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    1. 2021-09-02 weak-ish recall, a lot forgotten

      by , 09-02-2021 at 07:04 AM
      Bedtime too late + too much arguing on FB right before bed + too late dinner = weak recall

      conclusion: GET TO BED BEFORE MIDNIGHT. 22:30-23:00 preferable.
      Stop arguing on Facebook. It's like teaching a pig to sing: it just wastes your time, and annoys the pig (Mark Twain).
      Take time to calm the mind.

      At least I slept a pretty solid almost 8 hours.

      Bedtime: 00:20
      final Wake: 08:00

      + earlier very active dreams, lots of people [DS] busily doing various tasks, details forgotten

      + in a large, rectangular exercise room, I'm at the entrance on a long wall, my son and a woman on the opposite wall right corner from me, on their stomachs, doing very high back bends. Their upper torsos and arms are raised high in the air, they're amazed themselves, and say that there is (some force?) aiding their ability to do this high back bends so easily. I try myself, I enter the room, turn to face where I entered, and showed that I was able to also do very high back bend, without the aid of this force. I tell them to come over to me and the other corner and to try there (they do?). I go to the corner where they were and do another high back bend, I do not see the difference and think there is probably no force.

      A woman clerk comes up to me and is perplexed about the backbend force, and then the topic becomes something about cosmetic products on a shelf (?)