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    1. Something has changed

      by , 03-18-2015 at 03:52 AM
      Something has changed

      All grief and anger at BobV's passing is gone.

      I woke remembering three dreams. I don't remember the order in which I dreamed them but:

      1) - I'm eating the rich red seeds out of half a ripe pomegranate with a silver spoon. As I enjoy I think to my self, "I didn't know I could just scoop out pomegranate seeds with a spoon as easy as this". When I woke-up I knew that it is not that easy in waking life.

      2) - BobV is sitting close, in a chair talking to me and I thing a few others are sitting around chatting and listening too.

      3) - at one point I'm alone, standing in a kitchen and I get "randy". I'm alone, so I squat dowm and begin gently thrusting my pelvis. I feel unashamed. No one sees me. I feel delightfully sexy and turned-on.

      Like I said, now I'm awake, there is no grief or anger at BobV's passing. Infact it feels to me that he is solidly back in the waking world.

      I look around at the things that remind me of him and instead of pain and anger there is warmth and connectedness. Because he is back in the waking world.

      Pomegranate (???)

      or is it that I am in the underworld with him (???)

      Persephone and Hades (hahaha) Me and BobV


      Persephone: A Story from Greece: https://youtu.be/ZrmQYsMnl14

      ***(13:26) 264,063 views
    2. 1(A)

      by , 03-03-2015 at 04:46 AM
      Week 1 March 1 to 7, I will Dream of picture in week 1 envelope in DebraJane's dream game box

      1-March Sunday. No remembered dreaml
      2-March Monday. No remembered dream.
      3-March Tuesday. I took the H30 bus to Henley Beach Square. I took the envelope. When I woke-up this morning I had a waking image (hipnapopic image) of circles of light on a black background.

      Then I remembered that one of the 23 calander pictures I ripped out of the 20, 2015 calendars, folded twice and sealed in brown envelopes, was big stars in outer space.

      So, maybe (???)

      But I'd rather a dream not just an hipnapomp.

      So, I'm off to Henley Beach again and tonight I hope to DREAM of the picture in the envelop.

      Here is what Wikipedia says about waking images:

      A hipnapompic state**(or*hypnapomp) is the*state of consciousness*leading out of*sleep.

      It is a term coined by the*psychical researcher*Frederic Myers.

      Its twin is the*hypnagogic*state at sleep onset;

      though often conflated, the two states are not identical.

      The hypnagogic state is*rational*waking*trying to make sense of non-linear images and associations;

      the hypnopompic state is*emotional*and credulous*dreaming*cognition trying to make sense of real world*stolidity. They have a different*phenomenological*character.

      Depressed*frontal lobe*function in the first few minutes after waking Ė known as "sleep inertia" Ė causes slowed*reaction time*and impaired*short-term memory. Sleepers often wake confused, or speak without making sense, a phenomenon thepsychologist*Peter McKeller calls "hypnopompic speech".[1]*

      When the awakening occurs out of rapid eye movement*(REM) sleep, in which most dreams occur, the hypnopompic state is sometimes accompanied by lingering vivid imagery.

      Some of the creative insights attributed to dreams actually happen in this moment of awakening from REM. In*Deirdre Barrett's*The Committee of Sleep,*Margie Profet's McArthur-award winning biology experiment is shown to be one of these. [2]
      But in my opinion there is more to falling to sleep images and waking images.
    3. dogs & snakes

      by , 12-21-2014 at 01:02 PM
      Saturday 20-Dec-14 Dream I woke from about 6am.

      I was asleep. I heard a knock on my door. I called out, "Wait a minute!"

      I pushed out of bed and stumbled in the dark to put my nightgown on. My ballance was good because I clambered-over my been bag (in the dark) without falling.

      I opened my bedroom door and there was a man with a nice dog. He said, "I just thought I betterlet you know that I'm keeping this nice dog in my room and it don't matter if the landlady finds out and kicks me out because I'm leaving in 2 weeks".

      Then I saw another 2 nice dogs in the corridor near the courtyard. I got down and hugged the silky, floppy-eared, medium sizee, very calm and friendly dog, sitting next to the man.

      Next, I was dreaming about a different man with 3 baby snakes, snuggly wrapped around hiswrist and fingers. I wanted one. Next he had a large (thick) 2 or 3 foot snake (black and yellow) on his chest. I wanted it. It jumped onto my chest, turned into ashadow, fell on the floor and the snake shadow disappeared. (eod)

      When I woke I went to the calendar on the back of my door. Counted 14 days and circled the 3rd of Jan 2015 to see what happens to that guest here at my boarding house. Will he get a lovely dog and move out? He has lived here almost as long as me (about 20 years.

      He hasnt knocked on my door for years but I see him lots around the boarding house. A few hours ago he knocked on my door to ask if the pension comes early when its due on a holiday day. I told him yes then told him about the dream. He's not a dog person and none of the 3 dogs mean any thing to him.

      Just now 10pm Sun 21/12/14 I heard for the first tim, a TV add about a lotto megga-draw to be drawn on Saturday January 3rd


      I'm going to ask Our-Dreaming-Mind to give me dreams of THAT lotto mega-draw. Then I'll give that guy the filled-out coupon with my dream numbers on it. Then give him the money to play the coupon. If the numbers come-up, the winnings are exclusively his.

      So now I can fall asleep till the 3rd of January with that excitement, in the pit of my stomach, wondering if my dreams will hit the target.

    4. 1 Scrap Metal

      by , 12-10-2014 at 11:00 PM
      Before sleeping i said

      "Our Dreaming Mind, give me a dream about kadie's week 1 target"

      I just woke out of a dream

      It is (6:30 am Thursday 11-Dec) where I live and
      It is (12pm Wednesday 10-Dec) where kadie lives.


      I woke-up slowely in a bed with another.
      I knew I had to steal that persons bag of metal parts.
      Keeping my head on my pillow I kept putting my hand in the bag, grabbing a handfull of spare-parts and placing the spare parts betweem their head and mine, between our pillows.

      The other person opened their eyes.
      I thought I was sprung (caught in the act of stealing) but they nodded and went back to sleep.

      I got up, put my booty in a small bag, covered the parts of a Data or C3PO-like robot with a small thin tea-towel. (Edit: two and then three antennas were poking-up and I was afraid the protruding antennas would get me caught) I went outside. I needed to escape. I was mostly relaxed. Two or 3 girls came to me to confirm the way off the nice prison premises.

      But they said that I mustn't try to leave yet. I need to see John.

      I walk through an office door and a 40-50 year old heavy-set, kind looking man, stood-up from his desk (with lots of work on it) and gently greeted me.

      It felt like his job was to help the many, many inmates of this nice prison to escape. End of dream (eod)

      Soooo o o o

      My guess is that the 1st kadie target is a pile of ... er... metal junk ... that can be assembled into a Star War's C3PO or a Star Trek's Data.


      I think I have to lean how to assemble it to get out of this nice prison.

      Here is the thread hat inspired my "above" dream.



    5. amazing false awakening

      by , 11-20-2014 at 02:00 PM
      Hi Gig*

      Last week Saturday 23 Jan (2010) a long term guest and friend here at the boarding house told me he was going interstate for a month to have a holiday with friends. Later he handed me his key as he enthusiastically pulled a suitcase trolly out the front door, heading off to the Interstate bus station.*

      A couple of days later, say, Wednesday 27 January, I was coming out of my room and as I walked down the corridor I saw the guest (Steve) come down the stairs and turn to the bench, checking to see if he had any mail. As he picked up and looked at the envelopes I thought "he is supposed to be at the Gold Coast for another 3 weeks with friends having a holiday".*

      I distinctly thought:*

      "I guess things have gone wrong for him to be back so soon but I will not pri as he probably won't want to talk about it".*

      I said "Hi Steve" and with out looking up he said "Hi Deb". And I walked passed him to the kitchen and put the kettle on and went on with my day.*

      I didn't see him Thursday or Friday or Yesterday. So, to day, while I was cleaning I asked some other guests if they had seen Steve in the last couple of days. They hadn't.*

      So that was a blinking DREAM.*

      It is as if my mind is going to extraordinary lengths to get me LUCID.*

      There was absolutely NOTHING dreamlike about that experience, except that, in the dream, I knew he shouldn't be there cos he was at the Gold Coast having a holiday with friends.*

      Just thought I'd share that.

      I found that old experience just now as I was reading som of gigs interesting old posts on another old site and decided that I want it in my dream journal.

      Steve returned after his month holiday. That was over 4, almost 5 years ago.
    6. Sideways walking

      by , 10-28-2014 at 03:38 AM
      I am in a large lift. Then it went sideways, backwards then forward. The floor and walls became transparent. Outside a man asked

      "what time is it?"

      I looked at my left wrist. There was a leather womans watch band but no time piece. I said

      "I don't know"

      as I pasee the man.

      So, I thought that next years 1st object would be a watch band?

      I woke from that dream yesterday and thought that watchband was to be the 2015-week one target, but now I donít. Now I think the dream character was asking if the dream game was beginning now.

      I think Our dreaming mind is like and innocent infant. It lives in the now. It needs to be communicated with, gently because It can be easily confused or frightened. And folk don't know that.

      I'll take that into consideration when comunicating with with Our dreaming mind, then, Our dreaming mind will respond enthusiastically and with remarkable results.

      This morning I woke from a dream where I was skipping-sideways.

      When I got up to start pacing my room for exercise, I followed the dream and walk sideways. Then I walked backwards as well as forwards.

      Oh wow

      I just read yesterday's dream. The lift went backwards, forwards and sideways.

      My operation and post-op problems mean I can't exercise or walk far. So I walk for 20 mins, three or more times a day, in my room, resting between 20 minute indoor walks.

      Our dreaming mind is encouraging me and communicating with me to use other muscles by walking backwards and sideways.
    7. crocodile

      by , 10-04-2014 at 01:32 AM
      Here is my precog competition dream that I just woke from.

      Salty old crock

      On a train standind by the doors. I press a big button that stops the train and opens the door.

      I am on a beach. The tide is high. I walk ankle deep into a shallow, isolated bit of water, towards a nice long rock. Then I see the rock is a salt water crocodile. I'm not scared.

      Then I am in an old persons bedroom, the old person tells me they have a crocodile under the bed.

      I walk on the bed and the crocodile butts my feet. Then popps his head out from under the bed.

      There is an unusual place on top of his head to be punched, to settle him down. So I punch gently but firmly. He likes it and goes back under the bed to snooz. (EOD)

      The rock that becomes a salty old crock is my surprising old friend. He is both the old person in his old bedroom and his pet crock living under his bed.

      When awake I figured that out cos the crock wanted to be boxed on a special place on top of his head. Then he rested.

      That pointed to the infamous boxin match that began my old friends psi dream caree.

      I'd say the precog dream target is a salt water crocodile

      Dream tags

      Train, sand, sunny, sleepy salt water lagoon, soft long rocks, crocodile.
      Old person, bed.
    8. #0 August precognitive dream

      by , 05-18-2014 at 01:15 AM
      I had this dream the night before reading this thread. I may have precoged the thread (hahaha) So here is the dream.

      I am asleep and as I wake, I and others, are sleeping on little sleeping platforms directly over a massive, (tall) space rocket.

      The rocket is primed and resting in it's silo. I and the other sleepers take for granted that sleeping on top of such a dangerous thing is normal

      Then the others are up and heading out on a Geology Excursion. But I'm finding it difficult to move or keep up. And I have a pad to write on but can't find a pen.

      The last two Geology student's are leaving the sleeping quarters above the rocket silo. I can't walk fast enough to catch-up with them.

      Then I bend over backwards. I go down into "the crab". Now, on all fours and moving backwards, I can move fast.

      I am runing in this peculiar fashion.

      The other Geology Excursion students are saying

      "Don't worry Deb, we won't leave you behind. We won't leave you. We can wait for you to catch-up. Relax, take it easy. ... "

      But now that I found a new way of moving I am happy and determined to exert myself and excell. I know that with this new way of moving I will not let the Geology-clsss down. (End of Dream)

      Yesterday, I posted that dream on another site and said:

      We are sleeping on top of a Tall space Rocket. Wow!!! It ain't over. It ain't even begun

      Then I looked at Youtube to see if I could demonstrate how I was moving when I was catching-up with my Geology class mates. I found a few but this was the best:

      Wow Look!!! I ran "this way" in last nights dream. This real kid (Danica) can walk down steps, (at school) bent over backwards. Maybe it is possible to learn to run fast, bent over backwards, like I did in last nights dream (?!?)


      exorcist/spider walk down stairs: http://youtu.be/6MzrZsbpIv4

      ♣♣♣(00:41) 27,846 views last night


      I recon a huge (perhaps underground) silo with a space rocket in it.


      A fast moving human spider catching up.

      I'll put this in my dream journal as Precog number zero (cos I had it before I new about the dream experiment).
    9. Cusp's 1.

      by , 04-20-2014 at 05:32 AM
      Quote Originally Posted by The Cusp View Post
      I'm walking across a parking lot in RL when something shiny catches my attention. At first it looks like a christmas ornament, but as I get a little closer it looks like a pop can. There was a moment it literally changed. Then as I got closer again, i saw what it really was, the wrapper to some european chocolate bar.

      When you try to fly in a dream and get stuck with shitty swimming physics. In real life, probably 99% of the movement you do while in a horizontal position is in the water swimming. Sure, there is a source of fictional flying to draw on bringing down that 99%, but it's not quite as strong as actual swimming. It's not just random that we get stuck with swimming physics when we try to fly, it's just a strong quantum probability. Unless you've never done any actual swimming. You can guesstimate these things.

      The end result of collapsing one of these puppies depends entirely on it's assiciations. Like with the swimming example, if you've never gone swimming, odds are you won't get swimming physics when you try to fly. THese systems or probability waveforms are based on random events you've been exposed to. You either take the chaos magic approach of taking stock of what that archetype means to you to guesstimate it's outcome, or you take the ceremonial approach and plan out your experiences to build a structure with probabilities tilted in your favor.

      If all matter exists as a particle and a waveform, and we are made of matter, then we should also exist as a waveform. I say that's what dreams are, the waveform counterpart to our waking particle reality.
      Above is post 21 of this thread:




      I'm sick and sleeping too much. So happy that I have no family or close friends to nag me about my extreme laziness.

      just now i Woke from this dream where I was standing with others in an auditorium, listening to a speaker. Then I am half awake, standing-up. Then I wake, a couple of times, standing with my head leaning on a metal, vertical, auditorium, pillar.

      Then I woke a couple of times curled up on a couch, with my head propped up on my elbow.

      Got up in a library.

      Found a little diary 2011 "somebody male" Dixon. I'm a female Dixon.

      I want to steal it to read it then return it like a library book.

      Next I'm at a long, horizontal, coat hanger-bar. Magically, (as if moved by invisible psychic-ghost), the coats on hangers move (impossibly) into a different order.

      Others who saw this start discussing the frightening, weired phenomenon.

      I smile inside cos I thought I was the only witness and had better shut-up cos no one would believe me and they'd just think me mentally ill.

      Then I feel cheeky and tell a lie. I say, in a false, deep voice:

      "I did that" I've only been doing it a thousand years".

      Wickedly!!! I was hoping that I could dupe them into believing that one of my "multiple-personalities" is a thousand year old Psychic (telekinetic) ghost.

      I woke feeling happy, cheeky but secretly guilty for trying to dupe these folk by aggrandizing meeee.
    10. serial dream in 5 parts

      by , 03-20-2014 at 03:19 AM
      Took two pain killers early last night and retired. I counted my heart-beats and fell asleep. Woke five times from the same dream, falling asleep and resuming it where I left off.

      1) - I'm at school. I do 3 separate classes with 3 different sets of students but the one teacher. He was tall, short, curly-black (or very dark brown) hair, slim indigo, silk, light-weight robe. He looks to "right" when he looks at me. (eod 1)

      2) - .... continuing same dream ... We have done 3 different classes with this tall teacher and it's first break (morning tea). I choose to leave school grounds to get some snack. I have to be back for class 4 in 20 minutes or so. I'm walking up the shopping precinct of the town. An interesting, big shop grabs my attention. Camping shop. I walk in. I systematically walk down every isle to view every item in the shop. Then I leave worried that if I don't hurry up I will be late for lesson 4. (eod 2)

      3) - Awake I feel the interesting (re-entry) dream has something to do with ... the (rvdc) dreamschool I first encountered in 2008. I feel I should get up and dream journal but don't. I count my heart beats and drop-off.

      I'm walking down industrial streets trying to find my way back to school. I'm thinking that I should not have left school premises. I should have uses the tuck shop or school cafeteria instead of leaving school premises. (eod 3)

      4) - woke, had a wee. Listenrd to heart beat and dropped off. I'm walking and hear a funny sound behind me. I notice I am walking on a country gravel road. There is a woman riding a quad-bike (with three wheels) coming up behind me. It makes strange roaring sounds. She is enjoying herself, skidding around on here impressive machine. Then gate-doors open and she goes into a big factory building. I call out to her (apparently I know her in the dream) I say I want to follow her but I got to get back to scool. (eod 4)

      5) - After a light awakening I drop-off counting my heart-beats but I can't remember any numbers so I keep saying ten, ten, ten, in rhythm to my beating heart.

      I'm kinda lost. I've probably missed most of class four already. I'm in trouble. I need to get onto a main street. But I'm in some fenced-off, gated housing estate. I ask a couple in their house "how do I get out and get onto a main street? " but they are no help. I walk a bit and notice that their garage door is not rolled all the way down. Happily I roll under it and I'm freeee!!!

      I go into there house to thank them. Then I back behind the garage rola door but just as I'm feeling dismayed I notice that half the garden door is almost rolled down but half is rolled all the way-up. So I walk out.

      The couple are there telling me that my teacher at the school was worried when I didnít return to class after morning tea. He called the police.

      Then the 2 police were there but they weren't the to drag me back to the school but to get me "home" safely. I happily got into the police car for a nice, free ride home. (eod 5)

      I never had a five psrt serial dream before.
    11. Float my boat (?!)

      by , 02-25-2014 at 03:21 AM
      I just Woke

      to an Hypnagogic image of happy, hairless man mostly naked (I didn't see or look at his genitals). No eyebrows or eyelashes. Tatoo off a star in/behind each eye. The tatoo was done a long time ago. It's colours were not new. He was dancing a bit. He wanted me to notice him.

      Without a regular dream game I have nothing to do with such hypnagogs. I would like a dream game every few days. Not once a year like you get with the pdc. Or once a month like with other little yahoogroups sites. Even once a week ain't enough for me.

      I offered games as weekly and even twice or more a week on several sites (over several years). I enthusiasticly and nievely did this in hopes folks would play and then reciprocate. Offering me a weekly targets. So I would be doing a target every week. But if seven people were enjoying my weekly targets... My participants would be offering me a weekly taget (in an Open thread) so I would have seven targets a week. And I would be in seventh heaven.

      Participant's need to be relaxed funloving and not be so frightened and serious. This will get the juices (synchronicities) flowing, flowing.

      WakingNomad can pop-in from time-to-time with his 50 week commission but this is not enough to float-my-boat.
    12. wk 9 rv dteam KGS

      by , 02-05-2014 at 01:46 PM
      Quote Originally Posted by havago View Post
      Is week 9s target A (Kiml) King George Square, Brisbane, Australia?

      After asking for a dream of target A (Kiml) I just woke from this dream.


      I wake up at the root of a wide-trunk tree, (Banyan Tree?)

      I lean to my left to see around the trunk a bit and there is a person sitting, meditating. I notice I'm sitting cross-legged (was I just meditating?). I stand. There are a few meditaters around the tree. As I move away I see meditaters on lower ground but still in the shade of this tree.

      A man moved off and I follow him (grey long floral-stripey tunic). Interestingly, I have to do my wobbly (neuropathic) walk to keep-up with him.

      I ask him where he is from. He asks me

      "Do you know about the (muslim-Indian) catastrophe?".

      It is to hard for me to keep up with him on my neuropathic feet. I watch him stride accross a wide city road. Then I turn to go back to the Tree.

      I look right, standing still and realise I am in Brisbane.

      I am looking down on King George Square from Anne and Roma Street. (EOD)

      Awake I Googled here is the best article I found:


      No Cookies | The Courier-Mail


      When I lived in the West End in 1977-87 the square had grass and a fountain but in the dream I just woke from, it was all cement and very hot looking.

      It is 8am Saturday 1-February-2014. I am watching TV. Maybe the (Muslim, India) catastrophe is this:


      India's LGBT community crushed by decision to uphold a ban on homosexuality


      AEDTMembers of India's gay and lesbian community say they're crushed by the decision of the country's highest court to uphold a ban on homosexuality.

      The Indian Supreme Court dismissed an appeal against its judgement last December which re-criminalised gay sex.

      That decision, which was supported by India's main religious groups, reimposed a maximum penalty for homosexual sex of life imprisonment.

      Here is the link:


      India's LGBT community crushed by decision to uphold a ban on homosexuality - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    13. Wk 3 Target 2 (Pyramid)

      by , 12-19-2013 at 03:48 AM

      Size - same size as (walking) people. It was moving with a group of people. People were in a group-line like a wide gate was about to open so no need for single-file.

      Colour glass slightly frosted. Three sides visible with back side clear glass but blue.

      light yes

      shadow non, like it was bright, sunny, midday.

      People walking behind the 5-6 foot pyramid might see this:


      glass pyramid - Google Search


      I can't find a google image of what I saw at the end of my "What's the target, dream" but it was a living, mostly white, glass pyramid, moving with the crowd of people, to somewhere good.

      I was looking at the relaxed, happy crowed moving from left to right in my field-of-views.
    14. wk 2 (a) "What's in WN's rv box

      by , 12-11-2013 at 05:07 AM
      "Invoking rock and air"

      End of dream

      I was reading that at end of dream and woke up.

      I was reading it. I was standing with a big book in my hands (and arms).

      It was the end bit of a lovely long dream but all the rest dissappeared too quickly to catch.

      And yep I recon it relates to:

      "Wats in Waking Nomad's Black rv box".

      Week 2
    15. 1/50 (b) wats in Waking Nomad rv box

      by , 12-08-2013 at 02:05 AM
      Hipnapopic image (waking image):

      Comming out from a tiny point in the center of my vision was a slightly wavy (pink-purple) square. One after the other.

      Felt like it was soft like handkerchiefs.

      I'm on my phone and can't post drawing...
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