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    2015-02-04 Comp (SCoAA) night #13 LD#97 weird eclipse, lots of dreaming

    by , 02-06-2015 at 10:24 AM (312 Views)
    massive night, multiple waking each with recall (though fragmented later), final (late) waking beyond my ability to remember beyond fragments, one short DILD.

    early (3 hrs):
    + viewing a medium-sized suburban apartment/home complex while narrator discusses rebuilding projects and changes to the rules about rebuilding, I think it's a bad deal to buy there

    + friend DD's (stolen?) forbidden luxury (purple?) fancy sports car

    +(f) the young (girl?) says the team has taken ownership

    middle (6hrs):

    + transferring funds into dollars, at the outside ATM, angry at (mother?), Indian man "who makes everyone happy" in parking lot at park, turns out he abused and murdered a child, I'm upset that I shook his hand

    + guest (cousin?) in large family, girls playing naked turn out to be guys, go upstairs & view colorful constructions, closeup of car "guaranteed to win"

    + famous actor wanted the job, he kidnapped/locked up two children, they're filthy, poop on the trail, the boy dies, medical explanation with props on a table and petrie dishes

    + (lucid #97) strange eclipse/things in sky, stand up through roof in car and say "come take me away!", return to parking lot at park and replay the scene trying to calm angry guy (me?), lose lucidity, dead bird head in mouth between guy & girl during kiss

    I'm sitting in the back seat of a car driving on a straight highway at night, it's dark. I'm sitting on the left side and looking out the window into the night sky to the left. There are medium-sized rolling hills looming in the distance, and above the hill line are two groups of celestial objects. I'm looking at them and there's something odd about them. One is too large for a star, too small for a moon. It looks like an eclipse of several objects taking the same place. It's just too weird, I think "what's going on here?" I may be dreaming, I reach for my nose to do an RC, when my fingers pinch my nose I'm fully lucid without having to try to breathe since my nose feels wrong, insubstantial. I'm continuing to look out the window and right when I get lucid two bright star objects swoop down a bit and to the left from the eclipse cluster, I think they're acknowledging my lucidity. What to do? I'm traveling in a car at night with nobody around. I decide to exit car by standing up and phasing through the roof, I will face no resistance. I successfully stand up on the back seat with my upper body outside the car in the night. I look up to the stars/ships and call to them "Come and take me away!" but they do not come. I look forwards in the direction of travel and see only an infinite expanse of empty, featureless gray, it "feels" sort of depressing.

    I'm back in the parking lot with the angry-at-mother parking incident, but now I'm standing behind my former self who was angry, (now my son S2?), and I'm trying to calm him down, "take a deep breath", I'm rubbing his shoulders, he's still angry
    , I lose lucidity, we reach the area of the parked car and there's a scene that replays once to show the detail of how a bird flew down to the upholstered bench where a guy and girl are sitting, squeezed through the seat/back down to the ground where a (cat?) chewed it up, and then the guy kissed the girl but he had the dead head of the bird between his lips and transferred it to the girls' lips.

    late (8 hrs then 10 hrs?):

    + girl/woman has put the foot torture device on a man and is describing its features slowly turning up the pain levels as the man/they walk along

    +(f) infrequently used jazz room at the top of the stairs, how will I sleep?

    +(f) encounters on a stairway

    +(f) pulling/pushing luggage around

    +(f) someone pulls a thread on a costume, making it disappear (and burst into flames?)

    +(f) lots of interaction with people (students?) living in a large home
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Congratulations FryingMan!! I love the stars nod to your lucidity and your confidence rising through the roof! I've missed some night sky clues but always love when I catch them. I am guessing if your awareness isn't quite there it can be doing all kinds of crazy things and we would not realize it's a dream but it may be able to meet our awaress halfway at times.

      The bird head kiss was weird! That has to mean something!
    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Yeah and some quite strange things this new last night. I'm not big on dream interpretations -- I think it's all just a mishmash of thoughts, desires, and memories, with no further special "meaning." Saw a few dead birds being picked at by crows recently, and young couples making out on public transportation, so I guess they just got put together.

      Saw more stars last night, but this time they were "realistic" and I was taking a picture of them from bed out the window, and I caught a dramatic falling star moment on video -- fast fiery flash then smoke trails that vanish.