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    1. Bad sleeping habits.

      by , 04-21-2021 at 07:25 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I have been sleeping 9-10 hours each day the past year since school has started late each day. I thought that sleeping more would enhance my dreaming but I think it is the opposite and that waking up in the morning helps. I have had a hard time remembering my dreams but this day I woke up early and remembered my dreams better.

      I'm in my bed and I'm sad because I accidentaly slept again after the alarm woke me up. I didn't even remember the alarm waking me up so I think that I was really tired before.

      I'm in some kind of museum with some people in my age.

      I'm with Albin and his parents. I ask him about his life but he becomes angry because I don't remembered his city's name. I tell him I know that he is from Kosovo and he becomes calmer. He says that Kosovo is one of the cities he lives in but (name I don't remember) also was important. He recounts his story about how and why they moved to Sweden.
    2. Air Shopping DILD

      by , 04-21-2021 at 12:29 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Started with me running near a couple of grocery stores, I began to feel more aware and told myself before running to the store that I am probably going to regret this.
      I can sense a bad feeling coming from the store.

      I ran inside and started zipping by so many people. I began to fly like superman inside the store as cashiers and customers look at me like I was nuts. I was lucid now and enjoy flying throughout the building in till I got stop by two guys who identify as cops.

      I allow them to search me and they told me they found a gun on me. Confuse and panic I told them it's not mine and that this must be some kind of mistake. They didn't care and grab me by arms and said " you're coming to the station, we have a murder investigation around this area "

      I thought about how many times I didn't want to be wrongfully accused and go to prison for the rest of my life so I tried to run and I was slow for some reason and they caught me and started beating me in till I lost awareness.