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    2020-10-03 brief recall, decent sleep

    by , 10-03-2021 at 07:36 AM (114 Views)
    Recall meh, a fair bit of dreaming but it just sort of evaporated:
    2mg melatonin at bedtime (~ 23:00)
    final get up out of bed: ~08:00

    + [something about N&A? Forgotten]

    + [vague: racing in a vehicle?]

    + drinking from a water bottle, shared between me and 3 little kids lying down in a heap in front of me. I tap the kid at the top of the pile on the head to get him to pass me the water bottle. It has one of those short foldable stiff drinking tubes built into the lid. I give the water back, and then ask for it again. There is a girl there who sings a little phrase [MEM].

    + I'm managing a drug distribution operation disguised within a fast food chain (KFC by the coloring: red and white); a cop is there observing and I think he may bust us. I'm standing to the right of the counter and the cop is standing to the left, we're both watching the action of the servers behind the counter. It is very busy, there are several servers bustling around, and a long line of customers in front of the counter.

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