look down the long snowy street and try to see his little body in the distance walking but don't see it

    + I'm hooking up TVs which are hanging down from the ceiling and trying to figure out the wiring. There is B and S university TVs. They have different connectors. Someone comes and is listening to the report on the S TV.

    + I'm sitting on a bench in an alcove and thinking about having some "quality me time." I'm covering myself with a blanket. A guy comes and hangs around that that puts a damper on the whole thing.

    2017-01-08 soccer, cat/dog, (CH?) girls, night escape from hotel

    by FryingMan on 01-09-2017 at 07:49 AM
    I'm pretty sure there was more but I'm finding it hard to keep my mind solely on dreaming after waking up.

    + DO flying over observing a soccer game. One player breaks through the pack of defenders alone and puts on a spurt of speed and is heading for the goal, but s/he let's the ball get ahead of him and the goalie gets it. I'm enjoying the flyover view and I swoop down closer to the field to watch the continued action as it moves back towards the other goal.

    + In porch of CH(?) holding my cat in my arms. Old dog is there? Another dog enters the back porch from the kitchen door from the right and I clutch my cat close to prevent her from running away or fighting with the dog. They see each other and react calmly. I remember [FALSE] that this dog and my cat knew each other I bring my cat to the face of the dog and they lick each other's face?

    + I'm leaving the front door of a hotel at night, it's very dark outside no lighting, I'm just barely making it away there is a pursuer who's following me and will enter the hotel to look for me. I make my way to the right into the shadows with frequent backwards glances. I head out back to where I know my car is, I finger my car fob and look at it and remember the brand of car ("Cardiff"?). I'm going to get into my car and get away.

    + I'm in (CH top floor bathroom?) and out the window I hear / see cops talking, they're rounding up all the call girls in the area into a car. I'm peeking out into the car at them. Then I fly out the window and hover over the car, there are about 5-6 of them sitting in a convertible in the front and back seats. I'm looking for a cute one maybe I can meet with her. One in the front seat makes an unflattering comment me, something like "look at that fat guy", I retort with "hey, I'm a paying customer!" and she brightens up and says "oh, that's right!" My attention focuses on the one on my right in the back seat. I'm asking about how to do meet. Then several of them are standing against a wall and I'm talking with them and they're giving me directions. I ask "OK so I need to come to your place?". There are two tiers of call girls, those who don't speak French, and those who do, the ones who speak French are more expensive.

    2017-01-08 some dreams starting to return

    by FryingMan on 01-08-2017 at 07:52 PM
    Unfortunately I recently suffered a major loss in my life. Needless to say it's put a damper on my dreaming. The dreams are returning, though, the last several nights have seen an increase in count and vividness/presence.

    Over the last several nights:

    + playing basketball with an undersized ball, going up for layups, passing to teammates, making a 3-point shot

    + playing tennis with a girl who's way better than me. My guy friend and I call out to two girls and I offer to play them doubles.

    + outdoors a guy is making multiple half-court basketball shots in a row

    + sitting outdoors with friends on a picnic blanket on a slanted hill (sand?), a man in a blue shirt sits down very close by and blocks my view of the main attraction, I keep telling him to move, eventually he sits down RIGHT in front of me, and I yell at him "WOULD IT KILL YOU TO MOVE TWO FEET TO THE SIDE?"

    + I bring a violin [I don't play it] and begin playing

    + sitting on the long side at the end of a picnic-table-like table, people are offering me chocolate. I'm asking for the darkest chocolate possible. I break off a piece and eat it.

    + I'm on the street just outside CH: some utility workers are up in the wires overhead, I crouch down and do a big jump into the air and hover there. Then I'm hovering at the ceiling inside my CH living room, mom and dad are at the table, and also a guy who I know knows about dreaming, he's commenting on things. I summon a small multicolored ball of energy into my hand and manipulate it around a bit with TK. Then I summon a small fireball into my hand. The guy is talking to my parents about the Objective-C programming language, about the object-method calling syntax, I'm pretty sure they won't understand.

    + On the street outside CH, there are utility tunnels [FALSE] running under the ground, there's a wide opening by me and there's a worker down there, I (or someone?) hop down into the opening.

    2016-12-14 LUCIDD 225; flying midget hummingbird head; CH instrument, LD, 12 days of Christmas

    by FryingMan on 12-14-2016 at 10:22 AM

    + outside, hopping on rocks, trying to ski? There is a flying midget's head darting around like a hummingbird. It stops to explain how changing the elevation/orientation of its little wings (one on each side of its head) determines how it flies

    + LUCIDD 225 LD#225 In CH I'm sitting on the back porch steps up to the garage and looking closely at my instrument which is broken down into its pieces. I'm closely looking at the red cherry wood and the stain that is applied on top of it, examining the deep rich red color. I drop the top portion of the instrument on to the cement floor of the garage and exclaim my frustration, I lift it up to inspect the top ring to see if its damaged, apparently it's not.

    I'm in the living room and look at the view out of the window. Instead of the city scape below I see high/flood waters. This piques my interest because I know this is a dream sign. I look some more, trying to remember if that level of water is normal. I'm pretty sure it's not, I can't see the city below, and determine I'm dreaming. Nose pinch confirms. Get excited and turn away from the window and walk about the room instantly thinking of tasks. I remember the 12 days of Christmas challenge. Drumming is first. I look around and try to expectation-summon a drum set but I don't see anything. I decide just to start pretending to drum, and soon I have drumsticks in my hand and moving them results in a rat-a-tat-tat sound of a snare drum. I lose visuals and the dream fades to black. I'm rubbing my hands vigorously for a while. I feel like I may be lying in bed, and do a nose pinch which confirms I'm still dreaming. I decide to "take off the blankets and get up out of bed". It works, visuals return. I expectation-grab my recorder (a "pipe" as in Piper's Piping) from my shelves and run downstairs and decide to open the sliding glass door to the dining room to get outside on the deck and take off from there. I hear my dad following behind me, he's saying things to me but I'm ignoring him. I get out on to the deck and will the pipe to transport me. I take off flying at high speed, pulled by the pipe which is accelerating me towards the city across the water. I have a nice view of the bridge with large brown (rust?) areas on it. My dad is still talking to me, he's saying "even though they're [doctors] not focusing any more on liver damage, [it's still a problem], so don't overeat!". I'm amused that he's still following behind me. I arrive in the city in a twilight area with a tall wall/fence that goes up a hill, there are large buildings around me. I'm thinking about the doctor that is in one of the buildings and I think I don't want to go see him. My mom is now there too, and she's saying that she want to co-sign on the documents now, even though they were already executed. I say "OK I'll go get them later and bring them by". Now I want to do the next task, leap over a building. There's a building in front of me about 100 yards down a hill. I start running down the hill and build up speed then do a hulk jump up and over the first building, high into the air, and I see my momentum will carry me over the next, even higher building. I land and think about the next task, which I'm not sure about. I decide it's "maids a-milking". So, naturally, I go looking for some maids . They're right here, one is walking away from me and I touch her shoulder to stop her and turn her towards me, then I see 3 more girls right here leaning up against a wall, they're small busted but cute so I decide to go with them. I ask (think?) them to lift up their tops and produce milk! The dream fades and nose pinch shows I'm awake.

    2016-12-09 LUCIDD 224 (CH deck, TOTM memory fail); sci-fi actor battle; music instr; CH fence

    by FryingMan on 12-09-2016 at 06:19 AM
    + in the hills observing a public utility fence it's boarded up I see the sheets of plywood covering the openings and observe the pattern of nails: some have lots of little nails along the top and bottom tightly spaced, I think "wow they really don't want anybody getting in there." I think about how hard it would be to pry those boards off of there. some boards are nailed only along the vertical middle with larger nails with easier to see shiny heads. Some areas have the boards pulled aside I think the vandals/kids did this, and I want to look inside to see the (barrels?) hidden by the boards but don't. To the right I see that some sections of the fence have had their (glass now?) sections removed by neighborhood kids using those openings in that section of the fence as a shortcut across the fence.

    + sitting on the ground on short grass, I look across the street to my right and "recognize" [FALSE] the place as a rehersal/concert location that my orchestra has used many times before, I recognize features of the place and realize I'm seeing them from a different perspective. Guy walks up and talks about my instrument. I'm playing (another guy's?) instrument there's a bad/leaky key and I'm helping him troubleshoot it. High F to E seems bad so it must be right G key. I hold a note and he pushes things around and we eventually determine it is a faulty ring key on the b-hole [FALSE/WRONG]. I'm talking about my ancient <mouthpiece> and how it's very old (decades) and how it will probably fail eventually, I look inside and there's some nasty decay? Someone asks what a "R"-tool is for and I say thinning out the tube but you have to be careful not to get it too thin.

    + dream of attacking with a pew pew blaster pistol sci-fi show actors it's not hard to beat them since they're just actors after all. Something about an alien invasion they steal a girl by smearing knock-out gas paste under her nose. I'm telling my boys about the alien invasion and how we have to manage their numbers?

    + walking in park, head back to the entrance which is steep and rocky, there is a line of color difference in the little cliff there and I think this comes from people traditionally peeing on the rocks in this location. To get out you'll have to get a running start up a bumpy and steep short section but I think I can make it.

    + LUCIDD 224 LD#224 I'm on my CH deck heading towards the short steps down to the back garden when I get lucid. I stop and immediately think of stabilizing and TOTM. I turn back on to the deck, rub my hands together looking around and see the black slat railing in front of me at the kitchen corner which fades, the whole scene is fading to black. Dang. I know the house is a step to my right so I put up my hands and walk to the right expecting to meet the house and I do. I keep my hands on the wall of the house until I start getting some visual detail back, it's still dark. I see mom emerge from the back porch door on to the deck, she ignores me and turns down the steps into the garden, I follow her saying "Hey Mom, what's up!?" It is now bright daylight, almost cartoonishly bright. She keeps heading up the steps towards the driveway, and eventually says "I'm getting a bag [from the street]." I don't follow, I look up and see my dad's on the driveway and notice that it's an accurate rendering of his face in his about mid-50s. There are some large trucks on the street (the neighbors are finally moving?). I sit down on a patch of flat concrete and decide to write down the TOTMs as this will help me remember them. I wonder if I can write anything at all in the concrete. I scratch a "1" with my fingernail and I see it clearly, but no tasks come to memory and
    the dream fades.

    continue? I'm thinking about the flower pot of roses (which I bought for wife IWL) and observing how the roots have grown and broken through the inner layer of the ceramic pot.