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    1. Really Weird Night (LD #174)

      by , 02-28-2015 at 04:31 PM (Lucid Time!)
      A nightmare where I was looking into the mirror in my bathroom. The skin on my chest/stomach peeled off and my internal organs started to fall out. I remember my heart looked artificial and had some kind of gauge or pressure meter on it. I screamed and woke up.

      wtf I haven't had a nightmare of any sort in like two years...

      After that, I wanted to go back to sleep to see if I could snag some lucidity before morning. Some disjointed fragments led into a couple of congruent LDs.

      -Something to do with my college dormitory. For some reason I was wearing golden earrings in the dream, somebody commented on them, saying that they looked good. I asked myself when I got piercings and could not recall. I didn't become lucid though.

      -Something to do with drawing and a tin of colored pencils.

      -I was playing LBP3. I was designing this level where you would run across all of these little white platforms that were moving and stuff was firing on you. There was also this big metal bridge that would unfold when you got close to it. A was there, commenting on how he liked the game-play aspect of it.

      I was at the community pool in my cousin's hometown, though almost nobody was there except me and someone else. I was just chilling in the shallow end of the pool when this bully character approached the two of us. He picked us both out of the water and said he wanted to try and drown us in the deep end.

      I tried to punch him but it didn't do much.

      I elbowed him in the face and managed to swim away. He followed me out of the pool. I turned around to fight him. He was buff and had long blonde hair and short thick facial hair and blue eyes. It was also at this moment that I noticed that I was still wearing gold earrings. I thought this might put me at a disadvantage because he could grab them.

      I ran in and kicked him in the stomach. He reeled back. He was almost at the edge of the pool. He came back and tried to punch me. I ducked under it and put my leg behind his. From there it was easy to just push him into the water.

      He looked at me angrily. I thought he was going to just get out of the water and attack me again, but he seemed to just be waiting there. But this other DC showed up. He looked like Santa Claus except his outfit was all white.

      He said something about learning to be submissive and recognize your own inferiority. He said that this was meant to be some kind of dream test and that I had failed it.

      For some reason, I was just boiling mad at this Santa/Guide character. I started screaming at him that people shouldn't be taught to be inferior and submissive, and that you can't mold people into what you want. They will do their own things and form their own identities and moral codes and there is nothing that you can do about it.

      I got so mad at him that I FA'd in my living room. But it felt smaller. All of the furniture had been pushed into one end of the room an there was a small Christmas tree in the room with some presents under it.

      This seemed strange to me. I did a nose pinch RC. Lucid dreamin' baby. I had almost become fully lucid in the last section, but now I could think clearly. I still wanted to see Manei. I started calling her name, expecting her to simply be upstairs or something. No reply. I thought to go outside, but saw that it was very, very dark. The kind of darkness that would make me lose the dream.

      I then realized that stabilizing would probably be a smart idea. I rubbed my hands together.

      "I will not lose the dream until I have accomplished one of my goals!"

      I then thought to try teleporting to the beach location. In the past my teleportation efforts have failed miserably, so I was gonna have to really commit. I closed my eyes and started visualizing the beach in Puerto Rico that my family goes to every year.

      I started to see it in the center of my vision. I thought that I should start engaging my other senses. I tried to picture the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the smell of saltwater and the sun on my face.

      However when I opened my eyes I was still in my home, but things were different. I saw that it had gotten considerably lighter outside. It still appeared to be foggy and gray, but I could make out the street and plants. The entire backyard had been taken over by a massive jungle/forest. There was a huge vine with massive mango-like fruit growing on it. (When I say massive Mango-Fruit, I am talking 3-4 feet across.

      I made my way out the front door to get a better look at what was outside. The dream's clarity started revving up to very high levels here. I saw that half the neighborhood had been overtaken with these huge gnarled branches. There seemed to be pieces of a structure in there, as if it were made of I-beams.

      I followed the gnarled branches up to see a huge tree, literally miles tall. It seemed as though as it got farther away, it looked less and less like it was made of wood. It seemed to be made of stone or metal, and had complex designs of overlapping circles and rune symbols on it. It was supporting the sky, that appeared to be solid, made of high-technology structures (like the surface of the death star). There were windows or some kind of white lights scattered about on the surface. There seemed to be places where it had rusted through though and real vegetation was growing through it, both on the tree and the sky.

      The sky had to be 50 or 100 miles up. There were layers upon layers of thin, misty clouds surrounding the tree trunk. The thing that I remember the most was the temperature. It was sooo hot and humid in this dream.

      I couldn't believe the enormity of these metal trees, and I had to check them out for myself. I started flying, but for some reason moved backwards very quickly. I stopped and stumbled.

      "No, I want to go UP!"

      I started flying again, but I still went backwards. I lost control of the ability to fly and got pulled out of the scene. Everything started shrinking and getting darker. I saw more of the trees supporting the sky ceiling for a moment. It looked like some of them were just tree stumps.

      Somebody told me that this was a forest that had been cut down by giant cosmic beings from the seventh dimension, millions of years ago, but it was growing back now. I saw my town on a remove section of earth, like a SimCity tile, floating in nothing.

      I was in a black void. White cubes were scattered about. I was still pulling backwards at increasingly fast speeds. I thought I might hit one of the cubes, not being able to see where I was flying.

      I woke up.

      Interpretations: I really have to come back to these after I've had some proper time to think about it.