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    1. Dreams change - Forest nymphs and computer games

      , 09-26-2011 at 04:11 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Continued from: Dreams change - A stay at an ice hotel on another world - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I can hear voices. They are very gentle voices whispering unknown names.
      I feel like I'm floating.
      Am I in SP? Am I dreaming? Am I dreaming within the dream?
      I try to open my eyes but I can't.
      I can't feel my eyes, in fact, I can't feel my body at all.
      But I remain calm, I'm not worried at all.
      I like the whispering voices, they are so calm.

      Once of the voices gradually becomes louder:

      "Wake up sleepy head!"

      Huh? what? My eyes finally open.
      Yuya is leaning over me.

      "You weren't kidding when you told me you were a deep sleeper."
      "How late is it? It feels way too early to get up."
      "Does it matter? You do realize that you're technically asleep anyways yes?"

      ... oh... OH!

      I get our of bed.

      "I forgot."
      "Of course... don't forget to breathe. "

      I don't get that she's making fun of me at first, and think about whether I have to breathe or not.
      As soon as I get out of bed I realize how cold it still is.
      I realize that I'm still in the same bedroom as before, but the thought is very vague and in the back of my head.

      I start rubbing my hands instinctively.

      "No... I'm... stabilizing?"
      "Does the dream seem unstable to you?"

      I can literally feel everything.

      "Then stop rubbing your hands and let's do something productive, alright? "
      "Yes... how about we go somewhere... a bit less cold?"
      "It's an interesting experience for sure, but I think I've had enough of it."
      "Haha, alright, let's go to the other side of the planet, I think you're gonna prefer it over there."

      She does the bubble teleport trick again. I have no idea how it works, but it is very quick.

      We end up in a new location. It feels a bit dark at first, but my eyes quickly adapt.
      In fact I very quickly acquire the surreal version I've experienced quite a few times in my dreams.
      The landscape looks amazing!

      Everything is sort of dark, yet anything that emits light is so colorful and bright.
      The contrast between things is extreme.

      "There's a small village right over there."

      We're walking towards it slowly, I'm in no hurry.
      I really enjoy just being here. Everything is so beautiful,
      the temperature is just right, and there's a nice breeze of fresh air.

      I take a closer look at Yuya as we walk along this path, discussing random things.
      My vision is so good, I can see the pores on her skin.
      She's so beautiful...

      "Are you staring?"
      "Err... it's... for science!"
      "Haha... you monster. "

      The portal reference amuses me.

      We have to cross a bridge before entering.
      There's a few funny looking animals floating in the sky above the bridge.
      They all look like they belong in the sea rather than the sky, but they're interesting to look at nevertheless.

      Everything is so colorful. I really love it when I have this surreal vision.
      I should focus on it more often.

      We finally enter the village.
      It is inhabited by humanoids.
      I've met their kind before, they're very similar to humans, except they are in some kind of symbiosis with plants.
      You can see it very clearly if you look at their hair, because it's intermixed with plants growing out of their heads.
      It looks kinda cool. Some of them also have wings.

      We sit down at a bar out in the open. It's a really nice evening.
      I suddenly realize that even though I'm always intrigued and amazed by these alien creatures,
      I never actually talk to them.
      It's time to change that.
      There's a women sitting with us at the bar, why not talk to her?

      "Hey, I'm Hyu, nice to meet you!"

      Well, that might have been a bit formal.
      She looks at me curiously.

      "Hey! What species are you?"
      "I'm human."
      "Ooh, interesting! Spirit or dreamer?"
      "I'm dreaming."

      Oh wait, that's right. I AM dreaming.
      Well, I guess I haven't really forgotten, I just haven't thought about it for some time.

      "So, what do you do?"
      "What do you mean?"
      "In waking life, what do you do?"
      "I err..."

      Yuya looks at me funny.

      "He's programming computer games."
      "Oh, what's that?"

      I'm not sure how to explain, but I can feel Yuya's thoughts,
      which make it quite clear that all 3 of us could simply share our thoughts and
      my explanations would make perfect sense.

      So I proceed to explain what computer games are, and what programming them involves.
      I'm really surprised by how well she understands everything, she is super excited to hear
      about virtual games from another world.
      Yuya becomes rather interested as well and we end up discussing what I am currently working on.

      I talk about quadtree terrain, tesselation, atmospheric scattering, all sorts of things,
      and everything makes perfect sense to them.
      Even though I find some of the topics rather difficult, because they're rather new to me,
      I am able to explain everything perfectly.
      This is a lot more difficult in waking life.
      Explaining what a quadtree is, and why it's useful for terrain is usually enough to fuck with people's minds.

      Yuya and the other girl keep asking questions about computer games.
      I try to show both of them a few games by projecting memories of playing them into their minds.
      I end up showing them a few images from Portal, and they find the game concept amazing.
      Logic puzzles seem to be very popular in the dream world.

      After some time I feel the dream drifting away.
      That's really unfortunate, I'm enjoying myself a lot.
      I can't seem to prevent it by willpower though, and I'd feel stupid spinning around.

      "Aww... I'm waking up..."

      The words don't really leave my mouth, they just echo in my mind.
      I wake up...

      It's only after a few seconds that I realize how long this dream lasted.
      My mind must be playing tricks on me, because combined with the last dream,
      this felt like it lasted for at least half a day easily.
    2. Dreams change - A stay at an ice hotel on another world

      , 09-26-2011 at 02:49 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I neglected my online DJ quite a bit. :/
      I'll try to update it more regularly again.

      I'm walking around my room when I suddenly spot an owl sitting on the frame of a window leading outside.
      I get a déjà-vu feeling. This doesn't come as too much of a surprise though, this very thing happened today in waking life.

      (It did, I actually managed to film him for a minute or so. )

      I am dreaming.
      The owl flies away as I approach the window. That's kind of unfortunate, I wanted to pet it.
      Looking outside the window I notice that everything looks rather weird.
      For one, the colors are off, but the shapes of the trees don't seem to be correct either.
      Everything looks close to it's waking life counterpart, but at the same time, it couldn't be more different.

      This is kind of weird, and I decide to jump out of the window to investigate.
      I don't feel the impact of landing at all, the dream probably isn't very stable.
      I start rubbing my hands, to get some feeling into my dream body.
      As I do this I notice that the whole sky changes.
      Huh? this is odd.
      It suddenly starts to snow, even though there are no clouds in the sky, and it doesn't really feel that cold?

      Just as I think that, I can suddenly feel the icy breeze. What the heck?
      I decide to take my shirt off, to feel the cold even more strongly to hopefully further stabilize the dream.
      This has worked once in the past, it might work again.
      Unfortunately it doesn't really strengthen my senses though.
      I can still feel the coldness, but the feeling is quite dull.
      The colors aren't very vivid either, and rubbing my hands doesn't feel right.

      I turn around and notice that my house is gone.
      This dream isn't stable at all, this isn't working.
      I decide to try something I have thought of a few times.
      I will wake myself up, then try to DEILD and hopefully end up in a more stable dream.
      I close my eyes and wait for a bit, focusing on not opening my eyes.

      I wake up within seconds, and my eyes open just a tiny bit before I'm able to stop.
      After some light flashing, which I don't really think about, I seem to fall back asleep.

      I'm not entirely certain that I have begun dreaming yet, but I open my eyes anyways.
      Yep, definitely dreaming!
      I get up and rub my hands again, this time it feels much more realistic.
      Great! I summon my phoenix wings and teleport to Teraluna, hoping to meet up with Yuya.

      After meeting up we stroll over the local market, discussing random things.
      I end up telling her about the dream I had previous to this one.

      "Something has changed, my dreams feel different..."
      "How so?"
      "Colors for example. My dreams used to be dominated by cold colors, but they aren't anymore."
      "Then there's coldness, I have only recently started to experience dreams where I was cold."
      "Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike it at all, but for some reason it feels so weird."
      "Haha, don't worry about it, your perception can change over time, it's perfectly natural."

      "Yeah... if only the cold would feel remotely as enjoyable in waking life."
      "You really seem to enjoy it in dreams, you've mentioned it before."
      "Hey, wanna go visit the temple of ice on Twi'jur?"

      "Uuh... sure, why not?"

      I'm a bit worried that I won't make the transition to a new place without waking up.
      This dream has been going on for some time now.
      I try to suppress that thought though, it won't do me any good.

      Yuya performs some sort of trick to create a teleportation bubble.
      It's the first time I'm seeing it, she usually draws portals.

      We end up inside a big room, which reminds me of an hotel reception.
      I shiver from the cold... this place is completely made out of ice!

      I wonder if ice hotels look anything like this in waking life... well, probably not.
      We start walking up a spiral staircase, which is made out of ice as well.
      The ice is very clear and you can see through the stairs.
      My feet start hurting really bad from walking on the ice barefoot.
      It really burns. I wanted to ignore it at first, but it just becomes too painful over time.

      I decide to channel a tiny bit of energy into my feet, to heat them up.
      I can feel a tiny layer of ice melting under my feet, and the pain immediately goes away.

      "Try not to melt the whole place down, yes?"
      "Haha, no worries."

      Thinking about it, Yuya doesn't seem cold at all.
      We reach a higher level of the building we're in, which is a lot more lively than it was downstairs.
      There are different kind of humanoid creatures walking and flying around.
      I spot many fairy type creatures with ice wings.
      I'm assuming that they're the natural inhabitants of this place.

      We stop at some kind of shop... they're selling ice creams, sweet!
      It seems like you can only get a single scoop of ice cream at a time.
      Yuya and I both get one.
      She's sort of staring at me, waiting for me to eat my ice cream which I find a bit weird.
      I decide to do something funny and put the whole thing in my mouth with a single bite.

      "What... what are you doing?"

      I realize I can't swallow, it's too big.
      But I know just what to do, I channel some energy into my mouth, melting the ice cream, and swallow everything at once.
      It was still quite a bit colder than I anticipated though.
      I get a massive brain freeze, it hurts so much that my vision blacks out for a second.

      "Haha, what are you doing? You don't learn, do you?"
      "Nope. This is the correct way of eating ice cream, I insist! "

      We did something after that, but I cannot recall what it was.

      It's getting late and we're both tired.
      Fortunately this seems to be an hotel and we get a room for the night.
      To my disappointment, the bed is made out of ice as well.
      Sure, there are some cloth covers over it, but this is going to be a cold night.
      It's probably going to be uncomfortably hard as well.

      "I can't promise that I'm not going to melt through this during the night."
      "Haha, please don't do that, I don't want to drop into the room below us midnight."
      "That would be quite awkward... but insanely hilarious."
      "No doubt, I still suggest you keep your firey spells to a minimum."
      "Alright alright. "

      Sharing a bed doesn't feel uncomfortable anymore.
      I remember that it felt really awkward the first few times after I started inducing lucid dreams,
      but for some reason it abruptly stopped.
      I'm much more confident around Yuya, I like it.

      The bed isn't as uncomfortable and as cold as I thought it would be.
      Still, I'd prefer it do be warmer.
      My vision quickly starts blacking out.
      No wonder, it feels like this dream has lasted for hours, there's no way I can keep it up for longer...

      Continued: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/hyu/...r-games-24512/

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    3. Totm attempts / Hibiscus girl / Destiny

      , 09-13-2011 at 02:51 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I wasn't really able to write these down until now, I just had lots of things to do.
      I have noticed that my dream recall has been acting a bit weird over the past few days.
      I just seem to remember a ton of dreams, though most of them are very vague and fragmented.
      My dreams don't seem to be more vivid or any longer though, so I'm not really sure if it's "better".
      Nevertheless it feels weird remembering like ~10 different fragments a day.
      These are a few interesting ones.

      Totm Attempt #1: Butterfly
      I WILD during an afternoon nap, trying to complete the Totm.
      I'm quite confident that I'll manage to succeed on the first try.

      My dream starts on "the beach".
      For some reason some of my WILD's randomly seem to start out on this beach.
      It always looks the same, and it is always dusk.
      I remember the Totm and approach the water in order to walk on it.
      This is going to be easy I have done this many times before.

      But as I approach the beach I suddenly spot a butterfly.
      It is extremely colorful, with very colorful and vivid patterns on its wings.
      It's emitting glowing particles.
      I follow it, intrigued as to where it is going and completely forget about the Totm.

      Totm Attempt #2:
      I have another dream of being lost in an unknown hotel.
      I become lucid and remember the Totm.
      The dream is unstable and I'm not thinking very clearly.
      Instead of stabilizing, I start running around aimlessly, attempting to find a water surface.
      The dream quickly fades to black and ends.

      The hibiscus girl:
      I had another dream about the hibiscus girl: Another mysterious woman / Emotional and sensory overload - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      Unfortunately my recall of it is quite bad.

      This time we are on the surface of another planet.
      She has a red hibiscus attached to her left ear, looking very similar to the one drawn on her bikini last time.
      We're having a discussion, I demand to know who she is.
      She refuses to tell me though.
      It seems clear by now that she is reading my DJ, I'm considering that she might be a DV member.
      I make the comment that she has an "unfair advantage" over me, because she's able to read my DJ, yet I know nothing about her.

      But she keeps denying my requests, and says that she likes being in control.
      I remember that last time she was able to drag me to another place by simply looking into my eyes.
      I attempt to do the same thing to her, and manage to drag her to the beach.

      This surprises her quite a bit, but it also seems to amuse her.
      I say that I never stated that I write everything down in my online DJ, she might be in for a few surprises.
      She makes a comment that makes me believe that this is some sort of game to her.
      I somehow understand this reasoning though and begin to share it.

      Totm Attempt #3:
      I decide to attempt the Totm yet again. I'm determined to complete both tasks.
      I do it during an afternoon nap yet again since I had some success last time, except that I got distracted.

      Surprisingly, I enter the dream on the beach yet again.
      This time I decide to stabilize the dream though, and calm my mind.
      I rub my hands and slowly approach the sea.
      I feel the sand beneath my toes. It's still moderately warm.

      For some reason I'm a bit nervous as I start walking on the water surface.
      Oddly enough I seem to be afraid to fail, even though I've done it many times before.
      Fortunately, it works flawlessly.
      I walk on the water, deeper into the sea with my arms stretched out for additional balance.

      Alright, so far so good, controlling elements is next.
      I look at my right hand and make it catch on fire.
      This is quite straightforwards as I have manipulated fire many times before.
      But what other element could I possibly manipulate?
      Water...? No. That's probably too hard.

      I create an arc of lightning between two of my fingers.
      I think that I have completed the Totm for a moment, but then realize that lighting isn't exactly one of the 4 elements.
      What were the other ones again?
      Fire, Water... Earth? I wouldn't know what to do with earth...
      Wind it is.

      I compress some of the air around me into my right fist and release it forwards.
      This creates a shock and air is propelled forwards.
      The pressure upsets the water surface.

      I'm not really satisfied with the result though.
      I do the same thing again, this time compressing much more air.
      This time it creates a small tornado, that runs flat over the water surface.
      It lifts some of it up and sprays it all over the place.

      I'm quite satisfied, and happy that I managed to complete both tasks within a single dream.
      I decide to dive into the sea to see if I'll find something interesting, but it doesn't take long until I wake up.

      After a long time, I've started having dream fragments of "Destiny" yet again: Recurring dream about a spaceship mission to find extraterrestrial life. - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      None of them drove "the plot" forward though.
      I was always on board the Destiny completing a random task.
      My memories of the dream fragments are quite vague.
    4. Another mysterious woman / Emotional and sensory overload

      , 09-04-2011 at 04:00 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I wake up after about 9 hours of sleep. (weekends ftw)
      I remember a mess of short and unstable dream fragments, but none of them seem interesting...
      For some reason I feel like if I try to fall back asleep I might have an awesome dream though,
      plus I'm not in the mood to get up yet whatsoever.
      It doesn't take long until I fall asleep.

      I'm at some kind of hotel, searching for my room, but I'm a bit lost.
      I wander around hoping to randomly find it. I cannot even seem to recall what it looks like. (This is a recurring dream scenario)
      The only way to a new corridor is to walk through a gym shower room which I find a bit odd.
      I enter it but accidentally hit a lever on one of the walls.
      All the showers turn on at once... oops?
      I turn the lever back down but it won't stop... shit.

      I start to become confused and slightly scared, why does this not work? Why can't I turn it off?
      I try other levers at random, but it just makes things worse.
      A few people are starting to notice, and are staring at me from the corridor.
      There's that scary sensation you get when a nightmare is about to start...

      But this gets me thinking. Lost in a hotel... searching for my room, this is a dream sign!

      I RC and sure enough, I'm dreaming.
      I casually walk out of the room, not really caring about it or the looks on the DC's faces anymore.
      They all look very confused at what they're seeing, except for one girl.
      She seems happy, even excited? Like she's about to engage me in conversation?
      But she doesn't, and I walk right past her... weird...

      ... I'm outside of the hotel. I sit down at the last free table to have dinner.
      I look at the menu and order something.
      Whilst I hand the menu back to the waiter, I see that it was hiding the fact that another person had joined me at the table.
      It's the girl I've seen earlier when I was exiting the showers.

      "Can I join you?"

      Her having seen the shower thing makes me uncomfortable, but there's something about her that intrigues me...

      "Sure... I'm Hyu, nice to meet you."

      Wait... Hyu? Did I just tell her I'm called Hyu? ...
      Oh well, let's just leave it at that.
      But then suddenly the realization comes that I was lucid at the end of the shower scene.

      I'm still at the same hotel, which means I must still be dreaming.

      I look at the girl carefully, trying to find... something out of the ordinary I guess?
      But the scene is darkening... shit. Stabilize!
      It's too late, the scene vanishes...

      ... I'm at my hotel room with 3 friends. We want to go out.
      I open the door to leave the room but I am greeted by a... grizzly bear?

      I casually close the door again, seeing as I must still be dreaming...
      A bear? ... Seriously?
      My friends are freaking out screaming things like: "It's a bear!!! We're all going to die!!!"
      How annoying... I unsummon them with a wave of my hand.
      Much better!

      The room is quite dark... not good.
      I start rubbing my hands, hoping to stabilize the dream, but it's not working.
      I rub them more vigorously, but then they nearly catch fire and I burn myself.
      What the heck? Well... this is obviously not working.
      I try to summon the small phoenix wings on my left arm to teleport myself to Teraluna...
      ... But all I get are a few sparkles shooting out of my arm, like the wing summoning procedure is sort of broken.
      I've had this happen before, I can't teleport if my dreams are unstable...
      I don't know what to do and I'm afraid I'm going to loose the dream.


      That startled me. I turn around. It's the same girl yet again.

      "Who are you?"

      Maybe it's Faye playing another of her pranks?
      I probe her aura... nope... there's no way this is Faye.
      But it's not the aura of a DC either, it's way too strong and vibrant for that.

      She holds out her hand to me.
      I feel adventurous and grab it.
      I look into her eyes and I am dragged into them...

      Suddenly I'm blinded by intense light.
      As my vision normalizes I see that I'm in... a rather special room?
      It's a very big apartment room, with glass walls.
      I must be in a skyscraper considering how high I am.
      It's night outside, I can overlook a rather big city.

      The room itself is very weird. It's like an insanely huge bath/pool room?
      There are pools, everywhere, connected by small waterfalls.
      Water is flowing pretty much from everywhere, showers integrated in the walls / ceiling, waterfalls somehow starting at the top of the room.

      "You like it?"

      The girl is now wearing a white bikini with a red flower drawn on it.
      She's beautiful... She has brown curly hair and bright white eyes. She's about my age.
      I'm still holding her hand and she's dragging me towards one of the smaller waterfalls.
      It smells great in here, and that watery breeze is just amazing.
      She takes a quick dive under the waterfall and comes back out.
      She clearly enjoys the water, you can easily see the passion in her eyes.

      "You haven't answered my question..."
      "I won't... I thought you had a thing for mysterious women?"
      "I do... but that doesn't change the fact that my curiosity is endless. But how would you know that?"
      "Hmm... isn't it obvious? I read about it."

      Hold on... did she read my DJ? Is she real?
      I'm not going to ask her, that would just be awkward, clearly she knows exactly what's going on.

      "I'm assuming your name is top secret as well?"
      "Haha, it totally is!"

      She runs one of her hands up my arm.
      Suddenly I get goose bumps. The feeling is EXTREME.
      What is this? It feels so insanely good.
      I brush over her cheek with two of my fingers and I see arcs of electricity moving between my fingers and her cheek.
      It feels so good, and I can clearly see that she's enjoying it was well.
      I can hear music playing... something electronic, ambient and calm.

      (something a bit like this)

      She hugs me and starts running her fingers down my back.
      I get a complete sensory overload.
      I can feel her fingers with every single skin cell in my back.
      I can see every single fiber in the iris of her eyes.
      The colors are so strong and vivid that they would burn out my eyes in a split second in waking life.
      It's like looking straight into the sun, except you are not blinded.
      I can hear every single drop of water in the room, I could pinpoint where exactly each one is, even if I was blind.
      I can even hear both of our heartbeats, our breathing, even her hair brushing over her shoulders.

      I have no idea what's happening, but I don't care. I'm enjoying this way too much.
      I can clearly feel the arcs of lightning everywhere our bodies touch.
      I mimic what she's doing and run my fingers down her back.
      She shivers with pleasure. It really turns me on.
      This is so intense... I can't believe we're doing nothing but touch each other.

      She's moving in for a kiss.
      I wonder what it's going to feel like...
      We're really close now...

      But then of course... I wake up... -_-

      This was rather overwhelming...
    5. Female dream body / helping the Dei-ya

      , 08-29-2011 at 06:59 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I'm in Haven, on Teraluna.
      This time I immediately think about stabilizing my dream properly.
      I try to focus on all of my senses and recall some of those very long and stable dreams I've had.
      I do so by sitting in a meditative pose. Yuya is waiting for me to finish stabilizing so we can go somewhere.
      At first I'm a bit worried that I'm loosing precious time by doing this, but these worries quickly fade away.
      Suddenly I feel sort of a click, all over my body.
      It feels as if I was lightheaded all the time and it just went away.

      I investigate my surroundings, an all I can think of is "this is so real".

      "I'm ready... I think?"
      "Yes, you are."

      Yuya stares deeply into my eyes and projects images of a distant world into my mind.
      She grabs my hand and I teleport the both of us to the world she's shown me.

      It's a beautiful world, not unlike some places on earth.
      Buildings are made out of mostly white stone which gives everything a very special and slightly surreal look.
      We enter one of the buildings and meet up with a women who's been waiting for us.
      She talks with Yuya for a bit and another woman appears.
      But this time I immediately recognize who she is.
      I can feel that I am much more aware than I have been in my dreams recently.

      "Hello Faye."
      "Ah, you're learning!"
      "Let's hope that I am..."

      Yuya joins us and proceeds to explain the story of this world.
      It is split into two factions, the Dei-ya, who seek enlightenment, and another race who seeks power.
      The world was originally split in two, but over the past few years the Dei-ya have lost most of it to the other faction.
      However, these lands were not lost through wars.
      There is some sort of council in place, consisting of the leaders of both races, and all decisions require a majority of council members to agree.
      Even though each faction has an identical number of council members, the Dei-ya are physically much weaker than the other faction,
      and they are easily intimidated into taking decisions they do not want to make.

      Only one women was able to stand up to the other faction, but she passed away recently.
      Today is a new council meeting in which the other faction will attempt to acquire world dominance, and there is no-one there to stop them.
      The story sounds a bit familiar, but I decide not to worry about that.
      Yuya explains that the woman who passed away will have to be replaced by a new council member.

      "How strong exactly are those people from the other faction?"
      "Quite strong, but no match for us."
      "I see you're having the same idea I'm having. One of us is going to be on tonight's council session as a Dei-ya member."

      "So who's going to do it?"
      "Well, all Dei-ya council members are women so..."
      "You're going to do it then?"
      "Unfortunately, that won't work, many people around here know who I am. They'll realize I am not Dei-ya."
      "Oh... that's a bit of a problem, what can we do?"
      "Well... I'm afraid you're going to have to do it..."


      "Erm... I'm not sure if I'll pass as a woman Yuya..."
      "Well, not the way you're looking right now, that's for sure..."

      I'm really starting to dislike this. What does she plan? Dress me up as a women?
      Faye bursts out laughing, but then Yuya explains.

      "Your dream body, does it look like your waking life body?"
      "Well, no, not exactly, there are many similarities, but no, it's not the same."
      "So, why is your dream body male?"
      "... because I'm... oh boy... I see where this is going."

      Yuya smiles and summons a huge mirror.

      "Transforming into the opposite gender is actually quite easy, your dream body actually contains the information for both genders."
      "Great... so I'm going to have to turn into a girl?"

      Faye finds all of this highly amusing, me on the other hand, not so much.
      I decide to lighten up though, after all it could be interesting, but it is quite awkward...
      I attempt to shift my form, not really sure what the hell I'm doing, but everything works surprisingly easy.
      I feel the bones in my body slightly rearranging which feels massively weird, but the process only lasts a split second.

      So here I'm standing, in front of that mirror, looking at myself, and I cannot really believe my eyes.
      Faye comments on the situation: "Oh my, you're quite hot Hyu, haha."
      Yuya agrees: "You're adorable."

      Both of them are having one hell of a time.
      I look down and immediately spot my breasts. This is so weird.
      I poke one of them which causes Faye to break out in laughter.
      I'm still wearing nothing but the white pants I usually wear in my dream, it all looks so wrong.
      However I do look cute as a woman. I have long curly red hair and a few freckles around my nose.

      Yuya hands me a white dress. I'm a bit surprised where she got it from.
      I awkwardly put it on when Yuya explains that it's one of her's, she's borrowing it to me.
      Wearing Yuya's clothes makes everything even more awkward. I have trouble maintaining composure.
      This is looking much better already.
      I then proceed to drop my pants, but then I am suddenly shocked because it feels like something is missing.

      "What's up Hyu?"
      "What? Is something wrong."

      I look at Yuya, and the only thing I can manage to say is:

      "... Hyu?"
      "It's missing, I'm freaking the fuck out."

      Both Faye and Yuya burst out laughing.
      Once the initial shock fades I find it amusing myself as well. This is a dream body... I'm so silly.
      I said penis... pfff this is ridiculous.

      We're on our way to the council meeting and I am given a bracelet with a crescent moon hanging from it.
      It is a symbol that I am a council member.
      The last few steps I have to walk alone, Yuya and Faye have to remain behind, only council members are allowed into this room.
      It feels so weird being a women.
      I have such a hard time not staring at my own breasts, how do women manage not to do so all the time?
      I notice that I am wearing the same necklace Faye got me in the mermaid dream.

      Finally in the room, I sit down in what appears to be the council leaders spot on the Dei-ya side.
      Some of the Dei-ya are very surprised by this, but the only women who is in on it makes a sign that everything is alright.
      The council meeting is very straightforward. The opposite leader requires that we give up all lands and even retreat from the council.

      "That does sound like a rather unreasonable request."

      He's angry, he figured this would be easy, that there would be no resistance.
      I can feel that everyone besides me on the Dei-ya side is very scared.

      "Then what do you propose, woman?"
      "... How about you return all of the lands you have stolen from us, ain't that a more reasonable request?"

      Everyone in the room is shocked, and the opposite leader is furious, but that's exactly what I'm aiming for.

      "If only you Dei-ya had some guts, we'd settle this by a duel to the death!"
      "Should I consider this a challenge?"
      "... are you fucking serious?"
      "If you win, the world is yours, if I win, you go back where you came from and return what belongs to us."
      "... AHAHAHAHAHA you're a fool! I challenge you! Let's duel!"

      I feel bad putting the Dei-ya's world on the line, but they're about to loose it anyways, and I'm confident I can take him on.
      We step outside as he is immediately eager to kill me and settle this.

      "To the death!"
      "Tenjho Tenge!"

      Why did I say that? Is that a common thing to say before a duel?

      He immediately charges me with that stupidly large sword of his, and furry black wings drawn from his body.
      I can easily feel how strong he is, his aura is so easy to read.
      I concentrate a moderate quantity of divine energy into my left hand, thinking it would be too weird to awaken the dragon as a Dei-ya.
      Before he reaches me, I release the energy towards him and he is immediately thrown back.
      His sword shatters from the shockwave of the energy, and his wings burst into flames.

      Everyone is extremely surprised, no-one says a word.

      "I... I give up!"
      "Excuse me what now?"
      "I give up! You can have your lands back!"
      "And you call this a duel to the death? Are you kidding me?"
      "I... please have mercy!"

      Unbelievable. What a weakling.
      All tough when he knows there's no-one to resist him and as soon as he meets someone more powerful he starts crying like a kid.

      "Fine... declare your defeat."
      "I am defeated!"
      "Then begone."

      All of them leave. They aren't going to attempt anything for a long time.
      They always knew that nobody could stand up to them, but now that this is no longer true they're afraid, much more afraid than the Dei-ya are.

      One of the Dei-ya asks me:

      "Who are you?"
      "A friend of a friend."

      I say nothing more and leave, finally my turn to act all mysterious, I like it.
      Before I am able to meet back up with Yuya the dream fades away.

      *Tenjho Tenge is a manga/anime.
      It translates to "Heaven & Earth"
    6. Mermaids

      , 08-29-2011 at 12:55 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I'm at a lake with 3 of my friends, D. S. and a girl. (I actually don't know the girl in waking life, but in the dream I thought I did)
      We're just chilling, having a few beers, setting up the barbecue grill and lying in the sun.
      The weather is rarely this good around here, this is nice.

      We start discussing random things, until we finally reach the topic of the supernatural.
      One of my friends, S. immediately insist that everything even remotely related to the supernatural is completely bogus.
      D. on the other hand says that he just believes whatever it is he actually experiences.
      If he had a supernatural experience, so be it.
      I agree with D. and say that it is always good to be open minded, and have to explain to S.
      that there is a huge difference between being open to ideas and actually believing that something supernatural has to exist.
      The girl that is with us seems to agree with me, but she's not saying anything.

      We argue about this a bit until I get the inexplicable urge to claim that I have actually had supernatural experiences.
      This causes some silence, until someone finally asks what happened.
      I feel odd, like I'm supposed to say specific things.
      The feeling becomes so strong that I just decide to say them.

      "The world is actually full of the supernatural, but our limited minds have a tendency to ignore whatever we cannot comprehend."
      "This is such bullshit mate."
      "If you say so."
      "Yes, I do say so, the idea that anything like that could exist is just retarded."

      The girl talks for the first time:

      "Do you dream, S.?"
      "What? no. Who cares about dreams anyways?"
      "Then it is no wonder you do not understand."
      "What the fuck?"
      "She's right, S."
      "Now you're just fucking with me..."

      Sitting right in front of the lake, I start humming a melody.
      This catches the girls attention and she sits down next to me.

      "What are you doing?"
      "I'm calling out to the mermaids."
      "Wow... do mermaids really exist?"

      S. is just shaking his head claiming that we've gone completely nuts.
      But then my humming is answered by songs from far away.
      They quickly get closer, until finally, a few figures emerge from the water right in front of us:

      They are definitely mermaids, and they seem to be absolutely magical creatures.
      The sound of their songs is heard from everywhere at once.
      One of the mermaids emerges quite far from the water, in order to come closer to me.
      You can clearly see her tail, covered in beautiful fins shimmering in all kinds of colors.
      Yet through the outside transparent layer, you can clearly see that she has legs and feet just like us.
      She is insanely cute.

      "You're the one singing for us."
      "Yes, I am."
      "I am honored. Come with us to our lands and we will sing for you."

      Then it sort of strikes me. Such magical encounters don't really happen in waking life, I'm dreaming, it's obvious.
      The girl with us, whom I now realize I don't actually know starts talking to another mermaid, and asks her if she can come.

      "All of you may come, but there is a price to be paid."
      "A price?"
      "We ask for no more than a kiss."

      A kiss? what an interesting request.
      The girl with us immediately kisses one of the mermaids, and she does so quite passionately.
      The mermaid then embraces her and they both disappear into the water.

      "You guys coming?"
      "Oh well, suit yourselves..."

      I kiss the mermaid in front of me... it is quite salty but very enjoyable nevertheless.
      She embraces me and we fall down into the water...

      ... I'm at the bottom of the ocean, in some sort of habitat.
      It is covered by a huge air bubble, allowing myself to breathe.
      There's still quite a bit of water though, it is about knee deep, so it is easier to swim from room to room than to walk.
      All of the rooms are decorated by colorful corals.
      There are mermaids chatting and singing everywhere, it is such a nice place.
      The girl who was with me is sleeping in a huge bed with two mermaids by her side.

      A mermaid approaches me and puts a necklace around my neck.
      It's a silver chain with a crystal tear on it.
      It's really nice, but a bit girly.
      Not like I'd care about that in a dream though.
      I want to tell the mermaid how much I appreciate the gift, but whilst I'm doing it I realize the inevitable:

      "... Faye?"
      "Yes Hyu?"
      "... why don't you ever say something?"

      She just sticks out her tongue.

      "If you were more aware during your dreams you'd notice it earlier."
      "How can I be more aware?"
      "Practice practice..."
      "Yeah... I figured there was no easy way."
      "Now, that wouldn't be any fun, would it?"
      "To be honest, it probably would."

      She laughs.

      "Yes you're right, it actually would."

      I play with her fins. They feel so realistic.

      "Hey... shouldn't we be doing something?"
      "Like what?"
      "I don't know... like... like visiting Krista!"
      "We could, if it'd take you less than half an hour to remember your goals."
      "I really need to work on that..."
      "Don't you have like... any tips for me? For remembering goals, to increase awareness, anything?"
      "How about you'd start by stabilizing all of your dreams properly friend?"

      Shit... I've completely forgotten to do that.
      And the dream has already darkened quite a bit.
      I start rubbing my hands in an attempt to stabilize it, but it doesn't seem to work.
      I remain in darkness for a bit until I wake up.
    7. WILD/DEILD experiment - Preventing myself from waking up / Flying with Yuya / Japanese Temple

      , 08-25-2011 at 03:20 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I decided to experiment with alarm timers last night.
      What I basically did was setup my pc so that it would produce a very loud beep at certain times during the night in order to wake me up.
      I figured this way I wouldn't have to move (to turn off an alarm for example) and I could make numerous WILD / DEILD attempts during a single night.
      This is obviously not a new idea, but I haven't tried anything like if before.
      I set the alarms to start after approximately 5 hours of sleep, and then repeat in intervals of 20 minutes for 2 hours.

      I wake up thinking the first alarm must have gone off, but I didn't really hear anything.
      I'm a bit disorientated but try to remember any dreams.
      I recall there being some dream with me driving my car, but no specifics.
      Then the alarm goes off. It's quite a bit louder than I thought it would be.
      Weird, I must have woken up before it actually went off for the first time.
      I then attempt to WILD but fall asleep too quickly.

      That must have been the second alarm. Unfortunately I moved quite a bit, I think a DEILD is out of the question.
      I try to recall any dreams but I can't remember anything whatsoever.
      I close my eyes and attempt another WILD.
      Surprisingly, I immediately get quite strong HH.
      Not only do I get pretty vivid images and lighting flashes, but I also hear voices.
      This is quite odd, it's never this intense...
      Hold on a second...
      I open my eyes and to the nose plug RC.

      I'm dreaming! This is a FA... of course... how did I not think of that?
      I float out of bed towards my pc to see if there's anything on the monitor, but it is turned off.

      I wake up again, pretty sure of having heard the last half of the alarm sound.
      I wonder if this is another FA and realize that this method will obviously cause quite a few FA's and I can't test for them properly if I'm not supposed to move.
      But I moved yet again anyways, so I just plug my nose again. I'm pretty sure that I'm awake.
      I attempt another WILD, this time focusing stronger on remaining conscious.
      I feel more "clear in the head" than before and feel like I have a good chance of success.
      I quickly get vivid blue plasma HI, followed by faint memories of images.
      They go on for a short time and I am unsure of what I'm supposed to do, so I just wait it out, hoping to enter a lucid.
      A first scene forms of be being on a couch with a few people I do not know.
      I am right on the verge of entering a lucid dream, I know it, but the scene vanishes.
      But is is quickly followed by another scene.
      There's snow... a road... people walking the road towards... some kind of temple?
      It looks Japanese... people are wearing kimonos.

      It's now or never, I have to act.
      I try to jerk my dream body forwards, into the scene...
      Gravity! I fall for maybe half a meter and my feet hit the snowy road.
      My whole body is buzzing, but these vibrations quickly turn into senses.
      I can feel the cold wind on my skin and... ouch!
      My feet are SO COLD. I'm standing barefoot in the snow.
      It is so cold that it nearly hurts, but for some reason it feels really good.
      I try to further stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands, but then I get a better idea.
      I grab some snow from the road and rub it over my naked chest and it feels incredibly good.
      The coldness even causes me to shiver.

      Some DC's are giving me odd looks as they are walking past me towards the temple.
      I decide to join them and investigate what's going on in the temple, it's not very far away.
      This dream is really stable. I bet it has to do with the constant feeling of coldness, which is triggering many of my senses.
      I wish coldness and snow would feel this awesome in waking life... I hate winter in waking life.
      I reach the temple, which is more of a gate actually.
      Behind it is a meeting of many Japanese people wearing traditional clothing.
      There's water in the center, a bit like a swimming pool, but very natural.
      Some women are dancing on this water, with particles of light floating out of the water.
      It reminds me of a scene from FFX:

      I wake up yet again.
      I wonder if this is another FA.
      Not wanting to move, I attempt to levitate my dream body upwards... which sort of works.

      I have some trouble separating my dream body from my real body, but finally I'm floating in my room.
      It's different from before, it's like I still feel the attachment to my real body.
      I have to think of this dream: Out of body? - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      I try to avoid looking at my real body still in bed, remembering that it freaked me out last time.

      I wake up again.
      This time I managed not to move, I even still have my eyes closed.
      I try not to think, but I end up thinking that I want to meet Yuya.

      A new dream scene forms... it's Teraluna!
      Amazing! I look around and notice that I'm sort of floating in the air.


      It's Yuya!


      She points towards the ground.
      I look down and realize that I am floating about 2 meters above the ground.
      And obviously, at this specific moment, I stop floating.
      I fall into a tiny river which is right next to Yuyas place.
      I quickly emerge from the water and hold on to the terrace the river is flowing by.
      Yuya is right in front of me and bursts out laughing.
      I have to laugh myself, this is so typical of me.

      I get out of the water.
      The shock of falling into the river was actually a good thing, it "woke me up".
      I talk with Yuya about numerous things, including the dream I just had where I rubbed snow onto my chest.

      "I thought you didn't like snow."
      "I certainly don't in waking life."
      "You call it mud."
      "It usually is, but the snow in the dream was so pure, it was so different."

      We're sort of staring at the landscape during our conversation and I casually put my left arm around her waist.
      Where does this confidence come from? Usually I'm quite shy around her for some reason.
      After we discuss a few more things Yuya presses her back against my chest.

      "Hold me!"
      "Hold on to me!"

      I put both of my arms around her wondering what's going on.
      Within a split second everything turns very dark and my body vibrates.
      I can hear the very loud sound of the alarm going off.
      I no longer feel, I can't hear anything besides the alarm and I can barely see.
      I try to concentrate on the warmth of Yuyas body which is pressed against mine, since it's the only thing I'm still able to feel clearly.
      As the alarm sound stops, my senses gradually come back and after a few seconds I can see and feel clearly again.

      "Holy shit!"
      "Did we just prevent myself from waking up?"
      "We did indeed."
      "This is amazing... You're amazing! ..."
      "Ain't I?"

      She says, sticking out her tongue. I have to laugh.

      "Let's go!"

      Yuya grows water wings and takes off.
      I quickly summon my phoenix wings and go after her.
      We leave Haven and fly through the tree crowns of Teraluna.
      We're flying quite a bit slower than last time, enjoying the mysterious and beautiful landscape of Teraluna...

      I wake up again and decide to take some notes.
      I look at my mobile to check the time and realize that all 6 alarms have already passed.
      I must have missed a few of them.
      I go back to sleep and wake up again after a total of 9 hours of sleep.
      But I still feel sort of tired. I did have 6 alarms going off during the night, I guess this makes sense.

      Anyways, this was an interesting experience, and I'm probably going to try this again soon.
      The feeling of preventing yourself from waking up was quite something!
    8. The mirror towards the land of dream games

      , 08-21-2011 at 09:31 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I was at gamescom with a few friends, so I had no way of updating my DJ.
      I'm a bit foggy on the details since this dream is from 2 days ago.
      This was after being at gamescom for a day.

      I'm walking through one of the massive halls at gamescom in cologne with both of my friends.
      The big camera I'm wearing around my neck is quite heavy and annoying to carry around, but I definitely want to make some good photos.

      Suddenly I notice a booth right next to me.
      It's pretty huge and I nearly walked by without noticing it... how weird.
      The booth itself is closed off, as is common with 18+ games, you have to go inside to see what's going on.
      Outside, the booth is covered in surreal paintings which I like a lot, and on top of it there's a huge led sign saying "DREAMS".
      How interesting, there's a game about dreams? How come I've never heard of it?

      I proceed to take a picture of the booth.
      I have some trouble using the camera... it acts weird, but I end up getting my shot.
      Then I notice I've somehow lost both of my friends... how annoying!
      It's going to be a pain to find them in this crowd.
      I just remain still for a few seconds, hoping they'll turn around when they notice they've lost me.

      But they don't... I can't see them anywhere.
      Annoyed, I take out my mobile to call one of my friends in order to meet back up again.
      Unfortunately, I have trouble navigating my contacts list.
      The names appear to be out of order and I have trouble reading names.
      I decide that my mobile is bugged and put it back into my pocket.

      I initially wanted to restart it, but I just noticed that there is no queue to get into the dreaming booth,
      but oddly enough, a lot of people are approaching it.
      I quickly get in line so I can get in. I'll just reboot my phone after this and call my friends then.

      Inside there is more surreal art, and very weird lighting.
      I like it a lot though, it has a very nice and "dreamy" atmosphere to it, which is obviously what they were aiming for.
      In the center of the room there's a very big mirror, stretching all over the room.
      But I can't see any computers anywhere...
      What kind of game is this? Is there no demo I can try out?

      I overhear someone explaining the deal about "DREAMS", that it's not a game you play on a pc, it is a game you play with your mind.
      I get an inexplicable shiver when I hear this.
      He proceeds to explain about the mirror. According to him, only "dreamers" can enter the mirror.
      You can spot dreamers because they have no reflection in the mirror, so they can walk straight through it to the other side.
      Looking closely at the mirror, I can see that I have no reflection, but everyone else seems to have one.

      Wait... I can't believe it took me this long to notice... the clues were so obvious. I'm dreaming!
      The guy giving the explanations realizes that I have no reflection and starts mentioning it very cheerfully:
      "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! It looks like we've got ourselves a dreamer everyone!"
      He approaches me, clearly wanting to interview me.

      Nope I think, and quickly approach the mirror.
      I want to know what's on the other side... I need to know, I am driven by curiosity.
      I walk through the mirror without resistance and exit the booth on the other side.

      I'm still at gamescom, but everything is different.
      The booths are different, the lighting is different.
      All games are played by dreaming, people just enter them with their mind.
      I am amazed by this idea and I want to try every single one of them
      Excited I start running towards the first game I see, but then everything darkens...
      Shit, I'm an idiot, why did I not stabilize and try to control my excitement?
      The dream ends...
    9. Wolf transformation / Annoying religious girl

      , 08-16-2011 at 11:28 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I'm in Germany at a friends who's trowing a party.
      There's a few people there I know, plus a girl I've just met.
      Her first question after being introduced is: "Do you believe in god?"
      This annoys me. If this is the first thing she wants to know about me, it has obviously got to be very important to her.
      I reply with: "Which one?" thinking that she'll get the message and not talk to me for the rest of the evening, or at least drop the religious talk.

      I don't mind religious people at all, as long as they aren't annoying about it, and I have a very strong feeling that this woman is exactly that kind of person.
      To make things worse, she doesn't get it.

      "What do you mean? Our lord an savior Christ of course! Don't tell me you're one of those atheists..."
      "Yes, I am an atheist. But I could simply believe in another religion as well, you shouldn't generalize the term god like that. There's other beliefs out there you know."
      "Yes, but they are all false, and you are a bad person for not honoring our lord."

      You've got to be kidding me...
      I roll my eyes and walk away.
      There's no point in arguing with such people, I consider them borderline delusional.
      I grab some food from a buffet when I notice the girl followed me.

      "If you ask nicely I can teach you the way of Christ and save your soul you know... you can be forgiven!"
      "Listen girl, what you're saying is terribly offensive. Being religious does not make you a better person than I am."
      "I uphold moral values the same way you do and I need no religious teachings to tell me how to do so."
      "You should leave me alone."

      But she doesn't... instead she tells me that I'm going to hell.
      I contemplate explaining the difference between beliefs and facts to her, and how what she's saying is being offensive but I quickly decide against it.
      I've met people like her very rarely, but this is extreme.
      I look at the balcony and think: If only I could just fly away. This party sucks!
      If this was a dream I could just jump and begone.

      I feel the urge to try to levitate...
      I look at the girl who's now staring at me, looking genuinely sorry for myself.
      This makes me angry, I could slap her in the face.
      She seems to have no free will, just an empty shell... like a DC...

      Hmm... I look around.
      Nothing's off, everything seems perfectly fine... still... is this a dream?
      I try to retrace my steps... how did I get here?

      I have no idea... I must be dreaming!

      I approach the balcony with the girl pursuing me.
      Just before reaching the balcony I try to RC, but as my hand approaches my nose I finally know that I am dreaming, even though I haven't performed the RC yet.
      So I just jump off the balcony and fly away.

      It is nighttime, but I can see somewhat clearly.
      I fly over a forest, enjoying the nice and fresh air, and not being annoyed by that girl anymore.
      Flying... it really never gets old, it's such an amazing experience.
      But I feel like doing something different.
      I feel like running. Running as a wolf! Just as I did in Dancing with the wolves, Dragon at Stonehenge - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I approach the ground and shift into a big white wolf mid flight and enter the forest fully transformed.
      As I run though the forest I quickly notice that it's not the same as last time.
      Last time was a magical experience, but this time it is not.
      It doesn't feel surreal at all, and the forest appears normal and boring... not to mention it is rather dark which is bad.

      Maybe last time I wasn't on earth? Maybe it was because I was with Olivia?
      I keep running faster and faster, trying to remember what it was like last time and hopefully teleport into the same scene.
      As I reach higher speeds my fur starts to sparkle and my vision becomes distorted.

      My vision normalizes and I'm certain that I've teleported back to the location I was in last time.
      It feels magical yet again. The forest is beautiful and oddly bright even though it's the middle of the night.
      The sensation of the air brushing through my fur is absolutely amazing.
      I wonder if I'll be able to meet Olivia or whoever she was yet again.
      I attempt to relocate the hill we were on last time and find it after about a minute.

      But she is not here.

      I howl into the night hoping that she'll hear me and come visit me...
    10. A quest of sorts / All dreamers can fly

      , 08-14-2011 at 09:23 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      My recall for this night is rather fragmented.

      I am in Italy on vacation. For some reason I am trying to rent some kind of special room to hold a big dinner and invite a lot of friends.
      Then I remember that I'm on vacation, so my friends are actually far away, but somehow I don't consider this an issue...

      ... I'm having said dinner, however I'm on some kind of cruise ship.
      After the dinner I'm walking through the corridors of the ship, trying to find my room.
      Somehow I don't know where my room is at all, but I seem to believe that I'll find it by just randomly walking around anyways...

      I wake up and attempt to WILD but I fall asleep too quickly.

      I am with other people in an unknown location. There is some sort of meeting.
      Why am I here again? It feels like I was drawn to this place by a higher force.
      I gradually become moderately lucid.

      The people I'm meeting with claim to be dreamers. I must have somehow stumbled into a shared dreaming experiment...

      ... Some of the people, including myself, have gone on some sort of quest.
      We're walking a path which supposedly leads towards our goal, though I have no idea what it is.

      There's a guy in armor leading the way.
      Then there's a girl who caught my attention because she's wearing a rather revealing outfit.
      Another guy is walking with us. He's very talkative and seems to be very interested in me.
      He keeps bugging me about Yuya, which I find sort of annoying.
      There's two more guys, but I can't remember anything about them.

      The girl is trying to show me how she can create ice crystals at will, but the annoying guy is heating up the spot where she tries to create ice crystals
      with fire magic every time she attempts to show me.
      I find this somewhat amusing.

      The guy in armor is acting quite weird.
      He has long black curly hair, and has a tendency to come very close to you when he's talking with you, opening his eyes widely.
      At one point I tell him:

      "You're weirding me the fuck out mate"

      He just laughs...

      ... We reach a tower on top of a cliff and climb all the way up.
      Apparently the goal was to come here, I don't really get why.
      Everyone but the guy in armor, the girl and me have disappeared by now.

      The guy in armor starts swinging his arms around wildly making magical noises and finally vanishes.

      "Right... now that was properly weird."

      I look at the landscape. It is very beautiful.

      "Hey. Wanna fly?"
      "Oh... no. I can't fly."
      "What? Bollocks, all dreamers can fly."
      "Well maybe, but I can't fly yet."
      "Sure you can, it's easy."
      "For you maybe..."
      "Well listen, with that attitude it's no wonder you have trouble flying."
      "Come here, I'll show you."

      We approach the edge of the tower. It's a very long way down from here.

      "Now what... don't tell me you want me to jump!"
      "Free your mind."
      "Free your mind!"
      "It's safe... it's all safe"

      I gently push her off the edge and as she realizes she's going to fall she starts screaming.
      Somehow I find this funny. I know she isn't in any real danger.
      I jump after her and catch up.

      "You fucking asshole!"
      "Haha, calm down"
      "Then fly?"
      "Fuck you!"
      "Aww come on. I'm not gonna let you fall all the way down."
      "Now what?"
      "What did I tell you?"
      "Free my mind..."

      The air surrounding her suddenly becomes turbulent and she starts slowing down.
      She's very occupied with slowing down, and we come to a full stop about a meter over a lake.

      "See, that wasn't so bad!"
      "You could have said something instead of pushing me..."

      I drop down onto the lake and walk on the water.
      That clearly makes her curious and she stops flying assuming she'll be able to walk on the water as well.
      But she drops right into the lake, which I find quite funny.
      She flies back out and gives me a very accusing look.
      I say laughingly:

      "What? You asked me how to fly, now how to walk on water!"
    11. Dancing with Yuya

      , 08-12-2011 at 09:26 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      With yesterdays successful DILD, I decided to attempt to WILD today.
      I set myself an alarm to go off after 5 hours of sleep, but I fell back asleep immediately after turning off the alarm. ~_~

      I'm at some sort of party, but it all seems a bit weird.
      There's mostly older people, and everyone is dressed very nicely.
      I notice that I myself am wearing a suit.
      The place has an absolutely huge dance floor, and everyone seems to be dancing.
      I feel completely out of place and sort of at a loss what to do.
      I'm not just going to ask a random 40 year old women to dance now am I? Plus I can't really dance...
      I walk towards what seems to be a bar, contemplating to awkwardly have a drink while everyone else is dancing.

      But on my way to the bar I notice that the lighting in this place is rather odd.
      Everything seems so... gray?
      It's not like everything is lacking color, but everything seems so desaturated and sort of sad.

      But then I see her, the women in red.
      She's wearing a really nice red dress and seems to completely violate the current lighting setup in this room.
      Even though everything else is desaturated and lacks contrast, her dress is extremely bright, to the point where it nearly blinds me.
      My curiosity draws me towards her, and as I get closer, I realize who it is...

      As I become lucid, all the colors become brighter, and the whole scene becomes somewhat normally lighted, except for Yuya, who still stands out quite a bit.
      She's the only one by herself, and is just standing there in the center of the dancefloor.
      Trying not to get too excited, I approach her. She doesn't see me coming because she's staring in the opposite direction, but she probably knows that I'm approaching her anyways.
      As I get closer I'm a bit surprised to see that her hair is all wet.
      I whisper in her ear:

      "Wanna dance?"
      "Of course!"

      We start to dance to some music I don't really know. I'm a bit worried that I might suck at dancing, but everything works out surprisingly well.
      Her wet hair smells of Teraluna.
      The dancing is rather energetic, we turn around quickly and the background turns into motion blur, so I can only see Yuya clearly.
      This makes it rather difficult not to stare at her, especially because she has those extremely beautiful and bright eyes with infinite details.
      The glowingly bright dress isn't really helping either.
      But after some time I manage to relax and enjoy the dance.
      Everyone else appears to go away, leaving the dance floor to Yuya and myself.

      It's a bit weird seeing her in a red dress. She's always wearing white, blue or green, basically cold colors, which are dominant in my dreams.
      My last dream already featured a surprising amount of warm colors, how weird. Has something changed?
      We dance for some more without talking. We share some thoughts which I unfortunately cannot remember.

      The dream starts to fade away and I know there is no way to stabilize it. Somehow I'm aware that it's late and I'm waking up.
      I give Yuya a big hug and the dream ends.
    12. Building of the pyramids / Dream Journals are important

      , 08-12-2011 at 03:31 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      So here's a tip:
      If you ever find yourself with no time to lucid dream, do NOT stop updating your dream journal. :/
      I stopped updating mine for a few weeks, and when I tried to LD again I noticed my dream recall was nearly nonexistent.
      It took me the past two weeks to have a moderately long lucid, and going through this after having had sort of regular lucids is quite a frustrating experience.
      So yeah, dream journals seem to be quite a bit more important than I thought.
      Anyways, enough rambling.

      I'm taking a bath. The water is very soapy and I'm sort of lost in thoughts.
      Somehow I feel that it is weird that I have a bathtub, I used to have only a shower.
      But I make up some excuse to justify the presence of the tub and continue idling.
      I think about a girl I met a few days ago for some reason, and suddenly I notice that someone is with me in the bathtub.
      There's a naked girl right in front of me, though not the one I was thinking of, I don't know her.

      I don't really realize that this situation is weird, I even sort of ignore the girl until I feel the urge to touch her arm because I have the impression that it's supposed to feel weird.
      I touch her arm and gently brush over it with a finger, and I notice that it feels extremely realistic even though it shouldn't.

      Wait... why is it supposed to... oh!
      Am I dreaming?
      I look at the girl, whom is smiling at me and she proceeds to vanish into thin air.

      I am now certain that I am dreaming, but I feel the urge to RC, I feel like I need the shock of awareness.

      As I do the nose pinch RC I remember that I haven't RC'ed like this in a long time.
      Usually I just become aware that I am dreaming, or I realize inconsistencies as to how I ended up where I am.
      I think I stopped doing 'standard' RC's after WakingNomad had suggested other forms of increasing awareness on these forums.

      The RC succeeds and I get quite excited that I finally induced an LD again, and I immediately feel the urge to do something with the limited time that is given to me.
      I jump out of the tub ready to search my house for anything exciting.

      Stop! What am I doing?
      I haven't stabilized the dream, I'm running around aimlessly, this is bad!
      I try to calm down and attempt to stabilize the dream.
      That was close, my surroundings had already darkened quite a bit.

      I try to open a portal on a wall. I have no destination in mind, I have no goals and just seem to do the first thing that crosses my mind.
      As I walk through it I wonder why I've bothered with a portal when I can just teleport with my wings, plus I'm assuming the portal won't work
      because I haven't set a destination... but it does!

      I find myself in the desert, on a sand dune.
      This is odd, usually my dreams are dominated by cold colors and watery landscapes.
      This is pretty much the exact opposite.
      I see some construction work going on and approach it.
      As I look at my surroundings, I realize that I must be in the past, considering what people are wearing and the kinds of buildings that exist.

      This place seems oddly familiar though... and then I finally get it.
      They're building the pyramids! I'm in Egypt!
      Of course! I've been here before in waking life, how interesting!

      "It is, isn't it?"

      Huh? It's the girl from the bathtub again, except she's dressed now.
      She's wearing some sort of white gown and her hair is braided.

      "You're the girl from before!"
      "Yeeees... ?"
      "Do I know you?"
      "... are you fucking serious?"
      "Err... oh! Faye?"
      "Yes Faye! Dude!"
      "I'm sorry... haven't had a lucid in a while, I feel like I've forgotten everything"
      "You'll be fine."
      "Yeah this is good, if I remember this dream it'll boost my confidence."
      "Good good, time to wake up now."
      "Huh, why?"
      "Your phone is ringing"

      I wake up and sure enough, my mobile is ringing.
    13. Dancing with the wolves, Dragon at Stonehenge

      , 07-05-2011 at 04:10 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I've averaged about 5 hours of sleep the past few weeks which is obviously not very good for lucid dreaming, and I kind of stopped trying because it felt like a hopeless endeavor until I have more time.
      I still occasionally try to WILD during naps, which works sometimes, but nap dreams are always quite short.
      This is the first day where I could sleep for as long as I wanted in a long time.
      I went to bed wishing for a nice lucid.

      1. I'm at Uni. Someone tells me that they have seen wolves around here at night.
        They suggest that I close my windows at night because apparently wolves come and kill you in your sleep if you leave them open.
        I don't really believe any of it though.

      2. I wake up in my bed and I am startled by a bright wolf right next to me.
        I check my windows. Yep, they're open, but why? I never leave them open.
        I quickly notice that the wolf isn't hostile at all, in fact he looks kind of cute.
        I pet him and he's clearly enjoying it...

      3. Dancing with the wolves
        I wake up again. Well, that's not right, how can I wake up twice in a row?
        Oh. I'm dreaming, of course! How exciting! It's been some time since my last DILD.
        I immediately start contemplating doing all kinds of things when I notice that the dream is about to fall apart.
        I feel the buzzing vibrations all over my skin and my vision is fading to black. Shit!

        My first reflex is to spin wildly, even though I usually try to DEILD in these situations.
        Lucky for me, the spinning stabilizes the dream and the vibrations stop.
        That was close. I try to remain calm and take a walk in my apartment trying to get my emotions under control.
        I end up next to my bathroom and I hear someone singing in my bathroom.

        It's a female voice humming a melody. I can also hear water drops.
        Is someone in my bathtub? I walk inside my bathroom and I find Olivia Wilde in my bathtub.
        This is a huge surprise. Fortunately I've calmed down and I'm able to control myself and keep the dream stable.
        She's wearing clothes in the bathtub for some reason. Blue jeans and a grey shirt.

        "Why don't you join me?"

        The bathtub is wider than in waking life, there's easily enough place for the both of us.
        Why not? I enter the bathtub. The water feels nice and warm.

        "So, what is Olivia Wilde doing in my bathtub?"
        "Why don't you ask your subconscious?"

        Clearly a reference to this dream: Experimenting with Dream Control - Creating Worlds & Meeting Olivia Wilde

        "Am I not technically asking my subconscious already?"
        "Haha, you're good."

        I wonder where this is going.
        Suddenly Olivia imitates the howling of a wolf.

        "I want to run. I want to run aimlessly through the forest and enjoy this wonderful night."
        "Will you come with me?"


        She stares deeply into my eyes.
        I can see the reflection in her eyes changing, it looks very interesting and she has very beautiful eyes.
        Suddenly I can feel the air brushing over my skin.
        We're outside now, in front of a forest I do not know.
        I understand that she just teleported the both of us here.

        It's the middle of the night, but everything is lit rather well by the full moon, which is bigger than usual.
        The lighting gives everything a rather mysterious but beautiful look.

        "Let's run!"

        Olivia turns into a big wolf right in front of me.

        It's bigger than a wolf in waking life, but that doesn't prevent it from looking absolutely adorable.
        She howls again, very loudly.
        Then she takes off into the forest. After a few meters she stops and looks at me.
        She's waiting for me.

        I feel like I'm supposed to turn into a wolf, and even though I know that I suck horribly at transforming into other beings, I give it a try.
        And oddly enough, it works perfectly.
        As soon as I have transformed myself into a white wolf, I can feel the urge to run through the forest.
        I howl loudly before entering the forest, and Olivia mimics it.

        We're running through the forest as fast as we can. We're ridiculously fast, I'm guessing that we're going about 100km/h.
        It's quite hard navigating the forest at these speeds, but oh my god, it feels SO GOOD.
        I can feel every single hair in my fur moving with the wind and I can see so clearly in the dark with my wolves eyes.
        This must be what WakingNomad feels like all the time.
        It's such a wonderful feeling to experience the world as a different being.

        We stop on a high hill where we can overlook the whole forest and we howl into the night.

      4. Dragon at Stonehenge
        I open my eyes and quickly realize that I am waking up.
        I try to avoid moving in order to DEILD.
        Even though I have moved a bit, I'm still confident that I can enter a dream.
        I feel a sort of "click", like something has changed.
        For some reason I look to my left, even though there's nothing of interest there in my room in waking life.

        Olivia is lying right in front of me, our bodies are nearly touching.
        This startles me, I totally wasn't expecting this and my vision instantly blacks out.

        But then I feel myself falling and I hit the ground.
        I'm in the middle of the city.
        I get up and notice that everyone is looking at me.
        Right, I'm wearing nothing but shorts.

        "Move along."

        Everyone starts going back to their normal business.
        Haha, DCs are so easy to manipulate.
        I summon my dragon wings and take off into the sky.
        I pick a direction and fly towards is as fast as I can just a few meters over the ground.

        "Faster, FASTER!!!"

        I can feel the shock of breaking the sound barrier, and suddenly everything feels sort of calm.
        Except for the pressure on my skin which becomes greater the faster I go.
        I'm not really sure what I'm doing, but this feels great.
        I haven't flown for too long, I missed it.

        Mid-flight I decide I want to teleport to Teraluna.
        But I can't summon my phoenix wings whilst I have my dragon wings out... or something?
        I simply unsummon my dragon wings and then attempt to teleport which works.

        SHIT! I'm still going just as fast as before.
        My feat touch the ground and I try to break as hard as I can by quickly spreading my wings again.
        I'm sliding over Yuya's terrace at abnormal speeds, and I manage to stop just centimeters before hitting something.

        "Quite a dramatic entrance, I'll give you that."

        I give her a big hug.

        "You're in a good mood!"
        "Of course I am!"

        I notice I still have my dragon wings out.

        "I will turn into a dragon!"
        "I turned into a wolf before, I can do it!"
        "Of course you can. Hey, let's go fly together!"

        Yuya opens a portal hovering over the ground.
        We both jump in. I come out on the other side transformed into a dragon.
        This is earth! We're just above the clouds.
        Yuya comes out of the portal, she has many watery wings, they look beautiful.
        We both dive through the clouds, flying straight down to catch speed and break off the free fall just before hitting the ground.
        We fly over open fields and I occasionally roar deeply to make it known that a dragon is flying in the skies.

        We slow down when I see a familiar object.

        Stonehenge! I don't think I've ever been here before.
        We land on one of the pillars, there doesn't seem to be anyone else here.
        For some reason I have to think of WakingNomad. I remember reading that he's been here a few times.
        It feels appropriate to let him know that I was here, so I roar as loudly as I can up into the sky.

        I put so much pressure into roaring that I am accidentally spitting quite a bit of fire.
        The sound is deep and so loud it causes the ground to vibrate.
        As I stop I see that flames are still travelling towards the clouds.
        I think I overdid it "a bit".
        I look at Yuya.


        We both start laughing and I loose my transformation and fall off the pillar to the ground back in human form.
        Yuya drops to the ground right next to me, she probably lost her balance as well.
        We keep laughing like little children. Life is good.
    14. Metamorphosis

      , 06-26-2011 at 05:10 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      My dream recall is still quite bad, but from time to time I still have a vivid lucid fortunately.

      I wake up.
      I'm in bed at my parents place, and immediately I notice that something feels completely off.
      I get up and investigate my surroundings.
      Most of my stuff is missing. I used to have a tv here, and an old computer I turned into a fileserver.
      All of that, including my desk, all of it is gone.
      Everything feels sort of dull and grey, like I'm not really aware.

      Awareness? I wonder if I'm dreaming.
      Yes! I must be!
      I rub my hands. Weird, doing so feels very vivid and intense, why is everything so grey?
      I decide it is not the dream that is not vivid/stable, but that my room isn't lit properly.
      I open the window of my room wanting to jump out.

      What is this? Everything is so green. I am in a tropical forest.
      What is my parents house doing in a tropical forest?
      I jump down to investigate further.
      There are small lakes everywhere and the air is very fresh.
      I follow one of the lakes enjoying the nice air, feeling the wind on my skin and looking at the sun rays shining through the leaves of the trees covering the sky.
      Somehow I feel attracted to a specific location not far away.

      Once I get there I find a caterpillar on a big leaf.
      It is very colorful and excited.
      Why do I know it is excited? I can clearly feel it.
      I approach it and look at it very closely.
      It's moving to the edge of the leaf and lets itself hang down from the edge.

      It quickly transforms into a chrysalis.
      How interesting, will I see it transform into a butterfly?
      I can feel excitement yet again. But it is not my excitement, it is the one of the caterpillar.
      It becomes clear to me that I can somehow feel what the caterpillar is feeling.
      It is afraid. Afraid because it knows it's whole body is about to be turned upside down, all it's organs rearranged.
      But this feeling is completely overwhelmed by the excitement of becoming a butterfly, and being able to fly.

      As it's body starts transforming, the soon to be butterfly is starting to dream.
      It dreams about being a butterfly and flying through the skies.
      It is no longer worried, just extremely excited.
      At some point I think about telling it to control its excitement, or else it might wake up.
      But then I realize I wouldn't know how to do that.

      The butterfly wakes up, knowing that the metamorphosis is completed.
      It emerges from the chrysalis and spreads its wings.
      They are very beautiful, with very strong tones of orange red and yellow.
      Even though the butterfly is so excited to fly, it has to wait until its wings are hardened.

      Once they are, the butterfly takes off and flies high off into the sky.
      It immediately knows how to fly and how to be a butterfly, even though it was a caterpillar all its life.
    15. The grand library of Teraluna - the history of the dream plane

      , 06-21-2011 at 05:28 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Been pretty sick lately and my dream recall hasn't been very good.
      I had quite a few dreams, some lucid, but the lack of details made them feel unworthy of posting.

      I'm walking on the promenade in Haven on Teraluna.
      Enjoying the fresh air, I walk towards one of the main streets on my way to Yuya's place.
      On the main street I go up a level, ending up one level below the topmost one, with all the houses and apartments.
      This level features mostly shops and restaurants, I sometimes come here with Yuya for dinner.
      It's dusk, so the city is quite lively.

      I pass a shop that sells flowers and I wonder if I should buy some for Yuya.
      They're all on display outside, so I wander a bit around having a look at the different kinds of flowers.
      Some don't look like flowers at all, and some are clearly alive.
      They're all very beautiful and they have a distinct smell.
      I suddenly realize that I have no money, how am I going to pay for these?

      Wait, what? WTF! I'm on Teraluna! How did I not notice that I'm dreaming?
      This surprises me quite a bit and it takes me a few seconds to settle down.
      The dream feels very stable and vivid, but I still rub my hands and try to feel the presence of my surroundings to make
      that the dream remains perfectly stable.

      Looking back at the flowers I see one that is immensely beautiful.
      The colors somewhat match those of Yuya's eyes, I feel they would be an appropriate gift.
      I ask the lady selling the flowers:

      "Would you be willing to trade something for these flowers?"
      "Haha, of course young man, what did you have in mind?"

      I summon my phoenix wings on my left arm and remove one of the smaller colorful feathers from it.
      They fall out occasionally, it'll grow back.
      I hand it to the lady.

      "How beautiful! Please, take the flowers, thank you!"

      That went well.
      I take the flowers and continue walking towards Yuya's place.
      I think about how this dream started on Teraluna, even though I was non-lucid.
      Then I realize I'm wasting time.
      I can see a bridge crossing from this street to another one on the level above me, I'll be able to see Yuya's place from there.
      I blink on top of it, and from there I blink to Yuya's place.

      Yuya greets me, telling me that I'm right on time. Did we set a meeting?
      I hand her the flowers.

      "They're for you."

      She seems extremely happy. I am yet again surprised by the way she shows her emotions.
      She simply doesn't hold back at all. It feels so pure, I've never seen anyone with such a happy expression in waking life.
      Yuya puts the flowers in some sort of vase.
      I notice that the dream doesn't feel as stable anymore, and I attempt to re-stabilize which succeeds.

      "Alright, I promised you we'd visit the library, let's go!"

      The library? Did we talk about this in a previous dream?
      Maybe a dream that I cannot remember?
      Clearly, I can't recall such a dream, but I am convinced that we did indeed decide to visit a library somewhere on Teraluna.
      It must have been a lucid dream I do not remember.
      I get ready to draw my wings but Yuya interrupts me.

      "Let's fly there! We shouldn't teleport into the library, we might disturb someone."
      "Sure, lead the way!"

      I take off and fly next to Yuya, trying to keep up.
      She's accelerating fast, I can't keep up without summoning my wings.
      I remember that in my last big fight I managed to summon my phoenix wings on my back, in full size.
      I wonder if I can do that again and use them for fast flight, just the way I've been using my dragon fire wings until now.

      I try to accumulate some of that pure energy and manage to draw the wings on my back.
      They're very beautiful and very large. They feel somewhat oversized for my body.
      It is VERY easy to fly at high speed with them, much easier than with the dragon wings.
      We quickly break the sound barrier and everything becomes very calm.

      This is the first time I'm really exploring other parts of Teraluna, usually I just stay in Haven.
      It is beautiful!
      There are very high and complex trees growing directly out of the sea.
      They must be over a kilometer high each.
      We slow down and fly down, through the crowns of the trees.
      It is difficult to navigate them due to their complexity.

      There are waterfalls in the crowns as well, I wonder where they come from, are the trees emitting water?
      We go lower and lower and finally fly through a maze of waterfalls leading to a spectacular entrance.
      The entrance is absolutely huge. Fortunately it opens by itself.
      Inside there are the same angel statues as in the entrance to Haven.
      As I pass under them I feel myself passing through a forcefield.
      Makes sense, the library must be protected as well.

      I enter the library in amazement, the bookshelves reach into all eternity.
      There is literally no end to them. Even zooming in they seem to go on forever.
      The library is very well lit, everything is very bright and white.
      The shelves are mostly made out of glass.
      Materials feel very modern, but some shapes remind me of the Victorian era.

      Yuya explains what the different kinds of books are and we wander around a bit.
      She shows me quite a few things which I unfortunately cannot quite remember.
      Then we come to a rather special shelf.
      Yuya tells me there's 1001 books in this shelf.
      They all seem very old, and they are huge.
      Nearly 1 meter high and very thick, probably 1000 pages each.

      They feel very special, there's is something about them that really intrigues me.

      "Are we allowed to touch them?"
      "Of course, just be gentle, they are very old."

      I pick the first of them, it's very heavy.
      I gently deposit it on a reading table and open the first page.
      The pages are so old... they feel like papyrus, and you can actually see how the paper was weaved.
      Everything in them is hand written and hand drawn. They are not printed copies.
      It feels sort of amazing touching such an old book, plus the smell is very nice.
      The title of the first page is in a language I do not know.
      The letters are formed by geometric shapes, but somehow I am able to understand it.

      This book is about the beginning... the beginning of... everything?
      They all are! Those 1001 books, is this the story of this universe?
      The story of the dream plane?

      "Yes, they are, are you able to read it?"
      "I'm not sure. I cannot understand the individual words or letters, but somehow I understand some of it."

      I randomly try to read the first few lines at the beginning of some chapters.
      The first one talks about there being nothing but energy.
      Some chapters further they talk about the first gods.
      I honestly have no idea how I'm understanding any of this.
      The numerous images and illustrations help though.

      The language used to write these is very powerful though.
      A single word carries much more meaning than any languages in waking life.
      Considering this, needing 1001 books to describe the history of the dream plane...
      it just feels impossible like any single person could ever know the whole story.

      "True, but it's not finished yet."
      "Not all books have been written yet, after all we're still living the story written in these books."

      "Then why are there exactly 1001 books?"
      "Because exactly 1001 books are needed to tell the story."
      "But, does that mean the dream plane will end once you reach the 1001st book?"
      "Not only the dream plane, the planes cannot exist on their own, they all exist together."

      I'm very surprised, it is known when existence will end?

      "Hyu... the dream plane has existed for eternities, long before Earth was created, long before your universe was formed."
      "That being said, we've barely filled 400 books."
      "We cannot even comprehend for how long things have existed until now, so there is no reason to worry about any ending."


      I browse through some more pages in amazement.
      Somehow I understand that this language is very ancient and was meant to be universal.
      I think I am able to interpret some of it due to the divine phoenix powers, but I'm not sure.
      I end up getting lost in thoughts and wake up...
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