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      Hi dude I didnt know about the book " The Ultimate Lucid Dreamer’s Manual: From Basics to Beyond".
      It seems quite interesting to read and is free !
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      Too cool! Cleared out some space for you...
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      Oh, so I can't pm you then?
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      Hi frying man, I was wondering, could I ask you a question?
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      Hiya, FryingMan! Just wanted to say that you're such an inspiration! I always look forward to reading your posts.
    6. It's all about the dreams, the awareness, not the counts . I had an amazing, long, maybe-sometimes-semi-lucid weird nap dream today. LDs are great, but recalling all those dreams every night is the best.
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      I can't believe you're beating me
      I've had a horrible dryspell ever since the last comp ended! T^T
      Would you mind like taking a break for like a year so I can catch up?? (jk)
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      Hey pal!
      Glad to see you're still dedicated to LDing!
      But I guess you'll be for the rest of your life, so no surprise there!

      I wonder, DV is the most active LDing site on the net, and we are constantly active here, especially you. So are we like one of the most dedicated LDers in the world? v
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      You should come to Chat again sometime, it was fun that time you did
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      Good job!

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    About FryingMan

    Basic Information

    About FryingMan
    LD Count:
    Part I: Beginnings

    Before my LD practice, I had a typical experience with dreaming: most nights I remembered nothing. If a dream was not particularly emotional I usually didn't remember it. Once in a rare while I'd experience a very vivid dream and remember it clearly (very few). I have treasured memories of flying dreams from childhood, and some childhood nightmares about a bogeyman who chased me and when he caught me all the monsters came flying out all around. I could go weeks or months without any significant dream memories in the morning. (I shudder now to think of those dreamless times!).

    I got into LD practice via my son, who regaled me with tales of his WILD adventures. I never paid too much attention to them, being somewhat dismissive initially, but one night in summer, 2013, sleeping out in the country I had a strange experience: I felt that I woke in the night, sat up in bed in the room I was sleeping in, and heard footsteps crunching on the leaves that sounded like someone was immediately outside my (widely opened) window. I salt bolt upright in bed, and looking out the window think I saw (or perhaps sensed) a shadowy, strong and perhaps malevolent presence outside the window. I felt entirely and completely awake. I returned to sleep, and the next morning I couldn't decide if I had been awake or not during that experience, and I was suddenly very interested in lucid dreaming. As is my wont, I immediately started searching for resources to learn more. I soon learned about ETWOLD, started reading it, and was instantly hooked.

    The rest is history. The very first night that I set intention to remember my dreams, to wake during the night to recall dreams, I recalled about 4-5 dreams during the night and recorded them in my DJ! I was so excited! Dream recall seemed natural and magical. I was on vacation, in a quiet, dark place, far away from the noisy city, sleeping alone in my own room.

    In the days and weeks that followed, I practiced everything that LaBerge recommended: critical reflection/intention moments during the day, RCs, prospective memory exercises, setting intention at night to recall and to journal dreams.

    When I felt that I had built up a decent base of recall, I started trying nighttime techniques like MILD, SSILD, and WILD. That's when the bubble burst a bit: I discovered the horrors of middle-of-the-night INSOMNIA. When I was just recalling dreams and heading right back to sleep I had no trouble returning to sleep and dreams. But these night-time visualization and awareness-boosting approaches left me wired wide awake, and many nights I missed the best REM dreaming periods to insomnia.

    I kept desiring to return to out place outside of the city on the weekends, and sometimes did, so I could recreate those quiet, dark, still conditions that I began LD practice with. And on one such weekend trip exactly one month to the day after I first set intention to recall dreams, I had my first lucid dream!

    It came, as many did afterwards, at the end of a long and particularly vivid, highly present dream at the end of the night. My first LD was an incredibly memorable experience, and I'm thankful that it lasted more than an instant, in fact it was around 45-seconds to a minute in length.

    My second LD came exactly one week after my first, also on weekend night.

    The lucid dreams were mind blowing -- but equally awesome were the nights full of vivid, weird, wacky, sexy, fun and funny non-lucid dreams. In my first flying dream, which was very vivid, I faced down and defeated my childhood dream block of overhead power lines: during the day I visualized meeting them at the start of a flying dream, and facing them head on, flying right at them and breaking through them effortlessly -- and this is exactly what happened in my dream! I was laughing in pure happiness that I had once and for all beaten my old flying-restricting nemesis. Only a few more times did I meet the power lines, each time flying right through them without problem. This was a major accomplishment.

    Part II: The First Year (To Be Continued...)
    The Present Moment
    How you found us:
    reddit lucid dreaming side bar


    FryingMan's Unified Theory of Lucid Dreaming: Pay Attention, Reflect, Recall -- Both Day and Night[link]
    FryingMan's Dream Recall Tips -- Awesome Links
    No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.
    "...develop stability in awareness and your dreams will change in extraordinary ways" -- TYoDaS


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    Recent Entries

    2017-12-12 some vivid and present dreams!

    by FryingMan on 12-12-2017 at 06:48 AM
    + pondering fruit (apples in particular), on trees, pear,pick it, need to wash it, outside CH, pull the water hose to me with TK, wash stuff, the big pile of money on the neighbor's fence gets wet and knocked down, I goto mom asking hey can you keep this who's is it?

    + in old CA home, S1's room, S1 small is there, room is rearranged, I take him on my lap and I ask him if he likes his new room and he says yes. There are pencil drawings on the floor near the wall. In hallway bathroom I look around a long time. It is filthy. Dirt and grime everywhere. I say I need to clean it. Head down on the floor, there are piles of dirt everywhere. I see two hamsters who have come to live there, then 4 hamsters, then a couple of hedgehogs. [visually vivid, present]

    + in bed with [deceased] wife, she was just away for the summer. How will I explain this to my g/f? This means I won't ever see g/f again, or it will be very rare, I certainly won't be able to stay overnight. Wife starts yelling at me about something and I get up and leave the room. I try to remember how I met g/f then finally remember [emotionally vivid, present]

    + in some back yard playing with model planes with g/f, she flies it expertly and I take a turn at the controls and it barely moves for me, I'm ecstatic when I get it to the elevation of a table top . The engine sounds like a gas lawnmower. [present](edited)
    + at a flea market, I'm at a table and a man instructs me to purchase the cover to Ronald Reagan's diary. In another moment of deja vu I think this is the 2nd time I'm seeing the cover but the first time was black and white and this time it's in color. I'm searching for his signature on the front of the cover, and finally find it. There are many other signatures on the cover, I think these are from his relatives and teachers, couselors, etc. I note it is indeed an empty hardback cover: there is no diary inside, and that it was taken out because it was much more valuable than the cover. I'm thinking the objects that I've purchased I intend to resell, but I'm not sure how much I can get for them.

    + [DO - disembodied observer] it is a deathmatch race, a huge red truck is coming down the hill and making a turn, and does something so that the surrounding cars all to flips and explode, but a small red race car makes it through the pack and slams into the big truck, I see metal fenders on both vehicles are getting crumpled, then a guy in an "iron man" suit jumps out of the big truck and directly challenges the little car, grabbing it by the front and s
    + at some competition. I'm raiding an enemy team, I forcibly take the (vinly record?) from them, but it turns out to have been a redirection and they have made a move for the record player. I get there in time before they can turn it on to play the record. I keep it in my hand and encounter the referee of the match and he tells me to (throw it down to the ground?) I then float over my team's table where we're assembling intricate electronic components.

    + sitting down at the table of a group dinner party. This is a room separate from the others, everyone at the table is a stranger except my g/f is sitting next to me (to my left). I have a moment of deja vu as I see the woman to her left sitting down and think "that's the time when she sat there," and I think that the people here at the table do want to sit close, so as to be able to join in the conversation . I say to the table about how we have our own private room. Then it comes time to go outside (in our swim suits?), and my g/f appears standing next to me in skimpy underwear, the guys's eyes at the table bug out looking at her. Someone comments "she's naked, she doesn't have a swim suit!" Outside peope are also sitting at tables and a young boy complains to me that he got put at the old folks' table, and he's going to be bored.
    pretty good night, woke a lot

    2017-12-03 lots of scenes

    by FryingMan on 12-03-2017 at 09:59 AM
    + in the metro, many platforms, running to make the trains, don't make it in time

    + with cousins who lost a son, I want to hug her but she (and they all) move away from me

    + computer (programming) competition: I'm waxing poetic about the rules, wondering about how those without computers will do, the referee thinks my thoughts are very wise, I go outside and find my computer on the streetcorner and try to gather all my things together, people are walking by and one guy stops to talk to me, I'm dropping lots of pamphlets/papers on the ground and can't seem to pick them up [DREAMSIGN], I'm thinking I should get a backpack to carry them all, the computer's quite heavy and I"m wondering how I'll be able to move it


    + crossing the river which is now dried up a lot, jumping over the streams of water so my feet won't get wet, climbing hill of trash/equipment (including computers) and I get a strong sense of deja vu, enter the bus with trash/garbage, clouds of flies buzzing around abandoned mini-fridges, one guy starts singing, I think I have a better voice and start singing too, someone comments that they like the other guy's voice better

    + outside with a group of elves facing a group of (orcs?), the lead elf (in elaborate armor) launches a pile of flowers/roses like a spear at the other group and I have a "target eye view" of the incoming rose flying straight like and arrow and I think wow it's really flying straight. I look onto a distant hill and see big pits/holes dug there

    + inside a small shower stall the wall is too close it interferes with my movements, I get out and there is a young girl there and we discuss something

    + falling/top-down view on top of a big truck that is landing in a large complex parking/area I'm trying to figure out when I can jump off but it's too high so I have to wait for the truck to fully land/park before jumping off. Sense of deja-vu, I think I've done this before.

    2017-12-02 long night,medium detail

    by FryingMan on 12-02-2017 at 11:22 AM

    +(f) crawling through an underground bunker, we'll surprise them when we surface


    + playing chess, planning combinations, I have the opportunity to win some material with check, the question is if he castles queenside will I be able to castle or get my king to into protection in time

    + 3 girls outside in sunlight (at a bus stop?) they talk to me, I "accidentally" kiss one of them on the arm lightly, they lead the way to their table, their grandparents are there (I'm leery of them?) then there's a laundry drying rack, I take off my shirt and I don't want to give them my best shirts to wash, there is also my robe but I want it to be ready for me to wear in the morning

    + work meeting: everyone is talking at once and I can't understand anyone, so I should "ONLY ONE PERSON AT A TIME" and "quiet!" again later when I can't understand still

    + exercise cafeteria: like sushi boats but women are sitting around the table, I take a piece of fish in sauce on bread and eat it, the attendant (hidden under the table) places another long piece of brown bread for me to take

    + girls with odd/exaggerated eyes, I believe this is because it's a show on TV and the editors have used photoshop to manipulate the eyes to be exaggerated in size. Go outside and there are two very cute girls in boats/bicycles parked on the side of the road. I see our white minivan is across the street and down the hill. Our group is walking/stumbling to the van across the street, one of the adult men seems to be very drunk, I'm looking for a way to cross the street to get to them.

    2017-11-30 LUCIDD 237 frank/white, gym lockers/class, sandy road chicken/truck farm, football girls

    by FryingMan on 11-30-2017 at 07:48 AM
    + LUCIDD LD #237: in a white interior house see a guy get lucid I say "Hey, you're Frank, right?" He nods, we talk he answers everything is solid and bright and vivid, go to next room bunch of people and I'm talking and notice there is an echo in the room and I say this and start singing a little and listen to the quality of my voice.

    + driving on sandy side road, looking for the chicken/truck farm, woman drives car by no room, I ask her where the farm is, there's a sign but I've missed it, the road is very narrow and the cliffs are high, I'm concerned about hitting the cliffs and having them collapse onto my car, burying it.

    + in a locker room, examining lockers (levitate up over and look down on them) they fall almost I pick them up? I get dressed, confused about socks and shoes. I see EB she is heading to cooking class? I call after her and run after her and we arrive at the class it's an open area full of people

    + girl, football guy college team a game is happening soon, I look at him and imagine his weight, he has some forehead acne, follow a group of girls (cheerleaders?) and choose one and "engage" a bit with her she doesn't like it and runs away her friends ask her if she wants them to banish me.

    + guy in room there's a girl singing on stage, he likes her, she sings well, the room fills with fog (cotton?) and I ask him if he wants me (via my powers) to clear the room. He's eating some dark-berried tart and I want some he hands it to me and I take a bite

    2017-11-29 angry tennis, parking, Christmas tree lot

    by FryingMan on 11-29-2017 at 07:32 AM
    Trying to get back into DJing, regardless of the quality of the night's recall.
    Just some short fragments today. Late bedtime messes up recall...

    + there is a spot near an intersection where I need to park my car. The question is: do I park the car longways along the street or back in perpendicular to the curb? There is a traffic light nearby and I need to cross the street / U turn from where I am to get to the parking area

    + playing in a tennis tournament, I'm concerned about the quality of opponents I will be facing. I know I'm not very good, it's possible the match will be very short, with me just barely being able to return serves. I'm imagining a point at the net where the ball falls short (drop shot) on my side, and I rush the net and am trying to decide whether I should try to drop it back, lob it high, or try to pull off a full swing. Then I'm playing a point, it's very long and I'm running around a lot and i finally win the point. I had lost the first point. I go to the referee but he's not paying attention, nobody is -- because I'm not a very good player. I scream "THE SCORE IS 25-25!!! 25-25! This game is really important to me!!!"

    +(f) [last-minute recall] at the dentist: there is a new type of drug? The dentist asks me that if I get to participate in the trial, would I write up support of the dentist in favor of it's use

    + (f) on my way somewhere with friends, I find myself walking through densely packed pine trees. I know that this is a commercial Christmas tree lot, but I'm forming a joke to tell my friends where I say we should return here and just take one of these trees. I come out from the pack and see people mullin around the lot. Some of the trees I see in front of me are very small and pathetic-looking.