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    1. The "Lake" dream

      by , 06-11-2010 at 02:54 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I originally didn't think that this dream was deserving of it's own separate entry, but I like the use of my terraskating power in it, so I decided to write the whole thing out.

      I was swimming in some lake. The whole dream has this sort of grey, foggy atmosphere. I am near the shore, that just seems to be a grassy hill. There is a fallen decayed tree in the water, not too far from where I am, with an elderly woman on it.
      The woman explains that she is a "flowerbender". (So I guess it's like the elemental benders in ATLA) and that gives her the power to make flowers grow as well as move fully grown flowers. She makes a number of flowers grow out of a crevasse in the fallen log, and tells me to grab onto them.
      I look to my right and see an advancing wave. Well, it's not really a wave so much as it is just a wall of water. This used to be one of my childhood dream signs. To be at a lake or beach, and these sort of waves would advance on me, causing me to have dreams where I would be washed around barely able to keep my head above water.
      And, because I'm so familiar with this dream sign, I get
      lucid. I decide that the lady's advice is obviously crap, so I decide to do my own thing. I get up and start moving my feet like I'm skating, and I begin to run along the surface of the water, easily going fifty miles an hour.
      I stay away from the shore, and realize that the lake is actually sort of U shaped. The grassy shore I see is the indent of the U. The rest of the lake is surrounded by a more forest-like biome, though the trees seem to be dead or lacking leaves. I skate around the entire "U" barely clipping the inside bend. Until I get to the other end of the lake. I run onto shore, muddy and devoid of grass, but keep going with the ice-skating motion.
      I pass over a road that goes through the woods. 5-10 dream characters are there, and they all watch in amazement as I pass them at 30-50mph. After I cross the road, I am going down a dirt path between a cornfield and the forest. I make a hard right and go down a separate path.
      I put my hands down to my side and project my "energy" out of them and begin flying on jets of blue fire. The dream fades and I wake up.

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    2. Jonathan's Attack

      by , 05-16-2010 at 12:33 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Actually written on 2-17-2014

      Forget the pictures. We have Opheila to thank for that.

      Anyways, I'm having some dream about sneaking into some base and stealing something. I don't recall much of the dream up until the part where I escaped the base.
      I am on this beach area that becomes a desert. There are mountains in the distance. Lia is there and she is what prompts me to reality check.
      I become lucid. She seems distressed; we're in a rush to get out of here. I see something flying toward us in the distance and hear a thumping sound, like something is walking.
      So Jonathan, my dream nemesis comes down on this hovering platform device and deploys all these combat robots.
      Now if I were faced with this setup today, I'd probably reduce this small army to a pile of scrap metal relatively quickly. But this was only my 15th or 16th induced lucid dream. And most of my lucid dreams before that had been Layer 1's where I had immediately woken up upon becoming lucid. So I had little practice.
      I look over my shoulder. Manei says one word to me.

      What?! Why are we running?! I'm lucid. We can kick some robot butt! It's just a couple of combat robots! This would have been the coolest dream ever... ugh forget it.

      Well we're off and running. Now I don't know if it's like a dream guide thing or something, but should she be able to run at like fifty miles per hour? I can't keep up with her. I didn't know terraskating yet, so I just stuck to my measly sprinting speed.
      Afterwards, we end up arriving in this small town about two miles from the base. The dream begins to take more of a positive spin at this point. Lucky for us, you can't get tired from running in a dream. We went into a fenced off pool and I learned how to breathe underwater in a dream. I simply figured that in a dream, if you can breathe through your pinched nose because your nose isn't actually pinched. So you can breathe underwater because you aren't actually underwater.
      I got some good manifesting practice in. And met the dream character that I would eventually identify as Marcus. I woke up not long after.

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    3. Formal Teachings

      by , 07-01-2009 at 02:22 AM (Lucid Time!)
      There were really only two times that I actually received instruction form my dream guide on controlling my dreams. These dreams actually happened several months apart, but for the sake of time, I want to lump them together as they both share a similar premise.

      I was in some kind of ice cave type area. There were a number of hooded figures around me. One of them was shorter, thinner, and obviously female. (My dream guide, I would only actually discover that about 20 lucid dreams later.) She was reading from some big ancient looking spell-book.
      "To shoot water from one's hand is "Waterspray""
      I held up one hand and said "Waterspray" A torrent of water shot out of my hand. The water was drawn from thin air apparently. I also took note that the water seemed to be turning in a vortex like a tornado.
      "To create a more powerful blast, use both hands and say "Watersplash""
      I held up both hands, like I was doing a Kamehameha, and yelled "Watersplash". A big burst of water shot out of my hands, but stopped immediately.
      The rest of the dream was comparatively kind-of boring. I'm going to stop here.

      Unlike the first dream where I received a lesson, this dream actually started with something boring going on.
      The dream got good when I was in my living room. Manei was there, and she was teaching me something called the "power of K" (I renamed it the power of "Khey") because that's what it sounds like to say the spell word.
      She explained to me that this is a destructive spell that you can use by looking away from your target and shouting "Khey" to destroy it. The reason for looking away was that it makes it easier to destroy, because you don't have to think about how something looks when its being destroyed. You only have to think about how something looks before its destroyed and after.
      I was practicing on the wall in my living room. Turning away and shouting "Khey" then turning back and seeing a hole in the wall where I had looked away.

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    4. Welcome to your dreams, I will be your guide...

      by , 04-22-2009 at 03:19 AM (Lucid Time!)
      This was from the first night I tried lucid dreaming. I would continue to be a lurker for awhile longer and even went on another account for awhile.

      I think that account got banned when I tried to manually hard-delete all of my DJ entries by putting the word 'Deleted' in place of all the entries.

      Anyways, I think I was so hyped on Lucid Dreaming the first night that I found myself already lucid in a dream. The first thing I remember was being on the beach resort that I dream about. (I dream about that place a LOT, so we're just going to describe it as THAT beach resort.)
      But the detail that I remember was that I wasn't just standing on the beach, but I started about 20 feet in the air, and fell in the sand. It didn't hurt or anything. As soon as I got up, I said.
      "Ooh, I'm lucid dreaming!"
      I looked around, there was only one other dream character on the beach. He was laying in a reclining chair, reading some magazine. He looked like an Asian man, probably in his 50's or 60's. He told me about his daughter, and that she was missing her hair clip, and wanted me to find it for her. I'm not really certain why I decided to follow along with this idiotic dream plot. I guess I didn't have as good of lucidity as I remember. Keep in mind this was my first ever properly induced lucid dream.
      I had a weird sense that what I was looking for was in one of the hotel rooms. I checked the first two, and they were completely vacant. But in the third one, there was a red hair clip on the floor just inside the door. I grabbed it, and looked up and to my left. There was the girl who I assumed was the man's daughter.
      I walked over to her, and gave her the clip. She thanked me, but never actually took it. Then she began taking off her clothes to reveal that she had several outfits on in layers. But she could transition between them in a very dreamlike manner; such as take off a pair of shorts, and have a pair of long pants on underneath. She asked my opinion on each outfit that she was wearing, trying to see what will impress me. My replies were all like "enhh..." and "It's okay...". As it turns out this girl would be Manei, my own dream guide.
      So after a brief fashion show from my future dream guide, the dream began to destabilize. I tried to dream spin, recalling what I had read on dreamviews. But my dream destabilized too fast and I lost control.

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    5. Recalling Childhood Lucid Dreams

      by , 06-16-2006 at 02:47 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I'm posting these as a block update. These are lucid dreams I had when I was a child. I'm trying to do that whole congruent dream journal thing.

      I can remember being in this sort of mine or cave. There were lots of cells in the wall. Each one had an archway of a huge iron door. There was a group of people in each catacomb. All of the people were dressed in rags and looked hungry and weak.
      Darth Vader was there (As hilarious as it sounds) and he was the main bad guy. I can remember him saying something about the people could either eat poisonous food or die of hunger. I knew that I could not overpower him, so I tried to hide behind some rocks.
      I was worried that he would be able to sense me with the force, and sure enough at that moment, he turned around and cut my head off with his lightsaber.
      My disembodied head rolled off an underground cliff and down a large circular shaft. I can remember it falling past a conveyor belt that was assembling people by attaching muscles, organs and bones. This type of thing was a common theme with nightmares when I was a kid.
      When I got to the bottom, I fell into green liquid. I assumed it was acid, and it was dissolving my head that was still alive. At this point a I just thought for some reason.

      "This has GOT to be a dream!"
      I flew up out of the shaft, smashing the nightmare assembly line. I was in my full body again. Darth vader turned around, but before he could draw his lightsaber, I blasted him with a massively powerful white laser beam from my hand.
      He flew out of the cave, and onto a platform surrounded by water. In fact, the cave existed only in a small mountain with ocean all around. He got up. I was flying above him, ready to strike again. But my vision was taken out of my body, and I watched myself blast him again and again.
      Eventually the whole lucid dream sort of zoomed turned out to be a movie that was playing on the television in my basement. and I lost lucidity.
      I can remember my mom came downstairs.
      "This movie is too scary for you! Why don't you watch something else?"

      Then I woke up.

      It just occurred to me. I talk alot about dream characters being hostile toward my lucidity. I wonder if my mom saying that the "movie" (being me lucid dreaming and battling my nightmare) is "scary" implies that dream characters opposed me being lucid even then.

      This next lucid dream I had when I was a little older. Maybe fifth or sixth grade, judging by the context. It was interesting because I did so many things that normally only a trained lucid dream should know how to do.

      I was having some dream about being late for school. (When in elementary school, you can't even really get in trouble for being late for school. Maybe this was sixth grade, when I started middle school.)
      I ran out the door with my backpack. I couldn't help but notice that the outside was vivid, colorful. I got to the edge of the street, and I began to think... I'm never late for school in real life. But I am in dreams, all the time. (I figured out dream signs all by myself, a full 4-6 years before I began lucid dreaming.)
      This has GOT to be a dream! (That used to be my go-to phrase as a kid, essentially how I became lucid.)
      I tried to use my dream control powers to make quartz crystals spike up out of the ground. It didn't work, but instead caused the grass to grow. I began running around the front lawn of my house causing the grass everywhere to be as tall, if not taller than me.
      I then decided I wanted to fly around in a CBM. (A CBM was something I made up as a kid. It was short for Cyborg Battle Mech, essentially it was Iron Man armor. As a kid, me and a bunch of my friends would draw our own CBMs and duel one another and the likes.)
      My CBM was a very lightweight, sleek design with green silver paint. Not great for winning fights, but good for flying in a lucid dream. I began flying through the sky, and I took notice that there were floating islands of rock in the sky. I began weaving in and around them, and began to go into the third person mode of dreaming. As I did, I came to the largest floating island, that had a tube cut up through the middle.
      I noticed something wrong with my CBM. The fires coming out of the rocket thrusters were orange and red, rather than blue. I flew in more closely and was able to start changing the color to blue. Just as I did, I woke up.

      Final lucid. Not very interesting.

      I was helping my mom in the garden. There were these two big mounds of what looked like wood chips. Somebody somewhere explained to me that they were in fact termite colonies of some sort. I hit one with a rake, and it broke open. The "termites" began swarming around me like killer bees and biting me.
      Whup nope. This can't be right! I'm dreaming!
      I decided I wanted to fly on a hover board. I conjured one and began to fly off but the area was so foggy that I only flew a few hundred feet before the dream destabilized.

      So this sort of wraps it up. That's all I can remember about lucid dreaming from my childhood. Most of these came between 2003-2007-ish. Between 2007-2009 I didn't really dream at all. (Or at least recall any of my dreams, because middle school, horror-mones, worst time of my life. I became interested in lucid dreaming officially sometime in 2010. I think it was around April 4th 2010.

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