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      A world/city of my own creation that Iv tried to reach for ages, kinda like as you've tried to reach the Ice planet. I'm keeping all the details to myself until I get there
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      Toivottavasti päästään lukemaan siitä seikkailusta pian! Onnee matkaan. Ja taidan kattoo FMA:B:n, meinasin jo yhessä vaiheessa alottaa.
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      Joo OPM on tosi hyvä sarja. Tulee varmaan toinenki kausi, jes! Ainoo mikä on parempi nii Cowboy Bebop ( ja ehkä AtLA), muita animeita en oo kattonu ite vielä Profiili ja avatar kuvat OPM iha vaan sen ykkösjakson finaalin takia, oli vaa nii täydellinen taistelu kohtaus, ehkä jopa parempi ku Boros vs. Saitama Ja joo kaikista super-sankari leffoista saa hyvää selkouni motivaatioo. Ootko alottanu SU:t 3.5v sitte? Alotettiin aika samaan aikaan.Toivottavasti pääset sun tavottelemalle jää-lumi planeetalle pian!

      Tykkäät näköjää fantasiasta. LotRista? ( Oma suosikki, menee kaiken yläpuolelle ).
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      Moi Kiva nähä suomalaisiiki täällä taas välillä!
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    I'm studying to become a physics teacher. I love scifi and fantasy. I absorb a lot of fiction, be it from anime, manga, comics, tv shows, movies or games. My most memorable dreams take place off-planet. My lucid dreaming goal for 4 years has been to reach a planet covered in snow and ice that I visited in a dream.
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    Night #3 of SpellBee SpringBee Comp Bee

    by Letaali on 04-17-2017 at 09:22 AM
    23:30 - 2:40

    Dream 1 - Volcano

    I'm in some MMO game. I see the map in my mind, it's truly massive. I'm running towards a lair inside a volcano. I'm with a friend who tells me about a special event starting inside the volcano. We are already late. We get into the lair. The boss there is dead and I see hundreds of players jumping around and moving towards one of the walls, waiting for a path to open. Lava is dripping from the ceiling of the cavern. Tiny droplets of lava falls like rain and seems to follow me. I try to outrun it, but I feel lava hitting my shoulders and back wherever I go.

    The path opens and people start running. I can outrun most of the players. The scene is like a small dirt path through a forest. Suddenly some players have bikes. I still outrun them. Then the dream throws some railings, signs, rocks etc on the path to slow me down. It turns into a slow crawl. I hate it. When we finally get to the end, we see a church-like building. Old friend Tero is at the door, telling everyone going where to sit. I'm 62nd person to go in, according to him.

    Dream 2 - Being Dead and Whatnot

    I'm in a museum, third floor I think. It's night. I have to spend the night here. I remember there being a beds in one room. I have trouble finding it. A large woman is patrolling the building and finds me. She yells. I beg her to let me stay the night. I have nowhere to go, since I'm dead. As the words come out of my mouth, I stop and repeat it in disbelief. "I'm...dead." Can that be? I can't recall how it happened. I feel sorrow. The guard lady lets me stay and points me to the second floor. I find the room with beds and rest.

    I wake up. It's 3am and my roommate is making late night snack and slamming doors. Uggggggggh...Well, this turns into a short WBTB thanks to him.

    3:15 - 6:30

    Dream 3 - Gift of the River God

    I see a medieval world, reminding me of Game of Thrones. It's a cloudy day. A woman with long wavy blonde hair and shining armor approaches a dark river, I recognize her to be Pike from Vox Machina (D&D group). There's a small crooked tower built on the river. It's made of stone and looks like a big pile of skeletons. There's a large metallic ring hanging on the tower. There's a chain attached to it. The chain goes into the river, it's binding something. Pike climbs the tower and drops the ring and chain into the river. She jumps into the river afterwards. A massive, ugly woman rises from the bottom of the river and lifts Pike with her abnormally long and thin arm. The hag thanks Pike for freeing her and asks if she wants her gift. Pike nods and instantly her form starts changing. The hag disappears and Pike floats down to the surface of the river, effortlessly walking on top of it. Her armor becomes engulfed in purple flames and she becomes nearly invisible, like Shadowform from WoW. She summons a horse, which is also just a shadow with purple flames around it. With unnatural speed, she rides over the river towards a castle in the distance.

    I'm a DO so I just fly up to get a better view. I see a small castle, a stone wall in front of it with a small gate and barren field around it. There's no grass or trees. The ground around the castle is completely dead. I see flashes of light next to the castle. There's a battle going on and some magic spells are visible from this distance. Dream skips a bit. Pike arrives to the castle and heads towards the fight. Her teammate is fighting a heavily armored man who hasn't taken any damage. He's nearly invincible. Pike walks towards him with determination, reaches behind her back and takes out her flaming greatsword. She holds the massive sword with her right hand. In the blink of an eye, she lifts the sword over her left shoulder and swings down at the armored guy. The force of the blow shatters the ground beneath him. He falls down, but isn't out yet.

    I suddenly stand where Pike was. Oh no! I have to take this guy out? What do I have? I check my inventory. I have a large yellow amulet that looks sharp. Think I could stab him with that? I try, but it does nothing. Oh god. Pike's teammate is still there. The bad guy starts getting up. I decide to run. The bad guy follows. A big rock near the castle entrance catches my eye. There's a message on it "Murderer is _____" It's a long name I can't recall, but that's clearly a warning. I didn't want to see that. Now whoever that guy is wants me dead too. Speak of the devil, the murderer appears behind me. He's actually a three headed hydra looking monster. He jumps at me. I dodge and run through the gate, back towards the river. Grog, also from Vox Machina, the goliath barbarian shows up and instantly removes a two heads from the monster to save me. The monster is right next to me. I've never seen severed heads so close and in detail.

    I sort of jump out of the GoT/D&D world. I'm sitting around a table with Travis Willingham, who plays Grog, and going through his dice and items. We are trying to figure out what items I could get from him so I could fight too. I only recall the name of one item "Blood Armor". I wasn't ready to fuse my body with a set of armor so I passed on that one. While organizing his dice, the dream transforms once more. Some lady comes by and asks if we are guests at the university. Travis has transformed into one of my WL friends and be both say we have been university students for years. She asks if we would like to foster a foreign kid together. We thought about doing it. After that we walk out of the building and talk about changing majors while walking through the city. I notice an old army friend on a poster. He's standing in a big bowl filled with water and limes. The limes spell out some bizarre word I can't recall anymore. Apparently I misread it too, according to my friend.

    And I wake up. It's 6:30 am. What a dream. But not a lucid, so I try again.


    Dream 4 - Ladies

    -Another dream full of sex, so I won't write it fully. At one point I was in a house with a woman who was my wife, apparently. She made a pyramid with pillows. Parts of a photo was printed on each pillow, they formed a picture of her.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Night 2 of SpellBee's Competition

    by Letaali on 04-16-2017 at 08:39 AM
    -Small red spaceship orbits some planet. I watch it as a DO. Nothing happens, no sound or signs of life.

    -Sex fantasy. I'll leave the details out.

    Dream 1 - Zooming and Shooting
    I'm in a game of Overwatch. I first play as Ana and switch to Tracer when an enemy Tracer kills me. I zoom around the map really fast and kill the other Tracer several times. We win the match. The dream shifts to another kind of shooter. The setting is now a dark WW2 battlefield. I have a sniper rifle and spot some enemies. I drop to the ground and take aim. Aiming is difficult. I miss three times. I start to suspect something at this point. I keep observing the target. He appears to be a doctor. In which case I shouldn't be shooting him. That's a war crime I forget that it's a war game and the doctor starts selling some meds to me.

    WBTB, 5:45 - 7

    Dream 2 - Showers
    I suddenly find myself in a public sauna. I'm a little confused. I get out and see a large room with showers. Naked men and women walk by. There's only men in the showers and all of them are gay couples giving each other a BJ. Yeah, this place is definitely not for me. I don't want someone surprising me from behind, so I quietly navigate my way out of there.

    I find some sort of changing room and meet two waking life friends. One of them asks my help with something, but I said I was looking private shower before I was leaving. My friend had a sleeping bag in the dressing room. He was apparently spending the night here.

    -Weird microwave oven. The bottom of it split in two and since the oven was raised up with some bricks, the bottom had split accidentally while my mom was heating something and the food was all over the table.

    Dream 3 - Simpsons and stealing
    In my apartment. There's a tv on my nightstand. I watch Simpsons. The scene suddenly changes. I'm stealing some candy from the backroom of some store. A large lady sees me and stops me. I go back in time. This time I buy the item and go get it from the backroom myself. I wait around for the fat lady to notice so I can have the satisfaction of her wrongly accusing me of stealing and then correcting her. By the end of the dream I'm unsure what I got. It was either candy or meds.

    Another WBTB. 7:20 - 8:27

    Dream 4 - Car ride Really inspired title, lol.

    I'm in a car with two friends, mom and my brother. Brother is driving. We are in my hometown. I start telling them about the weird dreams I had this night. As I list things that happened, my brother starts talking over me and listing things that happened in my dreams. He actually lists what happened. It felt like my dreams are predictable and my brother was making fun of me. I was mad and just sat silently until I woke up.

    Night 1 of Spring Comp

    by Letaali on 04-15-2017 at 07:21 AM
    Dream 1 - Fireworks

    It's night and I'm out partying with school friends. My mental map tells me I'm around the area where my university is, but the buildings are different. The party is moving, people leave with bikes and cars. I just arrived from a gym and left my bike there. One of my old friends asks why I did that and calls me stupid. I don't mind, I start running to the bridge going across the lake. People with bikes and cars can't take this short cut, so I might even arrive before them. I notice I don't tire from running and I can run really fast. While running over the bridge I notice a massive explosion in the sky, like a meteor split into hundreds of orange shards that continued to fall in every direction. I stop to admire it. I look around to see if anyone was following me and saw this amazing display, but I'm alone. I look back up and see several more explosions and realize they are fireworks. Incredibly beautiful looking though, and massive. They light up the whole night sky.

    After a while I continue to the location where the party was supposed to continue. It's not a party at all, it's a mandatory church ceremony. (We used to have on at the beginning of every school year. Involves preaching, singing etc.) At the doors we are supposed to also donate some money. I have no cash on me and panic.

    Panic leads to waking up, so I WBTB.

    Dream 2 - Kids of the Slums

    I'm a DO and see slums next to an odd looking frozen river. The ice is light blue, but isn't reflective or transparent like it should. TotalBiscuit is looking after the boys of the slums. There's a radio playing music. One of the kids led TotalBiscuit to the river. There was a spot with some hardhats stuck in the ice and a few small rocks sticking out. The kid took TB to a dangerous spot on purpose. TB slips and hits his head into a rock. His skull cracked, he's dead. The kids go back. One of the boys goes to the group of girls that were playing in the slums and asks one of them to help with something. A girl in a green dress with flowers comes back with him. She asks what it's about. The boys don't say anything other than they need her help. The group starts walking somewhere and the dream ends.

    Dream 3 - I teach history?
    I'm in a school. Dumbledore is the headmaster and I teach history. Dumbledore tells me I'm going to speak in front of the whole school. We are in a big dining hall. I have nothing prepared and panic. Students arrive, I recognize a few of them. The students want to eat first. That buys me some time. I get the dessert, which is a piece of pie with some purple jam. I have a chat with one of the student I know from waking life. Pie tastes good. I start thinking about my lecture, while eating. Stuff of nightmares, this dream

    Alien Planets and Guns...all that good stuff.

    by Letaali on 04-14-2017 at 09:48 AM
    Evil Lair on Acid Planet
    I'm on another planet. The bad guy is explaining my situation. His lair is surrounded by an ocean of acid. As he says that, I have a flashback of the facility falling from the sky, into the green ocean of acid. Small islands of red stone provide a nice contrast. The main bad guy disappears and removes the roof of the room I'm in. The alien minions in the room start fighting me as acid starts pouring into the room. The top of the room is just a bit under the surface, so I have some time, but I need to find higher ground.

    I suddenly have a futuristic gun. I'm not entirely sure what the gun does. It's a small white pistol that shoots an orange ball of electricity. So the ideas of it's function pop into my head "It makes enemies dance." I see this happen, the small alien men dance towards the orb. "No! It attracts enemies like a black hole!" Then I see this happen, the aliens are violently pulled towards the orb and the orb disappears. Then I settle on it's function: "The orb amplifies momentum." I wait for the right moment. The aliens are running towards me, I shoot the orb in front of them and use telekinesis to submerge my end of the room into the acid. The aliens were running towards me and the orb amplifies that momentum, so they all fly over me into the acid.

    I use telekinesis to lift the room out of the acid. More aliens arrive to the room and are confused what's going on. They are ignoring me. I notice a large duffel bag full of my clothes. I grab what I can into my backpack and start looking for a way out of the facility.

    -A hidden school, forest, pretty girls. Most people had mystical, supernatural abilities. The girls were evil?

    -Driving across country with two guys. Picked up people on the way.

    After 6.5h of sleep, 40 min WBTB. Stomach pain.

    -After a shower my hair was incredibly blond and shining brightly. I kept staring into the mirror. This was not normal.

    Morty's Room
    I'm in a weird three story house. I'm eating and talking with my roommate. We had a disagreement regarding food, I think. I have no interest in arguments, so I leave. Every corridor and staircase in this wooden building is too small and uneven. The walls are crooked too. Reminds me of Harry Potter.

    I find a couple S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with a plastic bag. There's a portal of some sort in the bag. Hey! That's how I got to the frozen planet the first time! I stepped into a large plastic bag and I was instantly teleported. One of the agents steps into the bag and disappears. He's dead. There's dangerous white insect-like aliens through the portal. I have a plan and lead the agents to another house.

    We make our way to Morty's room in another three story house. Morty from Rick and Morty. I tell people to remove all furniture, we are turning the room into an alien altar and tricking the aliens out through the portal. I see Morty being real confused about this sudden invasion into his room. I notice my dream journal on the floor. My dream journal? I block out everything else happening in the room.

    My vision zooms to the open journal page. There's a colored drawing on it. The scene is in the style of Futurama. I dive into the artwork. It's the view from inside a green flying car. I'm sitting on the backseat and looking up through the purple tinted sunroof. I see another flying car through the sunroof. Calvin and Hobbes are in that car and another tiger similar to Hobbes, but with different colors is driving/flying. We are high above the city and time stands still.

    Sign of Death

    by Letaali on 04-10-2017 at 10:28 AM
    I was in a house with three floors. Agent from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was looking after some captured monsters. First I was just an observer in this world. I was invisible to others, but had a physical form. I was wearing headphones and believed I was seeing an episode of the tv show I mentioned earlier. Through my headphones I heard Cryaotic. He made me pay attention to the shadows of the characters in this house. I saw a knife appear in the shadow of the agent. Cry said it was a sign of death. Seeing that knife meant the agent was going to die and there was nothing that could stop it. I threw my headphones off, I didn't want spoilers, but I kept hearing Cry even without wearing them. No one in the house saw or heard the headphones, I was like a ghost.

    I saw the monsters upstairs. They somehow got free from their shackles. One of them was a fit looking blonde haired woman with a long row of sharp teeth. They started sneaking down the stairs. I got flashes of shadows. Knives slowly appeared from everyone's shadow. I felt intense fear. Whatever was creeping behind these shadows was something powerful. The monsters found knives and the agent sleeping downstairs. I woke up before they killed him.