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    1. ccliii. Something on my leg

      by , 04-18-2021 at 01:45 AM
      17th April 2021

      I did have recall for quite a few dreams but I got up later than I wanted to and then had stuff to do that meant I couldn't really dwell on the dreams much, being able to only hold on to this fragment throughout all of today.


      I am not sure where I am, but my left leg is most of what I remember being in focus. There's some light, so it's probably at home or alike. I'm picking a spot on my leg and
      Spoiler for possibly graphic:

      I feel slightly worried about the situation at first and press down on the vein and it goes back to how it should be and I feel fine again.

      - I recently went to an appointment and it was sort of about my right leg and potentially a hernia.

      - In the dream the feeling of worry turned into panic for a second, which is what led me to press down on the vein, but all the associated feelings were very momentary. There was a fair bit of physical sensation going on.