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    1. Spell's Comp Uhh... What Night are we on?

      by , 08-08-2016 at 03:02 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Tendon problem on my leg from running. Been bogged down with that. Plus my parents and grandparents got in a huge fight (fortunately I haven't been dragged into it but the atmosphere around the house as been tense, further details witheld since its a family matter.) Man something's always gotta mess with my mojo when its lucid dreaming comps. Last time it was KSP, exams and sickness. Now it's ankle injury, family fight (ahem, dreamsign) and inevitably some other third thing to come...

      Night 6

      A dream (more a fragment really) that A college class was taking place in the basement of my house, and something to do with registration.

      Something do with another piece of a bismuth crystal, one that had to, once again be inserted into some kind of alien machinery. This time I even recognized the crystal. It's the one I keep in my room. I attained some level of lucidity here and decided to question why I was dreaming of the crystal.

      Night 7

      A dream that one of my cats (who has a habit of bringing in animals) brought in many, many animals. The basement was full of frogs, rabbits and mice, and they were all alive. Hijinx insued as my mom and I tried to catch them all with butterfly nets and take them back outside. Actually was a very lengthy dream that involved of us disposing of four of the frogs and three of the rabits, at least that I can remember. But was fairly repetative and the details bore me.

      Night 9 (last night)

      I remember I was being attacked by a white horse that was apparently demonic. It was chasing me around some kind of ranch environment. I shot it with arrows and managed to kill it.

      I remember attaining some level of semi lucidity and thinking that there was a particular way that I had to dispose of the dead demon horse so that it wouldn't come back as a poltergeist. I remember burying it in the ground and putting a circle of salt around it. I then drew a dreamcatcher web in the dirt. That was apparently supposed to capture the evil soul when it would rise from the ground and purify it in the sunlight, just like a functional dreamcatcher, while the salt prevented the evil soul from circumventing the web.


      The dream continued. I was in some desert environment, but it was like a lakebed or a dried up ocean. Had some fallout vibes. I got attacked by a cowboy guy that was supposedly the owner of the demonic horse. He pushed me down and tried to shoot me with his revolver, but I pushed the gun away from him. I messed with his hand and tried to make him waste all the bullets by shooting them off away from us but he pushed my hand away when he had two left.

      Garnet from SU appeared behind me and I again attained semi lucidity. I thought of the dreamcatcher shield as a personal goal from the comp to block the bullets but I got Steven's shield instead*. There was some fault in my confidence but it worked anyway and I blocked both shots with no cracks in the shield.

      There was some kind of theme/amusement park that we were supposed to go to, but I didn't want to because I knew I was going to lose the dream and wake up because I hadn't been practicing these past few days. I remember thinking to myself "Tomorrow I'll get back to it."

      Spoiler for *:

      I wasn't properly lucid in any of these though though, my head wasn't in it, so I'm only scoring them as NLDs. Apologies to all my teammates who are competitive and want us to win, but it's too much of a stretch to call myself properly lucid in any of these.

      Night 6:
      Frag 0.5pt*2=1

      Night 7:
      Dream 1pt*1=1

      Night 9:
      Dream 1pt*1=1

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    2. LD #112: Pool with mean Politicians, Nightmare Invasion Movie

      by , 09-13-2014 at 02:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I recall some dream about my family staying at this very upscale hotel somewhere in England. The hotel has an odd mixture of very modern and very Victorian feel to it. I was at the swimming pool area, looking around when I decided that I wanted to go into the hot tub. I come over and in the hot tub was supposedly some very important female politician and two secret service agents who wore their sunglasses into the hot tup.
      I started to get in, but she said I couldn't. It would cost me $15 for every minute I spent in the hot tub and asked if I had a deal. And I'm like forget that. I turn and leave before she charges me for breathing her air or something.
      I am walking, planning on leaving the pool area and going back to my hotel room. Another lady politician who looks a little younger shows up. She tells me that she wants to give me a special deal. For one payment of $14.85, she will let me into the hot tub. But there is this whole other part of the deal like I have to strip down in the naked and go into the main swimming pool or something.
      I leave very mad and say "Forget that!". I walk over to the far edge of the pool area, and start looking out the window. The hotel has this huge panoramic window on the pool that looks out over the city. I recall it being nighttime. Then another person that I remembered being a politician comes over. He says he is going to charge me $5 for looking out of his window.
      I paused and started ranting about how these people are politicians and they are such Dbags, charging people to use things that are not even theirs.
      I get halfway through my rant and become lucid... for some reason.
      I immediately slip into drunken lucidity though. I begin hovering above the ground and float over to the hot tub. The first lady is still in it.
      "Oh, did you change your mind?"
      I use telekinesis and lift both her and the secret service agents out of the hot tub. I look above and the pool room is actually several stories high. There are a couple of concrete support beams supporting the hotel. I place the three of them on the highest beam with no way to get down and cut the telekinesis.
      "When you learn you lesson you can come down from there!"
      I then get my cummupins and lose the dream.
      I wake up and then fall back asleep.

      Ahh that was good lucid revenge.

      Some dream about watching documentary talking about how radioactive waste is handled in developing countries. They were talking about how they had to transport it on a dangerous railway through the mountains and used these special weighted train cars that were less likely to tip over.
      The doccumentary shows people loading the waste by hand into the train cars. The waste is stored in these large lozenge shaped steel canisters that look a little bit like atomic bombs. Each one is about the size of a person. It takes two people to lift one though. The strange thing is that they are just throwing them into the car.
      I then see the train leave the back of the power plant. I notice how wobbly it is on the rails and recall how the cars are weighted on the bottom, so even if they wobble they won't fall over.
      The documentary cuts to the actual disposal site. It is in a river. People here dispose of the canisters by hand. Everyone here is strong enough to lift one canister by themselves and they wear full sacks of rice over their bodies to absorb the radiation. They carry them about a quarter mile from the train station to the river, the best people can do it without stopping for a rest. The canisters are put into the river that is later covered with soil and then the river is redirected so that the canisters don't pollute the world with their radioactivity.
      They are showing footage of the canisters being lined up in a pile in the river when something truly horrific happens. One of the men begins bleeding horribly, spraying more blood than should have been in his body everywhere from a large wound on his back. Everyone runs screaming and fearful. A similar occurrence happens to several more people. Everybody is thrown into a panic. A few people take out guns and begin firing. The river runs red with blood.
      I can recall the people on the documentary focus in on this one woman. I think she was part of the crew filming the documentary. A man with a gun makes her kneel down and then shoots her in the head over and over. At this point, I decide to 'turn off' the documentary.
      Something to do with Clover, or a similar looking monster attacking in England. I think it was the same city that the hotel from the first dream was in.
      Some other stuff happened that I cannot recall. The world is falling into chaos. The shooting at the nuclear waste site and the clover monster were connected to it somehow.
      I recall being at my grandparent's house.

      I am walking with someone late at night. Somehow all of the dreams that I just had were connected. They had to do with the world gradually falling into chaos and darkness.
      I think the person I was walking with was Manei. I felt her energy even though I was nonlucid.
      I recall seeing someone had hung three dreamcatchers from a chain-link fence. I saw one of them was smoldering. When I looked closer, I saw that the ring had broken and the net inside of it was partially gone.

      Do you think during a lucid dream?-broken-dreamcatcher.jpg
      At first me and the other dream character were a bit confused and then we suddenly got it. The things that were attacking earth and causing all of the chaos were actually people's nightmares! I turned and looked at a nearby house. I think to myself that if these people will let me sleep in a bed I can have a lucid dream and somehow fighting back.
      It was also at this point that I realized that I was actually the main character in some movie that was about how lucid dreamers fought nightmares that were attacking earth. It was a confusing system.
      So basically what I had to do was sleep, have a lucid dream and then 'come back' to 'WL' earth while still in the dream. I could then see and fight the nightmares much more clearly. I run into the house and tell the people my crazy plan. The people in the house are a middle aged man and a woman. The man is actually a centaur.

      I wake up.