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    1. Light Green Paint by Manei

      by , 03-15-2015 at 03:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was having a half birthday party at my house. It didn't seem like a lot of people had showed up though. My grandparents and my friend S were there. Then Manei showed up as a little girl, about 8-ish maybe.

      She wanted me to give me her present now. I think I became partially lucid. It was a book that she had made. It looked like it had been made with computer paper and tied together with string. The whole thing was drawn with crayon.

      The title was 'Light Green Paint'. This was a reference to the title of my own autobiography (still a WIP). The reason it was titled such was because at one point during writing my autobiography, I had made a joke about how the watercolor paint trays in elementary school art class never had any yellow since it was always tainted with green. So I said that there was green and there was light green. I thought it was absolutely hilarious when I first made the joke, but now it just makes me chuckle. I decided it would make a good title for the story.

      It was supposed to be a book of our travels together. If I remember the first page was my first lucid dream where we met. I looked through it quickly to see what was in it. Some of the pages were actually references to other lucid dreams that I had in the past.

      Though for some reason the one that stuck with me was not even a dream that I remember having. We were in a workshop where some guy made Russian nesting dolls. I began to get a false memory, and I identified it as a false memory, causing me to become even more lucid.

      She was talking about how I was sometimes too introverted and didn't really tend to care about others, but that might be a good thing because there were a lot of mean people in the world. The dream phased into the workshop of the guy who made the nesting dolls, but she still had the book with her and was showing me other drawings from it. Despite being done in crayon, they were pretty well put-together drawings.

      I was still looking through it excited to see what else she had done. Most of the things in the book were things that I don't even remember doing in LDs.

      I lost the dream.