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    2022-12-02 comp night #1

    by , 12-02-2022 at 09:13 AM (306 Views)
    Competition night #1
    2022-12-02 [morning of]


    + [f] = fragment
    + = dream
    [true] [false] memory notes, true or false
    [DS] = dream sign
    (?) = unsure about some detail
    [vivid, etc] = notes about dream quality
    CH = Childhood Home and surrounding neighborhood

    Bedtime ~ 00:00 2022-12-02

    ~ 02:20 am

    + [f] Outdoors in a courtyard, daylight, some spare buildings around, there's a conversation about driving


    + [long, fairly vivid, weak awareness] Sniper game in CH [DS]. Team based gun/rifle combat game based around CH. There is a sniper set up in a tree in the neighboring home. I'm very carefully trying to circle around on the street outside to the right, I encounter several enemies. I return to the CH base and pick up a long sniper-style rifle from the armory and return back to the street, and shoot the enemies with my rifle. Head shots, body shots, several different enemies. The bullets move very slowly and I have to continue aiming with my rifle at the desired target spot on their bodies while the bullet is stil in flight. I continue to lie low and make a very large circle to the right. I end up moving through city urban areas and inside businesses, one is a restaurant with a lot of people who are all hostile to me and my team, I try to quickly exit through a back door which is locked.

    Outside at night I see a 2-3 story house with lots of angles on the roof, covered in snow, and I see my dog F walking around on the roof.

    I'm with wife L and there are some magazine/large booklets (thick) with objectionable material [DS]. I'm trying to move them/bury them so that they are not discovered.

    + I'm with my mom in her bedroom in CH sitting on the bed working with an automated computer reading / translation program, it's very convenient because it automatically highlights words which you don't know and displays them on the screen with the meaning. I comment to her how convenient this is, what a neat program. I'm continuing to try to hide the magazines from her, I'm shuffling them under other things to keep them hidden. I stand up and then return and see that the entire bed has been unmade with the blankets all piled up, I'm worried the magazines were discovered, I can't find them. I can't remember if I stuffed them in a drawer or not.

    Outside daylight, walking in the middle of the street with cars driving around me, I'm standing waiting at red lights, cars are passing me on my right. Pass a house where Mark Rippetoe from Starting Strength is holding a big BBQ in his garabge. Lots of people, huge industrial sized grills, and the steaks are huge and thick, each one about 2 square feet in size, there are about 20 of them packed closely together on the grills. There is a narrated comment "nobody justifies the contents of the magazines."

    [~ 6am, WBTB, short MILD and setting intent to get lucid in dreams]
    [looong BTS, takes lots of relaxation, throat lotus visualization]


    + At work at company B [true past company] [DS], I'm concerned that I'm not coming to work enough [DS], we're going to lunch, colleague AfMn is there but I don't want him to see me(?) we walk down the building's stairwell, and I see a heap of clothing at the bottom of the stairs, and I'm trying to determine if there is a person in there or not. It's very bulky like a fireman's uniform. Don't see a person/body in side. Outdoors I'm waiting by the car, and I see Stef.Pod. [company R] doing a forwards shuffling moon-walk nearby, then he becomes uni friend FrGrd as he approaches the car.

    I walk to my boat [false] which is moored in the city in a large open but covered space. The boat is completely open and I'm worried that random bums might sleep in it or mess with/ruin it. I look around a bit and do not see anybody. The back section has a roof and hatches that can be slid into a closed position, and I do this, sliding the hatches closed.


    + Inside with two girls. The question is which one of us one girl will be with. She goes outside. I decide to go after her and make a pass. I'm naked at "at attention" and I run outside with everything waving in the breeze. She looks at me and runs back inside [haha], she wants to be with the other girl.

    + [f] sitting around a table (with a flower arrangement on it?), the theme is that our jobs are protected

    [several more late dreams/frags, forgotten]

    final waking 10:12 am

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    1. DoctorFoxy's Avatar
      The [DS] might be handy, *steals it to use in my DJs aswell*

      Though it's questionable you didn't put it after
      I'm naked at "at attention" and I run outside with everything waving in the breeze
      , implying you do that often in awake life?

      Also, what's CH?
    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Haha. No, dream sign means for me something that repeats frequently in dreams. Yeah, that scenario is definitely dream-like, but doesn't repeat all that often, heh.

      CH = Childhood Home, I should add that to the key