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    2020-09-16 random short scenes

    by , 09-16-2020 at 06:39 AM (91 Views)
    bed-time 12:15

    wakings: ~02:00, ~04:00 [long BTS despite still being groggy, g/f very noisy, some 4-7-8 breathing and breath focus, quick tense/release, "don't think", exhale all tension on exhale] 07:30
    out of bed: 08:00

    early wakings:
    + (f, vague) chess position thoughts

    final waking:

    + baby blue, tank-like garbage truck lunges out of the parking lot into the street, I hop out of the way, it has a "cow catcher" front, totally closed, no windows

    + pulling off the highway (to exit?) to the shoulder, the shoulder quickly becomes loose wet sand with ditches, we'll get stuck if we go farther, I call to the driver to stop

    + naked (and excited [clearly visible]) male wrestlers trying to hide the fact from the (coach? ref?) that one of them has climaxed during the bout. One of the wrestlers is smaller and weaker than the other and has thin arms

    +(f) walking along some ledge in a cave

    + time to board an airplane, the counter agents are calling out the boarding order, I'm not in the first class but I'm towards the front of the line, so I'm wondering if it's my turn yet, we go forwards towards the plane, and [DJ-time recall:] through a large concessions area there there are a lot of gooey and tasty looking pastries, and I'm thinking that people will buy these and take them on the plane. Other tourists are talking about / thinking of buying fur (mink?) stoles (?)

    + [fairly vivid] clearing snow from the streets (in Seattle?). There's a crew with a lawn-mower sized snow/ice breaker/plow, and they're moving it along a long, straight (waterfront) area with cars parked on the right. An older man is running the snow breaker, he puts it over a chunk of snow and it has grinders inside that chew up the ice/snow (and spit it out?)

    + getting our tickets punched by the conductor, the location of the punch on a large red and white card indicates somehow the location of the seat? He says "oh so you're all together?" I'm standing and looking at the large laminated red/white seat map and wondering about the meaning of the punch location. One of the punches is made on the border

    + discussion with a young woman about the weather properties of "some burrough of New York?" and I keep making incorrect statements like "it is located along a large body of water, that's why the weather is moderate" that she contradicts and corrects; ) overhead, [DO] scene of a map of street arterials between regions, then the scene shows a foot-path moving into a building (fast food restaurant?) where people walk to stand in line to buy tickets, brief impression of a ticket buying transaction at the counter
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