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    2016-02-17 LD#176 clear night scene, lightsaber fight, sexy time w/hot blonde; strange conflict;

    by , 02-17-2016 at 09:14 AM (309 Views)
    to bed late (not by choice), ~1am

    + team-based conflict. Sabotage: one guy used an incendiary clicking device to attempt to ignite the underground gas lines via the electrical outlets and blow up several city blocks. "You can't escape" he called out. I ran anyway. Through a door, a guy far stronger than me was pursuing, but I had prepared a small pitch-fork just outside the door and picked it up and stabbed him putting him on the ground, and I called for reinforcements and they beat him up on the ground.

    + (f) returning to the cages, a tiny (female?) dog had been rewarded and entered the cage of my old dog "L". L came along later?

    alarm @ 5.5 hrs, very tired, got family member up, back to bed. Alarms are terrible for recall. I had to reach to remember the above.

    eventually summoned the will to stop following random thought chains and implement my Back To Sleep Mojo (tm) with the intent of lucid dreams. It worked again

    BTS mojo: start with deep breathing. Totally relax and let go of everything: tension, thoughts, all trying and effort. There is a very special "sinking" feeling for a moment at the end of a long exhale when you successfully let go of tension and start to sink deeper. What I do then is try to hold on to that "deep sinking" feeling, including during inhales and exhales. While breathing, I sometimes imagine I'm breathing through my "3rd eye" in the middle of my forehead. Breathing in dream energy and breathing out tension and thoughts. HI may begin during this time. Try not to focus on them, but simply remain lightly aware of them.

    + I'm walking outside in an apartment complex (small, 2 story) in between buildings. It is dark (early morning I think). I hear a sound to the left and look up and see a man through a large sliding glass door [DREAM SIGN], he's doing remodeling in his apartment. He's using a scraper on the glass door, and it's really squeaky and noisy, I think it's rude to be doing that at this early hour, it could bother the neighbors.

    The building on the right of me also has a glass wall on the 2nd floor apartment, I know there's a woman in there I'd like to sneak a peek at. I'm staying below the window and trying to remain unseen. (The light comes on?) I sense she's walking around in her robe. I hide under the overhang, and her legs in the reflection of the glass via a building to the left. I think that means she may be able to see me, too.

    At one point my wife comes out and I try to hide but she sees me, she's in her bathing suit I guess she's going for a swim/sauna, but she doesn't suspect me.

    LD#176 (2/10 goal for LDs for remainder of Feb)
    I felt sure I was waking lucid in "my room" in the dark. The room seemed right. I sit up on the side of my bed, and notice vague bits of furniture about, including an alarm clock? [false]. I have a small bit of trouble maneuvering out of bed, but made it OK. Decided to head outside and fly into the night sky and explore the city at night and have fun. Pretty high awareness, and very clear. I get outside and look up at the sky. I think the stars were "beautiful" but in retrospect they were pixelated like computer graphics, and the sky was rather gray not black. The stars were swirling around the sky a bit, interesting. I went to take off flying into the sky and I hear suddenly and unexpectedly a very creepy male voice behind me that startled me and freaked me out a bit, he barked out some statement that I didn't understand. I took off and looked behind me and very very clear and vividly saw two guys on top of the roof of a building. I circled around to go fight them. summoned my lightsaber in to my hand, at first it was the size of a pen with tiny little bumps on each end like a miniature dumbbell from the gym. I reached over with my right hand and "pulled" it which extended it, at first too large, then pushed back a bit and got it to be the perfect size. landed, hit the "on" button expecting awesome sound and visuals (but they were kind of weak like usual), and started fighting. There were several opponents and more coming it seems. Tried force lightning on a 3rd guy who came on me from the right: extended my right arm straight and made a "claw" with my fingers, but managed only a few sparks at best. impaled several guys with the blade at close distance with lunges, one in the chest, one in the face. several good swipes, but just not the vivid blade and effects that I want. There was a bit of resistance to swinging the blade, like swinging a sword in water.
    I'm losing the fight, they're getting their attacks in close to me. The main opponent almost got a swing (he had a lightsaber too I think) to land on me, I had to sacrifice my saber to block it and then jumped backwards off of a pier to escape. In the distance in the water some people are standing on a platform.
    I climb back up on to the pier a bit away from the fight and look at who's here. It's sort of an open area, looks like a party is going on. Right in front of me, my attention is grabbed right away by a lovely blonde woman in a sexy, revealing, white evening dress. Her hair is in a medium-length braid down her back, and her right side is facing me.

    Spoiler for sexy time, explicit:
    the dream fades.

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