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    2015-11-28 LD#155 garden/gangster-house, elevator girl, bowling alley; ice skating, rest stop, drown

    by , 11-28-2015 at 12:13 PM (331 Views)
    + on a driving trip, pulling in to a rest stop area. There are facilities, some are public, some are private, they seem like just lines of closets, some small, some large/long. One has cafeteria, guys with mugs with logos, enter, (talk to woman/), under a tent (wife?) is holding a giant bull penis, about 2 feet long and fist-thick and erect, it wobbles as if made of rubber, I'm standing by a fence, and she throws it at me and I barely dodge out of the way. Later I see the penis thing again with a bloody "bone" spot in the middle of its cross section where it was cut off on the bottom)

    + outdoors daylight, wide open empty plain, a guy is shooting a shotgun into the sky and the pellets are refelcting/falling back down off from the sky onto a large incline full of barrels and hitting the barrels. Then it's night and the guy warns of the jackals coming. I hear growling and see two little green reflective eyes in the distance. Start running and one is near me, I have no gun, it seems to be feigning injury, may be a trick, I'm fighting it off with a stick. The jackals dig into the sand like an arrow and launch themselves at you. Then it turns into a large human baby but I know it's a jackal, it's slippery, I'm at the edge of the sea and know I must down this thing. I get a grip and hold it under the waves, it struggles, I feel very uncomfortable about this as it looks like a human, it turns red, and becomes bloated and drowns and dies, the guy is which me and says "oh man do you think it was a real baby?" I say no, turn it upside down, it is a hollow plastic shell, empty inside except for some straps rolled up and taped against the insides, on the outer rim the words "Human Con" is written in small letters ("human container?"). I say "if this was real, there would be a stomach, heart, lungs, etc. in here".

    + ice skating rink: race (did I participate? I think I could do OK), following girl going counter-clockwise, doing front-crossovers, I'm on hockey skates, girl likes the center ice because it is smooth, it's for figure skating practice.

    WBTB, long BTS, much day dreaming, find determination to sleep/dream more, eventually fall back asleep.

    + FA LD#155 I find myself awake in bed feeling frisky and "ready for action", so I turn to wife and start initiating contact, she seems receptive and we start embracing. Then I notice that across the living room out the window and into the neighboring house there is a figure standing at a window behind a thin curtain I think he's watching us, and very well may see us. So I get up and walk to the wall and close the curtains (the guy turns away as I do this?), return to bed (glimpse of other people walking in other rooms of our house?). I notice that there is a short curtain that has partially closed over the front of the TV set as well and think this is funny/interesting (it's in "solidarity" with the other curtain I just closed). My wife is then up and at the sliding glass door and lets in a little dog, she says something about someone bringing it for us, little dog comes running in, it's supposed to be just like our [deceased] dog L, he lifts his leg and pees on a scooter leaning against the wall near the bed. I think to myself, "now, if that dog looked more like 'L', I'd have to do a reality check!", I do a few nose pinches anyway, determine I can breathe, and get lucid. I immediately head out the sliding glass door to the garden and look around. I immediately see large rock formations against the back of the garden fence. They're very impressive. It is bright daylight outside. I walk to the center of the rectangular back yard, noticing all the stuff lying around, and remember my desire to narrate during LDs. I slow down and pay attention, and I start hearing birds chirping, it sounds and looks and feels *just like* a typical suburban garden. I start saying out loud what I see, "my old red/white/blue basketball [lying on the ground among the wood chips], a lovely BBQ, [turn around look behind me] pink flowers [like lilies, cone shaped] growing in a bush", I see a basketball hoop above the flowers. There is so much to see in this garden, if I narrate everything it will take the whole dream?! I see my wife walking ahead of me in the garden, still feel frisky, should I have sex with her? Decide: no.

    I raise my eyes beyond the garden and see a neighboring house a ways across the hill, super tall (5-6 stories) and non-level sloping roof line sloping up from left [low] to right [higher]. I want to fly up to the roof of that house. I push off against the ground and aim my intention at the top of the roof. But instead, I go straight up very high into the air, several times higher than the roof of the neighbor house. I lose speed and start falling back down, and aim myself to the roof of the house and land there. It is a rich house with lots of security. I want to enter (there are hot girls in there?). The lock on the door seems like a game: you have to request something, do a quest, and return with the answer in order to get in, I think "screw that" and make a "throw away" gesture with my right arm and the door is ripped off its hinges. Inside, video game looking vague bad guys are shooting rifles/guns at me. I run through the hallway straight ahead, making squeezing gestures with my fists and they all "pop" and disappear. Then I know I have to face the boss of the place.

    (discontinuity? Loss of lucidity)

    I turn round a tight corner and enter a very small (one-two person) elevator, I know there's a girl there? There is, and I'm very excited at the prospect of making out with her. She is a petite "hostess" emo girl, not super pretty, with hair hanging down in front of her eyes. She seems annoyed/not welcoming attention. I face her and brush the hair off her face, she's wearing dark red lipstick and has a small mouth. She asks "How long will you want me for/will you be here?" She says that she was with a new customer "and [she] can make a lot of money." I take her in my arms and her whole body is trembling. I understand that the manager sent her to me, but that this interrupted her visit with another customer, I say "you're trembling, are you angry that you were interrupted?", (she indicates yes?), I talk to her and soothe her, tell her it's OK I don't want to take her from her other customer. I kiss her lightly on the cheek. I realize she's stopped trembling, (I say "see it's better now?"), elevator reaches the top, and I give her a light kiss on the lips, we go our separate ways. If the manager sees we're not together, he may get angry with her and she'd have to bring him to me, if that happens, I wonder if I should say she ditched me? No, won't do that.

    Turn around, pass a manager telling waiter next to the kitchen to stop giving out breakfast menus (I see the pile and think I should take one because I want an omlet, but don't), keep going, enter large area (bowling alley?), just before I turn the corner I hear my instrument playing warm-ups, uh oh is it a rehearsal? I don't want to go, I'll tell them my instrument is in for repairs ["remember" this as being true anyway], sit down with group at a table, young guy waiter taking orders, look at menu seems to be pictures of burgers, I ask if breakfast is still available (I want that omelet!), he leaves to ask goes around corner, I say "bet he won't be back for 20 minutes". Briefly see plate of burger and fries on the table (then why did they order if they already have food?)
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Great that you remembered so much of the garden scene!

      I can understand what you mean about finding a balance of focus. This is actually something I struggle with IWL sometimes, when I'm trying to be mindful and find myself focusing too much on "being mindful".
      The way I use narration in dreams is by choosing interesting things that I'd really like to remember specific details of. I do this especially for TotMs where I need to remember a description or dialogue, but I wouldn't want to do it throughout an entire dream. I do find that narration can help me to notice more details, which can really bring out the vividness of a dream scene, but I also feel like trying to remember all of those details can take away from the experience in the moment. I usually decide in the dream whether I would really value just taking in everything without worrying about how many details I retain, or whether it's something I'd like to recall very specific details of for writing/analysing when I'm awake.
      I'd like to think there's a third option that incorporates both, and I suspect WL mindfulness practices would help a lot with finding that balance in dreams, too. Let me know if you make any progress with this - I'd love to have the best of both worlds!
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