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      Hi Serene,
      Thank you for your gentle tips.
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      Thank you for friending me!
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      Hey there, i saw you per coincidence because of the TOTM thread and i really liked your dream you posted there so i read some more threads of you. you seem to be a good-hearted person and i see you already met some other very kindly people like patience and elaineylane

      i just wanted to say hi and give you another book advice: Robert Waggoner´s "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self". its not about induction or control but more about the "inner self" a goodhearted intelligent and constructive part in our selfs that is very helpful when we decide to listen to it. i saw your thread about the voice and i think this book fits perfectly to you^^

      cya around
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      I see you are new & that you sent me a friend. I hope you stick around, I liked your last journal entry. Keep it up the good work. If you have questions you can always shoot me a msg.
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    I feel I was born a lucid dreamer, because I feel like I always know when I am dreaming. It wasn't until recently that I even knew it had a name. I thought everyone dreamt like that. I think the time when I realized I could have fun with it was when I was about 5 when I would be running with friends and start floating out of control. My friends had to hold hands with me to keep me down. This was happening a lot! When I was about 6 or 7 I could change my recurring nightmares by making friends out of the scariest creatures and have them help me out. I also realized I could control when I was flying to go up and down by just moving my arms to my side I would go higher and higher and putting them out to the side I could float, but to get back down I had to put my arms in the air, but I had to lift my arms slowly because if I quickly lifted them I would drop out of the sky. I created a box with controls in it. I would get in the box and literally travel all over floating above the rooftops. When I was about 10 I was traveling between San Francisco and Seattle to visit friends and I was seeing aerial views. (Strangely enough I am now a GIS Tech so look at those views daily now haha). I have so many memories of my wonderful lucid times to where some of them now feel like real life memories to me. I used a lot of visualization as a child and read about the power of positive thinking when I was in 3rd grade. I was such a painfully shy and quiet child (still am) that I just watched people. I actually feel my lucid dreams are like a 2nd life for me. I feel very conscious and very aware in my dreams to the point where I started learning so much, and practicing real life, from races, challenges, competitions, contests, my first kiss, sex, speeches, or just speaking to a guy or going somewhere alone. I owe my life to my dreams!! That is very very true! In more ways than you will know!
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    1/17/17-Serial Killer Cut Me Shoulder to Shoulder Around Collar Bone

    by Serene on Yesterday at 11:51 AM
    Oh my goodness! I was on such a wonderful streak of happy dreams, but my lack of sleep only getting about 20 hours of sleep this entire week has had a big impact on quality and quantity.
    I woke up in a work looking van tied up on the floor and felt drugged. I was very groggy and looking around to assess the situation. Even groggy I felt semi lucid thinking another bad dream? Then I actually took a minute to curiously process why I was dreaming this but then I saw a woman with long brown/grey streaked hair look into the passenger window and outside there were trees all over like we were in the woods. I had my hands behind my back with a gag in my mouth and my neck and shoulder were in pain. I heard the woman yell "she's awake". Then the back of the Van opened up with two doors and I was pulled out by my feet and thrown to the ground on my stomach. Then a man flipped me over on my back and he was very tall black/grey hair. There were also two boys that appeared to be teens, both brownish messy hair, all looking down on me. They picked me up and carried me to a picnic table where they sat me at. Then they seemed to go about their business. At some point the dad went to chop wood and the mom told me that they were terrified of him and he has killed several women. All I had to do was listen to her and I would stay alive. I still felt drugged but no fear. I knew this was a dream but didn't feel in control. I kept thinking is this a test? Should I wake up or should I see where this leads? Well then she tells me that if I can just withstand the cut, then I will likely survive. My eyes opened wide and she had tears. Then she said the cut goes from shoulder to shoulder and down under the collar bone like a half circle. YIKES! I was somewhat curious what this would feel like in a dream but freaked out at the same time. I tried to get the boys to come closer to see if they seemed just a bad as the father but they were off on their own. Next thing I knew there was a huge sharp knife...(OHHHHHHH my husband was watching Forged in Fire I thought hahahaha) Now I knew what I was dreaming this. I hate knives and told him that would be worse thing I could think of!!! Ok so I will feel this cut.
    The man comes over with his knife out of the fire and he had the look of the devil in his eyes. Just as he is about to slice me I leave my body. No way I am sticking around, so I am now watching him from over his shoulder as he cuts a deep cut in me literally watching my skin open up. Eeew. I woke up at that point.

    I always try to push out bad things and not let them in because I don't want nightmares lol. This was kinda funny as being aware.

    Updated Yesterday at 12:49 PM by Serene


    1/16/17-My Eaglet Falls out of Tree :-(

    by Serene on 01-16-2017 at 01:54 PM
    I was an eagle perched at the very top of a tree about 200 feet from the tree with the nest that had my mate with two eaglets. I was enjoying the feel of the wind in my face watching the nest from the distance. One of the eaglets was standing close to the edge standing with his back straight and shoulders with wings back when it saw me. I saw its eyes focusing on me and it seemed excited. Its wings were moving but not as if to fly, it was still tiny, it was trying to catch its balance. I watched in horror as it stepped onto a stick that gave way and saw my eaglet fall to the ground. Immediately not giving any thought I leaped from the tree thinking I was flying to the ground and this has never been an issue for me. I somehow was shifting back to me in the fall and lost consciousness in the dream. I woke up very groggy laying on the ground naked at the base of a tree and it took me a few moments until I saw the vision of the eaglet falling and realized what happened. I tried to move over to the tree but it felt as if I was in mud up to my neck and every movement was such a struggle. I was shocked because this was so unusual and I was trying to figure out what happened to my flight down from the tree. I managed to get myself over to the eaglet and saw it laying flat spread eagle (poor choice of words) and it was the size of a frisbee. I started to create my energy ball in hopes of healing the bird I the place one hand on its back and the other on its head and hold it there with every intention on healing it. Then I feel it move. I was so happy. I knew I had to get it back up to the top of the nest so I cradled him in my hands gently and started to float to the top when I could feel myself being sucked out of the dream. I woke up to my neighbors two dogs barking in my backyard. Soooo disappointed I wanted to go back to see the eaglet back to the tree but couldn't fall back asleep. My pillow was wet with tears. I rarely have nightmares but this gave me such a sinking feeling of helplessness. Just goes to show even when you think you have control in your dream you don't always have it when you need it.

    1/14/17-Lion at Front Door, Dragon Shadow

    by Serene on 01-14-2017 at 01:04 PM
    1. I was in my house when I noticed someone walking down the road and turned up my driveway, he was a very tall dark haired nice looking man with jeans and a short sleeved collared type shirt that had a white and blue print, probably 40's and he wasn't carrying anything so didn't think he was a salesman. I decided to go out the garage so the two dogs wouldn't bark at him. Just as I went out the garage and turned to go to the front door I saw a huge massive lion sitting right in front of my double front doors and he took up the entire width. Dead center with his front paws straight and serious looking. He roared one soft roar and my dogs barked. I wasn't afraid and at that point (man turning to lion) became lucid. I decided to walk over to it to ask him what he wanted. He appeared to be protecting my house. I walked over to him and he towered over me. I looked up at him and he never looked down at me but continued his strong stance. His feet were massive. I giggled to myself because my first nightmare at about 3 years old I remember was a lion that always came to my room and sat there and watched me. I was terrified of it and one day it eventually smiled at me and now I am right in front of one so I leaned in to touch him and he evaporated, leaving behind a wet outline of where his entire body had been on the concrete. I reached down and felt the moisture and felt part of it.

    2. I was in a desert looking place with what appeared to be an old abandoned town from an old western film. I walk down the middle of the street and there was nobody anywhere. Dirt road and old buildings. I decided to walk back down it again to go back in the direction I came, it was very hot and the sun was extremely bright, I felt a sense of extreme power within me and decided I would fly out of there to take shelter in a cooler place, I usually have no problem flying but for some reason I felt so large and heavy. I try to lift off again and can hear a loud flapping noise and as I start to rise I look down and see a very large shadow of wings and a tail and I feel excited and out loud I yell laughing "Now I am a Dragon"? haha I get up slowly in the sky and watch my shadow for a moment in excitement and then wake up all sweaty (Hot flashes suck).
    I thought I read somewhere in dreams you weren't suppose to see your shadow? Well I did :-)

    1/13/17- HH Images, Full Moon Ceremony Attaching Barrels to Star Points

    by Serene on 01-13-2017 at 11:45 AM
    1. Trying to fall asleep I had an image pop up in my head and I could barely see it and wanted to get closer, but immediately I zoomed so fast I went through the wall of the image and started seeing images flying past me so fast I couldn't make them out, then stars flying past me until I hit the dark calm in probably the time it takes to snap.

    2. Another very long dream where I was in a church type setting where they went through a long process to pick who was going to be the one to do the ceremony, and they came up with a man who I believe was Michael. I didn't have a body but was an observer and could zoom in and out and go wherever I wanted to see something. There was a point at the beginning of the ceremony where we had to wait for the spot where you could see the full moon through a large circle window at the top of the highest point in the building. As the moon started to come in front of the window perfectly there was a golden platform and Michael went to the stairs and climbed up to the top where there was a huge golden star and he had to place what appeared to be a golden barrel a little larger than a football to each point of the star. The entire time I was trying to understand the meaning of this and wanted to remember to google it when I woke up. I don't know of anything that is even close to this. I don't even go to church. Just as he placed the last barrel my alarm went off but I felt glad I got to see him complete the barrels lol. This was strange because I felt like a ghost who was zooming around looking at who was there, normal looking people from todays time, and checking out the building which appeared to be a church with benches and books up behind them, but the only thing that drew me in was when they picked the person to do this ceremony I felt everyone loved this person and it was apparent, then when he was placing the barrels on the points the star appeared to glow and I got right up there with him on the platform to see it up close because I knew nobody could see me. I felt it was an important ceremony.

    1/12/17-Maze of Structures, Lady from 60's

    by Serene on 01-12-2017 at 11:45 AM
    1. I was on a mission to find out more about myself when I was going through a maze of structures that will be hard to explain. I chuckled at one point because it reminded me of a lab rat. It reminded me of buildings with rooms and several levels up and down which at one point took me into what seemed like different dimensions (through worm hole) in order to continue my search. I had to think about every move I made so I was actually feeling I was getting exercise when I slept. At one point I had to hang on a bar for a while as it swung across to the other side and today my arms are sore. This dream was exhausting. I never saw a person and it was all telepathically communicated to me that this was what I was to do lol. Unfortunately after all of that it never had a answer other than I never gave up :-). I woke up by my husband going potty.
    2. I am standing in line at a grocery store when woman dressed in 60's clothes glasses and all, she is holding a little Chihuahua dog, and doesn't fit in with all of the other people is staring right through me. She moves around in awe looking at me never taking her eyes off me. I watch her also and I smile at her and she has no expression at all. Then I have to check out and when I am done, I look around and the woman was gone.
    I don't know if that is common but I get it all of the time where people just stare at me expressionless but in awe? Like I have two heads or something.