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      Hi dude I didn´t know about the book " The Ultimate Lucid Dreamer’s Manual: From Basics to Beyond".
      It seems quite interesting to read and is free !
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      Too cool! Cleared out some space for you...
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      Oh, so I can't pm you then?
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      Hi frying man, I was wondering, could I ask you a question?
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      Hiya, FryingMan! Just wanted to say that you're such an inspiration! I always look forward to reading your posts.
    6. It's all about the dreams, the awareness, not the counts . I had an amazing, long, maybe-sometimes-semi-lucid weird nap dream today. LDs are great, but recalling all those dreams every night is the best.
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      I can't believe you're beating me
      I've had a horrible dryspell ever since the last comp ended! T^T
      Would you mind like taking a break for like a year so I can catch up?? (jk)
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      Hey pal!
      Glad to see you're still dedicated to LDing!
      But I guess you'll be for the rest of your life, so no surprise there!

      I wonder, DV is the most active LDing site on the net, and we are constantly active here, especially you. So are we like one of the most dedicated LDers in the world? ÔvÔ
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      You should come to Chat again sometime, it was fun that time you did
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      Good job!

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    About FryingMan

    Basic Information

    About FryingMan
    LD Count:
    Part I: Beginnings

    Before my LD practice, I had a typical experience with dreaming: most nights I remembered nothing. If a dream was not particularly emotional I usually didn't remember it. Once in a rare while I'd experience a very vivid dream and remember it clearly (very few). I have treasured memories of flying dreams from childhood, and some childhood nightmares about a bogeyman who chased me and when he caught me all the monsters came flying out all around. I could go weeks or months without any significant dream memories in the morning. (I shudder now to think of those dreamless times!).

    I got into LD practice via my son, who regaled me with tales of his WILD adventures. I never paid too much attention to them, being somewhat dismissive initially, but one night in summer, 2013, sleeping out in the country I had a strange experience: I felt that I woke in the night, sat up in bed in the room I was sleeping in, and heard footsteps crunching on the leaves that sounded like someone was immediately outside my (widely opened) window. I salt bolt upright in bed, and looking out the window think I saw (or perhaps sensed) a shadowy, strong and perhaps malevolent presence outside the window. I felt entirely and completely awake. I returned to sleep, and the next morning I couldn't decide if I had been awake or not during that experience, and I was suddenly very interested in lucid dreaming. As is my wont, I immediately started searching for resources to learn more. I soon learned about ETWOLD, started reading it, and was instantly hooked.

    The rest is history. The very first night that I set intention to remember my dreams, to wake during the night to recall dreams, I recalled about 4-5 dreams during the night and recorded them in my DJ! I was so excited! Dream recall seemed natural and magical. I was on vacation, in a quiet, dark place, far away from the noisy city, sleeping alone in my own room.

    In the days and weeks that followed, I practiced everything that LaBerge recommended: critical reflection/intention moments during the day, RCs, prospective memory exercises, setting intention at night to recall and to journal dreams.

    When I felt that I had built up a decent base of recall, I started trying nighttime techniques like MILD, SSILD, and WILD. That's when the bubble burst a bit: I discovered the horrors of middle-of-the-night INSOMNIA. When I was just recalling dreams and heading right back to sleep I had no trouble returning to sleep and dreams. But these night-time visualization and awareness-boosting approaches left me wired wide awake, and many nights I missed the best REM dreaming periods to insomnia.

    I kept desiring to return to out place outside of the city on the weekends, and sometimes did, so I could recreate those quiet, dark, still conditions that I began LD practice with. And on one such weekend trip exactly one month to the day after I first set intention to recall dreams, I had my first lucid dream!

    It came, as many did afterwards, at the end of a long and particularly vivid, highly present dream at the end of the night. My first LD was an incredibly memorable experience, and I'm thankful that it lasted more than an instant, in fact it was around 45-seconds to a minute in length.

    My second LD came exactly one week after my first, also on weekend night.

    The lucid dreams were mind blowing -- but equally awesome were the nights full of vivid, weird, wacky, sexy, fun and funny non-lucid dreams. In my first flying dream, which was very vivid, I faced down and defeated my childhood dream block of overhead power lines: during the day I visualized meeting them at the start of a flying dream, and facing them head on, flying right at them and breaking through them effortlessly -- and this is exactly what happened in my dream! I was laughing in pure happiness that I had once and for all beaten my old flying-restricting nemesis. Only a few more times did I meet the power lines, each time flying right through them without problem. This was a major accomplishment.

    Part II: The First Year (To Be Continued...)
    The Present Moment
    How you found us:
    reddit lucid dreaming side bar


    FryingMan's Unified Theory of Lucid Dreaming: Pay Attention, Reflect, Recall -- Both Day and Night[link]
    FryingMan's Dream Recall Tips -- Awesome Links
    “May I awaken within this dream and grasp the fact that I am dreaming, so that all dreamlike beings may likewise awaken from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion.”
    "...develop stability in awareness and your dreams will change in extraordinary ways" -- TYoDaS


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    Recent Entries

    2017-02-23 light recall, impressions

    by FryingMan on 02-23-2017 at 12:44 PM
    Late at work and then binging on Netflix kept me up until almost 4am. ARGH MUST STOP THE INSANITY. It wreaks havoc on my dreams: less sleep,and the stress of remaining more or less permanently jet lagged is very bad. Must stop!

    There were more dreams but late to bed makes it very hard to recall them.

    + (impression) I saw E, I knew she had died, but she had come back, and I'm rapturous about this. I didn't know how much time we had left but I was very hopeful.

    + outside, in an area with covered bunks/beds, sitting areas, there is a violent guy raging around, someone says "anybody have a shovel?" and somebody goes up and wacks him on the back of his head from behind with the shovel, knocking him out. The guy comes over to me and my friend (CL from WFP and UW) and I say "no, no, he's (resting? not well?)" so the guy doesn't hit him

    + outdoors, a beach? I'm walking and doing something (rinsing off?) near a piece of the shore which is on an incline, and I see a small kid and say something like "darling sunshine" (in a foreign language) and the kid is highly amused and told his mom that "that man called me <what I called him>," I think that's sort of funny.

    2017-02-22 soccer at the cousins, playing instrument, CH neighborhood changes

    by FryingMan on 02-22-2017 at 09:30 AM
    Too late to bed (unavoidable, was actually working, was out at a dentist appointment late), so only 6 hours, no recall from early wakings.

    One dream or three, I don't know:

    + I'm at a counter in a kitchen with my cousin's. Something about commenting on making a mess at the counter and one of the cousins won't like that. I see my kids playing a sort of soccer-type game involving moving lit candles through the goal. I see my younger son defending his goal and call out for him to blow out the candle as the opposition tries to score against him.

    + Musical demonstration: someone is playing something in a minor key and I say "no no that's wrong, it should be played in major, like this: " and proceed to play some notes on my instrument, but it's coming out minor instead of major, I realize I need to adjust the scale and try to realize which major scale it is, I need to add a bunch of sharped notes and I up playing down to a low B (so I guess B major). I realize I'm messing up the demo so I say "OK, guys, everybody switch to F major" and play a few F major scales (one octave) up and down. I'm thinking no one's probably interesting in hearing a plain scale.

    The more interesting music is written on the walls of the curved 2-3 story buildings all around us. I'm looking at it and it's quite tricky: triplets, with lots of accidentals. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to sight read it.

    + I'm on the steet (cul-de-sac) outside CH [Childhood Home]. The neighbor's house across the way has been modified: the post office has placed a regional/neighborhood mail collection / dropoff point attached to the 2nd floor of the L's house (across from ours). I'm upset about this, this will mean more traffic as people come to our area to use the drop-off. The drop-off is like a metalic mail box with a slot, but it is tall: from the floor level to the ceiling level of the 2nd floor of the house, it has large lettering on it. The more I look, the more I see: now a 2nd large post office attachment on the house. I look to the left, to the area between the L's and the M's house and see a new traffic light and exclaim "OH Crap!" I think this means that the city has claimed eminent domain over the M's house, will demolish it, and create a new roadway into our little circle, making it into a main roadway. My parents are with me and my mom's upset about this exclaiming how it will affect home values. I see there are lots of cars parked all around the circle, taking up lots of room. I walk a little bit down the steps of a foot path cut into the hill where the M's house used to be. I realize that they're probably just constructing a new foot path, not making a new street that will go up/down the hill. I say this and start walking back up the stairs to the circle. I see some cut bushes (cross-section like they were cut right in half vertically to shape the stairs).

    2017-02-21 color!, kitchen, stories, rafting, pool,

    by FryingMan on 02-21-2017 at 07:38 AM
    Medium recall night. Glass of champagne right before bed, hindered rather than helped this time. About 8 hours in bed. First couple of wakings had no recall come to mind, later wakings had some I think delayed recall. Early recall has faded, didn't record during the night.

    + driving school with mom and dad there's a small traffic jam and the other guy honks at us but we're waiting for a particular spot, dad is driving and shoots forward over the curb into the parking space which is delineated by think green pain on the asphalt. We pull in to the space which is right in front of the driving school. Mom gets out and goes up the ramp into the place, I come too, I notice lemon trees [emerging DS], the driving instructor is inside standing at a counter, and I'm thinking how did my mom manage to live so long without learning how to drive?

    + in friend's [FALSE] house's kitchen, bathroom, mopping up the juice spill on the table and squeezing it back out, walking through the house with the daughter of the family

    + [vivid, present] examining the color on the driveway: gray, green, and grey-on-green: in the grey-on-green, is the green really there or is it a reflection from the fully green section or even from the green grass down by the curb?

    + [short] I see a picture of my bro-in-law on a sailing trip in a sailing boat, then riding on a rapids river with his daughter (my niece), "parked" in the middle of the river for a while

    + visiting a family and an older daughter and I go off to find a place to read, I have a book and she's holding on to me and I'm going to read to her, I see a spot on the floor against a couch and sit there and I'm flipping forwards and backwards through the book I know exactly what I want to read to her but I can't find it now in the book.

    + [short] at a fancy bar, slightly floating above it, watching while the wait staff are placing a bottle of beer at every place with a chair

    + [short] at a pool, it's not open yet, some women say "OH, hurry it's opening get our spots" I'm standing by a fence watching some girls in swim suits lounging near the pool.

    2017-02-20 very vivid long dreaming night, lots of dreams in all stages

    by FryingMan on 02-20-2017 at 01:06 PM
    Finally a decent bed-time (around midnight). In bed until 10-10:30. Drank 2/3 or a bottle of champagne in the evening. Dreams very vivid and present, waking-like experiences. Lots of dreams, lots of detail, visual and awareness highly present. Late morning "dream-doze" state resulted in several more. Perhaps some REM rebound from undersleeping on several preceding nights.


    + flying, neighborhood, houses/mansions, house covered in candle wax from dripping outside windows

    + famous (actor?) knows my niece: lemon tree orchard, lemons (yellow tomatoes?) on ground piled near fence, open areas in fence, guy on ladder I'm trying to get around him

    + car crash: I'm in back, other guys are driving, car's crowded I can't get out or get to the driver's seat, we smash headfirst into a parked red Rolls Royce: we bounce right off and neither car is damaged, miraculously.

    + gym: everybody is picking on a (apparently flat-chested) black woman to show her breasts (for confirmation?). She exasperatedly lifts up her top and shows off an amazing pair of large, beautiful breasts, I'm wondering why they didn't show through her clothes.


    + playing pool, showing cue ball control, talking about draw. Someone is practicing on a table with oranges/grapefruits instead of billiard balls

    + playing chess, analyzing position. Not sure what pieces I have, one or two rooks? Should I analyze deeply or since I think I'm way ahead just dive into making combinations? I have a queen and I'm looking at

    + [long, detailed, vivid] angry they've messed up my pool equipment: cue rougher and shaft conditioner are ruined

    Looking in great detail at objects. Letters, presents (have they even been opened?) boxes, addressed to me or to SB. A "Serbian CD player" which has a strange, ornate shape, someone complains that it's greasy on the outside (show it to JH BF DD), a letter with my name (SB's name?) written on it. Opening a drawer and looking at objects inside, many detailed objects.

    SB is embezzling money from the kiosk/store she works at and hands me a stack of cash which I keep dropping. I suspect it is counterfeit and some of it is torn up into small pieces, some starts to look like it came out of a copy machine. Discussion of how hard it is to run the business.

    Late morning Dream doze, dream boundaries unclear:

    + use goggles, don't be afraid, see fish in shallow/clear water [DS], think how people swim in these waters all the time without fear, why would it be any different to get into the water with goggles on and be able to see underneath the water? Splashing larger fish approaches me and I want to wait to see what it is before jumping in to the water, it appears at first to be a standard Hawaiin triggerfish but it turns into a piranha fish that bites and latches on to my knuckle, I shake it off and see bloody knuckle and talk about dangers of pirhannas.

    + leaving the mall, topless and see-through top girls, wrong door
    We're on the upper floor of some large open mall and down below I see a girl with a see-through top with lovely breasts fully visible and I want to go down to see her. Around me there are more girls with see-through / visible breasts. Head towards what I think is the stairway, there's a group of young people including girls looking up at me (and laughing?) I see that the door (which is pink) is actually not the stairs but the girl's restroom. I feel funny because I think I have two hats on indoors and I reach up to feel the hats and take one of them off.

    + FA wake up in bed and start singing song acapella "Hero" (Family of the Year) looking at a car while singing. (DO) I see some street signs and the view looks like from city A (like from A hill) looking towards the B hills, houses and trees, and think about how long these signs (like highway/freeway signs) can stay in places, for decades, I get sentimental and weepy and think "I want to live!" and to be able to just walk outside and see trees and things and have basic life experiences. I'm walking down the sidewalk in my underwear, need to pee, walk past woman who gives me a funny look I'm a bit self-conscious about being in my underwear but not too concerned, heading to the mall's public bathroom past smelly bums there's a bad smell around here, the bums are waiting around the bathroom.

    + With wife, she's young/beautiful/healthy/shining, I'm happy to see her and want to hug her, but she has to have meeting with a "caseworker" woman about her mother, more and more people are arriving for the meeting, my wife has a "special appointment" and tries to pull her aside to speak in private with her, she hands the woman a pile of papers which she unfolds and has her (wife's) name/signature on it. I see the face of the case worker a large, rough face on a large head with short hair. More and more women are arriving for the time of appointment on this street / corner with the woman and they're crowding around her and they're interfering with my wife's ability to talk to her.

    2017-02-19 LUCIDD 226 CH, driving, golf, dealership, former home lease

    by FryingMan on 02-19-2017 at 08:55 AM
    Somewhat more reasonable bedtime: moving in the right direction at least. Recall still not great, details fade fast, even forgot the lucid at first, need to return to nighttime recording.

    + driving with friends (they're in a another car) on freeways. Trying to decide on the route to take. We're talking about the freeway numbers: 280, 15, etc. We stop at some rest stop and there is a police car there. (I'm wondering if we're in trouble for not wearing helmets?)

    + walking outdoors past business, lots of people about. I "recognize" (FALSE) a young man who used to be a programmer but couldn't hack it (haha) and so he became a car salesman, I felt a bit sad for him.

    + LUCIDD 226 LD#226 I'm at the top of the stairs looking down in CH. I remember my favorite dream from childhood where I flew down the stairs and banked steeply to the left and flew into the living room. I'm a bit worried I might just fall down the stairs though, so as I lean forwards down the stairway I keep myself vertical and my feet stay on the stairs and quickly flit down them, I'm a bit disappointed I didn't fly. I turn left into the living room then I start float/flying towards the couch/wall and I think "Ah HA!" and do a nose pinch and I'm lucid. I spend the dream trying to decide what to do. I'm floating randomly around the neighborhood. It is bright daylight everywhere. No people anywhere.

    + I'm playing golf on city streets (with my dad?). There are many groups playing, and we must wait our turn. We're on a high hill, and the street extends straight out into the distance. It angles down then becomes flat in a 100 yards or so. I don't recall actually hitting any balls, I'm wondering about our turn. We start out on the hill and head down to the flats. I'm thinking about putting? Down on the flat (with dad?) I'm looking up the hill and I see two golf balls flying towards us in a high arc heading our way. I tell him to get down, we bend down and the balls hit the ground near us and bounce on ahead of us.

    Walking forwards it becomes like miniature golf. There is one of those "volcano" holes that are so difficult and I say/think how I always hated those. It's sort of a volcano and then mushroom shaped, very difficult. I think you have to get the speed just right, or chip the ball right up inside.

    + standing outside around former adult home (PTL), we also own the house next door (FALSE). Then a realator is there and it turns out we're (someone else?) is just leasing, it's a better deal financially.