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    2021-09-01 failed WILD, handful of short fragments

    by , 09-01-2021 at 10:35 AM (116 Views)
    bedtime ~ 00:15 (too late!)
    final waking: ~08:20

    Failed WILD from 4 to ~6 hours after bedtime disrupted REM and sleep rhythm, resulting in low awareness, fragmented, short dreams when I finally did manage to get back to sleep (approx ~6 to 8 hours)

    Felt sufficiently drowsy, but spent too long thinking about overly-stimulating thoughts/dream goals.
    Once or twice got to hypnagogic imagery (a bright orange fire in the distance).
    Had to focus 100% on prolonged total mind and body relaxation in order to sleep, had to turn over several times because of arms going a bit numb

    + Playing indoor soccer with another woman against the Queen of England, using a transparent beach ball containing some papers, the other woman is hogging the ball, I get a couple of kicks and finally score a goal

    + My fiance and I are eating some baked goods in the kitchen, I see some more on the counter and reach for it, but she doesn't want me to eat it

    + My cousins are holding a crafts workshop, it's a sort of race building things out of large-sized double-tipped cotton ear swabs on a mini-loom-contraption, I have to use it right-handed so will probably lose

    + [f] I kick a soccer ball, it goes straight, I think about kicking technique and ball angle, I think I made a pretty good shot

    + observing a football play, the offensive quarterback is fumbling/juggling the football, then heads backwards into tall grass to hide [goes into hospital beyond grass?]

    + friend is selling time-limited internet access coupons on the side of the road, there are several foreign customers paying foreign currency, one buys one coupon, another buys a handful, I think this is a surprisingly profitable business

    + inside a room, there is a row of work booths with lower and upper levels, I think there is not much room inside, you can't stand up in them

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