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    1. Spell's Fall Comp Nights 5-6

      by , 10-21-2016 at 01:30 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Night 5

      had a fairly lengthy but bland dream. I was in my 8th grade history class and everyone was naked, except me. Class seemed to be going on normally, though. The teacher was giving a lecture, and we were all taking notes. He kept telling me to stop being distracted by everyone being naked with a very serious tone in his voice.

      Marcus came in (also naked) and said something about the dream failing to allow anyone to wear clothes. He then walked over to the teachers desk and made a valiant effort to craft undergarments out of computer paper and scotch tape.


      I think this was actually from the 3rd or 4th night of the comp and I just forgot to document it. There was a dream where I false-awoke. In the dream, I had a very long beard, reaching about halfway down my body. I tried to shave it but it perpetually regrew in new and strange ways. The dream went on for a few minutes.

      Night 6

      I am attending Hogwarts. (I knew a HP dream would show up eventually, since I've been reading through the books.) However it was disguised as my middle school. I remember they were having a beginning of the year celebration. Apparently I had been sorted into house Hufflepuff and, for whatever reason, we had to sleep outside on the lawn. They gave us yellow and black stripey scarfs that were really big and could be used as blankets.

      There were some people running around the running track. (In-Dream, it was across the road from the middle school, instead of next to it, and I think there were quidditch goals set up at either, too.) People wanted me to run a race but the other people already had a head start. I started running anyway and (shame I wasn't lucid for comp points) went super fast. So fast I remember I would have a hard time turning tight enough around the bends in the track.

      It was getting to be nighttime and Dubledore came outside (He looked like a combo of dumbledore and my old Middle School principal.) He magically created a small carnival with a mini Ferris wheel taking up about half the field for us to celebrate. He also inadvertently created a forest of large oak trees filling the other half of the carnival. He said he might as well leave them there since they were not hurting anything and they were magically linked to the carnival so he'd have to clean up both of them anyway when the field needed to be used once more.

      I sat down under one of the oak trees and did a moon RC. I looked at the moon (it was full.) and looked down at the grass. When I looked back it was crescent shaped and the stars were brighter and more vivid.
      I became lucid, but I didn't think of my goals so I obviously wasn't too lucid. I just decided to fly around. (I think I was trying to impress some girl that I had met in an earlier dream by flying, but either I just saw her out of the corner of my eye or she didn't even notice.) In fact, nobody noticed at all when I took off. (I presume because this was a gathering at a magical school.) It took some forceful voice commands to get above altitude, and I remember seeing the spot where I took off, leaving a spinning orange/blue fire circle that expanded outward and faded as I flew away. I took off and hovered above the central area of the fair, examined my fire jets. The effect wasn't too flashy this time around. The whole dream was foggy.

      Due to forgotten lucid goals and generally not putting enough effort into this recently, I flipped upside down and hovered on a jet from one hand, and spun around like a top for no reason whatsoever. My phone buzzed in my pocket and then fell out because I was upside down. I had to dive and catch it right before it fell to the ground. I really scared this older woman who looked sort of like my maternal grandmother but with darker skin and a whole lot fatter when I flew down right in front of her face. I caught my phone in one hand and propelled myself back up to my original altitude with the other.

      I answered it. On the other end was who I presume was Marcus and he told me in a rather irritated tone of voice to stop calling my fire jets 'fire jets' that they are actually fire rockets because they can work in outer space. He then said that theoretically I should have the ability to shoot fireballs that home in on targets and explode when they hit, if I practiced more. I lost the dream abruptly.


      I revisited the scene. I was at the track with the oak trees and the carnival, but nobody else besides us were there now. Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe was there and we were laying on the grass stargazing together. The stars were even more vivid and bright this time.

      Night 5:

      NLD x2=2

      Night 6:

      Frag x1= .5
      NLD x1= 1
      DILD x1 =10
      Fly x1 =5
      Element Manipulation x1 =10
      Use electronic device x1 =5
    2. Spell's Fall Comp Nights 1-4

      by , 10-19-2016 at 01:20 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Okay so "Night 1" is from 8:00pm on the 14th to 7:59pm on the 15th.
      "Night 2" is from 8:00pm on the 15th to 7:59pm on the 16h.
      "Night 3" is from 8:00pm on the 16th to 7:59pm on the 17h.
      and "Night 4" is from 8:00pm on the 17th to 7:59pm on the 18h.

      Okay I just had to figure that out, since I slept a good portion of the day away.

      Nights 1 and 2 nothing happened. I was on holiday with family and way too busy and tired to even recall any dreams.

      Night 3 was better. Here are the nonlucid(s):

      I was sitting in a bar. When I stepped outside I was in a huge room with a checkerboard floor, white columns and walls and a black ceiling and approached by one of my original characters. (David). Only he looked large/stock, fat and more intimidating. He said he wanted to fight me. He said he was so confident that he would win that he would let me have 100 free hits on him before he fought back. (Exceptionally weird since one of the first traits I designed David around was to be nonviolent.)

      I started fighting him with no motivation or actual provocation. He started counting down the hits I made. Punching him was just like punching and kicking a big pillow or a punching bag. I lost the dream out of frustration. I still was allowed 83 more hits on him when I t ended.

      I remember Manei was the sole character of a dream set in Republic City from The Legend of Korra. I think the dream was even "animated" similarly, it looked similar to the show. She was in a disguise of a trench-coat, hat, and one of those joke shop glasses+joke nose+mustache things and pretending to read a newspaper. (Your disguise is just dripping with originality.) She waited for some people to walk buy, then threw off her disguise to reveal a red swimsuit underneath, and jumped into an open storm drain.

      She swam underwater for quite some time, navigating various water pipes under the city. She didn't seem to need air, even when she finally surfaced in an underground pool about a minute later she didn't seem out of breath at all. There was a meeting forming of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pearl from Steven Universe, and Batman. (Okay... Interesting choice of characters...) They all met at a round rusty metal table and started discussing plans for something.


      I was Jumping like a frog on large Lilly pads in a swamp (Dagobah Feeling), apparently as a part of some kind of physical training. Manei approached me and told me I was misusing my physical body and if I wanted to do whatever it was I was trying to do or train myself for (semi lucidity is the best), I should just transmute myself into an actual frog.

      She then showed me what she said was called a dream frog. It looked like a normal bull frog but it had a red button on its back that you would press. Apparently it was a very powerful dreaming artifact that allowed me to hop back to lucid dreams that I had already had and change what happened in them.

      I think the dream frog wiggled out of her hand and hopped away in the swamp. I tried to go after it but it disappeared.


      We were back in Republic City from Legend of Korra and we had to fight agianst Mako, Bolin and Korra who were trying to stop us from getting into this building. (Presumably a town hall, it looked nothing like the town hall from the show, it was much smaller and looked more like a miniature version of the US capital building. It was also built by the coast.) The battle took place at sunset with the sun setting over the water.

      Manei had a truly brilliant combat strategy. She charged in and got their attention then proceeded to chicken out and hide behind a parked tank as boulders and fire missiles shot over us. I remember poking out of cover and nearly getting pelted with attacks myself. I tried to encourage her to run out of cover on separate sides and maybe we could split their line of fire and flank them, but she had completely lost it.

      I jumped up and started flying above the battle. Bolin and Korra worked together and threw a barrage of giant boulders at me. I kicked one of them and my skate blade popped out and sliced it in half (cool.) I flew over and landed, standing on one foot, on a flagpole atop the building. Mako shot lightning up the metal flagpole and killed me. For some reason when he killed me the scene became animated much more simplistically and I saw myself in third person. I turned into a giant cooked turkey and fell on the ground.

      Its interesting to me how naturally the Zero-friction sakes have worked their way into dreams. I don't post every dream I have anymore so you guys don't get the full picture, but they made their first true appearance in the last comp, and since then they've come up 10+ times, mostly in semi lucids. Something tells me if I was to try to summon them in a lucid dream, I'd have no difficulty whatsoever.

      I feel dirty classing these as four separate NLDs since they share plot threads, but since there was some semi-lucidity in there, and because I'm down two days completely due to circumstances outside my control, I'll call it for four points...


      On the actual 'Night 4' I only had a nonlucid dream.

      I was going to work with my mom. For some reason she worked in this big castle built out of Minecraft blocks built by the side of a realistic lake. Apparently she was studying how to make Minecraft educational to college students. (My mom works at a college IWL). I remember there was a door that was supposed to operate with redstone and pistons but it wasn't working and my mom wanted to call the groundskeepers and have them fix the door.

      The dream changed plots to a story about a 44 year old man (age specifically given) who wanted to be 'young and hip' and decided to quit his desk job and become a DJ. He was in a recording studio recording a song called 'Bang, Bang, Cowboy'. It was like a hip hop/dance song that used some country instruments. I know that sounds musically impossible, but somehow in the context of the dream, it sounded really good.

      I must say as far as Dream Music goes, this was probably the second best song to 'Robot Disassembly'. I even remember the dance move you would do to it where you would point at your dance partner with two fingers and then on each utterance of the word 'Bang' in the song flick your hand up as though you had shot them, alternating hands each time. A rather unusual implication for a dance, but apparently it caught on as a trend.

      Then it showed another scene of the guy trying to come up with more songs and he couldn't. The country singer walked into the recording studio not wearing a shirt, having a comically oversized cowboy hat on and a huge case of beer. She started chugging all the beers and the DJ guy started dancing to the cowboy song and other people came in and danced with them and drank beer. Then they got in trouble for ruining all the recording equipment.

      But later in the day I napped for two cycles. (I know this because I fell asleep at 12:30, awoke from a dream at about 2, then slept again and woke up at about 3:45)

      In the first lucid I false awoke and rather groggily walked into my parent's bathroom. In it I saw the cabinets under the sink were missing and there was a gigantic cluster of amethyst crystals on display. I for some reason recognized this as a dream sign and did a nose pinch reality check. This caused me to become lucid. I lost the dream and woke up.


      The second dream I was preparing to go to work with my mom. I remember off in the east there were these huge black mushroom shaped buildings with a purple energy conduit running around the edge of the 'cap' of the mushroom. There were white glowing windows, along with what looked like bits of technology, exterior pipes and conduits and power boxes.

      There were also these very tall (clouds wrapping around 1/4 of the way up, so probably many miles tall) buildings that shared a similar color palate. They had these huge sideways facing cylinders with purple energy conduits along the edges built into their superstructures.

      I became lucid rather randomly. It wasn't because of the buildings. I just remember saying to myself "I'm dreaming, aren't I?" and proceeding to launch myself into the air with enough force to crack the cement driveway. I launched up into the cloud but a moment later a dull, but strong pain in my knees and thighs registered and the dream pretty quickly disintegrated.

      DILD x2 = 15
      RC =1
      WBTB =2
      Fly/Super Strength/Super Speed (I launched myself, it was really like a big jump.) = 5

      Totes: 24
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    3. DreamCafe11's Dolls, Power Ranger Bikini, Half-City and Giant Bananas

      by , 10-13-2016 at 03:57 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Somethin to do with Crimson Skies.


      I had a false awakening. Smoky Quartz from Steven Universe walked into my room wearing lingerie and apparently 'in the mood'.


      I met DreamCafe11 in a semi-lucid dream, only I think she was very young. She was in the wood shop of my middle school at night making these wooden dolls of all my persistent dream characters. They looked sort of like those wooden figurine men you use for anatomy reference when drawing but she was sculpting specialized wood pieces to make hair and stuff and painted them to look like us.

      She then started making the Jade and Manei dolls kiss and she thought I'd be upset that she did it but I didn't care. I remember looking at the Marcus doll. (It had little glasses made out of wire and clear plastic that I enjoyed taking on and off.) I was telling her she was really good at making things. The glasses became full sized and I realized I had to give Marcus his glasses back because he couldn't see without them.

      Eye (fully grown) appeared and he put this reddish purple magic sand that came out of his sleeve on the dolls that made them into voodoo dolls that could control me and my dream characters. When he did this really dark scary music started playing for a few seconds. We were at my aunt's old house now. Eye ran into the basement.

      I got really scared and angry to the point of freaking out. I stepped on the dolls and broke them all. (So apparently a lapse in dream logic that stomping on the dolls didn't cause their actual versions to be brutally crushed by an unseen giant boot.) Cafe came back and she started crying because I ruined her hard work and she was hitting my leg.
      I started trying to make sense of my reality and getting more lucid but I forgot what happened after that. I think I might have woken up.

      I remember I was driving to college, but using a car that belonged to one of my teachers from elementary school. ID he had like a sky blue 1950's car that was really long and had big fins on the back of it. It was very hard to steer. I remember at some point I wound up driving off the road.

      It was like a video game. I was on a freeway that was high above this wasteland. (It looked a lot like something from fallout.) I couldn't stop the car and there were these red propane tanks in the road that I would crash into visibly damaging the car and causing a life bar in the bottom right corner of the 'screen' to decrease. I finally managed to stop the car, it was very nearly destroyed and there was only a small amount of life left.

      I came back onto the normal road. But traffic was stopped in both directions and somebody was riding a motorcycle up and down the road in a pink bikini and a pink power rangers mask. I met with this DC who had black hair and a big beard who was filming her on his phone. He said that he had a thing for people who rode motorcycles and dressed like power rangers, but he was really embarrassed about it. Apparently he would stop people he found attractive and pay them whatever it took to get them to wear his outfits and ride up and down the stretch of road outside his house on a motorcycle.

      I told him I wouldn't tell anyone if he helped me pay to fix my teachers car and he said he would.


      I was going on a run in evening/twilight time, passing the entrance to my neighborhood as I usually do about 1/3rd of the way through my route. I was thinking about how I wanted to make a movie about a lucid dream and I would film myself on a greenscreen and then put that against films of the background I wanted, and then use after effects to add my flying jets. I said I would need to have four layers in my after effects file to do it.

      Then I looked up and saw that in the direction of the downtown area of the town I live in there were three or four skyscrapers that were not there IWL. This made me RC.
      I got up onto the railing of the boardwalk trail that runs through the woods by my neighborhood and took off flying. I remember looking down as I took off to see if my flying jets were there, since sometimes they fail to appear and I just sort of hover, but they were there all right. I was thinking about how each time they seem to have different properties and this time they threw out these sparks like fireworks.

      I flew up over my neighborhood towards the direction of downtown. There were all of these concrete mid-rise buildings that were not there IWL. I flew by some of them and an old lady waved to me when I did. I then flew over a river that was mirror still and saw my reflection. But from the altitude that I was at I just looked like a little point of light moving across the sky.

      I wanted to go faster to get to the big city, but went really really high in the air by mistake. I looked down and saw the city was like a half-circle shape. Right in the middle where all of the biggest buildings were it just cut off and became a forest with no roads. I flew back down to the tallest building, a circular glass tower. I wanted to know what it was and I saw white hologram letters appear that said "kata towers". I looked around at all the buildings and they all had something that said 'kata' in the name.

      I started examining the buildings and noticed that some of them were only complete on the near side, and from the abrupt forest transition they were just like building frames and props with cutaways of incomplete interiors.

      Manei jumped off a building with a helicopter pad and grabbed my foot. This caused me to crash in the forest just beyond the cutoff of the city and when we hit the ground we slid across it and made a big trench in the dirt but didn't get hurt. She asked why I didn't hear her because she was yelling and yelling for my attention but I was too busy flying to listen. I told her I wasn't interested in having her in appear in every single dream and sometimes I just like to do things on my own.

      I saw in the back of the building had a giant bunch of bananas (~15 stories tall) built into the frame. I think I noticed other oversized groceries such as a giant bag of lays potato chips and oversized frozen pizzas still in the boxes.
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    4. Unable to say anything but 'Mountain', Soul Eater Movie, Jet Fighter Chase (LD #310)

      by , 10-06-2016 at 01:22 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Meditation is helping me to have better lucid dreams from what I can tell, at the very least longer and with more recall. It's not removing the weird factor of my dreams, but I think they're better with that left in.

      I saw an alternate world map at some point. I might have to draw it I don't remember everything from it but here were the basics.

      -There was a huge circular impact crater ocean filling up most of the southeastern united states and the Caribbean. The US was divided along the middle. Apparently the civil war never ended. There was only one island in the middle of the crater labeled 'puerto rico'

      -There was another landmass to the southwest of Australia, about the same size but a little bit more long and skinny. It was its own country and became important in the upcoming dreams. I forgot what it was called so I'll just call it Bobland.

      -All of the korean peninsula was labeled 'North Korea'. The Japanese Archipelago was labeled 'Regular Korea'.

      -Russia was divided up into three countries labeled 'Soul Eater' (to the west) 'Potato' (in the middle) and 'Amethyst' (in the east.) The country of Potato was colored brown on the map and shaped like a potato. It was known to be an agricultural breadbasket for this alternate world.

      -There were six or seven islands running between the tip of brazil and west Africa. Each one was its own country.


      I got to go for a walk on a nature trail in Bobland. Apparently most of the flora and fauna were similar to those in north America but there were some animals from other continents that had gone extinct everywhere else but here. Bobland was a very environmental nation. They only had one major city in the entire nation, on the southern edge in a big bay. Supposedly the city was still polluted due to being very industrial but all of the pollution was contained in a small quarter of the country. This industrial powerhouse gave them the power to preserve the rest of the country.

      I remember seeing on my nature walk they had two of these houses, they looked oriental, but they were up on stilts above clearings in the woods, and you had to climb high ladders to get into them. They were meant as lookouts for the park rangers There were also these animals called [something] kissers. They looked like little cat-sized kangaroos with anteater snouts and were red and white. They were really smart and used simple tools and if they came up to you and kissed you it was supposed to be good luck. I remember three or four of them followed on my hike on the nature trail and before I went back to my car to drive to the airport and fly back home they all kissed me with their little snouts.


      I was doing work for this political campaigner guy who was apparently secretly responsible for deciding who won the election; Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Apparently everything these people did and every speech they made etc was all a very elaborate setup to do psychological experiments on the people of the united states.

      He had this big hill in the backyard of his mansion that felt like it was my house in my neighborhood but it was bigger and made out of dark red bricks and had a black roof and all of these archways incorporated into the architecture. In his backyard he had this hill, well it wasn't really a 'hill'. It was like a stone wall on one side and on the other a grassy slope at an absurd incline (70-80 degree incline) but was flat a little bit on top. He planted two different types of grass on the hill to make the lighter color of grass with a five-pointed star on it. Apparently even though this whole experiment thing and his job were supposed to be a closely secret, he liked to advertise that he was an important part of the american government by having this huge beautiful landscape billboard thing in his backyard. *confused jackie chan face goes here*

      And I had to mow it. Gravity distorted in a way that when you walked up/down the hill, it was like walking on flat ground. But mowing it was hard work due to the sheer size of it (3-5 stories high and about as wide). Also I had to mow it in a very particular way as to only mow all of the grass inside of the star first, then move on to mow all the grass outside. When I had finished, (Dream time took care of most of the mowing) I went to put the mower back, and looked back to where the hill just was and this caused me to become
      semi lucid. For some reason I was thinking that I had to find a mountain first. (Maybe related to the disappearing hill, IDK) Internal logic and low level lucidity dictated that the easiest way to get to a mountain would be to fly to another planet with one. For whatever reason, I felt as though if I tried to find a mountain on earth, I felt like the dream would destabilize.

      I flew up into the air on yer standard issue flying jets, effortlessly and started flying through the clouds. I got some great sensations of flying, wind in my hair, cool, wet clouds, and good visuals. Then I saw two Jet Fighters and one of them said in a bull horn like police to stop flying because I was supposed to go mow that guy's lawn again. But I disregarded them because I knew it was a dream and they shot a missile at me. I remember I caught it and when I did I was surprised at how small and simplistic it was. It was about the size of a baseball bat and seemed to be made out of plastic. I threw it back and blew up one of the planes.

      I saw a huge white door (like the door of a house or a room) in the side of a cloud with a golden handle. I thought that it was a door to heaven and I said out loud to myself that I thought the dream was going to start having religious symbolism in it. I remember I had to flip around and fly the other way to get away from the fighter jets. When I came out the other end, I was in an office on a dock in an industrial shipyard. I jumped out the window and looked around. I recognized that this was the main city of Bobland. There was a huge harbor with lots of large industrial buildings, and big cranes loading up freight ships. In the distance, across the bay, I could see a very modern-looking skyline. I remember the industrial complex was between the mountains and the sea and built up onto the mountains with various mines and the likes on them. There were shipping docks and cranes up there and flying container ships with big wings sticking out of the bottom. Past that the industrial gave way to a few lower-class homes and eventually untamed wilderness and very tall snowcapped mountains.

      I was still obsessed with getting to a mountain. So I jumped out the window of the office and started running with super speed at an angle across the bay straight to the biggest mountain. The jet fighters from before showed up, only I think there were more of them. I somehow knew they had tracked me but I didn't want to waste my time in the lucid fighting them. I jumped into flying because it was faster than running and went supersonic, still flying just a few feet above the water. The thing that I remember was they shot machine guns at me and one the bullets went through my right forearm. It just made like a half-inch wide hole and the inside of my arm was just made of like pink Bologna and there was no blood, but it still hurt a little. I remember thinking to myself that these guys shouldn't be chasing me to the other side of the planet.

      Then what I assumed were the Bobland jets came. And there were A LOT of them. (Like 50sh) The country had these very futuristic jets with forward swept wings that had big turbines in them, and they shot blue laser beams rather than bullets. Supposedly they had been attacked by aliens in the past and fought them off but taken their technology to make their military very strong. (I remember an alien invasion was actually very important to the overarching plot of last nights dreams, probably explaining the alternate earth.) They were trying to shoot down the american jets but they could hit me too because of the way the chase was going, so I turned directions and went straight up. I was flying up twoards one of the flying cargo ships that had little turrets on the bottom started shooting with machine guns to try to kill the american planes. I said something like "Gosh, I just cant get out of the way." I tried to get out of the way and the american planes shot missiles at the flying cargo ship. (Though I think they were meant for me.) When they hit all of the cargo containers started falling off. I flew through them but they destroyed the american planes as they fell.

      I kept flying to the mountain. I didnt seem to be flying very fast or even able to get very high. It sort of felt like I was tired from flying. I don't know if it was because of all that action and maneuvering in the air or the fact that I was becoming aware that the dream was ending soon or what. But I eventually had to drop out of flying and start running with super speed to get to the mountain. I ran through a big quarry area that looked rather interesting but I ignored it. I ran down a long dirt road that led up the mountainside.

      I stopped about halfway up when I saw piglets running in the road. I remember they had two sets of front legs but the back set was too short to touch the ground. Both sets of front legs were bright red and lacked fuzz. When I stopped all the pigs started running away from me. They were apparently a product of genetic engineering and radiation poisoning. It was funny how they moved as squealed and ran away from me and I was thinking they were kind of cute. I wondered why they were here and could never think of any other time that I had dreamed of pigs.

      Manei jumped out from behind a dead tree and killed one with some kind of small axe or mace. I asked her why she did it. She held out a sandwich in a bag from a Subway and, sounding very angry, complained to me that they refused to give her both "Pig Meat" and "Fish Meat" on her sandwich and would only let her have one or the other. I told her that in waking life, we call 'pig meat' pork, and 'fish meat' is just fish. This incident with the sandwich was somehow supposed to be a more mundane everyday allegory for the epic adventure I had just had, but even now I have no idea how. I wanted to ask her about meditation but when I tried to speak, the only word that would come out of my mouth was 'mountain'. The dream went to black and I woke up.


      (After a short awakening)

      I was in a movie theatre with Maka and Soul from soul eater. (Only they looked like real people, not anime characters.) We sat down to watch a movie but Asura (from Soul Eater) gave a short speech first. Then this big judge guy with a powdered wig talked for a little bit.

      Then the movie started. It was some kind of 2D animated science fiction movie that reminded me of Titan AE. The main character was a high school girl who went to a space high school with aliens. There was a human boy that she liked but the boy didn't seem to like her back . Soul complained that the movie was boring because it spent all the time developing the girl's crush on a boy rather than showing the cool science fiction stuff. Someone in the front row threw an orange cat (yes, a living cat, like one that you would keep as a pet.) at the screen and stopped the movie. The cat then attacked the judge guy and pulled his wig off.

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    5. Galaxy God (LD # I don't know anymore.)

      by , 09-28-2016 at 02:04 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I've been experimenting with a written Dream Journal, but I had to drive to college in a hurry, and left the journal at home, so I wasn't able to write these down like I normally would. Figured since I haven't done a DV DJ in forever and I had a lucid last night, I'd drop this here.

      My cat was perpetually throwing up. No real reason to go into further detail about that dream.

      I was playing SC4. (Oh, hello video game I haven't played in months.) I was in my main region mentally planning some new cities. I wanted to make a row of three or four really big cities. I saw a triangle shaped city tile and decided to click on it. The game loaded for a long time and took me to a screen of a desert with a volcano in the background. A space shuttle with the orange fuel tank and SRBS flew by. (I think it actually had four SRBS, two on each side. I think it blew up and now I was now playing Kerbal Space Program. I clicked on one of the kerbals and made him go EVA from the cockpit.

      I was on my college campus, with my dad's sister and respective cousins. They were being generally obnoxious and complaining that they were bored. (Even my ~50year old aunt was complaining) I was supposed to drive them back to my house. I walked them across campus back to the car but the campus gave way to a collection of stores and office buildings. I thought I had gotten lost so I retraced my steps. (Family who had to follow me were not very pleased with this fact.)

      I walked back to the familiar part of campus and tried walking to the parking lot another way but it again gave way to stores and office buildings (and a video arcade) My annoyed cousins and aunt were at their breaking point and started yelling at me for my incompetence but I ignored them and I stopped and thought about the situation.
      I was pretty quick to come to the conclusion that I was dreaming.

      I took off flying, (generally family member DCs when they get like this are beyond salvaging.) I flew down the avenue and pulled up high into the sky. I saw a huge futuristic city off in the distance and decided to investigate. There were huge dark blue angular glass buildings at least a mile or two tall and flying cars, all surrounded by a more normal looking city. I decided I wanted to investigate the inside of the huge building so I would do the logical thing and land on the roof.

      I re-affirmed to myself that this was a dream and that everything that happened was just something that I was thinking of. I had some difficulty landing, flying was troublesome and I kept shooting off to the side, but I was eventually able to get myself to hover the roof of one of the buildings and kill my flying jets to fall the last few hundred feet.

      I fell through the roof and started falling through all the floors of the building. Curiously the whole building was like an empty glass shell with nothing on the inside. I kept falling and colors and shapes started to distort. I felt like I was sliding down a metal tube that went in all different direction. I didn't really care, it seemed like the dream was going to do something interesting so I just let it happen. I popped out the other end and I was in outer space. A huge golden spiral galaxy in front of me.

      Galaxy: (with a big booming voice like god) I have attained the highest spiritual status and the largest physical form. I am a galaxy! But you may call me... uhh...

      Me: Your name could be... bob?

      Bob: I AM BOB! Now tell me, why is your hair so long?

      Me: I don't know... I just kind of think it looks cooler that way...

      Bob: What would you do... If I were to cut it short?

      Me: My dream body is just a construct of my consciousness, allowing to have me a human experience in the dreamworld. Such damage could very easily be undone.

      Bob: F*CK!
      non-lucid , dream fragment , lucid
    6. Spell's Comp Night 14: 3 Lucids; Stage Flight, Halo Battle, Bank Robbery

      by , 08-12-2016 at 03:33 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Now this is the kind of night I wish I'd be pulling off for the entire comp.

      I was talking to Manei and I said to her: "I like taking long hot showers and crying for no reason. It helps me get all my boogers out."


      I don't remember the first dream too well. I was with my cousins and we were going to see some movie. Then I remembered that the movie was in fact some play that I was supposed to have a part in. The movie theatre morphed into this huge coliseum with five stage curtains on a scaffold forming a pentagon in the middle. I don't remember if it was because there were five iterations of the same play being put on at once or because it was all one big play that made use of this unique stage. It also had something to do with my high school graduation.

      I remember leaving my family behind and going backstage to make preparations. I had no memory of being in this play or what part I was supposed to play. The director got really mad at me. He said that the play was a Porn-Parody of Harry Potter and made a penis joke about a "wand". I remember there was this big blue prop sign with white letters that said "Lucid Dream".
      I became lucid. Not long after I did, all of the dream characters except the play director vanished.

      I remember becoming lucid and thinking of my dream-goal to do do some kind of acrobatic/gymnastic maneuver. I was thinking about the olympic gymnastics and how very badly I wanted to mimic that in a LD. I also thought about how I might destabilize the dream if I do a flip or something because it would be like dream spinning. In more stable dreams it hasn't been a problem, and I've done it before. (Hence why it's a 10-point goal).

      I said I wanted to start easy. I saw this huge paper mache prop tree and ran up the side and did a parkour backflip. It didn't destabilize the dream very much. I then forgot about the goal and started flying and running through the branches of the prop tree. The play director ran and got a clipboard. He said he was inspired to write a new play about Peter Pan because I was flying. Then this really fat guy in a blue track suit came in. He said he wanted to enter me in a lucid dreamers equivalent to the olympics for agility flying since I had a natural talent for it. I told him I would like it, but I wanted to do proper training and not rely solely on natural talent.

      (Adds Lucid Dream Olympics to list of dream goals for after comp.)

      I remember I was playing Halo 4 (At least I think it was Halo 4. It felt like it.) I remember I had signed into the match by accident and it was 3v1. I thought to myself "huh boy, a 3v1, and I haven't played in awhile." I remember thinking that I should just quit, but that would be bad sport and I should at the very least try and fight them even if they stomp me. Also the place we were fighting in was the front yard of my house.

      It was at this point their personalities became apparent. The guy in red armor with the star on his shoulder had Steven's voice from Steven Universe and was the leader. There was a guy in white armor who was an idiot and a guy in pink armor who was a coward. They tried attacking me. I remember having three weapons avaliable to me (when in Halo, the most you can normally have is two.) I had a shotgun, assault rifle and the 3 round burst rifle from halo 3)

      It's not like I was playing to my fullest. In some weird way, (even though there the video game context was ignored) Controlling my character felt lethargic. Sometimes I would think to move a certain direction but wouldn't actually start moving half a second later. Aming was difficult too. More than once, I shot in a different direction than I was looking.

      I remember the white armor guy and the pink armor guy were pretty terrible and I was able to kill them pretty easily. For the most part they would just stand in one shot and try to shoot at me (and miss) The Steven guy was a bit tougher, he actually fought back and used cover. I know he killed me at least once. At one point the white and pink armored guys came after me driving a minivan they had stolen from the neighbors garage and I blew it up by throwing a grenade underneath it.

      When the score was about 10-1 the Steven guy said he was going to use a hack to transport us outside of the map. He did and we were now on a freight train that was moving. I killed the white and pink armor guys again and apparently when using the hack, they forgot to set the spawn points outside of the map boundaries too, so this was my opportunity to lose these guys.

      The train began going around this large lake (actually I think it was a bay) following a curved path. Because of the way the tracks curved I could see the Steven Guy way down at the end of the train across the lake. There was a (googles Halo vechiles) Banshee on one of the last train cars. He got into it and flew across the lake towards the front of the train where I was. I started shooting at him but kept missing. He shot a missile at me and blew apart the train car. I very nearly fell off but I grabbed this bar on the end of the train car and held onto the side. I swing around to the backside hiding from him.

      Dangit I'm lucid! Can't I just use VATS?

      I swing around once. I tried to stop time and target him, but nothing happened. (Well I got hit with a few spare lasers) I tried a second time and it worked. I focused in on him and got a HUD just like VATS. I set all my shots to target him (Think I had about 5 shots) I even got the 3rd person movie style of me shooting them and blowing the guy out of the sky.

      After that the train stopped, presumably because the match had ended. I think my armor dissolved and gave way to my regular dream self. I still had the gun but I threw it down in the sand and sad "gah! I hate using guns!" I saw one of the little ATV things from Halo and decided to hop on as an easy means of transportation. I got stopped by this fisherman guy who said that the ATV was his and it was a present from his mom and had been stolen from him by the Halo team that I had fought. I said he could have it back and he was very thankful.

      I somehow found myself in a parking garage looking through the back of my dad's old van and I found a fluffy white blanket. I was talking to my dad about something and said that I had to return the blanket. I went back to the fisherman's house and gave him the blanket too. When I did he hugged it and started crying. He asked what he could ever do to repay me and I said that it was nothing and I was just trying to be a more positive influence on my dreams.

      The dream phased from the beach where the train and the fisherman had been to the family beach resort. I wanted to go back and talk to my dream dad but I wanted to move in a way that wasn't flying. I remembered how in old lucid dreams I would move my feet like I was ice skating and gain super speed across the ground. I tried it but nothing happened. (Maybe because I was in sand... )

      What if I tried actual ice skates? I looked down at my boots. I felt like I could feel a button where my big toe was and wiggled my toe in to press it. (I also noticed, when I focused on the sensation of my feet that I was wearing no socks and had a lot of sand in my boots.) But when I pressed the button, an ice skate blade popped out of the bottom of my boot. I was a little bit awkward at first because I couldn't get the one in the other boot to come out because there was no button. Eventually intuition made me realize that I had to press the button in the right boot twice.

      I started skating down the boardwalk at high speeds. I remember thinking that I should use these more often and call them the "zero-friction skates".

      I arrived in this collection of oriental style buildings and a boardwalk. I find the fisherman character again sitting and eating a basket of fish and chips at an outdoor eating area next to a buffet bar. He thanks me again for returning his things to him. I think he was actually in tears this time. I thought it was funny. This guy really looked like the tough sailor type, even though he wasn't very big he looked tough, but here he was, balling his eyes out for me. He said he didn't like french fries because they were potatoes and the association with the phrase couch potato and laziness, so I ate some for a realistic taste, but no salt, and I couldn't find any, and didn't think to reach into hyperspace and grab some.

      He asked me how strong I must be to return two of his most important stolen belongings and beat up a gang of supersoliders that were apparently local bullies. He said he wanted to arm wrestle. I remember I accepted but it was this weird form of arm wrestling where we were standing and we tried to pull away from one another with our arms bent and whoever's arm went straight first would lose. The fisherman struggled and struggled, eventually cheating at his own game to try and bend my arm straight. I told him that "I'm the Dreamer." He didn't really understand that so I explained briefly that it was my lucid dream.

      I then remember making a point that my strength doesn't come from musculature because in the dream realm, that's meaningless. What's more important is your level of confidence. I decided to test something by using spear finger on a tree. (There was a large tree growing up out of the boardwalk several feet from our table.) I expected my strike to reduce the trunk to wood chips, but I don't think I was fully confident. (I was in the same mindset when I'm doing board breaking in martial arts classes.) I still drove my hand about halfway through the tree making a sizable hole and coming out with a fistful of wood shavings. The Sailor guy had a fish stick in his mouth and it fell out when he saw me do that. Priceless.

      I then saw the sky getting dark and decided I would do some flying. I said goodbye to him and activated fire jets out of my hands. In the reduced lighting the blue and reddish-orange contrast of my flying flames was exceptionally apparent, the colors really popped against the DW. There was even a "fwoom" sound as they came on. Sometimes my flying jets are very small and compact (or nonexistent), but this time they were like big bright colorful blooms of fire. I didn't take off right away and I was worried I'd set the boardwalk on fire. I took off and did a spiral around this pagoda building as the dream faded out.


      I went into something about driving with my dad, in the van again, going camping. I think it was actually a false awakening, explained that I had been asleep in the car this entire time and just woken up now as we were arriving. (We're actually going camping the day after the comp ends, no wonder I didn't catch this.) He said something about father son bonding.

      I woke up. I seriously thought about just getting out of bed and starting my day. (I did get up to go pee though.) I've had foul luck with reentry and mostly mucky WILDs. But I realized I was tired enough that I just might be able to pull of another short lucid and started doing counts.

      I was with my dream-mom. I remember telling her that this was a lucid dream and it can be utilized as a playground to do anything, even things that are not necessarily acceptable. She said she wanted to rob a bank. I remember also there was a plot about me being some kind of secret agent and I walked into a bank when there were robbers in it and everyone else was running away. The dream got scrambled pretty quickly where I was someone else and I saw my mom running out of the bank pushing a baby me in a stroller.

      I went into the back of the bank. I think I was with Manei now and we were planning how we would do this. Marcus had given us this little baseball sized shaped charge that we could supposedly use to destroy the vault door in the back of the bank. We walked in, climbed over the counter and went into the vault. I remember I tried figuring out how to make the bomb detonate. There was a really long red string wrapped around the bomb with a little pink plastic toad on the end of it.

      I then decided we would hack the computer instead. I remember trying to log in on the user account of somebody from the bank but I didn't know any passwords. Then I went to another computer terminal and saw that without logging in I could just enter the password to the vault directly. We tried a couple different passwords. The only two I remember us trying were "HoneyMoney" and "BigBenjamin31". I think Marcus was talking to us over radio giving us more password suggestions, but I ignored him since none of them worked.

      Me: "Alright. If I was in the prim and proper adult culture of banking, and I wanted to pick a password that nobody could guess, you wanna know what it would be?


      GLADOS sounding computer: "Password Accepted. Opening Vault."

      A woman came out of the bathroom and saw the two of us. She said she had been woken up by the Glados voice and had fallen asleep on the toilet. She was a little bit suspicious that we weren't supposed to be here even though the bank was closed, we were dressed like ninjas, and the dream guide behind me was stuffing money into a bag (Humorously stupid and oblivious dream character.) She somehow became convinced that we were a husband and wife pair and Manei was username "HoneyMoney" in the bank's employee registry.

      I woke up.

      Scoring: Since I've never had multiple lucid dreams to score I'm not sure how to do it. I think you can count dream control twice if you have it in multiple dreams. (But not necessarily a chain, like what happened last night.)

      Frag 0.5pt*1=0.5
      NLD (counting the nonlucid portion for each DILD since it was substantial.) 1pt*2=2
      DILD 10pt for first +5pt subsequent*2=15
      WILD 10pt for first=10
      WBTB 2pt*1=2
      Old Personal Goal (Gymnastic Maneuver)=10pt
      Basic Flying=5pt*2 different dreams=10pt
      Time control=(I'm counting my use of VATS as this.)=10pt
      Use an ordinary object to preform dream control (I guess it isn't 100% normal to have ice skate blades that pop out of your shoes, but I'm taking it and running.)=5pt
      Super Speed (From the skate blades)=5pts
      Eat Something (A few Potato Planks)=5pts
      DC Interact 2pt*all 3 dreams=6pts
      Super Strength=5pt
      Elemental Control=(Them big blooms of fire in the second dream should count. Such pretty colors (◕‿◕)) =10pt
      Use electronic Device=(Bank computer system)5pt

      Total: 100.5!

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    7. Spell's Comp night 13: Unstable WILD

      by , 08-11-2016 at 12:38 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I did another one of my accidental WILDs. (Not expecting it to happen either. In the WILD, I false awakened on my bed. The thing that tipped me off that I was dreaming was the fact that it was sunny out (in fact, I think it was snowy). I did stabilization by touching blankets on my bed, but I was thinking about waking up and the dream was really not that stable at all. I went downstairs and got ready to go outside for dream control when I woke up.

      I could feel myself back in bed. But I didn't open my eyes, or move, or anything. Reentry was easy and happened very quickly.

      I was in a basketball court, but it also felt like I was in my kitchen. I think the fridge and stove from my kitchen were in the corner and there was a window where there's a window in waking life. I took off and flew around. At one point I thought it would be funny to try and fly through a basketball hoop but I figured I'd probably get stuck. I looked down and saw my flying jets weren't visbile. Weird because I was hearing the 'flamethrower' sound that is usually attributed to them.

      I had a second awakening where I returned to being in bed. Reentry was just as easy and happened just as fast.

      I was still in the basketball court. I figured this time I had to think quickly to get points for the contest and thought of my dreamcatcher shield goal. I thought of making one and I actually got one to appear on my right arm, just like I had imagined it to look. (It was kind of small.) For some reason I was disappointed that it didn't make a cool sound effect when it appeared. I thought about testing it out but I would need someone to try attacking me.

      I woke up bigtime after that. I couldn't get back to sleep for a long while but I guess eventually I did because I remember this:

      I was asleep in the back of my grandmother's car. There was a 6" rat walking around on my body and there were a lot of flies and wasps in the car. I woke up when the rat started crawling on my face.

      Chain 2pt*2=4
      Basic Flight: 5pt=5
      Basic Summon=5pt=5
      Old Personal Goal: 10pt=10
      Frag 0.5pt*1=.5

      Totes: 34.5

      I feel kindof dirty taking points for such a bad attempt at a personal goal, but I've been kinda hard on scoring myself up until now...

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    8. Spell's Comp Night 12: Turn on the lucid generators!

      by , 08-10-2016 at 12:57 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Weird how this happened. I guess it was a WILD, but I'm not sure where the stream of waking thoughts ends and the lucid begins. I don't think it would affect scores too much, so I'll do my best.

      I was doing counts after waking up in the night. I don't even think I was very high, but I ended up making a jump by accident and went from 14 lucid dreams *deep breath* 44 lucid dreams *deep breath* 444 lucid dreams *deep breath* 445-wait, how did I get this high? I've had this kind of thing happen before when I count lucid dreams and usually its a sign that I'm about to drift off. I gave up on counting for a daydream-ish stream of thought.

      I was supposed to be inside my own brain, but I was inside what looked like an office building with people sitting at computers controlling me. I think I thought of the movie inside out. I snuck away and took an elevator down to the lower levels. (The lower levels actually looked like they were made of brain material rather than an office building) I remember there being a gray door to the room with the 'lucid dream generators'.

      There were these two guard bots that said that I had clearance to go in but wasn't allowed to touch anything. I went in. There was a large open room with four Tesla coil like apparatuses that I assumed were lucid dream generators. The entire back wall was a huge flat-screen TV with a blue screen crash on it. I tried to read it but it was blurry.

      "I'm sure nobody will even notice if I turn a few of these generators on..."

      I turned all four of them on and that triggered security robots to come in. I hid behind one of the generators but they were shooting lasers at me and I got shot in the chest several times. I was in third person view of myself and was able to convince me that the lasers did no damage to me since they were a part of my mind... or something. It didn't really work. My third-person dream self was acting wounded. I then thought of having an EMP device that disabled all the robots. It appeared in the form of a baseball-sized a white metal sphere with several buttons and panels on it.

      I threw it down and it created this purple electricity arc between all the lucid generators that shorted all the robots. I went out of the room and saw there were many more gray doors labeled 'lucid generators' and figured I would turn them all on. But the hallway vanished into a reddish soup lacking clarity. I saw a purple and blue cat (kind of Cheshire cat vibe) float by and thought of berry blast pop-tarts. I then saw Steven from SU with a pop tart. I then saw my character Raiah driving a U-haul truck.

      For some reason this was the moment that I properly recognized myself as entering the dream. I began getting sensations in my body as I climbed into the back center seat of the truck, feeling the texture of the seats and my foot on the step, thinking this is it, now I've actually gotten lucid and I'm in a dream. We were in the parking lot of a school. I don't know how I knew that, I just did.

      I got into the back of the truck and sat on the hump seat in the middle. Fairly easy to pull in Manei from the soup on the right hand side back seat as I did. She started driving. I don't know where we were driving or why. I had my heart set on a beach location or some kind of adventure. She said she didn't like Raiah because she was a character I made up in waking life. I told her to please drop that nonsense, that I didn't intentionally bring her into the dream and was just kind of going with the flow.

      She wanted me to hold her hand. I could tell she was uncomfortable. She said something about the back of the truck being bad for tall people and the driver being part robot. I got annoyed and so I looked over into the front passenger seat and forcibly manifested another original character of mine. Several highly distorted swirls of mist in various colors and she manifested right before my eyes.

      "There now the two can keep each other company and they won't bother us." I said to her. She seemed more comfortable now and wanted to hold hands. I felt her hand for some dream stabilization and looked down at it.

      "Her fingers look like sausages. I should try and eat them and see what happens- what? Sausages? That was a weird thought."

      I remember being reminded of stabilization. I did a nose pinch for a long time and pondered the dreaming state. I experimented with pinching and un-pinching my nose. It felt like my nose was a lot smaller.

      "Man, dream-me has a small nose..."

      It was a this point I realized we were driving down the median of an avenue. Raiah had been replaced with my friend J who was talking on the phone with his mom. His mom then appeared in the rear left seat and tried to give him a brown paper bag lunch, but he refused it. Six or seven cars crashed around us in a circle and we couldn't move. Some police started coming. My other character was then replaced with Aang. He said he would be happy to get us out of this one.

      "U-haul, Yip Yip." The truck started flying with a jolt and I woke up.

      I tried for reentry but no luck.

      WILD: 10pt*1=10
      Advanced Summon: 15pt*1=15
      Interact with DC: 2pt*1=2
      RC/Stabilize: 1pt*1=1

      Night Total:23
    9. Spell's Comp Night 5: High school crush, toddler dream self

      by , 08-03-2016 at 03:07 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was walking into town. (Evening, judging by the position of the sun) I remember meeting this girl from my high school who was being annoying so I jaywalked into the middle of the street when she wasn't looking to get away from her. I walked to the Taekwondo studio and had my taekwondo outfit on.

      I was told that there were three new students starting and I had to teach them all the basics of how to do good in class. I remember there were three or four boys who all looked the same but at different ages, as they got older they got taller and their hair got darker. The youngest of the four had blonde hair and looked about 10. The oldest looked about 20 and had black hair and a slight mustache. I started teaching them something and they changed into Cafe's guides.

      I then remember my high school crush walked in and she was a black belt. She started saying that I was doing all the class all wrong. My taekwondo master came out of his office and said that he didn't know who she was and that she couldn't just expect to walk into the studio and start telling me how to lead class. I said something about her being annoying.

      The next thing I knew she took out this weird gas mask thing and put it on her face with a really long filter tube reaching about knee level. (It looked like a vaccum hose) She started spinning it around like a helicopter and asked if it was annoying.

      Also my retainer started bothering me at 4:00am so I had to take it out and went pee while I was at. I suppose that counts as a WBTB, though I didn't try any practice...

      I was being chased by someone. I hid in this store where this guy sold guns. But I didn't have a license to buy a gun so instead he sold me this crossbow type weapon that shot these little darts so that I could defend myself. I think I remember buying 22 of the little darts, then practicing. For some reason the guy said he would sell me three bismuth crystals for half price (what is up with all the bismuth crystals in my dreams these past few days...)

      I think it was somehow related to a dream fragment that I had in a previous night. (Night 2 of hte comp) where the crystals I needed were specific and I needed to slot them into some kind of alien device. I remember he sold the crystals in 3 categories. Cheap, Normal and Superb. Crystals from all three sizes were about the same size. (Usually about as big as the palm of my hand) I bought two of the cheap ones and one of the normal one.

      The total that I had to pay for all this. The weird dart shooting crossbow and the crystals was 30 dollars and 13 cents.


      I remember I was dreaming that I was walking in my neighborhood.
      I randomly got lucid when I got to the front of the neighborhood. I think there was a small boy in a wagon talking about building a tree fort and something to do with a monster that lived in the woods but I ignored him.

      I remember thinking that I should try and walk all the way to the middle school without forgetting that I'm lucid dreaming. Yesterday I had been meditating on how clear the dream world could get. I did some stabilization by running my hand across the wooden rail of the boardwalk. I focused on leaves in the trees. (The forest that is along this path seemed thinner than normal) I think there might have been giant mushrooms or a giant bismuth crystal.

      I kept walking and saw a lady walking with her two headed dog. The dog had a white head and a black head. She said I hi and I said 'Hi' back. I remember I started thinking about the state of my reality. I asked myself "What is a lucid dream?" to which seemingly a separate part of me replied. "In order to understand what a lucid dream is, you must define what a dream is first. A dream is a sequence of subconscious thoughts we undergo while sleeping. These thoughts manifest themselves as sensory stimulation in a way that is roughly congruent with the laws of reality. A lucid dream is simply a sequence of thoughts where the conscious mind becomes active and aware of the true state of this faulty reality and is able to interface with the subconscious mind modifying the reciprocated sensory manifestation of the subconscious thoughts to better suit the dreamer."

      I kept walking. I did some more stabilizations and reality checks. I remember pinching my nose for a really long time and breathing through it. I said to myself "If I can ever do this easily, then it means that I'm dreaming." I got to the cross in the paths (almost to the middle school.) and saw my crush again, jogging. She asked me why I wasn't jogging. I stopped her and said something like. "I got over you years ago, you need to leave my dreams." and she jogged off. I remember thinking that my reason for being here wasn't to complete competition goals but to get better at lucid dreaming, and by being in the slow meditative state of walking the trail around my neighborhood I was practicing being in that state for an extended period of time and being focused on it. I remember thinking that I was 'honing my craft', and got stuck rolling the phrase over and over in my head.

      I then decided I wanted to summon Manei into the dream. I used the summoning command and walked around the corner into the parking lot of the middle school. (Illogically.) I walked into a parking lot and saw a bunch of people sitting in parked cars and walking around with their cell phones out playing pokemon go. It was supposed to be a representation of the lucid dreaming competition since it was pokemon go themed. I looked around for her but didn't see anybody. A guy walked into me because he was distracted trying to catch pokemon. I took it as impromptu stabilization.

      I saw a black camaro looking car that reminded me of the one Manei used to drive but there was a police car next to it with their sirens on. When I went over I saw it was not Manei, but this random guy with short black hair. I remember asking him if he was Manei and he said no. I left and went inside the middle school looking for her, attempting summoning behind doors. I remember I saw someone drive a minivan down the hallway of the school and they stopped next to me. Two women got out. One of them was my grandmother, and the other an original character of mine. The OC woman got a very young version of my dream self out of the back car seat. He looked about 3 and was wearing a black shirt and gray shorts. I got confused and lost the lucid dream.


      I was trying to Earthbend. Normally aged dream self was sitting in lotus position in the woods by a river wearing what looked like a very torn and faded version of my taekwondo uniform (somehow connected to the first dream). I think the sleeves had been torn off. There was a worn wooden plank in front of him with a huge blob of gray clay. He/I would strike the clay repeatedly with his hands in various ways with his hands for a while before the blob became unrecognizable. He would then pat it back together into a smooth blob and repeat.

      Frag .5pt*1=.5
      NLD 1pt*2=2
      DILD 10pt*1=10
      WBTB 2pt*1=2
      RC/Stabilize 2pt*4 (at least)=1
      Interact with DC=2pt*1=2

      Night Total=17.5
    10. Spell's Summer Comp Night 4: Bamboo Pool

      by , 08-02-2016 at 01:13 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I remember I was at nondescript beach resort. I was there for some kind of convention for Skyrim there. I remember making a daedric sword out of styrofoam and delivering it to the convention (don't remember where the convention was taking place, but it was this huge building and seeing the inside it looked like a school science fair, except everything was Skyrim themed, obviously.) I was going back to my room when I recognized the dream sign of being at the beach.

      I went inside of one of the rooms and saw it was much bigger on the inside. There was a hot tub and a swimming pool. There was this rock formation in the swimming pool made out of brown rocks that had water flowing down into the pool from it. The walls of the room were all bamboo and wood. I think the bamboo was alive because there were branches with leaves on them that became the ceiling. Also the only light in the room seemed to be coming from the bottom of the pool.

      I knelt down by the side of the pool and felt the tiles for some stabilization. I then noticed that I could see my reflection in the water. I somehow got the idea to bring Manei into the dream using my reflection. I tried to focus on changing my reflection into her, and it worked. The reflection solidified and she came up from under the water. She looked a little funny as she retained a few of my dream-selfs facial features, but it was her all right.

      I remember the two of us stayed in the pool for awhile and we were talking for awhile (twas about something personal that I was meditating on yesterday, for offline DJ only...) I remember she was talking to me about the seven sins and desires, but I remember thinking to myself that I wasn't going to bother "taking that back with me" when I woke up.

      We tried to make a whirlpool in the hot tub by walking in circles and it worked. We tried going the other way and felt the current push us for a bit, but it stopped. There was some significance to the circular motion of the current we had created.

      I remember at some point I was asking her if she could touch the bottom of the pool, because I couldn't. I told her that usually she's taller than me and she said she could stand with her head completely out of the water. I remember looking underwater thinking of the dream goal to go underwater and look. (Forgetting that I was supposed to do it in a lake or ocean.) The pool was really boring, it just had a sloped bottom consistent with the surface. It got really deep in one end, I think there was a diving board.

      I tried to think of dream goals I had set for the competition. I remembered one of them was to build a sand castle. I could go back outside and do that very easily, but for whatever reason I didn't do it. I then thought of the water-bending goal. I tried various hand motions but it didn't seem to affect the water at all. I tried more of a mental focus just moving the water with my mind instead of hand motions. I think I might have stopped all the waves on the surface of the pool, but I didn't ever think that I had really succeeded.

      I remember asking her for help. She said she would show me waterbending and proceeded to splash me in the face the normal old fashioned way.

      "That's not waterbending."

      She proceeded to spit a mouthful of water at me.

      "That's not waterbending either." (Come on, this was one of the first things you ever taught me.)

      I began thinking that the dream might be too grounded, too much like reality, and I'm going to need to introduce a fantastical element before I can unlock fantastical powers. I backtracked on my own thought and figured that Manei is a fantastical element, not real in waking life, and she's been right here for like ten minutes. Why isn't it working...?

      A chubby guy with a big beard came in and said that I had won first place in the skyrim science fair whatever for my styrofoam Daedric sword.
      He asked if I really made it in 15 minutes. I had only been dreaming for about that long at this point, and through some error of logic I said yes. He said that the Daedric sword was a level 1 sword and the easiest to get in the game but I corrected him saying you can't get one until about level 40. I started talking with the guy about Skyrim but realized I was losing lucidity, so I stopped talking to the guy and he went away.

      I think I falsely remembered a dream goal to ask a dream character to tell me a joke and wanted to hurry up and do it before the dream ended. I asked Manei to tell a joke.

      "What planet is the butt of every joke?" She asked it with a big smile like she thought it was gonna be a really good one.

      "Uranus." (I made that joke up when I was like ten.)

      "I can't think of any more good jokes, my tummy keeps grumbling. I'm so hungry, I could eat a birthday cake as big as you! The next dream is Bartholomew, i'll eat it there!"

      I false awakened in the basement of my house. I saw a painting of a giant butterfly on the wall. I closed my eyes and opened them again and the butterfly was real and the painting was blank. It started flying toward me.

      I thought to myself "It's just a false awakening, don't be tricked by it." I was about to stabilize and keep a good thing going but I lost the dream.
      and woke up. It was 5:00am. I waited about half an hour for reentry but decided it better to just get out of bed.

      RC/Stabilize: 1pt*1=1
      DILD 10pt*1=10
      Advanced summoning(dg) 15pt*1=15
      DC Interact 2pt*1=2
      Ask for advice 5pt*1=5

      Night Total: 33
    11. Spell's Comp Night 3: Milk Nose, Eat the Sun

      by , 08-01-2016 at 04:31 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Alright, so I took a benadryl last night (details of my allergy being withheld) that knocked me out cold. Was lucky I got lucid at all...

      Dream: I was playing some kind of first person shooter game. I was fighting in a 2v2 match. I was supposedly playing with four people and we were making a clan together. The plan was to create a clan together and when we went into team death-matches we would split into two teams of two, but we were doing 2v2 matches mixing and matching each member of our team to see what combinations of us worked together the best.

      We were fighting on some kind of dock map. Off to the right was a beach/coastal area with palm trees. But the dock we were on was very futuristic and had all of these shipping boxes of various sizes positioned around that we could use for cover in the fight. We had just started when one guy said that a very rare power-up appeared that allowed him to eat the sun and get a rare achievement.

      He held his hands in the air and rays of sunlight started streaming down onto him. When the light went away I saw he was holding a tiny star in his hands. The visuals were really all out, you could see the plasma on the surface boiling, and little solar flares bursting off the surface of the sun. He continued to compress it until it became a tiny marble sized ball glowing a very bright white. He then ate it.


      I was in some neighborhood, not my own and not even any of the ones. I looked in the sky and saw seven moons. I said that that was a dream sign. Then I looked away and saw the entire sky was moons in a grid. (Taking the multiple moons/suns dream sign to its logical extreme, I guess) I looked a third time and saw a gas planet and a system of moons as well as two suns.

      "Okay, I know that I'm dreaming, but I'm not allowed to get lucid yet."

      I closed my eyes and opened them and I was in my backyard.

      "Okay now I can get lucid. I am dreaming, and everything I am seeing is created by my mind. Man, just my backyard. My subconscious is sooo boring sometimes!" While I was on this train of thought of how I became lucid from looking at the sky and seeing the multiple moons and how this wouldn't count for points in the competition because I needed to do a 'proper' reality check. I did a nose pinch reality check, and rubbed my hands together. I looked at my sandbox (IWL it was removed years ago, but it was present in the dream.) I thought about my goal to build a sand castle and then thought of something about onion rings. I then felt the urge to sneeze and when I sneezed milk started coming out of my nose. (At least I HOPE that that white liquid was just milk...)

      Someone said something about anime and manga being different and how manga books are weird because they read backwards. Someone said that the milk coming out of my nose was like when an anime character gets a nosebleed but because it was milk instead of blood that it should symbolize something else.

      I felt like I was going to wake up and lose the dream, so I ran inside, milk pouring out of my nose I saw a computer error on the big screen TV in the basement.

      Error: Hack detected
      {Determine position x,y,z} nostril one
      {Determine position x,y,z} nostril right
      Spawn entityentity milkdrop
      Wait 0.09001
      [goto 1]

      I went into a third person view of myself, lost lucidity and screamed 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!!' to the heavens.

      NLD 1pt*1=1
      DILD 10pt*1=10
      RC 1pt*1=1
      Total: 12
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. Flying to 2 different planets, Water-Minigun (LD#299)

      by , 07-22-2016 at 01:49 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I remember I was on what looked like a college campus, and for the first time in recent memory, it didn't look like my own. It looked like one of those really old classical ivy league universities. I remember I was walking around with some students and a professor talking about how misrepresented geology is in video games like Minecraft.

      I looked in the sky and saw two moons and recognized the dream sign instantly. I looked again after RCing and saw two planets with a close resemblance to earth. The smaller of the two, to the left had a large desert continent in the middle and no ice caps. The other looked more like a flooded earth, almost all of it water with a few small islands and large polar ice caps.

      I decided I would fly. I jumped into the air (I don't think I ever said goodbye to my party of geology majors) but at first I didn't get far. I floated up onto a bench several feet away. I jumped again and tried to force myself upward. I landed on top of a building.

      "COME ON!"

      Apparently my aggressive encouragement worked when I rocketed off the roof of the building, (apparently damaging it, judging by the missing roof tiles I saw when I looked back. Oops.) I went supersonic and pulled out of the atmosphere. I was still undecided on what planet I would visit. I decided on the smaller one, figuring maybe it had microgravity and that would be fun to mess around in.

      I was past the clouds in a few moments, and I often find my dreams tend to ignore the upper 90% of the atmosphere that scientifically speaking should be there, so I was pretty much in space. I focused on the planet coming closer. I was actually focused on a spot just to the right of it, but my trajectory still accelerated and curved towards it. I didn't want to hit it directly after what happened last time but one of the things I remember thinking to myself was.

      Spoiler for 'science' rant:

      "Okay... stop! Let's not bump into a planet at relativistic speeds again..." I came to a stop. I then tried to imagine myself moving down towards the surface and dropped and a pretty considerable speed. I fell through the atmosphere but managed to slow myself down right before I hit the water.

      I swam myself up to the surface. I had only been falling fast enough to hit the water as though I had fallen from the high-dive. Considering my usual landing strategy consists of stopping and falling the last few hundred feet into the general vicinity of where I want to be, that's pretty good.

      I swam to shore and saw a lighthouse. I decided I would go inside. I remember the inside of the lighthouse tower was mostly empty but it had two metal catwalks, one spiraling up the outside wall of the lighthouse tower and the other spiraling up a central column on the inside. I wanted to climb to the top. Don't know why I didn't just fly, I think I was losing lucidity.

      I started climbing the catwalk around the central column. I noticed something very nonsensical, that I seemed to only take a few steps up each time I made a complete loop around the column. The catwalk should have gotten all bunched up and there wouldn't have been enough space for me to put my head up if it had been reality, and I remember clearly thinking of all this while I was ascending.

      I remember coming across a tunnel in the outside wall of the lighthouse (that a few minutes ago would have been a hole in the side of the building, but now it seemed to extend off into a cave.) There was a very old bearded man there who said this was the mining minigame and it had something to do with the discussion about geology that I had with the people in the beginning of the dream.

      I remember I started mining with him and I found this ore block with pink crystals in it. He said it was eridium and it was rarer than diamonds and I should mine it right away. I lost the dream and woke up.


      I was on a beach at night. There were huge cliffs off to either side of the beach. I remember seeing Ruby (from RWBY) and that got me lucid. I think that there was some subplot as to why she was in my dream, some monster she was fighting or something. I for some reason thought of the animation in the series, and just animation in general.

      I then dreamed of a 2D pixel-art style animation where I flew to another planet. Apparently this was actually how I travelled to the third planet, still using the three earths from the original dream. Things only changed back to the 'realistic' style after I entered the atmosphere and I flew low over a river that ran through a forested area.

      I eventually arrived at a location that looked similar to the lighthouse from the first dream. But there were more buildings at this one, a few houses. Apparently it was like a collection of houses you could rent near the lighthouse for family events and parties and the likes. I came down and landed near the swimming pool where whatever family this was having their party. For whatever reason nobody paid any mind to the flying person who landed in the middle of their swimming pool.

      I remember there was this little boy with a huge water gun. (I knew it was a water gun since it had the 'Super Soaker' logo on it.) The boy was trying to fill up the gun by cupping his hands and putting the water in a little bit at a time. I showed him that what you're supposed to do is just put the whole thing underwater with the cap off and let it fill. Apparently the boy caught my expression because he started to swim away. I pulled the water gun up. I remember trying to pull the trigger once. It caused three 'barrels' to extend out the front and start spinning. I then noticed a second trigger that actually shot water from the three spinning barrels.

      I started shooting the other family members who all took it as just fun, except for this old grandma lady who showed up and started yelling at not just me but everyone in the pool saying that everyone was having too much fun and we should be suffering more. Someone else came and started talking to her and told her to go back to the room.

      I gave the Water-Minigun back to the boy, telling him that I really liked it and that he was lucky to have parents who would buy him such a thing.


      Something to do with going third person in a very dark room. I think I was using my flames to illuminate things.
    13. Airport Construction, School Bus Driver, Brain in a goo blob. (Nonlucid Storytime)

      by , 07-06-2016 at 03:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I haven't been posting DJs to DV a lot lately, but I found this one interesting.

      I remember at the dawn of a nuclear war, the governments of the world built three very large bunkers. They said there might be one in China, one in Ukraine and one in Germany, but there were only two so one of those places DIDN'T have one.

      The bunkers were built to look like spaceships. They had three big ring sections and a central axis, and were dark gray in color. I remember they were talking for quite awhile how the bunkers didn't start buried, but they used sonic pulses to break apart the rocks into quicksand and sink into it. They supposedly also had wheels that were gears with teeth and the sonic pulses would carve the rocks in such a way that the gear teeth would mesh with the rocks.

      In one of the bunkers was a female scientist who was obsessed with improving humanity so that the catastrophe that happened above ground. (It was never specified what the catastrophe was) A portion of the bunkers population were prisoners that had caused the catastrophe and fled the bunker. They had been rounded up by the non-catastrophie causers and put in prison. The female scientist decided to use these people as test subjects, willing or not.

      I remember she would lobotomize the prisoners and place their brains into robot bodies, then put them back into the prison. She continued to study them and noticed that even though they were robots with no need for food, water or sleep, they continued to have problems. She then realized that the root of the problem was the human mind and she needed to create something without a human mind in order to truly improve on humanity.

      She made a plan to create an improved human mind through genetic engineering. The next thing I remember was her killing a prisoner and extracted a small amount of fluid from his brainstem. She put it into a petri dish and poured this chemical onto it. In a grotesque but interesting manner, a blob of bluish-green goo grew from the dish and spread around the room. Human brain formed inside (only it was about twice as big as a regular human brain. It had numerous eyeballs on different colored stems all around it with.

      I thought the experiment had failed but in reality it had succeeded. The being rose up before its creator.

      The scientist had a plant to ask the creature questions, but the creature was able to answer every question before she could even ask it. It turned out the creature had telepathy.

      "What was the 10th's fact on the first video of the third season of the youtube channel's 'obscure facts' video?" The scientist asked.

      "Trick question. There were only 9 facts displayed on that video, because it was 9 facts about odd numbers." The brain blob replied. "I know that because I can read your mind."

      The scientist then asked the blob if it was planning on destroying humanity. The blob said that it was created with the directive of being a perfect life form, and it interpreted being a perfect life form as not terrifying or destroying those below it in any manner, so it would not. When it was unveiled to the other scientists, they were skeptical that the being wouldn't try to destroy them, but it assured them that it meant them no harm and began helping them with their research.


      I remember someone had tried to harm the brain in a blob creature and it had been reduced to a weakened state. It tasked me and my twin sister (I do not have a twin sister in real life) with transporting it to a safe location. We were in the park near my subdivision only the buildings and trail were overgrown with trees and had collapsed into disrepair. I don't remember much outside of this other than the fact that the creature was in a soup can with a radiation symbol on the side of it.

      I think we were on a mission to restore a solar power plant that would help with rebuilding civilization.

      I don't know. I just think it was interesting that the brain blob being was actually nice and helpful.


      I was driving a school bus from the high school to my neighborhood. I remember there was this big lake and bridge where the middle of my town was and there were a lot of people on it. Someone said to me that driving a school bus without a license was a federal offense, and I saw some police coming. I said it didn't matter because I was dreaming and I woke up.


      I had a summer job pouring concrete to help build a new airport terminal. In the evening when the construction site was closed down, I brought S and my mom to show them the incomplete building and explained to them some things about how it was going to be laid out. I remember there was some significance to the fact that I was going to use the money I made from this summer job to take an airplane trip.


      Something to do with being in a synthetic/robotic body. May have been related to the first dream.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Weirdness and Lightspeed Flight LD:#296

      by , 07-02-2016 at 04:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I remember I was sitting in a college class. A girl from one of my high-school classes was in the class and being annoying. I didn't know what the class was about and didn't care about it. Instead, I was playing Kerbal space program and landing on the moon. She came over to me and saw what I was doing and told me not to be playing games in class. I told her the professor wasn't there and we had no work to do so it was none of her business telling me what to do.

      I remember the professor came over and said that it was good that I was doing something. He was giving a lecture on philosophy and how something could be a representation of something else, and how KSP was a representation of the Apollo moon landings.

      I remember clicking to plant flag, but there was a new option for the kerbal. "Drink Space Beer". I clicked it to see what would happen and the Kerbal threw off his spacesuit and left the helmet on. I remember he had a very muscular male body but it was green since he was a kerbal. He started rolling around and got covered in moon dust. A window appears and says "Drunk kerbal has rolled around in the moon dust. This allows them to have an extra suface sample."


      I remember that I was a really good cop/detective type guy who had been captured by a criminal. He took me into an abandoned building where he had a makeshift surgery center and all this technology. He then said that he was going to rebuild me as a cyborg that was under his control and use me to fight the other police. I remember he said that the main implant would go in my stomach and he showed me a jigsaw.

      The dream cut to black, but I kept hearing my character scream, and the criminal say things. I then remembered that this wasn't a criminal cutting open my stomach and putting weird technology inside of me, but rather a movie about a criminal cutting open my stomach and putting weird technology inside of me that I was helping to film. But for that part of the movie, all I had to do was provide the screams since they got a fake dummy body with a moving mouth to do the surgery scene.

      I remember when I woke up I had all of these technology and readouts like a robot. Most of them were orange and black in color. I remember the criminal had fled because he couldn't install the implant that would control my brain without killing me because he didn't know how. I was still able to control the cybernetics. I remember running a systems check of my body and confirming that all systems, both biological and mechanical were fully functional.

      I remember bringing up a data catolouge with a google search bar. I could have any information at my fingertips just by thinking about it. But internet explorer was my built in browser. I downloaded chrome.

      "Cool, I can rewrite my own software!"

      I remember looking at some data about the planets aligning and losing that portion of the dream.


      Someone said something about me giving them a computer mouse and they could make a copy of it.


      I remember I was in my backyard, semi lucid. A girl in an orange dress with yellow prints of palm tree leaves approached me. She said her name was "Banana Pineapple Beach hat" or something. She asked me if she could get on my shoulders. Being the drooling semi lucid idiot that I was, I allowed her and started jumping. But I would jump much higher than normal as proper lucidity worked its way into my mind. When It did, I took off flying and carrying her. She didn't say anything.

      I remember I did some flying maneuvers. I had a very good awareness of how the extra weight of the DC made me have more inertia and was able to compensate. I flew close to some houses and through some tall trees in my neighborhood, and something about Manei came up. The girl I was carrying wasn't her. No energy. I then remembered the Task of the Month, to try and fly at light speed. I couldn't do it with extra weight.

      "I'm going to have to drop you off. Emphasis on the 'drop'."

      She didn't respond to me. I pulled in low over a body of water (about 15 feet above it) and got ready.

      "Are you ready?"

      Still no response. I just dropped her anyway and took off. I turned and looked up at the sky. It was cloudy and dark. I tried to imagine myself moving towards the clouds and heard myself accelerate past the speed of sound and my flying jets turn on and spool up (I don't think they were on before.) I cleared the clouds and saw a starry night sky with the band of the milky way visible. I looked back and saw the curving horizon of the earth shrink away into the whole planet. I looked back at the stars and started screaming "like I was going super sayian" I thought at the moment.

      I saw the stars begin to stretch into lines. Like when the Millennium falcon goes light speed in star wars. I saw the earth was tiny now and went away. I saw a thing that said I was going 9901c. So I guess I was going OVER NINE THOUSAND times the speed of light.

      "Man, I hope I don't hit someth- why did I let that thought enter my mind?" At that moment I hit a large planet/small star. It looked like a brown dwarf gas planet. It was actually brown in color with bands glowing red on it. I remember viewing the collision from third person and unable to stop it, seeing a tiny streak hit the planet and it exploded like the death star explodes with a shock wave. I woke up rather suddenly.

      Man, I need to get back in lucid dreaming shape. It was pretty much a fluke that I got lucid and remembered a task of the month. I take as a sign that I need to focus on this more.
    15. LD #295: Taekwondo and Deadpool Clones

      by , 06-03-2016 at 03:44 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I started Taekwondo a little over five years ago. I did the same with proper lucid dreaming practice. And for anyone who reads my dream journal, they know that random martial arts fights break out. (Often with me a participant) The one thing setting this apart from other common themes is that the martial arts dreams (I use the term martial arts as a general term since some of the moves used are clearly not taekwondo) is that they are often tied to semi lucid or lucid dreams, while other dream themes. Space themed dreams, for instance, are almost always non-lucid.

      I theorize that because I began lucid dreaming and taekwondo at the same time, Taekwondo became mixed up in that phase of heavy learning in the beginning with lucid dreaming, and is now pretty much a permanent aspect of semi-lucid and lucid dreams. Probably should feel happy that I hadn't started say, driver's ed at the same time I began lucid dreaming. Then my life would be a never-ending string of car-crash dreams.

      I remember being on the main street of my town. We were under attack by deadpool clones. I think there were 6 or 7 of them, and they all had numbers on their foreheads. They were made by an evil comic book antagonist who was 'testing them out' on our town. I also remember there was a school bus loading up kids who wanted to take them away because deadpool was rated 'R'.

      I reached into hyperspace and pulled out the anti-regeneration sword from the comic. (The one I saw on Death Battle) I started fighting them. I remember each of the deadpools had a different aspect of the deadpool amplified. One was super fast, one was super strong, one was extra crazy, etc. The one that was extra fast ran around me and there was a one punch man reference where he tried to kick me and I just held up my fist and his momentum carried his no-no zone into my fist. I think the dream even went as far as to show the 'technical difficulties' screen for a few moments afterward.

      I recall at one point attempting to throw a lamp post at them, but super strength has never been my forte in dreams and when I tried to throw it it dropped before it made it to them.

      But there was also logic that since they were aspects of the deadpool they all had 1/7th his intelligence of the original and were all as dumb as bricks. That's how I was able to beat them. I remember I got onto the last one who had a blue and black costume instead of red and black. He was supposedly the boss guy. He said something about chimichangas and pulled two burritos out of his pants. He bit two of them and spit out grenade pins then threw them at me. I dodged by hiding right next to my taekwondo studio. I distracted him with a poster of a naked woman that I pulled from hyperspace and threw my sword at him when he was distracted.

      He didn't die though, he just became neutral and stopped attacking, and seemed completely uninjured. He made some kind of fourth wall joke, but in the dream that translated into saying something about the dream and making me
      lucid. (I had already been semi lucid.)

      I remember blue deadpool walked off. I was standing outside the taekwondo studio. (I think it was on the wrong side of the street though.) I was lucid, but I was in a bit of a daze. I didn't know quite where I wanted to go with it since I wasn't expecting to be lucid. There were a few people standing outside waiting to be let in, none of whom I recognized from WL. One of them was this really old lady who was only about 4 feet tall and hunched over on a cane. She had a white belt uniform and she said that it was sparring class today, me vs her. It seemed like she was so old and frail she shouldn't be able to lift her leg to kick, but I could tell something was about to happen.

      Sure enough, her opening move was to leap several feet into the air (additional note: dream martial arts usually seem flashy and impractical. If you've ever heard someone say that the martial arts in movies are flashy and impractical to make for a good film, well those also seem to be the moves that are used in dreams. Probably because dreams are a visual representation of a conflict or aspect of yourself, like a movie. They're not meant to be like waking life. But I just punched deadpool in the groin, and distracted another with a pin-up poster. Who am I to talk about this.) and attack me with a bunch of kicks. I blocked all of them.

      Me: [I knew it. A trick!]
      Her: [Hmph! Everyone I know falls for that.]
      Me: [I haven't been around as long as you, but I'm no fool.]

      She kept attacking me. I played defensive, waiting for her to make a mistake, leave an opening, or just get tired, but she wouldn't have it. I tried going outside her range, but she was too quick to close the gap. Eventually I saw her let up. Jumping snap kick threw her through a loop and tagged her chest. She jumped back.

      Me: [I can't believe someone as good as her fell for that old trick.]
      Her: [This is the same one who *garbled* Jonathan. Shouldn't have placed my expectations so low.]

      I tried to put my foot down. I could tell the fight wasn't over and might have escalated from simple martial arts to including dream powers. But for some reason my right leg was stuck to my pant leg in a weird dreamlike way that left it bent and I was stuck standing on one foot.

      Her: [Well put your foot down! Fighting Stance, let's go.]
      Me: [I can't... well... this is embarrassing.]

      She came over and helped me by putting a magical golden paperclip on my pant leg that would supposedly stop that from ever happening again. I guess the fight was over.

      She said something and the dream scene shifted to the beach from my first lucid dream. The old woman said something about reconnecting with the past. I lost the dream the moment after we transitioned and woke up.
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